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WOMEN’S APPRECIATION WEEK [day 2]: Favorite Female Driven Show

Pretty Little Liars

"You think the truth is some big shiny disco ball of purity? Then go ahead and try it. Be honest, see where it gets you."

Misha VM
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So I ummed & ahh’d about whether or not to post this publically, and eventually have decided yep, I will. So here’s my GISHWHES vm from Misha, and I absolutely love it because it is just so sweet & lovely and calming. It’s not what I expected at all (I don’t really know what I expected, tbh), but this is probably better.

I don’t want what I can get
I fucked up what I had so I shouldn’t want it
I want what doesn’t want me
Therefore I can’t get it
Therefore I can’t be happy
Therefore I sit in class writing notes to my equally psychotic redheaded best friend about how to achieve ultimate happiness when honestly we’re just dreamers because no one is ever permanently happy.
I have blonde hair and my name rhymes sailor.
What am I?
Oh, shit. It’s me.
Have an equally joyous night
fa la la I love Christmas.
—  Taylor Swift’s little limerick on Myspace (December 2005)