i love how they all did their own version

Good Omens: a gentle reminder

Your headcanon is your headcanon. The characters in your mind are what they are, and nobody is trying to take them away from you. Think of the Good Omens TV series as a stage play: for six full hours, actors are going to be portraying the roles of Crowley and Aziraphale, Shadwell and Madame Tracy, Newt and Anathema, Adam, Pepper, Wensleydale and Brian and the rest. Will they look like the people in your head? The ones you’ve been drawing and writing about and imagining for (in some cases) almost 30 years?

Probably not. Which is fine.

The people in your head and your drawings are still there, and still real and still true. I’ve seen drawings of hundreds of different Aziraphales over the years, all with different faces and body-shapes, different hair and skin, and would never have thought to tell anyone who drew or loved them that that wasn’t what Aziraphale looked like. (And a couple of years after we wrote it, I was amused to realise that the Aziraphale in my head looked nothing like the  Aziraphale in Terry’s head.) I’ve loved every instance of Good Omens Cosplay I’ve seen, and in no case did I ever think anyone was doing it wrong: they were all Aziraphales and Crowleys, and it was always a delight.

Good Omens has been unillustrated for 27 years, which means that each of you gets to make up your own look for the characters, your own backstories, your own ideas about how they will behave.

The TV version is being made with love and with faithfulness to the story. It’s got material and characters in it that Terry and I had discussed over the years, (some of it from what we would have done it there had been a sequel). Writing it has taken up the greater part of my last three years. You might like it – I really hope you will – but you don’t have to. You can start watching it, decide that you prefer the thing in your head, and stop watching it. (I never saw the last Lord of the Rings movie, because I liked the thing in my head too much.)

Remember we are making this with love.

And that your own personal headCrowleys and headAziraphales and headFourHorsemen and headThem and headHastur and headLigur and headSisterMary and all the rest are yours, and safe, and nobody is ever going to take them away from you.

almost a year ago i moved back “home” to the place i grew up in. last summer i lost everything, or so i thought. i lost my home, i lost love, school, a job i loved, and people who had felt more like family to me than anyone else ever had. i was on my own. i was alone. last year i was at the lowest point in my life and in 33 days it will mark a year since the day i tried to take my own life. i thought i had nothing left. i thought there was nothing left for me. mental illness was literally ruling my life. in this past year i have struggle more than i ever had in my life, but i have learned so much about life and love. i have gained so much self confidence, self love, and appreciation for everything that i am. i have struggled, i have pulled myself up from rock bottom. little did i know that in a years time, i would be on one of the most influential teams of my life, i would have a 3.8 GPA in college and i would be receiving an offer from a school to play soccer with nearly $30k in scholarships. i would start speaking out about mental illness, and how it changed my life. i would travel, adventure, laugh, and love more than i ever had. i would become a completely new version of myself. and i would do it all on my own. i thought i lost everything. but i gained so fucking much in the process. it just goes to show you that had i taken my own life a year ago, i wouldn’t have any of this. life isnt always easy, living with a mental illness is HARD, but it is possible. may is mental health awareness month and i decided this year that i will never stop speaking out about the troubles and triumphs of mental illness. because if you’re not making someone uncomfortable you’re not doing something right. so heres to still being here. heres to everything i thought i would never have. heres to smiling and working to end the stigma around mental illness along the way.

Curiosity killed the Cat. ~ SweetPea

Imagine: that you’re basically apart of the ‘Scooby Gang’ and have been gone from Riverdale for the year before coming back to only find out that everything’s changed. Death and all, so when visiting a surprised Jughead, Sweet Pea shows up and Sparks a flame in your pretty little badass mind


Originally posted by thecwriverdale

When growing up in the town of Riverdale, secrets wasn’t in the vocab of the people who lived there. Everything was out in the open, the town had it’s known points. The Northside and the Southside. You grew up close to Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Kevin Keller, Jason Blossom, Cheryl Blossom and of course, Archie Andrews. You had to leave for a year however.

Your mom had business, dad was out of the picture when he left you at the age of two. So you reluctantly had to leave, but due to recent events you had returned to the damned town of sadness and sin. Unknown at the time, You stopped talking to the gang. That was why, Jughead Jones was as shocked as a.. well Jughead - to see you standing at the front door of his trailer home.

“(Y/N)?” Jughead asked, stunned as he let you in from the pouring rain that had been coming down. “Juggie, hey.” You said softly, drying off. From that point on he explained it all, how Jason was murdered, how it was his own father who did it. Then how Fred was shot down, Grundy was killed. The scandalous love affairs, and finally how he became a Serpent.

“Well then, I leave for one year and this turns into a terrible version of a West Craven movie.” You stated, sharing a chuckle with Jug as you took a drink of your hot tea. “I know, it’s been different.“Jughead stated as you offered him a smile. "Good thing I’m here to stay, you guys can use some normal."You teased as Jughead grinned wide. "I am so happy you’re staying."He mumbled as the two of you shared a hug, you took a trip to the bathroom. While washing up you heard a knock and conversation of multiple voices. When you walked out you were greeted by three unfamiliar faces who were wearing Serpent Jackets.

"Oh, who’s this Jug?"A girl with colored hair asked, she was quite lovely to see. Pink locks covered by a beanie as the two men stared at you. "That’s (Y/N). She’s an old friend, (Y/N) this is Toni, Fangs, and Sweet Pea."Jughead nervously said as You smirked, waving at them."Nice to meet you."You said as you seen Sweet Pea stare you down more. ”(Y/N)? What kind of name is that?“Fangs remarked as you rolled your eyes. "Mine? Let’s talk about how yours sounds like a dog’s name."You said back as Toni giggled. "She’s different, you sure she’s your friend Jug?"She asked as Sweet Pea scoffed. "She smells like a Northside Princess."He stated as you crossed your arms. "You smell like a dog, glad we agree."You said as Jughead glared at the two of you. "Calm it down."He said as you and Sweet Pea snarled at one another before the night went on as you got to know the trio.

You yawned as you stood up, glancing at the time before sighing. "I should be heading home, I have things to unpack and all."You stated as Jughead smiled. "Yeah, do you need me to walk you home?"He asked as You quickly shook your head. "I got it, I’ll see you tomorrow okay?"You said as you hugged him, waving to Toni and fangs before rolling your eyes at Sweet Pea. "Later Loser."You said annoyed, fake though. He glared before Toni held him back, patting his shoulder. "Too bad she hates you, you guys would be perfect."Toni joked as Jughead chuckled.

You were one the back trails of the Southside when you heard rustling behind you, quickly picking up your pace you were still a good five miles away from the borderline to the Northside. 

That was when you were slammed into the side of the building, three ghoulies with a dark look in their eye - had you cornered. "Get off."You said, trying to shove them away as one of the men had chuckled. "Well look what we have here boys, a new Northside play toy."He mumbled as he tugged at your top. "Hey, the lady said get off."A voice called, a cocky tone you instantly recognized - Sweet Pea.

"Go away Serpent, she’s ours."The blonde mumbled as Fangs appeared, throwing one of them off. Sweet Pea attacking the other guy as you had noticed Toni coming for Ghoulie number three. This ghoulie however, had a different plan in mind, swiftly he had a knife up to your neck and your arms pinned behind your back."Back off, or your little gal pal is going to ruin my favorite knife."He threatened, Toni quickly glancing at Sweet Pea and Fangs. The four men stopped fighting as you groaned."You Ghoulies, Always so dramatic."You snapped as you bit the guys wrist, making him drop the blade and your arms in the process, you threw your head back as you heard the crack of his nose.

"You bitch!"The man hissed in pain, you turned around as you shook your finger."No,no, no, remember. You're  a ghoulie. Not a serpent. Ghoulies groan, not hiss."You said, spinning around and punching him in the jaw, following by a blow to his stomach. Causing the man to fall down, groaning."That’s the sound."You said as the other two Ghoulies grabbed their buddy, hurrying off.

"Well, damn."Fangs muttered as you turned around to see the three stunned."Well, what? You expect me to come to the Southside like a fool, especially at night?"You asked as Toni noticed blood from your arm, "Oh boy."She mumbled as she walked over. "This? It’s just a scratch.. I’ll patch it up when I get home."You smiled as you looked up.

"Thanks though, I mean.. I’d probably be less clothed at this point if you two hadn’t appeared."You stated as Sweet Pea chuckled. "Not bad Princess, not bad at all."He joked as you laughed along with him. "I’ll walk you to the town line, just to be safe."Sweet Pea stated, you shrugged once more before the two of you began to walk off, waving to Toni and Fangs as they grinned in the beam of a flickering street light.

At first, the walk was silent. Until you looked at him."Sorry by the way, about earlier. I just get annoyed when people call me a Northsider. I mean, I am.. But I’m not. I don’t judge you guys, everyone does when they need to do to survive. Especially in the stupid one horse town."You explained as Sweet Pea just nodded his head. "No, I get it. It annoys you just as much as it annoys me when any crime takes place, we’re automatically the ones to get the blame."Sweet Pea responded. The two of you explain the perks and downgrades to the town of Riverdale.

When you finally got to the train tracks, you stopped and turned to Sweet Pea with a smile. "Thanks again, Brown Eyes. We should do this again sometime."You teased as he chuckled. "Yeah we should."Sweet Pea said, watching you as you crossed over the tracks and back into the Northside Turf.

"Hey, Princess!"He called out as you turned around. "Yes, Brown Eyes?"You asked in a uncaring tone, yet inside you were a mess at the cute nickname you received. "Just out of Curiosity, how did you know how to fight like that?"Sweet Pea asked with an arched eyebrow. You just stood there, placing your hands on your hips as you smiled. "Oh Brown Eyes, haven’t you ever heard that Curiosity Killed the Cat?"You stated as you noticed a small smirk breaking onto his lips.

"Or in your case, Curiosity Killed the Serpent."You added, turning around and waving as you smiled, giggling to yourself. Sweet Pea just chuckled with a grin and shook his head. He stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets and turned around, walking back into the night of the Southside.


Hey guys, so let me know what you thought about that! I personally tried to make it better but it’s my first attempt at this while thing. Love you all!

If Barry was Savitar

Current Barry has ruined several future Barrys’ lives by messing with the timeline.

On Legends we’re seeing a version of Eobard trying to outrun time and death to escape being erased.

What if Savitar is the same? He is the version of Barry that would have existed if Barry never went back and saved his mother, and then erased it, causing Flashpoint. He learned to go faster than ever before because he had to in order to escape being erased like everything else about his timeline, and it’s driven him insane trying to keep going fast enough to escape his fate, a fate he blames on the version of Barry that exists now.

Sure, there’s a version of that timeline that DOES still exist, but in Barry’s reality that timeline was wiped out. Maybe normally, that other Barry would have been wiped out easily too, but he was running when it happened, when the shockwave struck, and was able to outrun it until he suddenly found himself in the past (or maybe future) only it clearly wasn’t his past or future. He couldn’t go back home because home for him no longer exists; the other Barry had stolen his life.

Remember Savitar said Barry took everything from him so now he’s going to take everything from Barry. Maybe he tried again and again to figure out a way to get home, until he realized that could never happen. Then constantly going faster and faster to escape the Black Flash started to mess with him too. He visited world after world, reality after reality, challenging other speedsters so he’d finally get fast enough to beat The Flash he once was.

This lost version of Barry has become so twisted, he isn’t even really Barry anymore. He’s willing to kill Iris to prove a point to his other self, because it’s not HIS Iris after all, Barry killed her, killed everyone, destroyed everything. Why should that Barry get what he wants, when this Barry lost everything? 

So imagine everything plays out as we expect with it leading to the showdown when Iris should die, but they’re ready for it, they have everything planned as best they can, but when they overtake Savitar they finally learn who he really is. Maybe Barry tackles him and the guise falls away. He’s no metal monster, he’s just a speedster in a suit very much like Barry’s only it’s blue, and his lightning is so different it’s not even really blue to match but white.

Our Barry gets the mask off of this other man to see his own face, though maybe twenty or thirty years older, looking back at him.

“How could you do this? All those people. You were willing to kill Iris!”

“Because you killed mine! You erased everyone. You took my life, my whole world, and all because of what? For some selfish wish you didn’t even follow through on? You have to pay for what you did. I’ll make you pay for what you did to me…”

(god, I would just LOVE to see a twisted Barry at some point)

That’s My Little Girl?

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Kiseok propped the bottle full of formula against his chest as his baby girl drank from it. He was entranced by the way her eyelashes fluttered as she fought between staying awake to eat and falling asleep. He quickly pulled his phone out of his pocket and tried taking a picture of the activity. 

It was his natural reaction to document every cute moment of hers. Sometimes she would be crying and he would record it because he found it cute how her bottom lip trembled. “Hasol don’t ever grow up.”

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( guess who was on my mind the whole time i wrote this? well, i’m a hoe so the answer may or may not be three different people… bUT ANYWAYS,, i thought that this kind of scenario would be best as an optional bias one, so i do hope you’ll enjoy. ♡ )

insp. ✧ “through the night” by iu
wc. ✧ 515
pair. ✧ optional bias x reader ( your pov )

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an open letter to the newfound love of my life.

dear you,

you were a voice in my ear, flowing like sweet honey, before anything else.

i clearly remember each rise and fall, each lyric to the song you’d sung that day because i had to; the beauty of the moment couldn’t ever be expressed fully, no—not by thousands of musical sheets, not by the best arranger in the music scene—i was sure of it.

i was sure of you. i still am, you know.

curiosity soon washed over me, and i became compelled to try to know you better. some of my friends had known of you before i did, so you could just imagine how much they told me about you—how many of your stories had me giggling, wondering, feeling all kinds of emotions, and just wanting to know more.

wanting to know you more.

you became a face on my screen after that, and i have to admit, you made my heart skip a few more beats than i’d expected.

days, weeks, and months passed, yet my interest in you never faltered.

i began to listen to your songs on a regular basis, even write my own versions to them when i was bored. i grew to love and adore the amazing people you shared the stage with as much as you did. it was all new to me at first and maybe even a bit hard to get used to, how my days suddenly earned their own rhythm;

but because it was you, it was okay.

it took an overwhelming amount of time and effort, but i’d recently earned enough money to finally be able to see you in person. could you believe that?

i don’t think i’ll ever forget the night when i saw you shining up on that stage, the space where you truly belong. your every movement trickled with a blazing passion, a kind i’d never seen before in anyone else. from where i was sitting in the audience that night, i couldn’t take my eyes off of you…

…but i’ve long accepted the fact that you may never look at me back.

because my darling, you are a gem that only a chosen few are given the luxury to hold—and i am but a spectator, a pair of eyes that could only stare at you from behind the glass.

i’ve stayed by you for so long, and allowed you to take such a space in my heart to the point where i’ve learned to be content with receiving nothing from you in return.

i can only smile while looking at a photo of you enjoying yourself with your fellow artists, and think—i hope you’re always happy.

even on the day when you walk away from that stage for good, and everyone else forgets your name—i’ll be the one who remembers.

even as my tears stain these words which i’ve always wanted to write to you, but may never even get to you, i still think—i love you no matter what.

because as long as it’s you, my dear, i know it’ll be okay.


Hi everyone or whoever is reading this, this is kind of important though ~

Ariadusts here!

As you might know from my main blog that is surely now on at least a good year of hiatus, I had (for a bunch of irl reasons) to almost stop drawing and nearly quit sharing to the internet.
But due to my egoism, stubborness and after talking to someone who gave me more motivation and reasons to do so and let’s not forget all the nice tumblr users who followed me on my main blog and gave me really sweet messages on that one post; here is a bunch of stuff I’ll allow myself to doodle and share (not as pretty as my main blog, friendly reminder it’s a quick doodle blog, not a colored doodle and serious fanart one) :

  • BNHA chapters and episodes “in a nutshell” or “sum up” : as you might know, only for comedy purpose!

  • BNHA crossover comics : just like I did wih nichijou and danshi koukousei no nichijou.
  • Small “behind the scene” BNHA ideas : for example I thought of doing my own version on “how did Deku get Shouto’s phone number”.
  • Other fun stuff and bonus : I’m sure I’ll get carried away from time to time, as usual. Like coloring more of my favs sketches of Horikoshi Kohei or eventually opening the ask box, BNHA smash!! inspired doodles and others. ; ^;

  • I’ll also add some songs I listen to when I draw at the end of some posts because I love almost all kind of music so much!

So yeah, point being, I hated the thought of quitting something I enjoy just because life is hard and I’m bad at it. Even if I lack of time I rather lack of sleep and draw a comic than do nothing at all!
But don’t worry, other than that I have a healthy life and thus I’ll be fine~

Don’t get it wrong though, when I decide to quit something, I usually take at least 1 or 2 weeks to think of it well. And up until now, when I thought I would, I did. Just this time I’m giving it a temporary second chance, until the hiatus on my main blog is over, for the reasons above.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as well!

If you wonder about the character I drew on the very first picture above then read this, if not, then ignore it :
She is a random OC I created after myself a while ago. At first she didn’t have this two toned hair, other the odd eyes. But you see, recently I’ve been starting shows like RWBY and BNHA because of characters with two toned hair + Sia is one of my favorite singer/song writer and I’ve been listening a lot of her songs lately. So! I ended up giving this OC the two different colors I use for my hair depending on the seasons. As for the haircut that’s mine as well, and for the eyes one is clear blue as I used to have them, the other is clear blue-grey as it now became.
This character is also my main’s blog avatar :

Special note to the ones who left a message on the post that “caused” this one : I truly appreciated your thoughts and you shouldn’t think it is “useless” or such. You don’t know how much it helps, even if it’s little by little, even if I might not reply, I read it and think of it to consider things on my blogs! Sincerely, thank you.

I also apologize for my bad english. >w>;b

Flaw in our code (Jason Todd/Red hood x Reader)

A/N: Once again I’ve proven that Jason is my fave. I know there are a million ways to do Soulmate AU’s and this is what inspiration brought me to. This CAN be read as a sequel to, well, most of my Jason fics but ESPECIALLY this one.

Somehow something always drew you back to him. Just as strongly as something gravitated him to you. Each night he wound up at your door, or you at his. He never seized to get your heart racing again, your blood running a little bit faster. Most fights were because he was too forgetful…. he couldn’t seem to remember that he was still mortal. You had broken up a couple of times over it, but somehow your lives seemed intertwined. Teenage lovers to … whatever it grew into. You knew he was yours to the same extent you were his, but some days that was all you knew. Especially since…

Since the last thing you heard of him was a message on his death. The realisation had been creeping up on you. You weren’t together at that but it tore you up from the inside. Even more because you had gotten into that fight with him the night before. He might have been with you otherwise. He didn’t come for you the very same night to make up… that was the first sign.
You felt such a sense of despair, inexplicably and you knew what that meant. You had looked for him but you couldn’t find him. The second sign.

That was the one that made sure you knew he had died in a lot of pain in hindsight. After finding out through, from all things, a news report. Someone who trivially read what had happened in a solemn voice only to move on the next day. Then, there was darkness, emptiness, a void. Like a dark hole it seemed to suck up all the light in your life indefinitely. You didn’t feel guilty because you feared he died not knowing you loved him, you knew he knew that, but you did feel guilty because the last memory he had of you was fighting. For about a month you had been on auto-pilot. As sobbing mess on the floor, with friends regularly stopping by to remind you the world hadn’t ended. They didn’t realise that to you it had. How do you go on with half your soul missing?

Your answer? By avenging him. 

One suicide mission later you had to be saved and you had hoped it would be him to save you. Of course but it wasn’t. You tried to move on but the world felt grey and white. Your soul numb. Maybe you had influenced this new… version of him. He might be channeling your reaction to his death through whatever connection you shared. Or, maybe he was always going to turn out looking for revenge and you just got a headstart because he was six feet under. One way or another. You understood what drove him now, because you shared the feeling that the Joker had to die for what he did to Jason.

And then tonight happened. He was back. You figured your suspicions would either get proven right or adopting Jason’s impulsive nature would get you taken out. You had sought out the dangerous Red Hood and found him. As soon as you saw him walking around, you had known. You weren’t wrong. And now he was back in your bed. Just like always, holding onto him felt right, just like always, his body fit against your like a glove and your missing piece clicked back into place. Like he had never even been gone.

You felt fingers tracing your back and turned around in the bed, leaning against him, pressing your body against his while he took you in his embrace. He muttered an ‘I love you ‘ against your ear and you reveled in it. You could remember how much you had craved to just hear his voice again. You knew nobody would ever love you like he did. All-consuming but right. You knew he would have your back through anything, protect you even if it cost him his own life and would be there for you through anything… with a sarcastic comment to boot.

He had come back different. No way to deny that. But you knew for a fact that in the end there was no version of him, in any lifetime, in any time, you wouldn’t want, no,  need with you. He was still Jason, but a more dangerous version. He was living the saying ‘what doesn’t kill me better start running’ but this time with an AK-47 in hand. You would oppose it but you knew damn well he needed the rush of the chase after all that happened, of that kind of constantly shifting goal in life. He didn’t even need to tell you. Just like before you understood him without words. Just as long as he would come back to you. And that was your main concern. He had become more wild in every way possible. That meant taking all his usual outlets and pushing them to the limit… including those that took place in bed. By lack of better words; he fucked as if the Lazarus pit treatment could wear off any day.

“ Why aren’t you asleep yet?” You turned around to face him.
“ Cause I’m scared you’ll be gone when I wake up.”
“ Babe, you’re never gonna get rid of me, ever again.”
“ Good.” You kissed him, hard, desperate and he returned the kiss with the same passion and fervor while you ran your hand down his chest again. You wanted to get as close to him as possible, skin on skin, because as long as you were touching him and he was touching you he was alive and with you.

He had gotten… a bit crazy perhaps. But you couldn’t blame him for it. It’s what happens when you go to hell and back. And damnit, when his hands were running over your skin and you felt your body pressed against his you knew for a fact you were a little too willing to go along with whatever he was up to. You’d join him to the ends of hell because you couldn’t save him from it when he was taken. You would be the one to makesure he forgot all about the shit that happened that day and all days before. Just like he made you forget all that happened in yours.

Art trade for @midluuna!!

I really love how everyone’s interpretation of characters is slightly different. There are so many different ways that people draw characters, and I love exploring all of the different versions.
With Undyne specifically, there are SO many ways that people take her design and make it their own. For our art trade, @midluuna and I swapped Undynes and challenged each other to draw the other person’s version of Undyne… but in their own style. So… the above is what I did for that!!

It was very interesting to get to work with @midluuna’s color scheme and style work while still using my own art style. I really admire @midluuna’s expression work and work in general, and it was an honor to make this piece for her using her ideas to make something of my own.

@midluuna, I hope you like this! I worked pretty hard on it and had a lot of fun along the way.✨


Fools in Love

In the end, out of all the surviving characters in episode 20 it was Wook who received a proper closure - fitting, tragic and symbolic - he sacrificed so much for power and his family only to be abandoned by them and ending up powerless; but most of all, when asked about love during the final days of his life THE ONLY WOMAN HE COULD THINK OF WAS MYUNG HEE. And judging from his symptoms (muffed coughs, loss of weight, …), IN THE END HE DIED FROM THE SAME ILLNESS SHE DID (tuberculosis) ; so perhaps one day after he pays for his sins in the various levels of hell, he will meet her once again.

“Why couldn’t I say it? I knew she wanted so badly to hear it. I couldn’t tell her I loved her. I did not think I did. But, Soo, those feelings were love. I thought I was just grateful. It was love. I thought she was just comforting It was love.” - Wook

Despite everything he has done, in the end you have to pity this man who fell in love with his own wife, but was too young and foolish to realize it, instead chasing an idealized version of what he thought was love, WHEN HE HAD THE PERFECT LOVE ALL ALONG. Perhaps, the reason why Wook and Soo were attracted to each other to begin with was because of HOW VERY SIMILAR THEY WERE - BOTH FAILING TO RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE TRUE LOVE UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE, LETTING IT SLIP BY because they dragged their feet and kept hesitating for far too long; HAE SOO NEVER MANAGED TO TOLD SO DIRECTLY HOW MUCH SHE LOVED HIM, JUST LIKE WOOK NEVER MANAGED TO TELL MYUNG HEE.

“You’re so foolish. You are both so foolish.” - Myung Hee

In the end, Myung Hee was right all along - they were both the same blind fools.

How Dan Stevens Learned To Sing For 'Beauty and the Beast'
British actor Dan Stevens has shown impressive range over the past few years, playing everything from an English lawyer in Downtown Abbey to a Terminator-style American killer in The Guest to whoev…

“I’ve done bits of singing for jobs, but nothing like this,” the actor told EW on the film’s U.K. set in the summer of 2015. “I sang very very badly in an episode of Downton. I did sort-of musicals at school, university. But, no, professionally I haven’t done too much. This is another level, really.”

The Beast doesn’t have his own number in the original 1991 animated classic. But for the live-action version, composer Alan Menken and lyricist Tim Rice have collaborated on a new song for Stevens’ character, called “For Evermore.”

“The Beast didn’t sing in the animated version but he did sing in the stage show version,” said Stevens, referring to the number, “If I Can’t Love Her.” “That song was all about ‘How am I going to fall in love with her?’ and our song is more about ‘I’ve fallen in love with her, and now she’s buggered off, woe is me. It’s a big, romantic, soaring number.”

So, how did Stevens get his vocal cords in fighting shape?

“I’ve been working quite closely with a brilliant woman from the Royal Academy of Music, [singing coach] Ann-Marie Speed, who’s just fantastic,” Stevens said. “Like a lot of the things I’ve been doing over the last few years, [it’s about] acquiring new skills, or challenging myself to do something I’ve never done before — in this case, challenging myself to do several things I’ve never done before. But it’s really good fun. It’s certainly interesting!”

The actor also received assists from Menken himself. “He’s been great fun to work with,” said Stevens. “He’s like a sort of hyperactive mole, or something. He absolutely blasts melodies left, right, and center. Just going to the recording studio with someone like him is an experience. Who knows, I might end up singing again. I quite enjoy it!”

Heartless by Marrissa Meyer

So this is my first review of the year and I must say I am a tad rusty! I picked this book up mainly because I read the lunar chronicles and fell in love with Marrissa Meyers writing style. I also love fairy tales and Alice in wonderland is one of my favourites. But also just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this cover!! It’s stunning! Round of applause to the publisher and the artist, this is the perfect book cover!

Now onto the actual contents of the book. This is a spoiler free review so if you want to discuss the book in more details with others who have read the book I can create a discussion!!

First of all I feel like the continuity with Alice in wonderland and all the nursery rhymes and fairy tales included was amazing. I felt the same with the lunar chronicles, it’s clear that the author does her research in what she is writing and it’s also clear that she likes what she is writing! One of my favourite characters was Hatta and I felt like not only did he bring the original mad hatter to life, there was also a cheeky hint of Johnny Depps hatter, which pleased me greatly!

I love the use of the characters plots and how they relate to the main character Cath, and I loved every single one of them! I think that the joker was also written amazingly and I completely fell into their story.

The book is filled with plot twists and references to all sorts of other stories which I feel sets it apart from other stories. Although the original versions are clearly in the story, the characters story held it’s own and you weren’t held down or confused by other references.

I think this was a really good point of view story and has never been told before. It also gives background to a few Alice in wonderland characters that are pretty shocking!

I absolutely loved this books and really hope there is a sequel or that at least Meyer doesn’t take too long writing her next book! This book is appropriate for younger readers (like 11+) but I feel like it can also be enjoyed by older readers who are a fan of Alice in wonderland! I also found it was a really quick read even though some parts were pretty emotional!!

The next book I am reading is the Red Queen by Phillipa Gregory, clearly I am in the mood for red monarchs! Let me know if you’ve read this book so we can discuss it!

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Andi, what's your headcanon for the Hales? Like, was Derek's dad human or werewolf (bitten or born?), did he and Talia just met and fell in love or were there negotiations between their packs (if he was a 'wolf). How many children did they have? (I always try to think about how many Hales died in the fire when making up Derek's siblings but sometimes I ignore it lol). Did Cora have a twin? Are Laura and Derek twins? How many siblings did Talia have that lived with them in the house or was it (1)

(2) just Peter and his wife? Sorry it got so long but there are so many versions I wondered about yours

The Hales are everything to me and I’d do anything for a Hale spinoff so I have answers to all of this! 

I headcanon papa Hale as 100% human. I love the idea of him being to Talia kind of what Stiles is to Derek and Derek seeing part of his parents relationship in his own. Papa Hale, to me, is a tall, broad man with a fluffy beard, nerdy glasses, a kind smile, laugh lines on his eyes and human all the way. I think he was Talia’s first act of rebellion with her alpha because he was human and things were a lot more strict in their days (Talia’s parents aren’t speciest, they’d argue, but they wanted their alpha-to-be to find a strong werewolf mate) and Talia fought for him and they won in the end (it made for a thrilling bedtime story for their kids).

I really dislike the idea that Cora and Laura were Derek’s only siblings, actually. I imagine AT LEAST five kids, Derek being the middle child and the one who spent a lot of time in the family library with his dad. Cora did not have a twin and I kinda really love the idea of Laura and Derek being twins (Laura was the oldest by two minutes and never let Derek forget it). If the Hales had other twins they were either cousins or the youngest from Talia’s bunch.

To me the Hales were a HUGE family. I know that in canon Derek and Laura are left with no one else, but I like to headcanon that the 11 who were in the house at the time of the fire were just the immediate family and that there are a lot more. I headcanon that Talia has like 5 siblings (at least one of them died tho) and each has at least one kid. Talia is the oldest and the alpha and the one with the most kids (her siblings tease her that they don’t get how she has time to be alpha, the most powerful woman in Beacon Hills AND raise so many little wolves). Papa Hale was an only child who was adopted so his family is Talia’s family.

If we go with canon and consider all Hales were the 11 in the house plus two then the Hales were: Talia, Papa Hale, Derek, Laura, Cora, the older brother of the bunch, the younger kids who are twins, Peter, Talia and Peter’s younger brother and his baby and mate and grandma Hale because I will fight anyone who doesn’t agree there was a grandma Hale! I don’t really think Peter had a wife (was it ever canon?) but then again I don’t like Peter so I tend to not think of him much lol

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Hey quick question, what do you think will happen to the Voltron shipping community when season 3 comes out and Lotor starts f*cking up Team Voltron? Will he be after Allura's magical royal genes 🔮👸like in the original series or Pidge 🦁🌳💻 because she is the only other girl, me and my friend don't know what will happen and she is scared for the Klance shippers because she is one herself, sorry if this is weird but I fear for her sanity sometimes Please answer when you have time

The VLD shipping community will discover approximately 100 new discourses & rant about how problematic “insert new ship name is”. And I don’t care or want any part of it.

Since Alfor and Zarkon use to be friends/diplomatic allies, I’m assuming they may have wanted their children to get married? Possibly an arranged marriage?? I’m half expecting Lotor to be Allura’s ex-fiance. 

80′s Lotor’s main character motivations were destroying Voltron and having Allura for his own. I’m interested to see how far VLD takes Lotor’s obsession with her. Maybe he’ll be too hellbent on conquering the universe to care. 

Maybe VLD Lotor won’t even like girls. 

Bu since the show has hinted at Kallura, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the classic Keith/Allura/Lotor love triangle. After all, Kallura is like THE Voltron ship. They’re together in every version of the show. I feel like having Allura as a potential love interest would really amp up the rivalry between Keith and Lotor, just as it did in the 80′s Voltron. 

Idk man. We’ll see.


On your old site, you had a quote from some TToI bonus material (a commentary, I think?) with Peter Capaldi and a few others joking about how he breaks out his DVDs and has “Pete nights” rewatching all his random small film and TV appearances. Would you mind reposting that, or giving me the link if you already have and I just can’t find it? I get such a kick out of that one.

(as asked by an Anon with an excellent memory since I first posted it in something like March 2013.  This is a reconstruction since I didn’t save the original version, but I think it is pretty much the same except the gifs are slightly different.)

Jesse: How do you three feel about watching your own work?  Did you watch them all when they went out and have you watched them subsequently?
Peter: I love it.  I have whole Pete Fests at home.  I tell no one to call–
Chris: Local Hero
Peter: close the doors–
Chris: opening the–
Peter: I put everything on.  My Waking the Dead, Judge John Deed
Chris: Many, many Judge John Deeds
Peter: Crown Court
Chris: Midsomer Murders, of course.
Peter: Midsomer Murders.
Chris: Midsomer Murders
Peter: I could spend whole weekends drinking and watching that stuff.  I invite people around, but nobody accepts my invitations.
Chris: Nobody accepts.  Peter’s having one of his weekends again.

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Hi! Did u edit the photo with the dialogue "does it hurt loving me"?? What anime/movie did it come from??? Thank u!!! ❤️

it is called Tobira o Akete- here is the unedited version of that scene:

thanks for asking- here is a link to the original movie in it’s entirety on youtube

it’s pretty funny, but the dialogue in my version is just something i made up. all of the subtitles i add in my edits are of my own creation. i’m happy to explain my process for making my gifs or doing other VHS style edits if anyone is curious on how to make and edit vide/gifs to look more lo fi or if you just want to see more before and after pictures. just send me an ask if you have a specific question or like/reblog this post.

here is a better example of my work i think:

thanks for stopping by <333

Sentence Meme - Angst Version
  • "You're a monster."
  • "It's all your fault that this is all so fucked up."
  • "You don't get to decide how I feel."
  • "You can't possibly hate me as much as I hate myself right now."
  • "I never want to see you again."
  • "I don't want to feel like this anymore."
  • "What did I do to make you hate me so much?"
  • "I'm saying goodbye, I have to."
  • "Look me in the eye and tell me that you don't love me."
  • "I don't love you..."
  • "No one is going to miss you."
  • "Could you just mind your own fucking business for once?"
  • "You broke me."
  • "I don't want to be a slave to the way I feel about you."
  • "I just want someone to want me back."
  • "You didn't deserve my time."
  • "Don't interrupt me!"
  • "I didn't mean to mess everything up."
  • "You don't know me at all."
  • "You think I'd have sex with some random girl/guy behind your back?"
  • "I feel like such a fuck-up today."
  • "You used me and I can't forgive you for that."
  • "Do you ever shut up?"

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Howdy, I just wanted to say I really love your art style and I especially love Ocu. He looks so sweet and yet dangerous! Also, how did you come up with him? I'm truly interested.

Thank you so much for your nice message! <3
Also welcome to the blog! (this goes also to everyone else who has found thisplace lately! <3)

As tumblr is a bit hard place to go to search stuff from the beginning, here’s a brief history of Oculus~
So, few years ago people were making their own characters/versions out of youtuber Markiplier’s alterego/character ‘Darkiplier’. They were OC’s, original characters, all different kind of ‘dark/demonic/etc’ but linked with that fact.
I wanted to join & make my own and as a one who loves monsters and creating themed characters. I also decided to use the character creating as a way to learn draw some things that are hard for me to draw at that time: hands. I combined elements and decided to draw a character with eyes in his hands, so it would make me draw hands (also different poses) every time I drew him. I called him ‘eyeplier’ (kinda started a a pun, fff). Though he also had his own name, Oculus, from the start, as I did&still do concider them all as OCs.
I made him a blog because ask-blogs had been my dream for years and I finally had a character to draw in one, also comical horror is my thing, and I could do that here~ XD
For almost a year I updated it daily with atleast one picture, met awesome people, did collabs, drew like mad and let the character grow.
From the start, Ocu grew and got his own persona and as I could never figure out a way to ‘link’ him to the youtuber/his character, Ocu got his own story that I have been developing since dawn of ages. :D I have so much story to tell about him and hopefully get to put that all down~ (the url of the blog was also changed for the reasons that I want to concentrate on bringing out the story of Ocu and Tres as characters of their own :D)
So, there, in a nutshell a bit of history, opefully I answered this even a bit~ XD

Yesterday I played a bit of the 3DS version Tales of the Abyss, and oh God, such nostalgia…!

While I never really played the 3DS version (I’m barely in Chesedonia) I did finish (and loved) the PS2 version years ago, and I have really fond memories of the game. I think it was my first Tales of, too?

I have forgotten so much, though… like how annoying early Luke was, and how much walking you had to do at first. Jade is precisely as awesome as I remembered ahaha. That guy really is the best Tales character ever… OP, but totally justified and just plainly amusing.

To be honest, one of the things that drew me so much to this game is that the cast is great. They all have their own motivations and stories, and are engaging and actually useful in battle. I think the only aspect of the roster I truly disliked were the interactions between Natalia and Asch; [RANT] they felt unnatural and forced every single time. I like both characters, and their childhood relationship was one thing, but I simply don’t think they make sense as a couple in the “current” storyline. It’s one of those relationships I can’t remember what canon said (well, aside from the ending…), but in my mind, their hearts went their separate ways (I still think they care about the other, just not romantically). [/RANT]

Back on less ranty things, I just can’t wait to get to Sync. I always had a soft spot for the kid for some reason… he really deserved better. All the generals did, in a way, but both him and Arietta were just kids (I know Arietta was 16, but she was picked up as a child).

Well, I say I can’t wait, but I wonder if I will continue playing… I really have such a backlog, I’m not sure if this is the right time… .