i love how they show how turned on she gets by his handling of the gun

Gladio, Iggy and Noct are on their roadtrip when they come across a bunch of cars spread across the road
Battered and smoking
Some have been flipped over the barrier, people littering the ground as well as bodies of beasts and the black sludge that’s a telltale sign of demons

All the devastation converges on one car somewhat down the incline so they decided to check it out

Theyre almost on the car when a shot rings out and only Gladio’s quick reflexes saves them as he gets his shield out and up

‘W-who goes there??’

(Full story under the cut)

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I’m not sure why I hate the epilogue of Harry Potter so much, but I always imagine Harry getting completely BORED of normal life a year into it. He can’t handle it. His life has always been filled with trouble, kind of like Lord Tennyson’s view of Ulysses, and he goes stir-crazy, engaging in reckless behaviour almost daily. Hermione is worried sick because it’s causing Harry and Ginny to fight. ‘You got through all you went through in your 19 years just to kill yourself on some bloody dare?!’

Draco Malfoy shows up on Hermione’s twentieth birthday with a story of how he can’t handle how he was a coward and talks of how he killed a demon that tried to devour an old lady on the outskirts of muggle London. He says he wants to do this again; the thrill of it was amazing but he needs a partner or two. Harry and Hermione are all for it. Hermione, too, has grown tired of the Ministry life. After all, she has already secured rights for elves and goblins if they want them; that only took her a year. Hunting evil things is appealing, and she’ll be helping not only the wizarding community but the non-magical one as well.

Ginny is furious and leaves Harry for Blaise Zambini. Ron is not keen on more adventure, either. He decides he would rather help George at the joke shop than work with a Malfoy, although he, Harry, and Hermione will stay in touch. ‘Write to me every week,’ he threatens, ‘or else.’

Harry, Hermione, and Draco go on to live their lives doing the things Gilderoy Lockhart only claimed to do: battling demons, ghosts, poltergeists, sirens, urban legends, vampires, and more –all with a magical tent and three wands instead of a Chevy Impala and guns.

They call on Luna Lovegood whenever they encounter a creature they know next to nothing about, pop in on the Weasleys from time to time, and even allow Ginny to write books of their travels based on Hermione’s obsessive journal-keeping.

They become animagi. Hermione watches in surprise as her patronus changes into something unexpected. To her utmost delight, they learn about different forms of magic, even gain new magical abilities whenever they encounter a wise tutor well-versed in the more obscure magical arts.

Odd things happening while on the road are completely normal: one time, this crazy drunk American fangirl dressed up like Supergirl, who went by the name of Charlie Bradbury, latched onto Hermione’s back like koala bear when they were investigating a case at Comic-Con and wouldn’t let go, proclaiming as loud as that Banshee that one time in Ireland that Hermione was her idol, and that she was so glad she didn’t actually marry Ron.

'She reminds me of you when you were around Gilderoy Lockhart,’ Harry had said with great fondness afterwards. The backhand he took to the gut and death glare from his best friend, he thought, were completely worth it. 'Look at it this way, Hermione, she was so drunk she got a Princess Leia tattoo. She won’t remember anything.’

Imagine Hermione frustrated and flustered with her head in her hands as Harry and Draco’s school rivalry almost cost them their lives yet again. Then, she loses her temper, and both boys shrink back in fear. 'Has she always been this scary?’ Draco mutters out of the corner of his mouth to which Harry can only nod furiously. The disappointment the both of them feel is almost childlike. Draco and Harry become very close. Killing creatures will bond even the worst enemies together.

It changes Draco. All of his prior prejudice is smashed having spent so much time with his childhood rivals, and he becomes a much better person for it. Harry is reminded of Snape, and how Dumbledore once voiced he thought they sorted too early. Maybe Draco belonged in Gryffindor, too. Though the pain etched deep within Draco is visibly fading, it will never go away completely, and Harry often wonders what would have happened had he been sorted into Gryffindor with them.

Harry, however, is fully satisfied in that moment. They are in the middle of a hunt. Sitting against the front of the tent in a small forest on the east border of Paris, Harry lets out a long sigh. It is the first time he feels truly at ease in a while. Adjusting his glasses, he takes in the loving and relaxing company of two of his closest friends.

Draco is fiddling with the old radio, and tears of laughter escape Hermione as she reads. This is a normal night for all of them. 'Albus Severus?!’ she hollers, unable to keep her grip on the novel that has her undivided attention. The pumkin-coloured book falls, still open, flat on her stomach, and she dissolves completely into a fit of giggles. 'Muggles have quite the imagination these days, don’t they, Harry?’

'It’s not that bad of a name,’ Draco says, rolling his eyes. He turns the dial on the radio, and a hauntingly familiar tune sounds through it. His annoyed frown is replaced by a smirk, 'Your song is playing, you two.’

Harry can’t help but snort. Hermione throws a sarcastic remark towards Draco over the name Scorpious, before Harry finds himself being dragged to his feet by his childhood friend. Green eyes meet brown ones with a grin. They can’t not dance to 'Oh Children.’

Holding Hermione’s body close to him and swaying to the music under the stars, not all that different from the time they did a little over five years ago, he knows he made the right choice in going on the road. He is drinking life to the lees. This brilliant life with all its scars, beauty, and constant excitement is magical. It has made everything well again.

—  Non-Canon Epilogue : Drinking Life to the Lees
Anything For You

((A/N: So I had to edit some of the request a bit to make it work and not be a two-parter, I hope Anon doesn’t mind too much. But mutant reader is always a fun one, so I don’t mind. It’s also my first go as writing for Logan, so be gentle!


Can I get a Logan x (mutant)Reader, where the reader thinks that Logan hates her since he’s always so rude and gruff and yells at her during missions, so she keeps her distance from him, eventually deciding to leave the X-men. And then when Logan realizes that she left, and why she left, he goes to get her and bring her back home? Lots of angst, then ending in fluff? Fighting and love confessions? Could you make it work? Or is it too much?? Sorry to be a bother!

Pairing: Logan x mutant!Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Warnings: Language, clearly. ))

“Really? You thought just shootin’ shit with electricity was the solution here?” Wolverine’s voice had risen to an unreasonable decibel level as he got closer, claws withdrawn but still clearly defensive.

Your eyes narrowed, fists clenched, “It was the only option! Iceman was out of the way and Shadowcat was already intangible, no one would get hurt!” Your own voice had risen to match his, stepping closer and closing the little gap that was left.

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The Joker Report

This is for @aeiflegonphoenix  

Request:   Can i request a Joker(J.Leto)x reader, non-con story? The reader is an investigative journalist, who tries to uncover his illegal actions and isn’t afraid to cross the line. Joker is being Joker and he decides to take the matter into his own hands.

The Joker is today’s muse for Kinktober! Combining day 10/11 prompts:  

    Gags | Gun Play

Warnings: Noncon/Rape (PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU).  Kinky prompts, smut, oral, gun play, gags, creampie

A/N: Non-cannon (no mention of Harley Quinn).    I labeled the parts that go with the kinktober prompts 

Words: 4k

Tags: @thecynicalnerd @marauderice @mac5323 @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @negan-is-god @kellyn1604 @roschelesworld @taintedgenre @screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl @purplemuse89 @blondesouthsquad @buckyscrystalqueen @kawaiirepublic  

Originally posted by bebhemmo

  This was it, your big break.  You spotted Monster T coming through the side door and recognized the gangster right away.  Sources told you the Joker owned this strip club and you had a feeling they were about to be confirmed.  

  “Her Pixie.” The bartender started snapping her fingers at you. “Get these drinks to table five.”

  You tucked the hair on your pink wig behind your ear and lifted up the tray. When you applied for a cocktail waitressing job here you never thought they would hire you, but Mr. Frost looked you up and down and didn’t even make you fill out an application.  Fake names encouraged, everything under the table. It was perfect for you to get the scoop you need.  

  “Hey Doll.” Someone grabbed your ass. “How about a private show?”

  “Not a dancer Sir.” You smiled at him, trying to control the urge to toss the drinks all over him. “Only a server.”

  “I’d love for you to serve me.” He winked.  

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Completed Kdramas.

Kdramas I’ve completed *In order of how I watched them!* and how I rate them..chat me up about ANY drama listed, or recommend more! :) **SOME CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS!**

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon– 10/10 **This was my introduction to the amazing world of kdrama, and oh boy did it hook me!! The chemistry between Bo Young and Hyung Sik will forever be etched into my brain!

2. The Heirs– 8/10 **The most compelling thing in this show for me was Kim Woo Bin.  This was my first intro to second male lead syndrome.

3. Hwarang– 7/10 **Not gonna lie, started this because of Kim Taehyung, and happily finished it because the drama brought more than I expected.  It was slow in places, but wrapped up well.

4. High Society– 5/10 ** Not my cup of tea to be honest…I much preferred the second leads’ relationship over the first leads’.  Even Park Hyungsik wasn’t enough to keep me enthralled…this was a drama I completed just to get it over with.

5. Oh My Ghostess– 10/10. PARK BO YOUNG IS DAEBAK! I seriously love this woman…she was able to portray two distinct personality types, sometimes nearly simultaneously. Also, Jo Jung-suk as Chef Kang made my heart race!

6. Healer– 9/10 ** This would have gotten a ten had they wrapped up the loose ends a little better, alas, they did not…Also, this was my introduction to Ji Chang Wook.  His character is just amazing and JCW depicts him so well!

7. Emergency Couple– 10/10 **This is still one of my favorites.  I liked the progression between Chang Min and Jin Hee, and how it wasn’t an immediate reconciliation when they met back up.  They both had themselves to find and were mature (most of the time) about giving eachother the space needed to make it work.

8. Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo– 10/10. **I loved everything about this drama. The story line, the actors, the chemistry between the leads, and I really loved Ji Il-joo as Joo-hyuk’s best friend :)

9. She Was Pretty 7/10 ** CHOI SI-WON!!! Kim Shin Hyeok is my favorite character in all of dramaland…unfortunately he was second male lead, and my favorite part about the drama.  All of the actors portrayed their characters well, I just didn’t connect with many of them throughout the whole show.

10. Fated to Love You 8/10 ** There were times when Gun was literally too much to handle..Also, episode 12 made me take a break from kdramas for a while and reflect on my life choice to become addicted to something like kdramas.  Before this episode I realized that I really was spoiled in the shows I watched not having scenes that literally made my heart feel constricted the way this one did.

11. To the Beautiful You– 7/10 ** I liked the show overall, but thought that Sulli would never pass as a male… to me she still screamed female while dressed and living as a male. Kang Ha-Neul was the shinning point for me :)

12. Angel Eyes– 7/10 ** KANG HA-NEUL! :)  The show was predictable at times which made it kind of drag on in places, and the female lead was frustrating af, but I enjoyed it overall.  Although the teenage years were only in a few episodes (and then some flashbacks) I think the pairing was much more endearing than the adults.  I also really liked the chemistry between Kang Ha-nuel and Name Ji-Hyun

13. Doctors– 6/10** Not my cup of tea….Park Shin Hye was great, but it was kind of boring to me..The guest starring of Ji Soo was nice though :)

14. Shopping King Louie– 9/10. I LOVED this drama.  I thought the character of Louie was endearing in how he didn’t understand much of the outside world (being rich and all) and relied on Bok-Shil to basically survive. Again, loved Nam Ji-Hyun in this.

15. Pinocchio– 8/10 **HELLO LEE JONG-SUK! :) My favorite thing, other than watching the evolution of the leads’ relationship was watching the relationship between Dal-po and his brother, Jae-Myung.  I think the character development of Jae-Myung felt the most real to me.  How circumstances turned him into a killer and how he handled the aftermath of that, letting Dal-po settle things legally.

16. W (Two Worlds)– 8/10 **Back to back Lee Jong-Suk.  I liked the complexities of this drama. There were times when I really wasn’t sure what was coming next and the suspense kept me returning to my computer as soon as possible to finish it!

17. Marriage, Not Dating– 8/10 **Not gonna lie, the more I watching this, the more I WANTED To hate it, but I didn’t.  I’m not sure why I wanted to…I think it became semi predictable and some of the characters were hard pills to swallow, but damnit I was rooting so hard for Gi-tae and Jang-mi until the very end.

18. Love From Another Star 10/10 ** Let me count the ways…This was so endearing, and funny, and melancholic, and in places, SO FUCKING SAD. I will happily admit I cried, and when I inevitably watch it again, I’ll cry again.

{Reaction} When you’re jealous of Mafia!EXO

Exo Mafia Arranged Marriage Reaction where you don’t want him but he wants and kinda loves you tries you to love him but it doesn’t work One day you slowly start showing feelings but because of a woman you get super jealous and block/hate him even more:)

Note: This request is very intricate and I feel like it’s more of a scenario than a reaction so I slightly edited it to make it a little less complex, (I did struggle with this one rather a lot, so I really do hope you like it~) I hope you don’t mind too much. Thank you for requesting.

  • Warning: Mentions of the Mafia, swearing, alcohol and sexual themes.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Chanyeol’s lips curled to a smirk as he saw the fire light in your eyes. The casino was full of scantily dressed women, most of which eyeing up Chanyeol as though they were mentally fucking him. Chanyeol didn’t care for them, you were the only one for him - but watching you get so jealous was at least a little entertaining for him to watch. He chuckled darkly, leaving the bar to snake an arm around your waist from the side, pressing his lips next to your ear as he told you how to well and truly felt in that moment.

Chanyeol: “You think I like those sluts? You’re the only one I love, Jagiya. How about I buy you a drink? You ordered a red wine the first time we met, right? That’s your favorite?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by dokynsoo

Jealousy is something that he finds incredibly pointless, but seeing you in the state may or may not spark him more than he’d like to admit. The two of you were at the headquarters, and Baekhyun’s new girlfriend was not even hiding the fact that she was interested in D.O. she kept talking to him, putting her hands on him - which admittedly, made him a little unsettled. He finally exited the room, but feeling himself being pushed up against the wall not long after. He smiled when he saw you glaring daggers up at him.

Kyungsoo: “Something the matter, Jagiya?”

{y/n}: “She was all over you, I-”

Kyungsoo: “How about I take you upstairs and get all over you?”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by xehun

Baekhyun is a flirt, everyone knows that fact, but apparently you didn’t like it one bit. He’d never cheat on you, or do anything that crossed the line, but he was just a little kinder when he talked to pretty girls or guys alike. Being the sweet talker that he was got him all the secrets that he needed, but it was not so nice to watching him from your perspective.

Baekhyun: “Are you trying to say you’re jealous of them?”

{y/n}: “No! I just don’t think it’s inappropriate.”

Baekhyun: “The thoughts I’m having about taking that pretty little skirt off you is inappropriate, Jagi. But don’t worry, I’ll stop sweet talking, just because it’s you~”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun rolled his eyes as you were clearly annoyed over how close Chanyeol’s sister was to him. Sure, she wasn’t because exactly subtle about her hints, but it still annoyed him how jealous you were. For the longest time, you’d been hating him, telling him you don’t love him, and now you were running after him because another girl was threatening to take your place. He sighed, standing up, grabbing his gun, deciding to relieve some stress at the shooting range. He stood up, declaring what he intended to do ever so bluntly as he pushed past you, giving you the cold shoulder, hardly anticipating you to follow him out.

{y/n}: “Why relieve you stress on the shooting range when you have a girlfriend perfectly capable of doing that for you.”

Sehun: “Aish, you’re so bipolar it’s hard to keep up.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by exeauxs

Yixing bit his lip, looking devilishly handsome with his black hair falling over his eyes and the liner that kept his eyes sharp and cold. It was clear he was watching the other gang’s mafia girlfriend like she was a piece of meat as they bittersweetly exchanged money and drugs. You watched from behind, back against the wall and arms folded as you glared at the scene. Why was it that Yixing appeared so smug? Far too delighted to be encountering the enemy. You tore at your own lip with your teeth, glaring at the man in question as he returned back to you. He detected your jealousy in a moment, smirking as he placed his hand next to your head on the wall, leaning down to press those annoyingly sexily lips against yours.

Yixing: “Don’t look so bitter, {y/n}, I know you’re all dosed up on love for me.” *winks*

{y/n}: “Aish, so cocky. I will shoot you up the ass.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Jongdae looked up at the girl handling the poker game. She was pretty, and you could see that as you observed from the bar. You scowled as you sipped on your vodka and coke. You knew it was pointless to be jealous, but how could you help it when you’re very attractive boyfriend was surrounded by very gorgeous  women? You turned to look at the bar tender as the final drop of your alcohol drowned down your throat and ordered another. The bartender grinned, nodding and making a comment about how he’d do anything for such a beautiful lady. You smirked in response, happy enough to be accepting the compliment until your boyfriend approached.

Jongdae: “This very beautiful lady is my Jagi, s you better watch that tongue of yours before I shoot you in the mouth.” *Who’s saying you’re the one getting jealous?*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by callmeminseok

Minseok glowered, looking down with daggers in his eyes as he pinned you up against the wall. Why was it that you were so defiant towards him yet acted jealousy? One moment you hate him, the next you want him. He looked so intimidating, and you hated to admit how much it sparked you inside.

Minseok: “Will you make up your damn mind?”

{y/n}: “Why don’t you help me to chose?” *smirks*

Minseok: *grumbles before pressing his lips to yours*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao smiled as he saw the visible jealousy on your face. It was satisfying to see you in such a state when you’d been ‘hating’ him for so long. It was obvious you had more feelings for him than you liked to admit, and he was ready to have fun with that.

Tao: “Jealous, Baobei?” *smirks*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The leader of EXO would find this turn of events very amusing. He would have his arm around a girl when he caught your stare. He gave you a questioning look, pretending to be oblivious because he found it funny to see you look so fiery. While you’re mostly dismissive with him and spiteful, to see you wanting him was like a dream come true.

{y/n}: “I don’t appreciate you touching other girls.”

Junmyeon: “Get your pretty little butt over here then.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

The sweet talker of the group would be the most surprised to see you in jealous state. For all he knew, you hated him and that was that. Except there must be something between the lines because the way you glared at him as he flirted with a girl made his lips turn up to a smug smirk, looking as though he really had just hit to lotto.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by katherine8595

Jongin would be confused over the way you were acting. He thought you hated him, though watching you slap the girl he’d just been talking to had made him question everything. It seemed that even you you were a mafia worker like he was you weren’t as cold as you appeared to be and did like Jongin more than you’d liked to admit. Jongin smirked, letting his fingers twirl his dagger in his hand as he watched you walk over, blood on your cheek from the fight you’d just been in.

Jongin: “Such a pretty face.” *wipes the blood away.*

{y/n}: “Aish, you’re so annoying.”

Wu Yifan

Originally posted by hyung-bi

This man wouldn’t have any idea how you felt about him, but that wouldn’t stop him from loving you even though he won’t admit it. He smirked as his plan to get you jealous worked. He pulled you into his chest, allowing his hands to roam over your back as he held you close, pulling you in for a kiss now he could confirm how you really felt about him. 

I’m almost too lazy to make this post because God it’s just so self explanatory but my loyalty to Temari runs too deep so here goes: 

They did exactly what I called they were gonna do and made her an over aggressive nagging house wive. This is why I complained over and over again three years ago when I saw they had moved her to Konoha because I KNEW someway somehow they were going to subject her character to this. They want her to be Yoshino 2.0 even though that’s NEVER been who she is because “lmao get it Shikamaru is just like his dad! Parallels!!”. They don’t take the time to think about how her character would actually react because none of that matters now - she exists solely to be Shikamaru’s wife. 

Some people are crying “abuse!” at what she did but I don’t really want to go there tbh. It’s very clear that in the Naruto universe things we find abusive are just par for the course. Calling out Temari in this instance would require we call out basically ever other female character which is not realistic. Domestic violence in Naruto is always played for laughs which is obviously fucked up but not something I think it’s fair to fault the characters for as we’re not intended to see it as abusive (even though realistically it is). No, what I really take issue with is the fact that being an overbearing and strict mother/wife is basically all Temari is given to do. 

This woman was born in one of the most fucked up situations of any character we see. He father was a walking human disaster, her mother was dead, and her youngest brother had a nasty habit of slaughtering anyone who looked at him the wrong way. She has always been strong and confident but throughout the series she softens considerably as she learns caring is not a weakness. She is a better diplomat than either of her brothers and remains calm and collected in even the tensest of situations. Her dynamic with Shikamaru has always been one of mutual respect and understanding which is what makes their relationship work so well (and IMO better than any of the canon relationships we got). Yes, Temari is a take no shit kind of person who probably WOULD chastise her son for his pitiful behavior - but not in the way we’re shown. In Boruto her parenting method basically amounted to “I’m just going to hit you and intimidate you until you get the picture and ultimately just end up listening to your cooler nicer wiser dad.” She doesn’t actually say anything of significance to Shikadai at all - that is reserved entirely for Shikamaru as he’s the influential one in their sons life. Temari is just there to be the ol’ ball-and-chain ~what a drag~ mom whose only dominion is the house she is confined to. THEN there’s the fact that Temari refusing to make dinner inevitably meant neither Shikamaru nor Shikadai could eat - as if a grown man could not make his own dinner and HAD to have his wife do it because it’s her domestic ~duty~. This is extra and dramatic but it actually makes me sick that they’re doing this to her. After everything she went through she would have something worthwhile to add to the conversation other than “bah you’re too easy on him I’m going to withhold meals to prove a point!!!”. She doesn’t treat her brothers like this and they’re consistently shown to value her opinion because her opinion is worth hearing. 

Temari played a crucial role in Suna politics prior to the end of the series. She sat on the council and came with Gaara to all the kage summits/meetings. She was one of the best kunoichi in the series just brimming with potential and strength and ferocity. During the war I began to get annoyed with how much they were making her revolve around Shikamaru’s character because after a certain point basically all her dialogue was in relation to him. That’s when I knew things were about to take a hard left turn for shits-ville and boy was I right. In chapter 700 ALL we see her doing is sitting in a house chastising her son and serving her brothers tea before they head out to a kage meeting without her. We don’t get any indication that she’s still affiliated with Suna, hell we don’t even get any indication that she’s still a ninja. In the boruto manga/movie she doesn’t interact with her siblings ONCE and is not with them in the pit with all the other Kage/advisors. I was happy to see she still had her fan but other than that I left highly unimpressed. Now in the anime she is ONCE AGAIN pictured in a house, serving people drinks and nagging away as if that’s all she’s good for anymore. I know it was played as a joke but that’s exactly what makes me so mad - her character has become nothing more than a trope meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The nagging housewive angle truly is the lowest hanging fruit but studio peirrot really could not resist could they.

Nevermind the fact that it would have been way funnier had they subverted the whole “why did you marry such a strict woman” thing by having Shikadai side with his mom instead, saying something to the effect of “why did you marry such an unmotivated slacker”. Can we stop treating Temari like she’s just an overly aggressive loaded gun that’s just one mistep away from going off. I mean I genuinely love Shikatema but I do not think the Boruto anime understands Shikatema. Part of me still wishes they just hadn’t got together because they don’t actually feel like “them” when they’re portrayed like this. No one is being respected as a character. 

Anyway all this to say I’m basically done with the Boruto anime now. I might still watch the next couple of episodes because curiosity is gonna get the better of me but emotionally I have severed all connections. It just comes down to the fact that I cannot handle them so grossly mischaracterizing characters that I have loved since I was 11 years old. I actually don’t mind the new gen when they’re on their own but every damn time they show one of the original characters they manage to fuck them up in some way. We see it with Temari, with Naruto, with Yamato, with Sakura. Hell I can’t stand Sasuke and even I’m mad about what they did to him post chapter 699. I am never going to like the new gen characters more than the original cast so if watching Boruto means seeing them get completely decimated then I’m not gonna watch it. Simple as that. Naruto being an absent father is the worst crime but I have no doubt they’ll continue to top that in future episodes. 

Imagine Rick having an obsession for you and not liking it when you have an interest for other men, especially Negan

(Hope this is as requested and you all like it :3 I know this was supposed to be similar to the Negan one I did but I felt that this way was better :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After stumbling upon the prison, the group had welcomed you and since you had went through so much with them and travelled on the road to find a safer place in Washington.

Along the way, you ended up being found by a man, named Aaron and were brought to live among him and the community in Alexandria.

There you were all able to settle and start to think of a future with a quiet life all together.

However, although that dream was something the other’s could look for, you weren’t certain if you could stay any longer or even if you were truly welcomed.

The people there and most of your group didn’t worry you but Rick did. From the day he met you, he was welcoming but something was off about him.

Sure, you felt safe with him around but it would come along with the other side of his behavior.

His glare that would stare at you from head to toe anytime you were in his presence. You could swear that you could practically feel his breath down your neck every time you thought you were alone.

You had caught him doing so more than enough to make you uncomfortable around him on your own yet something told you that he wouldn’t hurt you physically but emotionally it was something else.

His attitude would only seem to get worst whenever another man was around with you. It didn’t seem to matter who it was, whether it be Daryl who he trusted so much or Glenn that already had Maggie in his life, Rick would end up butting in and you would end up being left either alone or better alone with him.

It had happened so many times, most of the guys would stop volunteering to help you with your assigned task. On the few occasions, you had your eyes on the few men that weren’t taken, you would invite them over to your room for some late night sleepovers, Rick would figure it out and simply make sure that they wouldn’t be able to make it.

Each time, their excuses to you became obvious that someone was behind it and that person couldn’t be anyone else than Rick.

The more you thought of everything the more you weren’t sure if you could stay around any longer with someone who made you feel like you were a prisoner.

You had to do something about it or just make him understand that you weren’t


Nonetheless, in Rick’s eyes, whatever he was doing, he felt he was in the right. He couldn’t ever imagine you being with anyone else but him and have been doing everything to make you understand his point of view.

Ever since he met you, he felt like you were his everything just as much as Carl and Judith were. However, he felt like he couldn’t just tell you instantly that he loved you but he had to show you somehow.

He was enamoured by everything about you.
From the way playful lips that would curl into a sweet smile whenever you would feel joy or simply thank or talk to him, they made each moment with you perfect.

To the way your eyes would meet his whenever he would call you or speak with you, the color, the shape, everything about them would make nearly lose his words before he could recollect and keep going on.

Even in anger or in disgust, he thought you were beautiful, overwhelmingly in fact, to him everything about you was perfect. The more he grew close to you the more he wanted to keep you to himself. It made the idea of you being with another man or really anyone else, a nightmare to him.

He couldn’t stand it and it really didn’t matter who it was, he had to let them know that you were his even if you hadn’t agree to it yet.

He knew the perfect day would come when you would want to be with no one else but him and that day could only be if everyone knew that you were his.

However, his plans all went to shit the day you had come across Negan on the road.


You had decided to go along to help care for your sick friend, Maggie, as she had when you wouldn’t feel to well.

For once, you felt Rick’s presence to be quite pleasant and reassuring. He was showing his concern and was just trying his best to make her feel better, that for a long while you rethought of your decision of leaving the group to stay in the Hilltops and came to a decision to give him a second chance.

Despite, the warm and comforting atmosphere you felt with him, it had changed the moment you were out of the RV and on your knees.

The man you had thought to kill, Negan was right before your eyes and was now trying to make you all realize your big mistake of taking out so many of his men and stealing his guns.

From the looks of him, his attitude, his big grin, the profanities he was using, you knew he wasn’t entirely sane and that it wasn’t going to end simply.

You had noticed how Rick seemed so traumatized and for some reason felt bad to not be able to comfort you.

His eyes were wide and wild, his body shaking whit sweat and tears rolling down his face, and it only got worst when Negan started to countdown who was going to die for all of this.

It scared you as well but thinking about everyone here, you couldn’t let it happen. With enough courage, you opened your mouth and begged him to stop.

“Wait! Please! If…If you have to kill someone then let it be me…”

As you said that, Rick turned to look at you and just tried to make you change your mind. He was even more in tears and couldn’t hold in his sob.

Oddly, seeing how Rick reacted, amused Negan enough to get a better look at you. He eyed you but strangely, it felt somewhat more comforting than Rick’s at certain times.

You found yourself looking him back in the eyes and a smirk came to him. He nodded and reached to hold your chin, making Rick try to get up.

He had been stopped by Negan’s men but was still struggling to get to you. He couldn’t stand to see another man touching you and smiling like that.

Negan laughed and looking at you, said, “Honey…I ain’t gonna kill you…I think it’ll be more interesting with you alive…”

He looked over at Rick and chuckling, nodded.
“Oh yeah…it’s gonna get interesting…”

He thought he understood the relationship between you two and just got excited at the idea of ruining Rick’s life in another way as well while having so many of his and yours friend watching over.

As he stood up, he ended up giving you all a scare by pretending to hit on your head but pulled back laughing before getting serious and telling you all that your supplies and everything else now belonged to him.


A few days had passed and you all got to work to get some supplies for Negan and his men.

Since that night, Rick couldn’t ever leave you alone. He was more open about following you around and would spontaneously hold your hand to get your attention to talk to you.

One morning as you were walking out to keep watch, he had ran to catch up to you and stood in front of you. He had to say something about his feelings before anything could happen to the both of you and he just had to let you know.

He looked you in the eyes and wiped his tears away. He took a deep breath and went to grab your hand to hold.

“Y/N…I-I need to tell you that…I…”

Before he could say anything, you heard some car noises from behind the gate and realize that Negan was coming up soon.

You peered to look behind Rick and held your finger to tell him to stop. You moved forward and just as you predicted the cars got closer and closer in sight.

Soon enough, Negan got to the gate where you stood and smirked to see your shadow. “Honey…You’re here to greet me…Now that is awesome! I like that!”

You shook your head to hear him and wanted to back away but knew you couldn’t. As you looked back at Rick, you didn’t knew what took you but you just wanted to open it even more.

Quickly, you turned back and open the first fence to see Negan. Strangely, his funny smile and the way his eyes widen in pleasure and surprise, made you smile as well.

He then pointed at you and couldn’t be any happier to see you just as happy.

“You’re smiling at me…What does this mean?!”

As Rick heard him say such things, he couldn’t believe it and moved in closer to you. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed the truth and it just broke his heart.

You were smiling at him like and he couldn’t handle it. His fist curled and his eyes weren’t looking at you anymore and he was simply glaring at Negan. He took the task to open the gate completely, pushing you lightly to the side, making sure you weren’t too close to the other man.

“You’re here earlier…It’s only been a few days…You said a fucking week…”

It stunned you to hear him cuss suddenly and from your expression, it only made Negan burst in laughter.

“Goddamn Rick! Standing up like a man now! I fucking love that! Yeah…i’m here earlier…It’s because of miss pretty eyes and sweet mouth over there…I missed her…”

He winked at you and with Rick’s gaze upon you, you simply smirked at the other man and had seem to forget the scare he gave you all a few nights pass.

With his jaw clenched, Rick gritted at him and told him to back off from you.

“Well she hasn’t missed you…She doesn’t care about you…So you need to stop looking at her that way…”

Negan looked at him dumbfounded and surprised by his sudden aggressiveness. He pursed his lips for moment before slowly walking in the place.

You didn’t know what to say or do and simply looked away. You swore that by his attitude you could feel yourself being trapped by him and something told you that you would later end up growing sick of it.


As Negan looked around, he forgot what had happened for a moment and was simply impressed by the sheer greatness of it.

You followed behind the two men, As Rick walked beside Negan. A few steps in, he suddenly got pissed at Rick and turned to look over at you.

“Y/N…Show me the place…and you Rick…Go help pack my stuff and leave us…”

Rick had gotten even more angry and anxious and the two of you could tell. He was protesting to be the one to show him around but as Negan raised his baseball bat at him, he shied away.

He might’ve not killed any of you with it but horrible stories you all heard was enough to scare you away as you were weaponless.

The other men had then been called to show Rick to his job and he ended up being dragged over to help.

Negan motioned you closer and you did just as he asked. His smug smile came back and he casually whispered, “So you and Rick huh…”

You were surprised by his remark but nonetheless you understood the confusion.

“Me and him? No there’s nothing…”

Negan stopped midway and was trying to get you to admit something to him.

“Aren’t you both together…like freaky-deaky together?”

You scoffed and shook your head to his remark.

“From the looks of Rick…I thought you were together and stuff…”

“Not at all…It’s really just him…and the way he acts around me…”

As you said those words, Negan grew more and more intrigued by your relationship to Rick and took the opportunity to straight up ask you about everything.

You ended up telling him everything he had wanted to know and more, making Negan understand the passion or rather the obsession Rick had for you. He also caught on that you weren’t comfortable with this whole situation with Rick and just acted more of his friendly self.

He wanted to make you smile and laugh for a while. To make sure that you feel that it was okay for you to open up to him.


Soon enough, he had to leave you and as Rick walked forward to close the gate, he had a moment of protectiveness and hugged you goodbye.

You were stunned by him but nonetheless, you slowly wrapped your arms around him.

Rick nearly snatched you away but as his arms reached for you, the other Saviors freaked out and pulled him away, thinking he might hurt their leader.

As you noticed, you turned, still concerned over him and ask them to let go of him. They followed as Negan gave them a sign they could and with that they left you.

As you were all left alone, you checked over Rick to make sure he wasn’t hurt and suddenly it seemed he had forgotten about the world.

He was just so grateful to see you worrying over him that he smiled at you and nodded.

“I’m fine…You’re worrying over me…that’s very kind of you…”

You looked up at him and you simply said that it wasn’t a problem.

“It’s nothing really…”

He smiled at you and pulled you in fro tight hug. Apart from hugging him back, you couldn’t do much as his grip was quite firm around your body.

With that, you then both walked home and Rick had forgotten about the incidences with Negan.


Unfortunately, for him his happiness were only short live as the days passes. It would seem that each time Negan was back, you and him would be left alone to talk and from the looks of it you grew quite close.

It made Rick nervous, anxious but angry at the same time to see you both and just wanted to take you away for himself just as he had with the other men around. 

You were his no matter what and no one could have you the way he would imagine of having you. It suddenly didn’t seem to care who Negan was, Rick was going to find a way to get rid of him from your life.

He felt like it was his right to do so and knew he simply had to wait for the right moment, the moment when Negan would be most vulnerable, when he would be without his baseball bat.

For you, you didn’t see things the way Rick did. Negan was surprisingly kind and always seem to know how to make you laugh with his humor. You didn’t mind to keep him company, make him dinner when he would ask for it or just help him out with whatever he needed.

Although, you could tell not everyone approved of you, you didn’t seem to mind or really pay attention to them, except it seemed only Rick was your real big problem.

Whenever you were both alone, he would ask you about it and just seem to force out answers from you. They weren’t always the truth but they were what you thought were better for him to hear.


One evening, you and Negan were sitting by the porch, you felt like you couldn’t stay around Rick anymore. You knew you could ask him to take you away and that he would gladly accept, considering he had seem to suggest it.

You looked around to see no one you knew was too close to hear and leaned in closer to him. He was pleased to see you approach him that way and smirk.

“What is it, Y/N? What do you have for me?”

You sighed and took a deep breath before you could say anything, as if unsure if you should really such things.

“It…It’s me…I-I want to go back with you…I don’t think I can stay here any longer with Rick always breathing down my neck when you’re not around…”

He chuckled and turned to look you in the eyes. He grabbed to hold your shoulders and his tone suddenly got louder.

“He scares you?”

“Not necessarily but…I’m not as free as he would let me believe…”

From your expression and tone, Negan knew you weren’t joking around or making it seem as light as it was to him the first time he heard such things.

He sat up straight and ended rubbing your back to comfort you. You didn’t knew why but suddenly tears came rolling down you cheeks.

“Really…Damn it…Alright…I’ll take you back with me…”

As those words came out, you just felt a sense of relief and let him know about your interests for him.

“Thank you…Negan…I-I just feel more comfortable around you…I-I don’t know if it’s because I have feelings for you or something but I…”

Negan instantly smiled to hear you and let out sincere laugh. It made him happy to know that you felt that way for him. He knew it was going to be easy to convince you to marry him and that he’d probably find some happiness around you everyday.

So before you could say anything more, he pressed his lips to your and made you kiss him back.

As you pulled away, you looked into his eyes and confirmed him that you felt more for him.

“I like you…I like you a lot Negan…”

Your words weren’t simply heard by Negan but Rick was on at the end of the road and had witness you pulling back from the kiss.

He panicked and moved away from his job to get a better look of what was happening.

“Y/N?!” It was the only thing he could say. He was confused and couldn’t understand as to why this was happening.

He thought he had made his intentions clears whenever he would talk about how you shouldn’t get so intimate with Negan but it would seem he had missed something.

As he walked onto the porch, he made a quick move to pull you up to your feet. It unnerved you and Negan but he was now putting himself in front of you.

He was being quite rough about it and ended up losing his mind over the man in front of him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?! She isn’t yours! Why are you touching her like that?! We had a deal but this isn’t part of it! Y/N isn’t for you! Why would you make her say such things?!”

You wanted to pull him away to have a better talk about everything but he pulled his arm away from you to keep his aggressive stance.

As Negan listened, he scoffed, shaking his head. From his expression, you could tell he thought of Rick as a joke and was about to tell him the truth.

“Are you fucking kidding me, Rick?! You think I don’t know…You’re acting like a protective husband…but she ain’t even yours…”

Rick eyes widened in surprise and his nervousness came back to him. He step back closer to you and reached behind to touch your hand. Negan slowly walked forward to assert his dominance and soon was close enough to make Rick feel his breath.

“Don’t act surprised…She told me everything…Here I thought your little serial killer had a super hot stepmom! But no…she’s free! And I think I just got a real chance with her…You heard her right…”

He raised his eyebrows and playfully licked his lips to show the meaning behind his words, making Rick shake his head.

“No! No! What she said to you didn’t mean anything! You’re being delusional!”

Negan laughed and looked your way, as if asking you if you were going to explain yourself.

“Really…Y/N can you repeat what you said to me for him to hear…I think it’ll get the message across…”

Reluctantly, with Rick’s hand in yours, you stepped forward to try and look him in the eyes. You knew he had to understand what you were feeling about this whole situation, make him realize that you weren’t certain about him being around you so much.

“Rick…I-I can’t…You’re too much…You’re suffocating me…Every time you’re around I can’t do anything…I’m not free to talk to other…other men…I can’t even be in the same room with them without you in-”

Listening to you, broke Rick’s heart and he could only say what the truth to him was.

“It’s because you’re mine! I love you!”

You shook your head to hear him and got your hand out of his. He was being in denial again and you couldn’t take it.

“Stop it! Stop saying that! I’m not yours! I don’t love you that way! I never have! I never will…I-I have feelings for someone else…For Negan…”

He was already tearing up and despite feeling your heart stinging to see him trying to cling back onto you, you backed away. He had to accept the truth at this point.

“I’m going to leave with him…”

Negan walked forward to hold your shoulder and as Rick looked at the both of you, he started to shake.

It wasn’t his anxiety this time. It was his anger and with his fists tightly curled and his gaze shooting towards you both, he muttered under his breath.

“You’re not going anywhere…You’re mine…”

With those last words, he pulled a gun he had hidden and pointed towards the other man in the chest.

You shrieked seeing him but Negan maintained his calm, smirking to himself.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.[*Smut]

A/N: Sorry this took forever to get up. I had to rewrite it. It’s not as smutty as I’d liked it to be but I’ll write another one later that more smut. love ya xx

Request: yes, by several people.

“You ready for this?” The Sheriff asked me as we stood in front of the door to Derek’s loft. I could feel him looking at me but my eyes were glued to the large metal door. On the other side was Stiles. Only it wasn’t really Stiles. As Kira’s mother liked to put he was void. More specifically he was possessed my a thousand year old fox spirit with a hankering for strong emotions. In a nutshell, everything about Stiles was Stiles except the only part that matter, his mind. I tore my gaze from the door and it landed on Mr.Stilinski. How do I answer? One of my best friends was in there.

“Are you?” I asked genuinely. He only look at me with eyes of uncertainty. I nodded and took a deep breath. I placed my hand on the handle and slid the heavy door open. Stiles was standing in the center of the loft in different clothes then the ones he’d worn to Echin House, which was the last time I’d seen him. His skin was more pale than usual, and the circles under his eyes made it seem like he’d never known sleep. The Sheriff moved closer to his son, producing a pair of handcuff and dangling them. I trailed behind him, being sure not to get to close.

“You’re going to handcuff me?” Stiles said and it was unsure whether this was really him or not.

“If any part of my son is still in there, he’ll let me. Because he knows I’m here to protect him from himself and others.”

The boy held up his hands together so the Sheriff could place the cuffs on him. As his father did so, Stiles looked past his father to me. I froze not expecting to be noticed, and stared directly in his eyes trying not to show fear. He pursed his lips into a dark smile, and it was clear the boy I loved wasn’t there. I’d never admitted I loved him to anyone before including him, and I was afraid I never would get the chance now.

“You’re not my son.” Sheriff Stilinski gritted. The Nogitsune smiled wider and broke the handcuffs, they swiveled off his wrist on to the ground. Derek, Chris Argent, and Allison all were standing close by waiting incase Plan A went awry. As if on cue, they appeared in the threshold of the door. Derek bent down on a knee changing from human to wolf form in the process. Chris and Allison were both wielding their weapon of choice. I’d been offered a gun and even a knife, but not being experienced with either, I declined. Allison attacked first, pointing a stun gun at Stiles and shooting. The point of this rendezvous was to capture not kill. Unfortunately, the Nogitsune had powers we weren’t aware of. He grabbed the prongs, even though electricity bolted through them, and whipped the weapon from her fingers. Derek attacked next without warning, so quick and agile I was sure he’d catch Stiles off guard. I was proven wrong, when Derek’s arm was twisted, then he was slammed into a nearby table, and thrown into an adjacent wall. Stiles shifted his head to me with an obscure smile, I stepped back a little frightened. Before he could make a move, Argent was in front of him with a gun pointed at him. The corner of Stiles mouth perked up before he turned to his father a fear stricken look on his face.

“Dad? Daddy? He’s going to shoot me! Don’t let him shoot me!” He cried. Argent didn’t budge saying he’d killed many supernatural creatures before, a Nogitsune would just be another. Father Stilinski drew his gun on Argent. A verbal fight broke up amongst the team. I covered my ears with my hands trying to block out everyone’s voice. It was so chaotic, and as I thought the words I knew this was his doing. He was feeding off it. Allison and I had the same thought and she spoke before I did. She yelled over them to stop, and they did just as the sunset outside. 

“This is what he wants.” She barked at them, no one lowered their firearm. 

“Not exactly.” He smirked. “I was kind of hoping Scott would be here. But I’m glad you all have your guns out, because you’re not here to kill me.“ He paused. Just as he did, the room seemed a little off. A second later, we learned why. The Oni surfaced into the room, two in front of Sheriff and Argent. And two near the entrance where Derek and Allison now stood. By accident I was in the middle of them, and to my misfortune Void Stiles sunk in with me. Sheriff Stilinksi attack first firing his weapon, Allison and Derek followed, and lastly Chris whose gun stalled delaying him. Frightened by the presence of the Oni, I didn’t even notice Stiles slip his hand into mine. Only when an Oni blade missed Allison and almost hit me, causing me to curl into Him did I realize how close we were. I peered into his eyes, looking for a trace of the trickster. But only saw Stiles’s beautiful amber eyes shining down.

“Stiles?” I asked hesitatingly and he nodded reassuringly. I smiled only to be confused when something fabric covered my mouth and a haziness washed over me. Last thing I remember was his voice low and raspy.

“Never trust a fox.”

I faded into darkness.

When I regained consciousness, I was cold. A bone chilling cold almost as if I was outside. I could tell I was laying on some sort of cushion, but I was still a bit hazy and couldn’t make out much more. Several minutes later, after the cloudiness left my brain, I saw where I was. I was laying on an old blue couch that smelt vaguely of bleach and old people. The ceiling was cement except for two grated sections off to the right. A light shined in through the small holes and I recognized it as the moonlight making sense why it was so cold.

“Morning Angel.” His voice startling me. Stiles sat on the arm of the couch, and looked at me over his shoulder with a devilish smirk. I hadn’t noticed him sitting there before, and I wasn’t entirely sure that he had been. It was dark in the cold room and I could only see him though the faint moon light coming from above.

“Stiles?” I rasped, my voice getting used to working again.

He scoffed. “Wouldn’t that be a happy ending?”

No, it was void Stiles. Suddenly, the words resurfaced in my brain. ‘Never trust a fox.’ He’d convinced me with just a look in Derek’s loft that he was Stiles. How could I have been so naive?

“Why have you brought me here?” I demanded.

“Now, Y/N.” He chuckled standing and strolling over to me. I scooted further into the couch knowing there was no way out. “I can’t give away all of my secrets. But you know Stiles has many, would you like to know some?”

“Stop.” I whispered.

“Like how he had sex with Malia Tate on this very couch.” He pointed down to the couch. The news was a blow, I’d always imagined being Stiles first. My heart sank a little at the thought.

“Stop.” I said sternly again try to stay strong.

“Or how he’s kissed Lydia before, and constantly thinks about doing it again.” Another blow to my heart.

“Stop!” I screamed.

He bent down leaning his face close to mine and smiled. “Does the thought of Stiles fucking someone else discourage you? Is it because you love him?”

Rage boiled through me, I hated the fact he could see right through me. I couldn’t control myself and I smacked the boy in front of me across the face. His head was thrown to the side from the blow. When he turned back to me, he had a cold look in his eyes. My breathing was uneven from a mixture of fear and anger. As I stared back at Him, I saw something else in his eyes. Something I hadn’t seen until now. Unexpectedly, he rammed his lips into mine. I pushed him away confused by the act. My lips tingled with the feeling of his on mine. I kept him at arms length, my hand still gripping his shirt. I couldn’t get the thought that I’d just kissed Stiles out of my head. I knew it wasn’t really Stiles, but physically it was.

“Do you know what the Nogistunes feed off on?” he whispered.

“Chaos. Pain. Strife.” I listed.

“Mainly.” he agreed. “We feed on much more. We’re all hungry, Angel.” He pushed past my failed attempt at holding him back, and leaned into my ear.

“I feed off lust and desire. Like your desire for Stiles. Or your lust for me to fuck you right here.” 

I wanted to admit his was wrong, that I didn’t want him near me. But he began to run his hand up my thigh and a current ran through my core.

“You can’t resist me.” He taunted in my ear, before ghosting his lips over my neck.

I closed my eyes and found myself urning for him. I clenched my jaw.

“S-stop.” I stuttered.

“Hm?” He hummed against my neck.

My heart was racing, I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn’t give in, but I couldn’t help it. His lips finally connected with my neck instantly hitting a sweet spot, making me moan. I dug my fingers into the couch, trying not enjoy this. Trying not to reach out from him, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. I had to be strong. But he withdrew from my neck, and collided his lips with mine. Without hesitation, I kissed him back. He climbed on to the couch with me his body hovering over mine, and my fingers reached for the hem of his shirt. He pulled away allowing me to pull it off him. He grabbed the collar of my t-shirt and ripped in half making me gasp, I hadn’t been wearing a bra and my boobs were instantly exposed.

“Stiles is missing out.” he grinned.

His words angered me and I pulled him into another kiss biting on his lower lip hard. This only seemed to entice him and he let a growl, he grabbed my waist rolling his hips against mine. I felt his hard bulge through his sweatpants making me realize how wet I was. He brought his hands back to my chest kneading my breast greedily. His lips met my nipples, and he nibbled on the sensitive nubs. I let out a incoherent moan, dragging my nails across his back. 

“Just fuck me.” I half begged.

He didn’t need to be told twice, we both quickly discarded our bottoms. I opened my legs allowing Stiles to aline himself. He gently held on to my waist before he rammed his length inside of me and began thrusting vigorously, pulling a hungry groan from my throat. Already I could feel a rippling inside of me, each thrust sending me closer and closer to my release.

“Faster.” I bellowed.

He smirked speeding his thrusts to an unfathomable pace roughly hitting my g-spot. My walls started to clenched around him, and I knew what was coming.

“Come.” He demanded and I did. My orgasm fueled the Nogitsune to reach his. His movements became careless and needy, and a few seconds later I felt his warm liquid fill me. 

My eyes flung open, and I shot up breathing excessively. 

“Morning, Angel.” He said indifferently. Void Stile sat on the arm of an old blue couch looking at me over his shoulder.

“Sweet dreams?” His lips curled into a dark smile.

anonymous asked:

Oh my god! I love your writings, you're the main reason I need holy water when reading your fics! You know your iconic Push Over Smut?? C-Can I request Gang Member Jimin...( has me in feels!) like the reader actually gets kidnapped by a rival gang and he goes to save her ? We see a sexy ass fuming jimin with his gang kicking everyone's ass to get his baby back? OH MY GOD IM ON FIRE JUST TYPING THIS

My girl(Jimin’s POV):

“She’s where?!” I asked in frustration, my hands moving to tug through my freshly dyed blonde locks.

“She is with the black knight’s leader sir.” One of my men said nervously on the phone, I could hear how hesitant he was probably in fear that I would fire him. Or worse kill him. It had been a few days since I saw her, she had been gone snatched from me like a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from. Growling low in my throat I asked him again the full situation demanding answers as I pieced it together.

“And how did this happen? Who let it happen?’ I questioned standing up pacing the spot of my grand bedroom, one that felt too empty with the news of my other half being gone.

“S-she went shopping sir, and the mall became too crowded and in a split second she was gone from the view of both men.” The male answered still cautious of what to say. I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to not let the anger and rage boom from my voice as I shut my eyes for a moment and slowly opened them.

“Call Yoongi. We need to move out soon.” I said with an icy voice ending the call quickly. I was beyond frustrated in that moment. There were no words to describe how I was feeling. How could they be so careless letting her get that ahead of them that in the split second she was gone.  And not to mention one of my most deadly rivals had her in their possessions. What did they want with her? I had no fucking idea but I knew they would stop at no means to make my life a living hell and I was not about to let that happen with my baby girl.

I moved around changing into straight black, leather pants and a short sleeved black shirt with a studded black leather jacket. White shocks but black combat boots even going so far as to change my studs to black. Tonight, was going to be a messy night and I refused to wear anything that would show the hell I was about to put them through. My anger slowly started to dissipate when I heard the deep voice of my right-hand man outside of the door. Yoongi gave one knock before he was bursting through the door looking at me with disheveled black hair, he was in all black as well a simple button up shirt and loose-fitting jeans. His gun was tucked into his right side, the grip was the only part I could see but I could tell from the fire in his eyes he meant business.

“This shouldn’t have happened.” He stated through clenched teeth. My girl was like a younger sister to Yoongi and he always promised to protect her even if it came down to him giving his own life. I nodded with agreement as I headed towards him embracing him and a simple hand shake before he clapped my back and we started to ascend in to the hallway and descend down the flight of steps that I had.

“I know it shouldn’t have happened and no matter what they have to pay with their lives. The fact that he took something that I loved and he is using her against me. She is mine. All mine and now he is treading on the line of what’s mine and fucking not his or theirs.” I could feel my anger slowly seeping into my body again, my fists clenched my nails digging into my flesh. Yoongi must have felt the air change because soon he was turning to me patting me on the top of my head and I had to bite back a bark of annoyance at him.

“It’ll be fine. We will get her back.” Yoongi promised as we met a few other of my men and we walked towards the car.

It didn’t take us long to get to where we needed to be, the briefing on the events that took place made me more than unhappy and I knew that when this was over all of my staff that was not immediate was fired. It seemed that they were dancing with fire, playing a dangerous game and they had failed to obey my orders and keep my one prized trophy safe. She was my world and everything in between. I had loved her since we were first approaching our high school years. She had been the air I breathed, the purity to my dark and tainted world. And she accepted me, let me in and allowed me to love her to the best of my abilities. I couldn’t ask for more seeing her beautiful face and perfect frame. She was the completed part to my puzzle. We were a true Bonnie and Clyde, I just tried to keep certain things pg13 around her. Walking towards the abandoned gym, Yoongi lifted his foot giving two hard kicks to the door before it was opening slowly revealing the inside of the run-down place. I was the first to enter, following any movement or sound that I thought I could hear. We looked around splitting up and searching for where she could have been. My heart raced, I was scared and that much I could admit. The more we looked for her, the more I panicked. She had to be here. She just had to, I didn’t have time to go around the whole city searching for her. My world was getting scary and starting to seem to small and exposed without her. My world wasn’t complete without her and I needed her beside me right now and it was making me feel a bit uncomfortable with how I couldn’t breathe at the thought of losing her.

“JIMIN!” A loud cry erupted that stopped me in my tracks. I looked around, feeling a drop of cold sweat run down my body as I listened to her cry. Terror gripped me. I can’t even describe the pit that sunk in my stomach. I ran, I didn’t even know where I was going but I ran. Another shout out loud of a broken sob and it vibrated against the walls. I was so confused- I didn’t know which way to go, I was just running wherever my feet were taking me.

“You’re going the wrong way.” Yoongi urged in a harsh tone pulling me towards him before he was pulling me down the hallway in the other direction. We ran together, our feet piercing the ground with quick motions as we got to my baby. The moment we arrived the rest of my men were already there, with one kick to the door it was opening revealing a pair of ten men in the room. All it took was one look of her on the floor with a handkerchief around her neck and hands bound behind her back for me to completely snap. She only had on bra and panties and they look a bit torn. The thought of that fucker putting his hand on my girl repulsed me so much that I lunged forward not thinking of the consequences for my actions. The next moment was a blur, everyone fighting and yelling, a few gun shots sounded off the walls at well.

When I got back to the house I can’t even tell you how we ended up in my bed. All I know was that I hated seeing her so scared and shaken up. I hate that she clung to me so desperately as if she couldn’t trust the outside world. I hated that she was afraid to even come in my house clinging onto Yoongi. He should never have to ask her if she wanted to stay with him for a while.             She shouldn’t have been afraid of my men who I hired to protect her. I wanted to make her forget it all. I wanted her to just be happy, to just be in my arms and feeling safe again. As soon as I got her behind closed doors, I handled a few things making sure that we had trusted guards around the house and the others who let her get kidnapped she had the choice to fire or shoot them. I left it completely up to my doll.

She was beautiful laying under me, bare and naked the fresh shower living up her skin a bit. She smelled of me again, her wet hair pressing against the silk sheets that missed the warmth of her embrace. I leaned down first pressing kisses against her lips, and then lower my mouth went over her collarbones and down her body towards her heat. My tongue delved inside of her tight wet walls missing the place that was home to it and my rock-hard dick. While I feasted on her nectar my hand stroked my own aching shaft. I needed her, I was too impatient to take it slow. Especially with how she cried out my name, her hands tangling into my hair. Her legs squeezing around my head she was so fucking beautiful. Her perky nipples standing taught and hard just wanting more attention that I was eager to give. Kissing up her body I took one of her nipples into my mouth feeding as if I was a new born child. My dick lining up with her soaked entrance, the juices sliding from her pussy onto the sheets. Slowly, I slid into her feeling the warm velvet walls wrap around my shaft and it had been a while since I felt such things. I gripped at her hips, letting my hands trail to hook under her knees and pressing my hands against the mattress I let her have it. Fucking into her hard and fast, jackhammering and drilling my dick into the depths of her warm soft walls. She was so wet, she was so eager to take me, losing herself under me with needy moans and cries of my name. My head tipped back as she dug her nails into my skin, I could feel the tightening of her muscles around my pulsing shaft and I pounded harder, fucking her into the mattress needing to hear my name sound off her lips. Needing to hear how she would become incoherent and a complete mess for me. I loved watching her come undone. One of my hands moved down to her throbbing swollen clit, I knew she needed it tonight. Usually I made her cum untouched but I wanted to heighten her tonight. Shifting my hips, I started to grind into her, making sure she could feel everything my dick had to offer; every vein bump and ridge she needed to remember again. Her breast bounced up and down as I sucked hungrily on her flesh, implanting this image back into my mind as I fucked her with all my might. She was close, that much I could tell. I wanted her to cum, I wanted her to give it all to me once again. I needed it more than anything. With a few more thrusts she was cumming onto my shaft and I was holding her close swallowing all her eager cries with my lips. I made sure to give her a few more strokes, spilling my warm fluids into her pussy. I held her close, my hips becoming an erratic mess as I slowed them down. Riding out our orgasms together I made sure she was sated before I pulled back to lay beside her. Not before watching my cum seep out of her pink pussy, it looked so beautiful, just want I needed to feel better.

Pulling her into my arms I made sure they didn’t lay a finger on her, it didn’t matter anyways I’m sure the ones who were left alive knew better than to come for me and my world again. Playing in her hair I allowed her to drift off to sleep, she would need it for the night I had in store for her anyway.                                                          

Fragments - Part 2

Word Count: 6682

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence

A/N: Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated. Unedited. All mistakes are mine. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

Cas had managed to get details from the getaway driver for the people who took Sam. It wasn’t much but it was something to go on. You’d found out they were British and had just flown into the country the same night they took Sam. He also told you he drove them to a local veterinarian but didn’t know why. Dean was off checking the tail number of the plane. Cas was checking into the Vet. Mary and you were sitting at a table in a park outside of the Vet’s practice, waiting for him to show back up.

You weren’t speaking, opting to watch Mary. Everyone had been so worried about you and your memory issue then about Sam disappearing they hadn’t paid much attention to her and how she was adjusting. She was watching everyone, staring at the cell phones and the laptops. She looked just as lost as you felt. You didn’t remember your life, but you remembered what life was like. You remembered phones, computers, technology, how to use everything. All of that was still there. You couldn’t imagine how she felt, being dumped 33 years into the future with a dead husband and two grown sons.

“Are you ok? I know how I feel. It must be a lot for you to take in.” Mary turned to you, smiling sweetly and nodding her head just as Cas approached carrying coffees, passing one to each of you. “Thanks, Cas.”

“It’s how you like it.” Cas said, sitting in the chair next to yours. “Or how you used to like it.” You took a sip and hummed in satisfaction, earning a smile from Cas.

“This must be difficult for you.” Cas said, turning toward Mary, apparently picking up on the same thing you had. “I remember my first moments on Earth. It was jarring.”

“One word for it.” She laughed. “I grew up with hunters. I’ve heard of coming back from the dead…but to actually do it after 30 years…a lot’s changed.” She glanced around again, looking at everyone on their phones. “A lot.”

“Y/N what about you? Are you holding up ok?” Cas questioned. “I can’t really get a read on you. Then again…I guess I never really could.” He chuckled to himself, shaking his head. “You were always a mystery to me.”

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Partners in Crime

 Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Theo x reader

Request: So this was from a prompt list which you can find here. The prompt was “You’re one hell of a girl” and “You’re one hell of a guy” with a character of my choice.

Warnings: tiny swearing and fluff

Word count: 2,534 words

A/N: Did Sammie actually write a fic that doesn’t involve DOB? Why yes, yes she did :) Thanks to the anon for requesting this and @susybird for proofreading as always! Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think :)

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“Where is she?” Theo barges in through Scott’s house, anger showing on his face.

“Theo, calm down-“ Theo pushes Liam out the way and looks to Scott.

“Don’t ever tell me to calm down. You guys were supposed to be watching her.”

“And we were! Look, we don’t know how she got taken okay? Everything was secure.”

“Yeah, well clearly we have two totally different meanings of ‘secure’ Scott.” Theo runs his fingers through his hair, letting out a big sigh before sitting down.

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Read (Jimin)

Badboy AU
6919 Words

Summary: Jimin promised that he’d take a bullet protecting her after asking her to be with him because of the lifestyle he chose to live. When she gets a series of threatening anonymous text messages, the reality of him taking that bullet becomes a scary possibility. 

She was too preoccupied with her menu to notice Jimin’s soft gaze on her. He had his chin rested against his hand accompanied with a wide smile plastered on his face. He lowered her menu in attempt to get her attention, “You look really good today.” Jimin complimented, his eyes turning into little crescent moons. She tried her best to seem unfazed by his words but her flushed cheeks letting Jimin know she felt otherwise, “You’ve said that like 35 times now Jimin.” She mumbled and he shrugged before leaning back on his chair, “That numbers only going to grow by the way.” Rolling her eyes, she playfully stuck out her tongue before going back to her menu.

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whovian-gurl  asked:

Can you please do Jesse, Jack and Reaper with a family with their S/O? I liked the idea of Gabe dropping the big bad act for his little one. I also love your writing style! Thank you! :)


When the door opens late that afternoon, your daughter squealed in her high seat, kicking her little legs and waving her tiny arms as she struggled to turn to see behind her. The spoon you held had mashed carrots and potatoes, and you had been struggling for the last twenty minutes to get her to eat more then a single bite.

“How’s my baby girl?” called a out voice, and you couldn’t help the smile that tugged at your lips. The sound of boots being shed, followed by footsteps growing louder told you your husband was home and ready for dinner.

Immediately your daughter squealed louder, blubbering and her face was all toothless smiles as she made noises at her father walking in. It was cute, because despite only being only nine months old, she had a thick head of brown hair and these beautiful brown eyes.

When Jesse smiled, and you could see where she got her good looks from. Walking over, he scooped his little girl into his arms, laying her in the nook of his arm. Waving her little hands, one of them touched his beard, and immediately she cooed.

Eyes softening, you stood and walked over. Smile widening further, Jesse pulled you closer to his chest with his free arm and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Hi sweetheart,” Jesse murmurs, kissing you tenderly. “Smells good in here, or is that just you?”

“Jesse, you tease,” you laugh, pressing another kiss or two to his face, before the two of you look down at your daughter. “I could use your help, you know. She isn’t happy with her dinner, but you seem capable of making her eat just about anything…” you hinted.

Winking, Jesse started toward the table. “Say no more, darlin’. I got her,” he said, sitting with her at the table. “Ready to eat dinner with daddy?” He cooed at her, and you couldn’t help appreciating how utterly in love with his daughter he was. It had been like that since she as born, and you’d never heard him complain once about changing diapers and coming home to help you with her after a busy day.

It took five minutes, but when you came back Jesse was feeding her without a problem, and you rolled your eyes. How easy it was for him.


“Hey!” Soldier called, giving a warning look to son when he began running toward a stand with a new set of nerf guns. “No running in the store. And you remember to stay in my sight.”

You couldn’t help the giggle you let slip, which earned you a playful chiding look from Jack. It was one of his days off and the two of you agreed it would be best to grocery shop today together. Unfortunately, you couldn’t go shopping though without walking with the kids through the kids section.

“Daddy! Look, Daddy!” squealed your six year old son, holding one of the nerf guns and pointing it at Jack. “Boom!” he pretended to shoot.

Glancing at him, you saw Jack glanced at your son and shook his head. “Not in the store. Come on, we need to start buying some groceries,” he said, but noticed that with a pout his son headed back into the isle.

Frowning when he didn’t walk back, Jack glanced back at you. 

“Go get him, Jack. Just remember…he just wants to play with his dad,” you say gently, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Then you push the cart away, headed for the other side of the store.

Heading into the isle, Jack sees his son sitting on the floor by the nerf guns, playing quietly with it and seeming to study it. For a moment, he thought about what you said. Its true, he thought, he won’t be a kid forever and all he wants is to play…I can’t deny him a little play time.

Crouching beside him, after a moment Jack said, “You know how to load that, right?” he said finally.

Blinking, his son looked up at him. He had a head of blonde curly hair, and bright green eyes…god, was he a beautiful child. After a moment he shook his head at Jack.

Smiling, Jack took off his sun glasses and handed them to his son, before he opened a package of nerf darts and started to show him how to use it. Once done, Jack handed the toy to him and stepped back, opening his arms.

“Okay, aim for me, okay?” Jack said, watching as his son looked surprised.

After a moment, he stood and lifted up the gun, having to use both hands to hold onto it. Taking two minutes, his young son aimed before finally letting loose a shot. The dart landed on Soldiers stomach, sticking for a second before falling to the floor.

“Oh no!” Jack gasped dramatically, arms wrapping around his stomach before he dropped to his knees. “Oh! You got me! I’m bleeding out!” Jack gasped, reaching out with a shaky hand.

It took a second but then his son’s face filled with delight. “I got you daddy!” he squealed, running over and landing on top of Soldier. “I did really good, right?”

Soldier managed to pat his back, still pretending injury. “Ow! Yes, you did amazing! I’ve never seen such a brilliant shot!” Jack gasped, before he pulled his son up and pressed a raspberry on his sons cheek.

The two started to laugh and play, and neither cared for the parents and workers staring down the isle at them in curiosity. You didn’t mind shopping alone, especially since you could just hear their laughter from the other side of the store.


That evening when Gabe came home, you pulled him to the living room and sat him on the couch. Gabe had been excited to come home and see you and the beautiful daughter the two of you had created, but he couldn’t help growing worried from the expression on your face.

“Your going to need to sit, okay? And don’t freak out,” you said gently, sitting on the edge of the coffee table and looking up at him.

At this point, Gabriel was seriously starting to become paranoid. Perching on the edge of the couch, he looked uncertain as he looked at you with suspicious eyes. You couldn’t be pregnant surely. And his daughter was too young…

Staring hard at you, Reaper waited patiently without a word, knowing you’d get to it.

“So…there’s a school dance coming this Friday,” you started off with slowly, and Reaper relaxed. “And it’s dedicated to dads…but I know you work that day in the evening…”

After a moment, Reaper looked thoughtful, pushing off his hood and running a hand through his short hair. “I see,” he says gruffly, wondering if maybe his daughter had asked for him not to go. Gabriel adored his daughter, and the eight year old has been a daddy’s girl since birth.

Smiling ruefully, you watched him. “She really wants to go with you, Gabe. But…she’s worried about making you miss work. She was so quiet during dinner…she even told me that it was okay to miss the dance because she doesn’t know how to dance. Can you believe that?” you murmured, playing with a strand of your hair.

Gabe looked thoughtful for a moment, thinking over the week and after a moment he shrugged. “Well, I suppose we’ll have to change that. I’ll be back,” he said, and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead before going upstairs.

Knocking on his daughters door, he opened it up to see she’d already crawled into bed and sat reading there in little pink princess pajamas. Looking up when the door opened, her face lit up when she saw Gabe and she put the book down, her little braids swishing against her shoulders.

“Hey, baby,” Gabe said softly, eyes softening as he walked over.

“Dad! I missed you,” she said, reaching up for a hug. Gabe swung her up so that she sat on his hip and hugged her tightly.

“I missed you too, baby,” Gabe whispered, cradling her to him and he couldn’t help feel better when he could hold her at the end of the day. Every day he was thankful for his family, for his wife, daughter and the beautiful 1 year old son sleeping in his room next door.

Putting her down after a moment, Gabe took her hands and she looked up quizzically. “Mom told me about the party this weekend…It looks like I need to teach you to dance,” Gabe said gently, his lips curving into one of the smiles that only his children could get from him.

Looking surprised, she looked shy now as Gabe held her hands. “But…but you work this weekend…” she said softly, trying not to look disappointed.

Shaking his head, Gabe ruffled her hair briefly before taking both hands again, swaying slightly. “No. They can handle without me for the weekend. I have a date with a princess at a ball this weekend,” Gabe said, winking down at her.

For a moment she looked like she would cry, she seemed so happy. Then she sniffled and shook her head. “But…I don’t know how to dance…” she said miserably.

Smile widening, Gabe lifted her chin gently. “Baby, your already dancing,” he said, and it appeared she hadn’t noticed when he had started swaying and turning them, or when he spun her slowly. “And your doing so good, too.”

Shock covered her face before she really did start to cry. The tears flooded her eyes and she started to cry hard, stopping to wipe at her eyes. Eyes softening, Gabe knelt down and touched her arm, wanting to sooth her.

Then she flung herself on him, hugging his neck tightly and crying into his shoulder. “Thank you, dad,” she whispered, sniffling. “I love you.”

Heart melting, Reaper held her and buried his face into her hair. “I love you, baby,” he whispered, holding her as if hoping that could keep her his little girl forever.

99 problems (1/?)

 Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts !

                                                    Chapter one

“Miss y/n, Tony is requesting your presence on the communal level of the tower immediately,” FRIDAY rang out through the speakers in your room.

   You roll your eyes, finish applying the last of your makeup, and throw on your outfit for the night. Since your mission was canceled, you decided to call the one person that knows how to have a good time: Johnny Storm. Ever since you had a random mission helping out the Fantastic Four, Johnny just seemed to click with you. Although he can be immature and obnoxious most of the time, he’s been a really solid friend.

 As you grab your phone off your nightstand, the picture frame behind it catches your eye. You lift it, taking in the smiles on Sam and Steve’s faces as you stand between them with their arms around you. If only things were this simple. The picture just reminds you of what things like before everything happened with the damn Accords; before everyone was ripped away from you. If only I hadn’t been on that undercover mission, if only I’d been there, maybe things would have been different. Maybe I’d still have Steve. Steve. You feel your heart sink at the thought of him.

As you walked onto the jet about to leave for your undercover mission, Steve sprinted into the hangar.

“Y/n, wait!” You stopped at the sound of his voice, turning to face him.

You and Steve had a great friendship but you had always felt more for him than you’d like to admit. Sometimes you think he feels the same, but then hell do/say something to smash that feeling.

“Steve, I literally just said bye to you like 10 minutes ago, miss me already?” you teased. He stepped forward, a look of confliction flashing over his face. “Steve, what’s going-”

“This mission is dangerous, a lot more dangerous than I’d like, y/n. If something happens to you I-”

“Steve, I can handle a couple Hydra agents, I’ll only be gone 2 weeks tops. I think I’ll-”

“I love you,” he sputtered out. Your heart dropped. He loves me?

You went to answer, but his lips gently landed on yours in a sweet but quick kiss. Your eyes were wide. Steve moved away from you, blushing with a shy smile.

Originally posted by trashorangel

“I needed you to know, y/n-”

“I love you too,” you whispered, too anxious to look him in the eyes at you confession.

He tilted your chin up, locking his eyes with yours. He looked from your eyes to your lips, sending sparks of happiness through you.

"Agent, we need to get going to stay on the schedule,” The pilot called through the jet.

You cleared your throat and backed away from Steve.

“Come back to me in one piece, Doll. We’ve got a lot to discuss.” You nod since you couldn’t seem to find your voice. Of course he does this before this mission. I have to keep my head in the game.

You took a deep breath and boarded the jet, relishing in the newfound joy.

Before you can fall into the next memory, FRIDAY’s voice appears again. “Miss, it is urgent, I recommend you go immediately.”

“Do I need a gun or is this a non violent kind of urgent FRIDAY,” You ask, annoyance dripping from your voice.

“No weapons are necessary.” You sigh and head towards the elevator. What the hell could Tony possibly be so annoying about?

 As you step off the elevator, you get a text from Johnny:

Sparky : Be there in 15, hope you’re ready for tonight babe ;) 

You roll your eyes, sending him a quick response back. You and Johnny aren’t more than friends, despite the constant flirting. Neither of you ever push for more and you don’t mind.

 You shove your phone in your purse as you step through the doorway to the Tv room. “Tony, what the hell do-” As you step in, your mouth drops open. Sitting on the couch in front of you are Sam, Wanda, Clint, Tony, Steve and Bucky, and all have their eyes on you.  

As much as you want to look to Steve, your eyes go to Wanda first. She is on her feet, making her way to you. You meet her halfway, slinging your arms around her, pulling each other into a back breaking hug. You try to fight the tears that are threatening to spill over, but lose. Wanda is your bestfriend. When you found out about how they treated her in that floating hell of a prison, you tried to get there to free her but were told  Steve beat you to it.

Originally posted by wannawatchfriends

You pull away from her, cradling her face in your hands.

“Wanda, I’m so sorry… I should have been here. I could of helped. I missed you so much.”

“It’s over now, y/n. We’re somewhat clear to be home. It’s in progress,” she whispers, leaning into you hands.

Your eyes widen at her words. They’re staying? You look over to the others, catching all their eyes.

“So that’s how it is, huh? I thought we were cool,” Sam playfully says. You move away from Wanda and leap at him. Thankfully he catches you in time, you wrap your arms and legs around him.

Originally posted by coloursong

“Welcome home Sammy!” you yell as you squeeze him to you. He chuckles, setting you down and placing a kiss on your head. Clint pulls you into a hug and ruffles your hair as a big brother would do. My family is home. You find yourself in front of Steve and Bucky, shyness taking over when you notice Bucky’s eye look over you. Damn, why can’t all 100 year olds look like him?

“Y/n, this is Bucky Barnes,” Steve’s voice sends chills through your body, making the memories you managed to avoid earlier resurface. The memory of Tony showing you the security footage of Steve passionately kissing Sharon Carter in some parking garage replays in your mind. You know Tony only did it to make you angry enough to give up any information on where Steve and Bucky were hiding from you, but you didn’t know anything. All that was received from seeing that video was heartbreak. Whatever you and Steve had is gone. Hell, even your friendship was sinking.

 "It’s nice to finally meet you, Bucky,“ you say as you shake his hand.

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

"Pleasures all mine, Doll. It’s great to finally meet the girl he hasn’t shut up about.” Bucky elbows Steve in the ribs as he speaks. Your smile drops from your face, the dam breaks unleashing your anger.

“So you met Sharon Carter then?” you ask. All the conversations in the room stopped leaving it dead silent. You look to Steve, panic and regret showing on his features.

Originally posted by esgaroths

Buckys eyes are wide, but so are everyone elses. You simply turn around, not even  acknowledging Steve.

“Miss Y/n, Mr. Storm has arrived and is making his way up to you.” Tears slip out of the corners of your eyes as you begin to leave to meet Johnny at the elevators. He’s already at the doorway. You can see that he’s about to say something, but you move past him hoping he gets the hint and follows. He doesn’t though and instead grabs your hand to stop you. He sees the tears running down your face and cups your cheek, wiping the tears away with his thumb. He turns his head, taking in the faces that are all turned to you. He sees Steve and immediately understands.

Originally posted by siizzy

“You ready?” he asks. You nod and he pulls your hand taking you to the elevator.

“Don’t wait up, guys,” he yells over his shoulder. As soon as you both step into the elevator, you hear footsteps coming towards you.

“Y/n, wait! Let me-” You hear Steve’s pleading voice. You glance at him, seeing his broken expression almost matching yours.

“What? Can’t hear you over the doors shutting, Grandpa,” Johnny says. As if on cue, the doors glide shut leaving a defeated looking Steve on the other side.

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So much for home sweet home.


Dean Winchester x Reader

3150 Words

Story Summary: Dean and Y/N have been friends for as long as he can remember. Slowly, his feelings start to change, but he’s afraid to act on them.

A/N: This is a request from @saveprettydays. Hope it’s what you wanted. It’s also for @winchesterprincessbride and her follower celebration challenge. My Gif is located in the story!! 

There was never a time I could remember Y/N not being in my life. From the time we were teenagers, trying to survive a world that often left us to ourselves, she had been the constant in my life.

Even more constant than Sam. While he went away to college, she was there. By my side, both of us hunting without our parents. She was the best friend I could have ever asked for, even if it did sound cheesy.

Here it was, years later, and Y/N was still by my side. Even through the troubles of finding my Dad, and even when I went to Hell, Y/N had never given up on me. She moved in with us when we found the bunker, both of us falling in love with the place.

She was currently sprawled in one of the arm chairs, her eyes closed as the book threatened to fall from her hands. She was wearing one of my flannel shirts she had stolen from me, along with a pair of cut off shorts, showcasing her lean legs. She was beautiful, and I often found myself having to tear my gaze away from her. She was my friend, and had been for years. But a part of me, a part I kept trying to ignore, wanted things to move beyond friends.

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Powerless (El Diablo x Reader)

A/N. This bitch is over 5000 words long, so prepare yourselves. The goal is for it to be three parts in total, and i’ve already started part two, so be ready for that (considering how long they are though, it could be a few days). I love this character, and he deserved better, so be prepared for more stuff for him. alright, I hope you guys like this, enjoy!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The locker room went from almost painfully loud to dead silent in under a second. Every man in the room turned to look at (y/n) as she threw her duffel bag into her locker and began to change. She was used to it. Instead of responding she pulled on her uniform jacket, clipped her belt around her hip, and crouched to lace up her boots, all without looking at the men surrounding her.

There weren’t a lot of women who worked as guards for Belle Reve prison, but even so there was a women’s locker room just down the hall. As a prank– which she later learned happened to every woman on her first day– (y/n) had been assigned a locker in the men’s room. Griggs, and a few of the other men, were hoping to get a laugh or two out of it, but when she changed without complaint, and without giving them anything to look at, they knew the charade had failed.

“(Y/l/n)!” Griggs barked, hoping to at least make her jump. Instead she turned slowly to look at him. He hated this woman already. “I’m Commander Griggs, your superior. Are you aware you’re in the wrong locker room?”

She raised an eyebrow when a couple men snickered around her, but gave him a pleasant smile. “I’m sorry, I must have gotten the wrong locker number. I’ll make sure to have that changed. I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.” Her sharp eyes swept the room, and more then a few of the men shifted under her gaze. “And technically I serve Amanda Waller. This transfer is only temporary.”

Griggs smiled at that. “Because you were caught fucking your boss.”

That got a reaction from her. A blush spread from the tips of her ears down her neck, but instead of lowering head her eyes hardened and she gritted her teeth. “Yes sir.”

Griggs’s smile grew. She may have outranked him once, but now she was his, and she had best remember that. He would make her remember. “Perfect. Right this way, let’s introduce you to the inmates.”

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Leto!Joker Imagine - Batman messes with your mind

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Your P.O.V.

Long story short, Batman didn’t let me and Joker escape that easily every time. We had been messing with good old Batsy tonight but somewhere during that fun we crossed the line. The car chase part was all fun and games but it came to an end when we kinda crashed into a warehouse. Both cars went through the walls like a knife into hot butter. Now we were here and a real fight was on.

Joker got out of the car and so did I. The warehouse smelled bad like rotten wood and fish but it wasn’t in the middle of the city. We could blow up stuff! Well technically we could do that in the middle of the city too. Oh well.

‘’Come out Batsy! I can count to three!’’ I yelled at him while holding my beloved gun. You see we checked his car and it seemed empty. We couldn’t open it but I doubted he was in it. So Batsy had to be behind one of these boxes. ‘’Are you scared of my Y/N?’’ Joker laughed darkly. I smirked and narrowed my eyes. Suddenly I heard footsteps and I turned to my left. Through flames and broken stuff I saw Batsy coming. He looked rather calm but I could tell he was angry.

‘’Gotcha!’’ I chirped and aimed my gun at him. I felt happy and excited now. ‘’We both know you won’t pull the trigger on me Y/N’’ Batman told me seriously. What the heck? I gave him a stern look and I pouted my lips. That’s when Joker walked closer to us. Batman didn’t seem worried although he had two guns pointed to him. ‘’What do you mean Batsy? Don’t be so full of yourself. I don’t love you if that’s what you think’’ I spat and wanted to show him my tongue. It made Joker giggle.

‘’I can’t blame you. You don’t even know what true love is’’ Batman told me rudely. My eyes widened this time. How could he?  ‘’Hell yeah I do Bat. If you look right next to me you can see a very real man who I love and he loves me’’ I defended myself. Joker put his hand on my shoulder and I smiled. I loved him and he loved me.

‘’Really? What exactly do you call love? He just hurts people for fun’’ Batman growled. I saw that his hands were empty which surprised me. Usually by now Batsy would have made an attack.  ‘’Shut up Batman. This cat and mouse was fun tonight but I think you should already go and hang yourself. I mean, if that’s how you sleep since you’re a bat’’ Joker started to get angry. Why was he taking this so seriously? 

Batman’s face looked sterner than usually. Was he actually trying to win this fight with words? With a mixture of the freaking alphabet? Ha! ‘’ Am I upsetting you Joker? Can’t you handle it if she finds out the truth about you?’’ Batman spoke furiously. Their behaviour was so different tonight. I didn’t know whether it was this dark stinky warehouse or their behaviour that made my head ache. What the hell was happening?

‘’She knows the real me. What are you trying to do anyway? Why haven’t you hit me already?’’ Joker snickered and moved away from me. I watched how he got closer to Batman. Oh boy. ‘’I’m trying to make her realize what kind of a fool you are. Y/N was a perfectly fine and sane woman before you fucked her up. She, unlike you, still has a chance to live a good life’’ Batman explained angrily and to be honest it was quite a shocker - even for me.

The next thing that happened was a bit of a surprise.Batgirl appeared out of nowhere and attacked Joker. The two of them fell down onto the ground and started fighting. ‘’Hey!’’ I screamed and hurried to Joker. He would be just fine but I think that the start of the fight was unfair. J punched the red head just as I was going to drag her off of him. Of course I couldn’t do that. Batman grabbed me by my waist and dragged me away from the scene. I dug my nails into his arms but it was useless because of his damn suit.

‘’Let me go!’’ I hissed and then I hit his face with my elbow. He grunted but it didn’t make him let go. Once we were behind a box, he pressed me against it. I didn’t know when but he had sneakily managed to handcuff me. ‘’You big bag of shit let me go’’ I spat into his face. It was so close. ‘’No Y/N you’re going to listen to me’’ He demanded darkly. Something about his behaviour made me a little scared. Batman wasn’t like this. Had he hit his head or something?

‘’Well if you expect me to trust you then you should trust me and I feel untrusted with these damn cuffs’’ I sighed tiredly. This night was a bummer! Why couldn’t we just drive around Gotham and maybe have an epic fight scene on the road and escape like smoke into air? ‘’That’s not the point’’ Batman argued with me. I rolled my eyes and decided to listen. If he got too freaky I’d attack him. 

One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to Arkham.

‘’If you don’t listen to me now Y/N, there will come a day when you’re screaming for help because he’s going to hurt you real bad’’ Batman warned me without even stuttering. It made him sound very sure of himself. Before I could answer, I heard a scream of pain. ‘’That will be you one day’’ He spat and then ran off. He had to save Batgirl. I followed Batman and stopped at a safe distance. Joker and Batgirl sure had a good fight. I saw blood on the ground and on my J.

Joker walked to me calmly with a smile on his face. He had blood splatters on his skin and I had a strong feeling that they weren’t his. Batgirl had left marks on him ,sure, but she had a knife in her thigh. Batman picked her up and hurried to the Bat mobile. Joker wanted to chase them a little more, but I grabbed his coat.

‘’Not today Puddin, please. I’m worn out’’ I pouted and gave him my big glossy eyes. He sighed and stopped. ‘’Fine dear but next time I want to fight him too’’ He made a deal with me. I just nodded with a fake smile. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Joker. But Batman messed with my mind.

What if he was telling me the truth? Could the man I loved and the man who loved me hurt me like that? Okay J could hurt me a little bit but it wasn’t anything serious. Also most of the time it was in bed. He was bad to me rarely but if he was, it was my fault.

‘’Let’s go. It seems like Batsy gave you something stupid to think about’’ J though out loud with mystery in his voice. ‘’Oh don’t worry J, it was just rubbish’’ I reassured him. Just rubbish..

(Okay although this was Leto!Joker, I got inspiration from the Batman animated series. I just watched so many episodes because of the nostalgia.)

More Like Daughter

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader x Sam Winchester

Warnings: Language, SPN cannon violence, nightmares, sibling abuse (Demon Dean), Angst, and then Fluff

Word Count: 3109

A/N: This was written for Katie’s AKA @winchesters-favorite-girl One Year Celebration. Congrats on the year girly. My prompt was “You’re the greatest thing that ever stumbled into my life.” This got a little angstier than I anticipated but I love writing fluffy Dean so you get that as well. Reader is 16 and this takes place in season 11 if you couldn’t tell so for the guys age you can do the math lol. No Beta and feedback always appreciated.

Summary: You’re sick of the distance between you and Dean and just want your big brother and best friend back. You figure the only way to do that is to confront Amara and break whatever link it is she has on your brother. Will it work or will you pay the consequences? Will you get Dean back?

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