i love it so much i decided to mount it

Sorry for the lack of art this past weekend. Decided to take a personal “self care” time. In other news I recently got in to Final fantasy XIV online and I love it so much. I have also grown fond of a creature called the Goobbue. I think it’s very cute and can’t wait to have one as a a mount. Expect more final fantasy drawings in the future alongside my usual Pokémon doodles

anonymous asked:

Read your post about Chloe/Rachel and it got me thinking I always thought it was up to the player just what was going on between C & R. Frank/Rachel thing is the same. The letters aren't enough to confirm anything just like C's photos and vague lines aren't. Even the RV scene in Ep4 tells us nothing. In BtS you can decide just what the C/R relationship was. I wish BtS Ep3 didn't cut so much content and connected more dots but post-end you can still decide what happens between games. Thoughts?

well, yes and no, i think you can only decide what happens between the games to a certain extent! you can fill in blanks. those are certainly up to our interpretation – the things we don’t already know. but i don’t think chloe saying that she crushed on rachel/loved rachel is vague at all, especially when you have all the mounting subtext behind it. i think it becomes very obvious and canon and nonnegotiable at that stage. and the rv scene in ep 4 told us… some useful things, really. it told us that chloe loved rachel, and it showed us frank getting mad at chloe, saying, “you don’t know shit, chloe! you were part of her problem! always trying to take her away from me… always!”. like, while the content of these lines can’t be trusted to be true… i think there’s important stuff to unpack when considering them. frank thinks chloe stole rachel from him – when it’s likely chloe ‘had’ rachel in the first place. they’re best friends, ffs. rachel wasn’t honest with frank and kept him in the dark about having a relationship with chloe, so when frank saw that chloe was super into rachel and trying to hang out with her all the time obv, he saw that as a threat to his relationship (whatever that may be) with rachel. he lashes out. claims chloe’s stealing her. even though that’s not the whole truth, it demonstrates that whatever chloe and rachel had – it was enough to be threatened by. his raging jealousy leads to him blaming chloe for rachel’s issues, stating that chloe was rachel’s problem, which, uh. i believe is a lot of projection on frank’s part. he even apologises for that in episode 5, saying that he knows why rachel dug chloe so much, and stuff. he knows that rachel loves chloe, i think. but i think he’s been exposed to some of rachel’s weaker moments – getting involved with him in the first place, for a start lmao – and sees her internal conflict as… something chloe’s inflicted. he thinks his and rachel’s relationship was perf, while p much everyone else in AB thinks rachel/frank was bullshit (nathan, chloe…), and he thinks chloe’s presence and her own dependency on rachel is the issue. when, it’s not. rachel’s in love with chloe – says chloe – so of course rachel’s going to be hella conflicted and always thinking about chloe even with frank. frank just directs his rage towards chloe, since his own relationship w rachel didn’t work out. so yeah, what i’m saying is… while this scene doesn’t confirm any explicit relationships, it gives us insight into characters’ thoughts on relationships, and that gives us massive clues and helps us piece together what certain relationship dynamics were like? idk, it’s just interesting stuff to think about, so i don’t think it’s valid to say the rv scene “tells us nothing”. it tells us some… messy, conflicting things that we can sift through and try n work out

also wrt thoughts on bts… the option for the player to decide what kind of relationship chloe and rachel had was always something i was wary of, or resented, ever since the 20 min gameplay of episode 1 released… i don’t have much to say about it really, i don’t have any thoughts other than i believe they were canonically romantically involved and nothing deck nine wrote can change that. i was super mad about it at the time actually, annoyed at the prospect of them erasing what i considered to be a canon lesbian love integral to the plot of life is strange and understanding of chloe and rachel as characters. but yeah i guess i don’t consider bts to be canon really? i think of amberprice as much more slowburn, and i really don’t like where bts went with the damon/sera/james/fire story in ep 3. and don’t like the blackwell inconsistencies. i see bts as a kinda fun, kinda cute, kinda sad, then uh, straight up weird, au! 

thetardiswhoneverwas said: I can’t believe we have this much lore about a mountain

Well, that’s actually what I love so much about Ian Potter’s The Three Paths... it took all the info we had about two mountains (Mount Lung and Mount Cadon) and decided “you know what, fuck it, they’re the same mountain” and then decided to add Plutarch from Death Comes to Time for the absolute “fuck official canon” attitude of it. 

Ian Potter’s such an excellent and underrated writer, and his Apocyrpha Bipedium is another of my absolute favorites… a story sent firmly in Big Finish Eighth Doctor/Charley continuity that a) references looms, b) references the Doctor being half-human, c) takes the absolute piss out of the Anti-Time arc, d) takes the absolute piss about how Vicki was written out of the show, and e) is the funniest fucking story. 

(You know… if my Obverse career continues, I might end up as quite an Ian Potter man…)