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         I suppose I owe you a ‘thank you’ for getting me out of the lab every now and then.
                                       Well now, we have husbands and kids.
                  But that doesn’t make our relationship any less important.

I plan on posting this on my Instagram tomorrow when I have better lighting ((and I hope you don’t mind me tagging you in it when I do!)) but I really wanted to send this to you so that I could share my appreciation!

It’s based on the rather unfortunate event that had just happened and I just hope Lillium and Iris reunite soon!!

Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Thank you!! This looks incredible…

Sometimes I think about the fact that Chanyeol and Baekhyun went to the same university in the same field and I wonder if they knew e/o before Exo. Were they already friends? Acquaintances? Is this why they became super close in only one night when Baekhyun arrived in the group?

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Any good blogs to recommend??

ahdfkjhg oh god another callout post to more mutuals i love!! get ready 👀

you can check more of my faves in here and here :’))

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hear me out: hana teaching junkrat to play video games

“okay, so,” hana says, “the main thing to remember is that clicking the left means shoot and moving the mouse around changes where you’re aiming.”

junkrat frowns at the screen and jerks the mouse right. the screen violently changes scenes - in the same area, facing a different direction. wow, he thinks, weird, his stomach doing a bit of a flip, and then he asks, “so what’s the point?”

hana shrugs. “you shoot stuff. shoot enough stuff and shoot it well enough and you move onto the next level.”

“just the same old shit over and over again?”

“yeah, pretty much.”

junkrat blinks, processing this. “you get paid for this?”

“yep. turns out that if you get really good, people like to watch you.” she shrugs again at his incredulous look. “i do not make the rules. are you going to try it or not?”

junkrat looks back to the screen and nods, hesitantly placing his free hand onto the keyboard. hana had made him scrub his fingers clean before he could even think about touching her setup, and he can see why, now; the whole thing is mostly pink and white, easily smudged if he isn’t careful. “how do i move again?”

“these four keys,” hana says, reaching out to move his fingers to the proper place. “up, down, left, right. pretty simple. hardest part is coordinating both hands.”

“seems dumb, doin’ stuff like this,” junkrat says as he gently moves his character forward. all he can see of the actual player is their hands and a gun of some kind, darting through some kind of forest, and he takes a few experimental shots. the firearm lets out a few pathetic coughs as it sprays some ammo; a flimsy, weak weapon, in his opinion - he’d trade it for a grenade launcher any day of the week. “what’s the point, if it ain’t gonna get you things?”

there’s a short silence. “dunno,” hana says.

“why not? you do this shit all the time.”

“yeah,” hana says.

“so?” junkrat prods.

“dunno,” hana says again, and then elaborates, “i get paid for it. and i like it, i guess. and i drive my mech because of it.” an enemy pops up on the screen - he’s so taken off-guard that the first few shots go wide, and his character grunts as a few bullets from the enemy hit him. “just something to do.”

junkrat hums thoughtfully. a few seconds later and he gets a headshot, and the enemy falls. nothing too exciting, and he keeps moving forward. “that’s it?”

“sometimes it is easier to just pretend you are not living your life, you know?” hana says, and the way she says it makes junkrat look away from the screen. she’s expressionless, as if knowing his eyes are on her. “an escape. that is all it is.”

he doesn’t really get it, mostly. his whole life has orbited survival. there was never time to relax or do much of anything that didn’t relate to that. but hana seems to enjoy video games, and she’d made an effort to find him a game that had minimal reading required, and he likes to think he and hana are friends, kind of, so he doesn’t say what first comes to mind. hog would be proud, if he was here.

“you are getting killed,” hana says eventually. junkrat looks back at the screen just as his character lets out an agonized screen and falls; GAME OVER flashes in red letters and hana says, “sorry. i know this probably does not interest you at all.”

“s’fine,” junkrat says, waving a hand. “i’ll give it another go. think i could get around to liking this, eventually.”

“yeah?” hana says, and there’s a tiny smile on her face. “cool. just hit the second button there.”

junkrat does. he dies again thirty seconds later, but hana’s laughing and that’s ten more seconds than last time, so he’ll take what little victories he can get.

Well I guess I see now why the writers dropped the Ray & Mick and the Amaya & Mick friendships from earlier in the season, and why they seemed to have such a hard-on for lone and friendless Mick stuff. But it’s still not like the whole “we never trusted him”/“I don’t have friends” stuff makes much sense anyway.

I seem to remember (using Ray as an example because these are the examples which come most readily to mind) Ray and Mick being partners, Ray giving Mick a pet rat (which did nearly kill him as a direct consequence of Mick’s untidiness which Mick nearly broke Ray’s wrist when he pointed out and Ray immediately accepted blame for but never mind), Ray and Mick fighting together in Out of Time, Mick taking Ray’s place at the Oculus, both of them wearing matching Christmas party hats and Ray going to Mick after Snart died. But they aren’t friends, oh no, of course not, not even when Ray greets Mick as “Buddy!” or the rat’s existence pretty much implies they spend a lot of time hanging out together or anything.

As for trusting him, Mick was literally holding the spear. This very powerful artefact which can be used to rewrite reality. He was. Holding it. Sara handed it to him. Oh, but they don’t trust him at all. They never fight alongside him and never give him a place on their missions and exclude him from all their briefings and oh. Except they do. They do trust him. (I mean maybe Mick doesn’t feel like it right now and that’s reasonable, what with Snart’s manipulation and everything, but for the show to act like it’s actually the case is ludicrous.)

I also remember Mick going to rescue Ray and Nate in Shogun, and recognising that, “They’d do the same for me”. It seems like a step backwards had been taken in terms of Mick’s character development, to the point where this does him a disservice.

It just seems to me like the writers needed the Legion to get the Spear and weren’t sure how else to do it (personally, I’d much rather it had been Nate who betrayed everyone because the emotional impact of that, that none of the characters would have had a clue it would happen, and maybe he finally would have been interesting, we’ve gone through this with Mick before etc). But I was rooting for the inverse of the scene from Marooned, with Mick choosing the Legends over evil!Snart. Maybe next week I guess. Come on, show.