i love it when the fandoms collide

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When did you realize that you shipped Harley and joker?


Great question.

I’ve always loved villains way more than heroes, because they are so much more interesting IMO. Well I’ve loved the Joker ever since I saw The Dark Knight in theaters four times back in 2008. And too many times to count since then. It’s the one movie that I can watch back to back to back with no issue, actually I’ve done that. On a road trip. Jeez that movie is amazing, RIP Heath Ledger. 💜💚

Anyways, remember when the entire DCEU slate was announced back in 2014? That’s when we got confirmation of Batman V Superman, Justice League, the Flash, Wonder Woman, etc. Well I’ve always been a DC person so I was super excited about all of them but none more than when Suicide Squad the movie was announced back in October of 2014. Because the concept of the movie was so awesome. Villains having to go after even worse villains and they can’t get away because they have bombs in their necks. Amazing! So I was way more excited about Suicide Squad then any other movie in the DCEU slate. This was back before the cast was announced. So I knew the concept of the movie and then I heard that that the new Joker was going to be in the movie and I was hooked already. I was drugged, like an addict.

So I went in a downward spiral researching, again the cast wasn’t announced yet all I knew was the Joker was in this new movie and I was like YES. Anything Joker’s in I’ll watch and probably love. Well, one day I was watching AMC Movie Talk (now Collider Movie Talk) and, later The Schmoes Know Movie Show, and they were all talking about who was rumored to being in the cast and they started to talk about this character called Harley Quinn. And I remember it was John Campea, Amirose Eisenbach and Jon Schnepp  all talking about this character. And Margot Robbie being rumored to be cast as Harley. This was the same episode that they talked about Jared Leto being rumored as the Joker.

I remember Eisenbach’s quote and I’ll never forget it because this is when I was hooked to Harley, Eisenbach said, “…The doctor gone mad.” (This is that interview if you’re interested (x). Memories 😊 )

And I was like hmm.. I wonder what this Harley Quinn character is about. So I googled her name and a picture of Harley and Joker popped up and trust me when I say I was in love. Obsessed, already. 

Then I saw that she was in fact, “the doctor gone mad”, she was his psychiatrist and he like tricked her/she fell in love and she let him out. Then she followed him into crime and does he love her? Does he not? So that led into me watching Batman: The Animated Series, World’s Finest, the Arkham video games, ANYTHING I could find with Joker and Harley together I had to have. I couldn’t get enough.

Then the cast was announced in December of 2014 and the internet exploded and the rest is history.


30 Days of Timeless

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Day Twenty-Six: Favorite “when fandoms collide”

“This is Dr. Dre, I am Nurse Jackie, We’re from General Hospital”

I just love anything that Lucy does spur of the moment because it is always hilarious. Even figuring out that they could just give their real names seems like a chore to her, like, amazing. And this scene also really shows that she is terrible at improv.


“Are you single, volleyball player man?”

OK BUT DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THIS? Was there even a slight chance that I would not turn this into a haikyuu headcanon?? Ennoshita is a closet 1D fan and Ennoshita loves Niall. He’s tryna stay hidden but Harry ain’t having that. Literally why am I allowed on the internet.

Ned: Hey, Mom. Did you save Dad’s love letters?
Sansa: Of course I saved them. Well actually, there’s only one. It’s more of a love postcard from some tavern he visited.
Sandor: Maybe it’s the wine talking, Sansa, but you’ve got a butt that won’t quit. They got those big chewy pretzels here (undecipherable slurring) five dragons??!!!? get outta here…
Ned: Wow, a side of Dad I’ve never seen.


I’m technically with someone, but this man has my heart.

It started out as a crush, fangirling if you will.

Now I love a man that can never love me back. You ask why not, but I don’t think you’ll like the answer to the question.

Dean Winchester, when will our two worlds collide?

  • a talented creator: I'm going to explore Kylo and Hux's true turmoil in my work. When their dark pasts and broken souls collide, it will take time, plenty of heartbreak and self destruction before either of them can accept the love that they feel for one another. Suffering is inevitable and it would be irresponsible to exclude its existence from the narrative I'm painting.
  • me: ok but what about an au where Kylo is a backup dancer for shakira and