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Hi! Top 5 Hinata friendships (besides Kageyama because there's obviously something more there)?

You’re very right my dear, Kageyama is not only his best friend he’s his soulmate, his partner, his person. But our little sun managed to get some really great friends too along the way:

1. Kenma. I still don’t understand how this happened but it’s the purest thing ever happened in the whole Haikyuu history, literally nothing could ever surpass them they are like fresh water poured from the highest mountain, two white roses just blossomed in a secret garden, a baby kitty and a cuddly chick crow…they make each other so happy I mean Kenma is really excited to see and play with him can you believe *wipes tear away* excited…and the most amazing thing is that all the rest of the boys are just amazed by their pureness as we are!

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2. Yachi. It was because of Hinata’s encouragement that Yachi decided to stand up for herself and officially join the club to become their second manager and he was the very first friend she made (besides Kiyoko). Not to mention that Yachi is the captain of the Kagehina ships and she cares about them…A LOT. We all remember how devastated she was during their fights, how much she worked to make them get closer to each other again, how happy she was when they finally made up…she’s just….the purest person 

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3. Yamaguchi. They are way more friends that most of people recognize them to be. In the manga they hang out together even outside club activities, during the summer training camp they were together A LOT, even in the latest chaper they went off to shopping and see Fukurodani together…I feel that, besides Tsukki, Hinata is the only real friend Yamaguchi has and idk they make me so happy!

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4. Bokuto. I love their dynamic A LOT. Hinata looks up to him so much, he literally idolizes him and, among all the people, Bokuto chose him to be his disciple, his heir, his legacy. More than a friend he’s like a bid brother (or his actual real dad, sorry Daichi) and I’m such a sap for every single interaction of them :’)

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5. Nishinoya. If Hinata is Bokuto’s pupil, in Karasuno he’s Noya’s protégé. They instantly bonded and they gets so excited about each other’s awesome skills. Also is very telling that Noya is one of the very very few people that call Hinata by his first name, sign that he really considers himself very close to him <3

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Pentagon When You Know Alot Of Male Idols.

Jinho: “wow she’s really close with sf9 isn’t she..”
Innocent smiles but actually planning everyones death. 

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Hui: Probably respects that you know other idols and is cool but as soon as he sees skin ship, even a slight bit, you might have shorten his life span by a few years. If another idol tries to hug you, hui will step in front of you to accept the hug instead. “HAHA HELLO”

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Hongseok: lectures you. “Where are all your girl idol friends. Why do you know many male idols. Heres are the numbers of some girl idols I know. Befriend them.”

You: and why do you know so many girl idols?
Him: ..(clears throat) its not about me rn. Its about you.

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Edawn:“Ok Im friends With Hyuna but you don’t see me hanging out with her.” Just don’t go out hanging with them all the time or he will get clingy.

You: I have to go say hi.

Him: (Holds on to you)Nope.

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Yeo-one: “I’m sure you are all friends but just know Im the only man you need in your life sugarplum.” Every time he gets jealous, his skin-ship activity increases. Sexual activity increases too.

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Shinwon: “That Rowoon guy is giving me all the wrong vibes..” Tells this and more to you. “Look at the way he’s eating his fries. He’s definitely up to something.” 

You: “You say this to every single male idol friend I have.”

Him: “Fine alright then.”

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Yanan: “babe.. BABE! BABE! BABEY!” Calls out to you from afar in the beginning when he saw you chilling with sf9 members backstage when him and his group were there too but arriving late so you didn’t know. He ends up yelling until you turn your head out of shock. Yells from afar “YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE, WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO OTHER GUYS.”

You: *runs over* we are doing a show with them!Go and say hi!


Yuto: sad puppy. speaks to himself while watching you from afar, whining to himself. “oh my god, she knows all the members? Nande..oh my god they’re laughing. What are they laughing about.” One day comes up to sf9 when your not there like “Hello. Im s/o’s Japanese boyfriend, yuto. I come from Japan. Uh what were you guys talking about last week that made you laugh so much.“ 

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Kino: Introduces himself to everyone of your male idol friends right away even when your not there. Makes sure he tells everyone that he is your boyfriend and how much in love you two are.


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Wooseok: “Can I hang out with you all too?” Never lets you hang out with male idols alone. At music programs, he will always stand next to you. Casually breaks into a conversation with a smile. “What are you guys talking about?”

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Big Bang reactions when you say you wouldn't date an idol, but he has a crush on you

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[you are best friends with the member and he wants to confess to you]

He loved hanging out with you and he invite you everywhere. At first it was because you got along very well and he liked how you thought about things, but he realized he likes you way more than just a friend. You just happened to be talking about your love life when he asked you if you’ d date any idols. You had no wish to date a guy who has to focus on his career all the time and you told him that, you thought it was a waste of time to date an idol.When he heard your thoughts, he was really surprised, because he thought you like him too. He didn’t give up over the fact you told him you wouldn’t date him-or an idol ever. He tried to convince you that idols aren’t all about careers and told you all about benefits about dating an idol.
“But we are artist in a way. Can you imagine how many people we meet? And… Well… If an idol falls in love he will probably write you a song…”

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He was always thinking about you and he loved everything about you. He felt the best when he was with you. Lately all of his songs were about you and he wanted to sing you one of them. Before he could text you to come over at his house you texted him, that someone asked you if you would date idol. He called you and you were talking about that question. He understood why you said you wouldn’t date an idol, but he wanted to confess anyway so he invited you over and he sang you one of his songs, he wrote when he thought of you as only best friend. His proud was little hurt, because everyone loved him and every girl would love to date him, but the one he loved wouldn’t.
“I get it, but what if any idol has a crush on you? I mean you know a lot of idols through me…”

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He met you through T.O.P and he was really thankful he met you. At first you were just hanging out in a group, but then he started asking you out just you and Taeyang, but you were still friends and you got along very well so you got each other Best friends necklaces and bracelets. You both like things like that. He wanted to confess to you for a long time and before he wanted to call you, he got a text with a screenshoted message you, saying you wouldn’t date idol, even if you were desperate. He was really hurt and he stopped calling you, which got you really worried, after that he was in a really bad mood for a while and wanted to hear that words from you in person.
“Do you really hate the thought of dating an idol… I mean… what if… it was… me who liked you…?”

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He was your childhood friend and you were always together, but you never felt anything towards him and neither did he. Until now. After some time he just couldn’t stop thinking about you and you kept appearing in his dreams and he couldn’t work without thinking of you. He knew you weren’t very fond with the idea of dating an idol, so he asked you again about dating an idol. When you asked him why was he asking and he wouldn’t answer you told him you still felt the same way.He gave up on you and just comforted himself thinking you think different of him. He was very committed to confessing his feelings to you.
“Do you mean it? Because I like you!”

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He is the nicest person you know and you told him that a lot of times. You were always flirting together as a joke, but he started having feelings for you. He made Jioyng to ask you if you would date an idol. He was very disappointed when he told him you said no and you have some really good reasons, but he didn’t give up that easy. He invited you out more and he was more flirty than ususal. When he was sure you wouldn’t be surprised that he likes you he confessed his feelings towards you and he felt really proud on himself.

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Dating Rosé Would Include

Can you do what would dating Blackpink’s Rosé include please? (:

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

In the Daytime

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  • It’s going to be hard to see Rosé because of her busy lifestyle being an idol, but she will always do her best to make it up to you, 
  • Loving to hang out with you at the dorm with the other members 
  • Her blushing when the others tease the two of you
  • “Get a room you two!”
  • “Jennie~ It’s not like that!” 
  • Her dancing for you around the apartment because she knows how much you love to see her dancing
  • Her singing for you as well - because god knows you can’t resist that voice. 
  • Her being the most supportive girlfriend in the world. 
  • “You can do it, {y/n}, fighting!” 
  • Her getting jealous when other people flirt with you or call you their “ideal type”
  • “Of course she’s an ideal type, my Jagiya is perfect.”
  • Her playing the guitar for you and writing songs for you because words can’t simply describe how she feels about you. 
  • She loves to mess around with you and have a good time
  • But she does have her serious moments where she likes to talk about things on her mind and asking you about how you are. 
  • She’s the perfect girlfriend for venting to because she just knows when to speak and when to listen
  • She’ll also run her fingers through your hair as you rant, knowing that you need to get everything off your chest.
  • Her not caring when people say that it’s wrong for her to date you, because she loves you, and to her that’s all that matters
  • Her loving to take you on dates
  • And loving it even more when you take her on a date and plan it for her
  • She loves surprises
  • And being spontaneous
  • As proved by her tendency to get a little risky in public
  • Even though she’ll be blushing at her own boldness, she’ll have a grin on face one one will be able to remove.
  • Literal five minute showers because if you’re in there any longer she’s going to complain that she needs to use it and if she can join you. 
  • You also better protect that make up with your life because if not it’ll somehow end up in Rosé’s draw.
  • “What? I don’t know how that ended up there? Maybe the make up fairy has payed a visit.” 
  • Her being the cutest thing on the planet oml
  • Lots of cuddling and giggling 
  • Her insisting that she plays with your hair
  • Then takes a picture of you sleeping in her lap because you’d drifted off as her fingers were playing with your hair. 

At Nighttime

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  • Her insisting that you cuddle her every night 
  • She loves nothing more than falling asleep in her arms
  • “It’s us against the world, Jagiya”
  • Her talking about her dreams with you, then suddenly stopping 
  • And when you look at her it’s because she’s fallen asleep mid sentence
  • You never do find out what happened after she captured the shark prince 
  • Her asking you to give her a massage before bed because of her aching body after long dance practices
  • But don’t worry, she’ll always return the favour. 
  • She likes to make sure she’s in her undergarments for this though because god knows it’s hot as hell. 
  • Her being such a goddamn tease. 
  • Kissing you all over, leaving you breathless then pretending like she’s going to bed now
  • But she’ll never leave you unsatisfied like that 
  • Because she’s amazing and would feel bad if she did suddenly leave you in such a way
  • Though she will threaten to stop if you don’t moan, she won’t stop, she just lives to hear you moan.
  • Cute nighttime dates
  • You and her driving into the night, you don’t know where, anywhere. 
  • Her sticking her arm out the window and singing at the top of her lungs because the city is empty and she just needs to scream about how much she loves you. 
  • You shaking your head and telling her she’s crazy
  • But you love her
  • And she loves you. 
{PART 1} Nervous Proposal // Jungkook

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I request a BTS Jungkook scenario where he’s preparing to propose and he proposes to you? It ends with some smut or something? :D

A/N: I’ve decided to turn this into a two part series bc I’m a piece of shit and I feel like posting it all would be too much for one scenario.

Read Part 2 here (Smut) ^_^ 

Everything was in place – right down to the dainty flower petals that littered the ground from the entrance gates to the bandstand in the middle of the park. Unbeknownst to you – while you had been at classes and work this entire week, Jungkook had been setting in place a very special and important plan, and as he counted down the hours; he began to feel extremely on edge about everything.

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love novels surpassed the number of hits for the most popular fic in the love live section on Ao3 - something that was published in 2015. i wrote love novels in about three months… it really looks like it’s going to be the first fic in the section to hit 10k hits and i’m like


like i can’t believe so many people liked my story, and that it blew up like it did, i even found someone had made fanart for it, back when i was only about half way in.

i’m just in disbelief that so many people like it still, and that i got so many thoughtful comments. it’s really encouraging to me, and i feel like the western fandom is so small to begin with. like, i just want to write for my readers forever now.

thank you everyone, for reading about my (and maki’s) lord and savior nico yazawa. please hang out with me at anime expo, lets talk about idols.

You’re his celebrity crush and you talk about him during an interview (SHINEE)

Onew: -you were asked to pick your favorite male idol group and Shinee flew out much faster than you planned and you turned into a blushing mess. The being asked who was your favorite you replied quietly Lee Jinki and his heart skipped a beat- “she likes me the most”

Jonghyun: -you were an open book and wasn’t ashamed of who you liked. So over the years you had been famous you’d always say you liked no one ever but ever since you met Jonghyun your opinion on relationships changed. ‘I honestly think Jonghyun is the only guy I could say I’ve liked more than a friend’ you informed the MC when you were asked about your love life- “hopefully now she will accept my love and we can live happily ever after” 

Key: -you were caught out with male idol a few nights ago and people had been asking who the boy had been. ‘Kim Kibum who else male wise have I been hanging out with other than my manager’ you said rolling your eyes as if it was obvious. Him he was waiting for what the ship name for the two of you would be- “I bet it would be catchy something I can put on a shirt kinda thing”

Minho: -the MC mentioned that the previous week Choi Minho had admitted he liked you on the show but your response surprised most people. ‘I guess I don’t have to feel bad now saying that I like him as well, do I?’ you said with a wink, And as soon as he saw he was a blushing mess- “omo she actually knows who I am”

Taemin: -they’d been teasing him that his ‘girlfriend’ (you) was finally legal and that it didn’t help that you mentioned during your latest interview with you group that you found Lee Taemin very attractive. Now that you were officially of age he was planning on trying something- “go away I have a pretty girl to impress and she’s not my girlfriend yet. Give it time though” 

BTS: When they’re getting jealous.


After the intense work Jimin had been put through, he finally came home with exciting news. “Jagi, i’m home”. The only sound he could hear was your laughter. He put his backpack on the ground walking into the livingroom. “Oh, Zico. You’re so funny” He heard you say into your phone, he saw the smile on your face. He didn’t like it. A few seconds later you turned around seeing your boyfriends angry face. He walked aggressively towards you. You were frightened, you’ve never seen him like this. In your mind he was always the sweet and gentle Jimin. As he stood right infront of you he looked at the wall to his right. “Y/N, give me your phone right now”. You gave him your phone with no hesitation. “Hello Zico, i just wanted to tell you that Y/N is mine, and mine only. Have a nice day” And he hung up looking deep into your eyes. You looked away slightly, stuttering your sentence “Wh.. why did you.. hang up like that?” “Jagi, you’re mine, and mine only. Like i told that zico of yours” “He’s not mine! He’s.. just a friend..”  You lowered your voice as he tilted your chin upwards. He smiled. “Don’t be afraid jagi, you know me, i wouldn’t hurt you. But i was just scared that maybe you found someone new, i got.. well, mad”. You smiled back and kissed him. “i love you Jimin” “I love you too Jagi, and you know what? I’m all yours the next couple of months, we’re done with the comeback” You looked at him with happy eyes and hugged him tightly.


Finally you guys were official, the golden maknae and the gorgeous (Y/N) from the famous girl group; Purely girls. You and Jungkook had both been off work the last couple of weeks so you decided to take a vacation together. You thought you were escaping the flashy lights and the questions. Jungkook seemed to hear one of the questions from the paparazzi. “Jungkook, how do you feel about the rumours of Y/N and Do Kyungsoo?” He didn’t respond but as soon as you escaped the flashy lights and got into the car he gave you an irritated look. You heard the question as well, and that’s why you went public, because of the stupid rumour just because you and D.O shooted a Drama together doesn’t mean that you were together. “Jungkook please don’t listen to..” You were interrupted. “Yah, how can you say that? I can’t look anywhere on the social media, without finding you and D.O kissing” “But that was the drama not.. wait? Are you jealous?” You had the biggest smile on your face while cuddling up to him. “No! maybe, well yeah i am. So what?!” “I’ve never seen you like this it’s cute” “It’s not cute, and if i ever find out that D.O’s trying to do anything.. i don’t know what i’ll do to him”. “Don’t worry, we’re on vacation! Let’s go in the pool once we arrive, okay?” “Jagi.. How about we jump right into bed?” He said with lust filled in his eyes and gently tapping your naked lap. 


“Jagi, i’m cumming!” Just as you were laying in bed with your husband on your honeymoon. Him on top, you matching his wild thrusts with your hips. As he said those words a loud knock was at the door. You both stopped and he didn’t get to finish. “Y/N, i thought you put the Don’t disturb sign on the doorknob” You were still panting and and missing the kisses from his lips. “I did” He smiled an kissed your forehead. “Wait here baby, i’ll be right back” You closed your eyes re-dreaming your wedding. When a waiter walked into your room, luckily the blanket covered your body. “Hello, my name is Seon, i’ll be your waiter at this hotel. Here’s my card if you..” You looked at him with shocked eyes, you couldn’t believe that he didn’t check what state you were in. And his eyes met yours. Namjoon returned with his credit card. “I’m so sorry, but here’s my card if you need anything” He winked at you, you accepted the card. The waiter left after your husband paid for the champagne. He undressed himself from the rope again and kissed you passionately. Just as his eyes saw the card the waiter gave his new wife. He saw a note on it. “Hey, call me ;) <3″ He stopped all of his actions. “We’re on our honeymoon and you’re already flirting with he waiter?” He didn’t look too amused. “What are you..” He held the card up so you could see the note. You both laughed and continued your little game. The next few days the waiter would wink at you, lighty bumping into you, he would even call and check every night what you were up to when one night Namjoon took the hotel phone “Yah! She’s married, with me! We’re on our honeymoon, stay away from her!” He yelled into the phone. “Well, why does she keep answering my calls, not complaining when i touch her bare shoulders..” Your furious husband smacked the phone down. He ran over to you. “The next time he does anything.. then.. we’re leaving. I would beat him up, trust me. But i’m an idol, i can’t babe. I’m sorry” You just smiled and kissed him. “Then i’ll beat him up Mr. Jealous” 


You and Hoseok have been dating for almost two months, and as time flew by you guys fell even more in love. To that point when you started hanging out with the other members when Hoseok practiced their new dance for their new song. You and the other guys were bored because it was usually your boyfriend who led up the mood with his funny self. You knew that Hoseok was jealous, because you had 6 boys around you all time, and they knew it too, but they just pranked him a couple of times. Making Hoseok paranoid. “We never used the pool” Suga said while looking at the other boys. You just came back from your cold shower, it was a hot summer day. When the boys looked at you with mischievous looks. “What?” Was all you could ask when you were being dragged by Jimin, Suga and Jungkook. “What are you doing? Guys, it’s not funny please don’t do this!” And at that second Hoseok entered the pool area. As Suga lifted you up to throw you in the pool you saw your boyfriends eyes, filled with jealousy. “Hoseok, help me!” The other guys laughed and Suga threw you in. It was like the time stood still and Hoseok jumped right in after you, as he noticed your white shirt were completely see through he didn’t let you go. You instantly clung to him, coughing. He held you. “*Whistling* Look at Y/N!” Jimin shouted. They all started whistling at you, for fun so they could make your boyfriend jealous. Again. You got out of the water, being carried by Hoseok, when he turned around and almost yelled. “No one gets to be alone with Y/N”. They laughed and he carried you to your bed. “Thank you, Hoseok” You started kissing him, taking off your wet shirt. He slowly pushed you away. “Jagi, you can’t let them touch you, i don’t trust them” He kissed you again. “They’re just trying to make you jealous” You kissed him back. “It’s working”. He stated, and you kept kissing. 


You were walking in the big park with your boyfriend, Suga. He always wore masks, sunglasses and a beanie or a cap. To hide himself. He didn’t want to go public, he was scared for you, what the fangirls wold do to you. You understood that. “Oppa, look at that Cherry tree!” You pointed at the huge tree in front of you. “Jagi, let me take a photo of you, you’ll look even more beautiful next to the tree”. You walked over to the tree and posed for him, you could hear the click sound from his expensive camera. Then a handsome business man came over coughing. “Excuse me, hi i’m Park Lee. I was wondering why a beautiful woman like you were standing here alone”. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t interfere in the situation. “That’s very sweet of you but i’m not al..” The man took your hand. Seconds later you felt Suga’s hand grabbing yours. “She’s not alone, let her go”. The guy raised his eyebrows at Suga. “You really want to go on a date with him, when you can have me?” He gave you a creepy smile. “Please just let go..” You said to the guy, but he refused. Suga became possessive. “Is there something you don’t understand? She wants you to let her go!”. At that time there was a whole audience looking at you. “Suga, please don’t we’re crowded”. The man got upset and tore the mask off of Suga, including his sunglasses. The crowd immediately recognised Suga. They started screaming and the man released your hand in shock. The girls were running towards you when you felt Suga’s hand on yours again. “Time to go!” You ran through the streets hearing that they loved Suga and they wanted to marry him. You became jealous. You ran into an alley, where no one would find you. “I don’t know what to say Y/N, i’m so sorry” “Look, Yoongi, they won’t hurt me, because i’m positive that you’re the one saving me”. “i couldn’t save you from that bastard” “But you did Suga, look at me. I’m the one who should be jealous, you have a legit fanclub. I don’t, okay?” You kissed him tenderly, you could feel him nodding in the kiss. “And for the record, i wasn’t jealous, i just didn’t like the guy”. “Yeah right..”


You were with your girl friends, just hanging out at your apartment. Jin was busy, first he had to prepare for the comeback and now he had to tour. It was rough, but whenever you felt lonely. You’d just call your friends. You were eating pizza and drinking expensive wine, like you guys always did. As you guys were getting a little tipsy, you went to the computer and your friend said. “Omg, you like Taeyang? How does Jin feel about it” You laughed and put a finger across your mouth “Shhh, he doesn’t know” But what you didn’t know was that your dearly boyfriend Jin, was at the other side of the wall, he heard your little chat, but acted like he didn’t. “Jagi, are you home? I brought some ice cream” You and your friends became quiet. “Y/N, you’re not alone anymore so we’ll go, see you at work?” “Yeah sure, see ya”. Your friends left, you were at the door, when you felt a light breeze on your neck “Jin! You scared me!” He took you by your waist and pushed you hard against the door. He kissed your neck even harder than ever. “You never told me you liked Taeyang..” Your eyes shot wide open, you knew that Jin was easily made jealous or possessive over you. “I don’t.. like him. He just sings..” You were interrupted by the friction of his crotch grinding against your womanhood. You moaned. “He just, what.. Jagi?” “Nothing, oppa”. He lifted you up, your legs were tightly around his waist. He kept kissing you roughly until he looked at you with dangerous eyes. Never taking his eyes off of you, you could hear his zipper in his pants being opened. Luckily for him, you were wearing a skirt. He pushed your thong aside, still keeping eye contact. “I bet he can’t do this Y/N” He pushed himself inside of you slowly. “Jin, please take me to bed” Was all you could say. As he started thrusting harder and harder causing you to grip his hair and moan his name, “Jagi, who is that you like?” He kept thrusting harder. “You! Oppa. I like you!” You screamed as you felt his seeds spilling inside of you. He then carried you bridal style into your bed. He kissed you swollen lips. “Don’t make me jealous jagi”.


You were the new star in Korea, a rising actress. You’d just finished your last shoot for the Drama, so you and your colleagues and the other actors and actresses went along into the wild life of a friday night in the club. Everyone knew that you and Taehyung had been dating, but because of schedules you guys broke up, you both cried at the time, you were so in love. But there’s one thing you didn’t know. Taehyung was at the club you were in. The club was really crowded, but people eventually moved when they saw you, Y/N. You guys came up to the bar, when you saw Namjoon, he waved. You waved back. “Who are you waving at?” Taehyung asked and looked in your direction. You guys made eye contact but quickly you looked away again. After an hour or so, an hour filled with eye contact and smiling at each other. “Y/N, have some fun. Don’t just stand there, dance!” Your drunk friend yelled into your ear. You sat at the bar thinking about you and your Ex. Same did he, at the bar. Across from you. Suddenly you hear your phone through all the noise, you se a text from Taehyung. You look beautiful tonight. You looked at him and smiled. Thank you, you’re quite handsome yourself tonight. All of the sudden you feel a pain in your wrist, your friend turned you around and kissed you, in front of Taehyung. You tried to back away, push him away. He wouldn’t budge. Taehyung was just about to run over to you when Suga put his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t do this. You don’t have the right to be jealous anymore V”. He instantly sat down in his chair again. When he heard a loud slap sound he looked at you. He could see the guy holding his red cheek, and you giving the guy a mad look. You turned around to grab your bag, when Taehyung was looking at you with a sad face. He couldn’t bear to see that someone else kissed you. You ran out of the club, crying. When Jimin said: “Go after her, she’s yours if you just go after her”. He smiled and ran out of the club as well. He came out of the door hearing you sobbing, he knew that sound. “Yah, it’s cold tonight. Let me take you home” You were shocked. “Tae.. Taehyung..” He helped you stand on your feet. His hands held your cheeks. “That made me really mad you know, the kiss. Even though you didn’t want to, i’m the only one who should be kissing those lips”. And with that he kissed you. 

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My Princess

Anon: Hi~ your ffs are awesome! :) can i request a Jackson scenario? Where he hasn’t seen you for so long but sees you hanging out with another guy? Then gets jealous and well…“proves” you he loves you more? Hehe thanks xD

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Jackson (GOT7)/ Reader

Word Count: 1,512

Summary: I’m not going to be that girl that get’s jealous. But what if he was changing his mind? What if his affectionate side was dwindling away? Could it be that I was not good enough for him anymore?

It has been  while since I’ve seen my boyfriend face to face. But that is what you get when you date an idol. He is touring right now in Japan with his band mates. Who am I dating? Oh well I’m sure you know him. Everyone does, not to seem smug about it they just do. His name is Jackson Wang. Yes Jackson Wang from GOT7. I don’t really tell people. Not that I don’t want to show him off, he mainly does that himself anyways. It’s just even if I do people don’t believe me. You see, I’m not an idol. I’m not rich or come from a well-known family. Me and Jackson actually grew up in China together. I guess we are childhood sweethearts. Or well we really didn’t start dating until a year ago when we reconnected. But yes, I am dating “wild and sexy” Jackson Wang. 

It’s hard sometimes. It’s not that I don’t love him, it;s just he seems to flirt with a lot of the fans but so do the other members. I just, it just makes me uncomfortable sometimes. But of course I don’t tell him that. Why would I? I don’t want to be that jealous girlfriend. Also I’m sure he has to a bit to get the fan’s acceptance and liking the band or something like that. So I just let it roll off my shoulder. 

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i had the most fucked up hxh dream last night

usually i don’t remember my dreams but i actually woke and scribbled notes. here is what i can put together:

  • new season of hxh anime, except it’s no longer based on togashi’s manga because he’s still on hiatus. i have Bad Feeling
  • a new character is introduce – your typical generic big titty anime idol girl. for some reason, she is performing a concert on whale island and gon is watching. i remember thinking her outfit reminded me of a frog.
  • you know when you’re dreaming and you just KNOW things? well, i KNEW that this big titty anime idol girl wearing a hideous frog-inspired outfit was going to become gon’s love interest
  • i’m immediately concerned because she looks like she’s in her 20s and gon is still a Child but i do a google search and she’s apparently 11 years old and i feel like i’m dying inside
  • the next scene is killua and all his siblings hanging out…. outside…. somewhere that looks like a desert (i have no fucking idea). completely unrelated to the idol concert, killua just…  BREAKS out into a musical number. i remember pausing and being like “this isn’t fucking happening”. i also remember being upset because his voice actress isn’t the same.


  • out of second-hand embarrassment, i skip most of the episode. but for some reason, the anime becomes live action towards the end. gon and killua reunite, but they’re being played by ben stiller and owen wilson.

aaaaaaaand that’s when i woke up in a cold sweat and immediately wrote down what the fuck just happened

anyway, i’m totally at peace with the extended hiatus now. because after all, there could’ve been anime original big titty generic frog idol girl and also ben stiller and owen wilson

Forever & A Day (J-Hope, OC) Scenario

By popular demand…. here is the much awaited KOBI wedding. XD The original plan was that I would be tagging all the guests but there were just too many of you so yeah, know that I invited all of you and imagine yourselves at the wedding, alright? haha 
I had a hard time writing this one..considering that I got so emotional because /sigh/ I wanted it to be real so badly. The fluff in this is lethal so I suggest you be prepared. I hope you all enjoy this story. :) #HappyHopeDay

OC - Kaye

Why me?

That was the million dollar question hovering in my consciousness as I faced the mirror; staring at the girl dressed in white, her hands gripping one another as her lips pursed in a thin line.

I never thought getting married would be so nerve-racking.


“Come in.” I croaked and the door opened revealing my father in a crisp black suit, giving me a warm smile. “Time to go, honey.”

I smiled and walked towards him, taking his arm as he led me down to where the ceremony would be held. My heart beat at every step, practically drumming in my chest. At the bottom step, my dad led me towards the exit and opened the door. My breath hitched as a rush of cool wind and the smell of sea salt welcomed me. The morning light was brilliantly hovering over the ceremony which was situated in the middle of the beach, against a backdrop of blue seas.

“It’s beautiful.” I gasped, seeing the chairs lined up at a distance, blue flowers and ribbons festooned the venue and a small makeshift pavilion stood in the middle… right at the edge of the shore. If I looked closely enough, I saw a familiar figure standing there and my heart beat rapidly against my chest at the sight of him.  

My dad led me down the stone steps towards the shore and I chanted to myself not to trip. After all, falling face-first on the sand would not be the ideal thing for a bride.

“Just like you’ve dreamed of?” My dad whispered, as we got closer to the aisle.

I shook my head, feeling tears pricking my eyes as I saw several flower girls and bridesmaids, wearing beautiful dresses while the men wore their elegant suit quite handsomely. I looked at him and smiled, “Even better.”

As everyone had walked down the aisle and had taken their places, I felt my hands start to sweat and my heart beat faster. The wedding march started to sound as we approached and I thought I was going to faint right there. All eyes turned towards us and I gulped, hoping my blush was hidden behind the thin veil that shrouded my face.

I smiled as I walked down the aisle with my father’s arm as my life support. I saw several familiar faces and smiled at them, appreciating that they took the time to celebrate this occasion with me—


I snapped to my left and grinned when I saw Taehyung giving me a thumbs up. Jungkook was beside him who stuck out his tongue but before they could do more, Jin had knocked them on the head, scolding them to keep quiet.

I shook my head slightly in amusement and when I returned my gaze to the front, I thought I felt my heart skipped a beat.

Standing by the altar, wearing an all-white suit right next to the pastor was the man I am to wed.

Jung Hoseok, I thought as our gazes met and I felt myself blush at the look in his eyes. It was full of passion, love, and desire that I found myself drowning into them.

Yoongi and Namjoon stood beside him as his best men, giving me sweet smiles. As I reached the pavilion, my dad handed me over to Hoseok, shaking his hand before giving me a kiss on the cheek and joining my mom on the front row, who was already in tears.

“Kaye.” I snapped up and was met by Hoseok’s smiling face. I felt tears prick my eyes as he held my shaking hands, squeezing it tight.

I love you, he mouthed and I found myself falling into my memories.

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EXO when you perform a version of My Lady

tomboy-adventures said: I love your blog~ 😳😘 EXO Reaction: You are a member of the band and you make a versión of “My Lady” but like “My Men” (?) and you start to dance sexy, so f*cking sexy xDDD sorry my english it’s a shit D: thanks~

Anon said: hellooo, so could i request a exo gif reaction when their gf (she is an idol) and her group perform My lady. Ohhh i just wanted to say that youre doing a great job on this blog, i really like. Fighting!


Suho: *stares and laughs it off when someone points out his mouth is hanging open*

Baekhyun: *dirty thoughts*

Chanyeol: She’s such a tease…

Chen: *talking to himself* No Chen, you can not let her have this much power over you

D.O: *about to murder every single guy in the room for looking at her tbh*

Kai: That is MY lady

Kris: Nice try babe

Lay: I just wanna… oh wait I’m in public…

Luhan: I may have left EXO, but I can still do the dance better than you

Xiumin: *dances along in the audience bc he knows your singing about him*

Tao: Hold up, let me check my vision to make sure it’s really my jagi up there

Sehun: She better watch herself before she makes the wrong move and I’m gunna have to “step in”

Don't think that South Korea/KPOP is everything

I’m pretty sure KPOP has been a huge part of many people lives including me. I’ve been addicted into checking out articles, reading news on what my idols are doing, and talking about KPOP to my friends. Of course I’ve been into the scene for more than 6 years already, but KPOP has been fading away from me year after year and I’ve finally realized that it isn’t all that great anymore through studying abroad in Korea.

I’ve been accepted to one of the top 3 schools in Korea (Yonsei University) and of course I know about Korean Culture not just through KPOP but historically and the social standards as well. Before coming here, I had expectations that I would go to all the concerts, and see many idols while I’m here without putting much effort, but I was wrong. 4 months since I’ve lived here and I still haven’t done a single thing related to KPOP except go to one free concert. I travel, explore, and try to have the best time of my life here by meeting new people around the world and making Korean friends. Of course if I want to, I can try to go see my favorite idols, but it’s something that hasn’t crossed my mind since I got here. I still listen to the music, but I’ve just learned to balance my life, and my interest has faded since coming to Korea.

Hanging around many Korean students, of course I already knew, but almost all of them are just like this. They listen to the music (actually K-HipHop is more popular here) but that’s just it, its just music not a form of lifestyle. They love American music just as much as we like KPOP. I also want to point out how many people fantasize and say how their idols are super hot, but when living here, I’ve realized they’re just average. You can find better looking people on the streets any day.

What I’m trying to say through all of this is that don’t make KPOP your whole life and stop imaging South Korea as your getaway place to all things KPOP. South Korea is just another country and I would never want to settle down and live here due to all the social standards and things I’ve been through as a foreigner. It is no Utopia and people would judge you if you come with that mindset. I know many people out there always talk about saying “I want to live in Korea or I want to have a Korean boyfriend” I advise you to stop thinking like that right now and start thinking about your own life/goals and future.

Valentine's Day Surprise (V/Taehyung)

February 14th. A day you had come to dislike very much until you started dating your goofy boyfriend, Kim Taehyung. Everyday felt like Valentine’s Day considering you two always exchanged gifts of some sort since you hardly saw each other. You knew that since he was an idol, spending time with him would be tough, but he was worth it in every single way.

Currently you were chatting on the phone with your childish (yet serious when he wanted to be) boyfriend. “Oppa, I know today’s a special day and you want to hang out, but you should listen to your hyungs! I miss you Tae Tae and of course I want to see you. Ani!!! Don’t say that, babo! I love you too much and you’re always on my mind! Mianhae, oppa, but I have to go now. Saranghaeyo!” You chirped, hanging up quickly before the giggles tumbled from your lips.

You were actually planning on surprising your boyfriend so you had asked his members to keep him occupied as you prepared everything. You had made chocolates for him the night before as well as some heart-shaped sugar cookies so you had to wake up earlier than normal to get ready and wrap them in a cute bag. To top it off, you had gotten the two of you couple hats that looked like lions. Overall, you knew your little alien was going to be really happy.

Just as you were about to open the door to the dorm building, you phone started ringing. You answered with a quick, “Yeoboseyo?”

“___-ah, you need to hurry up! Hyung is pouting in the corner and glaring at the wall. It’s making all of us uncomfortable and umma doesn’t know what to do!” The young maknae whined quietly into the phone, his tone panicky.

“Neh, I know. I’m almost there. What is appa doing?” You giggled as you walked towards the elevator.

“Aish, that old man? He went into his room and I bet he’s sleeping right now. But noona, you need to get here right away! Taehyung is-” The line suddenly went dead.

“Hello? Jungkook? Aish, what am I going to do with them?” You laughed to yourself as you stepped out of the elevator and started down the hall to the familiar dorm room of your favorite group of boys. You could hear a lot of loud noises coming from the room of your choice and you rolled your eyes, knocking quietly on the door.

Namjoon was the one who finally answered and his expression lit up when he saw you. “Finally, you have to see this.” He murmured, pulling you inside without allowing you to utter a hello.

Upon entering the dorm, you noticed Jimin and J-Hope running around first and then the yelling registered in your mind.

“Stupid stupid babo babo hyungs! You guys ruin everything, telling me I can’t spend time with my precious jagiya! Why… ugh! Babo babo!” V was shouting, throwing every soft object her could get his hands on at the poor maknae, who wasn’t quite fast enough to avoid getting decked with a pillow.

“Taehyung, this is no way to act! We should-” You winced as you saw the couch cushion hit Jin. Okay, perhaps this had gone far enough.

“Oppa is that any way to treat your umma and the little maknae?” You asked, crossing your arms and tapping your foot. V’s antics ceased almost immediately as he released the stuffed animal he was holding and glanced in your direction. 3…2…

“Jagi!” He cheered, rushing to you so he could scoop you into a bear hug and spin you around. Your playful frown soon turned into giggles as you clung to your boyfriend. “I thought I wasn’t going to be able to see you!”

“Babo, I told them to distract you so I could prepare your gift, but next time I won’t do that or someone might end up seriously injured.” You teased, waving the other members away while V nuzzled your neck affectionately. They seemed to get the hint and disappeared into their rooms to give you two some privacy.

“Anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day, Taehyung!” You smiled, holding up the bag of sweets as well as the hat that matched your own. Too impatient, you forced the hat onto his head and beamed at how cute he looked. “Now you look like an adorable lion!”

“Rawr~! And you must be my adorable lioness!” He pretended to roar like a lion for a few moments before kissing you sweetly. “I love you, ___.”

“I love you, too, Taehyung.” You responded after you kissed him back and cuddled against your boyfriend’s broad chest while he continued to make soft lion noises in your ear.

“Can I eat the chocolate now?”

Gahhhhh~ Taehyung oppa is the cutest! So since valentine’s day is coming up and I’m forever alone, I decided to post this. I’m still finishing the When He’s Sad scenarios, but this idea popped into my head and I couldn’t resist, but I hope you guys like it~ Feel free to request who should be next and/or any scenario.


ipurpletigers  asked:

Hello my name is Lisa-Grace and I'm 19 years old. I am a new fan to big bang and I was wondering can you tell me something about them? Like tell me stuff I can't Google myself because I stayed up until 8 this morning googleing (stalking) them.

Ok, let’s get started!

Real name is Lee Seunghyun (also known as lil seunghyun because Top’s name is also Seunghyun)
B-day: December 12th 1990 (24)
Stage/nick names: V.I, Victory (Seungri is Korean for victory), Panda (because of his dark circles), Ri, flawless bitch(lol), Gwangju prince, Gwangju’s troublemaker (according to himself), Lord Seungdevort(unofficial), Lord Seungri(yeah i know), GD’s Panda bear(jk but he is).

From Gwanju, the makne of the group(youngest), vocalist and lead dancer, him and TOP are the visuals of the group according to himself, actor, songwriter, attention seeker(hah), incredible funny(weird sense of humor hahah…sometimes sexual), misunderstood a lot, people think he’s a playboy and what not (but he’s actually the nicest guy ever and he wants everyone to feel special, the best at fan-service, literally does everything for his fans (and we love him for that), he does whatever it takes to fulfill his goals, very close to not being put in Big Bang(check out BB’s documentary) but he proved YG wrong and earned his spot rightfully (Beast’s Hyunseung also tried out but he didn’t make it, it’s all good because he’s really successful too now and BB supports him (his personal fanboys lol)), was on Battle Shinwha before that (a reality show in the search of the next Shinwha but didn’t make it tho), has a solo career of his own besides BB (and he made beautiful music despite the fact that he didn’t get much time, GD helped with his first album), a master at languages (Korean (duh), English(it has improved a lot), Japanese (fluent), Mandarin(still learning). Loves being called cute (and tries really hard), he also likes being called sexy tho(like Top lol), incredible confident (he loves himself sometimes to the point of being cocky but can you really blame him???), very social (the others hardly have friends lol ok maybe GD has some too), loves it when vips say he’s their favorite in Big Bang, professional twerker, has amazing fashion sense these days, amazing dancer (has an academy where a lot of other rookies and idols attend and obv he’s the best, just ask J-hope), bought his mom a cafe (called AND.here), forever the victim of evil bitch YG (deep down YG loves him, the teacher is always the hardest on his best student), excellent MC (like Daesung), has a promising future as CEO (the next YG, he kinda already is), has a lot of idol friends but seems to be really close friends with FTIsland’s Jonghoon, was in a “girl group” named Wonder boys with Taemin(SHINee), Shindong(Super Junior), Eunhyuk(Super Junior), Jo kwon(2AM), loves to be on variety shows (esp Strong Heart), also been in Japan a lot and been on japanese variety shows, also wants to be a white horse(he was born in the year of the horse so he is a horse), practices Jiu Jitsu, loves taking selfies (when he learns a pose he will actually continue to do that until he learns a new one), has done musicals, business man (that’s why he’s the next CEO), if he wasn’t a singer he would be a recreation instructor(everyone else would still be a singer i read that Taeyang wanted to be a gag man tho but not sure if it’s true), hardcore Nyongtory/G-ri shipper(Nyongtory derives from Jiyong and victory), same person on and off-camera(he doesn’t give a fuck and speaks his mind so the other members usually have to be careful and watch his mouth, he used to be worse believe it or not). Seungri is a very transparent person so it’s pretty easy to find out how he is as a person. The others are more reserved.

Real name is Dong Youngbae
B-day: May 18th 1988 (27)
Stage/nick names: Sol, Bae, Youngbae, YB, “Yejungbu’s top fist/punch” (according to Seungri), sexy beast(unofficial), he is also called every variation of the word ‘hoe’, baebae, baeby, (also Taeyang is korean for Sun, because his passion will burn you, and because he’s hot)

From Seoul, second oldest, the main dancer and main vocalist, songwriter, sexy beast on stage and cute and cuddly off stage, he’s pretty confident but he’s also pretty shy by nature, also hard-working like Seungri but prob more of a perfectionist, judgmental bitch (he may not say things out loud but we all know he’s judging on the inside), ready to be a father tbh (just ask Tablo), really caring as well but doesn’t know how to show his feelings (he tries sometimes tho), instead he just fights them (esp Seungri, he’s loves that bitch but Seungri rejects him at times because GD owns his heart lol, poor bae just wants to be loved, luckily he has a gf now YAY!), the captain of the Baeri ship (my fave ship), was supposed to debut with GD as a duo but plans changed and they all (except for Hyunseung) became a part of Big Bang(but it’s all good because GDYB still happened), lethal smile (and cutest eye smile), also has a solo career besides BB (beautiful music as well), really good at speaking English (he’s Seungri’s personal English teacher), low key attention whore as well (he loves when fans pick him as their fave too and when they scream his name), good cook (the best cook among them all), loves kimbap lol, been in YGE since he was 12 years old, doesn’t really hang out with other idols (lol what a loser…i am kidding), does he really need other friends BB is enough for him, religious, only dream was to become a singer, was a child actor (he was so cute), has tattoos(i don’t keep a track of the amount), had a dog named Boss(RIP), he got a new dog that’s called ‘Homie’, good at maintaining his abs even tho he indulges in not-so-healthy foods, has killer eyebrows, considers Daesung his soulmate (because he’s the member that’s most like him).

Real name is Kang Daesung
B-day: April 26th 1989 (26)
Stage/nick names: Dae, Daesungie, angel, D-lite, dangerous kang (hahah), “Oryudong’s killer smile” (according to Seungri), sunshine, D-dae (because his hotness kills, ok no one calls him that but they should), also Daesung is Korean for succeeding/becoming big etc.(not 100% sure tho)

From Seoul as well, second youngest, lead vocalist, actor, will always lend you money, huge in Japan (the most popular after the emperor of Japan!!! and also incredible sexy to his Japanese fans), the cutest guy ever (he’s actually perfect), very brave, seems innocent but prob isn’t (yeah don’t fight me on this one), variety KING (i swear no one else is funnier, they can try but he will always be the best and we all know that), Born MC (so is Seungri, they’re really good at a lot of the same things actually and they’re both pretty successful in Japan too), also has a solo career (mainly in Japan), also fluent in Japanese , done trot music as well (these maknes are no ordinary maknes), loved by TOP, good listener and helps everyone else, he’s not good at opening up tho (i feel you Dae), he’s not really selfish and sensitive but at the same time a really strong person, religious, has amazing skin (please spill some more beauty secrets Dae!!), when he smiles your life will be improved by 100% (it’s science), the only one that doesn’t have social media (but luckily the others upload selfies with him so it’s all good), developed sociophobia and stage fright when they debuted because he thought he wasn’t as talented as his fellow member (luckily artist Gummy helped him overcome all that and became a close friend of his), has done musicals, even tho he has this reputation of being a smiling angel it’s also a defense mechanism,(he’s still a human being), scared of haunting houses, good at taking care of his health.

Real name is Kwon Jiyong
B-day: August 18th 1988 (26)
Stage/nick names: GD, ji, jiyong, “Little man of Itaewon” (according to Seungri), goat, goat-dragon, goat master, Dony’s loverboy(i am making up a lot of these nick names but we all know he is lol), (Jiyong literally means G-dragon G=Ji, Dragon=Yong, he was also born in the year of the dragon)

Also from Seoul, third youngest, lead dancer, main rapper, leader, face of the group, songwriter (he’s a genius ok, just look up all the songs he’s written), writes songs as often as i am on tumblr, most likely to become a dad first(he would be an amazing dad, and he knows it), fashionista (he attends a lot of fashion shows, so he meets all these designers/models/celebs, Karl Lagerfeld has given him clothes to not only him but his fellow members too (poor daeri tho, they only get scarves and shitty stuff tho haha), born celebrity (even when drunk just ask Seungri), into historical kdramas, loves to cuddle and sleep with Seungri and misses him like crazy when he’s away (we all know he does, lol he doesn’t even hide it), harcore Nyongtory/G-ri shipper as well (he literally always has to be around Seungri (he’s obsessed ok, he even said that he would date Seungri if the members were females lol), he’s an honest person and sadly he gets a lot of hate for it, one of the richest persons in South Korea (isn’t he the richest idol ever?, he has a a black card to prove it(is it a rumor? even so we all know he’s rich AF)), has nice legs, also has a solo career (you would think they would give other groups a chance but no, when they aren’t united their solo activities does really well on the charts as well), other than being in GDYB he has also been a apart of the subunit GD&TOP, he debuted first in Litte Roo'ra but after a few years the company decided to disband them, was an SM trainee for 5 years(obv that didn’t work out), trainee at YGE since he was 13(alongside Taeyang, that’s why they’re BROS FOR LIFE, he even wanted a tattoo in honor of their friendship but Bae was against it), debuted with BB in 2006, YG’s fave person(YG literally sees money when he looks at GD), besides knowing Taeyang since they were kids he knew TOP from school (they were friends too, RAP BROS FOR LIFE), their friendship was dead for a while but GD contacted him again when YGE was looking for talents, claims that he started rapping because of the Wu Tang Clan,  has a bunch of tattoos(again not sure about the amount), recently he opened his art exhibition called peaceminusone.

Real name is Choi Seunghyun (aka big Seunghyun since Seungri is lil Seunghyun)
B-day: November 4th 1987 (27)
Stage/nick name: TOP, T.O.P, bingu top or just bingu, (s)tahp (lol jk no one says that), Top gun(ok no one calls him that i just wanted to add it), the “Unmatched Beautiful Man of Jamshil” (according to Seungri)

From Seoul as well, a dance God according to himself, oldest, lead rapper, visual, songwriter, actor, got the stage name TOP by Se7en (doesn’t have a special meaning, just that’s he’s top in everything he does hah, also when you spell out top that’s how you pronounce it), used to be an underground rapper with the name Tempo, childhood friends with GD, later auditioned for YGE (rejected at first but proved them wrong the second time and also lost some weight(because they said he was too chubby) and got in), also has a solo career and like i mentioned he was a part of the subunit GD&TOP, loves Daesung to death (he’s what GD is to Seungri basically), these hyungs have an obsession with their maknes (poor maknes getting overly loved, no actually poor Taeyang who doesn’t have anyone to pair up with in the group, he’s still trying hard, Seungri will have to give in at some point.. i should mention that hyung means brother (bro to bro) if you didn’t know), attracted to chairs (chairs are sexy ok..jk he isn’t…sometimes i think he is tho…), highly interested in art (just look at topstagram), momma’s boy, actually very shy but really sweet and kind, very chill person but weird (but who isn’t???), really private person, awkward (but that makes him more lovable), they’re all jealous of his beauty (who isn’t??), not very good at expressing his love either so he’s more subtle (unlike Seungri and GD ahah…TOP isn’t always subtle tho..), which is why Todae(Top & Daesung) is so alive. 

Big bang always love to treat their fans so they have made a lot of kdrama parodies(just watch and see what happens, i don’t wanna spoil anything), they have also made Big Bang TV where we can see how they are in real life (or at least to some degree, they will be making individual TV’s this month too, they promised but where the hell is it?!?!?), Big Bang was considered to be named Diamond(thank God they changed it), T.O.P was almost called Mark(what…?), Daesung was Big Castle (WTF), Seungri was Sonic(sonic the hedgehog lol), Taeyang was Taekwon(apparently he did use that name for a while tho when he and GD were a duo), not sure about GD (that bitch spared himself). 

Hope this helped! 

anonymous asked:

hi!!!! i know youre a baek stan but i really really want to know why you think chanyeol is ideal~!

Hi anon

This is unbelievably long im so sorry i cant add a read more rn

Chanyeol..i mean first of all hes insanely good looking on camera but even better looking irl, hes tall and has a good (aura? Theres a chinese word to describe it but it doesnt have the same meaning ..its like how u hold urself and how u look to other ppl and what others can deduce from ur feeling. Like i.e person who walks confidently but not cockily, looks neat and clean and has a very kind disposition..etc etc..)

He is so kind and helpful, any person hes ever worked with has always praised him to the high heavens and they dont do that with every guest bc its simply not necessary, but u can tell he respects everyone a lot from the way he acts around them, theres a reason why people say hes one of the most enjoyable idols to work with!

HE ALSO DOES THESE V DISCREET BOYFRIEND THINGS Like grabbing ur glass and pouring ur drink /baekyeol/ or insisting to help with ur suitcases without a physical word, or opening the door first, protecting u in public, etcc -INTERLUDE FOR MY BAEKYEOL FEELS- its just v gentlemanly and i like that! According to the members he doesnt get outwardly angry but just loud, as in he wont lose his temper and say incredibly rude things or throw/hit things which is good bc im sensitive af LMAO

he has a really good sense which is smthg a lot of fans like about him, he knows what to do in undesirable situations and makes the most out of whatever he has! He makes mistakes like anyone else and sometimes his tendency to want to brighten the mood can end awkwardly but he tries nonetheless, hes not quiet but hes not obnoxiously loud…

I love his tendency to buy things/ food for the members for no reason, just “hi ily i thought of u take this” and he doesnt only show his love with materialistic things. Thats v important too, he genuinely gives u his entire heart and thinks of you too, especially with his fans, he makes music and shares it with us so every update from him is like a surprise, to share ur work with the public like that where its not official is a v intimate thing to do its beautiful ;~) the first thing he does when he makes or discovers something is to think of his fans! V thoughtful boy ;~)

he is confident and sometimes may come off as cocky to some but hes not, if u guys look closely u’ll see that he ALWAYS compliments his members too ^^ He doesnt think hes superior but rather is confident of both himself and of others~ he incessantly praises his members and never fails to include them regardless of where the focus of conversation is! It means that he takes PRIDE in who he is and where hes gotten but still sees the beauty in others as well and compliments them where its due–

Hes such a momma’s boy tbh those fanaccounts both from others n my friends… he respects his family so much (ESPECIALLY the women which is really important tbh i forgot which interview but..yeah) so much which is why im pretty unfazed by what happened recently because in countless fanaccts and from his own mom’s mouth he loves them like no tomorrow (when his mom would go wake him up for school hed put her hand on his and tHATS SO CUTE I JUST!!) and not everyone does that so openly trust me orz he visits his family and their workplaces v frequently and plays pool w his friends and family with such a lowkey, humble disposition its like u wouldnt have remembered he was an idol, its not designer and glamour all the time he knows when to relax and hang out with family, sans makeup and nice clothes or publicity ^^

He is so hardworking and ambitious it doesnt matter if hes down there or up here, hes always looking higher and higher but never forgets his origins! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT…Having money is not important but having the hard worker “i will not stop doing my best” mentality is crucial for being able to support yourself and ur loved ones but still maintain a healthy life! Some people get comfortable when they’re at the top but hes constantly surprising us with his many skills throughout the years and thats because he has such an overwhelming love for music and for LEARNING that he never stops picking up hobbies and i think thats so admirable ( and cool, the fact that hes actually good at almost everything he decides to learn)

suhos said that besides himself being rly smart chanyeol is the best at solving logic puzzles and such bc he has a lot of patience and diligence! I still remember when he was explainin a derivative or something to sehun and it was impressive bc it tells u that he at least listened in class enough to remember it a few years later, i forget my math like a year after passing the course LMAO

He loves kids with like..a passion..AND THEY LOVE HIM TOO..And children never lie they always know whats up hnmmm heh h O and he knows how to take care of them well! And u can tell hed be willing to even go through the nuances of taking care of children heh~ he can cook which isnt something i can say for everyone tbh sweats…

If u havent noticed hes super diligent in interacting with people he cares about its not just a simple i love you but he always goes that extra mile, whether it be to literally reconstruct a fan banner to reciprocate his love for his fans or folding 1000 paper cranes for a simple crush /LMAO POOR YEOL THO/ he puts a lot of thought into his affections but doesnt feel entitled to anything even if he works hard! Like w youngstreet radio no one formally requested for him to make anything but regardless of what kind of promise it is he fulfills it diligently and still doesnt “expect” anything just bc hes a top idol! He was still surprised to hear it on the radio heh~

But hes not showy! He doesnt flaunt what he has
Nor does he take advantage of it, hes the first one to speak up and explain to fans about his condition, and hes the first to clarify when fans thought he was sick or being lazy on broadcast! He deals with his haters in a really direct but respectful way and thats a really mature levelheaded thing for him to do ^^ he doesnt act up about anything and knows when to just let things simmer down all without losing his confidence and image in public~

Hes just overall a really respectful, humble, levelheaded caring guy who has an UNBELIEVABLY strong passion for music and has no hidden agenda..the most important part to being an artist is the drive to learn more and perfect, this is indisputable! Hes got a huge heart and knows what to do with it, and he doesnt give up just because of his mistakes or because of a few bumps in the road and u can tell hed love his girlfriend or wife and/or family with all he has without losing touch with his roots or passions ;~) and im kind of in love with him hes the only idol ive ever said id marry if the occasion came up


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