i love it so much when ramos is the captain ;)

IG Post:Couple Pictures(Sergio Ramos, Oscar,James Rodriguez,David Luiz, Thiago Silva,Marc Bartra)

Sergio Ramos: @y/nig and I being silly in the airport😝❤ 

James Rodriguez: Giving my love warm hugs, on  this cold day❤️        

Oscar: In this world @y/nig is the only thing I need, I love you❤️😘   

Marc Bartra:Mi Vida, I love you so much ❤️When you smile I smile😊

@y/nig: He’s my big cuddly Captain @thiagosilva_33 I never want to go  

David Luiz:Peace, Love, and Being with her. She makes my life complete❤️

@y/nig:When I saw this picture I loved it. Me and my baby @davidluiz_4 dancing in the street💃😂😍

A Goalkeepers appreciation post.

I feel like I need to make this post, not just for Iker but for all goalies out there. 

Because I don’t think that people understand just how much of a sacrifice it is to be a goalkeeper in your career. It is the hardest job on earth. 

This pic just says it all:

I’ve always been a goalie person, I always have a soft spot for them, because they are the underdogs, they are the guys who always get blamed for everything. 

That started with Iker, my whole love for Real started with Iker. He was the reason I became a Madridista.

I also read Pepe Reina’s book and he also talks about how hard the job is. Because you always get blamed for everything. He is a real perfectionist and he always wants to do everything right. He said it was the hardest choice in his career when he put on the goalkeeper shirt. 

A striker can win the hearts of the fans in an instant, by scoring a beautiful goal, never realizing that when he scores that goal, a part of that goalkeeper dies. A part that will feel like he has failed his team again. 

Sergio Ramos said that he found Iker crying in the dressing room many times after losing a game. I think it’s even harder for goalies who are also captains and who love their teams as much as Iker does. 

Goalies are the underdogs, the ones who always have to take the blame, while their defenders fail them more often then once. What most people don’t realize is that they are the last line of defense. If the defenders to their jobs right, then they would not even have to make saves.

They have to be so strong, take so much shit and yet they keep on going forward. 

And after all Iker has done for us in all those years, this is what he gets.

A truck load of shit and disloyalty. These people are not fans. They do not understand the sacrifices the goalies make for their teams everyday, the battles they have to fight. 

I’m a goalkeeper kind of girl and I always will be. 

So this is for all of you who are goalies ( also in the unknown teams ): thank you so much and we love and respect you!!