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13 Things

Rating: All ages
Pairing: Bluepulse 
A/N: Good thing I’m going to the dentist tomorrow because writing this gave me a cavity. >.<
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It’s after Bart’s sped through his vows, and hundreds of eyes fixate on him, that Jaime freezes. His knuckles have gone white from clutching the piece of paper. He wants to grab Bart’s hand and pull him aside, to escape from the prying eyes. He wants to whisper in private the things that are for Bart’s ears only. 

He darts a glance at the procession, where the Team, the League, and his family members are watching. Milagro meets Jaime’s eyes. She grins to let him know that she’s relishing his pain, as she taps the video camera in her hands. 

Jaime stands there, his throat tensing up, when he turns back to Bart. His gaze is warm and reassuring. Jaime feels his muscles relax. He clears his throat, and begins nervously. 

“When we fist met, you were thirteen years old. And here are thirteen things I love about you.”

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anonymous asked:

not sure if you're still taking prompts but if you are, can i request a human klaroline drabble based off of "oops" by little mix? like a friends with benefits but we realize we're something more?

Thanks for the awesome prompt nonnie, think this is one of my new favourite songs! Also it’s a little different but the concept is still basically the same. I hope you like it! All lyrics in bold italics are by Little Mix and Charlie Puth (a little altered to suit the story).


Oops, my baby, I woke up in your bed”

Caroline’s eyes darted around the room trying to gain her bearings, this certainly wasn’t her bedroom. Enzo St John’s 18th birthday had been massive, no surprises at all given the organiser. Katherine had thrown him a surprise pool party at her house while her parents were away in Washington DC and all Caroline remembered was a lot of tequila, a lot of swimming and a lot of dancing on the dining room table. She just hoped it was still standing after all the weight it had endured during the night.

Sleeping with someone didn’t quite fit in with all those memories. Sure, her and Tyler had been messing around a bit but this definitely wasn’t his room. For some reason though it was a little familiar, especially those sketches on the wall in particular. Caroline felt her blood go cold at her delayed realisation, it couldn’t be him, right?

She turned over reluctantly, her eyes finally resting on the guy sleeping next to her. As far as possible options could go he was probably the worst. Not looks wise; this guy could be an Abercrombie and Fitch model with that curly, blonde hair and those crimson lips. But when it came to the worst people you could sleep with, your best friend’s brother was at the top of that list.

She pulled the sheet closer around her naked body self consciously, accidentally rousing him from sleep. She watched as those dark, blue eyes fluttered open and a pair of rogue dimples appeared out of nowhere as his gaze met hers, his dark, blonde hair adorably rumpled.

“Do you always watch people sleeping? I mean it’s a little creepy don’t you think, love?” He asked, his voice full of sleep.

“If you must know I was laying here commiserating over my choice of bedmate,” she growled. “I know you’ve always had a thing for me but really Klaus.”

“Says the girl who couldn’t keep her hands off me last night.”

“I’m blaming it on the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed,” she shot back, trying to ignore just how sexy his unkempt stubble looked at this time of the morning. “Trust me, if we were sober this would’ve never happened, I do have my standards after all.”

“That’s not what you were saying last night,” he smirked. “In fact you were revelling in my standardless company. I seem to recall a few cries of pleasure along the lines of…”

“I don’t need a recap,” she scowled, interrupting him. “I just need some caffeine and a hot shower and to forget this ever happened.”

“I’d be more than happy to scrub your back, you know get to all those hard to reach places.”

“Get out!”

“Last time I checked this was my bedroom, love,” he replied, gruffly. Of course it was, typical. “Looks like it’s time to do the walk of shame, door’s just over there. Although you might want to watch out for Rebekah, she’s usually leaving for yoga at this time on a Saturday morning.”

“Don’t call me love,” she muttered, placing her head in her hands in frustration. “Of all people why do you have to be a Mikaelson?”

“Unfortunate turn of events, trust me,” he said, knowingly as he propped his head up on his elbow and trained his gaze on her. “Usually my one-night-stands don’t talk this much the following morning. If I knew you were going to be this chatty, I might have reconsidered my decision.”

“Charming, Mikaelson,” she muttered while pulling off the sheet completely, wrapping it around her body and madly hunting for her discarded clothing. She was also trying to ignore the fact that he was now very naked sans covers. “Remind me not to have the pleasure of your company ever again.”

“Ditto, love.”

She chose not to respond, taking her pieces of clothing into the connected bathroom and slamming the door shut. It was probably the quickest she’d ever dressed, desperate to get out of this ridiculously awkward situation as soon as possible. It’s not like she didn’t find him attractive, in fact she’d found herself day dreaming about her best friend’s brother sometimes but knew nothing good could ever come of it, especially given what a known womaniser he was.

She consulted her dishevelled appearance in the mirror briefly. Her blonde waves were messy and obviously knotted, her creamy skin flushed and she had a telling trail of mascara under her left eye. Classy. As soon as she’d managed to make the best of her appearance, Caroline emerged from his bathroom. If this was some stranger then her exit would have been a lot simpler. Unfortunately a few stray memories from their night together came rushing back causing some unexpected shivers which were threatening to break her resolve.

It was a mad frenzy; clothes discarded at a rapid pace, tangled, sweaty limbs, mouths exploring and moaning against every inch of bare skin. He certaintly had talents, not that she’d ever admit it to him of course.

“I’m impressed, most girls I know spend at least a good few hours in the bathroom.”

“Well, I’m not like most girls you know, Mikaelson,” she growled, heading towards the window and opening it. The last thing she wanted to do was get caught by Rebekah or Kol for that matter so this seemed like the only escape.

“That much is true,” he agreed, his eyes flickering admiringly over her body encased in a fitted black dress. “I might even be open to another tryst if you’re lucky.”

“You wish,” she muttered, straddling the window sill and climbing out onto a nearby tree branch. If she’d known she was going to be scaling trees she definitely would have dressed more appropriately. Caroline had many regrets but she didn’t want to add getting caught out sleeping with her best friend’s brother to that list. The quicker she got out of there and showered her sins away the sooner she could forget what she’d done.

Oops, we broke up, we’re better off as friends”

“You know, I’m really getting sick of your post mortem analysis, love.” Klaus groaned. “I understand once could be considered a stupid mistake but how do you explain ten times? Actually no, I was a little drunk a few of those times, make it at least a dozen.”

“Why do you always feel the need to revell in my misfortune, Mikaelson?”

“If it really was misfortune I’m surprised you’d come back so many times for more,” Klaus drawled. “I suppose I should get dressed before you kick me out in a raging fit of denial, yet again.”

“At least you catch on quickly,” she mumbled, throwing his shirt directly at his head. “This can’t happen ever again.”

“Exactly what you said the previous eleven times,” he joked, not missing just how hungrily her eyes devoured his bare chest in the meantime.

“I mean it this time.”

“Well, here’s a little hint for you,” he offered, placing his top over his head. “Don’t ogle me while you say it, I’d actually believe it if you refrained from checking me out.” She rolled her eyes at his usual lack of modesty. “Anyway, what’s wrong with a little harmless fun?” It certainly was fun, Caroline cast her mind back to the night before.

His teeth grazing and nibbling at her skin, his fingers massaging her silky folds as he did it. Caroline bucking her hips feeling all control slip away but not minding because she knew just how spectacularly it would end, it always did. Not that she’d ever admit that to him of course.

“You’re arrogant, annoying and smug. Oh and Rebekah’s brother,” she answered, by way of explanation.

“You really need to stop with all the compliments, love, you’ll give me a big head. Well, besides that unfortunate mention of my brotherly connection to Rebekah.”

“Too late for that and what have I told you about calling me love,” she muttered.

“I know how much it annoys you.”

“Of course,” she hissed. “So, what exactly are you still doing in my bed?”

“No need to get your panties in a twist, love,” he answered. “Oh, hang on that was me last night.”

“You are hilarious.”

“And here I thought you only liked me for my body.”

“Oh just please get out, there’s only so much I can take of your over-inflated ego and it’s stifling what available oxygen I have left.”

“Always so bloody dramatic,” he quipped, rolling out of bed. “So, should we just organise our next rendezvous or are you going to continue to live in complete denial that this will never happen again?”

“It won’t’ she promised. “Whatever this weird, messed-up thing is ends now.”

“Fine with me,” he replied, nonchalantly as he sauntered towards the door. “I have better things to do with my time anyway.”

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