i love it when the fandoms collide

Can I take a moment to talk about teenage mutant ninja turtles
Because I have to
What fucker was at a meeting discussing new kid shows and was like “I fucking love turtles. Let’s do a show about that.”
And they approved it somewhere along the line and another Fucker was like “I see your turtles and I raise you: ninja turtles.”
And they could have stopped at that. That’s it. That’s the shows. Ninja turtles.
Because lo and behold there is another fucklet somewhere in this kids tv show storyboard who thinks that the only way to possibly make these ninja turtles better is to make them mutant. Wow. Okay
So now we’re at the point where you have mutant ninja turtles and no where along the way to creating these ninja turtles did anyone ever think “This is too much. This is too fucking much. These turtles have too much going for them.”
And evidently no one did because now these turtles are teenagers too
So then you get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Okay. I can accept this. That is the show. Now these turtles, do they have regular names like other cartoons?
Ah! Yeah. No.
Because these already soooooo fucking special turtles being teenage, mutants, and ninjas, or course, required that their names be famous dead artists. Wow.

I have a lot of feelings about teenage mutant ninja turtles also I have never watched the show

Request before “When Worlds Collide” airs:

Could this not be a repeat of Spring 2016? Can everyone just be nice?

What I mean is this: Despite how many fans begged harassed the writers to include Mona Lisa and do the whole RaphxMona thing, the fandom broke apart! People were so mean just because if Raph had an in-show girlfriend that meant he couldn’t love their OC. That, or they just didn’t like how the writers handled Raph and Mona’s relationship. People even stopped watching the show and left the fandom over it. Some sent hateful asks to Raph blogs. Remember the Raph of mirth-and-muscle? Gosh I miss him.

You can hate RaphxMona all you want, but might I make a suggestion in how you handle your hate?

Could you maybe not find an already-made post that depicts Raph and Mona neutrally or favorably and then reblog it adding hate?

Imagine throughout your childhood and young adult life, people insulted or made fun of the things you liked… even made fun of you for liking them.

Imagine feeling unable to talk about anything you liked with any of your friends.

Imagine you finally find the solution to that problem: join Tumblr, talk about what you like, and geek out with other fans.

Now imagine that the very thing you tried to avoid by joining Tumblr still happens: people talk about how stupid the stuff you like is - which they’re allowed to do, sure - but they do it by reblogging your post and spewing hate so not only do you see it, but you wonder if the likes and reblogs you get afterwards are really for your original post, or if they’re from people agreeing with the hater.

The people who post the gifs of Raph and Mona moments aren’t doing so because they hate those moments. They’re posting them because they like them. 

When you see those posts and think, “This is why I hate RaphxMona,” and you reblog it and say what you think, the person who loves Raph and Mona sees the hate you spewed in their activity feed… and since you insulted what they like, you’re insulting them by saying they have terrible taste.

I mean does this sound like good social conduct? 

Imagine you’re in a small group of people. 
Person 1: “I really like country!”
You: “Country is stupid.”
Person 1: *feels beaten down* “………”
Person 2: “I like hip-hop.”
You: “Hip-hop sucks.”
Person 2: *wonders why they let you in the group* “………”

Let’s not relive middle school, shall we? Please be respectful. 

When you see a post of something you don’t like, scroll past it. Maybe let it inspire your very own post! You can make your own post about how much you dislike the ship. Making your own post will get you more notes than reblogging someone else’s, you won’t be hurting someone’s feelings by ruining their post and telling them that what they like stinks, and generally the people who will give you notes will be like-minded people. You can find out who shares your opinions.

Now for those who love RaphxMona and see posts about people hating on them, again, keep scrolling, and maybe make your own post as a rebuttal (without tagging the blogger that inspired your rebuttal)

Let’s be respectful of each other when “When Worlds Collide” airs. Let’s not start stupid fights. It doesn’t do any good telling someone that they like stupid things or that they’re wrong for hating ships.



Hello fellow Credence Barebone superfans! 

Tumblr is honestly such a heaven for Credence imagines/headcanons/x reader, since it’s been days since I slowly submerge into this own tiny universe. In such manner, I decided to compile all of the stories I found all over Tumblr (or maybe across other web if I find anything great to share!)

Since the list will goes on and on, I’ll update this post often!


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 Bear McCreary’s unintentional crossover. 

Probably the only Black Sails/Outlander crossover we’re likely to get lol but loved getting to hear that wee piece of music, knowing it was written before it was intended/destined to be Outlander’s iconic theme.

anonymous asked:

where is it canon that buffy watches veronica mars? like i figure it's in the comics which i havent read, i'm just curious because i've tried to find that reference anywhere but cant. (also - in the vm movie hellmouths are mentioned to these parallel universes are imploding)

You’re right about it being in the comics :) Dawnie tells Buffy in season eight during a sweet sister-bonding moment that she thinks she scratched Buffy’s Veronica Mars DVD. To which Buffy replies something along the lines of ‘You’re so dead’.

I love that little reference in the movie! I love it when my fandoms collide. Our girls have such good taste :’)

anonymous asked:

You said you cant read any hamilton fics anymore, but do you know of any good ones? Can you recommend us some? Btw, I love your writing and cried so much reading your last lams fic

I think my favorite compliments in the world are when people tell me how much they love my writing- I take so much pride in it and I *SMILES*** But thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! Not sure which one exactly you are talking about, but thank you. 

Here are a few Hamilton fics I found in my past bookmarks on Ao3 (these are only Hamilton and nothing else in the fandom):

The One With All The Pining by mordorisleft (Jamilton)

as the heavens set fire by finalizer (Jamilton)

when we collide (we come together) by founders (Jamilton)

what’s your name, man? by fillertexted (Jamilton)

The Eye of the Hurricane by sammmchahine (Jamilton)

Hate the sin, love the sinner. by Dangelin (Jamilton)

patience gets us nowhere fast by founders (Jamilton)

Quietly Yours by WriteNotFight (Jamilton)

Alternative Means of Communication by writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle (Lafilton)

Everything you stand for is completely and utterly wrong by Draco10 (Jamilton)

I Know by STUMPEDD (Georges Washington x Philip Hamilton)

Well Deserved by haalpine (Washette)

The nap of the battle of Monmouth by erinlightwoodbane (washette)

Gilbert daddy issues Lafayette by Anonymous (Washette)

Those are just the ones that I have in my bookmarks. I don’t book mark things anyone so they are outdated. 

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde 

SupaCon; the place to be for every geek- especially for friends Charlie, Taylor, and Jamie. Charlie, promoting her first movie, meets long time celeb crush Alyssa Huntington, and finds out that her crush isn’t as unrequited as she thought. Taylor is reconsidering her policy of playing it safe, especially when it comes to a fan contest she enters and her relationship with best guy friend Jamie.

Friendship, romance, and fandom collide in this novel by Jen Wilde. Queens of Geek is perfect for anyone looking for a new book to fangirl over. I cannot recommend it enough.

I loved this book. It’s been hard for me to write this review because I just want to fangirl all over it and shout YOU NEED TO READ AND LOVE THIS BOOK. I was excited to realize that Charlie was bisexual and elated to learn she was also Chinese.

Jen Wilde understands fandom in a way that some authors (who will not be mentioned but who I will say wrote books about fanfiction) don’t. That probably has something to do with the fact that her bio mentions bingeing on Netflix and cosplaying as Marty McFly. Excuse me while I go follow her on every social media and look into her other stories.


“Are you single, volleyball player man?”

OK BUT DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THIS? Was there even a slight chance that I would not turn this into a haikyuu headcanon?? Ennoshita is a closet 1D fan and Ennoshita loves Niall. He’s tryna stay hidden but Harry ain’t having that. Literally why am I allowed on the internet.