i love it in so many ways

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Which do you find more important in drawing a character: Expression and energy of the piece, or staying accurate to the design?

Personally, I find expression and energy in a drawing are far more important than accuracy. Of course I think its important that the character stays somewhat on model. They need to look recognizable and also not be so out of whack that they just look silly. 

However, for me, being bound by trying to keep every proportion correct and every detail spot on can drain the life out of a drawing.

Movement, acting, expression, and energy all give life to a character and a good drawing with all those things can reveal a character’s personality and story within a single image. 

My personal goal as an artist is to share my characters and their stories. There are so many ways you can do that. I find I am most happy though when I do it by drawing various actions and expressions. 

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I honestly think you're a blessing for hp fandom. Why? Because I've read so many people telling how they fell in love with Ginny or hinny way more than with the books and movies. And honestly I'm one of them too. I have grown to love Ginny and Harry through your canons. And don't let me get started with your art because that's some magic! It's so smooth and relaxing and appealing and.. perfect! Hope you have a excellent day/night!♡

Thank you so much!! <3

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Soo my parents would never allow me to 'send' money to someone from the internet that i don't know (patreon). So do you have like a fanmail? Would love to support you in any way.

haha nooonono don’t send money to my PO box please! that’s really sweet of you but really, please don’t do it. it’s way sketchier than sending someone money digitally. also the point of patreon is for many people to pledge a small amount of money per month, usually in exchange for perks. financial consistency is the goal. i really don’t want you to feel inclined to send me any amount of money, one time, as a donation, through the physical mail. especially if you’re of an age where your parents can not allow you to do something. 

rest assured that i’m doing fine financially. hang onto your money, and please know that you’re already supporting me so much just by listening to my music and connecting with my art. 

heheh so I went to my main account specially to find this manga cap I post BACK IN OCTOBER 29, 2014, 20freaking14! I can’t believe it’s been more than three insane years of loving this manga/anime so so much (started watching the anime first. Never heard of it before, my best friend tried hard to made me watch it because it didn’t caught my attention at all but she made it in the end and I’m glad she did)

 I know I draw sweet cozy ship-related things that probably doesn’t actually show exactly how I feel about haikyuu but this serie inspires me and motivates me in so many ways even with my own things that has become something really important for me specially because it makes me genuinely happy. I rewatched season 3 last week but then felt like going back to rewatch S2, and gosh I really got to notice how excited and happy it actually made me. I needed to say it, I needed to share it because probably three month ago I would never say something like this, like out loud (?). Because of so many things in my past until recently, I was still feeling embarrassed for so many things that I like (not only haikyuu) and never wanted to share it or accept that I like them because I was afraid of being judged… but I don’t want that anymore, why should I hide the things that makes me genuinely happy!? Anyway I was feeling a bit emotional while watching the anime again. Even when it can seem ridiculous for some people, for me to accept it and share it is really important and I wanted to share it here because here, I found so many lovely people that enjoys haikyuu and my art so much and that has been really supportive and has inspired me to keep working hard and drawing the things I like.

so that (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

oh well not just that,  I went to find that manga cap because

Today I catched the shot ahahh and thought that  I WOULD NEVER BE OVER THIS PANEL/SHOT, NEVER I didn’t even know why is one of my faves of both manga and anime…. oh well yeah, probably because of Oikawa’s freaking perfect face, really I remembered reading that chapter for the first time in 2014 and thought that those faces/ expressions were  beautifully drawn xD

ok I should… probably… run now ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ

Fanfic Authors Appreciation Post ♡

Okay, I know this is hella late but my thanks and appreciation picks no day. I’ve read, in my entire time being a part of this fandom, lots of stories that surely impacted my writing and views as a fanfic writer myself. So, in no particular order, I am listing the authors and their fics that sneaked their way into my heart. These are my all time faves!

Comatose by officiallytheduchess

alright, officiallytheduchess wrote two fics about jumin that i really loved. but this particular one etched its way into my heart and broke it so bad. i highly recommend this one! lolol. get your hearts ready y’all.

Twenty Spoons by @fromthedeskofelizabeththird

this is a very cute and fluffy Jihyun fic i really loved from one of the writers i look up to! elly here wrote the wonderful vabverse ( that i still need to finish ) and i highly recommend for y’all to see this vabverse masterlist and indulge yourselves to the beauty of pain and sin combined. lolol.

Frustrate Me Once, Shame On You. Frustrate Me Twice… by @guacameowle

i love sinning for quality written fics. i’m a bad girl but lynn’s fics are so sinfully good and can make your heart jump in joy because smut and crave for more of her writings! lynn wrote this wonderful yoosung fic that i really, really loved and also wrote a lot of sinful fics about jumin and the others that y’all should know by now and possible love as well. sin with me y’all.

Sabotage in Good Service by @yoolee

lee-sama wrote, as far as i am aware, three of my most favorite fics from slbp! this one and a masamune fic that wrenched my heart beautifully. lee-sama’s one of the very few slbp blogs that i follow and i honestly strive to write more content like her! y’all visit the blog and indulge yourselves in slbp goodies!

What Isn’t His by @mmscum

alright, scummy here, is a very talented writer who doesn’t deserve all the shit some crazy stans give her. and above all her works, this fic is my most recommended ( also head’s up for more ys nsfw lolol ). so y’all, please read this beautiful jumin/mc/zen fic. this is a sequel for scum’s Try Something New. please read this very good written content!

Ends and Beginnings by @yoosungshoodie

there is no question about how much rose loves jihyun. and there is no question about how she and my dysfunctional family converted me to their religion lolol. i honestly love jihyun right now! and i highly appreciate a jumin/jihyun relationship! please everyone, read this beautiful fic of rose about V/MC and i’m sure you’ll fall in love with V even more! rose writes beautifully and i recommend going to her masterlist and pick the poison y’all would want to taste.

French Press by @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove

shauna is a messenger of hell. period.
LOLOLOL kidding. y’all i loved french press so much!! y’all are in for some goodies so click the link and read to your heart’s content! shauna is a kbtbb blog and the only kbtbb blog that i follow lol she dragged me into bidder hell and now jfc i can’t get out. also, shauna writes good and quality headcanons about the bidders and is too evil to create angsty ones. she’s one of the most amazing writers out there and i suggest y’all should go check out her masterlist!

Everlasting Party ( Time Loop AU ) by @zentherainbowunicorn

okay, how do i begin? last year, i was only an on-looker for this very beautiful fandom. and zentherainbowunicorn was the catalyst in creating a blog and joining in! and i’m so thankful ever since! all of their fics, from zen down to saeyoung are so good you’ll want more and more! they write so beautifully and i am so sad they aren’t as active as before. i’m still wishing for more of their works tbh! but this is one fanfiction i would really recommend!

Please read their master list! by @rikas-fundraising-assholes

alright, one of the very few writers i loved when i was still starting! their master list is so good you couldn’t stop yourself from reading! i honestly wish they’d revive the blog and this is the very last fic i have read from them. and it’s angst and i can’t. i’m…. anyway, y’all should visit their blog and read their stories! they’re all good!

To Promise by @serensama

i am, above everything else, a jumin trash. and my most loved work from April is her Jumin’s To Promise. anywhere you mention Jumin, [ hacker voice ] i’m in. lololol. i doubt any of you failed to read this wonderful piece of work and if you still haven’t read it, please do! April is a wonderful person and her works are quality and please take your time to read her fics! she is not, after all, a small fic writer lolol!

i honestly would want to include more. i am very saddened by the fact that error-rfa probably deleted their blog. they held the most beautiful cheating series and i am so sad they disappeared. but, they are legendary. anyway, this is a small token of appreciation to all the writers who managed to make me engrossed with the beauty of their works! i honestly suggest y’all read everything on their master list and let’s love them altogether! i probably forgot some and honestly it’s been so long and i’m sure i probably forgot some so i’m very sorry!

this is also a small shoutout to all the writers there that writes beautifully and is still writing to this very day and sharing their thoughts and ideas out there for us to read. they need our endless support and we as readers should always show them how much we love their works! those in the above list and of course, to these following people as well! i highly recommend for y’all to follow these ppl since they have good quality blog content!
@nordicicequeen ;; @snarkymc ;; @promiscuous-jalapeno ;; @protectjuminhan ;; @mysticdaddies ;; @saeranoppa ;; @rfaimagining ;; @mysticmessimagines ;; @zens-ponytail ;; @alittestaticxilophone ;; @thecobraofhell ;; @reluctantrfamember ;; STAR, KIKU and to all the folks @mysticwriters discord chat group. y’all are too many but please know i love all of you! i probably forgot ppl do forgive me but every writer out there gives their work for free and should be loved and appreciated, given the proper credentials, given the proper feedbacks and all! support all the fanfiction writers 2k17!!

happy fanfic writer appreciation day ( a day late)

-because that’s just the kind of person i am. i’m sorry.

i’ve been writing fic for 10 years on and off. it’s coming up on my 1 year of having been into k-pop, and i’d like to thank and appreciate all of these fic writers who inspired me in one way or another to join and continue in the k-pop fanfic community. you are all amazing writers, as well as amazing people, and i’m so happy to have found your blogs. thank you for all of your hard work, and to those i am closer to, thank you for accepting me and being there for me. i love all of you <3

@ everyone, go read all of their things. it’s all amazing.

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Thank you for 700 705 followers!
Too slow getting the picture done as usual….

BUT YEAH thank you all you’re way too kind <3 I love the OPM community, I’ve met so many amazing people thanks to it!

Haaa, this sketchbook is pretty close to being full now. I think when it is, I will make one of those videos of myself going through it, that could be fun!

♡ тнαηк уσυ αℓℓ! ♡

♥♥♥ Ahhh~ !! Thank you all so much! ;w;

When I first created this blog, it was purely for a way to distract myself from my anxiety and depression; it has definitely helped in that aspect. What I didn’t expect, however, was to meet such WONDERFUL people !! :3 Everyone here has been so kind and lovely to me, and I am eternally grateful for that! I hope this blog expands and that I am able to encounter many more fantastic friends~!

Here is the bias list of people I just ADORE interacting with, or those who have just been so lovely to me from the first moment I joined:

@ircnadmiral @z-amasu @goldenwarfare @lucian-silvestris @wingsofgild @banditborn @rxyalpxin / @fortiitudex @evildcers @maljefe @voxcordis @fiercekunoichi [ all of your blogs! ] @m-etallia @pandemicnight @gxxdgiirl @leaveyourhead @hokuaii @deadlyundead @godlyisms @ancientcalamity @ofichinose @farnese-de-vandimion @archxviste @ryusxnka @periscorum @talliesofxxvi @licnelle @amicatholicorprotestxnt @prctecthcpe @otomesenshi @masterofzawarudo3 @the-bloody-wolfy @silver-tongued-2 @rk-silverknight @bloodborneties @circumspects @pilawforhire @vampiiremiyu @hiddenweaponuserkun @frystbitten @twistedblacksun @deceivermun @hisbutler-diligent @kuxi-n @coldxpurpose @heartwielded @talion-greyling @maskofdevotion @retentionsx @thelambsofiscariot @rcyalwhip @teniras @oath-of-three-arrows @lunafound @oshikakei

BTS Fic Recs

P A R T   O N E

You guys, I’m finally doing a fic rec master post~! The stories below feature only the boys from BTS, but I’ll be making another post for additional idol groups as well. Also, this is only Part One because I love so many great fics, but I need to keep this post as short as possible. Some of the stories below are completed, some are still in progress… either way, these works are my absolute faves~ Hope you enjoy them as much as I do~!

→ Title ● Author
○ Universe
✓ Pairing
♡ Fluff | ✗ Smut | ϟ Angst | △ Violence | ☌ Ongoing Works


An Oath for Sinners ● gukvory
○ Vampire, Escort
✓ Yoongi/Reader

I Have Listened to Every Lie ● oppaimagines
○ Marriage, CEO
✓ Yoongi/Original Character

Paper Hearts ● eureka-its-zico
○ Friends to Lovers
✓ Jungkook/Reader
*disclaimer: read Just a Boy before starting this one


The Omega Revolution ● PinkBTS
○ Dystopia, AlphaBetaOmega
✓ Jungkook/Jimin, Taehyung/Seokjin, Namjoon/Hoseok

Bonded ● NomNams
○ Soulmates
✓ Yoongi/Jimin

Swamp Magic ● GinForInk
○ Magic, Witches, Southern Gothic
✓ Jungkook/Jimin/Taehyung

Won’t Say I’m in Love ● vminism
○ Canon, Idolverse
✓ Jungkook/Jimin

First and Last [Series] ● rosiex
○ Canon, Idolverse
✓ Yoongi/Jungkook, Taehyung/Jimin
*disclaimer: start with the prequels, move on to the actual series, and finish it up with the snapshots.

I Like How Desperate You Seem ● witchboyjimin
○ AlphaBetaOmega, Werewolf
✓ Jungkook/Jimin

Time Lapse ● NomNams
○ Soulmates, Time Travel
✓ Yoongi/Jimin

Wait Time: 70 Minutes ● GinForInk
○ Meet-Cute
✓ Namjoon/Jimin

Phosphenes ● CynoDemure
○ Multiverse
✓ Namjoon/Everyone

Snowflakes ● pornographicpenguin
○ Modern Royalty, Arranged Marriage
✓ Namjoon/Jimin

Reckoning ● wickedqriosity
○ Accounting Office, Interns, Samurai Shudo
✓ Yoongi/Jungkook
✗ϟ ☌

Golden Boy ● GinForInk
○ Olympics, Beach Volleyball
✓ Namjoon/Jungkook

Is This Yours? ● CynoDemure
○ Single Dads
✓ Yoongi/Seokjin

Sheep Among Wolves ● GinForInk
○ AlphaBetaOmega
✓ Namjoon/Jungkook

● Author Tags
@oppaimagines​ | @baeseoul | @gukvory | @eureka-its-zico | @ginforink | @wickedqriosity | @pornographicpenguin​ | @witchboyjimin | @pinkbtsme​ | @vminism 
*if any of you know where CynoDemure & rosiex are tumbling, plz let me know!

Happy Writer Appreciation Day!

I’m late on the post I know, but I wanted to say thank you to all the writers and stories here that I give me the feels in so many ways.  You’re all so thoughtful, supportive and caring as well as some crazy nuts I love to trade stories and chat with about various topics as well.  You’re all awesome and lovely people and I’m glad to have met you and spend time with you all here.  Thank you for writing and sharing your hard work with the rest of us!  :)

@sparklingstarsandmoonbeams  @4theluvofall  @sebstanfanma  @giftofdreams  @magellan-88  @ursulaismymiddlename  @buckysomega  @erisjade  @daisykane535  @wanderingkat77  @evansrogerskitten  @agentmarvel13  @after-avenging-hours  @deanssweetcherrypie  @bolontiku  @eve1978  @jennygirl2014  @prplprincez  @angryschnauzer  @badassbaker  @nicloetje  @musichowler  @novelcarrington  @tchitchou26  @myluvislikewow  @ladyamandapanda12  @shy2shot  @bubbleboss17  @cindythegirlfriend  @rebelslicious  @taleasedubh  @virtualgirlfriendsan

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Oh God Too Much Inventory Sale

Okay so I have way too many 9x6 paintings in backstock, and I wanna clear them out before I move. So If you would like any of these, shoot me a message letting me know which, and I’ll get you a code for 50% off.

One Direction

Temporary Fix
What Makes You Beautiful
Steal My Girl
Change My Mind
Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Solo Zayn

Still Got Time
Rear View
Like I Would
Mind of Mindd
It’s You
Fool For You
She Don’t Love Me

Liam Payne Solo

Get Low
Strip That Down

Niall Horan Solo

This Town


Piano Man - Billy Joel
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Life On Mars - David Bowie
Heroes - David Bowie
Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash

“Punk And Similar That I Can’t Fit In Categories”

No Shows - Gerard Way
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
Ampersand - Amanda Palmer
Ukulele Anthem - Amanda Palmer
Runs In The Family - Amanda Palmer
Good Riddance - Green Day
American Idiot - Green Day
True Trans Soul Rebel - Against Me!
Black Me Out - Against Me!

“Pop And Indie And I Don’t Know What To Call This”

Como La Flor - Selena
Riptide - Vance Joy
Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko
Take Me To Church - Hozier
The A Team - Ed Sheeran
Woman - Kesha
Tik Tok - Kesha
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Troye Sivan

For Him.

Dear Evan Hansen

So Big/So Small
Only Us
To Break In A Glove
Anybody Have A Map
For Forever
Sincerely Me
If I Could Tell Her
Good For You
Words Fail

Hamilton + Mixtape

An Open Letter
Wrote My Way Out
Meet Me Inside
Cabinet Battle 2
Cabinet Battle 3
The Adams Administration
I Know Him
What Comes Next
We Know
The Election of 1800
Ten Duel Commandments
A Winter’s Ball
The story Of Tonight (Reprise)
Schuyler Sisters rendition of America the Beautiful

Other Musicals

In The Heights - In The Heights
One Song Glory - RENT (OBC)

iona-laia  asked:

I'm rereading "Bad ideas" because it's the best fic ever and I love it and I need to read it at least once a month. So many feelings!

like Wade is hilarious. And the way Peter reacts to him is soooo funny. And whoo! The smut! Holla!!
And ughhhh soooo many feels!!

And omg when that guy threatens Wade and Peter loses his shit and kills all those people??

Bad Ideas is amazing.

Did you know that was the first Spideypool I’d EVER written? I love it so much.

Materialism is what keeps me alive.

I know it sounds way too contrived,

But every want that I have,

Drives myself mad.

Because I want you,

And you might just be my reason for life.

The faintest taste of a forbidden fruit,

Will prove that love is absolute.

For with you I cannot falter.

I will continue to live as long as your there,

Because I want you.

I cannot stop and stare.

I want to be many things .

All these superfluous dreams .

I just want to be happy.

Is that so hard as it seems?

I have many reasons I can count,

That in which living I surmount.



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I think it's hard for some of us to grasp why you won't watch. I see your posts for not wanting to come back and get it. But I also see it as you being hard on yourself. Before you promoted SC/OL better than officials blogs. I can see why you don't want to do that anymore. But if you still love JC's story why not watch? You don't have to go to extremes to support what you think an unworthy cast but if you enjoy it & your reaction from yesterday's clip shows you do, why not let yourself enjoy it?

I’m stubborn and I don’t want to give into temptation 😂 Not that it really matters to Starz either way because we don’t get that channel here but still, it’s my own personal protest. Like I’ve said a billion and one times, I refuse to support a show that has treated me and so many others like we’re scum. 

anonymous asked:

Omgomg ur an amazing artist AND writer???!Ur like the whole package!I love how u portray uf sans and vamp-chan,the way that theyre in general so laid back and takes no shit from anyone is great,and how uf sans isnt just some tall Horny asf F-boy lol(no offense to those who prefer that version).Seeing their relationship blossom over time,not just quickly,or suddenly is extremely refreshing.Love ur story,& Im excited to continue this wonderful journey. Thank you ♡ for blessing us readers with this

You’re making me blush.

I’m glad I have so many supportive readers. All of you’re comments help me tremendously. There’s a lot more planned, and I hope I can keep you entertained for as long as possible.

rockonjenny  asked:

I have had this canon since Sonny took pictures of my girls (Rolivia) that he secretly takes photos of Barba. He would be the first to wake up and he would just take pictures of Barba sleeping in bed with the bedsheets just covering his ass. He would peek around the corner and snap a foto of Barba in his study working on a case. I just picture Sonny having a box full of memories their relationship in the form of pictures.




I think that people have brought up the concept of secret picture taking a couple of times in my inbox before, and never fails to completely ruin my heart.

I just think that Rafael doesn’t realize how beautiful he actually is, you know? After so many years of self doubt and not believing himself to be worthy of anyone’s eternal love. So Sonny just tries to document his beauty the best way he knows how in the hopes of one day getting Rafael to believe it for himself.

So he’ll take pictures of Rafael still sleeping, the sheets of their bed still pooled low at his hips, strong arms that had held Sonny throughout the night splayed, his chest and shoulders bare and so safe-looking. His hair is sticking up in all different directions from Sonny running his hands through it during their lovemaking the night before, but with errant strands curling over his forehead, Sonny doesn’t think that Rafael ever looks more beautiful.

Or he’ll take pictures of Rafael getting ready for work in the morning, putting on his suit of armor for the day. Sonny loves how concentrated he looks while he’s knotting his tie or choosing the spot for the part in his hair, and the image of Rafael getting dressed in the mirror by their bed never fails to overwhelm Sonny completely. That’s his Rafi, the Rafael Barba who squares his shoulders at death and spits in its face, the man that takes on and wins cases that others would deem suicidal. That’s his man, getting ready, while Sonny lies naked in bed and sneaks pictures.

And then he’ll take pictures of Rafael, on their days off, just lazing around and lounging on their couch. Sonny will normally be in the kitchen when it happens, making dinner, like he always does when he actually has the time to do it. On their days off, they usually run errands or go on little dates – visit the farmer’s market, perhaps, so Sonny has fresh basil and tomatoes to use in his pasta dish that night, or run by a Bed, Bath, and Beyond because they’ve been dying to put up new curtains. So when they come home, Rafael always, without fail, lets himself collapse on the couch. It’s the only time of the week that Sonny ever gets to see him fully relaxed, and it’s a sight that he drinks in like a starving man to a well.

Rafael will be in sweats and a t-shirt, normally, watching recordings that have piled up from the week or Netflix. His hair is always soft and fluffy, free from it’s confines of gel, and he’ll let himself lay back with his legs spread across the couch and it all makes Sonny so happy. His man is amazing – he busts his ass every day to make the world a safer place, and he deserves to throw his feet up and relax.

So Sonny sneaks his pictures from the cover of the kitchen island, and those are the images that he always goes back to on particularly rough days.

I just wanna let hoseok know that he can take however long he wants on the hixtape. If he’s not happy with the hixtape then he’s just not happy like he’s a perfectionist he’s going to doubt himself even when we know the hixtape will be amazing but no matter what but we are going to keep supporting him and keep sending him love so he can see how many people are behind him supporting him while he finishes completing the hixtape the way he’s happy with.


After thinking a bit more about this post, and also consulting
@egyptiansapphiredragons, I feel confident enough to put some thoughts out there that really get me about the nature and development of Yami Yugi’s and Seto’s relationship - how so much goes entirely unsaid, and how much this defines their relationship. 

So buckle up, because here are way too many words on card game fixated idiots struggling with basic social skills. Or as I will now rather overdramatically call it:

The Friendship That Dare Not Speak Its Name

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Pic-Lit 9 - Kiaya

Because today was wonderful with so much love coming my way I decided to post a day earlier then I was planing.

I love you all so much.

The first time Kiaya became aware, she could feel her heart beat, and how very cold she was.  She opened her eyes and, for a moment, she wasn’t sure she had.  It was so dark.  Many blinks and heartbeats later, a dim green glow from her hand, which didn’t illuminate much, was the only improvement.  

Kiaya sat up.  She screamed.

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