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That’s the thing about us romantics,” she said. “We’re far too enamored of self-sacrifice. We’ll always step aside for the better story, let someone else be happy even if it’s at our expense. We don’t mind bowing out because our hearts bleed better than they beat anyway. We figure, if anyone should be the one left alone while he falls for someone else, it should be us. Because unlike everyone else, romantics never really turn bitter when we think about love. As long as love wins, our losses seem pretty insignificant. And if I don’t get to be happy with you, at least I have other stories to lose myself in.
—  For Romantics (And Writers)
Jin ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

Okay, honestly people aren’t talking enough about Jin’s cover. Jin has worked so hard to keep up in BTS, from the beginning to now you can hear how much his voice has developed into this beautiful sound of a pure angel. In AHL we saw how he has to practice dancing over & over again to perfect himself to keep up with hoseok. Think of how he must practice for all their dances to look in sync & perfectly kept up with everyone else. Jin truly is such a hard worker as the oldest hyung too to take care of everyone. I honestly am typing just all over the place & just rambling about Jin right now but he really should be appreciated & noticed more because he’s such a beautiful human being & he has so much potential to show us more of his ever growing skills. I love him so much & I hope that him & bangtan will always be happy, get to rest & eat well, they deserve so much for all their hard work!

okay this is the last i’m gonna talk about this on here

obviously, chris and jeremy said those things as a joke. okay, we all get that. but the problem is that they, two famous white adult cishet men, used such gross misogynistic slurs as jokes and clearly didn’t understand that being misogynists even as a joke is NOT funny and should never be perpetuated. i don’t hate chris and i could never drop him, but it’s really really important that people understand that what he said was really problematic and offensive. please stop defending it just because you love him. i love him too; but i hate misogyny more and everyone else should too. THAT’S why this is such an issue.

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that-coolblue said: Someday all the patapon fans on this site should band together and show everyone else we love this little rhythm game about singing and dancing eyeballs (/) ò u ó)/)

(\(òuó )/) Patapon game is awesome!

Anonymous said: Your art is freaking goregous! Seeing all your patapon art is making me miss it so bad ;-; I’m very thankful tough, it’s making me remember really cool stuff so thank you a lot.

And thank youuu Anon! <3

calibore said: u need to make the pre-scratch trolls too oh my god that is the best

Thank youu and maybe? xD

One day I got an idea randomly… “what would it sounds if patapon trolls post-scratch evolves like in the patapon3 game?”

post-scratch –> pre-scratch –> ancestors?

Yeah, I sketched the pre-scratch trolls but in evolve mode…

…it sounded ridiciolous. pfff…

…“some” ancestors patapon looks like one eyed walking bushes…

…I skipped the-whole-random-evolve-idea thing, haha!

sense8: *has a trans lesbian character, exposes the hardships of being gay in a conservative country, deals with arranged marriage issues, has many POC characters from everywhere, shows a great deal of feminism and how hard it is being a women in asia especially, deals with capitalism, abuse of power, shows how better policemen should be, deals with loss of children and PTSD, shows characters with mental illnesses’s, exposes whitewashing, and many different economic problems in many different countries besides america*

everyone else: sens8 is too sexual and inappropriate for me haha, but i love oitnb :)  


On top: trying to get used to drawing the design

On bottom: getting better

you guys can use this as reference but be sure to give credit though in the design

jack if you see this all i just want to say is thank you and mark for changing my life and everyone elses lifes too we’ve couldn’t have done it without you both for the love and support that you given, we love you guys

(if you guys want me to make more i’ll do it and suggest what youtuber/letsplayer i should do next like what animal should be this person or something like that)

I love music because it makes me feel something. People these days are scared to feel anything. Feeling passionate and showing emotion and going deeper isn’t praised the way it should be. Instead it’s a game of who can show less. Everyone hides how they feel because they don’t want to be the ones to feels too much. So I have to look elsewhere to get the feeling I need, to feel the way I want to feel. Music gives me a better, stronger, more spiritual feeling than anything else, and I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life where I don’t crave that feeling.
—  Wise words of my good friend Angela Piro, this quote is everything.

FLY TOGETHER: Chicago Blackhawks Mix Tape 

[For my favorite sports team, because I love those idiots.This is an extremely serious mix which you should take extremely seriously. ]

01 Domino – Brandon Saad / 02 Classic – Marian Hossa / 03 Hey Brother – Duncan Keith / 04 Not a Bad Thing – Niklas Hjalmarsson / 05 Starships – Patrick Kane / 06 Young Blood – Jonathan Toews / 07 Wild Ones – Scott Darling / 08 Get Lucky – Bryan Bickell / 09 Shake It Out – Brad Richards / 10 Some Nights – Brent Seabrook / 11 It’s Time – Patrick Sharp / 12 Sex On Fire – Johnny Odyua / 13 Bulletproof – Corey Crawford / 14 Happy – Antti Raanta / 15 Fancy Footwork – Marcus Kruger / 16 Second Go – Kris Versteeg / 17 Young Volcanoes – David Runblad / 18 The Fighter – Andrew Shaw / 19 Dynamite – Dan Carcillo [x]

*front flips from the void and gives you a comic*


I just noticed I like to make two panel comics a lot. I should probs make more than just two panels in the future.

This is the only comic that survived the drafts, all the other drafts were too late since everyone else did the comics based on those quotes much better than me. I love them so much.

Thank you again @incorrectbungoustraydogs for your wonderful blog and quotes!!

*strolls back into the void*

no one warned me: vixx edition

no one warned me that cha n hakyeon is a selfie queen mother hen who loves makeup and beauty products but it’s actually bc he has major self image problems and genuinely cares for everyone except himself and never allows himself to be sad or upset on camera for everyone else’s sake

no one warned me that jung leo taekwoon has major camera shyness and seems quiet and unapproachable but it hides the reality that he is actually the most lovely human being on the planet who has a soft voice like a kitten and loves children and animals

no one warned me that lee ken jaehwan is a 4d aegyo machine who jokingly says things like ‘i’m adorable ken’ and it really is part of his personality but that part of his personality is designed specifically to distract from what is actually a huge lack of self confidence

no one warned me that kim ravi wonshik seems like a giant 5 yr old who sleeps at random times but he’s actually a sweetheart and a good big brother who stays up all night working on music and therefore tries to sleep whenever he can during the day

no one warned me that lee hongbin seems like a harmless beautiful space case pageant queen but in reality he’s a giant memer who holds no prisoners and he didn’t become a basketball player bc of a health condition but?? then he dances like 18 hours a day and eats bird feed probably?? why

no one warned me that han sanghyuk is an adorable tiny baby who is actually super evil because he is actually by far the smartest one and knows how cute he is and uses this to his advantage to troll the fuck out of everyone and has literally zero fucks to give abt the pointless repetitive conversations of his hyungs 


Kinugawa Atushi’s Monologue | Yufuin En’s Monologue

Okay so I just picked out some screenshots that I feel are quite important or relevant…whatever but I translated most of Atsushi’s monologue (minus the parts with Yumoto that are already translated since they can be found HERE)

I’ll put everything under a cut since it’s gonna get pretty lengthy so…….enjoy the read I guess! I’m sorry if some parts sound awkward I don’t write fics for a reason TvT

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You know who’s beautiful and tiny? Andrew Minyard. He is my tiny angry gay baby and i will protect him with my life even though i am pathetic and he is perfectly capable of defending himself. Who’s with me?


“I want to tell women that you need to love yourself and make yourself a priority. It’s only when you are happy yourself, can you make everyone else around you happy. I am still a dreamer and still believe in fairy tales, but there is only that much one should give another person. You need to keep something for yourself.

Films with female protagonists don’t attract many eyeballs. Most of them are perceived as feminist films. If Bollywood starts giving women major roles in entertaining movies, then the audience, too, will open up to the idea of watching commercial films in which the actresses do more than just play the role of the hero’s love interest.”

- Bipasha Basu


1. absolutely not, i mean do you how fkin awesome we are? I could go on for daaayyyyyss about how much i love hufflepuff and why everyone else should too.  read this, and this, and especially this and then come cozy down in our hobbit hole common room and bask in the ambiance of our collective greatness.

2&3: These two can kind of be answered in the same way. The thing about houses is that you don’t always have to possess the valuable traits, they need to be something you WANT or that you believe in. My personality is very Gryffindor, I'm adventurous and daring, show off-y at times and I can get arrogant. But what is most important to me is kindness, loyalty and hard work and that is what makes me hufflepuff. Because that is the person I WANT to be and those are the people who would help me achieve that best.
Hermione isnt a Gryffindor for her courage (which is considerable) but she is because she believes bravery and such are “more important than books and cleverness” as she says in the first book. She could’ve easily gone into Ravenclaw as we all know, because she was brilliant and knowledge was important to her. But she believed more in the traits of Gryffindor, that was the kind of person she wanted to be.

I have always assumed that it was a similar situation with Peter, that he valued courage and bravery and wanted to be that kind of person so thats where he was placed, so that people there could help him achieve it. Much like Neville, who asked to be put into hufflepuff only because he possessed none of the traits of a gryffindor at that time, but the hat knew he could become what he thought he should be with the help of that house.
Sometimes though I wonder if Peter weren’t Gryffindor what would he be? He both fits and doesn’t into every house. He was cunning, though not ambitious. He worked hard but was not loyal. He was a good wizard whether people want to admit it or not, and fairly smart even if he did only think of himself but he had no thirst for knowledge, no love of learning.
anyway, that is my theory. It’s never been said why he was in gryffindor, only that the hat did not make a mistake with him.


I think that everyone should have the right to be with whoever they love. I mean, love is so rare and - God, first of all, marriage is so hard. I think that people should be able to be with whoever they love. Life is too short. I just don't think it's anyone else's business.

We all should be talking about Jean and Armin in chapter 79 more!! 

  • Armin, paralyzed with anxiety because he misread the situation previously and doesn’t know where to go from here, asking Jean to take over. 
  • Jean, seamlessly accepting his request but letting him know that, ultimately, he’s going to depend on Armin again for a plan. 
  • Jean, noticing that Armin is crying tears of frustration and anxiety, and telling him to buck up and believe in himself and the others. 
  • Armin, who stops crying after Jean firmly calms him down in an absolute-stress, life or death situation. 
  • Jean and Armin having a mutual, healthy, relationship based on equality, trust, and communication. 
  • Jean and Armin helping each other out when they need it the most. 

i just don’t understand the paulie love… like?!?!?!?!?! he had one night where he met the very low bar of being a decent human being and called frank out on his sexual harassment. which i loved, but other then that? he’s cocky and a misogynistic asshole. slut shaming natalie every chance he gets. calling her a “one nighter”, questioning if the amount of people she slept with was true… as if that’s any of his fucking business, mocking why she needs to be in the house and calling it a “sob story”. which is such a privileged white boy thing to say. like he’s well off, he doesn’t have to worry. so of course everyone else should be well off too! his ott hatred for tiffany is weird, and no he wasn’t right about her turning into vanessa. since it was weeks of isolation and people telling tiffany she’s not allowed to have any emotions that caused her to snap. so like explain how paulie is some great guy? because of one night of meeting the bare minimum of being a decent human? because he’s paired with zakiyah? cause other then those 2 factors he’s a complete and totally cocky misogynist.