i love it when ten pretends that he's never seen an alien before

Games and Piercings Part 3

Part 3 is here and ready to go! Surprise!!! I’ve decided that this series needed a couple more things to make it truly complete. The fourth and final part will be out soon! So please keep an eye out for it!

           The game did not rest in peace. It had simply been a pause menu for Lance he guessed, and he wasn’t sure what would’ve hurt worse. Them never caring at all and letting him continue on letting go and . Or getting his hopes up just to practically let him fall and crunch onto the cold metal ground.

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hearmyvoiceoftreason  asked:

eyyy pie! so prompt for shidge: so prompt for shidge: au where katie, as the tech junkie she is, is in the middle of a very long (and also very questionable) project and shiro is the new part-time delivery guy assigned on the route for her address. he doesn't question the delieveries, only hands her stuff with a smile. (part 1)

HOO BOY. Remember when I said I was going to try and write ficlets for these requests???

Well, instead, you’re getting this. I hope you enjoy!

Also tagging @battleshidge because everyone needs more Shidge in their life [happy belated birthday to the person who dragged me into Shidge hell and is therefore responsible for all of this]. Also @katieshirogane because ilu okay and @longhairpidge my constant support in these ventures <3

“Free Shipping”

Fandom: Voltron Legendary Defender
Paring: Pidge x Shiro
Words: 9441
Rating: T+
Tags: Slow burn, oblivious crushes, university AU, college AU, fluff, pining, sass, mistaken identities :D

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Shiro has learned many things in his first four months of working a delivery route part-time.

Some, he’s found out by word of mouth. He’d learned that his route, also called the “Gunderson Route” is always given to the rookies as a test. As far as he’s been told, there are only three ways out of the Gunderson Route: the hiring of a new employee, and therefore new rookie; promotion to a better route; or demotion to package sorting at the delivery center. The route was, according to Hunk, a senior delivery person, notorious in its toughness. Lance, whom Shiro has replaced, had done a dance in the middle of the break room upon the announcement that Shiro would be taking over for him.

Which leads Shiro to the second thing he’s learned about: the namesake of the aforementioned route.

With one exception, the Gunderson Route is an easy one - about seven blocks, mostly businesses and a few condos, and one apartment building with six units. The building - and most of the building’s tenants - was older, quiet, and unremarkable from the outside. Five of the six units received little to no mail on a regular basis. But apartment No. 5, on the eastern corner of the building, got enough packages on a daily basis to form its own delivery company.

Shiro had done a double take the first day Shay, his shift manager, had handed him the clipboard with the scheduled deliveries. How, he’d asked, could one address be expecting thirteen packages? Shay’d just shaken her head and sent him off with that sweet smile of hers. It didn’t take long to find out why.

Pidge Gunderson was young, maybe twenty-four at max, barely came up to chest height on him, and had what he’d heard a fellow grad student once call ‘resting bitch face’. When he’d rung the doorbell (with his foot, since his arms were laden with eight of the thirteen heavy, misshapen packages to be delivered to the address), he’d had to wait three minutes before she even swung the door open.

“There’s supposed to be thirteen,” she’d said, squinting at the packages through a tangle of brown hair that fell over her face and past her shoulders.

“The other five are in the truck,” Shiro had said, taken aback. “I could only carry these eight up at once.”

How he remembers months later that she’d been wearing an oversized and hole-pocked NASA tee-shirt, he isn’t sure, but it sticks out as clearly in his mind as the thing she’d said next: “You’d be able to carry nine if your prosthetic were fit properly. Maybe ten, since you look pretty strong.”

He hadn’t known how she’d seen his arm under the mountain of packages, or why she’d decided to point it out like they were discussing the weather, but Shiro’s immediate reaction had been to drop the packages at her feet, whip out his clipboard, and ask her to sign. He hadn’t said a word to her on his second trip up, and she didn’t even seem to notice. Lance had seen the look on his face back at the center and passed him an unopened juicebox without question.

The third thing he’s learned is that “Pidge Gunderson” isn’t her real name. That one hadn’t taken long to figure out. Lance and Hunk had been speculating that for months before Shiro showed up that there was something strange about Pidge (besides her general demeanor and persistent package deliveries), but their guesses always ended in alien conspiracy theories  and government cover ups. It had been Shiro who’d confirmed it, simply by looking at the signature afterwards. Whatever name she’d scribbled on his clipboard, it’d been much shorter than “Pidge Gunderson”, and contained at least one ‘t’.

The fourth thing, he’s learned - well, he’s still learning it. He’s learning that, as ridiculous as it sounds, he might be falling just a little bit - just a smidge - in love with the odd and demanding girl on his delivery route.

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Reconciling GITF with the Ten/Rose arc

Or, “Why the Doctor was definitely a jerk, but not as much of one as we think.”

I’ve had this post rattling around in my brain for months, and @chiaroscuroverse‘s great meta in her author profile and subsequent replies, plus thinking about it for my own author profile, inspired me to finally get it written down. Like her, I don’t like the way GITF has skewed the fandom perception of Ten’s character. In an effort to reconcile his very out of character behaviour, a whole fanon has arisen that makes him out to be commitment-phobic and cavalier with Rose’s safety in a way that does not hold water if we remove GITF from the equation. 

But–much as I wish we could–we can’t just pretend the episode doesn’t exist. In light of that, how can we analyse GITF and come out at the end with a version of Ten that still fits in with how he acts in other episodes?

The first thing you need to know as I write this post is that I will not be looking at other episodes through the lens of what happens in GITF. I go the other way around. When you’re analysing texts, you should always depend on the stronger text to inform the weaker text. I assume that everyone who is still reading this post by this point agrees that GITF is a very bad representation of Ten’s character--so why do we use it as the basis of our meta, rather than finding ways to fit it into the character we see in other episodes?

This is a long post, so I’m going under a cut in a minute. But first, here are the bullet points I’ll be addressing:

  • Things we know as the audience that Rose does not know
  • Reinette going into his head is assault, not a sign of intimacy
  • Mickey’s presence on the TARDIS was not an attempt at space
  • Mickey is not a reliable witness of the Doctor’s behaviour
  • The Doctor’s drunk act when he arrives is just an act
  • The Tenth Doctor was no less protective of Rose than Nine
  • It was wrong of the Doctor to leave Rose and Mickey on the spaceship without any indication that had an idea of how to get back, especially after telling her he’d never leave her behind
  • My ultimate conclusion after considering all those points

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kiss me slowly

Who the fuck asks the cashier at a random shoe store in the mall on a date? Apparently Kim Doyoung, that’s who.

a sort of bf fic for my birthday??? it’s not my birthday yet but i’m posting anyways. it was supposed to be more bf but it ended up being more of something else but i like it. the first part is also from a text post i cant find but ye. ^^ enjoy ^^

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Why I sleep with my bedroom door shut.

My parents divorced when I was eight years old. They had just purchased a house together in the woods in Walker, Louisiana, which is twenty or so miles from Baton Rouge. After seeing his subsequent relationships, I realize that this is something my father does when his marriage is rocky- he sells his house and then buys or builds a new one for the sake of distraction. I’ve actually seen it work for him. Once engaged in a new project and excited by the possibilities, his wife might forget to ask why he was out so late, who he was with, and why he smells like another woman’s perfume. But this time, his trick didn’t work. My mother had had enough. I don’t even think we lived in that house in the woods for a full year before my mother suggested he go stay with his whore instead.

I wasn’t terribly upset by this. My father and I had never been close. He was a no-nonsense high school coach, and I was bookish and skinny and weird. Far from the athlete he’d wanted. Though, to be fair, he didn’t try to push me into sports or pressure me to follow football. Instead, he ignored me entirely in favor of my little brother, Trent, who seemed like he was born with a ball in his hand. Trent didn’t play one sport, he played all of them, starting when he was merely a toddler. I never resented either of them for this, I merely mention it to help paint a picture of my brother. If Trent and I had been one person, we’d be a very well-rounded individual. Me, precocious and dreamy and even-tempered. Trent, sporty and rough and emotional, living up very well to the reputation that came with his bright red hair even when he was still in diapers. You couldn’t have two more opposite children. But we loved each other fiercely, particularly in the early years of our parents’ divorce. Though there were three bedrooms in this house in the woods, Trent and I shared one, not wanting to be separated.

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Love From Happenstance - SociallyAwkwardFox - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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RelationshipTim Drake/Jason Todd
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Summary:  It’s more than a little humiliating to get stood up by a date, but having everyone in the restaurant staring makes it ten times worse. The last thing Jason expects is a gorgeous stranger swooping in to save the day, like a freaking super hero. He definitely doesn’t expect things to go so well.
*For the lovely, @glaciya. I hope you enjoy it!

He could feel eyes staring at him, probably with looks of pity and sympathy, but he refused to meet any of them. The situation was already embarrassing enough without him adding to it by acknowledging all the people giving him looks. Part of him wanted to leave the restaurant-and his dignity-in favor of a pub where he could drink himself stupid without any judgement, but leaving a reservation after nearly an hour and ordering nothing more than a few beers seemed in bad taste. At the very least, he could have a decent meal for the first time in nearly two months that he didn’t have to cook for himself and maybe dessert, because why not go all out after getting stood up?

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Why I Dislike (Okay Hate) Apriltello

I’m going to get MURDERED for this, but here’s my (unpopular) opinion on why I hate Apriltello!! Please don’t get pissy and offended, this is just my silly opinion! Okay, so let’s begin from the beginning of the show. The turtles haven’t seen a human before, and don’t know what they look like. Donatello, is, of course, 15, which makes him a little love hungry. When he sees April for the first time, she is like a goddess to him. She’s beautiful, and is walking ever so gracefully. He’s never seen a girl before, so, he develops a crush for her. After they meet more, and get a deeper connection as friends, he realizes she accepts him. But, if Donatello met another girl that also accepts him, he’d be just as into her as he is to April. Donnie is almost blinded by April, he’s so occupied by her, that he hasn’t looked into anyone else. Okay, time for my next reason. April is downright rude to Donnie. Straight up. She takes him for granted, and really doesn’t appreciate him. Okay, okay, think of it like this: A new boy (sorry if you like girls, or just people in general 😅) at your school gets a crush on you. He showers you in affection, and does anything for you. You don’t really have an interest in him, but he continues crushing on you. What do you do by this? Get annoyed at him? Or do you face him, and talk about your real feelings? “Maybe she’s shy, and doesn’t have the courage!” Okay, then al least try being nice?! In “A foot too big.” Donatello shows his affection for April by hand making a music box for April. The picture in the music box is pretty scarce, considering all of the turtles belongings were burned or torn apart in their lair. I can tell she’s embarrassed and surprised, but that’s no reason to put down the gift, show you hate it, and run off. That crushed Donnie! Broke his heart!! Yet, all Apriltello shippers care about is their kissing. 🙂 On with the next reason! Casey. And. April. Have. An. Affair. April even admits they’re on a date in “Wormquake! Part 1.” Casey:  So, April, vigilante-ing is cool and all, But how about a real date? April: What do you call this? Casey: I was thinking, you know, maybe something a little cozier. You, me- [distant clatter] - The kraang! They might not be really dating, but Casey and April are together, in a way. Next reason! In that one episode (I forgot the name 😬) where that alien pretends to be April’s mom, when they were cleaning, Donnie is on mopping duty. As April walks by, he shows off, trying to get her attention. He twirls his bo staff and balances the bucket of water on it, and chirps, “Hey check me out, April!” He looks so excited! Hoping that shell be impressed by this, but all she does is walk by and ignore him. She doesn’t even look at him. That, my friend, is being a bastard. “Well, if April doesn’t like Donnie, why is she always kissing him?!” Well, let’s go back to “Target: April O'Neil.” In the end, she kissed him because, he “Was always there for him, even when she didn’t want him to be.” She’s rewarding him. “Why doesn’t she do it to all of the turtles, if it doesn’t mean any romance?” She feels most comfortable with Donnie, same reason she’s always hanging out with him; Leo’s a tough guy, who is mostly interested in training, and Space Heros, Raph is always raging, and Mikey….. Is Mikey. Donnie is more real, can get a good conversation started, most human like. April can connect to him best. Her kisses that she “rewards” him with give him false hope. It makes him believe he has a chance with her. This leads to him looking down on himself, hence, telling himself he’s a freak. The entire relationship of April and Donnie is a downright bad relationship. April kisses, leads on, and shows affection to Donnie, then turns her back and gets annoyed, pissed, and tired of him. She leans on, kisses, hugs, and shows downright affection, but also yells, glares, and rolls her eyes at him. When Shinigami (I think that’s how you spell it???) and Karai shippers get excited by them hugging and being close, most Apriltello shippers (not all, don’t get mad, but still, a lot) get pissed and say “They’re just friends!!1!!1! But when April and Donnie ARE EVEN IN THE SAME SCENE TOGETHER they say "Look how cute they are!! They luv each other!!!!!!” My last reason is just that Donnie deserves better. Come on, guys, let’s face the facts. If Donnie found someone dorky who has a big fat crush on him, too, and is super nerdy, weird, and awkward with him, but shows affection, joy, and isn’t rude to him, it would be ten times better. And don’t pull the “Well relationships aren’t always perfect!!1!!” Card on me because relationships like that exist! A “non-perfect” relationship isn’t where someone gets mad at the other person all the damn time. Donnie can find a girl who exchanges the feelings and actually is pretty nice to him and have it be a good relationship. That’s about it! Feel free to reblog with your own opinions! Thanks for listening, have a great day/night! 🐢

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You guys know my friend @minky-for-short, fantastic artist, brilliant writer and all round wonderful person and one of the lights of my life. Honestly, you know when there’s an artist on Tumblr you really admire and look up to because they’re just so talented and think you’d never be able to talk to them in a million billion years because they’re so cool? Jackie was that for me and the day I actually got my act together and talked to her was a Real Good Decision. 

It’s @minky-for-short‘s birthday today soooo I wrote her a little present of a fic from her absolutely phenomenal Hamliza treasure hunter AU. It’s based off a piece of art she did for me thats honestly so stunning I could stare at it for hours and wonder why it isn’t hanging in the frigging MoMA. So enjoy!

It had the potential to drive people a little crazy, Eliza thought as she leaned against her older sister’s shoulder and felt the heat of the crackling fire, all this moving around. Being in so many different places with their own rules and their own way the air tasted and the sun rested on her lightly freckled shoulders. It could feel like being lost sometimes, as much as she adored this life and this job and every wild, wonderful corner of the world she was privileged enough to see.

Nothing was perfect, after all.

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Request: “I have a date”

Pietro x Reader

“Not a damn chance.” Steve banged his glass down in front of (Y/N) “you’re gonna break the poor boy’s heart.”

“Don’t do that,” (Y/N) huffed as she snatched the glass up from the table. “You’ll break it.” She walked over to the sink, placing it with the other dirty dishes that were yet to be loaded into the washer. “I’m not breaking anyone’s heart Steve, I’m doing what’s right. He hurt me and now I’m trying to move on.”

Steve massaged his temples, trying to get his point across to her was possibly the hardest thing in the world. “You don’t get it!” He argued, “he’ll come round. Don’t do this.”

“What?” She spat at the Captain. “You’re expecting me to slow progression in my life because I need to wait for Pietro Maximoff to love me back?” She shook her head in disgust “it doesn’t work like that.”

“So you’re telling me,” Steve violently stabbed his finger against the kitchen counter. “That you’re going to give up now? I don’t think so. You spent a whole year and a half pining over that boy I’ll be damned if you give up now.”

(Y/N) grabbed her coat, “then I guess you’ll be damned Rogers.” In her eyes the discussion was over. She stormed out of room and into the hallway. She couldn’t believe that Steve had even tried to prevent her from doing what she thought was right. He was supposed to be the one who understood her, at least that’s what she thought especially after she’d poured her heart out to him over a million times. She was so damn angry at him and his ignorance that she didn’t even bother to watch as she sped through the hallway, her haste ultimately lead to a collision with another body.

Whoever it was she had bumped into held onto her firmly, making sure she didn’t fall back onto her ass. “Fuck.” she groaned as she shook herself away from the other person.

“Careful,” Pietro chuckled “someone might think you’re me.”

‘Ironic.’ Was the first word that popped into (Y/N)’s head when she heard the familiar sound of his accent. It was so hilarious in her mind. Out of all people she could’ve smashed into whilst barging down the hallway it had to be him, the one she’d been trying so hard to avoid.

She pushed past her grievances and smiled. She hadn’t smiled at Pietro in a long time, not since they were actually friends.

“No one could ever mistake me for you,” she paused and looked towards her stilettos “at least not in these shoes.”

Pietro laughed lightly “I would not bet on that. Wanda has a pair the exact same and you know us twins we like to share clothes.”

(Y/N) wanted so badly not to laugh, but it was hard not to when he was so damn funny all the time. Not to mention that he had his stupid smirk plastered on his face. She was so familiar with everything he did, just seeing him smile hurt.

“You look nice by the way.” He took a second to drink in her figure. “Where are you going?” He noticed that she wasn’t wearing the necklace he’d given her the year before. It was alien for him because he didn’t remember a time since that day where she hadn’t worn it. Wanda had always joked about it being like an extra limb of hers.

“Just out for a drink,” she said as casually as possible. She didn’t want to give too much away.

“Just a drink?” He had always been quizzical. Pietro always wanted to know what was going on and whether or not it concerned him didn’t matter.

(Y/N) almost hesitated, but she paused for only a millisecond before realising that he was the one who’d hurt her. There was no need for her to tip toe around him when he’d been the one who’d failed to consider how she’d felt in the past. It didn’t matter if he was upset about her going out, he’d lost the right to care about her when he’d walked away from their friendship.

“I’m going on a date.” (Y/N) said with ease. His left eye twitched as the words left her mouth and heart rate sped up when she noticed the minuscule action. It was something he only did when he was uncomfortable. Pietro being uncomfortable with her seeing someone else was exactly what she wanted. She needed for him to see that she was moving on with her life.

It didn’t matter that she was still madly in love with him. As long as she could prove to him that she was done, then there was nothing else to worry about.

“A date huh?” He nodded awkwardly.

“Yeah.” She smiled “a date.” Repeating the sentence just made everything ten times better. It was like extra icing on her revenge cake. She was drilling it into his mind that he wasn’t the centre of her attention anymore.

“Nice.” Pietro tried to smile sincerely, but it looked so forced and unnatural that she almost laughed straight in his face. “With who?”

“Jack from the lab.” She toyed with the button of her coat as she spoke. She wasn’t surprised when she saw Pietro’s fist clench, in fact she’d been expecting even more of a reaction. He hated Jack, more than anyone. There had been a long running argument between the pair ever since he’d made derogatory comments about mutants.

However Pietro hating Jack wasn’t the reason (Y/N) was going out with him. Jack had pursued her and much to contrary belief, he was actually a really nice guy. He was genuine and unlike Pietro he didn’t beat around the bush. He didn’t make her feel like something was there and then abandon her seconds later. Jack was wonderful and she really enjoyed his company, it was just a positive that he hated Pietro.

“Jack?” He questioned her, afraid he might’ve heard her wrong.

“Yes,” she nodded “Jack.” (Y/N) wanted to go on a spiel about how much of a great guy he was, but the sound of her phone ringing ended their conversation. “Hey!” She said enthusiastically as she picked up. She mouthed an apology to Pietro before turning to face the wall.

Pietro heard the faint murmur of a male voice from the other end of the line.

“Okay,” she giggled lightly “I’ll be right up, cya.” (Y/N) ended the phone call and turned back to Pietro. “I uh have to go, I’ll catch you around.” She shot him a sincere smile and the glint in her eyes almost scared him. He hadn’t seen her so happy in so long, it was like meeting a new person.

“Have fun,” he croaked as she began to walk away.

(Y/N) couldn’t turn around to say anything else at that point. Her heart felt like a weight in her chest. She silently wished that she’d not seen him before her date. He was the only thing circling her mind and as much as she tried she couldn’t shake him off.


“I could walk you to the door.” Jack offered.

(Y/N) politely shook her head, declining his offer. “I think we both know tonight didn’t go as planned,” she sighed. “It’s my fault really, I’m just not in the right frame of mind right now-”

“It’s okay.” He held up his hand to silence her. “I get it. I don’t really think I’m ready for anything either.”

“This sounds like a high school break up,” she joked.

“Don’t even bring high school up.” Jack laughed “those were some dark times for me.”

“Were you quite the ladies man?” She wiggled her eyebrows.

Jack pretended to shift his collar uncomfortably. “I um wouldn’t say that.”

(Y/N) grinned before leaning forward to kiss him on the cheek. “Goodnight Jack.” She said before wiping the lipstick from his face.

“Goodnight.” He smiled “it was nice to get to know you.”

“You too.” (Y/N) got out of the car. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you then.” He waved before rolling up the window.

She turned away from the car and instead focused her attention on the massive tower in front of her. She admired it’s beauty for a second before realising how utterly stupid she was. Once again she’d managed to dig herself into a massive hole. She’d ruined a potential relationship because she was too focused on something that was never going to happen. She balled up her fists and charged through the doors. She couldn’t get up to her room any sooner, (Y/N) didn’t even bother to change. She was so mad at herself that she just crawled under the sheets and began to cry.

She hated Pietro Maximoff so much. She hated how every part of her day revolved around him and only him. It had become such a tedious cycle that she just wished she could disappear.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape the fact that she was so desperately in love with him. Everything he did made a difference to her and she was so sad because she was so dependent on him.

She sobbed into her sheets, not worrying about the streaks of mascara that would stain them. Nothing hurt her more than realising that he did not care for her like she cared for him. There was so much she had to say, but she had no way to say it.

(Y/N) sat up straight and turned on her lamp. She began rummaging through her beside drawer. She blubbered as she searched aimlessly for her journal- finally finding it wedged right up the back. She managed to yank it out with what little strength she had. She violently wiped at her eyes before unbuttoning the leather front. She skimmed her hand over the photo on the first page. It killed her to look at, the two of them had been so happy at one point she didn’t know where she’d gone wrong. She flipped the page instantly, landing on the first entry she’d ever written about him.

'I can name 101 reasons why you are the most important person to me. I can name 101 reasons why your smile is the only thing that can make me happy. I find it so incredibly ridiculous that I’m so dependent on you for happiness. It makes me mad that someone who cares for me so little is the reason my world keeps spinning. I wish, I wish so hard that one day you’ll see that I loved you with all my heart. One day I’ll tell you when it all blows over and when you’ve long forgotten me, one day I’ll tell you and it’ll all be okay. You’ll still say I’m sorry I never meant to hurt you but the truth was that you did, you hurt me so badly and left me with this HUGE gaping hole that can’t be filled.

I’ll never understand how one person can make you so terribly happy and so terribly sad. They say guardian angels come into your life at a time when you need them most and then slowly disappear. I guess you were my guardian angel, but now you’re disappearing when I need you the most. You saved me from myself that much is true and I hate so much that I fell for you. I can’t seem to go one moment without you crossing my mind, it’s terrible really, but I can’t seem to let go of you or the thought of you to be more precise. I hoped so long for something that will never happen, I just cant seem to grasp the concept that you’ve moved on. You don’t think about me I know that’s true, I don’t cross your mind like you do mine. I just want you to be happy more than I want myself to be happy it’s so fucking sad.

The worst part about it all is the legacy we carry, people saw us as an inseparable force. A pair bound by the hip, destined for each other. But that’s not what we were or ever were, you told me that yourself. You were my person, my soul mate, not in the romantic sense, but you were him and you made me complete. Your impact on my life and the way you turned it upside down just isn’t normal and I wish that you’d stop for a second and remember that I was there for you too. You’re never coming back and it hurts so badly. I love you with all my heart and soul and if there was anything else I could love you with then I’m sure I’d love you with that too.

It’s so hard to watch you be happy and live your life whilst I’m stuck in this rut waiting for you. I miss you, I miss my best friend.’

She clamped the journal shut, the words on page proving too much for her. She shoved it back into the far depths of her drawer and stumbled out of her bed. (Y/N) rushed towards the bathroom where she finally stripped out of her little black dress. She stood in her underwear as she washed her face. The cold water relieving some of her stress.

Looking at herself in the mirror sobered up her thoughts. She was so drunk off the thought of Pietro she’d let herself go. (Y/N) realised that she’d done enough crying for the night. She picked up a pyjama like ensemble that she found on her floor and pulled it on. She crawled back under the sheets, the top of her blanket still damp with tears. She flicked off the lamp and pressed her eyes shut. She wasn’t leaving her room the next day unless she was forced.


“Are you okay?” Steve asked through the door.

“Yes,” she groaned tentatively “I’m sick so you probably shouldn’t come in here.”

“Right.” Steve said, his voice muffled by the door. “I think you forget that I can’t get sick.”

“Shut up.” She said loud enough for no one but herself to hear. “I’m not coming out of this room today and you can’t make me.”

“I’m not trying to make you,” He took the liberty to open the door himself. “You look like crap.” He said, assessing her small frame under her blankets. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Isn’t it against your better judgment to use words like that?” She sneered at her boss as he took a seat on the edge of her bed. “And I’m fine.”

“Ooooo I see you’ve joined the bandwagon.” He placed his hand to his heart “it hurts, it truly does.”

She rolled her eyes at his poor attempt to crack a joke. “Why are you hear?”

“Tony heard you crying last night, told me I should come check on you.” He pointed towards the wall where her room met with her neighbours.

“Wow we need to sound proof these rooms.” She understood that during a mission they all had to stay at base-she just wished they’d prep the base for privacy.

“So you gonna tell me what happened?” He asked, placing his hands in his lap like a father would when talking to his angsty teen.

“It’s the same old thing,” she said dejectedly “I just keep ruining things because of him.”

Steve sighed “I hate to say it but-”

“You told me so,” she interrupted him “yes I know. But I really liked Jack and I thought it would be a good chance to move on.”

The Captain patted her shin “I understand.” He said knowingly “but you haven’t spoken to him in a while, maybe you should talk things through.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” (Y/N) shot down his plan immediately “he’s told me himself that he won’t ever love me.”

“It’s been a long time since then.” He reminded her.

“No!” She shook her head. “Pietro just wants my attention, now that I don’t give it to him he wants me back in his life. He forgets how badly he treated me.”

“Well,” Steve said pointedly “if you say you hate him so much then why are we even having this conversation?”

“Because I can’t stop loving him and that’s why I hate him!” She banged her hands against the blanket, producing a small shockwave.

“Woah,” Steve held onto her hand “none of that now.”

“Sorry,” she sighed. It was bad enough that she was in a terrible mood, but using her powers to relieve stress was not a good problem solving mechanism.

Steve’s receiver beeped, “I have to go sort out something.” He sat up from the bed “I’ll come back and see you later.”

(Y/N) pulled the blankets over her head, before mumbling a goodbye. If she was being honest, she would rather he didn’t come back at all.


It was 11pm and Steve hadn’t returned, she was both grateful and sad. So when she heard a knock at the door, she got up with slight haste to answer it. She expected that it would be the Captain, there to give her another life talk. She didn’t want to be rude to him anymore, he was trying to help.

She slowly pulled the door open, but almost dropped dead when she did.

“Pietro-” she croaked, her voice hitching in her throat. She wasn’t mentally prepared to see him. “What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you,” he admitted “can I come in?” He peered over her head and inside her room.

She wasn’t sure how to tell him to leave, so she stepped aside and let him in.

“Are you okay?” He asked, noticing the pile of used tissues by her bedside.

(Y/N) stared at them in disgust, she really needed to throw them out. “I’m sick,” she utilised the lie once again. It came out more convincing than it had when she’d told Steve.

“Oh,” he frowned. “Get well soon.”

“Why are you here Pietro?” She inquired with a heavy heart. He really was trying to break her.

“How was your date?” He asked, avoiding what was really on his mind.

“It was fine, but that doesn’t answer my question.” She insisted. (Y/N) hated when he avoided things, it made life so much harder for her.

“Are you going to see him again?” He picked up the pen from her bedside and proceeded to click it up and down.

“Yes probably,” she grabbed the pen from him. The noise was managing to irritate her more than he was. “Why does it matter?”

“Because-” he looked towards her with sincerity in his eyes. “He’s not a good person.”

“And what?” She scoffed “you are?” Pietro was the last person who could comment on people being good. She couldn’t take his comment seriously.

“No,” he shook his head “I’m not saying that I am. I’m just saying that I don’t want you to be hurt.” He truly cared for her and wished to see her happy.

“You don’t want me to be hurt?” She laughed at his bold words. “One, you lost all authority to worry about me when you forgot who I was and second, you’re the one who’s hurt me the most.” It made no sense to her. She couldn’t understand why he’d shown up at her door to worry when he’d pretended not to know her only months before.

“I know I did!” He held his head in his hands as he spoke. “But that’s why I want to make it right. I don’t want to see him hurt you the way I did.” He acknowledged that he’d made a mistake. It had hurt him just as much as it had hurt her.

“This is so rich.” She said, her voice packed with cynicism. “Nice Pietro, go on about how you don’t want to see me upset-”

“Don’t be like this, just hear me out.” He pleaded with her.

“Why should I?” She sneered, “why should I do anything for you?!” The lump was beginning to rise in her throat and she could feel herself on the verge of a breakdown.

“Because I love you!” The words had left his mouth so quickly, he didn’t even have time to stop himself.

(Y/N) laughed. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.” She really wasn’t going to put up with his shit. “Saying that is such an insult to me Pietro.” Every word of hers was laced with hatred. “You know how long I waited for you! It was like a joke to you.”

“No don’t say that,” he shook his head. “It wasn’t like that at all!”

“Wasn’t like what?!” She spat, “it wasn’t like you chewed me up and spat me out? It wasn’t like you let me believe that you loved me too? You know what you did! I poured my heart out to you and you were so repulsed that you removed me from your life!” The tears were flowing freely, she’d tried her best to hold them in but it just hadn’t been enough.

“Please don’t cry Dragoste,” he used the affectionate nickname he would use when they were friends. “I speak no lie when I say I love you. I made a mistake in the past, but I never hated you. I loved you too and I let my own personal demons prevent me from letting you know.”

“You told me that you’d never love me-” she sobbed “there’s no use lying.”

“I’m not lying!” He repeated himself. “I’m telling you. I was so scared of my own feelings that I decided hurting you was the only way things okay! I needed to forget you, but my plan backfired.” He tugged at his hair in frustration. “I only fell more in love with you, as each day passed you’d be the only thing on my mind!”

“You need to get out,” (Y/N) said in a low whisper. She couldn’t believe a word that was coming out of his mouth. Everything he was saying hurt so badly. She couldn’t bear to look at him.

“No-” he grabbed a hold of her hand. “I’m not leaving you until you understand!”

“Please let go,” she begged as she tried to shake her hand free. There was no use, his grip was too tight. “Please Pietro, I can’t do this, I reall-”

She didn’t even get to finish her sentence. Pietro had smashed his lips against hers. She wasn’t accepting his words, so he decided that he was better off expressing his love in actions.

For a second (Y/N) forgot how to breathe. His tongue swiped across her lips and a little noise pushed its way from the back of her throat, her arms locking tight around his neck.

A semi-trailer truck could have smashed its way into the room and she wouldn’t have noticed, not when he was kissing her like he was. His hand snuck under her pyjama top to gently smooth its way across her back, his palm pressed flat against her skin.

It was easy to forget how much he’d hurt her when he was touching her the way he was. There was an urgency about the kiss, but he was still managing to handle her with a certain gentleness. It didn’t feel real.

Pietro knew it wasn’t much, but he was trying his best to fill every hole he’d carved into her heart. He’d hurt her and he knew that one kiss wasn’t going to fix things, but it was the best he could do for the moment.

She didn’t mind at all. If anything she wanted to kiss him till she was lightheaded and forgot how to say anything other than his name. She couldn’t remember ever feeling the way she did about him about anyone.

Hi rough fingertips grazed the skin of her thigh, pulling her closer, and he buried his face into her, kissing the crook of her neck.

It was no surprise to either of them that she was still crying. It was embarrassing for her, she thought she must have looked so stupid. But she couldn’t help it, the more they kissed, the more real everything felt. This was what she’d been waiting for and now that the time had come it felt like a blur.

His tongue was warm, both of them shivering and gripping each other so tightly it nearly hurt, and when her teeth scraped his bottom lip, she wanted to hear that little sound he made in the back of his throat every day for the rest of her life.

His hand left her face, trailing down her side and ghosting between her legs so that she gasped loudly, her mouth halted against his. He pulled back to scan her face carefully, his eyes wide and concerned, and whatever he was looking for he found because then his hands were snaking around her thighs and he was lifting her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and moving her towards her bed.

“I don’t want to do this if you don’t want to.” Pietro told her, his eyes normally electric blue eyes turning almost black.

She shook her head and looped her hand through his, she evaluated the situation and realised that maybe it wasn’t the time. “Maybe not today.” She breathed and Pietro nodded in understanding.

She took a moment to collect herself before she kissed him again to let him know it was okay. Once she started, she couldn’t stop. (Y/N) kissed the edge of his jaw and underneath his ear, the curve of his Adam’s apple and bit the skin of his shoulder as well as the small dent above his collarbone, she just kept kissing and kissing until he was mumbling her name.

“I’m so sorry,” he continued to mumble. “So fucking sorry.”

“I hated you for so long.” She admitted in the heat of the moment. “But I hated you because I couldn’t forget you.” She kissed the corner of his mouth. “I just wanted to be with you all the time-”

He sucked on her bottom lip “and you didn’t even want to look at me,” she continued “It hurt.” Her voice was thick as she spoke.

Pietro kissed her forehead, then her nose and finally her mouth. “I’m so sorry baby,” he apologised again “I hated myself for doing that to you.”

“I hated you too,” she said with a small smile.

Pietro shook his head. “But I promise, I’m not leaving this time.” He kissed her again “I love you and I always have.”

(Y/N) felt like her head was spinning. Hearing him say those words was so important to her. “I love you too.” She chorused before pulling him closer once more. “And I always will.”

There's More to a Wedding [KiKasa]

“Do you want me to come as a guy or a girl?”

Kasamatsu should have known hiring Kise Ryouta as his date for the wedding was a terrible idea the moment Kise asked that question. Flustered, Yukio couldn’t speak up for a moment, opening and closing his mouth around words that just wouldn’t come out. What kind of person even asked such questions?! Well, probably the kind who could be hired off of craigslist as a wedding date, and the person willing to hire that someone shouldn’t really be judging…

“Do I want what?” he stammered finally.

Kise giggled. “Do you want-”

“No, no, I heard you,” interrupted Kasamatasu, rubbing his forehead. “It’s just a weird question to ask. If I wanted a female partner I would have just called a girl.”

“Just keeping your options open, Kasamatsu-san~” sing-songed Kise, making Yukio frown involuntarily.

He felt like he should stress that he didn’t want Kise showing up as a girl under any circumstances, because that would be just awkward, although he would have probably appreciated the offer a few years ago. Currently, his family’s issue wasn’t with him being gay, but with him being a single gay, so he just couldn’t show up at another wedding alone. It was a matter of pride, obviously, because Kasamatsu wasn’t a type of guy to enjoy hiring people to pretend to be his dates. Ninety percent of the reason he was willing to go with a flashy guy like Kise was that he didn’t want any money, because he just liked going to weddings, and Yukio didn’t feel like he was hiring an escort that way.

The remaining ten percent was that Kise was criminally hot, judging by the pictures, so that was an added bonus of rubbing it in his family member’s faces.

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anonymous asked:

if you're still taking prompts you should do a clexa kid drabble. do they adopt? do they use a sperm donor? if they do, who's the one that carries the baby? what's pregnancy like for them.

i think they use a sperm donor for their first baby, at the very least. clarke wants to be pregnant. and it’s hard. the first three inseminations fail and clarke thinks there’s something wrong with her. her body isn’t working. this is something her body is supposed to be able to do biologically and it’s failing her. she cries about it more than wishes to. lexa holds her after test after test comes back negative while she cries. and it breaks lexa’s heart to listen to the love of her life cry this way. they agree that if the next insemination fails, lexa will try. they want to have this baby - any way that they can. together. luckily, the next one takes. clarke feels differently about the test this time, she takes it by herself. and when it comes back positive she wants to call lexa immediately but she doesn’t. instead, she caps the test, puts a bow on it and puts it underneath a serving tray. she surprises lexa with it when she gets home. lexa cries when she finds out that clarke is, actually, finally, pregnant. she picks clarke up and she spins her around and kisses her. and then, like the total stereotype she is, she bends down and puts a hand on clarke’s stomach. she lifts her shirt up and kisses her belly. ‘i love you’ she whispers to her stomach and that’s when clarke starts to tear up.

the first sonogram, they both cry. they can’t really see anything on the screen but they hear the heartbeat and that’s enough. clarke is gripping lexa’s hand and grinning so hard her face is going to split. ‘we made that’ clarke whispers and lexa’s grin falls just for a second because she didn’t, not really and clarke looks at her. she notices the brilliance faded. ‘hey, you have as much a part in this as me’ because clarke refuses to let her feel like she’s not just as involved in this as clarke is.

they don’t tell anybody, not for a few months. not until they’re out of the danger zone. lexa is always overly worried. she calls clarke multiple times a day to make sure she’s taking proper care of herself. eating right, taking the right vitamins. lexa goes to every doctors appointment and finally, once they past the three month mark, they get all of their friends and family together at a large dinner party and announce that clarke is having a baby. it’s a huge celebration and it’s amazing and everybody is so happy for them.

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Red Velvet?

i haven’t been able to update my other fic in a while, but i found this old drabble on my laptop, which came about as a result of me watching no strings attached and dreaming about a 100 boarding school au, so tada! have some bellarke friends with benefits, mixed with some cuteness on bellamy’s part. it’s also on ao3

The soft yet frantic knock on her door told her exactly who it was. Clarke groaned, both at the current situation and at the pain she felt when she got up from the bed. She opened the door and stepped back so he could slip inside.

“Bellamy, this really isn’t a good - “

But she couldn’t get another word out because as soon as the door was closed behind him, he collided into her, his hands immediately pulling her face to his and kissing her fiercely. For a few bewildered but satisfying moments, Clarke let herself be touched. He walked them to the desk, his hips pressing her into the wood, causing her to omit a soft moan. 

“Bellamy.” Clarke said, pulling away despite herself. “We can’t - “

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debbie’s sick; ian and mickey try to make her feel better [ianmickey - 1500 words - ao3]

Ian pressed his palm against Debbie’s forehead, heat radiating off her flushed skin. He winced. Ian knew Debbie hated being sick, hated it more than spiders, hated it more than changing Liam’s diaper, and hated it more than filling the dishwasher.

“Jesus Debs, you’re burning up.”

Debbie groaned and reached for the glass of water on her bedside table. “I’m dying,” she announced.

“You’re not dying.” Ian rolled his eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic. I know being sick sucks, but you’ll get over it in a couple of days. Just stay in bed and rest up. Let me know if you need anything.”

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Best Friends Forever

Summary: John Noble and Rose Tyler have been best friends since birth. This is their story. Ten x Rose AU

Rating: Teen

Read on AO3 or Fanfiction


John Noble is four years old when he holds the three days old Rose Tyler for the very first time.

He looks up from the tiny pink bundle at the beaming faces of her parents.

“She’s so small!” he squeals in awe.

It is then and there that John knows that he has never seen something more perfect.

His young mind is flooded with a future of tag and playing in the treehouse and pretending to be space explorers and fun and Rose, Rose, Rose.

“You and me are going to be best friends, Rose,” he whispers as her chubby little hands fist the air and she smiles a toothless smile.

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