i love it so much ugh it was the start of my love for tom hanks

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can you recommend me some romantic comedy movies ???

Can I? CAN I? Fuck yes I can, let’s do this. 

1. The Proposal 

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock star in this movie about a boss from hell who is about to be deported, so she forces her assistant to marry her so that she can get a green card. This is every single fake dating fic you’ve ever read in action, as well as the enemies to lovers trope well at play. Reynolds and Bullock were bros for years before filming, and their friendship allows for ease when it comes to acting together– you can tell that they had fun filming. 

This isn’t your usual rom com, in that the two lead actors and exquisite ensemble cast (including, yes, Betty White) make it so fucking funny. It’s directed by a woman, who knows what women like, but also allows her story and the characters to be smart as a whip, which is so refreshing. It follows the marriage plot pattern, but gets there in a fun, unique way that doesn’t always feel like you’re watching a rom com. Also, if you hate cheese, this movie has minimal cheese. The moments where it is cheesy are the moments when you’ll be desperate for some good ol’ fashioned love because the romantic tension is just Too Much. 

I have a friend who hates romantic movies and she adores this movie. That’s how you know it’s good. 

2. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Bridget Jones is about to turn thirty years old and she is still single, still chubby, and still making hella bad decisions. Enter Mark Darcy, who is an uptight, recently divorced lawyer who Bridget dislikes almost instantly due to his standoffish personality. 

If you can’t tell just from this description (the love interest’s name is a pretty good clue) Bridget Jones’ Diary is just one of Colin Firth’s versions of Mr. Darcy. 

The book was written by a woman, who also helped write the script, and the movie was directed by a woman as well. It’s fun, full of hijinks (and secondhand embarrassment, dear god) and everybody should watch as many Colin Firth movies as humanly possible anyways. (Hugh Grant is the Wickham character, too, which is always a bonus.) 

3. Bride & Prejudice

Speaking of Pride & Prejudice adaptations, this one is one of my favorites of all time. It is a Bollywood Musical adaptation, starring the incredibly gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, who plays the Elizabeth character beautifully. This movie is a feast for the eyes– the colors are stunning, the costumes are stunning, the sights are stunning. It shows beautiful representations of familial and platonic relationships as well as romantic ones. It was also directed by a woman, and written by a husband and wife team. 

There’s something so gorgeous and pure about this movie. It’s one of my favorite films of all time and I am absolutely unapologetic about that. Featuring songs such as “No Life Without Wife” and gems such as “Some women have even become… The lesbian!” This movie is, I think, a must see. 

4. Notting Hill

Just one rom com variant of the famous AU that you will probably love. Hugh Grant plays a character who owns a travel bookstore. Julia Roberts plays a famous actress. When they meet by chance a few times, they slowly begin to fall for each other. 

There’s something so lovely and pure about this movie. It’s just… soft and nice, like you’re drawing a warm blanket over yourself. The grand gesture at the end is fantastic, but that’s not the part that will make you watch the movie again– it’s the scenes in the middle, when Anna is staying at Will’s house and they’re growing together as friends but possibly something more. It’s just… it’s so nice. As a viewer, it feels so good. 

Favorite line: “Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat.” 

5. 13 Going On 30 

Jenna Rink, sick of being thirteen-years-old and on the brink of adulthood, makes a wish that she could be thirty (thirty, flirty, and thriving.) When she wake sup, she’s thirty and (*gasp*) HAS BOOBS. The first thing she does, of course, is look up her best friend from childhood, who she hasn’t been friends with for years. It looks like she got her dream life, but left huge pieces of herself behind along the way.

This is the first PG-13 movie I was allowed to watch, and if I had to guess, I would say that it’s probably the movie I have watched and rewatched the most in my life. I think I can quote this movie word-for-word. It’s funny in a way that isn’t mean, which I think is very rare these days? The fact that Jenna is a thirteen year old makes the humor in this movie a delight. And the film, as a whole, has a rose colored lense that just makes the world seem prettier. Mundane things that people take for granted seem nice and fun and important. It’s weird, because I think it makes adult life seem simpler. Like… just be nice and treat other people well. Why do we over complicate it? 

Also Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are both adorable. It’s the kind of movie that you watch when you’re sad, when you’re happy, when you’re sick, when you’re bored. Watching it feels warm and content. I would rec it to anybody who wants to smile. 

(This list has 26 films on it so I’m putting the rest of this under a read more.) 

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“I saw the light” One Shot. (Anyone asked for this?)

Inspired by: “ Imagine: Being a crew member in “I saw the light”. You’re standing behind the cameras while Tom sings in a scene. He mischievously looks at you. “ [ X ]

Written by: arelyhb


Ugh… another early morning in Tennessee. Don’t get me wrong, I love it here but hate getting up so early.

I’ve been here for almost 3 months, between pre-production, rehearsals, yadda yadda yadda.

I work in the movie industry. Right now I’m a crew member of “I saw the light”. It’s safe to say, discarding the ridiculous mornings… that i love my job.

I got to the crafty service area in a rush to grab coffee and a muffin since I was already late. Which was unusual;  i guess the late nights + early mornings combo was finally taking its toll on me.

I headed to my trailer.

I went in as I chewed on my “breakfast” and started picking up things, and pulled the clothing rack out.

-Let’s see… -I mumbled to myself.

I checked the shooting schedule to see what scene was being filmed first, so I could arrange everything.

I fixed the first outfit and tagged it with the scene number. I like to keep things organized besides it’s an obvious must in this job. I arranged several others with their respective tags.

I was doing everything at a very fast pace and immersed in my thoughts, when something startled me.

-Good morning, sunshine!

I turned around.

-¡Jesus, Hiddleston!

There he stood, smiling big.

-It’s 6:30AM how can you be smiling like that? Here- I handed him the hanger with his first outfit.

-Millions of reasons, darling. ¿Why are you rushing today?

-¿How long have I been getting you dressed for this film?

-¿Counting dress rehearsals?

-Exactly… a long time. And not once have I been this late, I can’t even find a few pieces, there’s a tiny hole in that coat that i’m gonna have to sew, and don’t even get me started on…

-Darling, darling… -He cut me off and got closer to me. He held my face between his hands- I don’t think I’ve ever spoken that fast in my entire life or anyone i know…You need to relax.

Okay. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Tom thanks to this film.  The man is a dream. Incredibly attractive, incredibly polite and caring.

And I am lucky enough to fix his pants and shirts every single day. We’ve bonded a lot and we’re both very comfortable working together. He loves joking around, of course, and makes all these insightful comments about Hank Williams’ clothes. It’s actually really helpful, i come up with a few ideas that he and the director end up liking, even though the wardrobe’s pretty basic.

-Ugh, fine. Just change your clothes and don’t touch my face. – I said smiling.

He kissed my cheek.

-GOOD MORNING.-He exclaimed triumphant.

I rolled my eyes.

-Good morning to you.

-Much better. You’re doing a marvelous job, don’t panic so much.  – He said walking behind my panel screen to get dressed.

He came out and I took my script annotations.

-Alright, rolled sleeves, shirt completely buttoned up- I narrated the list as I checked each thing. He was just staring down at me, the tall man… and I wasn’t short at all.

-¿So what about my invitation? –He asked but I kept fixing his clothes.

-¿What invitation?

-To the play I told you about…

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Red Lines - Chapter 26

Description: Ashton is an exotic male dancer. Skylar is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. She pays him for two weeks so she can study him. Things are bound to get interesting. 

Word Count: 9,946 words

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