i love how they notice they're on the big screen and keep going

Miraculous AU: Manon the Little Ladybird 🐞
  • Miraculous Ladybug AU Idea
  • Manon: the Little Ladybird
  • Right. I had another idea.
  • It's a reveal fic. Kinda.
  • The gist of it is that Darling Marinette gets found out.
  • But it's not her parents. It's not Alya, it's not Adrien.
  • It's Manon. Adorable, bratty, Manon.
  • It can be before the Puppeteer episode or after (in my head it isn't).
  • Bloody Manon.
  • How I see it Manon is waiting in Mari's room to apologize for what she did while akumatized. Mme. Chammack is arranging a catering event with the Dupain-Chengs at the station as a small apology of her own to her coworkers, and they're so busy that they don't notice that Manon sneaks upstairs to see Mari, even though they told her not to go up because Mari had to do some studying for an important test.
  • But Mari isn't there. The room is empty with Jagged Stone playing softly and the repaired dolls are sitting on the desk, with a few papers with sketches of the other akumatized forms of people. There is a quick one of her on the bottom of the stack. On a sticky note next to the dolls is the reminder to make a new pair of Chat Noir and Ladybug for Manon, but she doesn't see that.
  • Manon picks up the Chat Noir and Ladybug dolls and plays with them nervously for a little while; after all just a few days ago she had used these to cause a lot of problems. Manon is sitting by the chaise, so she can't be seen from the skylight.
  • Which leads to Ladybug soaring through her skylight, bouncing off her bed and popping up in the middle of her floor. Manon is stupefied, and before she can call out to her idol and rescuer, there's a flash of red light and Marinette is standing where Ladybug once was and smiling at a red creature that was giggling happily.
  • Manon stands and stares.
  • Tiki see her, squeaks, and attempts to hide.
  • Marinette freezes and then slowly turns around to peek at who finally found out her secret.
  • After a suitable amount of Freak Out™ Manon promises to keep her secret and is the proudest seven to eight-year-old in the world when she's told she's the only person Mari's ever told.
  • She starts to ask to spend more time at the Dupain-Chengs with Marinette, who kinda adopts her as her little sister/protégé.
  • She learns all about fashion at the hip of Marinette and all about duty from Ladybug.
  • (Manon is the only one who sees how exhausted Marinette is after her patrols as Ladybug, is the only one who knows how many injuries she's bandaged over and the scars that mean Mari will never again wear a midriff bearing top, seen Marinette soak her twitching hands in water after hours of pinning, and sewing, and hand embroidering the clothes that will make her future.)
  • Manon blooms with her newfound sense of responsibility and after a few months her mother gifts her with a phone with four numbers programmed in: her mother's, the station, the bakery, and Marinette's personal number.
  • She adds Ladybug's compact number the moment she alone with an Ladybug emoji in the name slot. It's set as her number three speed dial.
  • All of a sudden Ladybug knows where all the shit is going down because Manon has her on speed dial and an alert on the Ladyblog.
  • Not only that but she has the schools number and she can call and get Marinette out of class by stating that she needed Marinette to come and get her, she didn't know where she was and her mom was at work.
  • (She only does this if it's really bad though.)
  • In an interview with Alya, she asks what the secret to her new response time to danger.
  • Ladybug winks, puts a finger to her lips, and declares "I have a little Ladybird helping me. She's slowly earning her spots."
  • After this Manon demands that her number be given to Chat Noir, and Marinette agrees. So the next time they get together before a patrol and before he can ask any questions she opens her compact to make a call, the only identifier a small red ladybug with no spots, before a voice chirps out a greeting and asks for his number.
  • After coming to terms with their off-screen sidekick, he gives her the number to his personal phone with the understanding that she was only allowed to text, and not call, that phone.
  • (Manon low-key ships LadyNoir, but that's mostly from Him always saving her big sister than any real idea on their relationship.)
  • Adrien is a sad kitty one day and shoots a text to her on accident.
  • He immediately gets a response and they become bros.
  • Manon is now determined to play matchmaker because this guy is the perfect guy for Marinette, and much better than that Model that never pays attention to her.
  • Insert Classic LadyNoir love square happenings complete with Marinette getting over Adrien (painfully) and Adrien noticing that "Wait. Dis a Boss-@ss-B*tch."
  • Then BLAM: Manon is being chased around Paris because if Akuma (no she was not found out, just reasons okay?) and in the midst of saving her Ladybug becomes injured and Manon is the one who directs Chat Noir (Ladybug in his arms, Ladybird-known-as-Manon on his back, no problem.)
  • On the roof of the Dupain-Cheng bakery.
  • Where Marinette lives.
  • Ladybug turns into Marinette right after they drop onto her bed.
  • While Chat gapes in stunned awe, Manon is on the move pulling the first aid kit out and after having Tikki ensure her that she could be woken "It was just the pain that knocked her out." Mari is summarily shaken awake and handed the muscle relaxant cream that she immediately spreads on her shoulders and sides with Manon deals with the big one at the small of her back.
  • Chat is a sad-ashamed kitty, but Marinette is okay with it, as long as he doesn't reveal his own identity. Her family and friends had just been put in danger, she refused to put his in danger too.
  • Marichat occurs intensely and mild pre-Adrienette colors school hours and group projects with adorable littlesister!Manon as a constant no matter what side of the mask.
  • That is all my brain has.
  • It is dry now.
  • Whyyyyyyy?!
  • Someone has to come and help.
  • Please.

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Scenario where kuroo bokuto and akaashi realize that they're really really deeply in love with their s/o??

((can I just say, i unintentionally rhymed in the first paragraph of kuroo’s scenario. that is a big accomplishment hahah! anyway, i hope this is romantic enough. c:


Kuroo couldn’t get enough of your laugh. It was melody to his ears, a melody he hopes never disappears. Maybe it wasn’t your laugh, rather it’s your smile that has his heart jumping from glee. Perhaps maybe even your positivity.

There is something radiating from you that made him realize he was in love.

“I’ll keep on trying my best!” That is the little mantra you would repeat to yourself.

The captain found it endearing whenever you would repeat those phrases to yourself in order to encourage yourself. You are always aiming high to do your best. No matter the situation you are having difficulties in, you never fail to do your best and to keep being the optimist you are.

You had to know how dear you are to him.

“I love you.” Kuroo voiced his thoughts out loud for you to hear.

There had been plenty times in which the two of you would speak of your admiration for another, but this felt different. You took into account Kuroo’s soft expression and serious tone. There was no dorky smile nor goofy tone, only actual, real sentiments.

“I love you too,” you said with the same sincerity.

Your boyfriend lessened the distance between the two, and grabbed a hold of your hand. His hand rubbed circle onto yours. There was so much more he wanted to tell you but for some odd reason he couldn’t find himself to articulate his affection.

A reassuring smile was given from your part to him. You didn’t need him to tell you his feelings since his actions were more than enough.

You were everything Bokuto could ever ask from a significant other. You were supportive, comforting, and very caring. So caring that were always concerned whether the captain had any injuries on his person.

“Oh my, Koutarou what happened?”

You had noticed the swollenness of his finger.

“It’s a little swollen, nothing too big.” He had brushed it off, thinking the conversation would end there.

You take his hand to further inspect the injury. “You need to wrap your fingers whenever you get an injury like this.”

Bokuto watches as you’re so concentrated on wrapping the bandages around his fingers. With careful but precise motions, the bandage is secure around his finger.

The volleyball players dares to look at your expression as you continue to do so. His heart flutters as he gazes at your expression.

Once you are finished you let go of his hand. Bokuto is silent. His heart continue to palpate, he is surprised you don’t comment about it.

You shake the male out of his gaze, worried whether he was alright or not. In an instant a pair of arms are wrapped around you. Your beloved’s face is buried into your shoulder, a “thank you” murmured into it.

“For what?” Although you were confused due to his actions, you still embrace him back.

“For everything you do. You’re just too amazing.”

Bokuto still hadn’t lifted his head from your shoulder, but you did not object to the notion. It felt nice to be together in that comfortable silence.

Akaashi can never help but notice how you are the perfect mix of gracefulness and cuteness. Wherever you are seated, the light always frames your form flawlessly. He realizes this when the two of you are seated, enjoying a cup of coffee.

There was comfortable silence between the two. Nothing was planned this morning but to bask under the morning light. Your gaze was concentrated on the television screen. Akaashi was attempting to concentrate on the book which was opened before him, but his gaze would always fall back on you.

He couldn’t help but love the serene mornings like these. They were always so calming and relaxing, especially with you. He wonders how a beautiful specimen as yourself found themselves captivated by him. You were always so elegant.

“Ow!” You set the mug down.

But, you were also adorable.

The male chuckles to himself at your childish pout. Your mishap had caused a slight burning sensation on your lip.

The male leans forward for a kiss. “Be careful next time.”

There was so many feelings put into that kiss, you couldn’t overlook them. You hoped Akaashi could sense your own feelings as well.

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Do you think you could do an Karma/Nagisa Assassination Classroom story about how their classmates found out their relationship ? It would just be awesome ^O^ (thanks for all your other stories btw they're all SUPER !)

A Little Gossip and a Little Lie An Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Fanfic by Gigglepud

Pairing: Karma/Nagisa
Rating: G
Words: 1289
Summary: Nagisa wants to keep his relationship with Karma a secret. It’s harder than it sounds. 


Nagisa knows what the general public thinks of middle schoolers in relationships; either with judgemental raised eyebrows or mocking laughter. But the shadow clouding his mind is of a certain prevalent woman in his life.

Mildly, he wonders if his mother would perhaps approve their relationships because dating a boy is the something a girl would do. But realistically, his mother would just rage at how it’s just one more thing that is so wrong with his life.

Nevertheless when he looks into Karma’s sparkling eyes, he does it with a wide smile. “Yes, sure, I’d love to go out with you.” Then the unleashed anger of her mother flashes before his eyes, and he hesitates as he says in a quieter tone, “But can we keep this a secret, just between the two of us, please?”

Keep reading

  • Liam: "I'll be here for your birthday" Liam tells you as you're walking his dog through the park. "Are you sure?" you ask him, playfully nudging him on the arm. "Yep. I promise we'll do something special for your birthday" he smiles, gently grabbing your hand to hold it. Suddenly, Liam's dog races forward. "LOKI, SLOW DOWN!" Liam calls out, as he lets go of your hand. He shoots you a confused face and shrugs as his dog chases out in front of you. "Bye" you tease, slowly waving at him and blowing him a kiss. "Loki, go back to (Y/N)" he chuckles, shaking his head at how over active his dog is. As he's running back towards you, he accidentally runs into you and you grab hold of him for balance, causing you to lean against his chest. He quickly retracts his hands, and blushes furiously when he realises his hands are on your bum.
  • Zayn: You and Zayn are walking around New York, and you guys decide to grab some hot dogs and coffee from food carts on the footpath. A gust of wind blows past and Zayn wraps his leather jacket around you, noticing you shiver in the cold. "What about you?" you ask, pointing at his thin shirt "you're going to be cold now". "Well" he replies slowly, "I guess you'll have to keep me warm". His arms snake around your waist and rest on the small of your back. You wrap your arms around him and rest your head against his chest. "You're beautiful, (Y/N)", he tells you, placing gentle kisses on the crook of your neck. You giggle, as his stubble rubs against the skin on your neck. "Stop that, Zayn" you laugh, "there are people taking photos of us across the street". "Good. They should know that you stole my jacket for your own selfish reasons" he replies, causing you to roll your eyes at him.
  • Niall: "Thanks for coming with me today, babe." Niall says, placing a hand on yours. "It's fine. I wouldn't miss a chance to see Chelsea play" you tease him, as he glares at you. You watch the crowd go wild again as Chelsea score another goal. "Bloody hell" Niall yells, throwing his hands in the air. "COME ON DERBY!" you shout out. Niall joins you, and slings his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. "DERBY! DERBY! DERBY!" you both chant. He looks at you and smiles, leaning down to kiss your head. "I love you" he tells you, as he wraps his arms around you. You notice that the camera happened to pan towards you guys, showing your moment of affection on the big screen. This causes you to blush, hiding by burying your face into Niall's jacket.
  • Harry: You're at one of Nick Grimshaw's celebrity parties. The club is packed with people and the music is blasting in your ear. "I'm just going to slip out back to get some fresh air" you yell over the music at Harry. He nods his head and grabs your hand, indicating that he'll go with you. You make your way through all the people dancing and slip out the back door. "Have I told you that you look ravishing tonight?" he comments, upon escaping the noise. "A few times actually" you laugh, leaning your back against the brick wall. "Well it's true" he whispers in your ear, pinning you against the wall and leaning down to kiss you passionately. "That was nice" you sigh, pulling away to catch your breath. Unbeknownst to you, a paparazzi had captured the heated moment and it was published in gossip magazines the next day.
  • Louis: "Where are we going, Louis?" You ask him as he grabs your hand and pulls you outside the stadium where they're performing later that night. "Just go along with it, babe!" he chuckles. "Oh god. We should get back inside, Lou. It's raining!" you exclaim, holding out your hand to feel the rain. "I know" he smirks, pulling you closer to him. "That was the plan". You bite your lip, suppressing a giggle at how cute and sweet he's being. "I know you've always wanted to kiss in the rain" he whispers, leaning in and tilting you chin up. He gives you a chaste kiss before pulling back a bit, your foreheads touching. "The fans are going to see us here" you mumble. "Let them" he replies, before leaning in for another kiss. You place your hands on either side of his face and run your hands through his wet hair. "OH MY GOD" you hear a high-pitched screech and excited giggles. "IT'S LOUIS AND (Y/N)". You quickly push Louis away, embarrassed that you've been caught, as Louis chuckles. You check your twitter later on to find that the photos of you and Louis have gone viral.