i love how they are so close

LINKIN PARK MEME.  Rest in peace, Chester Bennington. Your talent and wonderful personality gave so many people so much hope during their darkest of times, and you will be forever missed.


  • Why does it feel like night today?
  • Why am I so uptight today?
  • Paranoia is all I got left.
  • I know what it feels like to have a voice in the back of my head.
  • It’s like I’m paranoid lookin’ over my back.
  • It’s like a whirlwind inside of my head.
  • It’s like I can’t stop what I’m hearing within.
  • Your paranoia’s probably worse.
  • I don’t know what set me off first.


  • I cannot take this anymore.
  • I find bliss in ignorance.
  • I’m about to break.
  • I need a little room to breathe.
  • I’m one step closer to the edge.
  • I wish I could find a way to disappear.
  • Shut up when I’m talking to you.


  • Forfeit the game.
  • You can’t run the race.
  • You just won’t last.
  • You love the way I look at you.
  • My pride is broken.
  • You like to think you’re never wrong.
  • You live with what you’ve learned.
  • You have to act like you’re someone.
  • You want someone to hurt like you.


  • These wounds they will not heal.
  • There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface.
  • This lack of self-control I fear is never-ending.
  • My walls are closing in.
  • I’ve felt this way before.


  • It doesn’t even matter how hard you try.
  • Time is a valuable thing.
  • I wasted it all just to watch you go.
  • I kept everything inside.
  • Even though I tried, it all fell apart.
  • I tried so hard and got so far.
  • In the end? It doesn’t even matter.
  • I had to fall to lose it all.
  • You’re acting like I was part of your property.
  • You fought with me.
  • Things aren’t the way they were before.
  • You wouldn’t even recognise me anymore.
  • I’ve put my trust in you.


  • I just wish I didn’t feel.
  • I take back all the things I said.
  • I’d give it all away just to have somewhere to go.
  • I’d give it all away just to have someone to come home to.
  • This is all I need.


  • Memories consume like an opening wound.
  • You all assume I’m safe here.
  • I don’t want to be the one.
  • I’m the one confused.
  • I don’t know what’s worth fighting for.
  • I don’t know why I instigate and say what I don’t mean.
  • I don’t know how I got this way.
  • I know it’s not alright.
  • I had no options left.
  • I’m the one at fault.
  • I’ll never fight again.
  • This is how it ends.


  • I’m tired of being what you want me to be.
  • I don’t know what you’re expecting of me.
  • I’m under the pressure of walking in your shoes.
  • Every step that I take is another mistake to you.
  • I’ve become so numb.
  • I can’t feel you there.
  • All I want is to be more like me and be less like you.
  • Can’t you see that you’re smothering me?
  • Everything that you thought I would be has fallen apart right in front of you.
  • I may end up failing.
  • You were just like me with someone disappointed in you.


  • I dreamed I was missing.
  • You were so scared.
  • No one would listen because no one else cared.
  • What am I leaving when I’m done here?
  • Forget the wrong that I’ve done.
  • Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed.
  • Don’t resent me.
  • Keep me in your memory.
  • Don’t be afraid.
  • I’ve taken my beating.
  • I’m strong on the surface.
  • I’ve never been perfect.
  • I’ve never been perfect, but neither have you.
  • Save me from myself.


  • Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple.
  • Sometimes goodbye’s the only way.
  • The sun will set for you.
  • Your friends all plead for you to stay.
  • Sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple.


  • There’s no need.
  • I’ve drawn regret from the truth.
  • Let mercy come and wash away what I’ve done.
  • Let go of what I’ve done.
  • I’m forgiving what I’ve done.


  • I said goodbye.
  • All I could think was I need a way to dig through the damage.
  • I see you takin’ advantage.
  • I found another reason to do this.
  • I wanna find a way to rattle you.
  • I’m not done.
  • There’s nothing left.
  • Darkness turned to light.
Words are at the end of my tongue, my lips are so close to yours, and I keep on wondering how perfectly my hands would fit with yours. But oh, I’m back here. Staring and hoping for you. Just screaming on the inside, how much I love you.


[ and this is for you ]

drunk kit

“…and no drinking!” ordered julian sternly, though everyone just laughed. livvy ran straight for the bar, dru excitedly skipping behind her. emma gave julian a look as if to say what did you expect? julian just smiled in return as emma took his wrist and pulled him to the bar. ty glanced at kit as kit grinned devilishly and grabbed his hand, running to the bar. 

the LA institute was invited to one of magnus’ parties in new york, so there they were (except tavvy, who was left with diana at the institute), excited because magnus’ parties was always a good time. 

kit got two pale purple drinks, which ty questioned. 

“they’re safe, don’t worry,” said magnus, leaning between kit and ty. his chest was bare and only wore sparkly red pants. “drink up, young lovers.”

“you’re promoting underage drinking?” asked kit, surprised. 

“we don’t follow mundane laws,” grinned magnus, winking at kit. 

and so they drank. well, kit did. 

nine drinks later, kit was a hot drunken mess, arms linked around ty’s shoulders as ty walked around, trying to find livvy, or somewhere to sit. “where the hell is she?” whispered ty, though he could have yelled it and not have been heard because magnus’ party sounded like heavy metal. 

“shhh,” hushed kit, pressed a finger to ty’s lips. “no swearing.”

ty rolled his eyes and pressed a kiss to kit’s finger and kit buried his face into the nook of ty’s neck, flustered. 

kit’s legs totally gave out, dragging on magnus’ floor as ty pulled kit around. he sighed an aggravated sigh before murmuring, “you know what?” and pulled kit onto his back. a piggyback, the mundanes would call it. 

kit laughed and wrapped his arms around ty’s shoulders. “you’re cute,” kit said in ty’s ear. “we should go out sometime.” 

ty laughed at that, teeth showing and everything. livvy noticed from a distance and snapped a few pictures of them on her phone, two young lovers walking through a busy crowd of happy people. 

“but really,” whispered kit, voice dropping. “i’ll take you out. wherever you want, babe.”

“tempting, but maybe i’ll pass,” smiled ty. “just sit down please, my love.”

he plopped kit down on a velvety sofa, who giggled and tugged on ty’s grey sweatshirt. he pulled hard enough for ty to fall on top of kit. 

“‘my love?’ that’s cute. you’re cute. no, you’re hot,” rambled kit, pulling ty in close by his waist. “very hot,” whispered kit. ty felt himself redden. 

“you’re a flirty drunk, aren’t you?” asked ty, moving so that his long legs covered in black skinny jeans was draped over kit’s lap. though he leaned close to kit.

“on a scale from one to ten, you’re a nine and i’m the one you need,” giggled kit. ty snorted and fixed kit’s messy hair. ty noticed kit blush and look into his lap, shy from ty’s face being so close to kit’s. 

“let me take you out,” pouted kit. ty sighed and held kit’s hands in kit’s lap. “kit. we, you and i, are dating. you already took me out four months ago.”

“we are?” ty nodded. kit smiled and leaned close to ty’s face. “and how did i manage to get someone like you to date someone like me?” he asked in a low voice. ty smiled and quickly gave kit a kiss.

“i like you. i love you, really. you’re cute- and funny when you’re drunk.”

“i think i love you too,” slurred kit, grinning. he rested his hands on ty’s legs. 

“that’s a relief,” chuckled ty. he ran his hands through kit’s hair in a pattern.

and if someone from the party was to look at magnus’ velvet sofa, they would see an intoxicated blond boy falling in love all over again with a boy with dark hair, his legs across his lap. his back arched to be close to the blond, to run his slender fingers through his hair while the blond stares at him, eyes full of love.

and of course, ty took care of kit when he dealt with his first hangover the next day. 

academia shouldn’t be just for the rich

I’m doing school work and there’s so many articles I’d love to share with people, but i’m prohibited from doing so because I’ll be fined heavily for distributing material I don’t hold copyright to.

If you ever want to buy these academic journals they cost an arm and a leg. This is bullshit. Schooling, research, and education should never just be for people who have money. How can we, as a society, expect to improve anything if we close off resources to so many of our great minds?

Greater education should not just be for those with a greater pocket book !

Captain Janeway

I’ve always admired photo realistic art. I practiced and practiced until I got near enough there. Now I’ve hit close I’m not even sure how much I like it, it’s really hard to get back though. The process kind of embeds itself and my focus is hard to move off into a different direction. Does anyone else get that? Ironic really, I want so badly to be able to do concept characters and dynamic poses. Guess I’ll go practice that.

This I painted digitally in Sketchbook Pro. I love how dynamic and fluid it is. I also love the real media brushes in Painter so I dallied around there in the final stages.

Process photos are on my ArtStation, just search for ‘crisisenvy.’

Prints available at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CrisisenvyArt

This was supposed to be a quick coloured sketch but it took me way too much time and it’s not exactly how I wanted it to turn out. Buuuut,it’s our boy, Mateo and I felt bad not posting it. 

I just love the close connection Mateo has with his grandfather despite having never met him. Through his heritage, his mother’s stories, the books Alacazar left behind,  Mateo has a deep bond with him and hopes that one day he’ll be a worthy royal wizard, like him.

I couldn’t get this image out of my head..
Here have a sans in a tutu! (sorry that it’s so sketchy ;w;)

Submitted by @grubble-bacon This is so cute and very accurate. Basically imagine Red somewhere close taking pictures of Sans every time he has a new outfit just Like “I don’t remember how to breathe anymore,” wondering how the hell he landed himself a babe like Sans uvu

anonymous asked:

Why does everyone write the batkids' interactions so lovey dovey? For example, a lot of your fics and headcanons have them hugging and being affectionate and ruffling hair and all, but I thought they're supposed to be siblings? I don't have any siblings so I don't really know how it works but I didn't think a family with mostly guys would be this affectionate I guess. Can you please explain this?

Well, what you’re misinterpreting as “lovey dovey” is really just siblings being close. Hugging, cuddling, kissing cheeks, those are just things that close siblings do.

Like I have four siblings, and we’ve always been pretty close. Granted, my two brothers are still in elementary school, but they hug me and say they love me like a bazillion times a day. And my older sister who’s two years older than me and we only get along about half the time, she does that kind of stuff ALL the time. (Mostly because I don’t like to be touched and she knows it annoys me, but still, if I weren’t so averted to physical contact I would be the exact same.) She always does stuff like hold my hand, randomly fall on top of me when I’m sitting on the couch, crawl into my bed and snuggle me even when I scream at her to get off and punch her a few times, because that’s just what siblings do. Not all siblings are like that, but most are.

So when I write the batkids hugging each other, sharing beds, being affectionate, that’s because they’re just siblings who love each other, so it makes sense that they would act like it instead of being emotionally stunted like some people (*cough* Bruce *cough*) Especially with Dick, because he’s just a very physical person in general, so of course he’d be the kind of guy who would probably ambush Damian in bed with a cuddle attack and hug him like a teddy bear all night.

So to answer your question, the batkids’ affectionate gestures are purely platonic; I’m just writing them as normal siblings.

dxrandomxb  asked:

Hey, so... someone recently said that they heard that you hated trans people? This is literally a case of "He said she said" and I wanted to hear from you because I've loved your comic for a few years now, and considering how progressive you've strived to be, it just doesn't make sense to me that you'd hate trans people?

Haha, that’s ridiculous. I don’t hate trans people. I have several close trans friends, I live with and have lived with trans friends, and one of my parents is a transgender woman. I try to do right by the few transgender characters I have, but I’ve got a lot to learn and they haven’t gotten a whole lot of “screen time”. I guess that last one is kind of too flimsy to use as proof, though…

I mean, I’m not really sure how I can prove that I don’t hate trans people beyond my behavior in my life and social media. It’s not like they give certificates for that sort of thing. Maybe some of my trans friends can chip in if they wanted? shrug

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Bucky knows there are times when you feel all alone, no matter how many people are there for you. And he's an expert in detecting these moods. So whenever he notices them, you find yourself suddenly in a quiet room. Bucky hugging you close and telling you over and over again how much he loves you. How he loves everything you do and are. "I make sure you're never alone, my precious Gen." He holds you until you fell loved again ♥

You’re an angel

Fluffy Friday™

Russet coloured t-shirt Mulder gets another cassette tape delivery. He put his No-ho in the Rojo tie on to see Skinner but he’s sent back down to wire tap punishment.  Just when he thinks things are already bad, he meets Krycek, his new partner.  He’d like to take back his wish to have a partner of his own again. 

Mulder ditches Krycek before he can blink, and phones Scully at every opportunity.  Somehow Krycek finds him and wants to a have a key party.  Mulder gives him a Scully™look because he’s not one to put out that easily.  Krycek thinks that because he met his non-evil twin back in Gender Bender he should feel like he knows him too.  

Mulder takes his new pet to Scully and he’s so happy to see her.  I love how neither Mulder or Scully will shake Krycek’s hand. When Krycek looks like he’s going to toss his cookies, the adults take the opportunity to get really close and start whispering.  But then they probably would have done that anyway. 

The next day Krycek is still trying to look enthusiastic and helpful in the hope that Mulder will change his mind about the key party.  Mulder has a new tie on, the Argyle Paisley Tie of Pain.  He wears this to meet X, his new manipulator informant.  X gives him a top secret file which he hides securely in the car.

Krycek drags him off to another crime scene where Mulder’s more interested in flirting with Scully over the phone than anything Krycek has to say, which is perfectly understandable.

The need to compare testosterone levels is displayed in a scene where Mulder & Krycek run through the station.  Then there are shots on a crowded platform and Mulder drops to the ground.  After a quick nap, Krycek tells Mulder he imagined it all.  I think Mulder just did it so we could have a horizontal view of his tie.  Krycek isn’t as pretty as Mulder and that bothers me.  Mulder’s still wearing the Tie of Pain when they search a restricted area of the station where the sleep deprived dude is. They’re having a nice chat when Krycek comes up  and shoots the guy against Mulder’s  screams of “nooooooo!”. Then after all that, Mulder discovers that the top secret envelope from X has been stolen.

The next morning, Mulder meets Scully at the Hoover building.  Despite his wearing his Sewer Gems tie which was just in the sewer a couple of weeks back, they still get up close to each other and whisper a lot.  And they wonder why there are rumours. 

We then discover that <prepare for a shock> Krycek is working for the consortium, who decide that Scully is a bigger problem than they anticipated (especially in the belly region), and she’d need to be dealt with. Keep your filthy hands off Scully, you file thieving bastards.

GRAPH Nov2015
STUDY – Asumi Rio [Part 1]

Mirio’s Life Graph! (From 1-100 points) what does the graph show…?

Birth:  50 points

3yrs old:  20 points – The Spoiled Brat Era
          Mama’s-girl – Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, and I were always really close as a family.  So I was super bitter about the 2-3 times I was sent to nursery school, even if it was only for an hour.  As soon as I was forcibly separated from my mom, I would paste myself to the window looking for her.  It baffled me how all the other kids could just sleep so peacefully after being separated from their parents and I would secretly glare at them (lol).  Though all I remember now is getting lonely after a few hours.

Kindergarten:  60 points – I loved the cute cafeteria bento!

Elementary School:  70 points – Chatting noisily with everyone while walking to and from school (30min commute)

4th Grade:  80 points – starting to like school
          Having fun in Elementary School – I started to develop interest in my classes at this time, especially science class.  We got to do experiments and see their results. My favorite part was doing things as a group, like coming up with the hypothesis.  So that gets about an 80.  I had a huge rivalry with the smartest boy in class.  Since I was such an honor student constantly raising my hand and such, I became class president.

5th-6th Grade:  
       30 points – stress from changing ballet classes, though soon I was too busy studying for entrance exams to worry about it.
       80 points – safely passed entrance exams

Middle School:
       20 points – I was studying every day to keep my test scores high and my only break was gazing outside the library window.
       60 points – The “Big Hit” at camp
          My First Otokoyaku Role!! – We performed “Snow White” during the school’s camping trip.  Since I was tall I wanted to play the prince and everyone actually agreed!  Back then I didn’t know Takarazuka even existed but I wore my collar open on my school uniform, styled my bangs like “fwoosh,” and made my stage entrance with a rose in my mouth all the same. Everyone went “Kyaaaa!!”  I remember even now how happy I was.

Junior High 3rd Grade:  
       100 points – My chance encounter with Takarazuka!
          My first encounter with Takarazuka – I borrowed a friend’s “Luna/Blue Moon Blue” videotape and became enthralled by Takarazuka, so that gets 100 points!!  The next few days my family went on vacation in Hong Kong but I could not forget the dazzling world of Takarazuka that now consumed my heart.  I couldn’t eat or sleep (lol).  I thoroughly read “Kageki” and “Graph” magazines and studied everything Takarazuka.  And my grades went down the drain.  But I remembered who were from the same year and which troupe someone came from by heart.
       0 points – After that fateful meeting, I broached the subject of trying out for Music School with my parents and they were against the idea. I cried throughout the whole exchange.
          Ref:  GRAPH Jan2010 – My Life:  The Good & The Bad (comic) where she locked herself in her room & cried for 3 days & 3 nights.
80 points – Parents gave me permission to try for Music School.  Began preparing for entrance exams.
       90 points – Saw my first live Takarazuka Grand Theatre show!
       50 points – Slipped on the stairs in the theatre and sprained my ankle
       80 points – TMS entrance exams
          During entrance exams, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of then 2nd year students Hanakage Arisu and Daigo Seshiru.  But a voice told me “good luck” and my spirits were lifted!  Maa-sama (Asaka Manato) was also beautiful, the white socks of her uniform really suited her!  Basically, I was really surprised by all the lovely 2nd year students during the TMS exams.

Off the charts – passing Music School exams!!
          My father, who had been against [my entering TMS], told me “Papa will always support you.”  I was so happy I cried.

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins at Supernatural Jus in Bello 2013 (click to watch full video)

1. I love that Misha stole a child.

2. They totally channel Dean and Cas as old married couple bickering for a minute here.

3. Seriously, just close your eyes and picture Dean and Cas

4. I really want a fancomic of this argument with Dean and Cas. If only I could draw, I would do it myself so I can have it, that’s how much I want it.

anonymous asked:

So Hux has this ´No feelings´ rule and Kylo knows it, understands it but he couldn´t stop himself from falling in love so he pines, saying nothing because it will drive Hux away, but sometimes Hux is very gentle with him when he fucks him and so Kylo breaks off the deal because it hurts so much, thinking that Hux would never love him and that he should at least find someone that would, he deserves it, he believes , just a little of love (i was thinking too about in ABO!Verse setting)

that’s such a painful scenario! especially if Hux is pining for Kylo too but absolutely will not break his ‘no feelings’ rule so has to let Kylo go, which is why he can’t help but be gentle and loving to him when they have sex, like it’s painful that this is as close as Hux can allow himself to get to someone, even though he can see in Kylo’s eyes and actions just how much the Knight has fallen for him 💕

unscholar's dog parade!

hey guys i have 1k followers which is wild!! im gonna do something cool for yall. if u reblog + follow + send an ask with a kind of dog and a kind of flower then i’ll draw them together!! i can also draw just one or the other, or cats if thats ur jam.
thank u so much for following, it means a lot to me!! this is the only way i could figure out how to give back to the community lol. i’ll tag every post with #1k dog parade, so blacklist it if u want!

on another note: make sure to tag ur posts with #unscholar so i can see them! also, it’d make my day if u @’d me on a yellow/orange studyblr post since i love reblogging those!!

requests close on august 3rd.

The Poetic Blogger;7/20/17; 10:11pm

#PoemYourLife #PoemYourThoughts #PoeticBlogger

I spent the late afternoon swimming with a close friend;
I love how God has a way of blessing us with beautiful people in our lives He does send.
It’s very difficult to maintain a true and genuine friendship that will last;
So important it is to enjoy cherished moments because this journey goes by so fast.
There are tragic periods when a loved one will leave us shattered and betrayed;
Unfortunate of times are when a close companionship may fade.
I suggest to you all not to let this enchanting adventure pass you by;
Because if you don’t you will surely regret it and it will make you cry.


Yesterday I bought the first Blur’s album Leisure (25th anniversary edition)… 

I am from Saint-Petersburg and it is was real shock, when i found this album on our Russian app for reselling things. The seller was working at bar as bartender and we had amazing talk on britpop, modern music, gorillaz and how it is hard and strange to love this kind of music in our country. He was glad that i was so high-passioned on the music of this genre and advised me a lot of interesting things to listen. I have never talked about this with someone irl and I am still under great impression. So… My vinyl collection is growing :).

I listened to an album on my vinyl player and was almost crying because of tremendous power of music. Also I have found lovely gratitude of the band members to their close ones. I was touched by the fact that Damon thanked Justin and Graham thanked Jane Oliver and Jamie Hewlett.

anonymous asked:

I'm really close to my family and my boyfriend of six years but I also want to move to Japan for a year or two (I'm from the US) to have an experience I've always wanted. I'm really torn. How do you handle being away from your loved ones for so long?

You have to just go for it! Family is important but you can’t let them hold you back from something you’ve always wanted to do that will be a great experience and help you grow as a person. Your family loves you and your boyfriend loves you and they will be there when you get back but you have to take the opportunities that you get even though its not easy at all to live somewhere far away from family.

I worry about my parents every day especially because they are older and I do sometimes feel really guilty being here so far away from them. But this is where I need to be right now and my parents also understand that and wouldn’t want it any other way. The good thing is with technology these days it’s extremely easy to keep in contact with your loved ones. My mom and I text each other every day and have long phone conversations three or four times a week and I have phone conversations with both of my parents on the weekends when they are both at home. Skype is also a great option for communication. When I was doing long distance with 사탕 for a few months we skyped all the time and even did things like watch movies together and eat together over Skype so it felt more like we were together and I think being apart made our relationship grow.

You’re always going to have to make sacrifices in your life no matter what and there is no way you’ll be able to be around your family forever if you want to grow up and have important life experiences. While it’s hard, I think it’s doable especially if you make time to contact your family every day. My mom and I are extremely close and are like best friends but even I’ve gotten used to her not being around and enjoy being completely independent and you’ll get used to your family not being around either as long as you give it some time. The last thing you want is ten years or so from now being angry with yourself and regretting the fact that you never took the opportunity to do something you really wanted to do.

anonymous asked:

SO I love Rogers' Swan but now I'm sadder than sad because I need to know how it ends. Can I persuade you in any way to continue it? Maybe the curse breaking and Emma turning back into a human so Killian can finally realize who was with him the whole time?

lmao “please continue” seems to be the general consensus in the comments 😂

tell you what, i may consider making a short sequel for when the curse breaks. we’ll see, bb. i don’t want them doomed forever to be so close yet so far. also emma probably isn’t having a blast being a birb. so many communication problems :’)))

also thanks for reading and enjoying <3