i love it when he trips over

‘Twas the night before Christmas, at least in LA—
For Dan, Phil, Jack, and Pewds, ‘twas in fact Christmas Day.
But for Mark, the clock chimed out eleven at night,
And he scritched Chica’s ears as he reached for the light.

All his friends and his loved ones were likely asleep,
But Mark texted “goodnight” before counting his sheep.
His eyelids grew heavy, mind drifting toward dreams,
When the silence was shattered by thudding and screams.

“Oh, godDAMMIT!” A voice echoed out of the smog;
Mark jumped out of bed and tripped over his dog.
He recovered and made for the window with poise,
Which vanished when he spied the source of the noise:

‘Twas Arin, decked out in a red coat and hat,
With a sleigh full of gifts and an elf-costumed cat.
And pulling the sled as it hurled through the sky
Were the Game Grumps and Holly—turns out, they can fly!

They were dressed up as deer, with bright antlers and hooves,
And cute onesies to keep them all snug on the roofs.
Their noses were painted; t’were tails on their butts,
As they flew past the window (and Mark’s frantic “WHAT”s).

“Now, Suzy; now, Barry; now, Ross, Dan, and Brian!
On, Vernon; on, Holly; on, Jack, Matt, and Ryan!
To the top of the house, without hitting more walls!
And don’t challenge me, Ross; you don’t have the rein-balls!”

As Arin called out, the Grumps swooped in to land;
Mark wondered if he should go offer a hand.
The rooftop was angled, not built for a sleigh,
And a hospital’s no place to spend Christmas Day.

But before Mark could move, he did hear a soft sound—
‘Twas the thump of the sled as it safely touched down
And the shuffling of friends on his roof in hoofed feet,
So Mark whipped out his phone, and he tweeted a tweet.

“All the @GameGrumps in costumes came out of the sky.
They’re up on the housetop! I swear I’m not high.”
Then his phone gave a buzz in the palm of his hand,
For @bwecht had replied, “Mind your own business, man.”

Mark huffed but then straightened and made for the stair
After giving the screen one more halfhearted glare,
For he heard Arin’s boots on the living room floor,
And Mark had a few questions, and then several more.

Arin bustled about, a large sack near his feet
From which he took gifts and then stacked them up neat.
A smile lit his face with each present retrieval;
When he laughed, his form shook like a bowl full of evil.

“Dude, what the hell?” Mark demanded, perplexed,
“You broke into my house! Where’s the courtesy text?
And why didn’t you tell me our friends can all fly?
Are these presents a trap? Like a face full of pie?”

Arin’s eyes, they did twinkle; he spoke not a word,
Merely finished unpacking, Mark’s questions unheard,
For his headphones were hidden beneath his red cap.
Then he vanished, his ears full of jolly gift-rap.

Mark gaped like a fish, then he rushed out the door;
All the Grumps shot him hand-hearts and took off once more.
They explained not a thing; Arin yelled, merry-bright:
“Happy holidays, all, and to all, a good night!”

Mark facepalmed and dragged himself into the house;
Not a creature was stirring, neither Chica nor mouse.
All the gifts glimmered, innocent, under the tree;
They could wait til the morning, post-sleep and coffee.

And so if, in December, you hear a strange sound
While you’re sleeping with nary a witness around,
Just remember this tale, and do try not to jump
If you creep out of bed and discover a Grump. ;)

OH, I forgot to reminisce about a good thing yesterday! The one part I really love from that Ellen interview:

Louis cannot RESIST, this felt like a snippet of the endless commentary on Harry that Louis is always holding back…

You know something is a favored story for them when it includes hand motions. Look at how happy Louis is demonstrating the legs, he’s loving thisssss

I bet they’ve been through this many times before. Liam is like “yeah, good one”, Niall still thinks it’s beyond hilarious but Louis is really invested in the analysis and telling of the story. God, I bet they laughed but this flooring mishap must have killed Louis a bit, right?? This is a man who enjoys kicking water bottles out of way so Harry doesn’t trip over them.

Louis has ENDLESS commentary about this, ajsdfjjk, second watch through… time for Louis to go in depth

ZOOMED IN ON HIS POINTING IS EVEN WORSE!!  He’s like “wait wait this is my favorite bit!!” Whyyy does he make even Harry falling seem like the most brilliant thing. That he did well somehow, he looks so proud! He loves him so much, it’s incredible.

Business trip with daddy

So this week daddy has taken me to Boston since he has a week full of meetings. I’m laying on our king size bed full of cum. Every afternoon he sends me a text to tell me which partner from the firm he has sent to fuck me. I love daddy’s business trips. Today it was mike. He fucked me on Monday. So I opened the door Monday to find he was early 30’s, 6'2. And totally sexy. I sucked his cock before climbing on top to ride him. He pounded my tight little pussy for hours. We were still at it when Daddy walked in. Mike was on top on me deep in my ass. Once he had cum he looked up at daddy and said guess play time is over huh. I got up and walked naked into daddy’s arms to give him a kiss.

So when I opened the door this morning at 10 I was happy to see him standing there already rock hard. We were fucking so hard we didn’t hear the knock for housekeeping. I was on top of him when the maid walked in the bedroom to see my naked breasts bouncing and his cock filling my pussy. She turned and ran out.

Mike was face deep in my pussy when daddy walked into night. He let mike fuck me two more times. Daddy said that since it would be awhile before he got to do it again mike should enjoy him self. I always cum harder when daddy is watching me. Daddy surprised me tonight. Mike was one foot out of bed before he was slamming into my pussy. I saw mikes cock twitching as he watched. But daddy cock was so hard and he started sucking my nipple so I stopped thinking and started moaning for daddy to fuck me harder.

I think that Ryan is coming back tomorrow….. he uses me on Tuesday. ;).

Things John thinks about while lying awake at night: 

  • It’s too hot.
  • Too uncomfortable to sleep, her body on top of me is making me sweat.
  • Is there enough shampoo left for the morning? I need to make a trip.
  • I’ll get the one with the mint… I used that kind a few times. When I would run out of wash before… his would always be minty. I like the way it makes my scalp tingle.
  • The flat was empty the other day when I popped over.
  • It was a mess. Worse than usual. 
  • He’s been odd lately, even for him. He’s hardly there, Mrs. Hudson said. She isn't seeing him sleep. Bringing up his morning tea to have him complaining about the chill that night. Even when he is there, she says, it’s like he’s not.  
  • Hardly contacts me…
  • I’ll ask him… I feel like I shouldn’t. Is it not my place? 
  • No, of course it’s fine. I’m his friend. That’s normal.
  • But…
  • I feel like I shouldn’t. Why is that not appropriate- asking what’s going on? Or is it more like I… that’s it.
  • I don’t want to know his answer.
  • It’s guilt, you cock. 
  • Shit, I’m so guilty. 
  • I can’t feel like this- like I did this to him. I’ve done nothing. 
  • His flat is so vacant and quiet… God knows he’ll go his entire life locked up with his own madness, by himself in that flat… 
  • Even Mrs. Hudson will eventually… no no, this is fine
  • He was fine before you came along. 
  • That’s a lie. What a lark
  • He was not ok. You heard. From Mrs. Hudson and Greg and Christ even Mycroft. Before I moved in he was… 
  • Even within the first month of my marriage he self-destructed.
  • God, I’ve done this to him. 
  • Get off it. He’s done this to himself, I can’t feel guilty for getting on with my life! He had died!
  • He left me!
  • Fuck. 
  • Does he even realize with that massive head that my stomach sinks when I see him sometimes?
  • Would he even be awake right now? 
  • Chances are he’s currently scraping petri dishes of bacteria and injecting toxins under fingernails. 
  • Quietly working under the kitchen lamp. 
  • I would come down for the loo and he would be doing things like that, completely immersed. Didn’t know I was there half the time. 
  • Shit, that one night I couldn't stop staring. 
  • The creases of concentration on his nose and his hands adjusting the fine focus. Rocking the ball of his foot on the floor, worrying his bottom lip. His hair was a mess- like he had been pulling and running his fingers through it all night. 
  • The feeling that came over me then. Like nothing else I had ever… I can feel it now. In my neck and my feet and my god-damned chest.  
  • God. Good God. Why do I still have to feel like… 
  • A wife, a child soon- and I can’t wrench Sherlock bloody Holmes from any part of me. 
  • So restless. I look at her and my fingers tremor. 
  • I look at him and… 
  • I’m… 
  • Bloody Christ.


the moment john is talking about

i don’t know if the shadow world is familiar with the concept of neurodiversity but here are ways for alec to find out he’s autistic;

  • simon is babbling about how he was diagnosed with asperger’s as a kid and alec notices that a lot of the things he’s talking about are things he himself does so he googles it in secret
  • magnus is hundreds of years old and a scholar so he knows everything about everything and one day when alec is complaining about tripping over his words and not being able to look people in the eye he’s like, ‘darling did you ever consider there might be a reason for that’
  • (this one is sadder) maryse picks up on his stimming and tells him to stop but he can’t at first so in a desperate attempt to do something about it he searches ‘how to stop __’ and the results are interesting
  • i feel like isabelle is also one of those people who just Knows, not to mention that she is super smart and does research on things and cares for her brother a whole lot. she tells him, ‘mundanes have a word for that you know’ ‘a word for what, izzy’ ‘for what you’re like’

at first the whole thing seems silly because the concept is entirely new to him and he feels like he’s weaker for being the way he is but in the end it ends up making his life a lot better and it’s super good

Tony Stark Being Secretly In Love With You Would Involve

Requested by @bbogi1999 (but I can’t tag you so meh.)

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  • He would not be subtle. Not at all.
  • But still, it’s a secret to you.
  • Somehow.
  • He would be really sarcastic about it.
    “I mean I’m sure someone could help you fix your computer, if only you had someone with a degree in electrical engineering who’s completely in love with you to help. Hmm yeah what a pity.”
  • The other Avengers wouldn’t even have to ask. It was so obvious.
  • He would be tripping over himself to please you.
  • You’d sort of get mixed messages because he gets like 60% more sarcastic when he’s into someone.
  • “You know, (Y/n), Stark is a great last name.”
  • Cheesy pick up lines.
    All the time.
  • When he’s drunk he has to get someone to hide his phone and any other way he has to drunk call/message you.
  • “You know what JARVIS? I’m just going to tell them.”
  • “Hey, you know I think you look nice. All the time.”
  • “Hey I think I’m in love with you and it’s driving me insane.”
  • “Hey can I just kiss you please? I’ll even settle for a hug. Or a slap and a sassy comeback.”


What it would be like to date Max

- cuddles 24/7

- him always reminding you how much he loves you

- “I love you so much babe” “I love you too Max” “Even when I puke all over the garden whilst filming?” “Even then” “You’re amazing”

- so many lazy days that consist of him cuddling you on the sofa and watching films and snacking on junk food

- him insisting on trying to cook, which ends up in you guys having an argument after he almost burns the house down

- fighting over stupid things - whose socks are whose, where to go on a road trip, whose hair looks worse, etc.

- “What do you mean you put the beer in the freezer?” “I thought it would stay cooler for longer!” “Fucking hell Max, why do I deal with you”

- trying to calm him down when he gets too excited

- he would literally be jumping around and smiling like an idiot at some dog and you would have to drag him away

- “Babe please! Can’t I just pet it?” “You have been for the past five minutes Max..” “But he’s so happy! Pleeeeease?”

- brushing his hair and him moaning at the sensation

- forever trying to drink as much as him but always failing

- dragging drunk Max to bed and looking after him in the morning

- having to deal with his childish strops and constantly telling him to grow up

- him going too far when he’s angry and shouting some pretty horrible things at you

- angry Max becoming sad Max when he realises that he’s genuinely upset you

- guilty Max trying to make it up to you by buying you flowers and waiting on you hand and foot for several days until you forgive him

- you choosing to give him the silent treatment because he gets so whiney when you ignore him

- “Babe? Please talk to me, you’re fucking killing me. At least look at me! I know I’m an idiot but baby, please!!”



- Max would actually be obsessed with the colour your skin turned after he kissed and nibbled your neck

- “No! Don’t cover them up!!” “But Max we’re going out to meet with everyone” “Good, it lets them know that you’re mine”

- body worship!!!

- he’d treat you so well during sexy times ;) 

- him being lowkey possessive

- he’d literally treat you like a princess and do anything for you 

- you would be his favourite person in the whole world



Fast Enough For You?- Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver) (X-men) (Smut)

So there’s an advert in my country right now and it’s Evan Peters as quicksilver. At the end he says “Fast enough for you?” then winks so obviously I had to write a smut. (X)

Warnings: Daddy kink, rough sex, just Peter being cheeky and the cutie pie that he is

“I know mum I miss you too but I honestly love it here. No mum I’m not moving back.” You were talking to your mom on the phone. You hadn’t seen her or any of you family in over a year and every time talk to your mom you always get a little homesick.

You’ve always had a close relationship with your family and you never went away on trips away from them for too long. So when you told them you were going away for a while they flipped out. But you explained that you wanted to make a difference in the world even if that meant you would be far away from them. They reluctantly let you move but little did you know you would meet the love of your life the first day.

You met Peter the first day of training and you automatically clicked. He is such a charmer and will do anything to make you laugh. On more than one occasion he would yell at anyone when he thought they were being too hard on you. That’s what you loved about him.

You stuttered on the phone as you felt both of Peter hand slip under your shirt and squeezed your boobs.

“I’m ok mum it’s just a little chilly in the apartment” you turned around and looked at Pietro. “Stop it, I’m on the phone with my mum” Pietro wasn’t going to let up, he began kissing your neck and biting the sweet spots.

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Memory of a Dead Boy- Thomas Shelby

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Request// Hi, I see that you’d like Peaky blinder requests !! Could I have one please where the reader is new to the town and Thomas finds her interesting please ❤️-a-court-of-stydia

Request// If you’re taking requests, I would love something for Peaky Blinders where the reader and Tommy met and fell in love in France during the war (reader as a nurse or doctor or another patient, maybe and they meet in a hospital). Each thinks the other died during the war for some reason, and when reader takes a trip to Birmingham to meet his family/see where he grew up, each is shocked to see the other alive. Cue reunion. Please and thank you!

*Whenever I tend to not know exactly where to go with an idea, I just keep writing and writing. This one took me two hours and over 2,000 word (which is my longest ever). Also update about me: my sister and I are going through all of TW together and I feel like we’re really bonding because of it. I’m trying to get her to join the tumblr fandom community secretly mwhaha! xoxox*


As you exited the train in Birmingham, you couldn’t help but once again question if this was a bad idea. What were you going to tell people when they started asking questions? Admit that you were looking for a dead man? No, it just wasn’t that simple.

You had met him years earlier, when both of you were still children and had yet to be exposed to the horrors of war. You had been a new nurse and were already questioning if you were cut out for caring to wounded soldiers, as the smell of death always lingered amongst them. You knew the smell too well lately and didn’t know if you could ignore it much longer. It had been a shock to you when death had nearly shown himself in the military hospital as a small group of dirty and bloody men were rushed into the room.

“I need nurses over here. Now!” The head nurse roared across the room. You quickly finished wrapping the wound of one of the men nearby and rushed over to the new lot of broken troops.

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Could you maybe give your opinion on Magnus' voice? Imo it's so different from Harry's. Especially with Clary or Alec. :) ♥

YES he definitely affects a completely different voice for Magnus and I really love it? It’s kind of soft and silky smooth, and it gets softer when he’s with Alec or when he’s being very open or sincere.

He also has a particular cadence. I think it’s especially noticeable when he’s talking to Simon or Alec since both have a tendency to trip over their words, but around the other characters, too, because pretty much everyone uses filler words (”Is there, like, a YouTube tutorial I can watch?”). Filler words are a normal part of everyday speech and every language has them, but I don’t believe Magnus ever uses any. Instead, you simply get a very punctuated pause. Sometimes it’s for dramatic effect, sometimes you can hear him deliberate over the right word to use, and sometimes it’s a combination, but regardless it means that even when he’s stopping to consider what to say, he never stumbles for words.

I think he also enunciates his words a lot more? You can really hear him pronounce the hard t and d in everything he says and I equally have not heard him use linguistic reduction (words like gonna, wanna) which is also another common mark of more casual speech. If he’s ever done so, it’s very rare.

Anyway, both of these things lend an air of deliberateness to when he talks, which I think is part of what makes him sound a little unnatural – because he doesn’t really speak the way we’re used to hearing in everyday conversation. Rather, it almost sounds rehearsed and even though it technically hasn’t been, like everything Magnus does, he’s had centuries to practice and perfect how he talks and strings words together.


//So I know I haven’t been active, it’s because of sChool ew ew ew. I kinda hate it bc I just started this blog and I’m not incredibly active but heyhey look at this! I’m so hype abt ASTRO in general and I love them sm (Sanha’s my biassss) So yea I’m gonna do a boyfriend!astro series. The posts will come out sporadically but I figured I’d do my bias first. Thanks for reading!! 


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  • Literally this bean ohmygod 
  • I imagine he’d be really shy when you first meet
  • You’d be at the park or somewhere really childish and cheesy idk
  • He’d be with his hyungs and he’d be getting all flustered over how cute you are
  • Jinwoo: “Just go talk to them”
  • Sanha: “yOU DOn’t understand, it’s not that EASY”
  • Probably tripped over nothing whenever he sees you look over to see him lowkey staring at you (not in a weird way tho)
  • Your friend: “He’s looking at you again”
  • You: “He is kinda cute, you know? I might talk to him”
  • So you follow through with your plan
  • You walk over to the swings where he was sitting and sit next to him
  • He looks over at you with wide puppy eyes awE
  • You: “I couldn’t help but see you looking at me so I figured I’d spark a conversation with the cute stranger on the swing”
  • He’d start blushing immediately 
  • I guess you could technically count that as a first date bc you guys traded numbers and texted the whole night (is thAt date enough idkidk)
  • Many dates came after that
  • They were always somewhere public and loud, nothing very tame
  • The quietest thing you had done was went to a movie
  • A cheesy, sappy, romance movie obviously
  • Cliche, I know, but there was a kiss scene
  • He looked over and looked down at your lips
  • And boom! first kiss!
  • You both would pull away after a few seconds being all flustered
  • Just all blushy and sweet and awe
  • Sanha (In his head): wOW OKAY NICE M8
  • You (In your head): Alright funfunfun I’m about this life
  • You guys were official by the end of the night
  • It’s all just really fluffy ohmygod
  • He’s still as shy as when he first met you but hes warmed up a lil bit
  • ! Backhugging you and putting his chin on the top of your head !
  • tall!sanha x smol!reader is so important
  • He’d treat you like a prince/princess 24/7
  • You would feel so special
  • You would love him more than anyone else ever
  • Just yea, boyfriend!sanha :)

so i got a prompt from @shouvley for nurseydex that was “Nursey starts breaking things on purpose just to see if Dex can fix them” and i loved it honestly…plus it gave me an excuse to write one of my very favorite nurseydex tropes, which is nursey having not even a little bit of chill. also, it reminds me a whole lot of that story from holes where the handyman tells the schoolteacher “i can fix that” and that’s one of the most iconic love stories of our generation so??? enjoy this story about two dumb boys who like each other


The first time it happens, it’s an accident. Really.

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This is Moss, my baby boy❤️please be nice, he died last month after many unrelated trips to the vets over the 10 years (probs a third/quarter of them were over the last 2 years) that we had him and it takes one thought about him to start blubbering like a baby. (He fell off a wall and got a stick right through his side once (I mean right through, like all the way) and all he got was a cone and a few weeks later he was up and running again, and another time when my dad was going out Moss jumped clean over the wall and started chasing him down the road in the car).
Also he liked to collect dead pheasants on shooting trips (only killed common (to us) birds dw), going on walks, running around, and especially being stroked (if u did it for long enough, he would nudge your hand w/ his nose whenever u stopped stroking), LOVED meeting new people (and dogs) and wouldn’t leave them alone, and playing fetch (only sticks and tennis balls tho)

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camping trip in college!! the boys never camped back home and they're so excited to do such an "american" thing. would they love it? be terrible at it? over pack? under pack? go swimming in a lake? find some wildlife? would phichit be a glamper? what about hiking? or trying to fish? tent makeouts?? sharing a sleeping bag??? making hot cocoa and snuggling in front of the campfire????

Phichit says to Yuuri that he wants to try out as many “American” things as he can while they’re at school, and Yuuri is the one to suggest camping

They borrow a bunch of camping stuff from friends, including a truck

They absolutely over pack due to everyone’s favorite anxiety ball Yuuri

They greatly underestimate how annoying the bugs would be, especially because they picked a camping spot near a creek

Please picture Jock Yuuri with his biceps out carrying wood for a fire 😏

Despite neither of them ever making a campfire, Phichit is surprisingly good at starting them. He read about different log formations, “teepee” one being good for just a typical bonfire of smores and “log cabin/ platform” being good for cooking food, and has a knack for getting them lit quickly.

Phichit insists they make smores

They leave their phones in the truck so they don’t waste the charge and to have in case of emergencies. But they do bring a disposable camera for the novelty of it all. They both assume it’s going to be a little bit of a train wreck, so they want to document it if they can. Phichit gets some great shots of Mountain Man Yuuri attempting to spear fish and then fall into the water. Yuuri captures bead head Phichit and Phichit gets one of Yuuri with slightly curly hair since the humidity is so high.

Skinny dipping in the lake 😏👍

Phichit isn’t necessarily a glamper, but he really dislikes everything about feeling unclean. They stay there for a long weekend, and they can’t exactly shower when they’re there? (Aside from swimming) He hates how there’s always dirt under his fingernails and always feeling grime on his skin from dried sweat and just being out in the forest

Neither of them have the heart to kill any woodland animals so they bring all their food with them. They still try to fish for fun though.

Phichit SWEARS one night a turkey stuck its head in their tent while Yuuri was sleeping

One day while hiking, they pass a really cute family of deer with two adorable fawns. A different day they get chased by geese.

The first night, Phichit is cold and asks to snuggle up into Yuuri’s sleeping bag. They sleep just spooning like that. The next night it’s Yuuri who crawls into Phichit’s sleeping bag and kisses his neck until Phichit meets him with lips

Forget me (Steve Rogers x Reader) (Part II)

Part 1: http://imaginingspiderman.tumblr.com/post/146806711208/did-you-actually-think-you-were-enough-steve

A/N: I don’t really like how this turned out, but hey, what can I do. Hope you enjoy it nevertheless! x

You looked at your phone, a new message on the screen. You were scared to read it. It was from Clint, but what reason had he got to message you if it was not about Steve? It had been two weeks since the break up, and all you had done was laying in bed, sobbing and eating loads of ice cream. Were you overreacting? Yes. Were you heartbroken? Yes.
Steve had been the first person you had loved. You had met when, during one of his daily runs, he tripped over and threw your coffee all over you. He, like the gentleman he was, apologized a million times, not caring if you were telling him it was fine. He had decided to invite you to have another coffee another day in order to apologize. After going out for three times, you could already feel yourself falling for him, and when he finally kissed you on the seventh date, you knew you loved him. He was everything you had always dreamt as a child, your dream prince. You had never really cared about superheroes, but when Tony Stark showed up at his house when you two were watching a movie, you realized you were dating Captain America, and that’s why he had looked familiar when you first met. You didn’t care, and he was happy about that. You had ended up meeting all The Avengers and getting along with them, but that didn’t stop them from knowing you were the one behind Steve’s clumsiness.
Natasha had tried to see you twice, knocking at your door and telling you to open, but you always told her to go away -if you saw her, you would break even more. She would bring back all the memories you had with Steve. If you wanted to get over the break up, you had to stop all contact with the team, erase him from your memory.
Unlocking your phone, you looked at the message, and you didn’t wait a second before putting on some clean clothes. The message was urgent, and you were worried.
We need you. Now. Steve’s out of his mind.

When you arrived at the Tower, you called Clint, but received no answer, so you just decided to check all the facilities. Everything was empty. Every room. The gym was the only one left, but what could the whole team be doing there?
Walking there, you started to hear noise when you got close to the door. Opening it carefully, you saw Natasha and Clint lying on the ground, Tony fighting and Wanda and Vision trying to help. Steve had done that. Steve was punching Tony so hard that it even hurt you just from watching.
‘It was you! You told her to do it! And you just told me because you feel guilty!’ Steve shouted. Even with the suit on, you could tell Tony was tired. Wanda and Vision didn’t seem to want to hurt Steve, so they were just throwing small objects at him that didn’t even harm him a little.
‘Steve! Stop!’ you shouted at the top of your voice. His fist stopped mid-air, and he just looked at you, his eyes opening. You walked slowly up to him, raising your hand. ‘Give me the shield, Steve’ you said, looking him in the eye. He gave it to you, and you tossed it across the room before running to Tony to help him sit. You checked Natasha and Clint to see if they were just okay, which they were. ‘How could you, Steve?’ you whispered, looking at him with a shocked expression on your face.
‘Tony -he had the idea. He decided we should break up. I…’ he said, looking around and finally realizing what he had done.
‘No, Steve! It wasn’t him, okay?! I was the one that broke up with you, not Tony! It may have been his idea, but I did it! You could have killed them, Steve!’ you shouted. He could have killed his friends, and you didn’t know what to do. ‘It was my decision, Steve. Everyone knows one can’t have a relationship and be a superhero. You were the only one that tried to have both. Well, Steve, you can’t. I don’t care if it hurts me. This is what you must do. You must fight and protect the world. I don’t care about me, Steve. I chose to break up with you, and what you’ve done -to Tony, Natasha, Clint, everyone, is wrong. I’m so disappointed, Steve’ you said, your voice breaking. ‘Please, protect the world. Forget me. You’ll find somebody when it’s time. Please. I can’t feel guilty about stopping you from fighting for my whole life. I won’t allow it. Please. Don’t come after me, Steve. Don’t do that to me’ you said, tears welled up in your eyes. You gave him one last kiss and left, knowing Wanda and Vision would be able to clean up all the mess without your help.
When you arrived home, you decided it was time to move on. Going out for coffee, you tripped over someone, and tired of relationships, this time you decided to just leave silently, finally enjoying being on your own. You could do it, you could move on. And you would.

the other day @alecaf and i were discussing sarchengsey hc and ofc Henry + pet names happened

  • Henry Cheng, queen of nicknames lbr this had to happen
  • he calls Blue every. shade. of. blue
  • like the first time maybe they’re in a road trip and just rambling about anything really and “should we stop for a while, my indigo queen?” “shUT THE fUCK UP HENRY”
  • don’t let her fool you, she’s fond of them
  • in the morning when they’re still in bed he will call Gansey “sweetheart” and “love” bc they’re Soft ™ like that
  • but we all remember “whoop, whoop Gansey Boy”, “Dick Three” and the iconic “white man”
  • and over text he calls him “gans3y”, “ganseiii”, “dick times three”, “the Great Dick Three”
  • when he’s  being dramatic he calls him “Richard dear” and “Dickie boy”
  • best boyfriend/partime meme lord, get a boy who can do both amma right ladies?

Let me share something. When I was new in UNDERTALE, most of characters of the game are loved by fans, except for a one certain character: Asgore.

At first, I thought, “Nah, it’s because he’s a villain, that’s why.”

But then, when I watched the True Pacifist Ending, I’ve seen his personality and his true motives. And oh, my God. I can’t believe I judged him badly. I changed my views for this, big fuzzy, loving Goat Dad.

Undyne’s and Alyphys’ reactions are exactly my reaction when these kids keep condemning Goat Dad. I hate it.

After that, I became so defensive for him, because he don’t deserve all the hate that most of the fans are giving him, including in every FUCKING Undertale comic dubs I see either in Youtube and tumblr. The only problem with the other artists is they find any opportunities to bully Asgore over and over just to either condemn him more, guilt-tripping him about his human killings and the worst, to satisfy Soriel shippers. I’m not saying I’m against this ship, but they do they really have to act like asshats to Goat Dad? SERIOUSLY? They will make stories like Sans sabotaging Asgore and Toriel’s reconciliation, Goat Mom and the skeleton flirting with each other while Goat Dad is crying from afar, Asgore turning into a creepy ex-husband, random characters in fancomics treats him like shit, etc, etc. WHAT A BUNCH OF DOUCHEBAGS!

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean I defend his decision to destroy humanity. He’s not innocent in the humans’ deaths, but he’s doing the sinful duty to help his people, to prevent everyone to lose hope and to avenge his son’s death. Both of the Goat Parents are blameworthy for what happened to their kingdom. Also, they have their own imperfections: Asgore is indecisive while Toriel is self-righteous.

I’m not forcing anyone to like Asgoriel ship, but if you ever bully him and speak ill of him continuously, I’ll let Undyne spear your ass! *Spear of Justice plays in the background*

potrix-the-queerschlaeger  asked:

Bucky/Tony and #25. :D

25. “This tastes bitter…”

There was one thing, and one thing only, standing in the way of Bucky Barnes having a relationship with Tony Stark.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” Sam asked, bored. The first few times he’d watched Bucky make a mad dash for the sink to rinse his mouth out had been hilarious, but then it got old.

“I want Tony,” Bucky said, wiping his mouth.

“Then get Tony. He’s head over heels for you, Barnes. Literally. He tripped over his own two feet when you bent over yesterday.”

Bucky flushed a little. “But Tony’s first love is coffee. Everyone knows that.” He looked mournfully at the pot and mug sitting on the table. He’d tried everything at this point: sugar, cream, milk, honey, various flavorings. Nothing helped. He just couldn’t stand the bitter taste of coffee.

“I want to like it too. I want to share that with him,” he said quietly.

“For god’s sake,” Sam muttered into his hands. “This is approaching a level of sappiness I’m not equipped to deal with. Stay there.”

He got up and left the room. Bucky shrugged at his back and walked over to the table, examining the remnants of the pot critically. Maybe if he added sugar, milk, honey and cream all at the same time -

It was unfortunate that Tony walked in right as Bucky was spitting a mouthful of coffee into the sink.

“Buck, Sam says - is that coffee? You hate coffee.”

“No, I love it,” Bucky lied.

Tony raised both his eyebrows. “No, you hate coffee. You told Clint last week that it tastes like the bottom of a train. And no one wants to know how you know that.” He came closer and took the mug from Bucky’s hand. He sipped at it, then screwed up his face. “Ugh, gross!”

“Not good?” Bucky asked lamely.

“It’s fine,” Tony said, swallowing with effort. He dumped the rest of the contents out. “What do you say we go out for a couple of beers instead?”

Bucky grinned. That, he could get on board with.

Stupid- Miles Wood

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Ok did ANY of you see that fight last night? Omg it was so fantastic I love the Devils! Anyway got another request for the AMAZING Miles Wood! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: I loved the Miles Wood imagine! Could you do another one with him where you two are dating and you get into an argument before he leaves for a week and you don’t talk while he’s away, and when he gets home from the trip he thinks you left him but you didn’t? Thanks!!


              “I don’t get why you’re so upset with me, Miles! I’m the one that should be pissed with you!”

              “You have no right to be mad! She’s an ex!”

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