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You know how in the finale Mai just shows up out of nowhere? why isn't that talked about? how did she just... get there. and why are her and zuko suddenly ~~in love~~ when their entire relationship is gross and toxic? I feel like they don't even know each other lmao. I just.. don't understand

It’s super, super telling of how contrived the relationship is when Zuko’s first words were… “Mai! You’re okay! They let you out of prison?” 

Umm… boy… you forgot she was there???? you didn’t let her out yourself??? what???? um. k///a/df;asdf,,,,,,,

Then, like— 

Mai just laughs that off???? This is the girl who stood up to Azula to save Zuko’s ass??? She got imprisoned saving him and she’s just like LOLOLOL yeah. My boyfriend (who should’ve fucking let me out himself) is rich and powerful. 

The fucking fuck. okay,,,,,,,,,, —

And to top it all. I mean, it’s real fluffy icing on the pound cake, y’all: 

“So does this mean you don’t hate me anymore?”

“I think it means I actually kind of like you. But don’t ever break up with me again!”

~~~~~~~~ SO CUTE AND IN L O V E ~~~~~~~~~~

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Avatar Aang, Feminist Icon?

“Who’s your favorite character?” I hear that question come up a lot over Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show particularly near and dear to me. Iroh and Toph get tossed around a lot. Zuko is very popular. Sokka has his fans. But something I’ve noticed? Aang very rarely gets the pick. When he comes up, it’s usually in that “Oh, and also…” kind of way. Which is strange, I think, considering he’s the main character, the titular airbender, of the entire show.

I never really thought much about it until a couple weeks ago when I finished my annual re-watch of the series and found myself, for the first time, specifically focused on Aang’s arc. Somehow, I never really paid that much attention to him before. I mean sure, he’s front and center in most episodes, fighting or practicing or learning big spiritual secrets, and yet, he always feels a little overshadowed. Katara takes care of the group. Sokka makes the plans. Zuko has the big, heroic Joseph Campbell journey. Aang…goofs around. He listens and follows and plays with Momo. And yes, at the end his story gets bigger and louder, but even then I feel like a lot of it dodges the spotlight. And here’s why:

Avatar casts the least traditionally-masculine hero you could possibly write as the star of a fantasy war story. Because of that, we don’t see Aang naturally for everything he is, so we look elsewhere.

To show what I mean, I want to talk about some of the show’s other characters, and I want to start with Zuko. Zuko is the hero we’re looking for. He’s tall and hot and complicated. He perseveres in the face of constant setbacks. He uses two swords and shoots fire out of his hands. He trains with a wise old man on ship decks and mountaintops. Occasionally he yells at the sky. He’s got the whole 180-degree moral turn beat for beat, right down to the scars and the sins-of-the-father confrontation scene. And if you were going into battle, some epic affair with battalions of armor-clad infantry, Zuko is the man you’d want leading the charge, Aragorn style. We love Zuko. Because Zuko does what he’s supposed to do.

Now let’s look at Katara. Katara doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do. She doesn’t care about your traditionally gender dynamics because she’s too busy fighting pirates and firebenders, planning military operations with the highest ranking generals in the Earth Kingdom, and dismantling the entire patriarchal structure of the Northern Water Tribe. Somewhere in her spare time she also manages to become one of the greatest waterbenders in the world, train the Avatar, defeat the princess of the Fire Nation in the middle of Sozin’s Comet and take care of the entire rest of the cast for an entire year living in tents and caves. Katara is a badass, and we love that.

So what about Aang? When we meet Aang, he is twelve years old. He is small and his voice hasn’t changed yet. His hobbies include dancing, baking and braiding necklaces with pink flowers. He loves animals. He doesn’t eat meat. He despises violence and spends nine tenths of every fight ducking and dodging. His only “weapon” is a blunt staff, used more for recreation than combat. Through the show, Aang receives most of his training from two young women – Katara and Toph – whom he gives absolute respect, even to the point of reverence. When he questions their instruction, it comes from a place of discomfort or anxiety, never superiority. He defers to women, young women, in matters of strategy and combat. Then he makes a joke at his own expense and goes off to feed his pet lemur.

Now there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this, and it’s the one that shielded Aang from the heroic limelight in my eyes for ten years. The reasoning goes like this: Aang is a child. He has no presumptuous authority complex, no masculinity anxiety, no self-consciousness about his preferred pastimes, because he’s twelve. He’s still the hero, but he’s the prepubescent hero, the hero who can’t lead the charge himself because he’s just not old enough. The problem is, that reasoning just doesn’t hold up when you look at him in the context of the rest of the show.

Let’s look at Azula. Aside from the Avatar himself, Zuko’s sister is arguably the strongest bender in the entire show. We could debate Toph and Ozai all day, but when you look at all Azula does, the evidence is pretty damning. Let’s make a list, shall we?

Azula completely mastered lightning, the highest level firebending technique, in her spare time on a boat, under the instruction of two old women who can’t even bend.

Azula led the drill assault on Ba Sing Sae, one of the most important Fire Nation operations of the entire war, and almost succeeded in conquering the whole Earth Kingdom.

Azula then bested the Kyoshi Warriors, one of the strongest non-bender fighting groups in the entire world, successfully infiltrated the Earth Kingdom in disguise, befriended its monarch, learned of the enemy’s most secret operation, emotionally manipulated her older brother, overthrew the captain of the secret police and did conquer the Earth Kingdom, something three Fire Lords, numerous technological monstrosities, and countless generals, including her uncle, failed to do in a century.

And she did this all when she was fourteen.

That last part is easy to forget. Azula seems so much her brother’s peer, we forget she’s the same age as Katara. And that means that when we first meet Azula, she’s only a year older than Aang is at the end of the series. So to dismiss Aang’s autonomy, maturity or capability because of his age is ridiculous, understanding that he and Azula could have been in the same preschool class.

We must then accept Aang for what he truly is: the hero of the story, the leader of the charge, who repeatedly displays restraint and meekness, not because of his age, not because of his upbringing, not because of some character flaw, but because he chooses too. We clamor for strong female characters, and for excellent reason. But nobody every calls for more weak male characters. Not weak in a negative sense, but weak in a sense that he listens when heroes talk. He negotiates when heroes fight. And when heroes are sharpening their blades, planning their strategies and stringing along their hetero love interests, Aang is making jewelry, feeding Appa, and wearing that flower crown he got from a travelling band of hippies. If all Aang’s hobbies and habits were transposed onto Toph or Katara, we’d see it as a weakening of their characters. But with Aang it’s cute, because he’s a child. Only it isn’t, because he’s not.

Even in his relationship with Katara, a landmark piece of any traditional protagonist’s identity, Aang defies expectations. From the moment he wakes up in episode one, he is infatuated with the young woman who would become his oldest teacher and closest friend. Throughout season one we see many examples of his puppy love expressing itself, usually to no avail. But there’s one episode in particular that I always thought a little odd, and that’s Jet.

In Jet, Katara has an infatuation of her own. The titular vigilante outlaw sweeps her off her feet, literally, with his stunning hair, his masterful swordsmanship and his apparent selflessness. You’d think this would elicit some kind of jealousy from Aang. There’s no way he’s ignorant of what’s happening, as Sokka sarcastically refers to Jet as Katara’s boyfriend directly in Aang’s presence, and she doesn’t even dispute it. But even then, we never see any kind of rivalry manifest in Aang. Rather, he seems in full support of it. He repeatedly praises Jet, impressed by his leadership and carefree attitude. Despite his overwhelming affection for Katara, he evaluates both her and Jet on their own merits as people. There is no sense of ownership or macho competition.

Contrast this with Zuko’s reaction to a similar scenario in season three’s The Beach. Zuko goes to a party with his girlfriend, and at that party he sees her talking to another guy. His reaction? Throwing the challenger into the wall, shattering a vase, yelling at Mai, and storming out. This may seem a little extreme, but it’s also what we’d expect to an extent. Zuko is being challenged. He feels threatened in his station as a man, and he responds physically, asserting his strength and dominance as best he can.

I could go on and on. I could talk about how the first time Aang trains with a dedicated waterbending master, he tries to quit because of sexist double standards, only changing his mind after Katara’s urging. I could talk about how Aang is cast as a woman in the Fire Nation’s propaganda theatre piece bashing him and his friends. Because in a patriarchal society, the worst thing a man can be is feminine. I could talk about the only times Aang causes any kind of real destruction in the Avatar state, it’s not even him, since he doesn’t gain control of the skill until the show’s closing moments. Every time he is powerless in his own power and guilt-ridden right after, until the very end when he finally gains control, and what does he do with all that potential? He raises the rivers, and puts the fires out.

Aang isn’t what he’s supposed to be. He rejects every masculine expectation placed on his role, and in doing so he dodges center stage of his own show. It’s shocking to think about how many times I just forgot about Aang. Even at the end, when his voice has dropped and his abs have filled in, we miss it. Zuko’s coronation comes and we cheer with the crowd, psyched to see our hero crowned. Then the Fire Lord shakes his head, gestures behind him and declares “the real hero is the Avatar.” It’s like he’s talking to us. “Don’t you get it?” he asks. “Did you miss it? This is his story. But you forgot that. Because he was small. And silly. And he hated fighting. And he loved to dance. Look at him,” Zuko seems to say. “He’s your hero. Avatar Aang, defier of gender norms, champion of self-identity, feminist icon.”





















You know, I like the idea of Zuko making the wrong decision in Ba Sing Se and being able to recover from that. But like, I’m also lowkey upset we didn’t get to see Zuko run off with the Gaang at the end of Book 2. What we had was good and dramatic but just imagine:

- 78% of Zuko’s S3 angst comes from his decision to side with Azula in Ba Sing Se so if he never had that moral quandary, it’s arguable Zuko would be more at ease with himself and the others especially given how good he was doing at the end of Book 2. Plus the Gaang (Katara especially) would be much easier on him so instead of being angry/suspicious, it’d just be super…. awkward… getting used to another member plus an ex-fire prince who used to chase them? Classic

- Also so like it’s very possible the Gaang could’ve escaped Ba Sing Se unharmed with Zuko’s help. The city was going to fall no matter what but Zuko probably could’ve stopped Azula lightening at Aang. My point being, that spirit water is still available and she did offer to heal Zuko’s scar… just a thought. It would come in handy when undercover if the traitor prince no longer has his obvious identifying mark.

- After about 5 minutes Sokka decided that Zuko was his new best friend, he’s a guy around his age who’s mature but also mischievous with a love of weaponry and strategy and yes. Zuko and Sokka are attached at the hip and it drives Katara crazy cause they get into so much trouble but she’s never seen her brother happier. Oh my god, when Sokka gets his meteor sword the two of them will spar all day. They get their weapons taken away frequently.

- Chief Hakoda sees Zuko has repented and hears .4 seconds of his story before trying to adopt him. (“You’ll love the Water Tribe Prince Zuko! Don’t worry, your new grandmother will fatten you up” “!?!”) Toph has to break it to Hakoda that Iroh has already claimed Zuko and Zuko meanwhile is overwhelmed by all this affection. Still, he’s honorary Water Tribe now

- Zuko interacting in normal Fire Nation towns. Think about it, he was a crown prince, he’d probably never been outside the capital city and then he was banished from the Fire Nation. He’s likely never seen regular Fire Nation life. It’s just as new and exciting for him (plus he helps them blend a little better)

- Zuko starting Aang’s firebending training, being a bit more gentle once he hears the reasons for Aang’s block. They walk through the basics and soon Aang slowly but surely begins to develop his bending. Zuko is able to learn from everyone too and, on a whim, decides to practice lightening bending. His mind is free of turmoil and is shocked when he’s easily able to summon the electricity. He scared the pants off his sleeping companions who think Azula has come to them.

-  Katara and Zuko, mom and dad of the group. They just fall into sync parenting the often wild Aang and Toph while keeping Sokka in line. Zuko insists on helping her with cooking and cleaning up and is surprisingly good at it. She nags all the others about following Zuko’s example. Also awesome playful bending battles between opposing elements that always gets crashed halfway through by the others.

- Appa and Momo adore Zuko, Aang and Sokka are totally jealous. Appa because he knows Zuko saved him from Lake Laogai and Momo because Zuko is a literal heater and he can almost always be found snuggled with Zuko. But Zuko is, in general, very good with animals. Even better than Aang.

- Joking about Zuko’s past mistakes becomes a thing, it’s not awkward or snippy, they just love bringing up embarrassing memories and teasing him about it. It helps Zuko feel more at ease, he still feels bad for the things he did in Book 1, but they tease to let him know he’s forgiven.

- Like in canon, Iroh is captured in Ba Sing Se and Zuko is half mad with grief for a while afterward until he hears that Iroh was not executed but merely thrown into prison. He cried happily and openly when he learned he hasn’t lost his only remaining family member who loves him. He makes plans to break Iroh out on the Day of Black Sun.

- On a side note, Zuko tells the story of his mom and you know, you fuckening know, that Operation: Find Zuko’s Mom is a go. He doesn’t have Ozai’s confirmation but he still suspects she’s alive. They all agree to search after the war ends.

- Zuko gets along with Toph better than all the others, they get the whole idea of nobility and honor but also know when to let things loose. Firebending and Earthbending have similar principles so they gel together. Katara and Aang are relieved that Zuko is there to balance out Toph’s brashness with his own quiet stubbornness. He fits in so well, it’s weird to imagine him not always being there, he’s able to complement everyone.

- The Gaang realizes very quickly that Zuko’s self-esteem and sense of worth is below nothing. Years of emotional (and physical) abuse from his family, being told he’s weaker and worthless plus those years of shameful banishment means he’s got no confidence. Aang breaks down into tears when Zuko casually remarks that he likely won’t survive the war. He’s legitimately shocked to hear the Gaang would be devastated if he died. The team works hard to build up his confidence and let him know that they love him. It works wonders on his mood and even his firebending improves without that mental block. Team Avatar swears that they’ll defeat Ozai not just for what he’s done to the world, but what he’s done to their friend.

- Once relaxed and assured of his place, Zuko really opens up. He’s never had true humor in his life but he develops a cutting but wry sense of humor and more often than not finds himself chuckling at Sokka’s terrible jokes. His protective, stubborn nature is in full force and he would do anything to keep his turtleducks safe (he’s usually put in his place but he’s trying ok). Temper’s still there, it’s a firebending thing, but it’ll flame and go out quickly and people just get used to it. He gets playful with his bending and is not above pranks. He’s smiled more in the time before in the invasion than he ever remembers in his whole life.

Sometimes I think about how Bryke threw away Zutara with both hands and I just











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Yeah I really just laugh at when people compare Aang temporarily losing Appa to Katara's mother being murdered and her experiencing it and living through it, you explained it best in your previous meta, and what shocks me even more is that people don't see the connection in Zuko and Katara both losing their mothers, like yeah Zuko's mom was alive in the end but Zuko didn't know that did he? His mom was probably dead for all he knew, and that's one of many things Zuko and Katara have in common.

You’re right, I guess Zuko and Katara do have a thing or two in common …

Katara: The Fire Nation took my mother away from me.

Zuko: I’m sorry. That’s something we have in common.

Iroh: Please, sit. Why don’t you enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea?
Zuko: I don’t need any calming tea!

Aang: Okay, okay, you both need to calm down.
Katara Both?  I’m completely calm!

Katara: I know it’s meant to be this way. The world needs you now. You give people hope.

Iroh: Things will never return to normal. But the important thing is, the Avatar gives Zuko hope.

Zuko: Not that you would understand. You’re like my sister. Everything always…came easy to her. She’s a firebending prodigy – and everyone adores her.

Katara: Will you PLEASE shut your air hole! Believe it or not, your infinite wisdom gets a little old sometimes. Why don’t we just throw the scroll away since you’re so naturally gifted!

Zuko: You can’t sacrifice an entire division like that! Those soldiers love and defend our nation! How can you betray them? 

Katara: No. I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!

Aang: I… I was just showing Katara a few moves. 
Master Pakku:
You have disrespected me, my teachings, and my entire culture.

Zuko: I won’t fight you. 
Fire Lord Ozai: You will learn respect, and suffering will be your teacher. 

Zuko: You rise with the moon.

Zuko: I rise with the sun.

Iroh: Prince Zuko, have you forgotten what happened last time you dueled a master?
Zuko: I will never forget. 

Sokka: Are you crazy, Katara? You’re not gonna win this fight!

Katara: I know! I don’t care!

Katara: Why don’t you try blocking my chi now circus freak!!

Zuko: ‘I’m so pretty, look at me. I can walk on my hands, whoo!’ Circus freak!

Zuko: She’s not my girlfriend!

Katara: I’m not his girlfriend!

Katara: Here’s your chance, earthbenders! Take it! Your fate is in your own hands!

Zuko: A hundred years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided. But with the Avatar’s help, we can get it back on the  right path, and begin a new era of love and peace.


7 x 5 Jonsa Thoughts

Can we talk about this scene a little bit?

Everything characters say this season mean something. They don’t rephrase another character for no reason.

The lines means something.

Like “it’s not you” Arya said to Nymeria.
Like “Chaos is a ladder” Bran told Littlefinger.

I know Missandei is always wishing everybody good fortune too, but these exactly words were said by this fellow here:

Sir Arthur Dayne, the sword of the morning said this same lines to Ned at Tower of Joy, before they fight to death.

The lines DO mean something. Jon could have said anything to Dany but they decided to rephrase Arthur Dayne’s words. Why?
Because it means something very important.
It’s a foreshadowing of the future of thoses characters.

It’s clear since season 6 Jon is Ice and Dany is Fire, and that the Song of Ice and Fire is about them. This title is even similar to “The Pact of Ice and Fire” an alliance between House Targaryen and House Stark during the Dance of the Dragons. So I don’t think  we’re wrong about the subjects of this song.

But the thing is ASOIAF or GoT are not about  love histories. Love always have tragic ends here. Robb and Talisa in the show, Jon and Ygritte, Dany and Drogo, romantic love never lasts. And if you think about it,  historic periods in Westeros do have poetical names: Dawn Age, Age of Heroes,and the most famous of all: the Dance of the Dragons.

I mean, look at this fabulous and epic name: Dance of the Dragons. They called it a dance but it was a civil war when thousands of people died, dragons died and the Seven Kingdons bled.

The Song of Ice and Fire is the same thing. A poetic name for a moment of war in Westeros. The Dance of the Dragons envolved many houses but it was called this way because basically it was a war between  Targaryens (Rhaenyra and Aegon II), the Song of Ice and Fire got this name because it’s a struggle between Starks and Targaryens. Between Jon and Dany. It’s not a love story between them. They are meant to fight each other. That’s why this phrase is being said.  A phrase is only adressed to an enemy.

I know Jon is Rhaegar’s son and a trueborn Targaryen in the show, but Jon is a Stark in his heart. He is and I don’t think this will ever change. 
And you know that too.
Jon will have to choose to which House his loyalt will be, and that will be very important: if he decides to use the Targaryen name, house Stark name will die, cuz Bran and Arya will probably never have kids and Sansa children will receive her husband’s name. If Jon decides to go Stark pride, the Targaryen House will die, cuz we know Dany cannot have children anymore, and even if she could the problem would be the same Sansa’s. I do think he will go for the second option, because he’s a Stark to the bone. And Dany said herself “I’m the last Targaryen” in 7x3. That line was said for many reasons and I believe this is one of them.

Have you heard the “love theme” for Jon and Dany? If you haven’t you should.
It’s a very  pretty song but it’s also very very sad.  I mean, have you heard “Across the Stars”? Anakin and Padmé theme song in Star Wars? That’s a love song that inspires you about love and fighting for it. Dany and Jon’s song is not.

Dany and Jon’s theme is a sad song that makes you want to cry, it’s like you’re listening to a tragedy. Listen to that makes me feel just like when I watched Zuko fighting his sister Azula in Avatar The Last Airbender: a beautiful song that sings a sad and tragic moment we almost couldn’t bare to see.

I already told you how I think this series is going to end in a tragic way for Daenerys but all the parallels showing how different they are, their theme song, this phrase, it’s all hitting me in a way that each episode makes me feel more sad for her. She’s clearly falling for him, but the show is clearly showing they will not end up together. A time will come when they face each other on opposite sides.

Every episode Sansa grows as a leader, loyal to Jon and the key to the North.
“The northeners will not accept a southner ruler”
“We came here for you, my lady”
“We should have choosen you to lead us”

The lines mean something.

The show is heading to a struggle between Jon and Daeneys and a arrangement between Sansa and Jon in the next season, that’s sure.
The only thing that really really hurts me is the fact there will be only 6 episodes to work “Jon x Sansa romance” and the public really likes to hate Sansa no matter what  she does, and this starkbow with Arya doesn’t help at all.

I’ll be happy to see them together but the public will probably rage and say Daenerys was better option. 

This awesome gifs came from @dreamofspring​.


Here’s our friend Mance who also quoted this to his enemy in the show AKA Stannis, also called “bend the knee or burn alive” boy:

If you think is coincidence, you’re not paying enough attention.

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hey!! do you have any multi-chapter zutara fic recs?

DO I?! 

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Okay before I start, here’s a link to my original masterpost of fanfic recs. A lot of the masterpost is made up of one shots, but I do have some great multi-chapter fics on there as well. 



Once Around the Sun by eleventy7 (RATED K+)

Oh MAN. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you would know that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Zutara fanfiction. HOLY. CRAP. It’s so good. Taking place shortly after the end of the show, this post war fic is the slow burn we all deserve. Starts K//at/ang and M/a-i/ko, and it beautifully highlights the flaws of both endgame ships without demonizing either Aang or Mai. AND we get an amazing Ursa and an AMAZING Azula. Sometimes if I need a pick me up I just read the last two chapters and sob at the beauty.  

Fall of the White Lotus by Boo-82 (RATED T)

Do you love soap operas? Do you love sweeping romances? Do you love the idea that the entire Avatar-universe would be DESTROYED if Katara and Zuko didn’t fall in love??? If yes to any or all of those, than this fic is for you. An epic of a post war fic, this story could take the alternate title of ‘Road Trip of LOVE: A Zutara Story’. Has some Taang on the side, so if that’s your thing you’ve got that added bonus. 

Such Selfish Prayers by andromeda3116 (RATED T)

Didn’t you hate how in the comics Katara became a shell of herself who did nothing but wait on Aang hand and foot? Yeah, so did the rest of us. So here’s a story where Katara’s just chilling, watching the acolytes, and is like “Uhm wtf am I doing this isn’t me”, leaves Aang, and goes on to change the world because she’s that awesome. And yeah, Zuko just happens to be a part of her epic world changing. So beautiful. 

Our Fortunes Together by NomDeGuerre (RATED M)

Like arranged marriage tropes? Love slow burn? Well here have both of them in the SAME FIC. Yep, that’s right, a slow burn arranged marriage fic. Really awesome AU where rather than be banished, Zuko has to suffer with Azula and Ozai after the Agni Kai, and the slaughter of the group he tried to save is blamed on him. His final shame is being married off to a member of the Southern Water Tribe, our babe Katara. Excellent story. 

i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by raisindeatre (RATED T)

brb just sobbing over the beauty of this modern AU. I don’t like modern AUs. But I LOVE this one. It’s just… the best thing ever. Honestly. It’s so fluffy and cute and I’m blushing right now writing this summary for it. It’s the "I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital" AU none of us knew we needed from Zutara. Also anyone else think of The Raven Cycle when they hear this song? Just me? Alright sorry this is a zutara fic rec I’ll stay in my lane

What Fortunes Lent by lewilder (RATED T)

Even So is one of my all time favorite one shots, but What Fortunes Lent by the same author is also an amazing worthwhile read. In this AU, the Southern Raiders mission comes when Katara is older and they take her prisoner rather than kill Kya. There are so many moments where you’ll clutch your heart and just want to cry but the ending is just beautiful if not horribly ambiguous… absolutely all around lovely fic. 


Southern Lights by colourwhirled (RATED M)

Now, I don’t really like drastic AU’s. They just aren’t what I’m typically interested in reading. But this one, oh man. I’m so in love and invested. It takes place in a universe where there is no Avatar (but there is Aang) and Sozin successfully conquers the world. The worldbuilding is FANTASTIC, characterization is amazing, and at this moment the plot is really picking up and getting interesting. Slow burn is absolutely fantastic in this story, and I’m so excited to see what happens. What I love the most is hints of events that happened in canon are sprinkled throughout, giving this feeling that some events are always meant to be, even in drastically different scenarios. 

Brightest Nights or Darkest Days by Kittenshift17 (RATED M)

I want to give a warning with this one. This Zutara fanfiction will not be for everyone. This author is mainly a Dramione writer, and you can absolutely see that in how she writes the dynamic between Katara and Zuko. If you love Zutara but hate Dramione, you probably will not like this. However, as someone who likes both, I can say that this is a really well written season 2 AU and in the last update we just got an interesting addition to the plot that appears to be here to stay. 

HOPEFULLY these will keep you busy for a while. Happy reading!!! 

Basically A Greaser [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Okay so I’ve been obsessed with Grease lately and got this nice fluffy idea. I hope you guys like it because I really loved writing it. Thanks loves! <3
(It’s a bit of a shorter one)


It was days like this that you cherish. The days off where Jason wants nothing more than to be around you. Touching you. Whether it be an arm around your waist or hanging on your shoulders. He just wanted the reassurance that you’re there.

Days off could be spent multiple ways. Sometimes it’s errands. Others it’s maybe hanging out at the mall or a walk in the park. Visiting his family at the manor or meeting up with yours.

But then there’s your most favorite, just spending the day locked in the apartment. Reading or having movie marathons. Today it was all about movies. You and Jason had gone through probably about half the movies on Netflix by now, or at least it felt that way.

Snacks were scattered around the coffee table along with some open movie cases. Having started with DVDs. Jason had both arms around your shoulders, hugging you into his chest. Your arms were wrapped around his waist, head laying on his slowly rising and falling chest. Listening to the sound of his heartbeat as the credits began to scroll on the screen, having just finished Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sighing you pulled out of his grasp to grab the remote. He whined as you did so, missing your warmth even though you were both under a rather fluffy blanket. His arms tightened around your waist, not allowing you any farther. Giggling you turned to him, “Jay, I need to get the remote.” Gesturing to the table. His response was tugging you toward him. Grinning you cupped his face and pecked his lips. “What do you wanna watch? Modern or Classic?” Stroking your thumb over his cheekbone.

Jason leaned into your touch. Humming at the sensation, “Hmm, Classic.” Turning his head to kiss your palm. Wiggling away again he allowed you to snatch up the remote. Leaning against his chest you began to scroll through movies. Multiple titles passed by the screen until one of your favorites showed itself. “Oh my god! Jay! Can we watch Grease?” Facing him excitedly. He chuckled at your reaction and childlike giddiness. “I’ve never seen it”

“You what?!” Yelling at him. “Nope, why?”

“It’s only the best movie ever! John Travolta as Zuko just yes! And the music!! Oh god! How have you not seen it?” Dumbfounded by the fact he hadn’t watched such a classic. Jason just shrugged. Squinting at him you turned back to the screen and nestled in his chest again, saying “we’re watching it” while hitting the play button.

He threaded his fingers through your hair as the movie opened. Your eyes never tore away from the screen throughout the entire movie. Jason laughing at your singing to all of the songs. Specifically Greased Lightning and You’re The One That I Want. Also your endless babbling about how perfectly they portrayed a Greaser in Danny Zuko, and the dancing, those hips.

Jason would laugh whenever you’d ask him if he could do that, or if he’d attempt to.

“Don’t laugh, you’re basically a real life version of Danny Zuko himself.” Looking up to meet his blue hues. “Really? How so?” Cocking an eyebrow at you curiously.

“Well there’s the jet black hair, light blue eyes, strong arms,” your hand trailed through his hair before moving down to cup the side of his face and stroke just under his eye, and finally trailing down his arm, “the leather obsession, motorcycle, interest in cars, smoking, being in love with an amazing women that loves you just the same.” He grinned at your last statement.

“Yeah, she is pretty amazing.” Mumbling before connecting his lips to yours. “So, if I’m Danny Zuko. Then you’re Sandy.” A wolfish smirk made it’s way onto his lips.

“I guess..” Raising a suspicious eyebrow at him, knowing that look. “Well, that costume party at the manor is coming up. How about we go as the leads?” You liked the idea but you could sense a catch. “You want me to wear a 1960s dress?” asking hopefully.


You gave him an unamused expression, “You want me to wear leather pants?” He laughed at the statement. “It’d be sexy” whispering, his lips just barely grazing the shell of your ear. Sighing you turned to meet his eyes, loving the idea of him dressed as Zuko, “I’ll think about it.” Mumbling before reaching for the remote to find the next movie.

“You could model it for me.” Hearing the smirk in his voice. “Keep it up and it’s never going to happen.” Shaking your head while feeling the vibration of a chuckle in his chest.

Smiling you tighten your grip on his waist, snuggling further into his chest. Thinking about the idea Jason had proposed. Who knows, maybe it could be fun. In more way than one.

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I really just do not understand how someone like Katara could love someone like Zuko. Katara is just too good for him??? Like? I used to hardcore ship them, but I rewatched the finale and I just? Zuko is not good enough for Katara. He wouldn’t be able to love her right and she just deserves better. And she deserves better too on the grounds that just as a human being Zuko can’t measure up to how good Katara is, even though she’s flawed too. Katara deserves better than Zuko. Maybe like Suki?

Right, because stealing your brother’s girlfriend is not a dick move. Go away. 

let's talk about Ursa for a minute

I’ve heard a lot of people blame Ursa for the emotional damage inflicted on Azula. And while I agree that how Ursa treated Azula had a negative effect on the way she turned out, it’s unfair to all characters involved to look at their relationship in a vacuum. The Royal Family is very complex, and it’s important to consider the context before assigning blame for Azula’s situation.

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What are you fav love declaration speeches


1. Stefan and Elena, “I know what I want” + “You are the woman that I love” 

I like these love declarations for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m not a fan of verbose, overblown, over-the-top love declarations, I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule of mine, but 99.9% of the time, I like things that are heartfelt and simple, which are both of these scenes. 

What I like about the 1x10 scene is that in 1x02 it’s Elena who’s scared to put herself out there, who says that she’s scared to be happy for just a minute and Stefan who encourages her to feel, “But this is reality. Right here.” And yet, it’s Elena who says she loves Stefan first. Also they’re both just so expressive in that scene, the way Stefan closes his eyes is basically like “Well, fuck” how can he possibly walk away now? It’s a very emotionally honest scene, super vulnerable. 

What I like about the 1x11 scene is the conviction in Stefan’s face when he says it. With Elena, she called it out to him while his back was turned to her as an effort to get him to turn back around to her, with Stefan, he’s sitting right next to her and staring her directly in the eye and being like, it’s you, it’s just you.

2. Mickey and Ian, When Mickey Comes Out 

Although Mickey didn’t explicitly say “I love you” to Ian in this scene, this definitely counts as a love declaration. Mickey had already lost Ian once after refusing to acknowledge that he loved him and he was about to lose Ian again because he was tired of their relationship being closeted so Mickey announces to the entire bar that he’s gay, which is a HUGE step for Mickey. I literally squealed when this happened.

3. Brooke and Lucas, “There are 82 Letters In Here” + “I’m The Guy For You”

I think I said this in my “Favourite Brucas” post but I still know the “There are 82 letters in here” speech. I really enjoyed that one because again it was emotionally honest and yet simply written and delivered with such vulnerability by Sophia and after she spent a good season and a half building walls around herself from Lucas and fighting what she felt for Lucas, I really enjoyed that she decided to be brave and was basically like “look, I love you” which she ends up saying at the end of that entire sequence when Lucas “forgives” her — although now that I’m older the whole Kris Kellar/slut shaming aspect of this entire situation bothers me but that’s a different post, point is, it’s one of my favourite OTH moments.

The “I’m The Guy For You” speech … I realize I may have a thing for one person in a ship being emotionally vulnerable and the other person having absolute confidence and conviction that the two of them belong together because that was Lucas’ speech, being collected and cool but also having the vulnerability to be like yeah, we’re ending up together because I’m the guy for you (as opposed to you’re the girl for me). 

Scott and Kira, “God, I love you” + “I remember and I meant it” + “I love you so much” 

What I like about these three scenes is that they’re all connected. First, I love the “flippant” I love you because Scott does that with Kira a lot, he takes a huge step (like when he kisses her at the lockers) and doesn’t think about the implications until after because it was just a natural thing for him to be, like a habit, so when he says “God, I love you” it’s not that he doesn’t mean it, it’s that it’s a fact to him so he just says it and Kira is like, wait what?? And I like the “I remember and I meant it” because he’s affirming that idea, like no, it wasn’t a fluke or something I just said, I meant it, I love you and then I like when Kira says it in 5x13 because it’s her being sure and stating a fact and Stiles and her mother are in the front seat and they might as well be furniture? Scott and Kira are kissing and declaring their love for each other and it’s like no one else is in the car with them.

Noah and Rosalee, I’ll Follow You Anywhere

Again, Noah doesn’t explicitly say “I love you, Rose” but he puts a wedding ring he made in captivity on her finger (when the audience actually thinks he’s making a weapon to try and escape) as he tells her that he will follow her back to the plantation they ran away from to help rescue her mother and brother, which is the most profound love declaration ever imo. 

Eun Tak and Shin, “Your boyfriend is right here!”

So Eun Tak and Shin are super angsty a lot of the time and there are a lot of beautiful, heart-wrenching, tear-inducing love declarations that they have and I love them all but I chose this one because it’s hilarious and I CACKLED because the other side of Eun Tak and Shin being super angsty is that they also act like squabbling teens and you watch them like, Are you guys 12?? And I love that they were arguing here and Shin is like OMG YOU IDIOT I LOVE YOU without saying the words and the Reaper is just watching them like ughhhhhhhhhhh. 

Stiles and Malia, “I would never leave without you”

Y’all can fight me, I don’t really care, but I do consider this to be a love declaration without the words “I love you” actually being said. Jeff Davis et al can act like season 4 never happened but the fact of the matter is, Stiles was losing his mind when he thought that Malia had taken off and when Malia said she would never leave without him in such a matter-of-fact way, it shows that her base, animal instincts aren’t stronger than her affection/love for Stiles and I was giddy af during the scene. 

Hyde and Jackie, “It’s A Real Waste” + “Jackie, I Love You” 

I mentioned this in previous posts that I have but I really appreciate Jackie’s love declaration because it was honest and it was fair. Hyde breaks up with her because she yells “Get off my boyfriend” when Annette is kissing Kelso, which is understandable but Jackie’s explanation is understandable too because it isn’t love that she feels for Kelso at this point, it’s possessiveness which makes sense considering that he was her only boyfriend before Hyde and she has some things she needs to work out and it’s also a sign of maturity (which she reaches because of her relationship with Hyde) that she doesn’t make excuses for what she said but instead explains where that outburst comes from. 

The “Jackie, I love you” scene, I mean, it’s obvious why I love it. Hyde isn’t supposed to do anything to show his vulnerability or to show how much he wants something/someone, he has his pride, he has his walls and when Jackie won’t listen to his apology, he’s almost about to leave it but then puts himself out there to tell her loves her. I was, like, 13 when this happened and it was fucking glorious. 

Monica and Chandler, “Because I’m In Love With Monica”

I mean it was the perfect ending to such a bizarre battle of wits.

Buffy and Angel, “I love you” + Death 

My friend and I had a debate about this, it was her first time watching BTVS because she was super upset that Angel gets his soul right before Buffy has to kill him and is all, it would’ve been so much easier if he just STAYED evil. And I mean, the point is it was supposed to be even that much harder for Buffy to do the right thing but my thing was, at least she got to see the real Angel for what she thought was the last time, she got to kiss him and hug him and tell him she loved him, she got one last goodbye, which is why I really like this declaration. 

Jane and Michael, “I Want To Grow Old With You” 

I mean, I love pretty much all of their love declarations particularly when Michael is at her door all, “Do you still love me?” and she says “Yes” but I can find gifs of that so I’m using this one just because I think Jane’s proposal to Michael is the core of what makes their relationship so great and special and heartwarming, it’s basically the essence of Villadero. 

Chuck and Blair, “It Consumes Me” 

So I don’t ship Chair, I’m a Dair shipper but there was a time I shipped Chair and there are still moments between the two of them that I still really like and one of them is when Blair doesn’t allow Chuck to run away from her words. Leighton and Ed have outstanding chemistry and that scene was so emotional and so honest and they both played their parts beautifully, Chuck doesn’t say anything but Ed’s eyes are expressive af and it really looks like Leighon feels Blair’s conviction in her bones.

Chris and Jal, “I fucking love you” 

Like I said, I don’t like verbose, over-the-top love declarations and when Chris said this to Jal I was like “awwwwww, I believe it!” and then the writers decided to destroy everything and it still pisses me off, lol. 

Cesare and Lucrezia, “You Love Another” + “Is There One You’ve Loved?”

There are quite a few love declarations between Cesare and Lucrezia that I enjoy because they are all so tortured and angsty and well, wrong, but I chose these two scenes because it’s external parties either noticing and voicing the depth of their connection or encouraging them to speak about it. 

Zuko and Mai, “I Don’t Hate You”

I know I have a lot of Zutara shippers on my blog but I actually just think everyone who ended up together should’ve ended up together although I was more a Sokka and Yue shipper despite the fact that they knew each other for, like, six minutes, lmao. Either way, the declaration I actually wanted was “I love Zuko more than I fear you” but I couldn’t find a gif so I chose this one because these two are perfect for each other.

Cristina and Owen, “I Love You” + “Take Care Now”

I actually didn’t realize how many Crowen love declarations I liked until I looked up gifs for these two. I really enjoyed Cristina’s because she’s addressing her independence and she’s addressing her fears and she’s addressing how what Owen did was harmful to her and yet she’s also addressing that she loves him more than she’s loved anyone else. I liked Owen’s because it’s angsty and tortured and that’s my jam.

I think we’ll stop for now, this can be considered a part one if people want more :)


and the winds had calmed is a book 1 au that’s super sweet with inner turmoil zuko and defiant yet kind katara and the lanGUAGE USED IS BEAUTIFUL?? so descriptive and soft

Courage, Dear Heart IS A TEA SHOP MODERN AU including dorky zuko and smiley katara, featuring hilariously relatable tags such as “toph is a shithead” and “aang is aang

and Affliction is just beautiful bc it captures EXACTLy how canon zuko and katara interact and support and confide in each other and i want to smother myself in quALITY content like this


Anti-Mαiko Ramble

So, I got into a debate on a YouTube video where people were speculating about who Izumi’s mother was. This is an abbreviated version of that conversation that I’ll just leave here, in case anyone cares about my thoughts on Mαiko.

Mαiko supporter: [Izumi’s mother] is Mαi. She broke up with Kei Lo and anyone who is against it either ships Zutara or anything else. Zuko loves Mαi unconditionally and she obviously reciprocated it. Azula pointed out in the comics that Zuko was protecting Kei Lo (Mαi’s boyfriend at the time) to get on Mαi’s good side and try to get back with her, or something like that. They love each other and each other’s flaws, neither are perfect. No matter what anyone says.

Me: I would rather Zuko be single forever than be with Mαi, that’s how toxic the relationship is. The show and comics tell us that Zuko and Mαi care about each other, but never give us any indication as to why. They have nothing in common, they are incapable of communication, they have different moral codes, and they have no intimate moments. 

It’s horrible storytelling that insists on telling the audience about the character relationships rather than showing them. And when your partner’s “flaws” are making jokes about your death, 

helping incite panic in people you are responsible for, 

insulting and hindering you at every turn, 

and aiding and abetting assassins hell-bent on kidnapping children and killing you and your family, 

you should NOT under any circumstances stay with them, let alone love them.

Mαiko supporter: Something tells me you ship Zuko and Suki/Katara. They are capable of communication and they did communicate. Remember the episode where Mαi, Zuko, Azula, and Tai Lee went to Ember Island? Remember when all four of them let go and released their true feelings and emotions? Zuko told everyone his feelings and Mαi did too. They communicated which led to them being back together that same episode. It brought them together and it helped them understand each other. 

Mαi naturally acting like a bitch is a flaw that Zuko has always overlooked in all their years being together as friends or as a couple, he loves her for who she is. And Zuko was always angry and kept a majority of things to himself, which led to him and Mαi’s break up in the comics obviously. Mαi still loves him but she’s hurt that after everything that they’ve been through, he couldn’t be honest with her. 

Too bad Zuko isn’t single. After all, he has a daughter and Izumi’s mother is very likely Mαi. It is how it is. Kei Lo and Mαi are broken up and it’s pretty evident that she and Zuko still obviously care about each other so again, it’s safe to assume that they do end up together again.

Me: I don’t deny that Mαi is almost 100% certainly Izumi’s mother. Just because a pairing is canon doesn’t mean that it is good. And my shipping preferences are irrelevant to whether or not Mαiko is a healthy relationship. In my opinion, “The Beach” episode is a perfect example of why Zuko and Mαi should not be together. Their personalities clash for almost the entire episode’s running time, with both of them resorting to deeply hurtful emotional digs at each other. 

Even during the campfire scene, after talking about their buried feelings, neither party seems particularly interested in actually dealing with the other’s problems. Mαi’s reaction to Zuko trying to talk about how hard it was to be abused, banished, made into a child soldier, and forced into a life of poverty is to call him “crazy and high-strung”. 

That’s not exactly supportive behavior, especially not for a victim of child abuse. Sure, they kiss during this scene, but the lack of reason for the kiss makes it seem like a shallow cover up for a lack of chemistry and relationship development. 

This incident does not help them understand each other any better, as “Nightmares and Daydreams” and “Boiling Rock Part 2” demonstrate. 

For me, Mαi’s indifferent nature, or “acting like a bitch” as you put it, stems from her biggest flaw: moral apathy. Not once is Mαi motivated by an ethical code, but only by her personal interests (i.e. joining Azula because she is bored, saving Zuko because she cares about him, letting her father escape because she’s bitter about her breakup, etc.). 

Not only does this make her incompatible with Zuko on a deeply ideological level, but it is a disastrous trait for the wife of the leader of a country to have. Do you honestly think someone guilty of treason should be sitting on the throne of the Fire Nation? 

People can forgive and love people who mistreat and abuse them. The fact that Zuko overlooks Mαi’s problems and ostensibly forgives her for what she does in “Smoke and Shadow” does not make her a good person or partner for him, any more than a battered wife going back to her abusive husband makes him a good person or romantic partner. 

Zuko keeping things to himself and not trusting Mαi in “The Promise” is just another example of their failure to communicate, and another reason why their relationship will not work in the long run. As though any evidence for that was needed after their three breakups. 

You say that Mαi loves Zuko, but can you give me one reason why? I can’t think of one reason why someone like Mαi would be emotionally invested in someone like Zuko; that indicates to me that Mαi is either shallow, or the writing is poor. I’d probably err on the side of the latter. 

Even without the comics, I wouldn’t support Mαiko. How could I support a relationship where one of the parties hunts the other down (to be killed or thrown in jail), 

blatantly says they don’t care about the other party’s feelings, 

scoffs at every attempt by the other party to make them happy, 

flippantly reminds them of a time when they were abused by a family member, 

and throws objects at their head? 

If the genders were flipped in this situation, I think you would immediately see how wrong the Mαiko relationship is. 

If you could point out any evidence that Mαi feels more favorably towards Zuko at the end of “Smoke and Shadow” I would love to hear about it, as the comic ends with Mαi guilting Zuko into apologizing to her 

and promising to remember her horrible, kidnapping father who wanted to put a genocidal maniac back on the throne as a brave man. 

I don’t doubt that Mαi is Izumi’s mother. I just don’t think it makes a lick of sense.








The Reason She Sleeps In Class

for @miraculousfluffmonth day 2- Goodnight Kisses

It was late. He had come in hours ago, already tired. Dropped his transformation and flopped onto her bed. He didn’t even check to see if there were people in her room, that’s how tired he was. His father had him go from school, to fencing, and then to back to back photoshoots. He just dropped onto her bed and was out like a light.

If Marinette had not been in the room, she never would have known he was even there.

With a soft smile, she walked over to him. “My sleepy little model.”

She shifted him so that she could lift the blanket on her bed. She then proceeded to roll him under the blanket and tuck him in. She placed a kiss to his forehead. “Goodnight.”

As she pulled away and stood up, he reached out and grabbed her arm. “Mari…”

“But you couldn’t help me tuck you on…”

“Tired…” He pulled at her. “Stay.”

She pulled away from him. “I can’t. I have to finish my homework.”

He shook his head. “No. I’ll do it for you before I go, just sleep now.”

She sighed. “Fine… But you better do it too, my grades aren’t suffering just because you wanted to be cuddled.”

He nodded as she slipped into the bed with him. “You’re lucky I love you.”

He pulled her closer. “The luckiest.”

He woke up hours later, no longer tired. He poked Marinette. “Mari?” He whispered.

“Go to sleep.”

“But Mari…”

She reached over and kissed him on the forehead. “Sleep Adrien.”

He pouted “But you missed.”

She sighed and kissed his nose. “No more. Sleep.”

He frowned, but he knew by her tone that she was serious. He decided that he was too.

He began to fidget.

He itched and twitched and moved while she tried to sleep.

“Stop moving.” She whined.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Why not?”

He smirked. “My girlfriend won’t kiss me goodnight.”

She was quiet as he waited for her response. He wondered if she would finally do it, when he felt a hand on his arm.

Did she just?

“Did you just hit me?” He rubbed his stinging arm.

“Yes. Now go to sleep.”

He sat up, offended. “I’m afraid I can’t.”


“You’ve wounded not only my skin, but my honor as well.”

“Oh, so now you’re Prince Zuko? I’m too tired.”

“And now you’ve offended the best character ever created. You must pay!”

Before she could understand what he was saying, he began to tickle her.

She shrieked. “ADRIEN NO!” her giggles filled the room.

“Say sorry and I’ll stop. And you have to promise to give me a proper goodnight kiss. Only then will I stop.”

She spoke between laughs. “Why… would I… say sorry to… an over… glorified… hot pocket?”

He gasped and his tickles became more vicious. “How dare you?” He loved Zuko because he could relate to him the most, Absent mother, unloving father, a group of friends who used to dislike him, someone close to him that doesn’t understand him and hates his friends (Oops, too sad for this short fic), but he knew Mari was joking.

Doesn’t mean he has to let up.

“Say sorry, Beautiful.”

“Never!” With a random burst of energy came her defense.

Soon, they were both tickling each other.

“Adrien, stop! I want to go to sleep!”

“Surrender to the terms then!”


And on it went

“How do her parents not know? They’re so loud!”

Tikki giggled. “They know, they just think they’re cute.”

The cat kwami was confused. “How do you know?”

“I’m not always in her room, Plagg. Sometimes she needs privacy. Sometimes I need more cookies.”

“So you just roam around whenever you want?”

She side eyed him. “Are you saying that you don’t?

“It’s different, Adrien’s house is huge but empty. I can go through 20 rooms, not repeat a room, and still never run into anyone other than Adrien. If you go into 5, you’ve run into the whole family.”

“Whatever, Plagg.”

He smiled. He knew he was right. “It’s weird how you’re supposed to be the good luck, but I’m the one who’s always right.”


“Shhh. Your chosen is trying to sleep.”

“She’s having a tickle fight…”

“About trying to sleep.”


“No, look!”

Marinette grinned. She had flipped their positions so she was the one looking down at him. “Pinned ya.”

He pushed up against her hands. “You’re still not going to sleep until my demands have been met.”

She pouted. “You’d really keep me from sleeping?”

“Aaahhh! Not the Big Eyes. Mari, stop.”

“Then let me sleep.”

“No! I must be strong.” He closed his eyes so he couldn’t see her face. “For Zuko!” He found some strength and flipped them over.

“I’m starting to think you like him more than you love me. Besides, Katara is clearly the best character. She’s the only one who doesn’t let her emotions rule her. She does what she needs to do, not what she wants. No matter how much it hurts her.”

“Mhmm. Well, you can be the Katara to my Zuko. A perfect match.”

She stared up at him, wide eyed, and whispered, “Zutara Shipper! The unholiest of ships. I cannot believe…”

He stopped and got off of her. “You just dissed my OTP. Mari how could you? I thought you loved me!”

She just looked at him. “Adrien come back to bed.”

“No. I’m hurting.”





“… I’m sorry.”


She sighed. “I’m sorry for insulting your OTP, I know it was wrong and I won’t do it again, I promise, just come to bed.”

He slowly got back into the bed. “Still not going to sleep.”

“Adrien please? I’m tired…”

“Do it.”

“I’m sorry for insulting Zuko. I know how you love him.”

He smiled and laid back down. She curled herself around him.

He looked at her, hair loose and falling into her face. She looked so beautiful he didn’t know what to do. So he told her.

She blushed. “Shut up and go to sleep.”

“Will you ever let me be the big spoon?”

“You’re a few years too late for that, cutie. Besides, you like being held.”


“Are you going to let me go to sleep now?”

He pretended to think. “You still didn’t meet one of my demands. I want a proper goodnight kiss. I can’t sleep without it, and neither will you.” A loud yawn escaped him, and she knew he was going to be asleep within 10 minutes whether she kissed him or not.

Doesn’t mean she didn’t want to do it anyways.

She giggled and kissed him gently, before pulling back. “That’s all you get. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Beautiful.”

my concept for izumi’s daughter

i realized people don’t talk about her that much when we should. she does exists, and i know it may not happen but i really wanted to see her in one of the future comics, that would be soooo cool. she’s iroh’s little sister, zuko’s granddaughter, she deserves something! 

i’d love to know more about her, we don’t even have a name. how is she like? her personality and how’s her relationship with her mom and grandpa? we don’t have anything and that sucks

i have some ideas about her history and personality. personaly i think she’s very close to her grandfather - in part cause i love zuko so so so much. and maybe she’s a free-spirited girl who wants to travel and see the world like her grandpa did when he was young. but that’s just my concept

the only thing we “have” is that bryke wanted to pair her with mako. give us more. give us her

anyway i’d LOVE to talk about her with someone, so if you want to please talk to me!! 

Zuko and Azula's Relationship

Unpopular opinion: most people agree that Azula’s downfall began with the betrayal of Mai and Ty Lee but I’m going to stand here and say it really started with the betrayal of Zuko during The Day of Black Sun.

Zuko and Azula have always had a bit of a troubled relationship but we see in Zuko Alone that they did get along somewhat as children. I don’t see Azula as being someone who’s needlessly cruel, ok maybe under the right circumstances, but she is someone who is willing to be cruel with reason. Have you ever been in a situation where you idolized someone and, once you got to know them better, you realized they were a disappointment? I bet that was the beginning of the breakdown of young Azula and Zuko’s relationship. Young Azula would have loved her doting, attentive big brother but as she surpassed him, she began to see he wasn’t as great as she’d originally though. Azula probably became bitter at Zuko for not being the excellent big brother she’d envisioned while, at the same time, building a lot of her self-confidence on being better than Zuko.

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