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The Potter family is a very old one, but it was never (until the birth of Harry James Potter) at the very forefront of wizarding history, contenting itself with a solid and comfortable existence in the backwaters. 

So after 500 years I finally figured out how to record myself drawing, this took around an hour and a half on paint tool sai using a wacom intuos tablet! I was only able to capture an hour before my screen recorder ran out but I’d love to do more of these! They are fun to watch! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! Finished drawing is [here] !

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The Sun, The Moon & The Stars

The sun begins to set as the first movie  plays. The warmth of its rays fade away, but the warmth from Brad’s body takes its place. We’re both cuddled up on his couch with a blanket over us. My body engulfed by his arms. I feel his chest against me, breathing in and out.

We decided to stay in tonight instead of going out. We’re having a movie marathon of rom coms. I was surprised that he was down for whatever I chose. Not a hesitation heard.

We’re half way through the movie and my attention is now on him. I look up and stare as he watches, seeing the reflection of the film in his eyes. As he smiles, his eyes crinkle. I’m in awe of how beautiful he is. Batting his long eyelashes, his eyes twinkling. His eyes meet mine and my heart melts. Who knew that such a simple thing could hold so much power?

“What are you looking at?” his voice chimes.


He smirks and his cheeks fill with that pretty pink color. “Lost interest in the movie?”

“Yeah, but I found a better one.”

“Which movie?”

I smile, almost embarrassed. “You, Brad. You’re so beautiful, so mesmerizing. Dazzling even. I can’t get over how beautiful you are. I don’t think I ever could.”

“What are your fave parts of that movie?”

“The twinkly brown eyes that capture the attention of whoever gazes into them, making he or she lose themselves in there. The cute nose that one could feel nuzzle onto their face, tickling them. The soft lips that pour out passion onto another’s and speaks such beautiful words. The cheeks that flood with a pink color. So pretty it’s hard to look away. But how could one forget the luscious curls? Feeling it against their fingertips, running through them. And the hands, so smooth. Feeling at home when intertwined with their own. Lastly, the one that can’t be seen but is felt so strongly, the heart. So beautiful, warm and big. My favorite one out of them all.”

“I love you”, he says as though he was speechless.

“I love you too.”

“My favorite movie is you, love.”

“And what are your fave parts?” I ask, genuinely intrigued.

“How you’re like the sun, so warm and full of life. The smile that appears every so often is very contagious. You can really feel the positive vibes exude, just like the rays of the sun. But you’re also like the moon, glowing in the dark and bringing comfort in the night. And you’re like the stars, shining so bright, finding it difficult to take your eyes off such a sight.”

I feel my cheeks heat up. He’s got me blushing now.

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  1. Jessi - Gucci 
  2. Bigbang - Fxxk It
  3. BTS - Spring Day
  4. Monsta X - Stuck
  5. Seventeen - Don’t Wanna Cry
  6. Seventeen - Boom Boom
  7. BTS - Fire
  8. BTS - Boy In Luv
  9. Kard - Hola Hola
  10.  Zia - Only One

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707mmgirl  asked:

First of all i love your posts. do you think you could do a hc of Saeyoung and Mc adopting a half Jap half korean child named Ren that was was abandoned by his parents?Super detailed about how they meet the child and how Saeyoung can relate to him?

  • It took you several weeks to get Saeyoung to say yes
  • But after a while he gave in
  • A cute little boy was staring at you two
  • And Seven and him instantly click
  • It’s like they belong to each other
  • You have to cry when you hear about his backstory
  • Abusive father and mother
  • Father left mother alone
  • It is pretty similar with Saeyoungs
  • So you adopt the little one
  • And Saeyoung loves him soo much
  • He wants to teach him everything I know
  • He starts with the basic hacking things
  • Binary code
  • Soon y’all talk in binary code
  • Whenever those two are too quiet
  • You know something’s up
  • It’s chaos everywhere
  • But they clean up so it’s fine
  • And he treats him like he’s his own son
  • And he cries at his first day of school
  • See? You don’t know who I mean because both of them are crying

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Hey hey~ I Love ur arts soo muchh >~< I'm in love with theem ~(^0^)~ But ur McxSeven art... GAHH I FELL SO BAD WHEN I'M THİNK ABOUT THATT T-T At first step its so good AND they r having child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but in the end.. GAHH SO BADD POOOR SAEYOUNGG T-T When I firs saw it Im started to crying without notice T-T Anyways, Thank u soo much 4 doing these arts~ I love uu >/3/< lol the last part sounds so seriouls lolol

I like to make a surprise ~~~
thank you for loving my art <3 love u !!!

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Hi! Just wanted to say that it's awesome to see a new Emmy Rossum tumblr around here! :) It's always nice to see the fandom grow, because even though she has a lot of fans, we don't have that many active Emmy Rossum tumblrs. So it's awesome when there's a new one! :) - Kat from Emmyfans

That is so true! She needs more blogs/accs about her tbh😝🤗
Glad to be here😍😍

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Style 5 + sousuke :) american reader helping them with their English? I would find this really cute!! ps I love your blog soo muchh

(awwww, thank you! this sounds adorable by the way ^^)

Makoto: “Your pronunciation is totally off! Come on, one more time!” They keep telling him, even though he’s been trying to read the paragraph for ten minutes now. But they seem so passionate about helping him that he can’t possibly say no, and he takes a minute to wrap an arm around their shoulders and kiss their temple before saying in his best English: “Thank you very much for helping me.”

Haruka: What letter came after this again? Fill-in-the-blank questions were always so difficult for him, even if it was just choosing the words from a word bank. “Having trouble? Here, let me see.” When they offer, he nods and turns the book to them while pouting a little, and they laugh. “Don’t make that face. I’ll give you a kiss later if you get through this page.” After that, he grabs the book back with sparkling eyes.

Nagisa: He keeps goofing around and purposely butchering the pronunciation of his words even though he and his partner both know that he can do better than that. “___-chan, let’s read something about penguins instead!” He whines, having had very much enough of learning about random vocabulary. “Fine, fine.” They sigh, and start to pull out a pencil and paper before writing in their perfect English handwriting. “What’re you writing?” Nagisa blinks and looks over their shoulder, and they just smile back. “I’m writing all about penguins, and you get to read it out loud after.”

Rei: He’s completely serious about studying. Since his partner came from America, he wants to be able to have a conversation with them, no matter how short or awkward it may turn out to be. “’When we talk about intelligence, we are not talking about the ability to get high scores on a test…’” His accent is so cute as he mutters to himself, and his partner smiles. “You’re stuttering. Why don’t you just say what you can say best for now?” He goes pink and mumbles, “Perfect body…”

Rin: As good as his own English is, he doesn’t have a problem with his partner helping him since there’s bound to be holes in his own speaking skills. But somewhere in between studying, they start cracking horrible English jokes and before he can even realize it they’re in a total debate, shooting snarky comments back and forth and laughing when they stumble over a word. “You’re a handful,” Is the last thing he says in English before hugging them.

Sousuke: “Hey, how do you swear in English?” He asks nonchalantly, barely even looking up from his textbook. “Why do you want to know?” His partner raises an eyebrow at him, and he smiles. “When you hit your toe the other day I heard some pretty weird-sounding stuff, that’s all.” He laughs again when he sees them go red, and they just huff and sidle closer to him. “Turn back a page, I’m going to check your spelling now.“


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

Okay so a couple of days ago I met my heroes at the Self Help Festival ❤️ Okay so all the excitement started when I got there. There was a huge line for VIP. I was with my mom & it was my first concert so I really know what to expect! While I was waiting in line I could hear some bands practicing & I felt like jumping up & down cause I was sooo excited ! As we got our VIP package we went inside the VIP lounge. So I thought I would see every band there already. Well I wrong. There was a certain time for every band. (Of course) So I went with my mother to get some band merch & when we came back the first band that was there was State Champs. I didn’t really know State Champs but I wanted to meet them anyways. When it was my turn to take a picture I hugged every one of them. They were soo nice! The lead singer was the nicest. (And so HOT) The second band I met was This Wild Life! I WAS SO HAPPY! I LOVE THIS WILD LIFE!! I hugged them both with all my might & told them both I loved them sooo much! That only thing that sucks was that I only got like 5 minutes with them :/ The third band I met was The Devil Wears Prada. I like that band a lot, but I wasn’t really a huge fan. So yeaah. I told a picture with them & they were really cool. So I went outside the fest to see This Wild Life perform & totally forgot about BREATHE CAROLINA! So I miss out on meeting them:( Well anyway the next band I met was Real Friends. Like I said, I like Real Friends a lot but not so much as a huge friend. But the leader of Real Friend was like,“ Hey You! I seen you walking around the festival a couple times!” I was so shocked & I was like OMG REALLY ?!? Haha it was pretty amazing.   The next band I met was FALLING IN REVERSE!!! THERE MY THIRD FAVORITE BAND!!!! I was in line to meet them for about thirty minutes -.- but finally I  got to them & I didn’t really go as I wished it would:( I was next in line & I hugged Ronnie but Ronnie didn’t really do anything. I told a picture with them & after I told them I love them & he laughed. So I guess thats a good sigh:D Next band WAS FLIPPING SLEEPING WITH SIRENS!! AH I was screaming my lungs out  when they walked out of that door! I started to cry my eyes out & Kellin & I made eye contact three times! So as I was waiting in line, I met some friend so I took a picture with them too with Sleeping with Sirens. So I wanted to take a picture with Kellin but the girls I met so him so I had to take a picture with Nick & Justin! Oh well! Then the last band was my ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND/HEROES!! PIERCE THE VEIL!!! omg i couldn’t breathe when I say them. Like I couldn’t believe they where in front of me! Tony came near me I told him I love him sooo much & he smiled at me! My heart stopped! Ahh then I was next in line!! I wanted to hug everyone but I couldn’t. (There was only pictures) But that didn’t stop me to hug my husband VIC FUENTESSS !! I hugged him with all my might & he smelled him soo good! I live the feeling when he wrapped his arms around mee! After the picture I hugged Jaime while say I love him so much & he picked me up!! I CRIED ! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCHH 😭😭😭! After that we said bye then I went to see them perform! That day was AMAZING ! & i really wish i could go back:(( Well thats my story!

Art trade with @akiaki-san ! :D

Aki suggested me to draw Marionette, thus giving me a chance to draw females again since many many months drawing dudes and smh i’ve forgotten to draw females properly, //cries itseemsthatherboobslooksunnaturalbutwhatever

i actually love her design soo muchh, that i enjoy colouring her a lot! xD

thank you for art trading with me, i’ll wait for your part soon! xD