i love it a lot

the coolest thing about green day’s discography is the fact that you can literally grow up with them by listening to their albums in order.

a 17 year old singing about crushes and being scared about their future. a 23 year old singing about anxiety and starting a family. a 32 year old singing about their anger and dissatisfaction with the government and world events. a 45 year old singing about overcoming addiction and reflecting on past experiences.

and all this just makes me feel so much….relief. because all my current struggle are only temporary and even though i feel consumed by them right now, one day i’ll grow up and be so happy and look back at all this and realize that it’s all in the past.

You guys … just take in for a moment just what a big deal Jen Cohn and Lucie Pohl doing that proposal is. 

The VAs for Pharah and Mercy not only show support for the ship.

But they help their lgbt fans propose to one another, and support their marriage as well.

That’s absolutely amazing, and it means the world to someone like me, who had to go through a span of several years of being in denial of my sexual orientation, due to my disapproving family and the deep-seated and internalized homophobia I had as well.

So to show them showing support for their fans in that way means a lot, and I don’t think I can properly convey it through words.

We are truly blessed to have these two as the VAs for Pharah and Mercy, and we are truly blessed by the Overwatch VA cast.

I absolutely adore them so much, and they truly are wonderful human beings.

@painedpower as Fine as bernthal is, frank lives alone surrounded by guns and spends days on end stalking bad guys in the back of a sweaty van, ten minutes away from just injecting a pot of
coffee into his veins

wanting to have sex with frank is a journey few, i think, actually want to take on

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tell me one thing that makes ontae so great?

you sure want one thing? T.T

hmm I think because they are special case, the two met on the rooftop when none of them knew each other, jinki offered to be his vocal teacher and gave him private lessons. he didn’t say “ taemin is another trainee, I should not help him, he might debut and not me” he genuinely helped him. i feel just happy with the thought of how their reaction was when they debuted together. it’s obvious that onew has a soft spot for taemin and taemin has a soft spot for onew as well. taemin isn’t afraid to even say how much he likes onew to public and he stated  that he loves him. i think the best was when a fan asked him to write something heart fluttering and he wrote ” i love you onew hyung”. there is a saying that if you stayed with someone a lot you will end up doing what he does and copy him and you can see that in ontae(probably every member copy each other but ontae more) i’m going to do a post about that later btw. whether you think of ontae as a father and son or leader and maknae or you are an ontae shipper you know how special they are and i think that what makes them so great  and lastly i want to put some gifs to cleanse my soul

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the one that made every ontae shipper and the world explode

and lastly my favorite (basically the mc called onew taemin and taemin onew and that was their response )

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