i love how they eventually become best friends


And there he stands in all his glory, laughing at something Chris Nolan said to him, a glass of whisky in his hand and his arm around her waist. And all I could do was stand here, from afar, watching them.

“He’ll notice if you keep staring, darling.” Anne handed me a glass of champagne.

“I-I-I was not staring. Just looking how wonderful they are together.” I could feel my face turn red by the second.

“Oh, darling, don’t try to fool yourself, I know you have feelings for him.” She smiled lightly at me. “Actually, I always thought you’re going to be together.”

My smile faltered and I looked at the floor. Silly Y/N, of course Anne knew. Apparently, everybody did! The boys, Gemma, Lou and now Anne. Clearly, I am not very good in hiding my feelings for my best friend. The guy who knows me better than anyone and yet can’t realize how much I adore him.

Harry and I have been friends since we were kids, really. Eventually we went separate ways: He went out to become the biggest celebrity out there and I went to college. Even though we lived in different worlds, we never stopped talking. We’re still best friends even after all this time.

I love him.

But it wasn’t always like this. When we’re younger, our parents used to tell us we would eventually get married. We’re too perfect for each other, that’s something we always knew, even though we didn’t have this types of feeling for each other.

It was in my senior year of college that this said feelings started to show. I spent a few weeks with him and the boys while they’re on tour and suddenly I started to fall for my best friend. If you have seen any movie out there, you would think that the feeling was mutual and we’re happily ever after. Not how things turned out, I’m afraid to tell you. I spent 6 weeks trying to find a way to tell him my feelings, even asked for the boys’ help, but when I was close to figure a way out, he met her. And gosh, how much he adored her. Since the beginning!

You know that stupid line that said when you love someone, you gotta let them go and find their happiness? His happiness was she and I couldn’t stand in the way of that. Even though I knew I loved him more than she could ever love him, it was time for me to set him free.

So I came back. Came to the UK, finished college and found a job I actually like. My life is all put together, as Harry likes to remind me. He’s right, my life is put together, except for my love life. I tried so hard to get over him, to not have feelings for him. I dated, I tried everything I could, but he was always there, in the back of my mind, even when I met my ex-boyfriend, Daniel. We broke up a few months later because he knew I had feelings for my best friend. Poor Dan, such a nice guy and I couldn’t love him.

Harry came back home. And moved in with her, much to my dismay. They’re together for 3 years now and they don’t seem to be breaking up anytime soon. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about telling him, just to get it out of my chest, but I can’t. I cannot ruin this for him. I would rather suffer in silence than ruin his happiness and our friendship.

“Have you thought about telling him?” She asked me while we watched the couple from afar.

“I did.” I whispered. “I just can’t. He’s happy, Anne. He deserves to be happy.”

“My son is a fool, darling. He doesn’t know, but he does have feelings for you. A mother always know and I’m telling you he does. But I understand your side, I just don’t wanna see you both losing time with other people when you could be together!”

I breathed a laugh. Anne was always our biggest supporter, so it’s not a shock to me she would rather me with her son than his actual girlfriend. The poor girl is not a bad girl; she’s just not right for him.

She doesn’t get it how he can be such a morning person, always waking up at a 100%, telling everyone ‘good morning’ in his raspy voice. She thinks its annoying, but the truth is if he doesn’t do this, we’ll go back to sleep and miss his whole day. She doesn’t get his obsession for good health, but if she just asked him about it, she would understand he actually believes that those junk foods can kill you slowly, and he can’t lose anyone in his life, so we all have to eat health food. At least around him. She doesn’t understand how he can feel so down after reading mean comments on the internet, because for her how could The Harry Styles feel anything less than perfect?! He thinks he’s not worth it, even though he truly does deserve everything good that ever happened to him. However, he has insecurities, because by the end of the day, he is just Harry. And all he really wants is cuddles and a few reassurance words that those people are just mean people and are not telling the truth.

She doesn’t know him and a part of me thinks she just doesn’t want to. Yes, she knows what he likes for breakfast, what calms him when his in a bad mood, but she doesn’t know the little things I do.

It’s sad, if you think about it. He’s been with her for 3 years and she doesn’t get him. Maybe that’s why when he needs someone, he runs to me. He runs to my house at 3 A.M just so he could talk about his bad day. She never saw him cry, because he only cries when we’re alone and he can truly show his feelings. I’m the first person he calls when something good or bad happens. I’m his emergence contact in the hospital, I’m his safe place to go when he needs to just take a break. I’m the one who could leave her whole life on hold, just to take care of him when needed.

It’s sad because even thought I am his person, I’m not his and he’s not mine. She has him and I can’t truly express how much I wish that could be me.

“He looks nervous.” I pointed out to Anne.

“I was about to ask you this… Do you know why? He’s been like this for a few weeks now.” She looked deep in thought, trying to find a reason for her son odd behavior.

“I think…” I was interrupted by Louis, who looked out of breath.

“You need to stop him, he will make a terrible mistake, please Y/N, stop him!”

“Louis, what’s going on? What are you talking about? Breathe, Lou.”

“You don’t get it, he’ll…”

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Harry called out from the center of the room. The party quickly died down, waiting for his speech. “I would like to thank you all for coming to my Dunkirk party. It’s so nice to enjoy the movie’s success with all of you, so thank you!”

Everyone around the room clapped and Louis was fussing by side. He looks nervous and I couldn’t understand why.

“As you know this is a special night for me and I wanted to be even more special. Lexa, can you come here, darling?” He asked his girlfriend to join him and I could already feel the tension growing around me. Anne, Louis, Niall, Liam, Lou and Gemma surrounded me and we all were just waiting for something to happen. Anything.

“Lexa, we’ve been together for 3 years next week and I feel so blessed to have you by side. I was smitten with you since the moment I saw you, you can ask Y/N for confirmation.” Everybody laughed a little and I could feel a knot in my through already. “So, in this special date for me and surrounded by friends and family, I would like to ask you…” he got down on one knee. “Will you marry me?”

And just like that my world stopped. I couldn’t hear anything, but I could see her nod and everyone clap for them. I think the boys were talking to me, but I could barely understand what was happening.

He proposed to her.

He is hers.

She is his.

And just like that I realized that all these years loving him, taking care of him, weren’t enough to make him fall for me. I was a silly girl who believed in the fairy tale that everyone thought we would live. I loved him with everything in me, I was always his but he was never mine.

And just like that I ran out of the party, leaving everyone – including the love of my life – behind.

I was always his.

He was never mine.

He was always hers.


Part 2

It’s been a while, I know, but I hope you’ve liked this. Please, leave me your thoughts about this oneshot, talk to me pleeease. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language!

All the love, B. 


Women In Young Adult Literature

This Wednesday we’re celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women on International Women’s Day. I’d like to use that as an opportunity to talk about a few of my favorite female characters in Young Adult books. Careful if you haven’t read these books because of possible spoilers.

Cather Avery (Fangirl)

Cather Avery and her twin sister Wren are starting college and Wren has announced she wants to discover college on her own, leaving an introvert Cath hiding out in her dorm, writing fan fiction. I really liked that Fangirl was about Cath as a character at first and everything else second. Cath is shy and introvert but she’s also sure of who she is and isn’t ashamed of that.

Madeline Whittier (Everything Everything)

Madeline has a rare illness which prevents her from leaving her house, but Maddy is a happy teenage girl. She reads a lot, takes classes online, has a friend in the form of her nurse. Despite the fact that she was missing out on so much in her life, she keeps being optimistic. It is impossible not to like her. Of course, she was also moody and curious. This curiosity eventually leads her to uncover a secret that will change everything for her.

Glory O’Brien (Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future)

One evening Glory and her best friend mix up beer with the remains of a bat (that is as weird as it sounds). Next thing they know they can see people’s pasts and futures. Glory becomes obsessed with the second civil war and decided to write down every piece of information she gathers from seeing people’s futures. I loved how Glory handled seeing the future. She questioned everything in her past and present; her future, the strange hippie community across the street and especially her mother’s suicide and what I means for her.

Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy-series)

Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir and thus fated to guard a Moroi. She’s determined to protect her best friend Lissa, a royal Moroi. Rose is sarcastic and insubordinate but she is fiercely loyal to Lissa. Over the course of the series Rose loves and loses Dimitri. The loss of him puts her friendship with Lissa and even her life at stake.

Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer trilogy and upcoming Shaw Confessions)

She has to power to kill people with a thought, but is she a villain? Throughout this trilogy, Mara tries to figure out what is happening with her. She means no harm, but around her people start dying under strange circumstances. She tries to understand her powers and is put in dangerous situations because of it. To get herself out of these situations she must use her power and questions who she is when she does.

Gwendolyn Shepard (Ruby Red)

Kerstin Gier gives us curious and funny heroines. These characteristics often put them in complicated situations. Take Gwendolyn, (Gwyneth in the US/UK editions) for example. She can travel through time but it isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. She always taught her cousin would inherit the time travel gene, she isn’t ready to fulfill tasks that would take her across time. Yet, Gwendolyn uncovers the truth and stands her ground while taking on an ancient organization.

Shahrzad Al-Khayzuran (The Wrath and the Dawn)

She marries the Caliph, not to love him and be his bride, but to kill him. Khalid has had countless wives and has killed every one of them, including her best friend. But when Shahrzad finds out her husband is cursed she takes it upon herself to save him and their people. Shahrzad can come across as spoiled, but she also doesn’t take shit from anyone and doesn’t like to be told what to do.

Inej Ghafa & Nina Zenik (Six Of Crows)

Inej can climb the most impossible buildings. She grew up with loving parents but was separated from them and sold to a brothel. Her time there still causes her anxiety. Nina was a member of the second army in the Ravkan war. She’s a heartrender. Nina loves her power, she loves food and she loves Matthias, who is supposed to be her enemy, and she knows he loves her too. Nina is determined to show him Grisha aren’t evil like he has been told, to not only accept her but her kind as well. Inej and Nina are just as much a part of The Dregs as the boys and just as important for their mission.

Kestrel Trajan (The Winner’s trilogy)

As the general’s daughter Kestrel knows politics very well. She has always had a privileged life. When Valorians and Herrani’s go to war, Kestrel is put in a difficult position. Her people are in the wrong, but they are her people. Arin isn’t one of them. He’s her slave, the boy she’s in love with. She has to help his people. Kestrel is often put before terrible options but they are her only options and what do you choose when the outcome is bound to be horrible either way?

Verity (Code name Verity)

“Kiss me, Hardy. Kiss me, quick!” Well, if this book didn’t destroy me. Verity is captured by Nazi’s and tortured until she agrees to write down everything she knows - everything. The first half of the book is her confession, the second half is told from her best friend’s POV. Maddie and Verity are major friendship goals. Their story was so inspiring and completely heartbreaking at the same time.

Bianca (The DUFF)

The Designated Ugly Fat Friend is what Robbie calls Bianca, explaining that it isn’t a bad thing, but it’s a fact. Bianca tries to not let this bother her, but it does. She is the DUFF. Despite the fact that he hates Robbie the two of them start a friends-with-benefits relation, except for the “friends” part because they hate each other. The book discusses many others topics, such as friendship, neglect, alcoholism and divorce. Bianca uses the words ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ a lot throughout the book. In the end, she comes to a nice conclusion about these labels and ultimately it’s a good message. I would also recommend Kody’s other YA novels.

Linh Cinder (Cinder)

So far I’ve only read the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series, but it was enough to see that Cinder is bad-ass. She’s funny and sassy and the best mechanic in New Beijing. Instead of going to the Prince’ ball she’d rather use that opportunity to elope from her evil guardian. Things don’t go as planned when it’s discovered that Cinder is a Lunar, that she has powers, and that if the Lunar queen finds out, she will take Cinder to Luna and most likely kill her.

foofoocuddlypoopsgavesokkaapples  asked:

For the ship thing, DJwifi/OT4/Alyadrien/Ninette pls. Oh, and live square ofc

idk how this also turned into a hc post but it did oops

djwifi: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

  • i freaking love them. their whole relationship is summed up as 
    • nino: alya no 
    • alya: alya yes
    • and then nino reluctantly chasing after alya who is chasing after an akuma and attempting to force her to keep her distance
  • nino starts working out specifically to catch up and stop alya from running into danger
    • she really really likes being carried by him
    • amongst other things but thats for a different blog
  • they haven’t worked together on a short film since the horrificator incident. 
    • they tried once and it resulted in the snack table being flipped and a broken spotlight
      • they decided it was best to let go of that part of their lives (at least doing it together)
  • when alya gets the fox miraculous her first thought is “i must protect my identity”
    • then she sees nino and she’s like
    • he lets out the longest, saddest sigh of his whole life 
      • it was hard enough keeping her safe as a civilian now what the hell is he gonna do
  • half the reason she comes to him is so he can take pictures for her and the other half is just because she wants him to be proud of her

ot4: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

  • i love them and they all love each other
  • adrien spoils them way too much but the only affection he’s been shown before them is through money :(
  • the others try 24/7 to fix that for him
  • at least two of them are always cuddling or touching in some way. even if they’re all just sitting on the couch their arms are touching
  • the nights they decide to do extravagant meals are the best. everybody brings in their own home cooking with adrien usually providing the wine for the group
    • dessert is always fantastic thanks marinette
  • despite how much they all love each other nino and adrien tend to spend most of their time together
    • they also call each other bro still like they haven’t been dating for 3 years 

alyadrien: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

  • fucking nerds that constantly screech to each other about ladybug. adrien introduced alya to anime when he told her like 96% of them are superhero based
  • she makes sure he eats things that are healthy and delicious
  • she has so many pics of him on her phone. like so many. half of them are blurred and you can’t even make out anything but him smiling and that’s her favorite kind
  • they are both exasperated at the other during akuma attacks. alya wants to get closer but adrien insists on hiding for some reason

ninette: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

  • my little creators
  • nino makes marinette inspiration playlists while she designs
  • she made his stage outfit for his official debut as a professional dj
  • she also does the costume designs for his short films
  • they sleep so much
    • alya jokes they’re in a poly relationship with their bed
      • they’ve named it bernard and they are very happy together
  • “remember when i was bubbler? how could you let me wear something like that”
  • there’s something i love about kids who grew up together slowly falling in love
    • “you’ve been in my class every year since we were seven and all of a sudden i can’t stop thinking about you” is a trope near and dear to my heart

love square: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

  • these oblivious children
  • do you know how badly i want them to date prereveal. like before they even have an inkling as to who the other is
    • as adrien and marinette, that is like please
  • i also like the idea of post reveal they become bffs first and then eventually date like
    • “oh dang i didn’t know this person as well as i should but we still know each other really well and they’re my best friend”
  • chat visiting marinette when he needs a confidence boost because of how much she plays the fangirl around him
    • it’s exhausting but she loves seeing him preen 
  • adrien and ladybug communicate in shy glances and constantly blush around each other for a while and it’s painful to watch but adorable
    • thank you

Izaya just so happens to have problems with empathizing with others(and when he does, it’s undoubtebly delayed, and a very foreign concept to him. But it’s not completely his fault that he is the way he is, even though neglected children will often take full responsibility for how they turn out and for their formation, like he did. If one doesn’t have proper guidance and emotional support from parents, which the Orihara siblings obviously have a lack of, the children are very likely to turn out messed up in some way or another. It’s not just speculation, because that crap can seriously screw up a child. I would know because I’m a victim myself of neglect. Of course, it’s true that a part of him loves loving humans, another part of him which he hides from even himself at times is still lonely down deep, and it’s easy to tell with how petty he can be when he gets left out of things, or how hurt he seemed when the one he called his ‘best friend’ hung up on him in the hospital. He does clearly want some connection to people, even if he’s too proud to admit it.

Just keep in mind that he does seem to be changing a little. I don’t want him to become ‘good’, per say, but I do want him to finally be able to eventually embrace friendship.

“Up until now, I would flashily skip about and run away despite my meddling while saying I love humans. Well, the monster…no, that seems deceiving. I got caught by the man who distanced himself from humans(Shizuo), and ended up like this. If I really love humans, then I should not run away from humans, monsters who are distanced from humans, and real monsters. I tried to gain what I wanted from a fixed distance, and I always tried to stay in a safe place. In terms of love, this is impure. That’s right. It was impure. And so, I decided to not run anymore. I will hide from or trick others though. But even then, if a human who overcame such a predicament arrived right in front of me, I thought I would try to confront that person fair and square.

- Sunset With Orihara Izaya (Translation by @kaedesan721)

He literally admitted Shizuo was a man, and stopped himself from calling him a monster, which, for Izaya, is a huge step.

Byakuyamaru started to talk of “Izaya Orihara” to him disinterestedly.

“You are unable to give yourself praise from the bottom of your heart. Even if you desired the recognition, it cannot be fulfilled. More than anyone, you do not want to be acknowledged as Izaya Orihara.”


“So instead you give praise to other people. More than others would.”

“Have you come to counsel me?” Izaya says in amazement. After Natsugawara replies with a simple ‘that’s right,’ he continues.

“What you really want is not praise for yourself. Isn’t it the same kind of person who can applaud the accomplishments of others the same way and from the same perspective as you?“

Then stopping what he was saying once, he smiles while giving a large sigh. “Well, there’s no one like that. Not that sort of human.”

“So you came all this way just to harass me?”

- A Standing Ovation epilogue (Translation also by Kaedesan721)

So it’s pretty much a fact that Izaya wants a friend down deep, even if he won’t admit it. He’s a pretty pitiable character in certain aspects, and one that I think at least deserves a chance for a little redemption. He doesn’t have to become ‘good’, but I just want one that is believable for his character itself, and within his nature, which I do believe is possible, if Shinra or possibly Kazane Kinomiya is involved. Perhaps even Izaya’s sisters, or maybe Mikage or Kine(still waiting for more info on them though.)

I know there’s already tons of Victuuri role reversal fics out there, but I couldn’t help it, so have another:

  • Viktor Nikiforov has looked up to Yuuri Katsuki for as long as he can remember. Yuuri Katsuki with his soft smiles and quiet demeanor, his beautiful step sequences and soulful performances. Victor’s biggest dream is to skate on the same ice as his idol one day.
  • But Victor is excitable and impatient and much too full of himself. Victor flubs his jumps because he’s thinking too far ahead of his program, Victor doesn’t listen to his coach enough, Victor messes up in his first GPF ever and loses out on his chance to stand next to his idol on the podium.
  • The loss hits him hard, and Victor feels his resolve start to waver, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time for him to retire.
  • But later, as Yakov rants at him and his bullheadedness while they’re at the GPF banquet, Victor just ignores his coach in favor watching with horrified fascination as Yuuri circulates the room, talking to sponsors and other skaters, getting steadily more and more drunk as he drinks flute after flute of champagne. And before he knows it, Yuuri has pulled Victor’s younger rinkmate, Yuri Plisetsky, into a dance off. None of the other guests seem at all surprised at the outcome, and Phichit Chulanont, the silver medalist (and Yuuri’s rinkmate), has already whipped out his phone and is recording.
  • Seeing Victor’s stunned expression, Phichit laughs and asks, “This is your first GPF banquet, isn’t it? Don’t look so worried! Yuuri gets like this every year. And every year, when he sees the photos and videos, he vows to be more careful next time. It never happens.”
  • Victor is still stunned, and possibly a little smitten. It especially doesn’t help when his best friend, 20-year-old Christophe Giaccometti, somehow manages to gets his hands on a stripper pole, and starts an impromptu pole dancing performance with Japan’s Living National Treasure.
  • Later that night, after Victor himself was also somehow pulled into the dancing, the 23-year-old almost dies of sheer happiness when a supremely drunk Yuuri stumbles his way over to him and drapes himself over Victor’s shoulders, marvelling about how soft and pretty his hair is, and what a shame it is that Victor had cut it.
  • (Victor, who hasn’t had long hair since his junior days almost five years ago, almost has a heart attack at finding out that Yuuri knows that little tidbit about him.)
  • When Phichit walks over, laughing, to try and drag his wayward best friend back up to their shared hotel room, Yuuri becomes stubborn, wrapping his arms tighter around Victor’s shoulders and whining to Phichit about how, “But look how adorable he is! I wanna take him home and keep him foreeeeever! Ne, Victor, what do you think? Do you want to come home with me? My parents own an onsen back home in Japan, and I’m sure you’d love it! I can-I can be your coach too! Don’t you think that would be amazing?”
  • Eventually, Phichit is able to get Yuuri to let go of Victor, and he slowly and painstakingly gets most of his friend’s clothes back on him before they both escape back to their hotel room.
  • Victor doesn’t get to talk to Yuuri again for the rest of the season. Where Yuuri continues on to win Gold at both Worlds and Four Continents, Victor goes into a downward spiral, doing miserably at the Russian nationals and not even qualifying for Worlds. He’s completely lovesick and still mooning over Yuuri, wondering if Yuuri’s offer to coach him had been made in all seriousness. After all, Yuuri’s home rink is in Detroit, so why would he have asked Victor to go to his hometown in Japan?
  • But then, at the end of the figure skating season, the internet breaks when Katsuki Yuuri announces that he is taking a break from figure skating to return to his hometown in Japan. Victor takes this as a sign that Yuuri’s offer to be his coach is still up and completely serious. So he packs up all his belongings and flies to Japan with his dog, Yurachin, and somehow convinces Yuuri into becoming his figure skating coach.
I feel as if I haven’t written any Richonne meta in ages, so just sharing a few musings now.

I was thinking about them recently in regard to shipping and other pairings I’ve shipped. Richonne is my ultimate OTP for a number of reasons (that I’m sure many of you know), but what had me smiling and flailing the other night was thinking about how amazing the Richonne shipping journey has been. Shipmates who have been here from S3 know what I’m talking about. How we took the fence scene, ‘common interests’, and ‘something else’ and ran with it. How our ship went from being an underdog OTP to one of the most popular in fandom.

I’ve spoken about it a few times how I never expected to be shipping Rick and Michonne when she was introduced on the show. I was just so stoked to see her finally, and then they met at the fence and I turned into utter absolute trash for them.

Admittedly, I guess I can understand why some people were surprised by them going canon; after all, they weren’t together in the source material and it wasn’t as if they were Flirting™ constantly or any of those overused plot devices that writers use to set up romances. We owe a lot to the way that AL played Rick and how the attraction on his part was obvious in his body language. No one, besides Scotty G, knew for certain that they’d get together, and for me, that was one of the best things about shipping pre-canon Richonne: There were no guarantees they’d get together, even though we knew they were well-suited.

The journey to canon was great (with the exception of fandom nonsense and crazy Rick). It was lovely to see them growing closer.

I love how their relationship formed over time:

-They started off as strangers with trust issues

-Were found to have common interests, thus becoming allies

-“I think she might be one of us”

-Eventually grew to respect one another

-Became friends

-Michonne became Rick’s best friend and confidant

-Co-parents to Carl and Judy


-And finally *breathes deeply* lovers, or as Andrew Lincoln puts it, Warrior Lovers

I bring all of this up again because I do actually ship a lot of other pairings on other shows that I watch. For the most part, it’s been somewhat frustrating shipping others. Even though some of the pairings are canon in the source material, or their attraction was evident because of romantic plot devices, or you just knew they were going to get together because of their interactions. Still, with all of this overt setting-up of their romances, they still don’t come close to Richonne.

AL and DG play their characters and know their motivations so well that we saw the chemistry between the characters before Scotty G even let anyone know he wanted Rick and Michonne together. We could see that they were good for one another; we could see how they were different with one another. How Michonne respected Rick as a leader and a man even when they were at odds. How Rick’s whole demeanour changed when he was around Michonne and how he followed her advice and respected her decisions.

I love how when they finally got together that it was in such a relaxed moment of domesticity. There was no angst or anything like that. It was these two survivors who were given a moment to catch their breaths, only to have the other take it away again in the best, most delicious kind of way *sighs*

Shipping Richonne these past few years has been wonderful, and even though the content at SDCC this year was less than exciting, going into S8 I am keen to see what the future holds for our OTP.

Sparks Chapter 12

Originally posted by hopeinloveinfinity

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 3.3K

Summary: Bucky teaches y/n how to ride a bike. Sam, Cho, Steve, Wanda, y/n, and Bucky play drinking games. A hungover y/n wakes up in Bucky’s arms. Cute friend stuff idk.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Being in a relationship with Alec Volturi would include:

● Him being mad that his mate is a human at first

● You accepting the fact that you will be changed at some point so you figured you shouldn’t fight it.

● Jane always glaring at you, thinking you’re bad for her twin

● Alec being very sweet

● Demetri and Felix become brother-like figures to you

● They’d threaten Alec to treat you right, but they already know he will

● Going on dates at night or when it’s not sunny out

● hanging out in the garden or library with him

● learning how to speak and understand Italian

● Him not leaving your side when you turn because “I might not be able to stop the pain, but I can be here for her”

● You have this boy wrapped around your finger, he’s whipped the boys don’t let him forget it either, but he’s cool with it

● You and Jane eventually become best friends

● If anyone tries to hurt you this boy is ready to kill in an instant

● he will love you with every ounce of his being ngl

● You guys will eventually get married even if it takes 100 years

● He once said, “I would wait for you, no matter how many years, days, or minutes. I would wait for you.” bc you weren’t sure if you were ready to get married.

● like I said, actually kind of really a cinnamon roll

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Oh! Do you headcannon that Tobirama has more red tattoos than the ones on his face, too? Because I can TOTALLY see that! It's a concept I've been wanting to play with for a while now and I'm so happy to see it with someone else! :D Also, Madara, get dat booty lol

My dear, you don’t know what Pandora’s box you have just opened. Because after @redhothollyberries had seen the drawing she went “you have ad headcanon for those? “ … not really?” “then WHY NOT …?” and here we are, those tattoo have an headcanon and is a long one, so get ready! (And say thanks to her because she wrote all of ours … ideas? Angsty brainstorming? In English, my “fancy” use of the language is going to stop here!)

Tobirama wasn’t always that OP. He was damn smart, but he wasn’t strong the way Hashirama was. He was quick, but weak when compared to his brother. Also, his albinism made him too sensitive to midday light and he was often sick.

When Hashirama discovered his mokuton, Tobirama felt left behind. He couldn’t help his brother, couldn’t protect him, if he couldn’t even keep up with him. So he started researching for way to make himself better. The stories said that the Uzumaki used fuinjutsu to change their bodies - why couldn’t he? He asked to be allowed to study with the Uzumaki, both he was denied - so he started studying on his own, making it up as it went.

The first thing he corrected were his eyes (the diagonal lines under each eyes), that neutralized his sunlight handicap. He was 13.

Next, he went about augmenting his speed and agility - the bands on his ankles and wrists. That fuinjutsu helped him channel his chakra in a more minute way than it naturally would. The bands around his ring fingers helped him control better his jutsu.

But he soon discovered they weren’t really effective: they were too chakra consuming. Those seals directed the chakra better, true, but they needed a lot and Tobirama didn’t have his brother’s reserves. So he came up with the spirals wrapping around his legs and arms (ankles, thighs, wrists and biceps): pieces of fuinjutsu that act like a battery, sapping at the chakra his body produce and storing it (the longer the spiral, the more chakra stored). With enough days of charge, he can have as much if not more chakra than his brother. This both supports his speed-enhancing seals and his suiton affinity.

Then, when he’s 15, he goes further. He’ s sick of being ill so often, so he creates a seal that fortifies his immune system, so that he won’t catch any more bugs (the seals on his chest and lower abdomen). Thing is, he doesn’t realize these new seals tap in the same chakra pathways the battery seals do. That means that when he’s off duty is immune system does work better - but when he releases the battery seals and floods his body with chakra, he overcharges the anti-illness seals and his immune system starts attacking his own body.

It takes months of usage before he realizes he’s ill - something he can’t cure because nobody realizes what’s happening. He suspects his seals to be the culprit, but he doesn’t know why or how. So he hides it - until he can’t hide it anymore and collapses. Touka and Hashirama are out of their minds with worry. They had never liked those seals.

Hashirama kidnaps Tobirama and runs to the Uzumaki. (@redhothollyberries is going to reblog this with a drabble, look out for it!)

There, he begs for them to save his brother. The Uzumaki are jealous of their medicine and fuinjutsu secrets, and would let Tobirama die - if it wasn’t for the daughter of the Clanhead, Mito, who isn’t about to let a boy die if she can help it. She’s cunning and smart, and persuades her father that it would be in their favour to have the Senju in their debt.

Hashirama agrees to whatever they might ask him, just please, save his brother. So the Senju ask for the Mokuton - they are a Clan of hotheads who want to make themselves better so of course they would be interested in it. They want to experiment on the Mokuton. Hashirama agrees on both giving them tissue samples and to taking an Uzumaki wife - with the catch that any mokuton child would be given to the Uzumaki.

Mito and the best of the clan save Tobirama, correcting the seals and adding the design going over the shoulders. In the meantime, Mito and Hashirama fall in love - later, Mito will persuade her father to marry her to Hashirama, and to make the treaty into a real alliance between the two clans.

When Mito eventually moves in with the Senju, she and Tobirama become best of friends. She teaches him what she knows of fuinjutsu, and helps him complete the set of seals: one on his back and around his neck to widen his chakra sensing range, and one on his chin to neutralize any poison.

And that, people, is how Tobirama becomes OP.

And some character reference! 

Ps: I asked for porn! But she was more interested on the “Fuuinjustu!” stuff *pout*

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My favorite thing is: everyone lives au it's just so wholesome

ME TOO. Can you imagine how amazing it would be?
Everyone lives AUs where baby Draco and baby Harry become best friends and eventually fall in love as adults are what I live for. Plus all the teasing and domestic moments with Lily, James, Sirius and Remus make me happy.


something small & different and slightly a/u story-line wise

partially inspired by betty cooper

mentions of self harm, emotional abuse

written from betty’s pov



The thing my parents always wanted me to be, always want me to be but I’m not but that’s what everyone sees me as.

The perfect girl next door.

Well all except one Forsythe Pendleton Jones III aka Jughead or Juggie to a select few (me included). He’s been there for me my whole life, I just never really appreciated it until recently. 

Until Archie had turned me down. 

Until Jason’s body had been discovered

Until he opened up to me

Until he let me open up to him

Until he told me I wasn’t alone. 

We all have that one friend that we can be ourselves around. That love us no matter what. That stand by us no matter what we say or do.

Jughead is that person for me.

I was 14 when I did it for the first time. Mom was shouting at me for getting a C- on a Biology test and dad was out of town. I was writing out test notes when my pen ran out of ink so I had started drawing on my upper thigh. I pressed deeper and deeper until blood appeared but it felt good. Like some sort of pressure had been taken off me. 

I stopped a couple of weeks later when cheerleader try-outs came about. Wearing a short skirt meant people would see and that couldn’t happen, concealer became by best friend in those months after.

Mom didn’t like me becoming a River Vixen; the uniforms were too short, the routines were too sexy, there was attention from boys that I shouldn’t be having at my age. 

My daily strawberry milkshake and fries order from Pop’s Diner had now changed to a diet soda and side salad that I had with the other Vixens.

“Had to watch my weight” was what Cheryl told me that morning.

What I didn’t know was Jughead was there, that he had witnessed what Cheryl had told me and that he had managed to sneak into my room whilst my parents were out to leave a take-out cup and paper bag from said  diner on my desk.

When Polly was “sent away” Jughead text me to see if I was okay. No one else because they all thought I was but what they didn’t know was that I was far from it.

It started when I was checking the length of my nails, my hands curled up into a light fist and I pressed my nails into my palms. Kept them there for longer than I thought possible.

Letting go, I ran my fingers over the crescent shaped marks left. The next day when I found out my supposed best friend had made out with the guy I thought I loved, the marks got deeper until I felt the stickiness of blood.

When Jason’s body was found, Polly was the natural suspect. She had gone missing the week before he was found and no one knew where she had gone to, not even her own sister. 

Restarting the Blue and Gold was the escape the blond needed and with Jughead there, she felt a sense of calm she hadn’t felt before. I had just pinned up a new paper to our murder board when he noticed a trace of blood. Ever the crime solver, he picked the paper back up and saw that the placing of the blood didn’t match one of a paper cut but from the centre of a hand. He put the paper back down on the desk I was leaning on and picked my hands up from my side and unfolded them looking at the palms. 

I thought he would shout at me, tell me off, say something but instead he wrapped his arms around me. I leaned into him and cried. Pulling away, Jughead removed his denim jacket and showed me his arm. Scars.

I looked up and him as he said “you’re never alone Bets”. He took my hands in his and kissed the scars, all eight crescent marks, he kissed my forehead then I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him closer to press my lips to his. 

After that we become each other’s rock. People had wondered how we ended up together, what caused the blond, preppy cheerleader to date the boy from the wrong side of the tracks but no one ever found out. 

Instead of hurting ourselves, we turned to each other. 

Our friends and families became accepting

We bring out the best in each other

Our love grew greater and deeper. 

Eventually our family did too.

The story of how we found each other may not be the happiest, but how we turned out was the happiest ending we could wish for.


BTOB reaction | Their best friend becoming their girlfriend

I wasn’t sure of how to write it, but i think it turned out okay. Hopefully you like it too<3


He’d hesitate a lot before asking you out. He loved you and he knew you loved him, but he was afraid he’d do something wrong and mess things up with you. He’d eventually ask you out and once you had been his girlfriend for a while, he’d stop having these thoughts. He’d realise that asking you out was the best decision he had ever made. He had never felt happier or more complete.

«I love you Y/N»

«You’ve said it five times already»

«I love you»



Minhyuk would also be a bit unsure of wether he should ask you out or not. He was afraid your relationship would become awkward or things would change once he asked you out, but that didn’t happen at all. Minhyuk had never felt more comfortable and open in a relationship before. 

«If somethings bothering you, just tell me»


Changsub wouldn’t think to much before asking you out, he’d just do it and hope for the best. Your relationship would be very casual. It would be like you really were both best friend and lovers. You’d do all the things you used to do before as best friends but you’d also go on dates and act all cheesy at times like other couples.

«Meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to me.. after Gfriend debuting»


He would like you for a long time but never tell you because he was sure you’d friend zone him. You’d be the one to confess to him. Once you were together, he’d give his all to your relationship. He’d make small gestures everyday to show you how much he loved you.

«I wrote you a song babe, wanna hear it?»


I think your relationship would be similar to Changsubs, but even more casual. He wouldn’t really change how he acted around you after you got together, the only difference was the occasional loving gestures he’d give you to make sure you felt loved by him. Like cuddling with you on the couch while talking about whatever came to his mind, wether it was what he had done today or some weird shit he saw online.

«Did you see that video of an old man drinking from a breathalyzer, it made my day! You coming over was pretty cool too though»


Ilhoon is a busy man, so he’d try his best to call you at least once a day and make time to see you. He wanted you to know how much he cared about you even though he couldn’t always be there for you. Also, Ilhoon might say he’s not into skinship, but he’d never turn down a cuddle- or make out session with you.

«I know i can’t always be with you but i’m always one call away»


Would ask you out without thinking once he came to terms with his feelings. He’d be very sweet, loving and caring towards you but he’d also tease you a lot, finding it hilarious when you got annoyed at him.

«Sungjae did you take my pho-…are you looking through my photos? Give me my phone back!»

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College - Part 2 (C.H.)

A/N: I told you there would be a second part. This is the last part though, unless one of you give me a good prompt or idea to add another. The ending sucks though. Reminder: (####) is a skip in time within the same day & (****) is a skip in time more than a day.

Masterlist || Ask

Part 1


“Hey, mom.” I greeted her as our FaceTime call connected.

“Hi, sweetie. Was the flight okay? Are you settled? Did you eat?” My mom prattled off questions.

“Mom, mom! I thought I was meant to do this college thing on my own?” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“Can’t a mom be concerned about her daughter’s well being?” She asked offended.

I let out a little laugh. “Of course, mom, but to answer your questions, I’m fine, most of my unpacking is done, and I’m eating right now,” I hold up my plate to show her.

She nodded in satisfaction. “Good.” She looked off screen for a second before it looked like a thought occurred to her. “Oh, Calum came by today.”

I choked on the bit of food I had in my mouth and started coughing.

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Second review up! Gonna try to speed up writing these, the season’s moving right along. I’ll try to have these uploaded every three days until I’m caught up and start posting weekly.

This was really fun to draw for too! Grump Starlight!


As the Mane6 leave to go on a friendship retreat, Starlight and Trixie spend time together practicing magic spells. During one of these sessions, Trixie accidentally teleports away the Cutie Map, sending Starlight into an understandable panic. Starlight begins a frantic search to find the Map before Twilight returns, but becomes increasingly frustrated and resentful towards her best friend, who doesn’t seem to take anything that has happened seriously. Unwilling to express this growing fury and risk losing Trixie in the process, Starlight resorts to literally bottling up her emotions. This ends with less than desirable results…

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Before The Storm ●part three●

Summary: Y/N Barnes has always been content with her life. She has a great brother, and has become pretty close to his best friend, Steve. Just when she thinks she’s got everything in check, a distant relative returns with some news which is set to cause a huge rift in all their lives.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader [Eventual], Bucky Barnes x Sister!Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst, very brief/slight harm to reader, cliffhanger ending [what a surprise!] 

A/N: You have no idea how much I appreciate all the amazing feedback for this series! I’m loving writing pre serum Steve. He literally owns my heart rn. 


It had been a week since Freddie had showed up at the Barnes’ door and caused a lot of worry and heartache for not only Y/N, but for Bucky and Steve, too. It had been a tiring week to say the least. Thankfully, Y/N had managed to work overtime shifts at the hospital to help earn some extra money to go towards their uncles meds, while Buck and Steve had both found second jobs to lend a hand to the cause.

Freddie had made himself useful around the apartment over the last few days, often cooking dinner after the three got home late from all the extra work they’d been doing. It was hard to ignore the tension between the three of them and Freddie. Although he hadn’t mentioned his deal with the Grindon’s since his run in with Y/N where she straight up told him she wouldn’t be marrying Marty or any other man she didn’t love, that didn’t stop the hate Bucky felt towards his uncle for the way he treated his sister in the first place.

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Klaus Mikaelson - I Did It For You

Originally posted by psychoticblood

I was dating the famous Klaus Mikaelson and I had been for some time, during this time I had grown extremely close to all of the Mikaelson siblings. I had known Lucien Castle my whole life, he was my best friend and when he turned into a vampire I asked him to turn me and he did. Now here I am 1000 years later watching my family kill my best friend.

Klaus x Reader, Lucien x Reader (Platonic), Mikaelson Family x Reader (Platonic)

Requested by Anon

Using the prompt 5) “I did it because I love you” 

Warnings: Death, blood, angst

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Originally posted by huckleberryb

Giriboy request

Genre: Fluff?

Word Count: 2,064 words 😩

His thick spectacles is what made him recognisable to his audience, but his witty personality is what made him yours. “Yours” as in your friend… Giriboy is an interesting character, how you two crossed paths is history but a little way to how it came to be started when you were introduced as a producer.

“Everyone welcome (Y/N), she will be joining our label, or shall I say team? Greet her warmly as she will could be the key to our success in future” you were greeted by one of the top producers within your label and you were fortunate enough to be promoted to a producer within the label. “RIPPLE ENTERTAINMENT” the now new humble abode of yours where music was to be made as well as the new founding rivalry of yours to the top entertainment labels. AOMG, JUST MUSIC, ILLIONAIRE, BRAND NEW MUSIC, Starship entertainment, YG and JYP. Some of the top record labels signing the best upcoming and popular artists. A few of which you could possibly be introduced to as a result of your promotion, this is how you met the infamous Si-young aka GiriBoy.

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Pick One - Liam Dunbar vs. Brett Talbot Imagine

PROMPT by Anon: 💁 Hi I would like to say, you’re writing give me the feels💜. I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Liam & Brett were/are best friends with the reader. Little did the reader know they had fallen for her. So they make her choose. 😭

Word Count: 2,220

Author’s Note: You didn’t pick which guy gets the reader, so I went ahead and picked for you. I hope you don’t mind who I picked, which I’m sure y’all already know who it is as I clearly favor one over the other, lol.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Originally posted by okteiviasbleik

How do you feel about best friends falling in love with each other? Whether it’s hiding their feelings towards each other until one of them gets jealous and admits their feelings, or watching them slowly develop feelings towards each other as their relationship grows and eventually become something more than friendship. 

If your answer is similar to “Yes, I enjoy best friend love stories”, then keep on reading.

What about love triangles? The way two guys fight over the same girl? Or when a guy happens to be confused about his feelings about two different girls? Vice-versa. Do you enjoy watching three people suffering and just trying to figure out their feelings?

Again, if the answer is yes, keep on reading.

Best friends falling in love with each other can be sweet and absolutely adorable. Love triangles can be exciting to watch and seeing how it unfolds in the end. I happen to love both romantic scenarios. I can’t help myself. I’m a sucker for love, and the drama and cheesiness that comes with it.

However, I was starting to think I must have done something wrong in my past life because my love life consists both scenarios.

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