i love it so much i decided to mount it

Okies. I have decided that I’m finished these (for now of course 😉); I’m going to be working on other projects and such.
I love these so much and so loved doing them.

I also adore this show, when I love something I have to draw it/paint it. It’s just, well, me, and how I work.

And to answer any incoming questions, no, none of them are for sale. I’m very sorry, it would be too difficult to part with them; it’s my little collection 😊.

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Sorry for the lack of art this past weekend. Decided to take a personal “self care” time. In other news I recently got in to Final fantasy XIV online and I love it so much. I have also grown fond of a creature called the Goobbue. I think it’s very cute and can’t wait to have one as a a mount. Expect more final fantasy drawings in the future alongside my usual Pokémon doodles

In December last year I was able to visit the beautiful, rainy city of Bergen for a few days. It was actually my first time travelling on my own, but the nerves and various moments of panic were definitely worth it in order to visit this incredibly pretty place! Here are some of my favourite parts.

I arrived in Bergen on Thursday evening and, of course, it was already dark. The bus to Bryggen where my Airbnb host was going to pick me up was a bit of blur, as all I could think about was that I was actually in Norway surrounded by actual Norwegian people (this became a recurring theme during the trip)!

The next day was a lot more eventful! After a quick look around Julehuset (year-round christmas shop), I realised how extremely hungry I was and (to my shame) found a Starbucks to sit in and survey the area. I would have preferred a more Norwegian coffee shop, but I was feeling rather nervous about my Norwegian and just really wanted my coffee. One of the more useful things about Scandinavia is that almost everyone is fluent in English, which sometimes makes it difficult for us language learners, but other times is a lifesaver! 

One of my primary travel missions was to buy Norwegian books and Christmas decorations, so I then spent a long time looking around the bookshop Norli and the Kløverhuset shopping centre for some quintessentially Scandinavian bargains. This was actually a great place for language practice, and I’m sure I fooled a few shop assistants (though they may have just been being polite)!

The Bergen Card I bought earlier in the day gave me free access to the KODE art museums next to Byparken (you can see KODE 4 in the first picture, it’s the white building on the right of the christmas tree). The kind of art I find most interesting are more traditional paintings, so I visited KODE 3, home of Rasmus Myer’s collection. It was a Friday, so the museum was fairly empty and I spent a fascinating hour or two walking around in blissful silence. Afterwards I visited a more Norwegian coffee shop nearby called Brunello, which I won’t say much about except that I highly recommend it for tasty, wintery tea and cake.

I also couldn’t visit Bergen in December without visiting the world’s largest gingerbread town. It was a little walk from the main street Torgalmenningen, in what I think is a swimming pool during the year, and was a huge display of gingerbread houses, landmarks and even a quidditch pitch! It took about half an hour to walk around it, and at the end there was a little shop selling sweets and julebrus, which is a kind of christmas soda. Very cute!

On Saturday, I took the light rail to Fantoft to visit the stave church, which is only sparsely signposted, making for an interesting and longer than expected walk! Unfortunately I’m very dumb and forgot to charge my camera, so this is the best photo I got of it. Also, they close the actual church during the winter, so I could only walk around the outside, but it was still a lovely winter walk. You can also walk further down and see the fjord near Paradis.

I did plan to go on the Fløibanen up to Mount Fløyen on Sunday, but Bergen decided to impress me with some incredibly heavy and stormy rain. I suppose it had to happen at some point, and on the plus side I caught up with some prime Norwegian Netflix. I don’t mind too much, because I definitely want to go back!

I’m pretty sure I’m a little biased, as I love Norway endlessly and I could probably stay in a cardboard box and still have the time of my life there. But all the same, Bergen is a really welcoming and chilled out city, and the ‘kos’ (special Norwegian cosiness) is almost tangible. 

Have you been somewhere that inspired you recently?

// Rachel //

First House Update!

I’m so excited. Our new appliances were delivered today!

Our house was built in 1984 and I don’t think much in the kitchen has changed since then. Thankfully they did high quality and tasteful stuff for the 80s, so its still pretty nice. I have lots of plans for this space but I’m super happy with the difference this made. I was excited for the appliances for the increased functionality, but I really wasn’t expecting it to just suddenly look SO much better. Money well spent!



I can’t even decide what’s my favorite because I love it all so much!

In the short term, we’ll be updating the knobs on the cabinet to silver, taking the cabinets above the range down so we can add a wall-mounted microwave and a shelf above it for cookbooks. That microwave cart will also be gone and it’ll be replaced with my beautiful coffee cart. I’ll also be updating the very old lighting.

Once I’m no longer pregnant, I’ll be gel-staining the cabinets to update them. 

Mount Design Contest Winners

✿ FIRST PLACE: sarcoptid
Overall both of your designs won! Since you couldn’t win twice I’m just posting both of them. You really got Sariella’s theme nailed down- I love both of these so much. They melt my heart.

✿ SECOND PLACE: attractive-zombies
I really really love this mount! With the number of mount-sized rams and goats this mount is totally possible. It’s very soft and fluffy, and not too epic or fast paced for Sariella.  

✿ THIRD PLACE: pahviprince/charleyse
This goat is so precious oh my gosh. I love the use of pears to hold on it’s bell, and the tiny bags in the back for her herbs and such. Also roses… I love the roses. It’s very light and fluffy, and perfect for my tiny priest!

To the winners: Please email me (posia.art@gmail.com) to discuss the prizes! <3

*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

✿ Everyone that entered! Thank you so much for participating in my contest, I had a lot of fun hosting this one and I hope everyone had fun entering. It was really close in the end trying to decide since there were so many lovely entries. A super fun way to celebrate 1000+ followers! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

tresheureux-deactivated20170526  asked:

prompt: bucky's reaction to finding out tony told Steve that "everything special about him came from a bottle"

This was so fun!! Thanks for the prompt. :) This is set in the few days before Bucky decides to go into Cryo after cacw… I added some snarky Sam in here because I love him so much. Enjoy!

Sam and Steve are seated in the common area of their side of the palace, casually flipping through the channels on the large flatscreen mounted on the wall. Sam is occupying the long green couch that faces the television, his body stretching across it. His left arm dangles off the side, remote in hand. The volume on the tv is low, and the captions are on, since rarely anything is in English. T’challa has been teaching Sam a thing or two about his language, and every now and then Sam mumbles a word he recognizes, trying out the unfamiliar sounds in his mouth. Steve is seated in a loveseat that is placed perpendicular to Sam’s couch, sketchbook in hand.

Bucky walks into the room, hair messy, rubbing sleep from his eyes. “Hey,” He mumbles, exchanging a soft smile with Steve.

“What’s goin’ on, Sleeping Beauty!” Sam hollers loudly, earning simultaneous and very unamused glares from Bucky and Steve.

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hiddleswift one shot

wrote this bit of drabble whilst on my plane yesterday…
“i’m so excited” tom grinned. he placed his hand on his newly wedded wife’s thigh.

the pair were on their way to tom’s mother’s house in suffolk. they rode in the jaguar sports car one of tom’s favourites. taylor and tom were both so happy to be back in suffolk, they hadn’t been back since their wedding. the wedding was beautiful, held in an old barn dazzled with twinkly fairy lights scattered with rose petals. it was a mutual decision to have the wedding in the uk, the couple had also decided it would be their place of main residence, for now anyway.

the house was located on hutton mount in essex. this only being about an hour and thirty minutes from tom’s mother diana. it was a great location and in a pretty secluded area where other celebrities also live.

“me too! i hope your mum made that chicken again. i ate so much of it last time that i think i put myself in a food coma!” tom chuckled pulling into his mother’s driveway. he knew how much she loved his mother’s cooking and he did too.

“can you believe the last time we came here we weren’t even married? crazy right?” taylor looked at her husband lovingly.

the couple had just returned from their honeymoon. they went to suva, the capital of the fiji islands. it had been a dream of taylor’s to go ever since she had seen pictures of it from her friends vacation. tom of course was happy to go, he’d do anything to make taylor happy. she was his queen.

“i know, it went so quickly. you know it’s all my sister is going to want to talk about!” tom replied. he slammed the car door shut trying to ignore the few paparazzi that had followed them on the way.

taylor and tom walked straight in to get away from their intruders. they were welcomed by tom’s niece standing in the doorway.

“uncle yay monster!” the little girl jumped with excitement. she had been flower girl at the wedding, she did a great job and was very much delighted with her duty.

“hey pumpkin” tom picked up the six year old and she climbed on his back. he laughed pretending to drop her a few times whilst carrying her into the family room. she shrieked and squealed at her uncle’s antics alerting the rest of the family the newlyweds had arrived.

“welcome home darling! did you have a nice time?” diana asked wrapping her arms around taylor’s small frame and pulling her in for a hug.

“oh it was truly wonderful thank you diana. we had such a fun time.” taylor smiled recalling on all of their fun adventures on the islands.

“i bet they did have fun” tom’s sister sarah chimed in. she had a smirk painted on her face.

tom walked through the doorway of the family room after placing his niece sophia down. he made straight for taylor wrapping his arms around her from behind and planting a kiss on her cheek. tom then spoke to his mother joining in the ladies conversation about the honeymoon.

“i think maybe you should take us all next time! it looks so beautiful.” tom’s sister joked

after a little chat they all sat down for dinner. tom’s mother had made them all a sunday roast dinner in honour of their return home. they all spoke around the table talking over what had happened in all of their lives in the past few weeks.

“so… i auditioned for a new role this week. i’m waiting to hear back but i think i have a good chance!” tom’s sister emma grinned before eating a piece of potato in her mouth.

sarah then began to talk about how sophie is getting ready to start a new school. their family had just moved into a new area, there were some great schools. sarah and her husband were excited for sophie to start, hoping she would adjust quickly and make new friends.

“well we actually have some news.” tom grinned at taylor reaching to hold onto her hand.

“i’m pregnant” she gripped his hand tighter.

“we’re having a baby” tom added. taylor had told his whilst they were on their honeymoon, the pair couldn’t be more excited.

everyone at the table erupted in excitement and happiness. especially diana who couldn’t wait to have another grandchild, and sophia when she realised she would get a little cousin to play with. the rest of the evening was filed with questions about the pregnancy and their honeymoon.