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Can I just honestly say, (and this is not me throwing shade to your blog or anything because I love your blog this is just my opinion) why should African-American fans of Korean music have to be a whole separate category? We're just fans like everyone else.. We just happen to be black.

This blog is supposed to be a safe space for black Kpop fans because when we speak out about the appropriation and other issues like antiblackness we are told we’re being ‘too sensitive’ by non black Kpop fans. That’s the short answer.

-Admin Kim

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i am so thankful for the friendships formed and fun I’ve had on this dang website, and i thought it’d be time for a follow forever (finallY!!!!!!!!) I’m sure theres at least one person I’ve forgotten, (hmu if thats you :) but these people are all super awesome and beautiful and you should totally follow them

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Mom says I can’t love girls
the way I would love a boy.
Dad thinks I am three drinks
too many and somebody
should call a taxi.
I think I found my heart
in the backseat of her car,
looking up at the sky,
empty of all the stars.
I wonder if they will show 
up for us when people no
longer hold everyone else
back from loving.
After all, it’s hard to shine
when everybody around 
is telling you that it’s
something you’ve gotta hide.
—  I am going to shine brightly enough for them to see that you and I were meant to be
A few things you should always remember
  • you are good enough 
  • you deserve the best 
  • some people may not see your worth - which means they are not worth your time 
  • someone loves you with all their heart and as you continue your path there will be even more people who do 
  • no matter how hard it seems right now, there will be brighter days, you can make it through 
  • you are human, you make mistakes, everyone does. the important thing is to learn from them 
  • every experience you have may not be positive, but they all make you stronger and help you grow from other’s and your own mistakes 
  • if people tell you you can’t do something, do it just to prove them wrong 
  • this is your life, not anyone else’s - do with it what you want 
  • you are beautiful and unique in this world, there is no one like you. treat yourself like you would anything unique you find: with care and respect and love  
  • in the end everything will be good and fall into place. if it’s not good now, it means it is not the end.

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Yesterday you answered an ask for someone wondering why Gemini's can be perceived as annoying and then you said that really all signs are since we have negative traits. I was wondering if you could do the same for Sagittarius?

  • “philosophical”:  every single sagittarius you meet has some sort of philosophy to life that they follow and that everyone else should too!! they love to “give advice” (they’re preachy)
  • optimistic: blindly so, they’re positivity can make them resilient but they don’t understand why others cant just do the same (since they’re also self centred). its also clouds their judgement despite many being intuitive
  • self-unaware: but they can’t tell, their philosophical side makes them think they understand themselves and world
  • leaders: bossy, and even tyrannical. they can be very nice but its always their way or the highway
  • learners: they love learning and experiencing!! and they’ll let you know. they know everything. trust me they learnt a lot when walked the great wall of china

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is sense8 good? should I watch it?

Do you want your life to change for the better? Do you want your mind to be blown? Do you want to sob about ships and characters that are too cute and too precious for this world?


Like, no lie, this is the best show I have ever seen. Better than The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. It touches on subjects everyone else is too scared to do, but it doesn’t do it in a blatant, neon-sign kind of way. It’s just reality. It’s not “HERE’S A GAY AGENDA SHOW,” it’s just actual fucking reality.

Nomi is a trans woman (played by a trans woman, directed by a trans woman) in San Francisco living with her girl friend. They frequent pride parades and the LGBT+ community quite a lot, and her mother insists on calling her “Michael.” Will is a cop in Chicago who’s still a bit traumatized from a missing person’s case when he was a little boy. His dad is a ex-cop who fell from grace back during his career (and that guy was the traitor in the first Matrix fyi). Lito is an actor in Mexico City who’s actually an extremely closeted gay man. His boyfriend and love of his life, Hernando, is so amazing and understanding, but then Lito’s cover girlfriend figures out what’s happening and a beautiful threesome is born. Riley is an Icelandic DJ living in London to escape an extremely traumatic past. Her dad is super supportive of her and she frequents the drug scene quite a lot, but ends getting wrapped in a lot of crime due to something she witnessed. Wolfgang is locksmith/thief in Berlin who’s father was a seriously abusive ass. He loves to sing, but happiness is a far reach for him as he seems to believe he can never be happy due to the monster he was born to be. Capheus IS A SWEET CINNAMON ROLL born and raised in Kenya. He has a small bus business that he uses to keep him and his mother a float, though she is suffering with AIDs and doesn’t look to have long left for this world, but he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS finds the bright side. Kala, a young woman in Mumbai who is a very devout Hindi, works for a huge pharmaceutical company and has a degree and everything and she’s also betrothed. Unfortunately, she does not love the man she’s set to marry, despite him owning the company she works for, but she feels that it would make her family proud and that she has no other choice in the matter. Sun is a business woman in Seoul who frequents boxing matches late at night. She works for her father’s company in the shadow of her shitty brother who is the apple of her father’s eye, but when she realizes something’s going on before the rest of her family sees it, Sun is left with a horrible decision that would either save herself or her family. (And also she was Sonmi-451 in Cloud Atlas.)

These eight people all suddenly become mentally connected in a way that makes them all one person. They can channel each other’s knowledge, skills, and abilities, making them something called Sensates, which the government is very afraid of. It’s almost like an X-Men vibe. Oh and it’s made by the Wachowskis.

It touches on sexuality, gender, identity, family, love, hate, religion, drugs, just everything and idk man but this is an amazing show and yes yes yes you should watch it everyone should watch it idk why everyone hasn’t watched it yet it’s perfect please watch it.

Also did I mention that Lito goes through PMS cause he goes through PMS. oh and there’s an orgy.


Maybe some of you remember my little fox character/sona Aonik. Back in 2006, when I created it, my thoughts were “I want a character I could identify myself with. It would be a bird… ahh.. but I don’t know how to draw birds, and gestures seem difficult too, maybe that’s the reason why everyone else makes a dog/cat sona, they are easier to draw… Hmm, I like foxes, I like Japanese mythology and I can draw foxes, so a kitsune will do! And it will have little bird wings!”. And that’s was it.

I recalled those thoughts and decided to make a “what if I knew how to draw birds back then” version, mixing the kitsune thing with a bird and this was the result. I’ve been using this design to draw silly Tourabu doodles lately, heh.

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I need help. My best friend just told me that she has a problem with eating where she starves herself sometimes and then doesn't and then stops eating again. She's eating regularly now, but what do I do when she's starving herself again? She's my best friend and I don't want her to get hurt. What do I do???

Hi, so I’ve been in this position. My best friend is a recovered anorexic, and it was really tough watching her go through it (and then amazing to see her recover), but I definitely did not act in the right way when she was really struggling, because when you see someone everyday, it’s hard to notice the subtle changes they make and I didn’t know how to respond to her going through that, and then once she told me I tried to be the best friend that I could. Anyway, I would say go ask Ava (my best friend), if she has any advice for you because I’m sure she would be more than happy to help  and can give you a much better answer than I can xx

OH HEY, LOOK WHO IT IS (spoilers)




… Seriously, though. Speaking as a person who once gave up doing something I loved, and struggled to crawl my way back to it, while all those cynical voices in my head kept telling me I was no good and I should just quit because everyone else was so much better, I FEEL SO MUCH FOR THIS KID. Overcoming that feeling is one of the hardest things in the world. It might not seem like it from the outside… But it is So. Damn. Hard. Sometimes it feels pretty much impossible. (For many people, honestly, it is.)

But Ogiwara DID IT. He is standing there, right now, with a basketball in his hand. In that way, he’s arguably even stronger than the Generation of Miracles. Because they had to deal with a downward spiral of their own, and in the end, they needed help from other people to come back from it. (And there’s nothing wrong with needing help. We can’t always do this stuff alone.)

But Ogiwara overcame his demons all by himself. Not only that, but he encouraged Kuroko to keep going, even during the time when he was in his darkest place about basketball. Kuroko was going to quit, but he didn’t. Because of Ogiwara. So really, Ogiwara is the one who made this awesome story possible at all.

… Which is why he’s my favorite hero in this whole damn beautiful show. This show filled with flawed, screwed-up, mistake-making, nevertheless heroic people.

Basically, the fact that he appears in that stadium feels like Fujimaki-sensei saying to us, “You know what? Screw plot devices. Forget sacrificial lambs. That bullshit doesn’t fly. Because you know what this is? THIS IS A MAGICAL RAINBOW SPORTS ANIME. NOBODY IS GOING TO GET LEFT BEHIND. NOBODY SURRENDERS, NOBODY DISAPPEARS. NO, THEY’RE ALL GOING TO STAY RIGHT HERE AND PLAY SPARKLY IMPOSSIBLE BASKETBALL. TOGETHER, PEOPLE.”

I love him. I’m celebrating right there with you, Kuroko.


(And yes, in case you were wondering, this is my favorite scene in all of Kuroko no Basuke. THIS ONE RIGHT HERE.)


(… Okay the grizzled fangirl is going back into her cave now, completely overwhelmed with her out-of-control feels for a sports anime)


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‘’It is natural to your body change as you age. I had a long way, too taxing either the mental level as physical and emotional and I’m proud of where I am today. When I look back, it saddens me to know that I was so hard on myself. When I was younger, I thought it should look like everyone else but I have learned that beauty comes from how you feel about yourself. Once I started taking care of my mind, body and soul, I realized I did not need to be in the standards of what is “normal” and began to love what I am.’’


i bought this kiddo from clanraire with LOVELY art (later discovered he is my thanatos’s young nephew! how about that) and when i asked ppl what dragons i should draw from my lair someone suggested him. he is a good good little deep-eyed starry child and sticks out like a sore thumb from everyone else in my lair.

(I am not really super happy with this either design-wise or just…compositionally or…color-wise….BUT HEYyyy i wish night sky silks actually looked nice on him but he has too much warmth in his wings)


Thank you to endlessbutt and falsepulp for tagging me in the 6 selfie thing, and if you know me you know I love selfies because I love my self or try too.

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Anyone who ever thought I was tough at all should’ve seen me sobbing this morning when this stupid song I’ve never heard before in my life came on the radio.  “Take me into your loving arms,”  the song crooned.

“Nope, can’t,” I said.  “Too busy scaring everyone else in this parking deck because I’M HAVING FEELINGS.”

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I’ll tell you:

The first character I first fell in love with: Makoto
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: None really
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: None really, but Rei and Momo aren’t my kind of characters.
The character I love that everyone else hates: No one hates him, I mean, I haven’t heard any bad words of him, but he gets so little recognition from the fandom, so I have to say Seijuurou.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: None!
The character I would totally smooch: Seijuro! He’s too precious.
The character I’d want to be like: None
The character I’d slap: Rin in season 1 should have gotten a real beating from me :’DD
A pairing that I love: Makoharu
A pairing that I despise: None really, I’m not fond to Haru and Rin, but I wouldn’t call it hate/despising. Not my cup of a tea, that’s all.

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i just started liking one direction right after zayn left (god i wish i'd liked them sooner and seen them live with him) and i'm so late with all of this?? I mean i wish i liked them in middle school with everyone else but that was my "i'm too cool for everyone and i only like music no one has ever heard of" phase but now i finslly realized i don't give a shit what people think so i like them A LOT but i can't share that love with anyone help please??

you can share the love with whoever you want, music, no matter kind what it is, should be shared and enjoyed. Shout it from the rooftops if you want, there’s no shame in it, and hey, you might have someone shout back ‘I love this song too!’ so tell people and talk to people, you never know who will be a fan :)


I was tagged by worriedqueer to do the 6 selfies thing! (**Side note: you should check out their blog because they’re hella cool!**) Anyway, I selected the selfies that I liked the most! I hope that you all like them, too! To continue the trend, I tag oh-mishacollins, blueyeswhitedickinattackmode, thatbitchyouheart, and literally everyone else in the world! Thanks😊

I think the only people who shouldn’t be in relationships are bad people, bad people should not be with people, because if they are bad they should be working on becoming good so that they can have a great relationship with someone.

I mean i know their are some very asexual ppl out there that a romantic relationship does not give more happiness or love to their lives, and that’s o.k. but everyone should experience all that love has to offer that makes them happy.  Asexual people need someone to talk to, turn to, count on, just like everyone else, their needs are just a bit different, not less.
People can “take a break from dating” but what that really means is that they are too afraid, too hurt, too exhausted, too whatever to look for love. and that’s o.k. you shouldn’t look for love. if you surround yourself with the things and people you love, then love will find you! <3

no one can truly love someone until they truly love themselves, and when that happens i think the one you are meant to be with will just show up in front of you and you shouldn’t be too afraid to have everything you want.

Call me a hopeless romantic but that’s what i think anyways.

—  A. Wolf