i love how the relationship between these three is basically the catalyst for the entire show

Rambling Thoughts And Parallels On Parade

I’ve been thinking about the parallels they’ve sprinkled throughout the show this season.  Some of them are obvious: the red pen and Oliver pantomiming a proposal to Felicity, the fake world of the Dominators and all the fun stuff that went on there, the bullet ridden laptop in the Bratva flashbacks. There were a lot more; you have to trust me on this one. I want to talk about the less obvious ones. Those of you who follow the narrative of Arrow as closely as I do, probably already know which ones.

This might (probably will) get rambly, but that is how I roll sometimes. And when these kind of thoughts take hold—they take hold. Besides, where else can I take them? This is why I created my blog—to have a place to purge said thoughts.

Am I crazy thinking that most of the parallels this season are linked to Oliver and Felicity? Is my Olicity bandwagon that obvious? It’s been said that their story —as crime-fighting partners and romantically as well, is the core of the show. Oliver’s growth and Felicity’s growth is symbiotic.

It didn’t start out that way. Felicity was only supposed to be on just one episode. But the combination of chemistry between EBR and SA, and the lackluster pairing of Oliver and Laurel, made the writers rethink the love story they wanted to tell. Yes, they tried throwing other love interest Oliver’s (and ours) way—McKenna, Helena, Sara; and a one night stand with Isabel. But when those “interests” didn’t pan out, Felicity was still there. She became a constant in Oliver’s life in a way those other women could never be. They were nothing more than pit stops, temporary romps without any real meaning or thought. Oliver got sexy time with them, but he was only going through the motions. It wasn’t until Sara told him he deserved someone better than her, someone who could harness that light inside him, that Oliver realized he could be long term relationship material. He did want to care for someone, to love and laugh and maybe embrace that light Sara talked about.

McKenna wasn’t for Oliver. She was more for Ollie. She knew the playboy, not the hero. There wasn’t any real significant history between them.

Besides Sara, Helena was closer to who Oliver had been when he came back from the island. She was a train wreck, damaged emotionally and scared by the very thing Oliver was looking for—love and a sense of belonging. They were dysfunctional mirrors of each other. There was no conventional therapy that would have helped her. Oliver had Lian Yu and Hong Kong and Russia. His experiences in those places taught him how to be strong, and how to detach from his feelings. Helena had superior fighting skills, rage and a place to aim it—at her father. Neither of them knew how to truly reach out and let hope or redemption lead them to the light.

So Oliver drifted through Season 1 without the kind of love he thought he would be able to get from the above mentioned.

He brought John and Felicity into his crusade and that was the catalyst for Oliver to make the kind of connection he was looking for. John was still fighting his own demons with his war experiences and losing Andy. Before joining them, Felicity had settled into an obscure life, away from pain and loss and love. When the three of them came together, they recognized in each other that connection. They were a team, sharing one goal—to make a difference.

Parallels Gene, parallels. Stay on point. I did say that this might get rambly. When I delve into the show like this, it sometimes consumes me—and like my wife used to accuse me of, I have a tendency to ping-pong all over the place. So I guess my point up to here is that Felicity remained a constant in Oliver’s life. She was here to stay.

So, Season 5. We were told that the show was going back to basics. A reboot. Was it because they were trying to bring the comic fans back into the fold? Maybe. The show did kill off their matriarch. Was it because the initial 5 seasons were coming to an end and they were green-lighted for more? Perhaps. MG said that they might have made a mistake in bringing Oliver and Felicity together too soon, (this always cracked me up.) So I think their relationship was a culmination of all these things.

When Season 5 opened, Oliver and Felicity were “ambiguous.” They were working together as Green Arrow and Overwatch, but they were still romantically apart. Yet, they seemed to have traded places emotionally from where they had been in past seasons.

This time is was Oliver pining and frustrated, wanting to bridge the gap between them and come together. Felicity was the one holding back and pushing away (via Oliver in Season 3.) She still had obvious feelings for him. Their romance was implied but not acted on. They both wanted it, but there was still too much damage to repair. If they came back together too soon their relationship would implode again. So Oliver appeared to regress back to doing things alone and to killing again. Going back to basics. And Felicity seemed to fade into the background, trying to process what had happened to her personally. Both of them were like billiard balls, bumping off each other, looking for a pocket they could call home.

Then Felicity met and became involved with someone, something she thought would help her sort through all her feelings and move on. It didn’t. But it was a fun distraction, and maybe it did loosen things up a bit for her.

Until Rory came along and shoved Havenrock back into her face.

But here’s the thing about Billy, and another parallel added to the parade. Felicity kept her relationship with him a secret, from the Team , and more importantly—Oliver. For 5 episodes, in the entire 3 minutes we saw her interact with Billy, I could hear John telling Oliver that secrets have weight. She finally told Oliver, only because he found out from a virtual stranger and asked her. Billy was a comfort zone for Felicity, and if Oliver hadn’t found out when he did, her secret would have lasted a lot longer.

Sound familiar? Was she afraid of losing Oliver forever? Like Oliver was afraid of losing her over William? Sure, Oliver totally lied to her every time he came back from Central City. He broke her trust, her happiness, her heart. And even though Felicity did not lie to Oliver about Billy, he was still hurt. A secret is a secret, especially when it’s kept from someone you love. It’s damaging. Oliver found this out the hard way when Felicity got out of that wheelchair and walked away. I think Felicity will experience this with her secrets about Helix. Her secret won’t be as severe emotionally as Oliver’s but it will still be damaging.

After Oliver killed Billy, Felicity’s comfort zone died with him. Raw emotions took hold of her, and she faced again all the issues that brought her to Billy in the first place. Anger, grief, loss, regret, uncertainty fear—all these things crashed in on her and took her to a place dark and painful. She could look into a mirror and not only see herself, but also a reflection of Oliver super-imposed on hers, giving her a glimpse into what he has been living with since he washed up on Lian Yu.

All of this left Felicity wide open for Helix.

And here is the last parallel in this rambly chronicle. Helix will be Felicity’s League of Assassins. It will at first give her a sense of identity. It will empower her. It will be her mask. And she won’t feel like she’s alone anymore. But here’s the catch. Helix is just as dangerous, with just as much potential of losing herself as the League was for Oliver. If Felicity does end up pitting herself against Team Oliver, it could be the final conflict between them. It would be the kind of disconnect and loss neither one of them would tolerate. Oliver did the same thing with Team Arrow, (granted, it was ruse to make Ra’s think Oliver was all in.) He hurt those that he loved in order to protect them. Sure, a bit misguided, but his heart was in the right place. Felicity will do her thing with Helix for the same reason. In her life, Felicity had never hurt those she loves. She is a cupcake. A unicorn. A pure ray of emphatic sunshine. Her nature is to love, to help and to  heal. It is all of these things that will eventually save her, and let those she loves back in.

So, all of what is happening this season is familiar. Maybe the writers really do have a method to their madness? Maybe there is a confrontation, a reconciliation, an endgame? Maybe we will be surprised? Maybe we will believe again?

With a wink and a smile—I’m in.

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Arrow and Olicity in 5x09

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about last night’s episode, and long story short, I thought it was fantastic. This episode was a huge stepping stone and it set up 5B and it blew the doors on Olicity wide open.

Please keep in mind I process as I write things out. I’ve only watched the episode once, so I’m going off memory at the moment, and most of my thoughts are Olicity-geared. 

I’m also jazzed as absolute hell because what we’re seeing right now, in my eyes, is everything I want this season.

Did you read my “An Arrow & Olicity Daydream” and the follow-up “Felicity Smoak Addendum”? I’m absolutely tooting my own horn with these. I’m super excited because I feel like we’re getting pretty close to what I ultimately want from this season, for Oliver and Felicity individually, and for Olicity. This is a continuation of the theme I’ve outlined in my mind in the above meta posts for Olicity this season.

Anyway, back to my thoughts… and in case you were wondering:

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anonymous asked:

Why do you think people say river exists solely to have a relationship with the doctor? That's... not how it seems to me at all. She /does/ marry him, but she does lots of other stuff too.

I think that there is some distinction between a) what River, as a fictional character,  does with her life and b) what her role in the narrative is. I’m assuming that at least some people who complain that she exists solely as a love interest for the Doctor draw more on that second aspect than the first. Unless they really prescribe to the idea that River’s life revolves entirely around the Doctor - at which point the discussion is basically moot, because River’s has her own adventures, a profession she loves, and she turns down the Doctor’s offer/plea to travel with him twice.

Assuming that the issue is more with her role on Doctor Who than with what River does as a person, the question is a bit more interesting. Because the way she was introduced and the way her story progressed, her position as the Doctor’s love interest always plays a role. They were implied to have a very close relationship in the Library two-parter, the idea of her as the Doctor’s wife was introduced in TToA and then furthered in TPO, TIA and DotM showed a deepening relationship, even if still impacted by mistrust and loss, and ended in a kiss etc. You get the picture. It is set up as a love story, even if it is an unconventional one.

However, that is basically where the argument of River existing to have a relationship with the Doctor ends.

Even from a technical point of view, the idea of her only being on the show as a love interest doesn’t hold water. She fulfils a range of other roles in the narrative. She’s there to drag him into a multitude of dangers, from the Library and the Weeping Angels to the Pandorica, playing the catalyst of the adventure. River drives the story forward and is able to give hints of the show’s future, setting up and/or connecting the threads which make up the show’s larger arcs. Moreover, she is a character who can believably be comfortable around guns and therefore take care of the more violence-related tasks that can come up over the course of an adventure (essentially the same purpose for which Jack Harkness was introduced in series 1). And ultimately, she is able to offer a balance to the superior level of knowledge which the Doctor possesses by shifting the power dynamic - the first times he meets her, it is her who holds information he has no access to. While this list is not meant to be complete, it should paint a picture of a character whose position on the show can’t only be described as “love interest”.

And as a character, it certainly doesn’t ring true either. River develops hugely from the impulsive, destructive rebel of Let’s Kill Hitler and The Wedding of River Song to someone wise, who grew with her pain and her life experiences, who became more independent and won in agency. The arc episodes of series 6 are just as much her tale as they are the Doctor, as we gain insights into her character and her background - and she is revealed as a fleshed-out character with a complex story. River is a person on her own and a three-dimensional one at that and dismissing her as someone who is only around to be in a relationship with the Doctor does a great disservice to her and her story.

I really didn't want to write this, but someone has to say it. Why Naruto!!!!

              I really didn’t want to write this but I couldn’t help it after reevaluating EVERYTHING IN THIS MOTHER FREAKING STORY. Yeah I know it’s just anime I know that I shouldn’t take it so seriously but someone has to say it to the god forsaken fandom

               Ever since Naruto Gaiden came out, and Naruto was added to Netflix, I’ve been re-watching the entire series again and well, I hate to say this but I’m going to have to take sides here. Although Naruto’s character in the end did change and grow and mature (being the one to punish his son for his pranks, instead of him doing the pranking), the canon material to make it happen is just, well………… horrible. I’m talking about you “The Last” and I’m also talking about the main pairings for him and a certain group of individuals, because let’s just face it, it was a major element to the show and the characters.

                Now I don’t really consider myself a shipper. I don’t really make OTPs unless they are completely and unequivocally obvious or confirmed. That being said, usually I ship or just automatically pair up the main hero/heroine with their main object of their affection and live with it no matter how rational or irrational their relationship might seem. Bear with me please, this is going to be long.

                Now when talking about Naruto’s character you can’t talk about his character without mentioning Sasuke and Sakura and their whole love triangle relationship. Looking back onto the Naruto anime as a whole, I never really did have an opinion of Sakura unless she wasn’t the Sasuke fangirl because it did nothing to her character. I was more interested in her interactions with Naruto. Although very little she did warm up to Naruto with every interaction she had with him after her introduction episode/chapter. He went from being a nuisance, to teammate (survival training arc), to an actual acquaintance, to some she genuinely cared about, as a friend (if you think I would ship them together so soon you’re sadly mistaken). Pre-Shippūden, Sakura was just Naruto’s crush, nothing more nothing less, in the beginning. In the end it grew to an actual friendship but no more than that. Although he did genuinely had feeling for Sakura, he did compete with Sasuke for her attention because that’s what he thought she liked. A strong and confident shinobi. This is all pre-Shippūden in the end before Shippūden when he knew he couldn’t win her over, he did everything he could to make her happy because she was one of the first people to accept him and still had feeling for her. Sakura however in terms of Naruto was (and this might be bold of me to say) slowly grew into what Hinata thought of Naruto only a little more. He was strong, kind, understanding, and more than anything someone she could depend on, but not really love him unconditionally because of her feeling for Sasuke (which I never really understood). This love triangle was basically the basis of this story and no I’m not just saying that, it’s really quite obvious.

                Now on to Sasuke. His relationship with Naruto, obvious rival, although it didn’t start out that way until the Chūnin Exam arc. Naruto thought of Sasuke as a rival, but Sasuke himself thought that he was in idiot, but an idiot that he had something in common with; loneliness. To be completely honest here their relationship is a hell of a lot stronger than any other relationship in the series, just admit it. Sure a part of Naruto wanted to save Sasuke because of Sakura, but most of it was because he wanted to save a friend, a rival and a comrade. That was basically it. Sasuke himself left the village because he wasn’t as strong as Naruto and he was losing to him against his brother. This strong bond as rivals is what kept them close, yet so far apart. This ultimately brought them closer and helped understand each other as people.

                Now on to Shippūde- wait I forgot someone else. Probably the only side character in any series to take over the role of the heroine, when nothing happened to the main “heroine” and stayed a side character for over 99% of the series. Oh yes Hinata. Pre-Shippūden I really did like her. She was someone whom most people could empathize with. She was basically shunned by her father and her family because she was timid and weak. In the early years of her depression, she then met or saw a young boy Naruto and found strength by observing him. That’s it that’s why I really liked HInata. At first she wasn’t just all about Naruto. She just found him as a source of inner strength and sought become as persistent and hard working as him. Then came Shippūden. After she found strength in herself and more confidence in herself and patched a few things up with her father and her cousin Neji, she still obsesses with Naruto. I mean I can see why, but still, that shouldn’t be the only basis of her character. If she used Naruto as a catalyst to get stronger, while at the same time have an actual goal (like actually taking over the Hyuga clan from her sister) then she would have been awesome. She didn’t though. I never really understood her “love”, I just thought of it as admiration for a strong role model. Compared to Sasuke, compared to Sakura, hell compared to Shikamaru, her interactions with him are miniscule. I feel like we as the viewers were supposed to empathize with Hinata because we saw Naruto in the same kind of light. A role model. I mean honest here, can you naruhina fans say you love Naruto the character and series, without Hinata? Me personally I don’t get it. If anything this love story between Naruto and Hinata is comparable to any other couple it would be Edward and Bella from Twilight, only worse because Bella and Edward and more interactions within three hundred pages or so than Hinata and Naruto did for seven hundred manga chapters. Yeah that might be bold to say, and one hundred percent sure I’ll get hate, but can you really say I’m wrong? If this was a love story, this would be a love at first sight; one sided. It’s the same type of love as those two pasty faced melodramatic assholes had!!! If you don’t believe me then go watch or read the manga or anime and movie again WITHOUT ALL OF THE NARUHINA FANGIRLING but as an actual review of their relationship with each other. Narusaku is only a little bit better, but not by much and the reason for that being would be Sakura and Sasuke’s whole situation.

               Sakura from Shippūden was a nice change of pace for her character. Overall it didn’t change her friendship with Naruto, but it did make her feel more concerned and empathetic towards him as a person. As someone she cares a great deal for. In Shippūden you can honestly say she does care for Naruto just as much as Sasuke. Proof of that would be the “Sakura’s Tear’s” chapter and episode, she even said “Stop Naruto, its ok I can save Sasuke.” In an attempt to save him from himself and the Kyuubi. Although in vane it was still because she cared for him and didn’t want him to go berserk for her just for Sasuke. At least on her point of view. Naruto was really only just trying to get Orochimaru to shut up.  However, despite their interactions and feelings towards each other, the problem between them is Sasuke. Now you may say that “oh but Sakura hit and almost kills Naruto all the time. If she did like him she wouldn’t treat him like that”. How many anime have you watched before or during Naruto was airing? A lot of tsundere type characters hit their object of affection. Sakura isn’t any different. It’s just there for comedic relief. It’s an action comedy shonen anime, not a romantic one, and even if it was I still have a point on the tsundere type character. Their relationship is like that, but never mind that let’s talk about the third person in the mix.

                Back to Sasuke, all I can say is why, why Sakura. I would have been fine if they had ended up together, but only if SASUKE made the first move. That one page in chapter 699 just really ruined Sakura’s character for me and her development. Hell she could’ve have an affair with both of them, and I’d still be ok, but only if Sasuke made the first move on Sakura and Sakura made the first move on Naruto. At least then that would show some character development on her side. That and Sasuke is basically alone at that point and who else is he gonna ask that he cares that “much” for. (I put much in quotes because his feelings for her are neither here nor there at that point). Now I get it, I really do. Naruto and Sakura love each other, but in a platonic and selfless way in the end. Naruto knew that she would always carry Sasuke in her heart, and Sakura knew if she would stay with Naruto, it would only make him feel like second place. I don’t care what Kishimoto says. That is the real reason and I refuse to believe anything else. Sasuke however did open up as a character but didn’t really seem like the character into romance or actually falling in love. He just opened up to at most 2 people, Naruto and Sakura and the latter not by much. Him opening his heart to just anyone is impossible, but Sakura is a different story. I don’t know if its pity or actual true love, but he does owe Sakura some reaffirmation of his feelings towards her. I won’t accept a half assed reason like “Oh I’m doing this because I’m sorry.” Or “I’m doing this because I really just pity your feelings.” Or “I’m doing this to revive the Uchiha clan.” First off, for the first two, screw you if that’s that reason, she’s better off with a man in a dumpster or still lives in his mother’s basement. She doesn’t need your pity unless she wants to seem desperate, which is just really bad character writing. The latter being, Sasuke could literally had an affair with anyone else. Why choose Sakura? If that’s all she is to you then screw off she’s better off alone. I don’t care if her feelings don’t waver, if she doesn’t as so much as give him a hard time for all the shit he’s done to her, she’s hopeless. I don’t care how nice she is, she better be giving him hell or she’ll just look like a greedy tramp. Hinata isn’t much better. “The Last” didn’t make her look better, it made her character go downhill.

               “The Last”. My opinion of this movie is like calling it the anime version of Twilight. Yeah it was that bad for me. Instead of the original title they should’ve called it “Hinata Hiden: The Red Scarf of Fate”. Like Twilight, viewer might find their love cute and adorable and true love, at first, but then you read it again and see the movie one more time, and find that it is nothing more than a trashy love story trying to appease the fanbase. I’m not kidding. The amount of naruhina fans just trump the fanbase in Naruto and this movie is the epitome of fanservice for that demographic of fans. This is my view on the movie. The movie was a poorly executed way to make an almost nonsensical ending, make sense for the fans. Believe it or not the majority of readers in Japan read stuff like One Piece more than Naruto, and that the major fans of Naruto are American, and international viewers, and the majority of those fans are pro Naruhina and Sasusaku. Here’s why I say the movie was made for the fans. If “The Last” didn’t happen, Hinata like it or not and more likely than not would have ended up with her cousin Neji. I’m not kidding. It would seem that, thanks to Kishimoto’s mistake on Boruto and Himawari, the Byakugan is only dominant in males. So if the main branch were to produce the next heir, Hinata or Hanabi would have to marry inside the family. Unlike most places, marriage laws in Japan allows cousins to be married. Why they do this I don’t know, but considering that it is an aristocrat family, it is more than likely that they do this to keep the Byakugan pure. I’m not saying Neji died because of this, because I have no basis to make that accusation and the fact that I don’t know how well Kishimoto planned this, but this is a likely possibility.

                 On to the actual story line. It’s just bad. If you are a viewer that actually wants a good romantic movie, don’t watch this. However if you are a sap for cheesy love stories, and a diehard naruhina fan you will fucking love it and protect it with all of your heart. Oh the joy….. (-_____-).  These fan wars and obsession are why more people aren’t interested in anime, because we’re crazy. Anyways back to “The Last”. Brief summary, this movie is about Hinata. Basically this is all about Hinata. Hinata, Hinata, Hinata. I’m serious they basically replaced Sasuke and Sakura as main characters in the series for Hinata. Maybe even Naruto.

                  The long of the story goes like this. The Otsutsuki clan wants to destroy earth because they believe it is their ancestor Hamura’s will to since the Juubi got loose. This part of the Otsutsuki clan’s kekkei genkai is both the Byakugan, and the Tensigan, however they seal their eyes from birth because of a ritual, and only use the power of the ritual altar when necessary. Toneri sees the evil on earth and vows to destroy earth, however to do so he needs a pure Byakugan to awaken the Tensigan, so he heads to earth. He locks Hinata’s father in a cave and searches for a Byakugan after a confrontation with him. Why he didn’t just take him I don’t really know.  Back story on Hinata, she gets picked on by a bunch of boys because of her eyes and gets called a freak. Naruto comes in to “save” her only to get beat up and his scarf ruin. Yep the scarf. Hinata takes it and re-knits or knits him a new one only to take years to do it. Then something about the academy about what if the world ended and writing down a person’s name to be with at the end of the world and she puts Naruto………. See a one sided love at first sight. No build up no more interaction beforehand, that’s it. You’d think she’d talk to him more than once before or be scared of him like everyone else, but no this happens because of “movie plot”. Present day, Naruto’s popular and she can’t confess or give him the damn scarf. I get that the shy timid thing is cute, but you’d think Kishimoto would give her a little back bone at this point. She even contemplated on it for a good two minutes on whether or not to give him a scarf. Sakura come up to Hinata and basically establishes the “big sister” or “annoying best friend” side character archetype to Hinata. I’m not kidding, the supposed main heroine got beat out for “plot”. She tries to help Hinata and Naruto’s romance begin, but to no avail because, well it’s Naruto, he’s stupid and oblivious. Now that I think about it he doesn’t interact much with anyone besides Hinata, and that dreadful scene with Sakura. Back to the story, Kakashi, the now Hokage gets news that Hanabi gets kidnapped and the world is about to end. He sends Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Shikamaru out to find Hanabi and stop the destruction of the world and find out that the guy that attacked them the night before is responsible and his name as Toneri. (by the way, people are ok with Hinata being the fucking damsel in distress but not Sakura. Yeah Naruto fanbase and treatment between heroines. I mean she just fell and it was like she just fell asleep while falling, and Naruto catches her. Why didn’t she just Air Palm to the wall behind her and grab a hold of it with chakra!?!? Oh right, because of the mother fucking plot and premise of the story!!!!!!!!!!) Over the journey to find Hanabi, it’s just non-stop subtle flirting with each other, although Naruto still doesn’t know anything.

               Before they jump in to the “pool of genjutsu” Naruto takes off his mother’s scarf and gets scolded by it and Hinata is sad. Why though it’s his mother’s hand knit scarf? They jump into the pool and experience genjutsu memories of the past, but since Hinata was carrying the scarf for the dumbest reason and excuse (by the way they were in a blizzard before this and Sakura and Hinata are wearing shorts. She should really just have put the damn thing on) the scarf connects the memories of Naruto and Hinata. He sees her memories and begins to have feeling for her. If love was that easy shoujo manga would be boring and harems manga and anime would just have an endless amount of people and have no OPTS. They get out of the genjutsu because apparently Sakura is resistant to genjutsu (which is a shock, and odd because Sakura in this movie isn’t really a useless asshole). Some stuff happens and Hinata goes to Toneri to save Hanabi alone, but also agrees to marry Toneri. Naruto goes into a depression. While in the depression, Sakura for once protects Naruto from something (bad subs and Korean dub. I could barely follow along), but Naruto still has Hinata on the fritz. The guys Shikamaru and Sai try to get him to cheer up and recuperate to no avail. He goes sees Sakura and both of their characters are just ruined with one conversation.

“Hey Naruto do you remember when you said you loved me?” Sakura said lying on the floor of the cave. Naruto shocked at this is speechless. Sakura then says. “But wasn’t that because I loved Sasuke? You didn’t want to lose to him didn’t you?” Naruto is speechless again, Sakura continues her speech. “In all honesty, Hinata is a good person, almost too good for a knucklehead like you.”

“But that’s already over. Hinata chose Toneri and-“

“Wow you really are stupid aren’t you? It’s obvious that she had a reason why she did that. She just couldn’t tell you.” Naruto looked at Sakura and was curious what she meant by that.

“When a girl falls in love, their feelings don’t change that easily. Sometimes they almost never change.” She thinks about her love for Sasuke when she says this. “I know, because I understand how she feels.” (I changed and added a few words but you get the idea).

                OH MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!! First off a competition? I need to see how he had a crush on her first to see how that can even be plausible. Second off, what about all of your development with each other. You’re telling me he did all of this, lose his dominant right arm, kept a promise for 3 freaking years, and told you he loves you because of competition?!?!!? I’m out. That’s it this movie literally ruined not only the characters, but also the whole story. Oh but it gets worse, he doesn’t deny it. If I was in her place I would smack him across the face. He basically said he used her to beat Sasuke. WHAT THE FUCK. Then it gets even worse. “When a girl falls in love, their feelings don’t change that easily. Sometimes they almost never change.” She thinks about her love for Sasuke when she says this. “I know, because I understand how she feels.” Seriously he made you go through hell, almost killed you about 5 times, attempted to kill you about 5 more, and then when he says he’s sorry, you still fucking love him. Any person would have just moved on. Then you say that you understand how she feels. Basically you’re saying that Hinata would still love Naruto even if he did everything Sasuke did Sakura only directed towards Hinata and Naruto being an asshole to Hinata. WHAT THE HELL!!!! This is a new type of anime archetype. The crazy in love anime girl, or the obsessive, but passive one that doesn’t really do anything to further her relationship but stare at the main character. Oh wait that exists. They’re just the queens of that MOTHER FUCKING TROPE!!!!!!!


                Even if she was lying about that first part about competing (which I hoped for everything that is holy I hope she was just bullshitting him), why did you have to put it that way?!? He knew how you felt about Sasuke anyway, he wasn’t trying to win against Sasuke. He was trying to bring him back for you to make you happy when you asked to bring Sasuke back. Look I get it you want to be a nice person, Kishimoto said it himself that it would be cruel if you took Naruto away from Hinata, but you’re a ninja and you lied to him with the worst lie ever. You might as well have been wearing a lie detector because there was no way anyone with a two digit IQ point or higher would believe that load of bull.  You’re trying to deceive him by telling him a blatant lie, and it worked. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT!?!?! There is a difference between being nice and being a dumbass. We all know, the entire fandom as much as we refuse it or want or whatever; you’d be happier with Naruto, someone else, or alone. This is just Sakura sacrificing herself for Naruto. Which to play devil’s advocate, does make her seem less like a bitch than at the start of the series.

                Some other shit happens and Hinata and Naruto are together. I just couldn’t pay attention to the rest of it, it was just too horrible. That and the ending was so obvious. Although the fight scenes were nice, but god this love story is just awful. They basically switched Hinata’s character for Sakura’s and she gets praised for it. They put her up on a pedestal and a wedding dress and the end.

                The thing that pisses me off the most is that what will happen to her character now? Will she even care about the Hyuga clan, will she still try to win her father over? Is she going to try and be the head of the clan again? Is she even part of the Hyuga anymore?!?!?! What was revealed so far was that she’s basically just a mother, taking care of her children. Does she even get mad at Bolt for his antic!?!?! I think the reason why Hinata and Himawari haven’t showed up in the gaiden is because she’s just done. She’s done. We did her, we appease the majority of fans; let’s move on to Sasuke. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I didn’t sign up for this bull when I got invested in the series. I even tried and attempted to make a fanfic on how Naruto and Sakura resolve their relationship with each other, but still. This shit is baaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!

                I would only be ok with Naruto and Hinata if they did the normal thing and went on dates and then slowly fell in love with each other. That’s it!!!! That’s enough for me. Saying “I love you.” after about the equivalent of a week of general canon interaction with each other and then finding out she’s been harboring feeling for him her entire life, I’m not fine with!!!!

                Same with Sasuke and Sakura. If Sasuke asked Sakura on a date or something at the end of chapter 699 instead of poking her on the freaking forehead, I would be all for this too. They are the main character the three of them Naruto Sasuke and SAKURA!!! I would like to see how they ended up after the war. Just not in this way. They’re basically separated. Things became too awkward between the three of them. Sasuke is never around, Sakura is a single mother raising what I can only completely say at this point is only Sasuke’s child, and Naruto is so busy with being that he’s neglecting his family!!! (Although apparently Naruto and Sasuke have time to send birds and text each other. WHAT THE FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK).  Sure Naruto found happiness, but the other two oh god. What is it that makes Hinata so popular anyways? Wait a minute, a shy girl with blackish blue hair, with a loud and obnoxious blonde guy. Naw I won’t go there. Cause if it was true all I can say about this fandom, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-___-). I will say though at this point regardless of the reasons, the characters are just ruined forever. 

                Well yeah. That’s all I got to say. Damn that was long as hell. I know it sound like I’m being a hater, but having read and watch all of Naruto thus far I can’t help it. This is how I feel about the series as a fan. In all honesty if it was going to end up like this, I would have preferred that they stayed friends and be alone. Kind of like the original Sannin, and then Sakura be the surrogate mother for Sasuke or something for the Uchiha because you know, a clan extinction would probably be a bad thing. Also because if Orochimaru is still alive and Karin and Sasuke’s DNA was somehow in his hands, then there’s a possibility new Kaguya might appear and then this shit will happen again. God this franchise!!!!!!