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May I request a Dutch/Tennie fusion?

I was gonna draw them doing the Electric Slide but for some reason I still associate Dutch with the Lindy Hop, SO

Their fusion would be super cute!  And have the maximum number of arms with which to make cutting-edge super-functional art installations.  Soft-spoken, but taking approximately -293% of peoples’ shit.  

Plus they would use all their arms to the fullest at all times?  They’re uniquely spectacular at using all four of their arms for four different tasks all at the same time. 

Can definitely do four different secret handshakes with four seperate people all at the same time.  Or build a four-armed jaeger to do it for them.


TOS Chekov is just as smart as AOS Chekov

He’s a little genius who can fix computers and list off every animal ever that can glow

He knows a ton about stellar cartography and astral navigation and starship engineering and chemistry and all kinds of other stuff

The only difference is that he likes to mess with people and sass gods

He’d rather use his big brain to have fun and go on adventures and make friends and be a flirty, sarcastic little shit

I mean who wouldn’t

And honestly after years of working his ass off at the academy and getting posted to a galaxy class starship on a five year mission of exploration as a member of the alpha bridge crew where officers with years more experience rely on his input and give him duties well beyond his rank all while speaking a second or third language he deserves to have fun

He’s working with the youngest captain, the smartest science officer, the fastest pilot, the most multi-lingual communications officer, the most innovative engineer, the most effective doctor and honestly the best starship crew Starfleet has ever seen and there’s a reason for that

Pavel Chekov is a genius in any universe


Thank you for these three years

Say hello to my school work… Making 29 page long presentations about logo designs/my process (that I have worked on for 5 hours straight), logos that I basically want to throw into a bonfire because I’ve stared at them for DAYS, postcards for a watch ad, and making cardboard boxes for eggs…

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Do you watch Once Upon a Time? If so, who are your favorite characters?

I watched the first two seasons and half of the third- stopped somewhere around the Pan storyline and then forgot to pick it back up. I didn’t really LOVE it- I like the concept of FAIRY TALE CHARACTERS but I found myself getting super bored with the not-fairy-tale segments, ahaha.

Favorite characters were Evil Queen / Regina and Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold! AND HOOK. AND MULAN AAAaaaa

Dunno if I’ll ever go back and finish it all. I know the Frozen cast popped up soon after where I left off so MMMAYBE I WILL FOR THEM

omfg though i reminds me of the time i was Tinkerbell for a party and one of the kids was like “REMEMBER WHEN PETER PAN KILLED HOOKS BROTHER???” and in my head i’m like ‘oh lord who let her watch ouat’ and had to be like HA HA I DON’T REMEMBER THAT MAYBE IT HAPPENED IN A DIFFERENT UNIVERSE!!!!!

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do you know what kind of music did jongin recommended before? if it's not too troublesome

When he was on Young Street radio last year he reccomended these songs:

I’m a Hotshot - HOTSHOT
Slower - Brandy
My Everything - Bumkey (I love this song so much)
Montreal - The Weeknd
Toy - Dynamic Duo, Zion.T, Crush
First Love - EXO
Beautiful Goodbye - G.Soul
Girl (ft. Kaytranada) - The Internet

He’s also mentioned many times how much he likes G.Soul and G.Soul also mentioned that they’ve talked before. He’s covered Beautiful Goodbye and Love me again so I think that can count as reccomendations too.

He also said this in his Nylon interview last year:

I hope this helped♡

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Actually, while you've been cheering over Ouma for over a day, what's your thoughts on the rest of the NDRV3 cast?

Okay, let me push my smol dictator son to the side and kinda go down the line!

It’s pretty long, so it’s all under a cut! Next to their names are what I’ve been calling them/tagging them as so far

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