i love how they gave the girl a sword

The Cure

Bucky Barnes x Reader Drabble

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader,  Steve Rogers  |  Word Count: 1493

Warnings: Nothing but fluff. A drabble. This is what happens when I’m bored. Spotify is my nemesis. The Cure by Lady Gaga

You looked up from your book when the door opened.

Bucky, in all his combat gear stumbled into your shared suite within the Avengers compound, shedding guns, gloves, and grenades with such disregard for their explosive nature it had you leaping to your feet. The look on his face spoke plainly of just how hard the latest mission had been.

Going to him, you grabbed for the belt he was getting ready to chuck across the room, the one with at least three grenades, and gently laid it over the back of the sofa. He went still, just stood there, shaking, breathing, anger radiating off him in waves.

Lifting your hand, you laid it gently against his clenched jaw. You only had one question. “Is everyone alright?”

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Edmund x Reader: His Queen

Anon said: Oh gosh you broke my heart with that last hc</3 can we have a happy imagine set in the golden age to help feel better? ^_^ any plot. Just cuteness.

Again, apologies for making people sad, so here is an imagine to lift up your spirits.

-Golden Age-

“Oh, come on Peter. Don’t tell me you’re afraid to fight a girl,” (Y/N) mocked Peter with her sword drawn.

Edmund and Peter had been sparring when (Y/N) had entered. She had made a joke about beating Peter, and he had laughed at it. Now that she was a faults challenging him, he didn’t want to duel her.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Peter told her as he put his own sword in its holster.

Edmund watched them in amusement.

“What? Because I’m a girl, how sexist can you be?” (Y/N) scoffed at his behavior.

“Don’t worry about it love, he knows he’ll lose his dignity when he loses to you,” Edmund came behind (Y/N) and wrapped his arms around her.

“Yeah, okay,” Peter rolled his eyes. “I have to go anyways. I’ll see you both later.” He walked away and as soon as he had left, (Y/N) turned in Edmund’s arms and faced him. She gave him a peck on the lips and started to walk away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Edmund twirled her to face him again. He gave her a crooked grin that would either make her want to kiss him or punch him.

“Don’t know. Just thought I’d go wherever my feet took me,” (Y/N) shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

“Well how about we fuel instead, seeing as my older brother seems to afraid to go against you,” he hummed against her lips and pulled away. He took out his own sword and stood ready.

She only laughed and took out her own sword.

He noticed she wasn’t going to make the first move so he swung his sword at her. She easily blocked it and swung it at his head. He ducked and avoided being beheaded. They continued smiling for a few minutes before she lost concentration for a split second and he disarmed her. With his foot he made her fall on her back on the floor. Luckily the floor was covered in soft mats.

(Y/N) groaned as her head hit the mat. She opened her eyes only to see her loving husband with a smirk on his face.

“Do you need help, darling?”

She didn’t say anything and only put her arm up. He believed it to be her way of asking for help to get up, but as soon he grasped her hand, she pulled him down to hover over her.

He could feel her breathing against his face at how close they were to each other.

Edmund raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t lose his smirk. “You know I still won, right?”

Then out of no where, (Y/N) pushed him down and pulled herself up. This made it so Edmund was now lying on the floor and she was hovering over him. She grabbed his sword and put it over his neck and smiled.

“I think I actually win.” She then smirked which made Edmund frown.

“Cheater,” he mumbled. Her laugh sounded of bells echoing throughout the room.

She discarded his sword and pressed her lips against his. Using this to his advantage, he once again pushed her down on the mat and hovered over her.


“Admit I won.” He smirked down at her. She roller her eyes.

“I would, but I’d be lying,” she gave him an innocent smile.

“I didn’t want to do this, but you left me no choice,” Edmund told her. She didn’t understand at first. Then Edmund started tickling her.

“No! Stop…Edmund-Please…Edmund!” She said in between her fit of laugher.

“Admit I won.”

“No-Stop…Edmund Pevensie!” She continued laughing.

“Admit it.”

She couldn’t handle it anymore. “Fine! You won, just stop.”

Edmund finally stopped and smiled triumphantly.

(Y/N) catched her breath before punching Edmund in the arm.


“You deserved it,” she continued taking in deep breaths.

He rolled his eyes and caressed her cheek. He kissed her for a few moments, but she pulled back.

“Can’t breath,”’she told him.

“Can’t blame you. I always knew I had that effect on you,” Edmund joked.

“Why did I marry you again?” She quirked an eyebrow, but was smiling.

“Because you love me,” he hummed.

“You sure?”

“Positive. Just not as much as I love you, my beautiful queen.”

“You’re so kind to me,” she smiled. “What did I ever do to deserve you, my just King?”

“It’s what did I do to deserve you, my sweet (Y/N). My beautiful, sweet, Queen (Y/N),” he hummed once more before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.

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omfg that last post gave me hope so much. i dont like how almost every single girl in sword art online falls for him, and they just kinda skipped over the sister loving him. it feels like they put her there just so he had a girl falling for him the whole time asuna wasnt there

I hattttted Sword Art Online with a passion for so many reasons and it’s pretty much an anime version of every issue I have with generic Otaku-styled, fanservice, wishful fulfilment anime. 

  • Girls are stereotypes meant solely for fanservice and falling for the handsome, badass male lead.
  • Male lead is a Marty-Stu and wish fulfilment character. 
  • Fighting is for men and the girls should lay low, ugggh.
  • Little girl falling in love with grown teenager????
  • male lead with 101 waifus. 
  • Boring personality and excessive screentime spent on him and ignoring Asuna.
  • Fanservice, gritty tentacle stuff. yuck yuck yuck.

I got so tired of the girls being used for what they were, I wasn’t even surprised SAO was actually written by the author as a child. Nice idea but horrible attempt. 


Dear @cecilyjmorgenstern and @whenthestarsfalldowntonight here it is. =^^=

Byron: He had this earlier thought that he’d probably be jealous of his own child if the child would take the princess’ attention away from him. So when she told him that she’s pregnant with their first child, he already felt a little bit lonely though most part of him was happy that their little family is slowly expanding. Pass forward to nine months later, when he first saw and held their baby girl in his arms, he felt all those reservation vanish as love filled his heart for the small creature who was blinking curiously up at him.

Giles: He was rendered speechless the moment the princess broke the news to him. His silence went on for too long that she thought he didn’t want the baby. He panicked when he saw her expression went from happy to gloomy, realising what he had done. Or not. He swiftly gathered the princess in his arms and gave her a kiss before saying, “I’m happy, darling. I just didn’t think I’d really be able to make a family, and with you especially.” His words brought the princess to tears which caused him to panic again.

Leo: Hoping to surprise him, the princess gave Leo her ultrasound results and a pair of baby shoes while he was working that day. However, contrary to what she planned, she was the one who got surprised when the bureaucrat suddenly burst into tears at the good news. She could’ve laughed but she knew how Leo valued family so much that all she could do was smile gently as she comforted her crying husband.

Albert: “Oh my god, I’m going to be a father,” Albert repeated ever so softly when the princess revealed the good news to him. They were at the garden that morning so the gardeners and a few knights saw the bespectacled man when he suddenly jumped up and down happily the moment the news sank in. He was brought back to his senses, seconds later, when he heard the small giggle coming from the princess. A blush then formed on his cheeks and it deepened when he realised that they weren’t alone.

Sid: It was difficult to catch Sid off guard and the princess totally savoured that moment when he suddenly choked on his wine the moment she told him she was pregnant. Laughing, she rubbed his back soothingly as he glared at her half-heartedly. “Do me a favour, (Y/N),” he began when he recovered, his arms wrapping around her and pulling her in a loving embrace. “If you plan to surprise me next time, do tell me beforehand.” He laughed when she pouted at him. “This is an excellent news, babe. How about we celebrate?” And with that, he scooped her in his arms without warning and began heading towards the bedroom, totally unmindful of her weak protests.

Nico: At first he thought she was just jesting him, something meant as a payback for him pranking her during Innocence Day. But when her face remained serious, his laughter died as his jaw dropped, his heart pounding mad. “Are you really serious, (Y/N)?” A scream escaped the princess’ throat when Nico suddenly pounced on her, causing the both of them to fall down the couch, when she nodded. “Nico, be careful!” “Oh no! Our baby!”

Louis: “Am I really fit to be a father?” the Duke of Howard asked worriedly when she told him they’re going to be parents. “What if I mess up? I don’t know how to hold a baby. I have never been within around a baby. What if—” his anxious rant was halted when the princess suddenly enveloped him in a hug. “(Y/N)…” “Don’t worry, Louis. You worrying like that means you have the potential to be a great father. Besides, I should be the one who’s supposed to be anxious, not you.” “Oh, sorry.”

Alyn: “I want a baby girl that would look exactly like you,” was Alyn’s immediate reply when the princess announced the good news over dinner. Then he scowled before the princess could respond. “But if she’s going to look like you, I must be ready,” he added, more to himself. “A girl as beautiful as that will have thousands of suitors flocking around her.” He tapped his chin, totally ignoring how the princess’ face went red at his words. “But then I have a sword, an army under my command, a significant amount of shovels, and I’ll make sure I’ll have an alibi when the time comes.” “Alyn, are you planning a murder?” “No, my love. I’m planning a mass murder if men would dare lay their hands on our precious baby girl.” “Alyn! I’m not even sure if it’s a girl!”

Robert: He didn’t even blink when she told him about it. Instead, he gave her a gentle smile before pulling her into a hug. “This is a happy day, (Y/N). For you and me, but more so for me. With the baby here, you’re bound to me forever.” “Robert, if I didn’t love you, I would probably be creeped out by now.”

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Imagine Nicolas/Worick as father and the other as The Awesome Uncle :D

Hi there anon~ I looooved this ask and it turned a bit long so I’m going to split it in two parts, hope that’s okay. Expect to see awesome uncle Worick soon ;)

-Admin N

Part 1: Awesome Uncle Nicolas

Worick just couldn’t–for the love of God–understand what was wrong with his daughter. She was twelve years old; at the age she should be starting to gain interest in fashion brands and metrosexual-looking boy band’s members. At the age when the complaints he was getting from the school’s principal should be about her showing some distasteful PDA with boys instead of beating the shit out of them. Worick should be worrying about how to afford the expensive make-up she wanted to be spoiled with, not about how to clean this bruise-facial off her face.

“But dad, he was picking on me!” The girl whined. “What was I supposed to do? Let him?”

“You were supposed to tell a teacher, that’s what you were supposed to do,” he said in a stern tone, placing yet another band aid over the bleeding cut on her cheek. “Besides, don’t you know? When a boy picks on you like that it’s probably because he likes you.”  

The girl rolled her eyes, and winced when her father brushed her bangs off her face, grazing another cut above her eyebrow. This one was deeper, Worick thought. He would have to take her to Theo’s and get her stitched up.

“He doesn’t like me,” she muttered. “He’s just an…”

She didn’t finish the sentence, but Worick noticed her do the signing for [asshole].

“I saw what you did there. Who did you learn that from?”

“You,” answered the girl with a sigh of irritation.  

Right. Of course. She got him there. Worick realized he had just been looking for another reason to complain at Nicolas. His daughter hadn’t said it (she was always very careful to not mention Uncle Nicolas’ name to avoid getting him in trouble), but Worick was sure he was the source of the girl’s latest nasty behavior. That damn midget, always being a bad influence for his delicate little girl. Not that he would ever get a Nobel for best father of the year, but still… At least Worick wouldn’t encourage her to get her ass beaten like this.

“Whatever. You have to promise you will never get in a fight again.”

She shook her head. “Sorry daddy, but if that boy comes to annoy me again, I’ll punch him harder than today.”  

“Please?” Worick begged. “Come on, I’ll buy you whatever you want, how that sounds?”

The girl’s eyes had lit up at the offer.

“Whatever I want? Whatever?

“Yes, whatever. But you have to promise.”

The Arcangelo girl seemed to mull this over for a minute.

“Okay, deal,” she said finally. “Since you said whatever, I want a Katana.”

Worick looked at his daughter in shock.

“A what!?”

He hoped she was joking, but she wasn’t…

“A Katana,” she repeated like he was dumb, simultaneously using the sign-language for the word. “You know, like Uncle Nic’s. Just buy one my size please.”

“No fucking way.”

“But dad! You said whatever! You promised!

Why? Worick wondered. Just why? What had he done to deserve this?

He responded himself immediately: Lotta shit buddy, so just deal with it.  

“Oh for fuck’s sake, alright, alright. A Katana. But you gotta promise you will never use it to fight with other kids, okay?”  

“I won’t! I swear!”

She was beaming now, and Worick felt his heart melt into a puddle. The whole Katana thing didn’t matter that much all of a sudden, not when she looked so happy.

Not a week later, the Arcangelo girl was knocking on Uncle Nic’s door to show him her new acquisition. For a moment there, Nicolas couldn’t see the smaller replica of his Katana Worick’s daughter was holding out in front of him–his eyes grew wide with horror and worry as he took in every patch and every yellowy bruise in the girl’s face.

“Oh, this…” she said and giggled, putting down her sword to switch to sign-language. [Don’t worry about it, worry about that guy instead. I did just as you told me.]

She looked excited and Nicolas wanted to share her excitement, but he was a little too mortified for what he was seeing. He had only been half-serious when he suggested she kicked her bully’s ass next time the kid pulled one of her braids loose, and he hadn’t imagine the girl would have the guts to actually do it. Looking back on it now, he should have. She was Worick’s daughter, after all.

And speaking about Worick; work had probably been keeping him busy lately, but no doubt he would show up here any time now and kick his ass for this.

[Anyway, I bribed dad into buying me this…] And after a pause: [You don’t like it?]

Nicolas said that wasn’t it, apologized for not paying attention and took the sword to give it a good look. Not too heavy for her; a good Katana for a beginner. Once he was done with the examination he asked:

[When do you want to start the lessons?]

The girl grinned in a way that gave her a stunning resemblance to his longtime partner: [Can it be today?]

Of course it could–Nicolas had yet to figure how to say no to Worick’s girl, whom he loved as if she was his own.  


‘Let it go’ Parody

The sails glow black on the ocean tonight

Not a hero to be seen

A King overcome with sorrow

Flings himself into the sea

Before his son had told him with tears in his eyes

He’d defeat the beast, or at least he’d try

When he had sailed away to Crete

He met a princess called Ariadne

She fell in love and gave him string

So he could win



Seven girls and seven boys



Soon he will be destroyed

He won’t care who he’s going to slay

Let the boat row on

Athenians never bothered him anyway

“It’s funny how some Cretians

Can marvel at my face.

So if I do this for you

Will you help me leave this place?”

He did what Ariadne’d said

He kept on walking straight ahead

And soon he found the minotaur

It roared



Not invincible to swords



Either that or tartar sauce

He fumbled around

In the dark of the maze

Let the string roll on…

He killed the minotaur with one almighty blow

But couldn’t find the string ‘cause in the fight he’d let it go (Amirite?)

He felt around to find the string and ran away

He’s never coming back

He wouldn’t find his way!



Ariadne asked for his hand



But he found her rather bland

They stopped off at Naxos

For some snacks-os

Left her sleeping there

The princess wasn’t that hot anyway