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Disney’s Ladies

This is a collage of all of the female characters in chronological order in all Disney Films (excluding Studio Ghibli).

Note: I included all human-esque characters so no talking animals. If the character is an animal but acts and talks like a human (Maid Marrion), I included them. But I didn’t include female animals that act like animals but can talk. This is a collage of just Disney’s ladies and not animals. I’m hoping I didn’t forget any characters but that is possible. I grouped some characters if it was easier and if it was hard to find pictures of them separated. Also, I wrote all the movies that were included in that picture as a caption if you’re wondering. 

@acnologias-ass remember that time I told you I was gonna draw a big bro gajeel comic?? I didnt like how it came out, but I loved this panel so have this hahahahaha

Gajeel always has to look out for his siblings even if he has to drag them places!!

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When you say you were raised pagan, What exactly do you mean? I'm looking to raise my future children with the wheel celebrations and knowledge of old gods, but since I'm only new to paganism myself, I've not much idea of what else... - anamateurherbalist (side blog)

Ooooh, my life story, lemme tell you it!!

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ANYWAY. So, my mom was a practicing pagan/Wiccan, and probably a witch though she never really called herself that. However, my grandfather was a presbyterian minister, so I got both pretty regularly. I went to sunday school, and celebrated sabbats with my mother and sometimes others. I was in a nativity play, and occasionally also participated in ritual circles. I was encouraged to talk to fairies and trees, make pets out of earth-worms (no really, I loved them), and generally ‘get in touch with nature’ in a go-out-and-explore sort of way. I was also regularly dosed with herbal remedies, and eventually taught how to make some of them. 

Wheel of the year celebrations are definitely a great place to start with kids (and how I’m starting with my son). If you have a particular god/ess or two that you worship, tell them stories about your beliefs and how your god/ess(s) came to be, or what they’re famous for as part of your celebrations. I have vivid memories of quiet Yule celebrations marking the change of the year, and Mabon rites with the druids next door. My mother used to talk to me about moon-cycles, and how we connect to her (and to this day, despite being agnostic, I can’t quite shake the belief that the moon watches over me).

Finally, remember paganism doesn’t have to be serious or deep all the time. Samhain can be about dressing up and candy and apples and pumpkins and honoring the dead, and the kids will love it. Eventually, the little bits of seriousness sprinkled throughout will stick to them and they’ll remember. But they may never be totally comfortable with it, and that has to be ok too. Kids grow and change and drift away and then back to things. 

Basically, all this is a long-winded way for me to say, practice your faith openly, allow them to join or watch or neither if they choose, and your kids will learn your path and make their own choices. 

Mainly right now, worry about figuring out what you believe and finding your practice so when your kids come along you’re not trying to learn your faith and learn child-rearing at the same time. ;)

l.h. imagine ➢ cinderella AU

A/N: I saw the new Cinderella movie the day it came out (Friday) and I loved it so much! It was my favorite childhood movie so I was so happy to see the 2015 version and how great it was. I imagined Luke as the Prince during the movie and felt like I had to write this ;) enjoy!

part two here!


    I was overwhelmed with excitement. Who would have thought fairy godmothers were real? I sat in my carriage that was once a pumpkin and tried to calm myself down. I was really going to the ball!
    The carriage came to a slow stop in front of the castle. I gasped; it was as beautiful as I imagined it. There was a long staircase that lead to the entrance that everyone was taking up to the ballroom.
    “Thank you,” I said to my footman. I couldn’t believe that my footman was once a dog! I hurried up the stairs to make sure I wasn’t late. The doors were wide open and led to a beautiful, glowing ballroom. 
    It was the most majestic sight. Couples were dancing across the floor in colorful dresses and suits, a grand orchestra was playing music on their instruments, and a whole line of food was stretched across a table that went from one side of the room to the next. Giant crystal chandeliers, large marble columns; I just wanted to take a mental photo in my mind so I’d never forget.
    I saw the prince at the far end of the ballroom talking to his father, the king. He looked so handsome, with his beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. A smile was on his face, and he laughed at something his father had said. He looked as handsome in real life as Anastasia and Drizella went on and on about.
   I walked down the stairs and noticed that a few people were whispering and pointing at me. It must have been because I had nobody to accompany me, I must have looked foolish alone.
   A guest scurried over to the prince and pointed me out. He looked up and we locked eyes. He smiled and whispered something to his father. I felt suddenly so nervous.
   Then, the most outrageous thing happened: he started walking towards me! I quickly descended down the rest of the stairs and looked around, trying not to look in the prince’s direction. 
    “Excuse me, miss?”
    I turned around to see the prince himself standing next to me. Good lord, he looked even more handsome up close.
    “It’s such a shame that a beautiful young maiden like yourself is alone here without accompaniment.”
    “Your Highness,” I curtsied awkwardly. I’d never been to a royal event, I didn’t know how to do it properly. My cheeks went hot. 
    “Care to dance, my lady?” He bowed in front of my and stuck his hand out.
    I had a feeling that if I danced with him, everybody would see me, and that includes Stepmother and Anastasia and Drizella. If they recognized me, they’d have my head.
   But I couldn’t turn down the prince.
   “I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with all of these people seeing me, Your Highness,” I fiddled with a part of my dress.
    “A bit shy, aren’t you?” He smiled, taking my hand. “Fear not, there are other places we can venture off to.
    The prince quietly slipped away from the room, motioning for me to follow him. He lead me outside a different way, almost like a secret hallway. He opened the door to the outside. “After you.”
    It was absolutely beautiful. A royal garden with a fountain and rose bushes, all different types of flowers. “It’s beautiful,” I said.
    All the laughter and music from inside echoed outside. “Now, shall we dance now, my lady?”
    I took his hand as we started slowly dancing to the music. He spun me around, making my laugh with joy. After a few songs, we stopped to walk around the garden. 
    “I know every part of this place,” he said as we walked on the cobblestone pathways. “It’s a place to think and escape from all the royalty.”
    “Does anyone else know about this?”
    “Besides the gardeners, probably not. I doubt my father even remembers this place. He’s too busy running around, giving people orders.” He laughed. 
    We talked for hours, learning more about each other. He didn’t know I was a servant girl of course, I’d never let him know that. He was a lovely young man, with the greatest dreams and aspirations.
     After walking through all of the gardens, we ended up in front of the palace again. “You’re a very interesting girl. You ask questions, you’re different than other princesses my father has set me up with.” He smiled, taking my hands again. “I’d love to see you again, if we may.”
     “I’m not sure my family would allow that,” I said. “They can be… difficult at times, Your Highness.”
     “Oh, please, call me Luke.”
     “Is that what your friends call you?”
     “I don’t have that many friends. Father forbids me from seeing anyone but the three I have in the castle.”
     “I only have a few friends too,” I said, smiling to myself. I didn’t mention they were mice.
     “You’re lovely, do you know that?” His blue eyes sparkled and he kissed me in front of the palace. I was taken aback with surprise. I lightly kissed him back as he put a gloved hand on my cheek. 
     When he pulled away, he had a smile on his face. “After this whole night, I haven’t even heard your name.”
      I smiled back. “It’s-”
      The giant grandfather clock boomed. I looked at it, it was 11:55. Five minutes until the magic wore off and I was back to my old life.
     “I have to leave,” I said, dashing away from him and down the steps. Luke stood there, absolutely astonished. “Wait!” he yelled, chasing after me.”
     “Stupid shoes,” I murmured, as I ran off the steps. One fell on in the middle of running. I turned around to go get it, but the Prince was already almost behind me. I had to leave it, or he’d see me turn back into a peasant.
     I ran to my carriage and opened the door for myself, knocking on the glass. “Hurry, we must leave!”
     “Hiyah!” The carriageman hit the whips on the horses as they sped off into the night, leaving no trace that we were there.
     Except for my one glass slipper.
     The prince stood at the end of the steps, absolutely in shock that I had left. I felt horrible for leaving him, but it’s what I had to do if I wanted to make the night perfect.
      And it was.


frick, my freaking feels. I always get feels from Cinderella because it was my childhood movie. Let me know if you want a part 2 and I might consider writing it!

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