i love huskies c:

So there’s this husky that I see on my morning runs everyday and he’s always v happy and excited and running along the fence when I see him and he’s lowkey become the only reason I run now so when I didn’t see him this morning my motivation instantly died tbh 

On another note I got scared of my own shadow this morning (In my defense it was like 6 am and I was still half-asleep) and ended up falling backwards on the road so that happened 

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This just instantly made my night better.

hello friends today I was at rehearsal for the Wizard of Oz and I asked this girl what she thought her patronus would be and after saying beetle, she asked me the same question, and at that moment, they boy who plays the lion (who is100% hot stuff),turned around and told me to look him directly in the eyes, and after about 12 seconds of direct eye contact (I couldn’t breathe btw) (because do you know how sexy and intimidatingly enchanting it is when someone looks you directly in the eye, not only when they are talking to you,but when it is totally silent), he said ‘I feel like yours would be a huge grizzly bear who can’t make up their mind on wether to kill or snuggle’ and I jst