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Night Changes

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “Could I please get one with Zach, just a really cute date night but it goes wrong cuz either Marcus or Bryce show up and are very inappropriate with her but Zach protects her and just a lot of fluff. Thank you so muchh”

Word count: 1.585

Posted: 06th of May 2017

A/N: It’s saturday and I wrote some imagines today, happy to tell you that there will be Monty, Zach, Jeff imagines. So you should keep an eye out!
Thank you for the request and I hope that you like it! Enjoy guys.

P.S.: Which character x reader imagine would you like to see the most? Answer in my ask box, if you have time.

- G. x

Warning: Rude comments. (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name and (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

It was one of your date nights with Zach and you both decided to go to a fancy restaurant, just to shake the stress off, to have a good talk and to drink a high-quality wine together.

“Babe, are you enjoying the food?” Zach happily asked as he enjoyed his plate full of cold cuts and cheeses. You knew that he was addicted to food and it made him happy.

“Yes, the pasta is cooked well, perfect sauce and al dente pasta.” You happily said as you chewed carefully and silently your food. Zach just giggled softly and grabbed his still-white napkin and wiped the dirty edge of your lips.

“Someone’s a little bit too excited because of her green pasta!” He mocked you and you both laughed as he carefully dabbed the napkin to assure that there was no sauce left. “Here you go.”

“I can’t imagine you called my pesto in that way.” Your eyes grew wide in disbelief and you shook your head. “Dude, green pasta? Really?”

“Sorry, it’s green and I am calling it green pasta.” He pointed out and you both laughed loudly. You loved it when he goofed around you and he really felt comfortable with you.

“Captain Obvious.” You rolled your eyes playfully and he shook his head, still with a smile flashed on his face. You smiled back at him as you realized how wonderful and handsome he was. You’ve always thought that Zach was good looking, who would never think of that? But he also had a good heart and he is intelligent too. “Thank you, Zachary.”

“Am I in trouble for that? What’s with the full name basis?” He raised an eyebrow and you just winked at him. “I’d love to be punished tonight.” He grabbed your hand and caressed it lasciviously as he winked back at you, just fooling around and teasing you.

You let out a soft laugh and you smacked his hand for his actions. “Contain yourself, goofball!”

He laughed back and you shook your head because of his naughtiness. “I love you, (Y/N).”

You loved your relationship with Zach. It was just so true and you loved your intimacy. Your relationship was full of inside jokes, bluffs and pranks. Your day was always full of laughter and it seriously lessened your stress and your disquietude.

“I love you too, Zach.” You honestly replied with a wide smile. You both took your wine glasses and clinked them together, cheering for the two of you, for the success of your relationship.

You both sipped a drop of wine from the glass and Zach convinced you that he really had a great taste when it came to choosing a wine. The restaurant’s sommelier had to let him taste different wines before he’s got the perfect choice and you were so amazed because he really knew everything about wines. That was surely a tough thing to do.

“Oh, if they aren’t the famous perfect couple: Zach Dempsey and, his lovely girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You woke up from your deep amiable thoughts as you heard a familiar annoyingly honeyed voice coming from your left side.

“Bryce.” Zach shortly called his so-called-friend, a little bit uncomfortable and annoyed for his presence. He was afraid that he might ruin something great.

“What’s up, Zach?” Bryce asked with a miffing tone and you couldn’t admit it, but he was really vexing you. “Dating your girlfriend so you could have fun tonight?”

“Bryce, what do you want?” You butted in and you got a lustful and lascivious glance from Bryce. He was eating you with his eyes and your cleavage was the perfect bait that triggered his obscenity. You uncomfortably pulled your dress up as you cover your not too revealed cleavage.

You wore a really sexy dress, as you wanted for the night to be special for you and Zach, but it didn’t mean that these disgusting maniacs had the right to be rude to you because they thought that you were wearing something that could trigger their dirty minds.

Girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want and boys should be taught how to behave themselves.

“Damn, if my girlfriend was this pretty, I wouldn’t ever let a moment slip through my hands.” He winked at you and you felt disgusted and scared at the same time. You looked at your boyfriend and the rage in his eyes was perfectly seen.

“What the fuck, Bryce?” Zach protested as he stood up, ready to hurt him if he ever continued acting inappropriately with you. “Can you just please leave us alone?”

“Oh my God, I was being kind and it was some sort of compliments. Same shit.” Bryce insisted as his eyes were still dark and full of lust. He glanced at Zach and then at you once again.

“Fuck off, Bryce.” Zach debated and he raised his fist in air as if he was about to start a fight between the two of them.

Bryce took advantage of the moment and he punched Zach twice in his face and your eyes grew wide for the happening. Blood was dripping from Zach’s cheeks and it stained his white button up shirt and his black tuxedo. Zach punched Bryce back, not caring of his wounds, and you heard the crowd gasping for the scene your boyfriend and the asshole maniac was doing.

“OMG!” You rushed to Zach and you pulled him away to dodge Bryce’s attempts of hurting him even more. “Stop it, Walker!” You shouted loudly, trying to shoo him away, but you had no success.

“Sluggish!” Bryce spat his words while considering Zach’s eyes. You didn’t mind him and you somehow felt relieved when two security guards quickly blocked him and brought him out of the restaurant.

“Are you okay?” A hurt and injured Zach asked you and you just nodded, worrying for him instead. You looked around the restaurant and it seemed like the whole world was watching the two of you. You felt ashamed because of what happened and you just unleashed a quiet but deep sigh.

“I think we should go home now. I need to cure those wounds.” You suggested and Zach quietly agreed, leaving some bills on the table to pay for your cozy, now ruined, dinner.

You both walked out of the restaurant and you felt some worry glances that stared at you. You felt anxious as the crowd was silent and Zach held your hand tightly to feel you more comfortable.

“Sorry.” Zach murmured once you got out of the restaurant. You smiled at him and you let the cold breeze of air to kiss your skin. The silence was dominating the place as the sun already set and the night took in, but the full moon and the stars illuminated the whole town and the emanated light helped you to see your way. “I ruined the night.”

“You didn’t, Zach.” You said as you tried to cheer him up.

“I did.” Zach opened the passenger’s door of his car for you, still being the gentleman that he was. He was trying to mend the what-he-called damaged night. “Careful.”

“Thanks.” You entered the car and Zach smiled sadly before he shut the door. You followed his steps with your eyes as he went to the driver’s part and he went inside the car too.

“I’m really sorry, babe.” Zach crestfallenly apologized as he glanced at your beautiful face. “I promise that I will make it up to you.”

“It’s okay, Zach.” You smiled at him and you caressed his chin to assure him. “It wasn’t your fault.” You sweetly muttered and he smiled at you. “Thank you, instead.”

“All I did was to protect you.” Zach sincerely said whilst looking into your (Y/E/C) eyes. “I did the right thing and you shouldn’t thank me for doing that.”

“Aw, Zach.” You bit your lip and you both smiled sweetly. You had some seconds of silence, the comfortable one, and Zach started to lean in to give you a kiss.

You just shut your eyes as you waited for Zach’s lips to touch yours. You’ve always admitted that waiting for Zach’s kisses still made you anxious, the butterflies kept on moving in your stomach.

You locked lips with him as soon as you felt the heat of his lips. He slowly caressed your soft cheeks while tasting your lips and you honestly liked the feeling of kissing Zach. It was the cherry on the top of every cake.

Once you broke the passionate kiss, you both considered each other’s eyes and smiled.

“It doesn’t matter if our date night was ruined, babe.” You said in a low and soft voice. “There’s nothing to be afraid of even when the night changes.”

“But it’s horrible. I want the night to be perfect.” Zach insisted, still feeling down for the scene and the disgraceful words that Bryce expectorated.

“It doesn’t matter,” You assured him. “because it will never change me and you, mostly the love that I am feeling for you.”

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He pulled you into a hug and you lingered his tight touch. It made you feel protected, loved and wanted. At the end, those things were what all we needed the most, right? Yup, right.

“I love you too, Zach.” You sincerely and sweetly replied. You both stayed in silence and the only thing that could be heard was your heart going lub dub lub dub quickly.

When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1514

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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The Joker x Reader - “Apart”

When you sent him the invitation to your wedding, you didn’t actually expect The Joker to show up. But here he is and now you have to deal with the situation; you are usually such a good actress, but…this is different. Very different.

“You came,” a smile appears on the corner of your lips as J gets out of the car and the valet takes it away, leaving your ex in front of you with a wide smirk on his face.

“Of course I came, I wouldn’t miss this now, would I?” he opens his arms and you go to give him a quick hug. “Hi, Doll,” he quickly pecks your cheek and you hold him for a few more seconds before breaking the embrace. You didn’t spoke or touch each other in about half a year.  

You take a deep breath, analyzing him and start walking up the stairs towards the mansion while you try to keep the conversation going without getting awkward:

“You still look the same J,” you state the obvious and he snickers, amused.

“I never change; you should know that by now. Would you look at this place,” he struggles to impress himself. “It’s a fortress, took me a while to find it. At least I know my girl is well taken care of, hm?”

“I’m…I’m not your girl anymore,” you whisper, brushing off the weirdness of his statement, but you know he just talks like this all the time anyway.

“Right, thanks for the reminder,” he elbows you, scoffing, and you ignore what he just said and point towards the huge property, excited:

“Let me give you a tour.”

“Where is the groom- to-be? Can’t wait to meet him; he’d better make you happy otherwise he will have to deal with me,” he keeps on yammering and you take his arm, not reacting to the last part of his tirade, guiding him through the maze of the outdoor gardens.

“He is away with business; he will be back in two days for the wedding. You’re the first guest to arrive, the rest are coming tomorrow.”

“You sure hired a lot of people for the event, Pumpkin. I can tell it’s going to be a huge wedding.”

“It will be,” you giggle, watching everybody running around, setting up flowers and the humongous tent where the gathering will happen.

“Wow, I already like it, no expense was spared,” The Joker addresses you, witnessing a few things coming together in a very nice way.

“Miss Y/N,” someone approaches, “do you want more red roses or pink ones?”

“Red,” J answers and it pleases you. “It’s her favorite color.” You also nod a yes and the guy walks away, trying to count how many more to add now. “Who else is coming?” he asks, frowning when a waiter passes you by in a hurry. “ I don’t like the way that man looked at you, want me to take care of it?”

You start laughing, caressing his shoulder.

“Noooo, lets’ not do that, it’s all good.”

It surprises you how much effort you put into trying not to look nervous, you are usually such a good actress, but…this is somewhat different.

“A lot of people will come, you know some of them,” you show him the guest list on a nearby table. “Don’t worry, you’ll seat next to me so you don’t really have to small talk with the others too much. I know you hate that.”

“I sure do,” he grins, kissing your hand and you sigh, continuing to pace alongside him in perfect silence for a few moments.

“Oh, no, it’s starting to rain,” you point out, looking at the gloomy clouds. “Thank goodness the tent is up so it won’t rain inside; they can still continue to decorate, it really needs to be finished by tomorrow night. Let’s go in the mansion, I’ll show you what we got.”


As soon as he steps in and sees the crystal chandelier he looks in your eyes, puckering his lips:

“Same one we have at the penthouse!”

We had,” you correct him but The Joker didn’t get the fact you were referring to his statement involving the two of you. Or maybe he pretended.

“No, it’s still there, Doll. You always had good taste in decorating so I kept it.”

“That’s nice,” you avert your gaze, feeling your cheeks getting warm.

You walk him around, explaining what’s what, just like a well learned lesson.

“I’ll be damned,” he stops, stunned. “You kept it?!”

The enormous painting you two snatched from Gotham’s art museum two years ago is the centerpiece in the living room. He didn’t want to go because he couldn’t care less about stuff like that but in the end you convinced him to steal it together. You had it at the penthouse until…you left and took it with you. Now it’s here.

“You know how much I love it, Mister J,” you tease him by calling his full name, which you only did when he got in trouble. “I could never get rid of it.”

“I can understand that; I know your mind gets set on something and then you don’t let go,” he mocks, starting to walk upstairs.


“And, ummm… this is the master bedroom,” you present it, a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s so you, Y/N, I can see it everywhere. Look at the bed, reminds me of the one we have at the penthouse,” he points towards it and you fix his mistake:

We had.”

“No, it’s still there,” he continues and you are still not sure if he really doesn’t get what you’re saying, but you don’t want to insist on the issue. No point really.

“I wonder if…You do have a mirror here too!” he sits on the bed, looking up and sure it’s there. He lies down on the pillows, gesturing you to come by him and you humor him. “Remember ours?”

You scoot over by him, smiling and grab his hand, looking up at the mirror too.

“Yes, fun times. We had our moments, right?” you have to agree, turning your head towards him.

“U-hum,” he replies, taking your fingers to his lips and kissing them, absent minded. You squirm under his touch and have to break the spell J apparently is unaware he still holds upon you.

“Why did you push me away?” you suddenly ask, squeezing his hand tighter.

“I push everybody away, it doesn’t mean that’s my intent,” he replies and for once he sounds sincere.

“Hey, wanna see my wedding dress?” you hurry and get up, heading towards the walk in closet.

“Might as well,” he lifts his shoulders up, resigned. He doesn’t really want to see it but he can’t upset you now that you are finally on speaking terms again. It takes you about 10 minutes to get ready and step outside, anxious for his reaction.

“My God, Princess, you look so beautiful,” he has to admit, jumping from the bed, coming to meet you in the middle of the room. “Turn around,” The Joker suggests and you slowly spin so he can see your gorgeous dress. “I really like the gown, it suits you.”

“Thank you,” you mumble, playing around with the delicate fabric because you feel edgy.

“My Princess always looks beautiful anyway,” he unravels his silver teeth, chuckling.

“I’m…I’m not your Princess anymore J,” you step towards him, fighting with all the feelings inside of you.

“You’ll always be my Princess,” he simply states and then rolls his eyes. “Come on, you’re gonna cry on me? You know I always talk like this,” he makes fun of you, seeing your lips quivering but has to admit something makes him uneasy.

Fuck it all, you think, deciding on the spot and go kiss him which surprises The Joker and in the same time it doesn’t.

I’m not sure if I like diamonds anymore,” you clearly enunciate and he freezes with his hands around your waist.

This is the phrase you two decided to use when you were together as a warning for grave danger, just in case you couldn’t say anything else and you wanted the other to know something is up without getting busted.

“Well, that’s a first, Doll,” he lets you go, understanding someone is listening, carefully looking around as you put your finger on your lips, signaling him to be quiet. You point towards the corners of the room, quickly scribbling on a piece of paper that you stash in his pocket.

“Yes, I am so bored with diamonds these days,” you try to control your voice from breaking and you hug him tight, barely whispering in his ear:
“Run! A left, two rights around the stairs. Don’t take the car, just run!” and you drag him towards the door, peeking outside to make sure nobody is passing by. He has such an intrigued expression on his face and you cover his mouth, shaking your head as a no.

“Ssstttt,” you soundlessly shush him. “Don’t let anybody see you, they’re all undercover! Go!” you whisper one last time before pushing him away and he doesn’t linger anymore but signals you to follow.

You mutter a NO, watching him walk as he turns around one more time to see you in your wedding dress. He takes the corner and he’s gone.

What the hell is going on? The Joker wonders, carefully sneaking around, hiding behind a wall so he can read the piece of paper you placed in his pocket:

“I’m not at Arkham or Belle Reve, not sure where. Warn as many as you can not to come. After you get out, keep left under the trees until you get to the main road. Don’t let them catch you.”


It was a difficult break up, at least as far as you were concerned. You got sick and tired of everything and left because he didn’t seem to give a damn anyway. You were on your own for about a month when you got ambushed during a heist and couldn’t escape. You were taken to a place you haven’t been before and they were sure thrilled to see they got The Joker’s girlfriend; well, ex, but you didn’t tell them that part; they found out on their own.

You were sentenced to 40 years in prison but offered a deal: if you help the Secret Service catch the elusive Clown Prince of Crime and many others, your verdict will be reduced to only 10 years. It was such a sweet deal and they spared no effort in planning the perfect stakeout: for 3 months they put everything together, using your fake wedding as the bait: they wanted to get as many most wanted criminals as possible with minimum casualties, away from the public eye on that hidden property, rehearsing day and night to make everything seem like the real deal. They knew many would come to the occasion if you invite them. And you agreed, sure hoping J won’t show up. When he did, you didn’t want to care but things didn’t go as planned. You and your stupid feelings for him; you always pay for them no matter what.


Of course the deal went sour and they retaliated for what you did: your sentence changed to life in prison and you weren’t treated nicely, to say the least. You had days when you regretted your stupid decision, crying yourself to sleep in the dark, cold cell. And some days were better, hoping he might find you and get you out of there. Hours, weeks, months and then two years passed with heartbreaking solitude and doubt, and you finally realized The Joker will never save you.  Even if you helped that day, knowing him he probably hated you with passion after tricking him with that well devised scheme and he is not the one to forgive such transgression. Or maybe he just can’t find the location. You tried to cope but the thought of never getting out of there was slowly driving you insane. How you missed the outside world and the freedom of doing what you please.

And you missed him…You couldn’t get out of your mind that last time he looked at you. You wanted so badly to run with him, but had to stay behind to hold them up, pretending he’s still there for a while to give him enough time to flee…Like he appreciated the sacrifice…Too late now for remorse, yet you can’t hide from yourself.

You slowly chew on your bread, deep in thought, sitting on the mattress, examining your skinny hands. You got so much thinner due to the special menu and treatment you were subjected in the last two years. Fit for a Queen, as they like to laugh at you.

“Oh, great,” you pull out the piece of plastic out of your mouth, unnerved you are always given such disgusting food. This is where you usually stop eating, nauseated at the crap you find in the meals. You glance at it for a second before wanting to toss it on the floor when you notice something.

You have to bring it really close to your eyes since you are not allowed to wear your contacts.  

I’m here. Cover your ears,” you read and gasp, dumbfounded, having a hard time processing what just happened.

The loud explosion to the right wall of your cell throws you to the ground and your ears start ringing .You struggle to get up, covered in dust and debris, stumbling to keep your balance, dizzy from the blast.

You stare at the gap in your wall, seeing so many bodies moving around on the other side, not knowing what to do.

“Would you hurry up, woman?! I don’t have all day!” you hear the familiar voice and J creeps inside your prison, coughing and trying to move the flying ashes out of his way.

You can’t even move and stare at him wearing your favorite suit, starting to cry in a frenzy.

He sighs and comes in front of you, his blue gaze going up and down your body, growling when he realizes how scrawny you are.

“So you didn’t get married, hm?” he bites on his lip and you barely manage to utter, whimpering:

“N-no…” and you continue bawling , rushing in his arms and he hugs you, taking each other in for a few seconds. “You…you look the same,” you cry your eyes out on his shoulder, hoping you are not hallucinating from the meds.

“I never change, you should know that by now,” he purrs in your hair, ecstatic he found you. He’s been looking forever; my God you were well locked away or what?!

“Sir, we need to get out of here, they’re coming!” one of the mercenaries yells and J lifts you up in his arms, carrying you outside. The sun hits you and you hide your face in his chest, wincing in pain.

“My eyes,” you complain, wiping your tears and slowly readjusting to natural light, fastly blinking to make it better. “You can put me down, I think I can walk,” you turn his face towards you so you can see him.

“Queens don’t walk,” he grumbles, kissing your forehead, continuing to carry you.

“I really missed you,” you confess on the verge of crying again. “I thought you will never come.”

“Meh, I was bored staring at that chandelier all day,” he tries to joke and you sense his hands holding you tighter.

You sniffle, smiling for the first time in so many months and ask when he looks down at you:

We still have it?”

We do,” The Joker answers, walking faster as all hell breaks loose behind him.

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anonymous asked:

What is Josh and Chris' relationship?? I want to know more about them they're so cute!

  • they’re part of a group of four best friends
  • they’ve known each other for ages so I guess you might consider them childhood friends
  • they like each other!!
  • they also know their feelings are 100% reciprocated!!!!
  • but they’re still not together
  • why?
  • we just don’t know

@jiyu-no-ibuki They used to have a story but I had made that one up over a decade ago and when I recently tried to put order in it I decided it was time to scrap it completely - so right about now as far as plot goes I don’t have anything I can give you, but what I can tell you is

  • Chris’s full name is Christopher 
  • he’s a mechanical enjineer
  • he’s indecently clever and book smart but if you heard him talk (and let me tell you he talks a lot) you would never guess ever
  • he likes puns and coffee and being annoying in Josh’s general direction
  • he has great memory and he mostly uses it to remember every embarrassing thing he’s ever done and still cringe about it at 4am twelve years later
  • he believes in kindness
  • the best person to ask advice to as long as you don’t mind him getting sidetracked every three words he says
  • Josh’s full name is Joshua but don’t call him that
  • Chris calls him Yosh don’t call him that either
  • in the original story his background was a bit complicated and I still haven’t decided how much I wanna keep of it, so I can’t really tell you what he does just yet
  • he likes arts though
  • and has zero (0) knowledge of anything technology related
  • he gets angry easily and his moods tend to swing between Murder and Dead Inside but he isn’t a bad guy
  • (most times)
  • he’s vegetarian!
  • also a bit of a neat freak
  • they’re good kids I love them

@ alolan-magikarp​ they’re disasters and I love them

edit: it keeps on putting the read more in the wrong place bear with the post being too long please

That’s My Jam: Snowing Finale Edition

Snow & Charming (and Charming family stuff) I enjoyed in the finale.

Baby Neal gets a fairytale look! Complete with beanie, because of course.

Snow and Charming desperately calling out Emma’s name.

The loving way she touches his face before trying a TLK on him. Bonus: Slightly wet and slightly dirty Charming is a good look. I am just saying.

Snowing TLK. Always my jam.

The way he looks at her.

The way she looks at him.

Banter and exchanged love yous. YES.

How frequently she initiates the kissing.

Smooching. Always and forever my jam.

The way he leans his forehead against her as they think it might be the end.

Intertwined hands.

Being as close as possible when facing the possible end.

Full on Charming family hugs. MY JAM.

Grammatically correct adorableness.

Smooches again.

Cuteness with baby Neal.

WILBY. Also, Charming the farmer again. Aww.

Snow White is still Snow White.


Happiness. So much happiness.

Together, with their now extended family too, facing their happy beginning while holding hands. YES PLEASE. Bonus: Knowing Josh & Ginny are doing the same.

The first boy who loves you wears floods because he can’t afford a new pair of jeans. He can’t look you in the eye. Not until he asks you out your sophomore year. Sweaty palms. A crack in his voice. Don’t say no. I know you want to. I know your friends are snickering about it in some corner. But I also know that you like the way he is kind and gentle and quite. Even if you won’t admit it. Even if you introduce him to your parents as a friend for the first five months of your relationship. He is real, and he is here, and he is asking you to dinner from behind a greasy mop of hair. Yes, you say. You’ll go.
      The first boy who loves you picks you up late in a car with chipped paint, but apologies fall off his tongue like rain from the sky. Genuine apologies. He takes you to a place way off the grid. Some total dive. You order the pasta carbonara, and he smiles with all of his teeth when you tell him it’s the best damn food you’ve ever had. He says sweet things. Funny things. You forget that he’s weirdo boy. Lonely boy. Sad boy. When he says he likes you, has liked you for years now, you tell him you might be starting to feel the same way. Might. But when he kisses you, just barely fucking kisses you, your insides scream at the sudden rightness.
      The first boy who loves you asks you why you never talk about your family, and you tell him all of the gory details. The fighting. The drinking. The divorce. And he holds you until you forget where your limbs end and his begin. Eventually, into the skin of your neck, he will tell you that he loves you. You won’t say it back, but you’ll pull him close. You lose your shirt somehow. And then the rest of your clothes. And then your mind. It’s painful and awkward and wonderful before it becomes something more. Much more. And when you let yourself relax, arching into his touch, it’s very nearly everything.
      But the first boy who loves you will not be the last boy who loves you. And he is not an idiot. The first boy who loves you will not let you push him aside when you need space. He will not let you break without trying to fit you back into place like a puzzle. And when everything falls apart, he is the only thing you know how to destroy. The boy with bright eyes and bad hair and the strongest arms will stay by your side through anything. But when you ask him to leave, rip his hands from your waist and edge him towards the door, he will go. Even though you wish he wouldn’t. Even though you don’t know why you’re doing this. He will go. Because the first boy who loves you is kind and gentle and quite, but he is not an idiot.
     When you look back at him, sweaty palms, a nervous crack in his voice, you will still remember everything. He called you sweetheart. And babe when he was angry. And your full name when he was feeling especially affectionate. And even though it’s over, even though other boys have loved you, the first boy who loved you will be the only boy who holds your heart in his hands, feels it beat and breath without possession or power but a reverence you still struggle to understand, and then places it back into your chest and whispers, “Live.”
—  a messy letter to the boy who will never know how much I loved him.
Friday Night (Prologue)

Jimin x Reader x Jungkook


Warnings: none yet

Word Count: 2,727

Summary: You decided to go to your friend’s party, and once everyone left they decided to play truth or dare..

The music was good, the drinks were strong, and you were having a blast. You were at your friend’s dorm for an ‘end of the school year’ party that had winded down, leaving you with your seven close friends. Your friends had left earlier after finding their next one night stand, leaving you with your closest friends. You kind of wished there was another female with you to distract them, but at the same time you enjoyed hanging out with them for the first time in months.

You were all seated around the coffee table, trying to decide on a game to play to get you even more drunk, (if that was even possible in Taehyung’s case), when Hoseok piped up.

“Hey! How about truth or dare?” you groaned, knowing how competitive the boys were from playing games with them many times, you would end up doing something ridiculous, “but there’s no limits.”

That snapped you out of your daydream, no limits? You looked around at the guys and didn’t see anyone object, so you agreed as well after making it clear that no one would be forced to do something that could cause injury. The game started out pretty tame, the guys only forcing out secrets they’ve been dying to hear. Who knew that it was Yoongi that was crying alone in the dorm one night while watching historical dramas.

“Hobi. Truth or dare?” you hear Yoongi ask, out for revenge.

“Truth.” you look over at Yoongi for the question and see him smirk.

“Tell them about the Disney movies.” You saw Hoseok’s  eyes widen and a pleading look cross his features. this has to be good  as everyone looked at Hoseok expectantly.

“I-… pass?” Hoseok looked around sheepishly.

“Fine, you can pass. But, you have to strip to your underwear.” Taehyung piped up, earning agreement from the other six.

“Okay, OKAY. IliketowatchdisneyprincessmoviesandImayormaynotcrywhentheyfinallykiss,” he mumbled, and you struggled to catch what Hoseok had said.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I don’t think we all heard you.” Yoongi chuckled, poking Hoseok to get him to repeat what he had mumbled.

“I- I like to watch Disney Princess movies and I may cry when they finally kiss. TRUE LOVE IS MAGICAL OKAY?” Hoseok huffed as he crossed his arms in annoyance. The rest of you erupted into fits of laughter, unable to stop due to Hoseok’s confession. Yoongi was also being questioned as to how he knew this and to divulge the full story to everyone.

You were still laughing over the latest revelation when you heard someone call your name. You turned to see Hoseok looking at you.

“Truth or Dare?” He asked you again, obviously trying to move past his embarrassing truth. You pity him a bit when Jungkook starts to sing A Whole New World, and Taehyung pretends to cry. You think about your answer, wondering what they could possibly ask you if you were to say ‘truth’. There can’t be much that they don’t already know.

“Truth.” You say, and Hoseok smiles. Shit.

“Who have you thought about while masturbating out of the seven of us?” he asked you. That got everyone off his case pretty quick. You felt seven pairs of eyes on you as they waited for you to answer. You lowered your head and thought of the best way to answer him. Should you tell the truth, or should you try to lie? Leave it to Hoseok to find a way to ask two questions in one. “Well, are you going to answer or strip?”

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Can we talk about how strong the wincest was in 12.10? Like goddamn for a Castiel centered episode this thing was full packed from the beginning and it did not stop. 

They sounded and acted like a married couple (when do they not?), they were worried for each other (I don’t know what I love more that Lily told Sam that Isham was gonna kill Dean and that made him go after Dean, cause fuck no to an angel killing his husband, or that when Dean couldn’t see the first thing he did was call out Sam’s name and reach out for him), and Sam was practically sitting in Dean’s lap! Look!

A little bit more and he’d be on Dean’s lap! Admittedly so, he’d probably be a lot more comfortable that way, like seriously Sam just sit on your husbands lap.

The Messy Love Story

The first boy who loves you will never look you straight in the eye, not until he asks you out at the beginning of your junior year - the first boy who loves you will wait. It’ll take him a while just to say hi, he’s shy, he’s genuine, he’s kind, he’s real. He’ll take you places that make your heart beat out of your chest and your eyes pop out of your head, it’ll feel as if you were five years old again without a care in the world. He’ll stand a few inches away from you, where he can see the ferris wheel lights reflecting off of your beautiful brown eyes - you know the ones you wish you could change the color of. He’ll look at you and give you chills that run down your spine, make your nose crinkle, your palms sweat, and your lips tremble. You think he’ll kiss you then, you want him to kiss you then but he doesn’t. He’ll just stare at you, soaking in the beauty and the purity of your innocence that’s left because he knows that touches your soul a whole hell of a lot more than his lips ever will.

The first boy who loves you will pick you up late. He’ll have an obscene amount of apologies rolling off his tongue the second you get in that passenger seat. Even before your hand reaches for the door handle of his old Chevy Silverado. He’ll shower you with apologies, literally shower you because he’s so nervous and so anxious that spit will project onto your face from talking so fast - he knows he messed up. But these apologies are genuine, sincere, the kindness behind his skin, and the loving household environment that he grew up in. These apologies are him. He’ll take you somewhere off the grid, somewhere only the two of you know, a place that catches your breath and makes you stop in your tracks. You’ll order something simple, something sweet because you’re afraid of humiliating yourself in front of him. You’ll probably make a mess because you might end up missing your mouth with a piece of chicken but he doesn’t care, instead he smiles bright and wide when you tell him it’s the best damn food you’ve ever had. He made you happy inside with such little effort and he knows this, and all of a sudden now you want more.

The first boy who loves you has an imagination, an imagination that makes you believe anything is possible. He stitches together sentences from the tip of his tongue that flow flawlessly. He’ll tell you stories, pieces that make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard, stories that build suspension and make your throat clench, stories with cliffhangers and you find yourself begging him to finish but all he does is just sit there and smile at you because he knows he’s finally got you. You’ll cut him off, multiple times without even knowing it, trying to finish his sentences because you’re eager and you think you know but he changes it last minute, and you’ll pick on him saying, “yeah right,” or “I knew that was going to happen,” trying to hide the fact that he made you think a little differently, think outside the box, avoid the fact that he made your own imagination grow a little more than you thought. You’ll talk for hours and you’ll never notice how fast time flies when you’re with him. He’ll ask you questions, so many questions that make you think, make you smile, make you wonder, daydream, make you reveal yourself, and slowly but surely you consider a future - a future with him placed along in it.

The first boy who loves you will say sweet things, funny things, he’ll always have something to say. He tells you not just what you want to hear but what you need to hear. He’ll push you but not too much, just enough so that you still have some ease to come back to this sad world. You forget that he’s the sad boy, lonely boy, weirdo boy, or anything else that you’ve heard around school. You know he’s different, he’s nothing like what they’ve said, he’s quite the opposite actually. He’s everything you never thought was real, he’s the prince in the fairy tales with a few flaws of course. He’ll show you the world, make your insides scream, he’s better than you expected and you never really expected much to begin with but now you’re stuck. You’re trapped, you’re attached and now the fear of him leaving is all of a sudden real and terrorizing. He has the ability to destroy you, rip you apart piece by piece, slowly and surely and you know this, and he knows this. But you don’t change a thing, even though he has the same capability as a gun to your head, you don’t change a thing.

The first boy who loves you will ask you why you never talk about your family, only glimpses of what your sad reality at home is really like. But now, now you open up - you talk about the divorce, the fighting, the screaming, the drinking, the chaos. How home started to feel a little less like home at the age of seven or that you began to pick up on the fact that love was game because the two that were supposed to show you the way, showed you instead how badly one could really hurt another. You tell him how you’d come home from school and slowly day by day in a room full of people you had never felt so alone, that two people with three kids made everything about love for seventeen years and one day I guess they just decided to stop pretending. And now he understands, he understands why you were so closed off and never really let anyone in - because those who meant the most to you let you down and that’s the messed up part about this atrocious world, all it takes is one and you’re fucked. But the first boy who loves you will hold you, hold you until all your broken pieces are put back together and that’s when you realize you want it all - the good and the bad, regardless of how horrible, how dark, because at the end of the day it’s him, and now he’s become a part of you.

But the first boy who loves you won’t be the last; and he knows this. He’s not a fool, he knows this will come to a close soon enough but he’ll never regret you, not for a second. Because the first boy who loves you is kind, gentle, and sweet; he’s the one who shows you that maybe this world isn’t such a bad place after all, that only if you let it, it’ll tear you down. He won’t let you push him aside when you need your space because he knows you need him even when you hurt him. He won’t let you break, he won’t tear you down, because when everything else falls apart, he is the only thing you know how to destroy and so you do. You’re pissed at the world and need some retaliation and so you take it out on him because you take for granted the fact that he’ll never leave. But when you finally ask him to leave, he will go, the first boy who loves you will go because even though you don’t want him to and you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, he’ll leave; he’ll give you what you want because he loves you. And when he stops yelling and loses the fire in his eyes, you’ve lost him - when he goes quiet, that’s when you realize he’s gone. And you’ll look back at him and remember everything - the nervousness, the apologies, the purity, the kindness and the honesty that he possessed - it’ll all play backwards like a movie in the back of your mind to the very first time you ever laid eyes on him. You’ll remember how he called you sweetheart when he was angry or used your full name as a sign of affection and even though it’s over, the first boy who loved you will be the only boy who holds your heart in his hands, feels it beat and breathe without possession or power and you’ll struggle to understand but the time will come for you to live again.

A year later I met another boy, he took me to that same restaurant where we had our first date - you know the night you shook so hard from nerves and I ate properly enforcing my table manners because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of you. I hadn’t been to that place ever since, never really thought I would go back because that was our place, but overtime, we modify the meaning of things and so that restaurant was no longer our place but your place because that’s all I saw when I pulled up in a different car, with a different boy, and now my mind intoxicated with bittersweet memories of you and I. Him and I sat about ten tables away from where we sat, I preferred that table though, you turn your head to the left and see the beauty in this dull city, the way you used to look at me. I skimmed the menu, remembering the chicken I ordered, I asked him what he was going to order and I looked up to make eye contact with him - it’s rude not to look at people when you’re speaking to them, but I heard a familiar laugh and so my eyes darted to the front door - it was you. She was beautiful, guess you had good taste after all, but I didn’t hear my heart break or feel tears rolling down my cheeks. No, instead I smiled at you and you smiled back and that’s when I realized you’re not my sunshine anymore because the truth is this: you think you’re in love so many more times before you actually ever are and you’re going to have your heartbroken so many more times than you’ll ever want. But the first boy who loves you will not be the last, and just because he leaves doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, it’s only just the beginning - you learn, you grow, and you move on. And you know what? You love again. Because the first boy who loves you will tear your heart out of your chest just to put it back in place so that you could live again.

The Scene- Kyungsoo one-shot

Request:  You’re googling “how to kiss,” which you’re already extremely embarrassed about doing since you feel like you should already know, but you’re mortified when your crush Kyungsoo catches you! What is he to do with you then~? (I picked him because he once said it was difficult for him to film kiss scenes) I hope this request okay!! Thank you with a hundred Penguinsoos (🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧x20)

You felt your stomach drop as Kim Ji-Hye, your manager spoke those words. Looking up from her phone she carried on “You’ll be required to have a short yet romantic scene with Do Kyungsoo as his co-star, the director would like that to be a kissing scene”. After pretending as if this change of script wasn’t currently sending your stomach into dizzy mess at the thought of approaching Kyungsoo like that, you finished your meeting with Ji-Hye. Leaving only thirty minutes until the kiss. 

You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t slowly find yourself getting closer to Kyungsoo when you started filming. Both of you being fairly new at acting and sharing similar interests had really helped conversation flow and brought afternoons of hushed whispers and laughter between you two on set. You tried to help yourself… you really had but when he smiled so cheerfully you couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes turned to moon crescents adorably. Or when he casually tapped your shoulder how you would feel your cheeks flush, blaming the hot Korean summer and not the effect of a genuine,warm man with the softest chocolate eyes. 

So. Whether he returned your feelings or not, you needed this kiss scene to be perfect…or at the very least adequate. Cursing at your lack of romantic history, cursing the time consuming acting career you slowly slid your phone out your pocket on set, making sure everyone was focused on the current scene before opening your browser. Worrying your lip between your teeth nervously you type out the words “How to Kiss” and your finger hovered over Search before pressing it decidedly. You scan the results and felt your heart deflate. It was all so clinical. How long for; how to breathe; what your tongue should do. You were about to delete the tab before a shadow fell over you and you internally screamed when you saw his face reflecting on the screen, watching his eyes scan the results before he cleared his throat behind you. 

He looked down, hand rubbing the back of his neck as you slowly turned towards him, knowing he knew. You looked up, avoiding those warm eyes and focused on his nose. “Look I’m… you have to understand-” you began before Kyungsoo cut you off. “I don’t care y/n, I heard about the script change too but in all honesty you shouldn’t have to have your first kiss onscreen. Not like that.” Glancing up finally you see the affection in his eyes and the redness in his cheeks, and lifting your head you decide to be bolder.

“Then Kyungsoo, what should it be like?” He took your hand and led you to a shaded tree away from the crew and drew you closer to him, leaning slowly forward as your eyes were pulled down to glance at those soft heart-like lips. Feeling his hushed breath puff against your own as he softly murmured. “It should be with someone who cares for you and wants to be more than one scene.”  With that he tentatively closed the space between both of your lips, molding his soft, full ones against yours as you just fall into the moment, loving the feel of him. Pulling away, you flush and touch your lips, hating how cliche you were but loving how good he felt. Kyungsoo’s lips curved as he heard your names called for the scene, pressing his lips against yours momentarily again before chuckling softly “Well I think this will be more than one scene y/n am i right to say?” you laugh and grasp his hand, hurrying to film the scene and kiss him again. 

Admin C- ah my first one shot! I hope this was okay for you all! Feel free to send in anything else!

His Eyes

Josh Dun Imagine #1

(A/n Hey guys this is my first Imagine ever so I would love if you could give me some feedback & btw don’t be afraid to request something)


As you walk down the aisle with your beautiful white dress you look at those mocha eyes that belong to the man you love, those eyes that have seen you on your best and worst days, those eyes that make you feel safe and loved, you look down and smile as the memories of you first meeting and how nervous you were.

You reach the end of the aisle and turn to face Josh, he hasn’t stopped smiling since you walked in the church, his calloused hands grab the white veil and gently moves it to the back of your head, his eyes widen in awe as he looks at his soon to be wife thinking about how lucky he is to call you his wife.

After the vows that had brought you and various other family members to tears the priest speaks once again “Joshua William Dun, do you take (your full name) to be your lovely wedded wife in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” he says as he looks at you “And do you (your full name) take Joshua William Dun to be your lovely wedded husband in sickness and in health for as long as you shall live?” “I do” you say as you look at him with tears brimming in my eyes “I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Dun” “You may kiss the bride”

Josh looks at you with loving eyes and cups your cheek before bringing you into the most heartfelt kiss making you weak at the knees.

You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with this man.

2P FrUK Headcanons

-Oliver calls him “Louis-Pie” a lot. (Pronounced “Lou-ie-Pie”)

-Louis doesn’t have a big sweet-tooth, so he doesn’t eat a lot of what Oliver bakes, however he does like pumpkin spice and spice cake, which he looks forward to Oliver’s baking in the fall the most.

-Louis usually calls him “Ollie”. If he uses Oliver’s full name, then it’s a serious conversation.

-Oliver loves cheesey Rom-Coms. Louis hates them with all his might, but he loves his Ollie more, and watches them with him anyway.

-Oliver tends to unintentionally start ranting from subject to subject and get side tracked, but Louis pays attention enough so when Oliver finally asks, “What was I talking about?”, he can remind him.

-Despite how little Louis talks, he loves listening to Oliver.

-Oliver hates it when Louis complains about how other people around them behave, because no matter how much an “asshole” the man was being, maybe he was just having a bad day.

-Oliver makes a lot of puns, and Louis will only sigh at them. Oliver thinks that the response is hilarious.

-Oliver’s optimism and Louis pessimism balance each other out. This way, they keep each other in a realistic point of view.

-Louis deals with depression, and although Oliver sin’t the best at comforting, he always gives him a shoulder to cry on, and sometimes he says something weird in his awkwardness that will get Louis laughing.

-Oliver has panic attacks. They aren’t often, but as long as Louis is with him to give him a sense of control, then they don’t last long. It doesn’t matter how late in the night it is, if Oliver calls him while in panic-mode, then Louis will be there in minutes.

-Louis often says that Oliver is “the light of his life”. This will always make Ollie blush, because rarly does he hear things that romantic from his love. 

Eclipsed - Nishinoya Yu x Reader

AN: Some love for my favorite libero. Hurray for first post!

Nishinoya Yu was like the sun.

He was energetic, bright, and dynamic; but most of all, he made everyone feel alive.

If Nishinoya was the sun, then you were the moon.

You were calmer, quieter, and wiser. You were a mystery and many classmates didn’t know what to think of you. But you didn’t mind; in fact, you took it as a compliment. Because of this, many classmates were afraid to approach you. It wasn’t that you were mean or hated people, you only looked like you did. But when they were paired with you for a project, they saw past your demeanor and welcomed you with open arms.

That’s how you became friends with Tanaka Ryunosuke.

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All things Russian

So, Yuuri on Ice is awesome. Really, really awesome and I don’t know what we all did to deserve all that awesomeness. And you know what’s even more awesome? All the fanfiction in that fandom. All of it. Every single fic.

I would love to contribute. There are so many things I’d like to write. But I’m going through a rough spot and I’ve got a major writer’s block.

Still. I’d love to contribute. So I’ll try to do what I can.

The thing is, I speak Russian. I’ve been to Moscow and St.Petersburg and I have someone at hand who was in Sochi for the Olympics. 

So, if you’re writing a Yuuri on Ice fanfic and need some advice on all things Russian - ask me. There’s a good chance I know: 

- Which of Victor’s Russian friends calls him Vitya and Vitenka, who calls him Vitka and Vitiok, and who uses his full name with the patronymic?

- Can you buy peanut butter ice cream in St. Petersburg?

- How do you say “Wait!”, “Stay!”, “I think”, “You’re lying” and lots of other things that Google Translate gets wrong?

- Which swear words Yuri Plisetsky would use?

The canon has been amazingly thoughtful with Russian culture. They got everything right - everything that matters, anyway. That’s a rare treat in non-Russian canons. The fandom’s been just as thoughtful, and that makes me very happy. So, if you have questions to make it right again - go ahead and ask. Here’s my e-mail if you prefer e-mail: 

His pet name for you (GOT7)

JB: -Sugar. He thought it was really embarrassing that ‘sugar’ was the first thing that came to his mind but it was. He then got really cheesy with you about it- “it’s because you’re so sweet and full of sweet surprises”

Mark: -Love. It was over done but he thought it was perfect enough to make you melt. He said it as smooth as he could and hoped you would like it- “if you don’t like that one I can think of a new one but I don’t know I think it works”

Jackson: -Angel. That’s what you were to him. His other half his everything pure and perfect. He liked it a lot and even if you didn’t he’d still call you it some how- “it fits you well accept the perfect name for you”

Junior: -Doll. It was old school and flirty and he liked it. It rolled off his tongue with much ease and he laugh as he said it again and again- “it works doesn’t it doll? For someone so fine”

Youngjae: -Cutiepie. He liked it because it was something he could coo at. He smiled and rubbed his nose against your’s- “I don’t know why I said it but I like it”

BamBam: -Darling. You were his Wendy Darling. He thought it was extremely cute because you two would never feel old as long as you were together- I would really like if you gave me the name dealing with Peter Pan it would be really cute then”

Yugyeom: -Honey. He liked it because he could add another pet name to it. And it would be decently cute- “I think it’s cheesy but what about our relationship isn’t cheesy?”

Aw Hell No

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Steve Rogers x Howlett! Reader



A/n: this is such an awesome request because Logan gets to be the lil asshole he is :3 by the way, I hope you do not mind me making the reader a mutant like her brother Logan and Victor C:


Genre: Humor, Romance, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Crude humor, swearing, mutant reader.


Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines


You were sitting on the couch in your brothers’ home. Currently, Logan Howlett was arguing with Victor about something stupid.


You thought.

'Why can’t they just get along for once?’

I yelled to the mutants in the kitchen.

Hey! Shut the hell up!”

I stood up and crossed my arms, glaring at them from the kitchen’s archway. They looked at me and I growled out.

“If you two don’t stop arguing like a bunch of cats and dogs, I swear to fucking god both of you are going to have your tongues cut off. I cannot believe you two cannot get along for once. Logan, don’t you fucking dare open your howling screamer.”

I growled at him. Victor sighed and looked over at me. I stated, taking a step forward.

“Got something to say? Say it. I dare you. You know I’m right.”

Victor looked at me and Logan sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.


“Whatever. I am taking a walk. Don’t wreck the house or I’m going to kick both of your guys’ asses and skinning your hides.”

I walked off, slamming the front door and took out my phone. Scrolling through, I picked the contact labeled as 'Stars N’ Stripes’


“Hey Steve.”

“Hey doll. What’s up?”

“The Log Man and the Meow-Festation are arguing again.”

“Let me guess, someone scratched the others back?”

“Yeah, basically. Can we go for a walk or something?”

“Sure. I can actually see you right now.”

You waved furiously and he chuckled. You spotted him and gave him a smile. He smiled and waved.

“I’ll be right there. Don’t wander off, Cat-dog.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Don’t make me bring the claws out.”

“Ooo I’m scared.”

“You should be. Mroof.”

You heard laughter and Steve held open his arms, closing the phone. You walked over and hugged him. He whispered.

“Can you show me?”

“Let’s go to the lake, and then I will.”

Steve smiled and held your hand. You smiled and walked to the lake, your senses picking up many things. Birds, people, the water washing on the shore. Scents assaulted your nose and you sneezed.

'Bless you.“

"Thanks. There are so many smells here.”

Steve chuckled and you two sat on the shore. Steve watched you as your nails grew into claws and long, jagged claws ripped from in between your knuckles. Steve gently caressed the bones and you smiled softly. Steve stated.

'I’m still so amazed how you have saber-tooth and wolf DNA in you.“

"X Chromosome.”

“I thought Victor was your half brother and Logan was your full blooded brother?”

“They’re both my full blooded brothers. Meow-festation just doesn’t like Logan so he calls him his half brother.”

“What about you? Is Victor nice to you?”

“Victor loves me. When we were younger, Vicci would call me so many names like 'Cub’, 'Kitten’, and even 'Fluffy’.”

Steve chuckled and asked.

“And Logan?”

“Logan likes to keep to himself. However, he will open his howling screamer when need to. He hated it when Vicci called me only feline names. Therefore, Logan is only allowed to call me canine associated names. His favorite is 'Bitch’,”

Steve snorted and you giggled. Steve gently kissed you and you let your claws retract, running your hand through his hair. You froze when you heard.

“Oh hell no.”

You pulled back and there stood Logan and Victor. Logan was scowling while Victor quirked an eyebrow up, a smirk on his face.

“(Y/N), don’t tell me you’re dating Mr. Rogers.”

Victor said. You blushed and smiled, a fang popping out.


Logan snarled and stated, pushing you away from Steve and standing in between you two.

“No you are not.”


He looked back and growled.

“I’m your alpha, you listen to me.”

“I listen to nobody.”

I stated, getting in his face. He snarled and growled out.

“Don’t you try to fight for dominance, (Y/N)! I’m your alpha-”

“-I will. You are not going to take the only thing that makes me feel human away.”

Logan was taken back and I stated.

“I didn’t act like this when you were with Jean.”

Victor whistled and said beneath his breath, dragging Steve his way.

“Low blow, Kitten. Mr. Rogers, you might want to stand back.”


“It’s going to get ugly.”

Logan glared at you and you let your claws out, growling. Logan stated.

“You know I’m a lot stronger than you.”

“Too bad your stupidity overrides it!”

You tackled him and went to scratch his face. Suddenly, arms gripped you by your hips and a voice whispered.

“Kitten, it’s not worth it.”

“Victor! Let me go!”

“I can’t do that. You will kill him. Go with Steve, I’ll take care of this idiot.”

You glared at Logan and Victor set you down. He turned you around and you looked into his eyes. Victor smiled softly.

“You tell me if he hurts you, I’ll let him have a taste of cat.”

You cracked a small smile and stated.

“I can take care of myself, Meow-festation.”

Victor grinned at the name and patted your back, pushing you toward Steve.


You nodded and gave one last look to Logan. You took Steve by the hand and quickly led him off. You heard yelling behind you and Steve whispered.

“Ok. I have to admit this. That really made me nervous.”

You looked at Steve, stated. “Bite me,” and rolled your eyes.


Reading Your Comments (Jack x Reader)

Character: Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Youtubers

Title: Reading Your Comments


Requested by anon:

Hi! Could I have a Jacksepticeye imagine where the reader is very camera shy and Jack wants her to go on camera for a tag or something, he makes her feel comfortable on and off camera and he kisses/tells her he loves her on camera? Thank you so much!!

A/N: Since it was quite similar, I based the imagine on this prompt I wrote a while ago. Hope you like it!

I rang the bell and very soon Jack opened the door, he was probably waiting for me to arrive.

“Here you are, Y/N!” He greeted me by pulling me into a tight hug that made me smile. “Hi!”

I chuckled and looked at him when we broke away.

“Hi, Jack” Just as I spoke, he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Come in, come in!” He excitedly said, taking my hand and dragging me with him further into his house.

“What?” I laughed a little, finding his childish excitement to be both amusing and endearing.

“I was about to make a video” Once we arrived to Jack’s room, he let go of my hand and began to organize the stuff to record.

“Oh, cool!”

But then he suddenly stopped what he was doing to turn to me, and I did not like the expression that was on his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that, silly?” I asked him, averting my gaze from him because I could figure out what he was thinking.

“You’re going to help me do it” And there they were, the words that made my stomach turn in apprehension.

“Nope!” I exclaimed, rushing to turn around and leave, but Jack knew me well.

In a second, he had picked up my hands again.

“Please, Y/N!” He subtly and gently pulled me closer to him so I would look him in the eyes instead of fixing mine on the floor. “I would really like to have you with me in this video!”

“You know I can’t do it” I energetically shook my head, trying to break free from his grip. “I-I just can’t…”

The mere thought of recording me and posting it on the internet, where so many people could judge me, was scary. Not to mention that I was supposed to be entertaining and fun and full of energy like Jack and I wasn’t sure I could do it.

“I know! But I’m so excited, it would mean the world to me!” His Irish accent thickened when he got that enthusiastic, and it was so cute that it made me want to smile.

“I don’t wanna!” I complained, still struggling to get away, but he insisted.

“Please, Y/Ny-boo!”

“Sean…” I only called him by his real name when I was somewhat upset in any way.

Like when mothers call their kids by their full names when they are angry, something like that. 

Knowing this, Jack sighed.

“I just want to make a video with you to show everyone how awesome you are and how much I love you” He calmed down a bit, but I could feel how restless he still was. “You can do it, I’m sure”

I frowned, aware of the fact that it was something special for him. Just to make him happy, I wanted to do it even if the rational side of me yelled to forbid me from doing it and my stomach rumbled in anguish.

For a few seconds there was silence in the room, even if Jack still had his hands around mine and I felt his intense blue eyes piercing me.

Resigning myself, I let out a low and soft sigh and slowly dragged my eyes until they landed on him.

“What would I have to do?” I whispered in spite of myself.

“Yes!” He shouted, completely thrilled. “You’re the best!”

Jack engulfed me in a bear hug and he was so thrilled that he even lifted me up in the air, making me giggle.

“Jack…” I insisted, needing to know what I had to do.

“Yeah, baby!” He was still celebrating as he carefully put me in the floor again. 

“Just tell me what we’re doing, silly” I grinned in spite of myself.

Very quickly and affectionately, he gave me another quick bear hug as he grunted happily before he went to prepare everything.

“Reading your comments” He answered my question, not taking his eyes off the setup.

“I guess I can do that, just improvise” I said it out loud, but I was actually saying it to myself more than to him.

“Of course you can, you’ll do great!” He encouraged me, briefly glancing at me to send a cute wink in my direction.

I sat down in the chair that he had already put next to his –he probably knew I would budge and do it –and heaved a big breath.

“You ready?”

“I think so”

I was really nervous, because it was the first time I ever did a proper video with Jack. I had done a few cameos with him during his videos, as well as appeared here and there with Mark too.

But it was the two of us alone in an actual Jacksepticeye video and I was feeling a bit giddy.

He looked over his shoulder to me as he was about to turn the camera on. He stopped what he was doing and sent me one of his bright smiles.

“Don’t worry, Y/N” He cheerfully said, his smile never faltering. “They’re gonna love ya”

“But what if I mess up? What if they don’t like me?”

Jack chuckled in amusement.

“If they like me, they’re gonna adore ya” He said, accompanying his words with another chuckle.

I smiled in appreciation and motioned for him to turn on the camera.

Then he rushed to sit by my side.

“Top of the morning to you, laddies!” I exclaimed loudly, but he didn’t do it too, so I glanced at him in confussion.

Instead he laughed heartily in response.


“I don’t do that for this video” 

“Oh, you’re right” I looked down in embarrassment, definitely blushing. “This is reading your comments, sorry…”

Jack giggled and gave me a soft kiss in the temple.

“She’s such a cutie” He said to the camera. “You guys know her, this is Y/N”

“Let’s get to it already, please” I begged him, trying to be done with embarrassing myself. “I hope you cut that out”

“I’m not gonna, guys, it’s way too cute” He whispered, leaning closer to the camera and then sitting normally again. “Anyway! First question”

“Please” I nodded, urging him to do so.

“Is Septiplier real?” 

“Totally” I winked at the camera even though I felt shy and my cheeks were burning.

“Septiplier isn’t real, but we are” He pointed to him and me, and I rolled my eyes in bashfulness.

“Sean!” I whined, keeping my glance locked on the floor.

“What?” He exclaimed, owning up to his loud usual self.

“I’m out”

I tried to stand up, but he placed his arms around me and stopped me from doing so as he cackled.

We both sat down again and I pouted, staring at a random spot in the wall.

“C’mon, that was awesome! This video is gonna be the best!”

I didn’t reply, feeling too shy and insecure.

“I don’t really wanna make you, I can do it on my own if you’re not comfortable recording the video, though” Jack reassured me in a sweet voice.

“No, no! I’m fine, it’s just that…” I shrugged, unable to find the words to express my restlessness.

“I know! I’ll lend you my hat” Jack stood up to pick up the infamous Jacksepticeye hat and put it on my head with a self-satisfied cute smirk. “The magical hat of bossness!”

“What’s the next question?” I asked, pursing my lips tightly together to hide my grin.

“Let’s see…” He leaned closer to the screen and read it. “Jaaaaaaaaack” 

I lowly giggled because I always cracked up when he did that. He made a pause to look at me and he lowly chuckled too, but he soon recovered and carried on.

“What’s your favorite videogame?” Making another brief pause, he began answering. “Sh-”

“Shadow of the Colossus, duh!” I said before he could. “It’s awesome!”

“You just earned a kiss” Jack leaned closer to me to leave a somewhat playful peck on my cheek that made blush. “Mwah!”

“Jack” I rushed to say, reading other question. “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“As a matter of fact, I do…” As he sneaked an arm around my waist and visibly moved me until I rested on his side, he used a deep charming voice and I could picture him cooly raising an eyebrow. “In case you didn’t notice already”

“Enough…” I timidly patted his hand on my waist, and he giggled as he let me go.

“Next question: I’m sorry, I didn’t get it… what is key for Happy Wheels?”

I let out a heartfelt laugh, because people could be so sarcastic. I loved it.

“Speeeeeeed is keeeey!” I screamt, throwing my arms in the air.

It actually surprised Jack so much that he jumped a tiny bit.

“Nice, Y/N!” He exclaimed, a hint of a smile creeping on his lips.

I glanced at the camera with a fake smug look as I grinned and Jack laughed.

Since it was off camera, he held my hand with determination and intertwined his fingers with mine. I knew it was his way to tell me I was doing great and that I could do it, that he was there.

So I glanced at him with the corner of my eye and smiled to myself as he kept a straight face and proceeded to read the next question.

We carried on replying to comments for the video while we held hands under the table.

Love Is Not Weakness

a/n; so many people write imagines like this, add me to the list haha

Word Count: 302

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Love is weakness, brother.” I heard Klaus mumble to Elijah, my mouth fell agape, he can’t possibly mean that. “That’s nonsense, Niklaus.” Elijah sighed to him. I shook my head not wanting to listen anymore. I stood up furiously, stomping as I walked upstairs to our room. I heard Klaus coming out to see where I was, “Y/N?” He asked from the bottom of the stairs. 

I glanced back at him, rolling my eyes I turned back towards the room. Attempting to swing the door shut but Klaus held it open, coming in and then shutting the door. “What’s the matter, love?” He asked concerned, “How could you say that?” I asked him, turning on my heels to look him in the face, “I was just asking what was wrong.” He responded, trying not to get annoyed.

“Not that!” I groaned pinching the bridge of my nose, “You told Elijah that love is weakness.” I reminded him, he chuckled, “This is what’s got you so riled up?” He asked laughing at me, “It’s not funny, Niklaus.” I deadpanned, his laughter died down as I called him by his full name. 

“You know saying that basically means you’re saying that being with me makes you weak.” I sighed turning away from him, I felt his hands rest on my shoulders softly. “You don’t make me weak, sweetheart.” He sighed in return, his accent sounding stronger than usual. “Then why would you say that?” I asked him, not moving an inch as he moved closer to me. 

“I don’t know.” He whispered to me, placing a kiss on the side of my head. “So I don’t make you weak?” I asked, facing him. He smiled as he noticed my mood going back to normal, “Not at all, love. You make me stronger.”

ii. Hey Angel

   Based on this request:

       Can u do one where the readers best guy friend calls her a pet name and she doesn’t do anything and harry gets mad because she’s said that harry isn’t allowed to call her that before? Please and thank you 😊          

Hope you like it, darling! And to everyone: requests are open and you can send whatever you want, I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

Another thing: i’ll write a second part of this. I’m thinking of a make up sex kind of blurb but i didn’t wanted to make you wait a lot for your request so i figured it was best if i made the story in two parts. I’ll try to post it before NYE! Hope you enjoy this!

You were ‘darling’ on the day to day. ‘Honey’, when he lost something or he was already late to work but he couldn’t find the energy to go. ‘Petal’, when you were cooking, when you were dancing with no music on, when nobody was watching, when nobody was listening but the two of you. ‘Love’, when he was between your legs, kissing your tights and making you feel the small hairs on his chin leaving marks on your sensitive skin; ‘love’ when he first got a taste of your core, lapping the juices with his tongue, letting the sweetness blind his senses; ‘love’, when he was pounding into you, grabbing your hips with a strong grip, too lost in his lust and his love for you to stop, but you didn’t wanted to, you wanted him to leave bruises on you—serving as a reminder that you were his; ‘love’, whispered to your ear between heavenly moans and groans that announced he was close, oh so close, and you were hugging him just right, making you fist the sheets, mark his back with your nails, scream and lose yourself to a feeling that was bigger than the two of you, bigger than the world.

But never angel. Ever. No chance.


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