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[Jyn Erso]’s very determined. She’s strong-willed. She has an independence. But I didn’t want her to become a caricature. It was very important that we found her humanity and her vulnerability, and also that the audience would be with her.

Happy Birthday, Felicity Rose Hadley Jones! (October 17, 1983)

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I don't normally do these prompt things, but “I don’t mean to sound paranoid but I’m pretty sure you’re a serial killer" sounds really interesting. No pressure!

Bucky watches from his window as the guy who lives in C107 climbs up the fire escape in about five steps. He pauses when he sees Bucky and gives him a little smile and a salute. Bucky forces a smile back.

Because, despite the guy from C107’s blond hair, charming smile, and generally pleasant demeanor, Bucky’s pretty sure that he’s a serial killer.

— —

C107 moved in three weeks ago during the middle of the night, because that’s what serial killers do. They come in the middle of the night, murder everyone on their floor, and leave before anyone can find their bodies. It doesn’t matter that C107 smiles shyly at him in the mailroom or helps the old lady in E202 with her groceries; Bucky knows what’s up. He knows that C107 sneaks out almost every night and doesn’t come back until morning, and never through the front door. Once or twice, Bucky’s seen him covered with blood.

So the guy’s a serial killer, and Bucky’s not sure what to do about that.

— —

There’s a knock on Bucky’s door.

Bucky texts Darcy: It’s the serial killer and I’m going to die.

Darcy texts back: have fun!

It’s not a helpful answer.

Bucky takes a deep breath and walks towards the door. It’s better that he just opens it up and accepts his fate. It’ll be hard enough for the landlord to rent out his apartment again after everyone finds out that a murder took place; he may as well not make any messy clean-up bills by having the serial killer knock down the door or something like that. Makes things simpler in the long run.

He opens it.

C107 is standing there, shirt covered in blood. “Hi,” he says with a bit of a sheepish smile.

“Oh,” Bucky says, then promptly passes out, because if there’s one thing that Bucky isn’t good with, it’s blood.

— —

He wakes up on his couch, underneath a blanket, and with the fluffiest pillow in his apartment beneath his bed. He does not wake up in Heaven (or Hell, if all of those fire and brimstone ‘homosexuals are killing America’ preachers are to be believed) because C107 killed him.

Bucky blinks a few times, then hears C107 on the phone. “No, that’s not… I don’t care if he knows who I am! That’s the point!”

Bucky closes his eyes again. It’s not worth it. He’s going to die.

“Well, what was I supposed to do, Tony? March into his apartment in my Cap uniform and commandeer his laundry machine?”

That’s… kinky.

“No, no, I’ll… I don’t want to wake him up! I’ll talk to you later, Tony.”

Bucky opens his eyes again, just to be a little sneaky, but of course C107 is already looking at him. “Hi there!” he says, far too perky for someone with a shirt covered in blood.

“Uh, hey,” Bucky says, pushing himself up.

“Easy now,” C107 says, rushing over to the couch. “Don’t force yourself,” he says.

“Why would you care?” Bucky asks, a bit hysterical as C107 reaches out to touch Bucky’s forehead with the back of his hand. “Since you’re here to murder me, and all.”

C107 drops his hand. “What?” he asks, incredulous.

“I’ve seen you! Crawling through the window at night! You’re going to kill me and honestly? I’m not prepared for it. I have… four things to live for. At least. Maybe five.”

C107 just stares.

“Six?” Bucky offers. “I’m not sure I can list more than six, to tell the truth.”

“I’m… I’m not going to kill you,” he says.

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “I have a hard time believing that.”

“No, no! I’m… I needed to borrow someone’s laundry machine and I saw you were up. That’s all.”

Bucky blinks. “You have your own in your unit.”

“It’s busted,” C107 says.

“Because you put bloody things in it all the time?” Bucky asks.

C107 snorts. “No, because the last resident and their partner had relations on it and busted it.”

“Go Kevin,” Bucky says.

C107 laughs. “Anyhow,” he says when he’s done, “I’m not here to kill you.”

“That’s a relief.”

“I mean, I have killed people before,” Bucky’s eyes go wide then C107 says in a rush, “but most of them were Nazis.”

“I’m not following here,” Bucky says, throat dry.

C107 sighs. “Okay, it’s. I’m. Captain America?” he says, wincing. “And I was just wondering if I could borrow your washing machine.”

Bucky nods. “Alright, okay, that’s…”

And it’s a good thing he’s already on the couch, because he passes out again.


“At the very last costume aisle, you spot Stretch and Crooks hanging out. Stretch is wearing a rainbow tutu and adjusting a rather extravagant pirate’s hat atop Crooks’s head. Of course, the latter skeleton has to crouch down to allow him to do so”

-SSLL, Chapter 22 - @tyranttortoise



*lightly sobs*

Post on Chinomiko’s facebook (very bad translation)

“I can’t wait for the next episode of Eldarya >w<
I will stalk you ahah ! *rubs her hands*

But due to an hospitalization/recovery, I will not be present when it’s launched ):
I trust the team with taking care of all that in any case !
(it was an expected operation, not an health problem, be reassured n_n )

This brings me to address something I really wanted to talk about for a moment :

During the last months, my role at Beemoov evolved a lot.
I was asked, (and I’m also okay with it ) to take care of different projects. In order to be able to offer you more games.
But obviously I’m not an octopus, and I can’t be at the oven and the mill at the same time.
So I had to learn to DELEGATE.
And it was really hard leaving my creations unfinished. But now it’s done !

What do I do now ?
I am in charge of the universes of my games. I have to make sure that everything that’s produced is coherent and in line with what has been done since the start. Be it the storyboard, events, illustrations… all this together with a lot of meetings and other things with the various heads of the company (note: not so sure about the last sentence :X). Which takes a lot of time.
With all these changes, I draw regularly, but unfortunately a lot less. So it has also been part of my new role to search for talentuous people to support me.
The changes have been done softly on the games, I think it has worked well :) (not sure about that either…)

To sum up everything, the job of illustrator for MCL, just like for Eldarya has become a real team work, like a studio.
It’s not rare to have five different people put hands on a single illustration. The outfits can be done by many hands too, with each person doing a different outfit for an event/episode etc…

I needed to say that, and for you to be aware, that behind every drawing (or scenario), even if I “guide” everything, now I’m very far from being the only one to intervene on it :)”

I think we can stop worrying about Moonlight Lovers now, since Chino is going to work on all the projects together ^^