i love iron chef

sonicscrewdriverandtulips  asked:

I did not know you were a fan of Iron Chef!! How was Gauntlet?

it hasn’t come yet !! they’re having a marathon of iron chef america as a lead up to gauntlet !! =)

and yes !!! i grew up on the original iron chef (hence my love for morimoto–he’s the only one from the original who went into the new one, though you probably know this,, he wasn’t my fav from the original, chen kenichi and rokusaburo michiba were–iron chef chinese and iron chef japanese i)

kryka83  asked:

Imagine: If Steve was unable to eat a lot due to a combo of his illnesses and living in the Depression and War, what would his view towards modern day food be? Would he gorge himself into a stomach ache since he has a high metabolism (supposedly), be allergic to certain foods, or simply not eat unless he absolutely had to?

After the ice, after New York, after SHIELD falls, Steve spends a lot of time watching television. He gets kind of hooked on the Food Network, an indulgence he would never have expected from the future.

It’s only after he appears as a guest judge on Iron Chef America that anyone really starts calling him Captain Foodie. After that it’s hard to stop the fire.

I love Alton Brown because you watch Good Eats and you’re like “Omg look at this weird nerd. I love him.”

Then you see him on Iron Chef and you’re like “Omg. This weird nerd is so snarky. I love him.”

Then you watch Cutthroat Kitchen and you’re like “…Omg. This snarky, weird nerd is such a kinky dom…………. I love him.”