i love it tbh :)


I adopted aro ace ritsu hc literally only to make this joke

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What do you think about Yuzuru's and Shoma's choice of music for next season?

ride or die, bros that recycle together stay together

i mean, we don’t know what yuzuru’s fs is yet, but i’m not excited for him to bring ballade back for a third season, even if it’s a good program. i think he already did everything he could with it. maybe he could change the music cuts, tweak the choreo…but it’s still the same piece of music and if you’re going to spend time rechoreographing it, why not just make another program to different music instead? but considering that so many other skaters are also recycling old programs for the olympics, it’s…a strategy, i guess. not really a strategy i approve of, but that’s just me. i hope his fs will be new, at least.

shoma picked some of the warhorsiest warhorses, which means he has to work that much harder to overcome my trepidation. four seasons has the potential to be good, i like the little bits we’ve seen of it so far. (it also helps that even though there are 34636354 four seasons programs, i don’t like/remember most of them, so the bar is already set low for me.) i hope he’s going for a darker interpretation, that might be interesting. turandot is…well, he already confirmed it will have new music cuts and new choreo and essentially be a different program from the first, so i’ll wait and see how it goes. not excited about this choice either, but again, it seems to be the prevalent strategy for next season. he says he wants to show how much he’s grown by using it again, but i’m afraid that it might be seen as a step backwards instead.

basically, i’ll give the programs a chance, but i think both skaters are capable of more than this.

listen i truly am a christopher nolan stan but i was thinking ab if hes ever made one (1) movie that didnt have a white man as the protagonist which led me to check the cast of dunkrik on imdb and THERE ARE ZERO (0) WOMEN IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONLY CREDITED FEMALE CHARACTERS ARE UNNAMED NURSES!!!!!!!!! IM–

things James wants:

  • more boyfriends
  • more girlfriends
  • more friends
  • a David to annoy and pester (and refuse to acknowledge he actually cares for)
  • especially that last one bc so many Davids are so inactive and this makes James sad

things David wants:

  • Snow interactions
  • Emma interactions
  • all the EF things tbh I don’t even care what it is at this point
  • someone to whine about James to