i love it when bruce is shown with a sense of humour

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Idk, I agree that he is the BEST (which isn't pretty hard tbvh) Clint we've seen so far, but at the time it feels like the Russos are lost and don't know what to do with anymore after he was branded as a Family Guy. He had so much potential and history that could've been explored, but now what can they possible do with him? He is the guy who has to come back safely to his family and can't die. His family being his weakness. Idk, I just find it saddening and feel like it's time to let him go?

I know where you’re coming from here.

My biggest issue with MCU Clint, is the ‘what ifs.’ See, when we were first introduced to Clint in Thor, there was real potential to make him into our fave sassy lil’ archer and for a few moments, I thought that everything was gonna pan out and be awesome, but alas, he’s been ruined.

So here it comes kids, the big old paragraph on MCU Clint Barton.

So way back in like 2011, Jeremy Renner signed on to be Clint Barton, a character he was excited to play because he realised that this archer, was a man amongst superheroes. He was excited by the idea of being able to bring a sense of humanity to a team of enhanced individuals and play a character which he could develop and progess. 

“ And I could try to summarize it, but it can go a lot of places. That excites me, though, that there’s room for other things.”

However, our dearest friend, Joss Whedon (-.-) decided to change the script and do a rewrite, this in turn, fucked up Clint’s initial introduction to The Avengers. Renner voiced his discomfort with the change of script and was upset because he believed Clint had a lot of potential to become an important and dynamic member of the team. However, he stayed put because he noticed that although this wasn’t the role he signed up for, it enabled other arcs to come forward (eg. Black Widow and Loki) 

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Then Ultron rolls around. By this point, we’ve all seen the trailer and there’s y’know, a sense of hope for Clint to actually come forward and find his place in the team.


His arc in Ultron was truly a mess. Initially, when he was getting fixed up “I’m gonna live forever…” I thought, maybe Joss hadn’t fucked up as big. But yes, yes he had. Not only did he tear apart the only decent piece of Clint’s arc from the Avengers Assemble (Black Widow and Hawkeye’s relationship. I don’t ship Clintasha but we could all see where the MCU was going with that one X < Courtesy of the Russo’s) but he also used Clint’s character as a shitty excuse for Bruce and Natasha to get together, how? By giving him a family (???!!!) 

Okay, so here’s the thing, I wouldn’t have cared so much if it was actually consistent with his previous film and was clearly planned in depth. But it wasn’t. There wasn’t a single mention of Clint’s family in the first film, not even when Clint was brainwashed to shit and trying to kill everyone, there wasn’t a single mention by Loki or Natasha either. Therefore, it seemed like a scapegoat to me, and that’s not okay. Clint deserved development and recognition, but instead his character was used to establish a poor, and rather random relationship.

Clearly noticing his tremendous fuck up, Whedon tried to redeem himself by establishing Clint’s moral compass and sense of humour, only however, in the last 35 minutes of the film. But, this in turn, just made Clint seem like a bit of a let-down. By that, I mean, he literally got like 10 minutes (max) worth of fighting scenes, anything beyond that was randomly placed humour and a huge speech that seemingly came from nowhere??

(I will give Joss this though, it did kinda have 


*cue some more bitter Renner*

And guess what? His original contract only called for three additional films, which means, with the release of Civil War, the only film in with Clint has shown any real signs of development, his contract has been fulfilled.

Obviously this is subject to change, but I think that it’s maybe time to let dead dogs lie with MCU Barton. I adore Jeremy and I love Clint, but his character was screwed over too many times and it took Marvel four years before they finally decided to hand him over to reliable directors. It’s honestly such an enormous shame and such a missed opportunity. Not only did they have the support of fans and the funding to do something incredible, but they also had an incredibly willing actor, unfortunately though, I’m afraid it’s been left a little too late for our resident Hawk :’(

My hope now relies on the introduction of Kate Bishop. It might never happen, but if it ever does, I hope and pray to god that the Hawkeye name is redeemed and that the character actually gets the recognition and plot it deserves.