i love how you can see the ring!

That's Not How the Story Goes
Patrick Warburton, Neil Patrick Harris, K. Todd Freeman, Malina Weissman & Louis Hynes
That's Not How the Story Goes


You may think that the Baudelaires ought to prevail,
and be tucked some place, all safe and sound;
Count Olaf captured and rotting in jail,
his henchpeople nowhere around.

But there’s no happy endings; not here and not now.
This tale is all sorrows and woes.
You dream that justice and peace win the day,
but that’s not how the story goes.

You might think that two parents, both brave and both true,
would live till a nice ripe old age.
But I’m sad to say I have bad news for you:
The curtain rings down on the stage.

Yes, there’s no happy endings; not here and not now.
This tale is all sorrows and woes.
You dream that justice and peace win the day,
but that’s not how the story goes.

I once loved a girl and she thought well of me.
We thought we’d be happy together.
But now I’m alone, as you can well see,
and she’s cold in her grave forever.

There’s no happy endings; not here and not now.
This tale is all sorrows and woes.
You dream that justice and peace win the day,
but that’s not how the story goes.

The world is a pair of ill-fitting pants,
and other dire hideous clothes.
You may think that three children would lead pleasant lives,
but that’s not how the story goes.

Some people smile at the end of the day;
some people laugh, I suppose.
But to me there’s nothing but gloom and despair.
That’s just how the story goes.

That’s just how the story…

Hmm, that’s nice.

i love season one dean with his too-big leather jacket and his ripped worn out jeans and his bracelets and ring and necklace and his freckles and long eyelashes and perfect jawline and cheeky grin

and his wide desperate eyes and his frustration because all he wants to have his family all in one place and sam and dad just can’t SEE that like he does and i love how he leans into every touch he gets because he’s so starved for it and i love the shadows under his eyes because he’s only 26 but he feels like he’s been living forever and wow oh wow i just love season one dean

&&. engagement/marriage starters.
  • will you marry me?
  • yes, i’ll marry you!  
  • i don’t think we’re ready.  
  • you lost the ring?!  
  • i’m gonna propose tonight at dinner.  
  • i can’t let you marry her/him.  
  • i don’t care if your family hates me, i love you!  
  • i think this is the dress.  
  • what do you mean ‘you can’t do this’? you have to walk down the aisle in half an hour!  
  • let me see the ring!  
  • how did he/she ask?!  
  • so when’s the big day?  
  • i object!  
  • the dress won’t zip!  
  • so are you guys doing this because you’re pregnant or something?  
  • what type of flowers: roses or lilies?  
  • please don’t invite your uncle. he always gets embarrassingly drunk at things like these.  
  • i’ve been taking dancing lessons. i want our wedding to be perfect.  
  • with this ring, i thee wed.  
  • are rapid breathing, a fast heart rate, and internal panicking all signs of cold feet? because i’ve got them all.  
  • i don’t care if we get married in a shack or a ballroom. i just want to be your husband/wife.  
  • best thing about weddings: open bars.  
  • you said the wrong name at the altar?!  
  • nothing made me happier than seeing you walk down the aisle towards me.  

Guys, I’m still crying from how happy epsiode 10 has made me… T.T

Not only are Victor and Yuri engaged to be married when Yuri wins, but we also got to see everything from Victor’s point of view. Through his POV, we learn that Victor has been the one chasing Yuri all along and how he has learned to love and live because of him. It’s amazing how changing the point of view can make an already amazing show more refreshing.

While I could not contain my tears of joy during the ring exchange scene, I cannot help but love how happy and full of emotion Victor is admiring his ring. The physical embodyment of their love and how far they have come as a duo is there for the world to see. There’s no doubt in my mind that Yuri is Victor’s first love and win or lose, he will never leave Yuri.

Bless you Kubo sensei and all the Yuri on ice creators for making a truly beautiful anime. You have certainly made history.


Yes, this is Admiral T. Goldwyn as we know him with Huma Abedin and her son, and with his lovely daughter Tess, yesterday at Disneyland.
And yes, that is his left hand that you see, notably missing a key detail.

The warning I put out last time remains: I swear if I see ONE person acting out and so much as THINKING of @ing Tony on Twitter and comment or ask about his ring, I am going to ROAST them publicly.

People can comment on it all they want PRIVATELY or anyway by NOT including him. Yet again basic manners, because you do NOT EVER ask even people you know about “oh so how come you’ve ditched your ring?” let alone a COMPLETE stranger. So, you’ve been warned.

Oh btw, these photos? Are from TMZ. So someone wanted them out there.


Meantime, time for the usual round of drinks on the S.S. Terry.

That’s just it. Their relationship is very much up in the air. Wally kind of burst in in this last episode we saw, and revealed that in the future, I don’t have a ring on my finger, and that’s probably why Barry proposed to me. You know, Iris doesn’t want to be married for that reason. She doesn’t want to be married out of fear. She wants it to be from a place of love. I think she made a tough decision, but it was the decision that she had to make, and we’re going to see in the next episode that their relationship is still very much up in the air and hopefully they can figure out how to get back on track, but for now it’s not looking great for Barry and Iris. […] I think Iris needs to know that Barry truly wants to be married to Iris. I think she knows that deep down, but she doesn’t want it to be entangled with fear and trying to change the future. I think she feels like the proposal was kind of a two for one special, like yes I love you and I want to marry you, but this will also change the future. I don’t think any girl wants that. She wants that engagement to be solely about him wanting to be her husband. So I think Barry will have to prove that in some way for her to kind of get back on track.
—  Candice Patton | E!News: What is the status of her relationship with Barry after the whole proposal fiasco? Their talk was interrupted by Barry’s epiphany.
One of my favorite things about this chapter...

I loved this panel especially. Despite being quirkless and in poor health Toshinori can be a seriously intimidating person when really angry. But here I just love how you can feel his determination, it’s on fire and I love it. 

I want him to rest and be happy but there’s definitely a lot of work to be done first. I really hope that Toshinori can keep his promise to the Midoriyas and live for Izuku.

(Dying after all of what he went through in his fight with AFO and making that promise to Inko feels like it’d be a poor storytelling choice in my opinion. Please don’t kill him to force development in Izuku, that a trope that’s been done to death. (*Ba-dum-tsh!*))

Also, I just want to say that I love how intense Toshinori’s eyes get. I think that’s what sells this panel the most. You can see hints of that outer ring in the above picture and then in the second it’s more present. It feels like his eyes are burning brighter than normal and it raises the intensity of this scene and the feel of his determination. In my opinion it feels like a lot of care went into this part to get the feeling right and I am very impressed.

So…episode eleven…huh?

Such a wild ride with all the skaters performing their short programs and they all did wonderfully (when Yuuri and Phichit cried at the end of theirs, I almost cried!). Honestly, it was just amazing and I loved watching all of theirs (Chris’ one still makes me a little uncomfortable but I knew what was coming but it wasn’t so bad). 

Yuuri’s performance was really good and you can really see that he tried his best like he always does. I think he drew confidence from his ring, knowing that Viktor was there and remembering the words that Viktor told him, so that made him feel a bit more at ease, a little bit more in control. Like Viktor said, Yuuri doesn’t doubt his decisions anymore which shows how far Yuuri has come from the beginning of the series. He didn’t score past a hundred but he still did really well and at the end, he was so overwhelmed that he just sank to his knees and cried (I think he cried!). 

Viktor was proud, you can tell, and Yuuri would have done better if he managed to land that quadruple flip without the use of his hand. But the main thing is that he tried and he succeeded going into the second half of the final! 

I don’t even have to talk about Phichit’s performance because that’s just going to be me shouting about how proud I am of him and how he did SO WELL. He also cried and I almost cried because he’s KICKING ASS with a SMILE, performing so beautifully and is the first Southeast Asian to get as far as he has so excuse me while I flail about my precious son. 

Yurio’s was absolutely beautiful and he just has a bit of that natural talent coursing through him. He’s really been showing people what’s made of and all his training has paid off because he’s now in FIRST PLACE. And the fact that he’s learned the true meaning of Agape because of the people that he’s met in his life is awesome. His grandfather has always been there but now there’s Yuuri, Viktor, Yuuko and the rest. Yurio may not admit it but he finally knows what unconditional love is, having experienced for himself. And that makes me happy! Once again, so freaking proud and I’m cheering all of them on!

Also, can we just talk about JJ? 

Like, I know he can be an ass because he’s really cocky but I feel like he has a good heart. He trains incredibly hard so why wouldn’t he be scoring top marks? It was quite sad to see him flop in the end since the nerves finally caught up to him. But he did have the support of his fans (I loved the guy running with the Canadian flag, oh my god) and the love of his fiancee. So, he’ll be fine! He’s still young. 

Oh and Obatek killed it. 

To think that he completely changed because of Yurio and it made his performance much better is like, HE WAS INSPIRED BY THE SNOW ANGST KITTEN. 


But I think what really came out of this episode is how Yuuri finds out that Viktor misses skating. This is what I gathered from it and seeing Viktor glance almost wistfully at the ice makes Yuuri see that. Viktor was watching all the skaters and he was happy as he took in their programs as well as cheered them on. I also think that when he was watching Chris, he missed competing against him just as Chris misses competing against Viktor. 

This is just my interpretation of the episode but it’s possible that once Yuuri has realized this, maybe he feels like he’s holding Viktor’s back? Like Viktor could be doing bigger and better things but is wasting his time here with Yuuri. I think seeing all those routines and how good the skaters are, maybe Yuuri was thinking that Viktor would be better off training someone with more potential, someone with more promise. 

You can see that he’s uneasy throughout the rest of the episode and he even has a talk with Viktor at the end of it all. 

He wants to end it. 

Now, we don’t know if Yuuri means Viktor being his coach or the relationship that they’re having. I’d like to think that Yuuri means Viktor being his coach but it’s understandable especially after how he’s been feeling today. Remember, Yuuri doesn’t doubt his decisions anymore and doesn’t hesitate as much as he used to. 

But now he’s doubting HIMSELF and his abilities again. 

He wants to end things for a reason, maybe he doesn’t want Viktor to feel tied down to him even though that’s not the case at all.

It’s a surprise, really because when he said that, I immediately went ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?’ 



I think the whole series is going to end on a high note though because there’s a huge problem/drama before the good comes out. So have hope, it’s all going to be fine! 

You gotta love the angst and suspense though. 

(Also the constant appearance of the rings? That was some good shit, yes, such a good).

Anthem, Leonard Cohen

The birds they sang at the break of day
Start again, I heard them say
Don’t dwell on what has passed away
Or what is yet to be.

Ah the wars they will be fought again
The holy dove she will be caught again
Bought and sold and bought again
The dove is never free.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

We asked for signs the signs were sent:
The birth betrayed the marriage spent
Yeah the widowhood of every government –
Signs for all to see.

I can’t run no more with that lawless crowd
While the killers in high places say their prayers out loud.
But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up a thundercloud
And they’re going to hear from me.

Ring the bells that still can ring …

You can add up the parts but you won’t have the sum
You can strike up the march, there is no drum
Every heart, every heart to love will come
But like a refugee.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

ColdFlash Headcanon

Len gets “Scarlet” tattooed somewhere on his body (maybe even over his heart) because “Barry” is a little obvious and he’s the only one who calls Barry by that name. Most people who catch a glimpse assume it’s some woman. Mick and Lisa know what’s up, of course, although they don’t comment on the new tattoo.

When Barry sees the tattoo for the first time he’s very surprised, because they haven’t talked about their feelings at all. First he kisses the tattoo, then Len. And that’s how they say “I love you” for the first time.

Alternatively, they’ve been together for quite some time and Barry comments (after kissing Len and the tattoo) that he’d love to get Len’s name tattooed somewhere, but he can’t because of his fast healing. Len pulls out a ring (his name is engraved) and holds it up, saying “how about this instead?”. And that’s how he proposes.

Total Divas: Dean Ambrose x Reader

(1) You and Dean are starting your own chapter on the show Total Divas. 

—When it is in italics like this it is you talking to the camera with the green screen behind you (if that makes sense…).—

The episode starts off showing you in the kitchen of your apartment. You are wearing workout clothes and your hair is in a high ponytail. You are washing some dishes when your cell phone starts ringing. You wipe your hands off on a towel and pick up your phone. “Hey babe.” you smile. It was your boyfriend Jonathan Good. “How are you this morning??… That’s good I just got back from my morning workout and had some breakfast… Yeah… Can’t wait to see you… Yeah… I will see you around two then… Bye love you too.” You hang up and lean against the sink smiling. 

“It is no secret that me and Jon are dating. We started dating during our NXT days. We became fast friends and that blossomed into an amazing relationship. We have been dating for close to two years now. Since we are both so heavily involved with the WWE, what with me being the Divas Champ and him being the United States Champ, we decided to take our relationship to the next level by living together.” (Through out your little monologue clips of you and Jon are shown. You and Jon previously on Total Divas working out together or having dinner together. Clips of you two each in the ring during NXT and WWE. Clips of you two getting your championships. And a clip of you two goofing around, him picking you like he is about to slam you.)

Next you are seen in your bathroom touching up your makeup when your apartment buzzer goes off. You smile brightly and bolt out of the bathroom to go to your intercom. “Who is it??” you say in a sing song voice. “Here’s Johnny!!” Jon says in his best Jack Nicholson impression. You roll your eyes and laugh while you buzz him up. 

We decided to stay in my apartment because it has a free gym downstairs… and its already decorated to my liking… I don’t think Jon wanted me to redo his whole apartment in (your favorite color).” 

You open the door for Jon when he knocks. He steps in and puts down his boxes just in time for you to jump on him wrapping your arms and legs around him. You cling to him like a spider monkey as he closes the door. “I can get use to this every time I come home.” Jon laughs and kisses you. “I am so excited… You sure your’re going to be able to handle me all the time??” You tease with a sly smile as he sets you down. “I hear its good cardio being run up the walls 24/7.” He teases back earning a smack on the arm from you. 

“Jon was pretty hesitant at first to live together because of the show and all but he warmed up to it… just don’t expect him to do a lot of talking.” 

Later on in the episode it shows you and Jon laying in your shared bed. You two had spent the whole day unpacking all of the stuff he had brought that day. You two were ready for a good nights sleep in order to start all over tomorrow with unpacking the rest of the stuff. Jon rolls over on his side and wraps his arm around you. You kiss him on the nose and smile. “I love you Jon.” you smile and he kisses you. “I love you too darlin’ but shhh time to go to sleep I am exhausted.” He sighs and pulls you closer to him. You start to say something else when he rolls completely on top of you. “Shhhhhh no more words.” You giggle and try to push him off while he pretends to snore.

“This new chapter is already starting out as the best one. Jon is my best friend. Being able to share everyday with him now, on the road and at home is going to be like a dream come true. We always have the best times together whether its out on a date or just staying in and being quiet… We are so comfortable together.”

Your part of the episode ends with you and Jon cuddled up in your bed completely comfortable with each other and in love. 

(I had this idea the other day when I watching some YouTube clips of Total Divas. I am thinking about either doing a series if enough people like them. I will also do a few for other wrestlers as well. If you have a request please send it in and I will work it in. Thank you so much for reading. Feedback is appreciated.)

The Happy Hiddle’s Haven Hotel (pets welcome)

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Fluffy tiny one shot with a very Camp Tom.

 (telephone rings)

“Happy, Hiddles, Haven Hotel. Pets welcome. Tom speaking. How may I help you on this glorious day? ..yes…..um…..yes….. Oh Mr Fluffbutt is very welcome here, as are all our fluffy and feathered friends. …….Totally agree, life not worth living if you can’t pet your  pussy……we’ll see you on the ninth”

“Mrs Taylor, Welcome back to our little happy haven, it’s so good to see you, and you’ve bought Monty how lovely……Yes we have your usual room and Chris here will show you up. and make sure you and Monty are happy bunnies”

(telephone rings)

“Happy, Hiddles, Haven Hotel. Pets welcome, Tom speaking. How may I help you on this Darling of a day, Oh how wonderful to hear your voice Mrs Murphy, ……coming to see us next week super, and Mr Murphy?……… He died but Gerald the Hamsters still fine oh well small mercies….I’ll have the chef cut up Gerald’s carrot just the way he likes it, ……and I’m sure Chris will help you clean out his cage like last time…… yes he’ll wear the Speedo's”

 “Chris love I know you’ve just been up once but Mrs Johnson needs you to bath her Muffy. Went for walkies and got a tincy bit muddy, now needs a bath and quick rub down with a rough towel, so be a sweetie and go to her room”

(phone rings)

“Mrs Henderson from room eleven, what can I do to make your day brighter? Ah your pussy is all wet and needs sorting. Well my dear, I’m afraid Chris is sorting Mrs Johnson’s Muffyat the moment but when he’s done, he’ll be straight over to help make your pussy happy again.”

(Phone rings)

“Happy, Hiddles, Haven Hotel. Pets welcome, Tom speaking. How may I be of service to you on such a wonderful day? ……Mr Travis here this afternoon Oh My world is complete, and are you bringing big Dick? It’s so long since I’ve seen Dick, and a good roll round the hotel carpet with him would lighten my load. He does like his sloppy wet kisses doesn’t he?…….. Yes we’ll see you at four and I’m so looking forwards to it.”

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Pictures not mine I just played with them.

I was browsing through the preview of the next star trek/green lantern crossover comic and this happened *iz dead xD*
that lady has met Spock 3 minutes ago but clearly he’s her handsome friend now. Uhura:

..is not impressed. xD

What’s up with the picture frame behind them? :o

“He’s my butler.” I love Link silently cracking up after that.

I don’t usually fidget with stuff?? Maybe because nothing is available to fidget with, but I can see how it could be helpful. I remember hearing about a teacher who replaced her classroom chairs with bouncy balls, and apparently her kids were more focused afterwards.

“Oh, you’ve gained weight, Link.” bahaha Rhett…Link gave him a Look.

“Depends on which crevice.” Rhett, why are you imagining Link’s wedding ring falling into his butt.

What kind of high tech tv remote is that?? says the girl who hasn’t watched tv in month

This is just becoming a way for them to get more food. XD

My aesthetic is Rhett teasing Link for hitting his elbow on the table.

The bike wheel!!! X’D why… Okay now this is just Let’s Get Weird with It.

It always irks me when celebrities refer to each other as “friends” when chances are that they barely talk.

Rhett lies with such a straight face. Good gosh…

Yay EB talk! I’m glad they’re addressing the people who asked about Ear Biscuits possibly changing. 

“I consider ultimate intimacy to be when you’re disrobed.” Is that why they went skinny dipping? ;P Also what does Rhett consider bathing in a tub together while wearing tiny shorts to be? Partial intimacy?

“I’m a little over Youtubers.” Same tbh

Mike and Alex unhinged… all the more reason for me to avoid it then. >.>

That ending was dramatic. I haven’t been reading comments or anything, but I didn’t think the new shows were replacing GMM. Like c’mon people…do you REALLY think Randl would stop the show with absolutely no fanfare? XD

Take the thing, copy and paste it into your own post, tag it “elderlings” and then tag as many people as you can that you know in the fandom :D Let’s see how many of us can do one before the new book comes out :)

No one tagged me but I really wanted to do this :D

Favourite RotE Book: Can I just say the entirety of The Tawny Man trilogy? If I had to choose… Maybe Fool’s Fate


Top Three Favourite Characters: Only three?? Let’s see… Beloved (my favorite character in anything ever), Kettricken, Fitz.

Top Three Least Favourite Characters: KYLE, Hest, Regal. The dynamic trio

Favourite Ship (of the floating kind): Paragon, but I’m also oddly fond of Tarman!

Top Three Favourite Ships (of the people kind): Fitz/Fool is my lifeblood, i dont need anything else (romantic, platonic, i don’t care, just let them be together and happy ;__;)

Would you rather be Witted or Skilled: I was going to say Skilled but then I figured that there is like a 90% chance that I would immediately just plunge myself right into the Skill River… so Witted.

If you were Witted, what animal would you bond with?: A dog, most likely.

Would you rather live in the Outislands, the Mountain Kingdom, the Six Duchies, Bingtown, the Rain Wilds, Kelsingra, Jamaillia, the Pirate Isles, or Fool’s Homeland?: The Rain Wilds, but Bingtown would be the safer choice

How were you introduced to the books? It started in 2012(?) - a cousin of mine had read Assassin’s Apprentice and recommended it to me, and I borrowed her copy of it. That was the point of no return…

((Bonus story: I borrowed the next two books from the local library and then skipped to The Tawny Man. The Liveship Traders hasn’t been translated into my native language and the tiny rural library has almost no books in English… After reading Golden Fool I realized that skipping Liveships was A BAD IDEA, so I ordered the books online and read them before continuing on to Fool’s Fate :B))

Share a quote you love:

(Fool’s Assassin)

On a more serious note: “I detest shouting. I hate being shouted at, and I never shout at anyone. That doesn’t mean I never get angry, though. - - Or that I never get hurt. ‘Only my pain is more silent than my anger.’ That’s a quote from the poet Tinni. Or a paraphrase, actually, a translation.” (Amber in Ship of Magic)

Tagging the aforementioned cousin @mussuttavamarsu​ and any mutuals/followers in the fandom who haven’t done this yet o/


Imma say this up front. Legolas was always my favorite character from the Lord of The Rings. As a kid in Elementary School, I was completely obsessed with him for ages, and still wonder how on earth one guy can be that damned attractive. With that being said, you’d probably expect me to be overjoyed to see him again in the Hobbit. Well, yes and no. I love seeing Orly act as Legolas in whatever capacity, and I don’t really mind that he wasn’t in the original story, but I admit I’m not a fan of the way his character is written in comparison to the way he was in LOTR. The Legolas of the Hobbit seems very cold, and when he does show emotion it tends to be in anger. Does he ever actually smile when he’s onscreen? I remember seeing him smile in LOTR and it was a beautiful beautiful thing! I guess maybe the idea was that he’d kind of mellowed out by the time he joins the Fellowship and that we’re seeing him here in his angsty teenage years (kinda). I also REALLY wasn’t a fan of his new contact lenses, they are much brighter and colder than they were in LOTR. They don’t look real, and I find it kind of distracting. A nitpick to be sure but still, had to get it off my chest.  
All in all it was really great to see our favorite elven prince killing off orcs one last time in a spectacular impossibly flawless fashion (except for that one time when he runs out of arrows). Orlando Bloom is a complete hottie. The End. 

I’m sick of feeling like you’re mine
Then hear him on the other line
Say I love you
And hear you say it too.
All the time I’ve wasted
For a love I’ve barely tasted
That lingers sour
For every hour our
Love slipped beneath your scour,
Desperate for some detail
To derail my frail fairy tale -
Go, cast off your veil,
Pawn the ring I never gave.
Tell yourself you’re brave.
Wave goodbye and save
The heart I’ll never recollect,
Because you dissect every suspect
Time we connect,
Deflect the love and expect
Your apathy to reflect.
You tell me to follow my dreams
But it seems
You don’t see the schemes
Unraveling me at the seams
And I see how little I mean
To you, I’ve seen
You come home obscene,
Clean yourself up and come to bed
With me, said the looks I’ve read
Were misled
But his hands on you I can’t get out of my head,
I’ve pled
To my heart for strength
To keep you at arm’s length
But my will crumbles at your eyes,
It’s no surprise, I compromise
My soul because your look implies
Something beyond a guise,
My friends advise me of your lies,
Hell, yours do too,
So why can’t I let you
Why do I know
This dream isn’t worth it,
I can’t acquit
Your behavior but my love still can’t quit.
You’ve wished me away,
Showed me the way
I don’t deserve to be treated,
I competed for a girl who cheated
And repeated all the conceited
Words and depleted every ounce of love undefeated,
You’re filled with clichés,
Tell me my cute ways amaze
You, my gaze delays
Your hands on me, lays
Your will against
Me down, but I’ve always sensed
The sighs you dispensed
Were condensed,
Rehearsed in his arms
And my charms
Were just the honey,
It’s funny,
He always thought it was the money,
But we both know it’s more,
It’s that I stand by the door
As I watch your
Car pull away, have dinner waiting for
You when you come home,
Comb the knots from your hair
And never dare let my eyes tear
Away from yours while you get dressed,
It’s when I pull you into my chest
When you’re stressed, depressed,
Or have a test you guessed
You did your best
On, I remind you how hard
We studied, the note card
You forgot I brought,
Your favorite candy on my break I bought,
It was the thought
That you’re always on my mind…
But I could never find
A spot in yours unshared,
That’s why I’m scared,
I’m always being compared,
You’ve never seen just me.
Now that you can only have me in your memory,
Can you see me clearly?
Or does my smile blend
With his? I can’t defend
You, this is my end,
You can’t be my friend,
There are some words I can’t forgive,
Some moments I can’t relive,
Still you echo through my skull,
“You’re not special.”
Yeah, I’m a wreck,
And I may be far from perfect,
But you’re far from good.
—  J.S.

- memory -


Donna Jumps into the TARDIS

A little bit of mirroring here, I see–Doesn’t the Doctor go through this exact move with his ACTUAL wife in Series 5?

“With This Ring…”

“I thee bio-damp.” 

I feel as though this is the cementing of their friendship. They’re having a platonic wedding. The stuff he says about her being unimportant is so cruel, however. But I love knowing how wrong he is in retrospect.

“You Can Stop Now”

I think this is our first introduction to the fury and ruthlessness of 10. Thank goodness for Donna.

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch

Christmas Episode Between Series 2 and 3: “The Runaway Bride”

Fleuve’s fave scenes/observations ☺️💙💙

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“I can’t do this anymore Jonathan.” You said as you packed your  things. He had come home early from work to see you getting ready to leave. At first, he thought you were just leaving on a  trip. He knew how much you loved to  travel. But then he saw your ring laying on the nightstand.

“I don’t understand.” He said quietly.

“You’re gone late. Sometimes you don’t come home at all. And when you do, you smell of stale cigar smoke and cheap perfume.” You wiped your eyes. “I don’t know who she is, but I hope she’s better for you than I was.”

“Darling, I love you.” He said, trying to get you to stop what you were doing. “That’s why I married you.”

“Then if you’re not cheating, what are you doing?” You asked. “I know you’re working at the hotel…and there’s all those rooms…”

“I can’t tell you.” He said. “It would risk your safety…”

“But you’d rather watch our marriage fall apart?” You asked softly. He didn’t know what to say. Those eyes were destroying his soul. “When you have your priorities straight, you’ll fine me. You always do.”

With that, you walked out of his life. 

All because of this stupid job.


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