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Missing you- Tom Holland


prompt: you miss tom really badly while he’s on promo tour but he decides to surprise you / also, listen to Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes while reading this 

pairing: tom x fem!reader

A/N: first ever Tom Holland imagine. God, I love that boy to pieces


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You left out a groan as you opened the door to your apartment. So far, your day has been pretty damn exhausting. College stressed you out and the work shift you have had afterwards had, too. 

You pulled off your shoes and let yourself fall onto your bed not very much later. You snuggled up into Tom’s pillow and tried not to think too hard about how long he’d been gone already. 

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Who Tumblr crushes??

Hmmmm I have so many like honestly if I named them all we’d be here for fucking ever. But here are the ones that come to mind first :

@thelittlestkitsune @were-cheetah-stiles @fillthevoid-stilinski @redstringlovers @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone @rememberstilinski @dylan-trash-tbh @ninja-stiles @mf-despair-queen @minhosmeanhoe @werewolfmutant @just-jordie-things @stilinskiimagines @dumbass-stilinski @stilinski-jpeg @sarcasticallystilinski @dylan-ohbrien @stilinski-stydia-obrien


God there are so many and I could explain each one but I’m lazy. But overall these people are so amazing and kind hearted and THEY ARE ALL AMAZING WRITERS. And I love each and every one of them sooo damn much like it’s so unreal how much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Hey I just discovered this blog and I love it already!! I just started reading the heroes of olympus series as a start (planning to read the rest too) and damn this series is good and helps me so much!! Also, who is your god parent?

I’m super glad you like the blog, even though it’s shitty. Anf I’m glad you’re getting into the series, it’s great. I started PJO in fifth grade. Im in 12th now. Crazy how time flies. Anyways, I’d be a Poseidon kid. No doubt. Id go into detail but Tumblr keeps cutting my answers in half so I’ll save the typing. Hbu?

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The frozen lake scene was iconic. The Hound throwing the rock which slid along the lake was brilliant. You could see the ' oh fuck' moment in all of their faces! I pretty much cried when the Dragon died but holy hell, I do love the Ice King. He's so graceful and majestic like damn. I'm hoping the meeting between everyone will be a battle of wits and them Jon stands up just being "the dead are coming. We're going to die. I have proof" next week is going to kill me!

oh god that rock i was yelling at my screen asdkdkas

honestly the night king is such a good villain, he just doesnt care he just wants everybody to die. also the fact that he waited for the dragons to arrive….. viserion dying was so goddamn heartbreaking, esp with drogon and rhaegal crying, i was crying too.

it’ll def be a battle of some sort, like something big will definitely happen im excited (also the fact that jon is technically the one with the biggest right to the throne 👀👀👀👀)

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot since the last ‘The TAZ Zone’ where Griffin was saying that he was so sure Magnus was going to take the chalice in 11th Hour and he had a whole thing planned for it.

I think Magnus would have taken it. If not taken it, I think he would’ve had a lot harder time deciding whether he wanted to go back and fix things with Julia and Raven’s Roost. Julia was the single most important thing in Magnus’ life (post Stolen Century) and I think he would’ve 100% taken the cup to at least try and make things right.

But I think the thing that stopped him was Lucas Miller. Magnus was very upset with Lucas for what he did in the Crystal Kingdom Arc and when he was questioning him towards the end Lucas said something along the lines of “Wouldn’t you do anything to save the one person who meant the most to you?” And I think Magnus saw the love that Lucas had for his mother and while different, the drive and passion behind what Lucas had done for Maureen probably rivaled what Magnus felt watching his last moments with Julia with June in the White Space. And I think if Magnus hadn’t seen the problems that came with someone who couldn’t let go of the past, who couldn’t accept that their loved one was gone, he would’ve taken the cup. But having witnessed the tragedy of Lucas and Maureen, he knew that while he’d always love and miss Julia, he had to let her stay in the past.

Reasons To Love Damien

-his beautiful, silky hair

-make-up game is on point

-he reads fanfiction

-flower arrangement hobby

-fascination with goth

-knowledge of Victorian history

-respectful parenting towards Lucien

-This part:

I could talk about how important this is for a parent to do in regards to mental health and simply allowing Lucien to choose for himself if he needs/wants professional help. A+ parenting. Not to mention that Damien was not yelling at Lucien and was basically like, “I care about you and I want to see you improve, but you need to make that choice for yourself. Just know that Im here to help.”

-how polite he is

-very romantic, in his own way

-writing letters, enough said

-that brave face he made during the movie scene, so cute

-speaking of the movie scene, this part too:

He was so scared he instinctively sought out for physical comfort just by mere hand holding!!!!

-he is so smooth

-His views on death and life is actually beautiful. Basically don’t dread on fearing death because you could miss out on enjoying life.

-when he brings mc dad home after the second date, he friggin’ gives mc a handkerchief as a gift!!!!!

-and no one could forget his love for dogs

-Also, he is so cute in this outfit!!!!! I love those large glasses on him, they look good on him.

Lets fast forward a bit, shall we? 

-After the whole Duchess adventure, mc and Damien has a sweet conversation about Damien being perfect the way he is, he is more than a goth prince and mc doesn’t mind at all. Then he freaking ASKS MC’S PERMISSION FOR A KISS!!! That is so charming and sweet!!!!! 

-After this scene is the conclusion of the route, Amanda’s graduation party. We have a chat with all the guests and Amanda until we have our final scene with Damien. I can’t explain how much I love what he says, so I’ll just put it here so we can appreciate it.

“But I think I can make an exception for you.” God, why does he have to be so damn smooth?

I think I made my point. Damien is an amazing character.


I just realized Lup and Taako are twins

And like

They’re also Lup and Taako? 

So I’m 10000% positive that they’d swap outfits constantly and be like “What? No, I’m Taako what are you talking about Lup’s over there” 

I can also imagine Barry waking up one morning and coming out to get coffee and hugging Lup from behind and being like “Hey babe, last night was amazing” and Lup (totally lying) just deadpan going “What are you talking about I was out looking for the Light of Creation all night? Have you seen Taako around?” and Barry’s face just going white as a fucking sheet as she gets the biggest shit-eating grin