i love it

This photo should be everyone’s new wallpaper.

Amethyst: Completely owning up to “We straight up nabbed you.”

Pearl: DrivedrivedriveDRIVE

Garnet: Is totally up for a joy ride?

And you can’t even see Steven.

That all the gems are gung-ho about this is really, really great.

So, since you guys encouraged me to join you in the trash can, I have now watched the first 3 episodes of Yuri on Ice.


I’m hooked.

Oh god. I have to leave for work soon. What is my life???




only when i was halfway through coloring did i realize that she wore pants.

Mod: WOAH!!! Thank you so much!!! I love your art! Evanee looks so great! She doesn’t even need pants! And you even did the Elvish on the book!! You are so awesome thank you so much!!

I heard marshmallow boy liked the night so I made this in like…idk how long it took but yayaya ;))

OMG !!!

This is so BEAUTIFUL?!!

Like???? Wow !! I’m honestly speechless ! I’m so in love with this ! I always LOVE colours in drawing and those colours are??? And Komaeda just there??? It’s give such a nostalgic/lonely/calm vibe? I love it !

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this !!! Seriously thanks ! You are so talented !! *__*

*virtual hugs*

-mod lili

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A - Age: 16
B - Biggest fear: literally the dentist lmao 
C - Current time: 7:45 PM
D - Drink you last had: Big Red 
E - Easiest person to talk to: @macabreadventures and @trippingbunnies lmaoooo
F - Favorite song: any song by panic at the disco or fall out boy or the killers lmao
G - Grossest memory: idk man the sink was really gross and i had to clean it thats all i can think of XD
H - Horror yes or horror: yes all horror
I - In love: brendon urie and min yoongi lmao
J - Jealous of people: literally everyone 
K - Killed someone: i can neither confirm nor deny these allegations 
L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again: i guess its circumstantial maybe both
M - Middle name: Renee 
N - Number of siblings: 1 brother hes 26
O - One wish:  i want to hug brendon lmao i bet he gives the best hugs
P - Person you called last: my mom to pick me up lmao
Q - Question you’re always asked: probably “whats up” or something like that

R - Reason to smile: theres lots you just gotta find the ones that work the best for you
S - Song you last sang: numb by linkin park bc it was on in the car lmao
T - Time you woke up: 5 am for school 
U - Underwear color: i dont know im too lazy to check
V - Vacation destination: anywhere not here lmao
W - Worst habit: biting my lips 
X - X-rays had: ive had chest xrays before
Y - Your favorite food: tacos and nachos
Z - Zodiac sign: im a Scorpio and proud 
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