i love how the girl with the pooh bear is just like


’ The rules of hair care are simple and finite. ’
’ Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. ’
’ Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands/wives, they just don’t. ’
’ Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. ’
’ There’s nothing I love better than a dumb blonde with Daddy’s plastic. ’
’ My cousin had that once. Apparently you get a really bad rash on your… ’
’ I don’t need back-ups. I’m going to Harvard. ’
’ Well then, you’ll need excellent recommendations from your professors. ’
’ Trust me, I can handle anything. ’
’ Why are you going to throw that all away? ’
’ Oh, sweetheart, you don’t need law school. ’
’ I’m going to get the love of my life back. ’
’ I just liked to watch him/her change the filter. ’
’ Did you see him/her? He’s/she’s probably still scratching his/her head. ’
’ I feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life. ’
’ I can’t believe you just called me a butthead.  ’
’ I don’t think anybody has called me a butthead since the 9th grade. ’
’ Why didn’t you call me? ’
’ Uh. I’m sorry. I just hallucinated. ’
’ Excuse me. ’
’ I’m sorry? ’
’ You got into Harvard Law? ’
’ What? Like it’s hard? ’
’ Pooh bear, just get in the car. ’
’ You’re gonna ruin your shoes. ’
’ Sorry for what? ’
’ Well this is so much better than that! ’
’ Excuse me, I have some shopping to do. ’
’ So, when did you wanna go out? ’
’ We spent a beautiful night together and I haven’t heard from you since. ’
’ Well, forget it. I’ve spent too much time crying over you. ’
’ Because I’m not a Vanderbilt, suddenly I’m white trash? ’
’ You’re breaking up with me because I’m too… blonde? ’
’ I’m a middle aged, high school drop out with stretch marks and a fat ass. ’
’ Well, no. That’s not entirely true… ’
’ Then what? My boobs are too big? ’
’ So what’s a girl/boy to do? ’
’ What? Practically deformed? ’
’ This is what I need to become. ’
’ Don’t stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me, honey. ’
’ I got up. Got a latte. Went to the gym. Got a perm and came home. ’
’ We all tried to talk her out of it. Curls weren’t a good look for her.  ’
’ Objection, why is this relevant? ’
’ I have a point, I promise. ’
’ I suspect you weren’t because your curls are still intact. ’
’ How would you feel if your father married someone who was your age? ’
’ If you’re going to let one stupid prick ruin your life… you’re not the girl I thought you were. ’
’ Oh, my God, the bend and snap works every time! ’
’ All those opposed to chafing, please say “Aye”. ’
’ How was your first class? ’
’ All people see when they look at me is blonde hair and big boobs. ’
’ So, if you don’t know an answer they’re just gonna kick you out. ’
’ Hey, well, don’t you look like a walking felony. ’
’ There’s like a judge and everything… and jury people. ’
’ Is that the only interaction you two have ever had? ’
’ No! Sometimes I say “okay” instead of “fine.” ’
’ Excuse me, I’m sorry… are you here to see me? ’
’ I promised her, and I can’t break the bonds of sisterhood. ’
’ This is a murder investigation! Not some scandal at the sorority house! ’
’ Geez! Could I be any more goddamn spastic? ’
’ Are you one of my lawyers? ’
’ You’ve just won your case. ’
’ Well thank God one of you has a brain. ’
’ If anyone found out about this, I would be ruined! ’
’ I would rather go to jail than to lose my reputation! ’
’ Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me. ’
’ No more boring suits or pantyhose, I’m trying to be somebody I’m not. ’
’ I think it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think? ’
’ I know, I thought that was very… classy of you. ’
’ This is gonna be just like senior year, except for funner! ’
’ I’m never going to be good enough for you, am I? ’
Witnessing a World Record - Hope & Legacy in Helsinki

I have so many thoughts and stories I want to share from the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki, but I’ll start with Yuzuru Hanyu’s world recording breaking free skate which is obviously the thing I want to talk about most! It’s been 3 days since the men’s free program and the excitement and joy still lingers and has definitely put me in a good mood even as I return to work (hopefully this will last all the way to WTT!). I have a lot to say on this so bear with me as this will be long.

After the men’s SP on Thursday I think many Yuzu fans that I met and spoke with were quite depressed and there were a lot of doom-and-gloom talks going on (would he even medal, will he take silver to Javi AGAIN, etc etc). The one thing we did say repeatedly in our conversations was that it wasn’t over yet, and that he still had a chance to win gold but he would probably need to be clean in order to do so, and that is exactly what he did.

The nervous feeling for the men’s free started up immediately after the pairs free program ended the night before, up until that point that day I was able to distract myself with the other competitions but at that point it felt imminent and real. That night in the hotel room I was stress eating instant noodles late at night (I guess Boyang likes to celebrate this way) while I wrapped up the Winnie-the-Pooh I got to toss on the ice, the gift I got for Yuzu, and wrote the card to go with it. After the SP I had stuck the little Yuzu buttons I had made on the Winnie-the-Pooh and held it as I went to sleep the next two nights, that thing really brought me some comfort over a couple of days. Each morning housekeeping would make our beds and place our Pooh bears neatly on the bed, I have to wonder what they thought of all the Poohs and toys in our hotel room!

That same night I was stress eating the noodles I remembered that I had brought a bag of Bourbon Lumonde snacks (from the “mou chotto” meme) that I happened to find at a local Daiso shop before I left home. Now, I’m not superstitious, but I had meant to eat one of the snacks before the SP for good luck - as if I was eating and making the bit that was lacking disappear. Sadly, I totally forget the bag in my hotel room the day of the SP because we left early to get a good seat to watch morning practice that day. Well, I remembered them that night and immediately dug them up and made my friend and I eat one each that night to eat away all doubts! I took the rest of the bag with me the day of the free and told my friends that we would eat ALL of the bag before Yuzu skated his free skate (and we did during the last ice resurfacing).

As the final group was preparing to get on the ice I grabbed my Hope and Legacy banner in preparation and my wrapped up Pooh bear to hold for support. As they did the skater intros Yuzu kept moving around to keep his body warm, he looked extremely focused. He started the warm-up with a nice 3Lz but then fell on a 3A which I’m sure made the audience stand on edge since he rarely fails to land his axels. Once warm-up ended I looked up at the seconds on the jumbotron to make sure he wasn’t in danger of having a time violation again, but he promptly took his place this time. Then the program began.

What happened over the next 4 minutes and 30 seconds was nothing short of magic. As he landed his 4Lo the cheers and applause erupted but were quickly silenced until he landed the following quad salchow to which we all erupted again. After each jump I would applaud as hard as I could, then quickly clutch the Pooh bear again. Once the triple flip was completed and we moved into the second half of the program it seemed like everyone in the arena held their breath as we waited for the 4S3T combo. When he landed the salchow and then the toe beautifully everyone cheered the loudest, as if we all knew this combo had plagued him in the free the entire season. The relief was short-lived as he set up for the 4T and the tension increased again, and then he proceeded to land the most beautiful 4T he’s done in the second half yet! I was stunned by how magnificent it was, but was still waiting for the axels. With each element being completed I felt the elation inside build and build, I could hardly believe what I was witnessing and I felt delirious. 

As Yuzu exited his spin to begin his choreographic sequence everyone started applauding and cheering and that intensified with his hydroblade and ina bauer up until the set up for the 3Lz where it went nearly silent. Once he landed the final lutz the audience went absolutely crazy! The applause and the cheers continued until the end of the program as nearly everyone got on their feet. I remember clapping like crazy and shouting non-stop, I was so excited I was waving my banner around and jumping up and down for who-knows how long after it was over. The girl beside me was so moved she was crying, after the program we looked at each other and gave each other a hug even though we had never spoken a word to each other the entire competition. The excitement was palpable, and the audience in Helsinki was so supportive for all skaters, it really felt as if this program and this skate unified the audience and we reacted as a collective as he showed us something unbelievable. It felt as if my entire body was charged, I knew that no one would be topping that free skate that night and just hoped that it would be enough to take the title.

My seat was just above the Kiss and Cry, as Yuzu stepped off the ice he gave a hug to Brian and to Tracy. Can I just say I loved seeing Tracy rink side during the entire competition? I know she’s usually busy doing commentary but I hope next season she finds the opportunity to be at the rink side and Kiss and Cry with her students, she does just as much as Brian does and I think the skaters also appreciate her presence. The scores were ready pretty quickly, and I knew we were in for a new world record, as the announcer enthusiastically proclaimed, “223.20 points,” the crowd exploded again. Also, looking at the protocols I think if Yuzu had skated later in the last group we would’ve seen higher GOE for his jumps. They were immaculate. I loved the reaction of all three in the Kiss and Cry - Brian smiling proudly, Yuzu looking up with his eyes wide then closed as he basked in joy in near tears, and Tracy who was calm and collected until the score registered with her and she looked on in disbelief.

I think after Yuzu’s performance I was in an incredibly good mood, everything and everyone’s programs seemed 10x more enjoyable, even the ice dance free afterward seemed more exciting. As each skater in the final group skated I checked on the real-time scores on the ISU site to see what score they needed in order to take the lead, and Yuzu’s scores held for the remainder of the night as we were treated to some other fantastic performances in the final group. When it came time for Javi to skate and I watched his program unfold I knew that Yuzu had succeeded and I couldn’t believe he was able to move from 5th to 1st in such a stunning fashion. I clapped so much and so hard I think I bruised my left hand since it hurt the next day.

As Javi’s scores were read and I noticed the final ranking of the podium I yelped for joy (sorry, Javi, I couldn’t help my honest reaction). Yuzu, Shoma, and Boyang had been the dream podium I told my friends I wanted at the very start of the season and I was in partial disbelief that it had actually happened. I was recording the medal ceremony, and as the audience stood for the Japanese national anthem the arena went silent. As the song began to play I could quietly hear the audience in the distance singing the lyrics together (I wonder if it’s audible in my fancam video?) and I just lost it.

I’m not Japanese, but the moment was so sweet, so unifying, and so gratifying that I had a brief flashback to the medal ceremony in Boston the year before which was the first competition I had ever attended. I had decided to go to Boston instead of Barcelona that season because it was within the US and I felt sure I’d be going to witness Yuzu reclaim his world title. The memory of the sad feeling and watching Yuzu go through the medal ceremony to receive the silver medal in Boston was so excruciating that I’ve never watched it again. Thinking back on that moment, with the voice of the audience singing the national anthem in my ear, and seeing Yuzu standing atop the podium the tears just started welling up in my eyes and I began to cry. Before my trip to Helsinki started I had told friends I had met in Boston that I hope no matter what I don’t end up crying during the gala again (Yuzu’s Requiem in Boston hit me hard). I don’t think I’ve ever cried from happiness before, but these were probably the best kind of happy tears. I wasn’t expecting to be moved so much but it came from a place of joy. It felt like we, and he, had been waiting so long for this moment to come. The journey to his second world title had seemed so long and full of obstacles. From Cup of China all the way to Worlds in Helsinki, the weight of it seemed to sink in and I couldn’t help crying. As I was recording with the tears in my eyes and my running nose, a kind Hartwall staffer came up to me and handed me a tissue in an act of kindness that warmed my heart (you may or may not hear my crying in the fancam…).

While I witnessed Yuzu’s perfect Ballade SP in Boston which nearly set a new world record, that experience and this felt very different. Perhaps it was the fact that we knew he had to fight in the free skate and be perfect to have a hope at winning the title that added to the drama and excitement of it. It also felt like there was a larger Japanese crowd in Helsinki than in Boston (Boston felt like more Americans and Canadians) and the audience in general was super supportive for all skaters. I was elated in Boston after the SP, and I had a similar elation here for the FS but it felt magnified ten times over. The entire free skate it felt as if the audience was one in supporting him - it’s a feeling I won’t forget and will treasure for a long time. After the medal ceremony a group of fans from the FB group met up in the concourse, there were hugs and high fives all around and no one could contain their excitement. It felt like we had witnessed the impossible! I’m so glad I decided to come to Worlds in Helsinki, I hadn’t decided on it until Skate Canada came around but I’m so glad I did as I would’ve missed out on a spectacular event and witnessing Yuzu set a new world record.

Another fun tidbit - after the medal ceremony Yuzu took a photo with Grishlan (I don’t think I’m spelling his name right) and then handed him his bouquet.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on for much longer than I anticipated. I’ll try to do write-ups of the other events and the rest of the men in the coming days. To all the fans I met in Helsinki, and to Yuzu and all the other skaters, thank you for making this an unforgettable experience.
Elliot And Eeyore

A/N ignore the dates, yeah.

Spencer x Reader

You hated this time of year. Valentines day and the run up to it. It just reminded you that you were hopelessly single. You’d spent Valentines day alone for the last five years and whilst you weren’t exactly pining after having a boyfriend, this time of year only served to remind you that you didn’t have anyone. Well, what you meant was that you didn’t have anyone to cuddle up to and spoon at night. You didn’t have anyone to cook romantic meals for and vice versa. You didn’t have anyone who’s oversized sweaters you could steal and curl up in, and you didn’t have anyone to kiss and hug amongst other things.

The book shop that you’d inherited from your grandparents and had worked in since you were eighteen had been decorated with pink balloons, faux rose petals scattered over displays. Men were coming in on an almost hourly basis, looking sheepish as they picked up the latest ‘sexy’ book or erotic thriller that were all the rage these days for woman. Or at least men thought so. You personally would much rather someone present you with a classic or a good autobiography rather than one of those types of books. Not that there was anything fundamentally wrong with them, you’d read your fair share and they definitely had certain perks, you were just sure that their partners would appreciate something a little bit more romantic as a Valentines Day gift.

The chime above door the sounded and you looked up from the book you were reading, nestled behind the counter. It was quiet in the store right now and your assistant and friend Jess was taking her lunch break in the back. A familiar face met yours, the face of a man who’d been frequenting the shop for the last five months or so, someone you actually looked forward to seeing although you never did know when you’d see him again.

The mans name was Spencer, you’d found that out a few weeks after he’d starting coming in and had asked you if you could track down a certain book for him. You could and you had, and the two of you had started casually chatting, continuing the conversations each time he came in. He worked for FBI he’d told you during on of the chats, which explained why sometimes he’d be in almost daily on his way home from work but then you could go three weeks in a row with seeing him at all. He was nice, funny and sweet, with a love of literature which mirrored yours. And the pace at which he seemed to devour books was fascinating.

Spencer gave you a shy smile when he entered and mooched around the store for a while, just browsing. He was the only customer in there currently. After around ten minutes or so, he came up to the cash desk with two books in his hands. You rang them up and handed them to him, watching him place them directly into his messenger bag like he always did, before pushing his hair back behind his ear.

“I’ve not seen you for a few weeks, big case at work?” you knew he couldn’t talk to you directly about what he dealt with but you knew he was somewhat important. He was Googleable, and you didn’t know many people personally who were.

“Yup. We just got back this morning. I’m on my way home to relax for a well earned break.”

He did look tired now he was up close, shadows under his eyes and a light scruff covering his jawline. A jawline that could very easily cut glass. He bit his lower lip, looking uncomfortable and like he wanted to ask something.

“So erm….You’re open on Sunday? That’s Valentines Day right?”

“Yep. It’s not like I have any other plans, and there’s always guys needing to buy last minute gifts.” You were only opening 12pm until 3pm anyway, you deserved an early finish.

“Is Elliot not taking you out?” he asked quietly, his eyes flickering away and then back to you.

“Elliot? My cat?” now you were confused.

“Elliot’s your cat? Oh! The way you talk sometimes…. He’s just your cat. So you don’t have a boyfriend?” Spencer still sounded cautious but there was something else in his voice that you couldn’t pin point.

“Nope. Young, free and single.”

A smile that could have melted chocolate it was so warm and bright crossed Spencer’s face then and he laughed. He chatted for a few more minutes before making his excuses and leaving.


On Thursday the store had been open for an hour when a flower delivery girl walked in with hugest bunch of roses and violets that you’d ever seen.

“Are you Y/F/N?” she came straight up to the desk and you nodded, accepting the bouquet. The girl grinned as you signed for the flowers.

“Someone’s a lucky lady” she folded the sheet and tucked it in her bag, leaving you surprised.

“Who the hell are they from?” Jess bounded over, her eyes wide in excitement.

“I haven’t got a clue,“ you scanned the bouquet, spotting a card tucked away.

“Roses are red
Violets are blue
I come in here so often
Just to see you”

“Oh my God you have a secret admirer! This is awesome, who do you think it is?”

You weren’t sure. There was someone you hoped it would be but you didn’t dare let yourself think it could be them. You didn’t want to be horribly disappointed.

The next day at around the same time another delivery girl walked in, this time from the bakery up the road. You knew her, you frequented it often and she grinned as she handed you a cake box.

“Please tell me who it is” you begged her and she laughed.

“Hell no. That’s what Valentines is all about isn’t it. Secret admirers and all that. All I will say is that, Damn girl. He’s pretty hot.”

She left and you opened the box, Jess stood besides you. There were six cupcakes in the box each decorated with tiny frosted books on top of them. They were so adorable that you didn’t want to eat them, smacking Jess’s hand away when she reached for one.

You couldn’t help but smile, a warm and fuzzy feeling building inside you.

On Saturday, you opened the front door to the shop in the morning to find a wrapped box with your name on a card. It hadn’t been there ten minutes ago when you’d knelt by the letter box to collect the morning post, which made you think that he was nearby and watching.

You took the box back to the cash desk and opened it, revealing a ceramic money box in the shape of Eeyore from the Winnie The Pooh books. Another typed card was placed in the box.

“You said once during a conversation that you loved these books as a child and that you wanted to save so you could visit England and go to Ashdown Forest, the real life setting. Now you can start your own hundred acre woods fund.”

Had you said that? It was true, they were your favourite childhood books and it was one of your goals to visit and travel all over England, and visiting that forest was on your list of places to go whilst you were there. You couldn’t recall having this conversation with anyone though, at least not recently. It was generally only children you talked to about Pooh Bear and his friends.

Curious, very very curious.


Valentines day itself came and you opened the store as planned, doing a decent trade up until 2pm and then the customers fizzling out. You were on edge all day, having taken extra care with your appearance in the morning, sure that your secret admirer would make an appearance today.

As it was a Sunday and you were only opening for three hours Jess wasn’t in, and at ten to three you started straightening up the store, feeling slightly disappointed that whoever it was, hadn’t made an appearance. At three you locked the door and flipped the sign to closed, turning to head back to the desk and jumping when a sharp rapping came from the glass behind you.

You spun around slowly to see a very nervous looking Spencer standing the other side of the locked door, a picnic basket in his hand and a picnic blanket thrown over one arm.

Yes yes Yes!

Your lips twitched into a smile as you unlocked the door again and held it open for him.


“Hi,” his voice faltered slightly as he stepped inside.

“You’re aware that I’m closed, right?” you were nearly certain that he wasn’t here to buy a book but you also didn’t want to blurt anything out and make a fool out of yourself.

“I know. I’ve been waiting for you to close.”

“Any particular reason, Spencer?”

His cheeks flushed in the most adorably endearing way and shuffled his feet.

“Erm…. I thought…. Maybe…. We could have an indoor picnic. Or an outdoor one, but it’s pretty cold outside.”

“Please tell me the flowers were you. And the cupcakes. And the beautiful money box? Please don’t let them be somebody else.”

“It was me. Did you… Did you like them?” he took a step closer to you and you mirrored him.

“I’ve never had anyone send me Valentines gifts before, even when I was in a relationship. It’s honestly the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, and I hoped and prayed it was you but I didn’t want to let myself believe it until I knew. I didn’t want to be disappointed.”

He smiled at you and you beamed back.

“I… I would have tried to ask you out sooner but I thought… Well, I thought you had a boyfriend called Elliot. And when you didn’t, and it was four days from Valentines Day, I figured I’d try to use it to my advantage and to try and win you over.”

“Well it worked. Consider me well and truly won over, although I kinda was before. I always looked forward to your visits Spencer, they brighten up my week. One thing though… Did we ever really speak about Winnie The Pooh? That threw me.”

“I overhead you talking to a small child one day and it stuck in my mind like almost everything I’ve heard you say does.”

“Well it was so sweet and adorable and…. I could literally ramble right now about how warm and fuzzy I’m feeling but I’m kinda making an idiot of myself already so…. An indoor picnic you say? In here?”

Spencer nodded and shook the blanket out. “We both love books so it seemed fitting. There is kinda one thing I have to ask though, just because of what today is.”

“Go on then.”

“Y/N.. Will you…. Will you be my Valentine?”

“There’s nothing more I want to be right now, Spencer.”

The Greatest Valentine of All

Summary: A simple trip to the toy store sparks some nostalgic feelings–and plants an idea in Dan’s mind. Is Phil ready for his proposition? Or, the one where seeing a bunch of kids’ toys makes Dan really, really want a child.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Pure Fluff

Extra tags: Valentine’s Day, Domestic

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: dnp are in love. That is all. I hope you enjoy!!

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xiaodreamer  asked:

What does the skaters do with all the gifts that fans threw onto the rink?

@xiaodreamer I’m making this a “On Gifts” post because I’ve been meaning to do one for a while… I hope you don’t mind…  

In general, they’ll keep the ones they really like, and donate the rest to charities or hospitals. 

Well-loved skaters receive truckloads of plushies over the years. In some videos behind-the-scenes, you’ll see the stadium hallways lined with bags full of the Pooh plushies that were thrown for Yuzuru. I know Yuzu once stated that even with donating so many Poohs, he’s kept enough throughout his career to where he has a room full of Pooh to greet him when he returns home. Plushenko apparently once ordered some containers to ship back to Russia every one of the gifts given to him by fans in Japan. IIRC, it was some ridiculous weight like 500 kg. I believe he donated the majority of that to charities in his city.

^You can see how the gifts cover the ice here for Yuzuru. The ice is being continuously cleared while more stuff rains down. There are a bunch of flower girls and flower boys that are invited to help clear the ice for these competitions. With really popular skaters, commentators sometimes joke that the next skater will need to weave among the gifts as they get ready for their turn. 

^Personalized gifts tend to be kept by skaters: bears with the current costume sewn on them, figurines, music boxes, phone covers, water bottle covers, etc. Here you can see Misha with a Stitch plushy that was given to him by a fan who approached the boards – in the same way that Minako personally gave Chris his flower crown. Like Yuzu with Pooh, and Javier with Mickey, Misha has Stitch as his mascot character. Fans research (by stalking Instagram/Twitter/news) what their favorite skaters like, and buy or make gifts accordingly. The special gifts tend to be given at the boards or handed directly to staff instead of thrown on the ice. Some gifts are very creative:

And sometimes skaters get bizarre gifts… like that one time Patrick Chan received panties…. or when Plushenko would have bras thrown at him…. I’m sure Victor and Chris have received gifts like these from rabid fans. I’m not sure what skaters do with those kinds of gifts, but if it’s a T-shirt or something, you might see them wear it and post a picture.

So the reason Yuuri gets food and dog plushies, and Yurio gets cat plushies, is because fans read on their respective profiles or heard in interviews that Yuuri loves food and owns(owned) a dog, and Yurio loves cats (owns one&wears cat-patterned clothing). Since Christophe also takes pictures of his cat and posts them on Instagram, I bet fans mail cat toys to him.

^Flowers, likewise are kept or donated. They’re tied with plastic so that the flower is marginally protected when thrown on the ice and so that you don’t have flower petals littering the place. Some years ago I briefly worked in the floral industry, and I know that flowers and floral arrangements at these kinds of events tend to be donated to local hospitals.

I hope no one thinks that the skaters are ungrateful for giving away the gifts that are given to them - it’s just that it’s way too much for one person to keep!


i’ve seen a lot of people mix up certain gods and goddesses with each other and thats totally ok considering that even i, a girl born and raised in a Hindu family, gets shit confused all the time because it’s literally impossible to memorize the millions of gods like there are literally millions literally

SO FIRST UP meet Vishnu

he’s one of the three supreme deities, part of the holy trinity and what not. he’s basically known for being in everything and maintaining the world up to the atomic level and is also in charge of all things good. he’s a real nice guy, super friendly. had three jealous wives but can you blame him i mean it’s not every day you can find such a guy like him.


this guy’s your super chill grandpa. also part of the holy trinity, he basically created the universe and was the first to appear and gives humans creativity and knowledge. he gives advice to everyone and is basically everyone’s…. brah. GET IT HAHAHA i am going to Naraka–


part of the holy trinity he is referred to as the WORLD DESTROYER. and how does he destroy the world? he dances it into fucking oblivion thats fucking how. fear the arts. literally kinda useless without Shakti though but we’ll get to that later.

aside from his whole world annihilation thing he’s a pretty chill guy who meditates all the time. total family man, loves his wife and all. just don’t get him pissed off ya know.


there are literally so many cartoons about this guy that i’ve watched as a kid like he was the biggest little shit alright lemme just say that just think of a spoiled pooh bear except as a little blue human and instead of honey he goes after milk/sweets HE’S ALWAYS HUNGRY I SWEAR EVERY FUCKING STORY IS ABOUT FOOD 

anyways he’s basically revered as the most prettiest– thats right, PRETTIEST – god/avatar of Vishnu. this is why i said it was ok to get these guys mixed up since theyre all fucking blue anyways except for the old guy man Brahma my dude are you sure you gave humans enough creativity 

but yeah most of the stories are about his childhood but then he becomes a prince and every girl wants him so basically he’s our version of Romeo BUT HE STILL ACTS LIKE A ROYAL PRICK HES LIKE THE EPITOME OF “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” he lifts mountains for sport and beats up/plays around with demons for the fun of it like theyre toys or whatever man i have a lot to say about this kid but i’ll stop 

so now that you know about the holy trinity of gods it’s time to learn about the holy trinity of GODDESSES YEAHHH GIRL POWER right under the cut cause shit this post is getting long

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A Whole New World

Pairing: John Laurens x reader
Word Count: 2,125ish
T/W: None! Just some fluff.
A/N: Inspired by @justfangirlingaround​‘s ask! You said Disney so I thought Disney! I think I’ll make a part two in M.K. (But don’t worry there’s some Philip fics coming soon!)
Tags: @justfangirlingaround ✨

It was another quiet night in your apartment, nothing big or special was going on, just you and John curled up on the couch. You had tucked yourself under a blanket that the two of you were supposed to be “sharing” and snuggled up against John who was lazily flipping through channels on your T.V. You weren’t really paying attention to what was on the T.V. until he scanned across a Disney movie.

“Wait, wait, wait!” You reached a hand out towards the T.V., “Go back!” you waved a hand the the left as if you were trying to change the channel.

He went back a couple channels until you told him to stop. It landed on the classic Disney movie: Lady and the Tramp. You had always loved Disney ever since you were little. 

“What’s this?” John asked yawning.

“It’s Lady and the Tramp,” you wrapped your arms around John, smiling.

“Hmm, never heard of it.” he placed the remote on the edge of the couch and rested an arm around your shoulder.

“What?! You’ve never seen Lady and the Tramp?” You looked up at him.

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My Addiction.

Author ladyoftheteaandblood

Fluffy Alternative Tom with Conny.

 I have an addiction, most of the time I can resist and go about my life like a normal human being with no problem, but should this thing cross my path I have to, need to, want to and do! 

My addiction is donuts, not the shop bought, over or under cooked, fat drenched things, filled with fake jam and covered in icing sugar that’s turned to slime. Not the American donuts that are covered in who knows what. 

Oh, no for me it’s the real deal, the freshly cooked, piping hot, covered in caster sugar, ring Donuts.

The machine itself, for me is a thing of magical beauty. 

Watching it mixed the dough in the bowl, see it pushed the gloopy stuff out the bottom in its O shape, to plop into the hot fat. Stare in delight as it travels on its merry journey, along the moving metal grid, getting flipped over at half way, and finally travel up and out of the boiling oil to be dropped into the sugar, where it is placed in a paper bag for me.

The sheer joy of being handed said bag with its contents of sugary ecstasy, that I then can take away to consume to gratify my lust, is beyond all measure. 

If this can be added to with a fresh cup of hot coffee, so that I get a sugar rush and a caffeine high, well day made. 

Unless you are not me, and then it can be a wee bit embarrassing as according to Tom, I am like a two-year-old once I have eaten my bag of Bliss and hit my sugary High. Which coming from the man who will dance in public and the drop of a 70s disco track, is a bit rich.

Having confessed to all the above and said a quick “hail Mary” just to be on the safe side. You will understand my rage when I tell you the following tale of woe.

I’m sitting in my bedroom feeling well quite frankly shit! The time of the month had hit hard and I had no one to go out and get me sugary goodness to help my ease pain.

Tom was at the White House correspondence Dinner in USA, hobnobbing with the stars and wouldn’t be home for another week. He was texting me regularly with silly tales of celebs and pictures of all the pretty dresses with lines like.

“You’d look good in this”

“How do you pee in this?”

And “that dress looks like its eaten her” He was doing his very best to include me when I was so far away.

This was helping a bit, as I lay on my bed watching a DVD of Buffy the Vampire slayer, in my somewhat aging PJs. He carried on texting with tales of drunk shenanigans and dancing disasters. I even got one of him with a duck on his head.

And then he sent me this…..

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All I wanted at that very moment in one picture, him and donuts. It was more than a mortal girl could endure. 

I text him back a gif of crying, and mentally decapitated him for sending such torture to an already suffering soul.

Originally posted by i-am-bad-and-i-love-it

The text I got back was of a begging for forgiveness gif and the words.

“Will make it up to you on my return Darling I promise”

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“You better” was the reply sent with a  sensitive gif of my feels .

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Some weeks later after he was home, we had a date, I was off out to meet him at a charity function on a Saturday afternoon. Which quite frankly turned out to be a lot of rich bores telling each other how amazing they were and having a contest as to who had given the most.

Tom was brilliant at these events as he had developed the talent of encouraging the slightly drunk females to give more, by telling them all how adorable they were and how generous. 

He would turn to female one and say.

“Do you know Mrs H, she’s given X amount, to this cause, what a wonderful, darling person”

Mrs Q not to be out done, would then tell him she would give a bigger amount, he would praise her, and so it would go on. 

And all the little sod had to do was smile and give the occasionally hug. Honestly, he could charm the cherries off the trees, as my mum would say.

I was the other side of the room trying the same trick with the men with very little success, as they were all moaning that their ladies had all sodded off to that Hiddleston bloke. Comments like 

“Can’t see what they see in him myself” this came from a short fat guy who could have played Toad of Toad hall with no makeup.

“Bloody lazy actors” This from a guy who did absolutely nothing, having inherited a small fortune from daddy. and my afternoon favourite,

“Bet he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag” I decided if I ever get a really big bag I will try it and see, just for fun.

By five I was more than tired, so Tom told me to head off home and he’d meet me there. 

At all these events, I put a pair of comfy shoes in the bag left with my coat, along with jeans and a t-shirt. I change in the loos and that way I can get home using public transport or feet.

The day was glorious, when I venture outside and the London embankment was full of people wandering along in the sunshine. The carousel was up and running with small kids on giggling. I couldn’t resist and had a quick go taking a selfie and sending it to Tom.

Then as I dismounted my wooden steed, a smell grabbed my nostrils and tugged at me like Pooh Bear after honey. 

Somewhere, somewhere near, was a machine of magical power, a machine that made hearts sing, a machine that made Donuts!

I turned in to Sherlock Holmes and soon hunted the beast down. There she stood, a mobile donut stall, and not only did she make and serve  hot donuts she sold coffee too. My day just got extremely better.

I stood in line to be blessed by the machines awesome talents, paid the meagre amount for such heavenly fayre, watched with childish pleasure as the dough became six donuts, and then took the bag of goodies and one hot coffee to go.

As I walked away, the tiny port of paradise closed its doors for the day. Wow to think if I’d left any later I could have missed it.

I then text Tom

“Look what I’ve got by the carousel” one picture of the contents of paper bag.

“Stay right there, I’m out and free, I’ll join you” So I sat by the river in the sunshine on a blissful afternoon and waited for my sexy guy.

After one minute the smell was too​ much, so I took out my first hot donut and nibbled, took a sip of the coffee, which was very good, and then thought sod it and tucked in to my share. Well you have to eat them when they are hot.

The boats went by on the river, I waved to the tourist on the river bus, some even waved back, and I noted how prettily the sun sparkling on the water.

The water police shot up the Thames as all hell was breaking loose somewhere but me, I was happy if a little high from sugar and caffeine, and now possibly dancing to some guy’s loud music and getting strange looks.

Big red Buses went over the bridge, people had silly conversation that made me laugh and time slipped away. I sat down on a bench and carried on admiring the view.

Finally a hand tapped me on my shoulder, and I looked round to see a smiling blue eyed handsome man behind me.

“High sexy took your time” he came around my side of the bench and sat down, put his arm around my shoulders planting a kiss on my lips.

“Hello sweet tasting lady.

Sorry about the wait, it took longer to get away than I thought. The lady in the dress that wanted its own map reference, tried to make me an offer. She said she give ten thousand to UNICEF if I spent the night with her. She looked very hungry, if you know what I mean and it took me a while to respectfully decline her lovely offer, and run for it.”

“My Brave lover, have a donut” and I held out the bag to him. Tom put his hand in and

“You bloody eat them!”

“Not all I got six” shit!

“Well there’s just some sugar left now, you’ve eaten six donuts!?”

And apparently, I had, either that, or as I told him on the way home as he sulked, it could have been ninja Hamsters who at this time of year are known to nick hot donuts.

I don’t think he believed me.

Pictures  not mine I just played. Gifs from the magical Tumblr gif machine and again not mine.

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  • 1. "I want to do something for her... but what?"
  • "Well, there's the usual things- flowers... chocolates... promises you don't intend to keep..."
  • -Beauty and the Beast
  • 2. "How dare you? All of you! Standing around deciding my future? I am not a prize to be won!"
  • -Aladdin
  • 3. "Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or... learn from it."
  • -Lion King
  • 4. "I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you."
  • -Pocahontas
  • 5. "You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity." -Toy Story
  • 6. "Look at that disgusting display."
  • "Yes, sir!"
  • -The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 7. "My little baby, off to destroy people." -Mulan
  • 8. "But it's a rock."
  • "I know it's a rock! Don't you think I know a rock when I see a rock? I've spent a lot of time around rocks!"
  • "You're weird, but I like you."
  • -Bug's Life
  • 9. "Pull the lever!"
  • [pulls lever]
  • -Emperor's New Groove
  • 10. "Okay, first of all, it's "creetin". If you're gonna threaten me, do it properly." -Monsters Inc
  • 11. "Why me?"
  • "Because you saw me when I was invisible."
  • -The Princess Diaries
  • 12. "Girls talk too much!" -Peter Pan
  • 13. "But if you want to leave, you can. I'll remember you though....I remember everyone that leaves." -Lilo and Stitch
  • 14. "Just keep swimming" -Finding Nemo
  • 15. "Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid."
  • -Pirates of the Caribbean-Curse of the Black Pearl
  • 16. "We are talking about the greater good!"
  • "'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!"
  • -The Incredibles
  • 17. "I don't like food...I LOVE IT." -Ratatouille
  • 18. "Is this a habit of yours? Falling off of stuff?"
  • "Only when you're there to catch me." -Enchanted
  • 19. "I have made the decision to trust you."
  • "A horrible decision really." -Tangled
  • 20. "Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it." -Brave
  • 21. I'm bad, and that's good! I will never be good, and that's not bad! There's no-one I'd rather be... than me." -Wreck-It Ralph
  • 22. "Does it look bad?"
  • "No."
  • "You hesitated." -Frozen
  • 23. "People keep saying he's not really gone, as long as we remember him. But it still hurts." -Big Hero 6
  • 24. "Stop tellin' everyone I'm dead!" -Brother Bear
  • 25. "Ooh! I like her."
  • "Hm. 'Bout time someone hit him. I'm just sorry it wasn't me." -Atlantis-The Lost Empire
  • 26. "People do crazy things... when they're in love." -Hercules
  • 27. "His eyes were intense... and focused, and... I've never seen eyes like those before."
  • "Oh. Shall I - ahem - leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?" -Tarzan
  • 28. "Have I gone mad?"
  • "I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are." -Alice in Wonderland (2010)
  • 29. "Close your mouth, please, ____. We are not a codfish."
  • -Mary Poppins
  • 30. "Hello, out there! Oh, I hope nobody answers."
  • -The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Most Magical Place

Most Magical Place – Ichabod and Abbie take their daughter on a trip to Disney World. This is a tiny little look at that event. Reblogging for Ichabbie Summer II because it’s a summer story and I don’t have time to write anything right now! 


“Ellorie Grace, return to this spot immediately!”

That was never going to be enough to stop a three-year-old determined to get to the Dumbo ride. Abbie gave Ichabod the side eye and shooed him off to chase after their daughter as she screamed out in her most terrifying ‘mama’ voice, “Ellie Crane, you take one more step and this day is over!”

Ichabod had just caught up to the girl and swooped her up into his long arms, her little arms waving desperately in the direction of the ride. She finally gave up and started crying instead, her tears (and some snot) now soaking her father’s shoulder.

At this moment, standing in the hot sun and covered in various bodily fluids, he was trying to remember why he had thought a family vacation here was a good idea. He had to wear a ridiculous mouse shirt because the staff at the gate had felt his clothing might be mistaken for the costumes of some of the Liberty Square ‘cast.’ Like ‘employees’ wasn’t a good enough word. The day had been nothing so far but inane rides featuring animated characters he now knew too well.

And no one wanted to go to the Hall of Presidents with him. He had to suffer through this heat and humidity and afternoon thunderstorms like none he had ever seen before and he begged for one indulgence. Instead, here he was in Fantasyland. This was no man’s fantasy.

Abbie reached for the girl and she knew better than to cry for too much longer with her mama. Daddy, yes. Mama, no. Ichabod straightened the tiara on her curly hair and pulled her Princess Tiana dress so that it wasn’t riding up anymore. Her sparkly green slippers completed the outfit that they had to buy for her this morning.

He never imagined his daughter being part of the aristocracy but there it was.

“Are you taking her on this ride or am I? Only two people fit in each elephant,” Abbie said, frowning.

“After suffering through that Pooh ride I’m now expected to cram myself into a… a… flying elephant?” he asked.

“Daddy! I want to ride on this one with daddy!” Ellie screeched, reaching out for her father again. He grabbed her and looked at the line. It went into some waiting area and seemed to go on forever. Abbie shrugged her shoulders and pushed the stroller over to where the rest of them were parked.

“I can go with for the line. And to take pictures,” Abbie said, grabbing the giant backpack that she had with her from the rack under the stroller. It contained every item a mother could possible need and it made it look like she was going on a world tour instead of spending a day at a theme park.

Ichabod Crane never imagined this would ever be his life. Beside the fact that he should be long dead and decayed by now, just looking at this child made his heart swell. This was the reason he was here, suffering through fat bears with honey addictions and singing birds. He and Abbie had stopped the apocalypse. Held off Armageddon. And then created a person. The most glorious person on earth.

He couldn’t help it that he wanted everything for her after what happened with the last child he fathered. This one would know his love every singe day of her life, even if that meant he had to fold himself in half and climb into a silly elephant. Abbie constantly accused him of spoiling Ellorie and she was right.

Abbie and Ichabod stood in line and traded around their daughter and the backpack a number of times when each of them would get tired or too hot. A few people here and there stared at his family but he didn’t know whether it was because he was wearing a mouse shirt and colonial-era breeches or because they had the most beautiful child in all the kingdom.

He wasn’t so naive as to think that a relationship between a white man with a foreign accent (and strange trousers and boots) and a stunning black woman (exquisitely dressed in this era’s current fashions) – where there was also a one foot difference in height between them – would go unnoticed. Still, he wanted to believe that it was because his daughter made the best princess ever.

They got to an area where she could play and Ichabod followed, never taking an eye off of her. Abbie was there, too, smiling as he saved his daughter from some mayhem with a little Cinderella and a tiny Belle. He scooped her up and kissed her cheek as Abbie snapped a picture on her phone and sent it to someone. That had to be the millionth photo today.

“Still want to ride with daddy?” Abbie asked when it was their turn to proceed to the next part of the line. “Mama can go with you instead.”

“I want daddy!” she said with glee, as if she knew just how painful it would be for him to be strapped into this ride that only went in a circle while Abbie filmed it.

Ichabod turned to Abbie, gave her a kiss on the cheek as she continued to smirk. “For this, we all have to sit through the Hall of Presidents. And listen to whatever I have to say about it.”

“Oh, seeing you on this ride will be worth it. I hope she doesn’t get motion sick like on the plane,” Abbie said, laughing now.

“Hall of Presidents. And we get to eat at the Liberty Tree Tavern and while there, I get to tell at least one 'cast’ member just how wrong their version all is,” Ichabod said, heading off to the ride.

A few minutes later, just watching his daughter smile and laugh as the two of them soared around in a little circle made the fact that Abbie was probably sending the video to YouTube for the whole world to see all worth it. The heat. The rain. That stupid song that he couldn’t get out of his head now.

The two women in his life smiling and happy made everything worth it.

The End

Built with Heart. Broken from the Start.

A/N: Things are about to get a bit dark and twisty. There’s mentions of death and some eating issues, in case that’s triggering for anyone.

Chapter 8

My feet ached.

When the invitation to the Arts Council England party was delivered to me for Yubi earlier in the day, I’d taken it as my notice to leave work and buy a new outfit. Yubi and I had spent the majority of the afternoon flitting from shop to shop, trying on the most expensive dresses and sipping champagne in fitting rooms. Eventually, Yubi had decided on a fluffy, baby pink number that accentuated the elegance of her long legs and lithe frame, and I’d gotten myself a much too expensive black Stella McCartney strapless minidress that somehow hugged my bum and bosom exquisitely without any alterations—a true miracle due to my pear shape. Dresses never fit my bum and tits, so it was a must to fork up six hundred pounds for it.

Later, as we passed Christian Louboutin on the way to get our hair and makeup done, the most beautiful pair of black sky high heels caught my eye in the shop window. Then I found myself sitting in the store on the cush pouf while the salesman cooed over the way the black organza wing on the back of the shoe contrasted perfectly with my fair skin, and suddenly I was spending a thousand quid I definitely did not have and was leaving the store with a pair of red bottoms in a fancy, tissue papered bag. My credit card actually sighed after that purchase.

But goddamn if these shoes didn’t go perfectly with my dress. I looked fucking hot. I hadn’t even noticed that the shape of the organza wing on the shoe matched the front detail of my dress until Yubi had pointed it out on our way to the party. She had also asked who I was trying to impress or if I had just broken up with someone because, in her words, I looked like I was ready to pounce.

I didn’t admit to her that I was looking for someone—anyone—to preoccupy me from Harry. The last few days since I’d been so harsh to him in the stairwell had been rough. He refused to talk to me, professionally or personally.

We’d exchanged a string of emails with Clark Mooney about the latest scripts that had come in, and Harry had been uncharacteristically short. None of his answers were longer than a sentence and every one of Clark’s replies was laced with more frustration as Harry wasn’t answering any of his questions nor giving any further insight about what he was actually looking for in a role. When Clark finally snapped, telling Harry he could call when he finally had a fucking clue, I broke the promise I had made to myself and texted him.

Just because you’re angry with me doesn’t mean you need to be a prick to everyone. Clark’s just trying to get you booked.
Harry Styles:K.

He might as well have texted the middle finger emoji.

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What You Started.

Title: What You Started. 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: Smut, NSFW, unprotected sex, angst, fluff

Can I get a one shot where the reader is An actress and “doesn’t” like Sebastian because the first time they met he was an ass because he was getting into character. They fight on the daily until one day he follows her into trailer and they fuck. And he’s like I like you and she’s like your alright. Jokingly but tells him she likes him to. Just some angst some smut and some fluff. Please and thanks

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  •  Snow White And The Seven Dwarves 
  •  Pinocchio 
  •  Fantasia 
  •  Fantasia 2000 
  •  Dumbo 
  •  Bambi 
  •  Bambi II 
  •  Saludos Amigos 
  • The Three Caballeros
  •  Make Mine Music 
  • Fun and Fancy Free 
  •  Melody Time 
  •  The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad 
  •  Cinderella 
  •  Alice in Wonderland 
  •  Peter Pan
  •  Lady and the Tramp 
  •  Sleeping Beauty 
  •  101 Dalmatians 
  •  The Sword in the Stone 
  •  The Jungle Book 
  •  The Aristocats 
  •  Robin Hood 
  •  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 
  • The Rescuers 
  •  The Rescuers Down Under
  •  The Fox and the Hound 
  •  The Black Cauldron 
  •  The Great Mouse Detective 
  •  Oliver & Company 
  •  The Little Mermaid 
  •  The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea 
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  •  The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride 
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  •  Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World 
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  •  Tarzan 
  • Tarzan II 
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  • The Emperor’s New Groove 
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire 
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  • Lilo & Stitch 
  • Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch 
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  • Brother Bear 2 
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  • Tangled (HD) 
  • Wreck-It Ralph 


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  • I am legend
  • I Love You Beth Cooper
  • I Love You, Man
  • Ice Age
  • Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
  • Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs
  • Immortals
  • The impossible
  • Inception
  • The Incredible’s
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Insidious
  • Interview With The Vampire
  • Into the wild
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 2
  • Iron man 3
  • The island
  • It’s Complicated
  • It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
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1000+ words of parent!phan headcanon:

because parent!phan makes me so weak !

- phil brings up kids over dinner one night, startling dan so much that he chokes on his wine for a few seconds. it’s surprising; between the two of them, dan’s usually the one to discuss domesticities like that. “kids? are you sure?” phil’s smile is hesitant, but there’s an excitement in his eyes that’s contagious. “yeah, i think i am. a little dan junior running around might be fun.”  dan rolls his eyes even as happiness surges through his heart. “ok , first of all, we are not calling him that.” the next morning, phil wakes up to a surrogate agency flyer taped to the coffee pot, with an appointment date scrawled on the bottom in dan’s messy script.

-once they decide on a surrogate, dan insists that phil be the one to send in his DNA. he claims it’s because he doesn’t want their child to have his proneness to existential crises, but it’s really because the cerulean shade of phil’s eyes is a genetic miracle that must be continued.

- they spitball baby names to each other on a constant basis, going so far as to attach a dry erase board on the refrigerator to keep track of all their options. “winston” tops the list, courtesy of phil. there’s also “delia”, “elizabeth", “christopher", and many more, gathered from childhood memories or favorite books and movies or even heard in passing as they walked through town. “child susan” is crossed out several times, as is “phan”. dan takes baby names very seriously, thank you very much.

-phil’s room gets remodeled into a nursery, filled with toys and clothes that arrive in boxes under dan’s name. he makes sure to order from both the “girls” and “boys” section from harrod’s - there’s no way in hell he’s going to let gender roles affect his kid.

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anonymous asked:

Swag Suga, hyperactive V and golden maknae have been invited to their daughter's tea party. Their behaviour?

Suga: the cute dad

Yoongi would sit there on the floor, watching his daughter as she arranged the little tea sets on the table. He would watch her with a smiling face, asking questions here and there, like what cup should he use? or say something like: “Should daddy change into a suit? This looks like a formal dinner than an afternoon tea party!”; complimenting the little girl’s “hosting” skills.

Her daughter would rant about etiquettes: how he should sit, how to hold the teacup properly, and Yoongi would oblige happily, obeying her commands like the good dad he is. <3

V: the playmate

Taehyung would be so into this and he might even go as far as to playing dress up with her. The little girl would be wearing this pretty dress while Tae Tae would put one of her little crown on his head, acting all girly and cute. 

The tea party would go on for hours with the two of them drinking tea, munching on some cookies, and faking British accents to make the experience more authentic. The little girl would cackle at her dad’s attempts at being a girl; raising his deep voice to a higher pitch and holding his teacup with his pinky finger raised. lol

“Appa~” his daughter would say after a few hours of playing.

“Yes, baby?” he’d say in that high pitch voice of his.

The little girl would chuckle then yawn, tired from hosting their little party. Taehyung would sigh with a smile as he lifts her up from the floor and carries her off to her bed. “I love you, princess.” he’d murmur before planting a kiss on her head.

Jungkook: the boss who knows he’s boss

Yep, Jeon Jungkook knows how to be a guest and he’d probably act like he’s the queen at her daughter’s tea party. His daughter would prepare everything as he watches with fascinated eyes, his hands crossed, his lips forming a smile. Once the party begins, his daughter would ask: “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Yes please.” Jungkook would say, straightening up. “I’d like honey with that too.”

Hs daughter would frown, “We don’t have that appa… Would sugar cubes be okay?” 

Jungkook would act all sassy, “If you must.”

For the rest of the afternoon, Jungkook would be immersed in the life of the party, making conversations with his daughter and her stuffed toys. “Mr. Pooh Bear,  how’s the honey business coming?” he’d ask and then lean in, nodding as if the bear is answering him. “He says it’s doing well. You should get some honey from him, sweetie.”

“Why do you like honey so much, appa?”

“Because honey is sweet.” he’d grin as he pokes her nose. “Just like you.”

Right before the party ends, Jungkook woudl hold up his tea and announce, “his has been fun. I’d like to thank everyone for coming to my—”

“Appa!” his daughter would yell. “This is my party!”

Jungkook would chuckle at her reaction, causing a little bit of water to slip out of his mouth. “Sorry darling, I got carried away. Go on.” he’d grin as he wipes his mouth, listening to her daughter give out the closing remarks.

lol Hope this was okay, anon :) Thanks for requesting!


Bear Watch. A Gabe Brown story

“Are you awake?” Gabe prodded you with his foot you jerked awake with a start.
“Uh huh, yeah. I’m awake.” You mumbled as your eyes snapped open and adjusted to the flickering light.

You and Gabe were on bear watch that night and in your estimation it was about 3AM. And the only thing you had been looking at for the last five minutes was the inside of your own eyelids.
“If you want to head back to the cabin, you can.” Gabe offered that with a smile but you shook your head at him.
“No, love. I’ll stay here with you until Matt comes to relieve you at 4. I can hold out if you can.”

You hoped you hadn’t just lied to your husband. He had given you many chances to go back to your cabin and sleep in comfort, but you were determined to stay by his side as long as you could.

Sitting outside by the campfire, Gabe had given you a quick run-down of what you needed to do if you saw the bear that had been plaguing your campsite recently. You tried your best to listen, but as always, you found yourself caught up in the sweet sound of Gabe’s voice more than his words. Had he said to run from the bear, or stand your ground? And were you supposed to shoot the bear or just shoot at a point near the bear? Your eyes had been drawn to his soft lips as he spoke his words and your mind kept replaying the last yummy kiss you had shared that night.

“So, Gabey?” You smiled up at Gabe’s profile and his long sideburns shone in the flickering light of the fire. “How likely is it that the bear will come back tonight?”
“I don’t know. But we have to keep our eyes out for the bear anyway, just to be sure.”

He turned to look at you as he spoke and when his blue eyes met yours, he grinned and shifted to move closer to you. Keeping his rifle close to his right hand, Gabe slipped his left arm around your waist and leaned his head close to your ear. His curly hair tickled your neck and you had to fight to keep from giggling. But when he began singing softly in your ear, the laugh exploded out of you before you could clap your hand over your mouth.

🎶"Winnie, the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh. Tubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff.“🎶

"Gabey, stop!” You begged as you wrapped an arm around his waist. You loved how he could be so strong and sexy one minute and silly and boyish the next.
“Sorry.” His wide grin told you he wasn’t really sorry. “But it’s the only bear song I know.”
“You really know how to seduce a girl.” You said that jokingly, but the look in Gabe’s eyes told you he was beginning to think of something other than bears.
“Come on, 4AM.” You chanted softly as you leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Hey guys!” Matt’s voice called out to you from the far side of the campfire. “I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d relieve you early.” By the time he had taken the few steps to reach you, Gabe had jumped up and grabbed you by the hand, pulling you along behind him.
“Thanks, Matt!” You called over your shoulder as Gabe bustled you toward your cabin.

Matt shook his head and smiled. He knew you and Gabe loved your alone time and he was glad to help whenever he could. As he settled down next to the fire to start his turn on bear watch, he could swear he heard singing coming from the direction of your cabin.

🎶"Winnie, the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh. Tubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff.“🎶

Baskets and Kisses

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“Score!” You cheered and ran over to your boyfriend Hyukwoo. He hoisted you up and spun you around, just as enthusiastic as you were.

“Hey, you know that you and Hyukwoo are a team right? Why is he the only one making goals?” Kiseok teased taking a seat on the bench.

“Shut up…” You pouted and shortly walked over and sat down with the rest of the AOMG guys, still hand in hand with your boyfriend.

Being friends with Jay, there were countless of times when you witnessed them play basketball around the Han River, it was really fun to watch them make scores, hear their unbelievable loud laughs (even from across the street while you bought ice cream and drinks), and even see them chase after the basketball and come back soaking wet because the ball rolled that far, all the way into the river.

It was all fun and games until they forced you to play with them because DJ Wegun was out of town and couldn’t make it to their “brotherhood- bonding time.”

“Ji, we’ve been playing for the past 3 hours..how did you not make even one goal?” Jay asked exhaustedly, splashing some ice cold water onto himself.

“Yeah, even when we all stood around pretending to be too tired to take the ball from you and gave you a good solid minute to make a goal…” Sunghwa agreed.

“Look at how tired our locochu is” Jukyung directed towards your boyfriend who’s face was as red as the red strawberry icecream you always get once the truck rolls around.

Hyukwoo jokingly glared at Jukyung for using such a lame name for him which caused both of them to burst into laughter.

“Let’s do another game!” You said excitedly.

“In other words you mean we have to make all the shots, you stay away from the ball pretending to “defend”, and we win?” Mintaek rose an eyebrow mockingly.

“As expected, you guys know me so well!” You enthusiastically

“Can we switch teams..? Being on Jieun’s team is so tiring..” Kiseok sighed exaggeratedly.

“Alright who wants to be on my team?” Jay asked.

Everyone’s hand shot up except Hyukwoo’s. You looked at him expectantly, hoping he’d stay on your team.

Hyukwoo pecked your cheek. “Sorry babe, I’m tired..” He too raised his hand.

You pouted. That was it..that was all it took for him to do as you wish. Hyukwoo muttered a soft fine and put down his hand lacing it into your small delicate fingers.

“Okay you and Jieun can be on a team, and the rest of us are on one. Loser buys dinner” Mintaek said taking a basketball from the table and started to dribble it while sitting on the wooden bench.

“But..oppa your team practically has half..no all of AOMG in it..” You whined throwing your hands into the air.

“Exactly, So take it seriously ” Mintaek chuckled and lightly pulled on your tiny arms. “If you can stand a chance agsinst us with these weak arms that is..~”

“Can you guys go easy..? You guys already know how bad I am..” The guys grinned at how you unconsciously sounded so vulnerable, so adorable.

You couldn’t play sports; You had terrible asthma. You also didn’t know how to play either. Ever since you found out you had asthma, you didn’t even put sports into your life.

“Hyukwoo, go help her sharpen her nonexistent skills!” The guys laughed at your pouty expression.

“How am I supposed to steal the ball from you guys?! Its like 20 on 2…If I take it, there’s probably going to be like 9 people surrounding me to take it..” You huffed.

“I can’t even catch anything..let alone steal the stupid basketball..” You complained making the boys laugh.

“Look Ji, you caught Hyukwoo’s feelings and you also stole his heart so..how hard can it be?” Jukyung shrugged.

“Yeah, just do it naturally and effortlessly..I’m assuming that’s how you attracted our pooh bear.” Hyukwoo jokingly glared at Jay.

You and Hyukwoo shyly glanced at each other.

“Well they aren’t wrong..” Hyukwoo laughed.

Surprisingly you made 2 goals so far, it actually wasn’t as hard as you imagined. The guys were right, rather than overthinking it, it was such a naturally thing that didn’t need to be rushed.

You were about to make another one when you felt yourself getting dizzy and soon, you collapsed.

“Ji had asthma..!” Was the thought that came to everyone’s mind as soon as they noticed you. They rushed over and being the guys they were, they just stood there with shocked faces for about 2 minutes until it came to Hyukwoo that you could potentially die.

“CPR..that’s right..Health class..” He thought and just as he was about to lean in, your eyes shot open.

You whispered a soft “Just kidding” and pecked his cheek.

You bursted out laughing at the looks on their faces. “I’m okay!”

“You..I-..Um..” Kiseok tried to say something but what came out was just nonsense.

“Nothing happened in the first place,” The guys released their breath that they’ve been holding in.

You grabbed the basketball, “Oh look, the court is all open for me to make as many shots as possible.”

“Jieun! That’s cheating!” Kiseok grumbled at your skillful antics.

“You guys all went by the saying ‘no rules attached’ why the faces now” You stuck out your tongue at them teasingly.

They shot each other looks of disbelief and stood up, “Jieun..she really is unbelievable..”

“We were so shocked!” Sunghwa complained and got into defense position.

“Sorryyyyy~ Cheer up!” You cheerfully said, and imitated the cheer up choreography putting extra aegyo into doing  the sha sha sha part with Kiseok.

“You’re lucky you’re cute..” He ruffled your hair making it look like a bird’s nest.

Hyukwoo pulled you over, ”What was that?” He pouted.

“Is our locochu upset? I so sowii~” You two laughed and held each other close.

“Let’s get back to the game before they start to tease us,” You nodded and happily skipped over to Mintaek and Jay.

“How is she 24? She acts like a child,” Hyukwoo smiled to himself.

The icecream truck rolled over and just as he was going to suggest getting some icecream, the guys were already racing eachother towards the truck.

Hyukwoo shook his head. “I am so lonely..I have nobody..~” he jokingly sang.

“Why are you lonely? You have me,” Hyukwoo felt a pair of arms around his shoulders, embracing him so warmly.

He turned around, “Well..I wouldn’t feel so lonely if someone..who’s name starts with a J, gives me a kiss~” Hyukwoo shrugged his shoulders.

Jieun leaned in and just as she was less than a centimeter away from his lips, she looked right into his eyes and pulled away while laughing in glee.

“Hey! You can’t do that!” Hyukwoo laughed and chased after Jieun who was joining the guys at the icecream truck.

Hyukwoo caught up to her and pulled her petite body into his arms, “You can’t run away from me..~” He started to shower her with kisses.

It was moments like these when Hyukwoo felt the happiest.. Together making memories happily with the girl he loves the most, Jieun..

#4 You Color with Him

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Word Counts: Luke; 281 || Ashton; 503 || Michael; 353 || Calum; 430

A/N: The request for this was just for Calum, but I figured I’d do all four, because I really like this idea!


Luke Hemmings

“I’m bored. Want to color with me?” You ask.

“You want to color?” Luke chuckles, looking up at you from his phone.

You shrug, smiling widely. “Yeah, why not?”

Luke shakes his head as you grab a few coloring books and pencils from a basket.

“Here, you can have this one. It’s full of flower patterns.” You smile, handing him the book.

“Thanks, princess.” He kisses your cheek as you blush from the nickname.

“You’re welcome.” You grin, cuddling closer to his side.

The two of you color in silence for awhile before Luke wraps his arm around your shoulder pulling you down on the bed with him.

“Luke” You pout. “I’m trying to color.”

“Y/N” He pouts. “I want to cuddle with you.”

You shake your head, cuddling close to his side, holding your coloring book on his chest as you try to color. Luke laughs and you narrow your eyes.

“Luke! Your laughing is making your chest move, and I keep messing up!”

“I can’t help it! It tickles!” He defends.

You sigh, continuing to color as Luke begins to laugh again. You shake your head, a smile on your lips from the sound of his laughter as you toss your coloring book to the side.

“Fine. I’ll cuddle with you.” You roll your eyes, patting his chest softly.

Luke hums happily, pulling you closer to his side, kissing the top of your head as you drape your leg over his, burying your face in his shirt.

“Much better than coloring, isn’t it?” He asks.

“Maybe a little bit.” You giggle, kissing his chest softly. “But you still have to color with me later.”

“It’s a deal, princess.”

Ashton Irwin

“Daddy, will you color with Mommy and me?” Your four year old son asks.

“Of course, little man.”

Ashton crouches down to his height, sitting beside you on the floor as the three of you color on the coffee table.

“Daddy, look!” Your son grins, holding up his drawing of your family.

“It’s beautiful, buddy!” He praises.

“What do you think, mommy?” He asks with wide, hazel eyes, identical to his father’s.

“It’s wonderful, baby.” You smile. “You forgot something though, remember what mommy told you earlier today?”

Ashton furrows his brows in confusion. “What did he forget?”

“Just let him finish, baby.” You explain, softly waving off Ashton’s confusion.

Ashton rolls his eyes, focusing back on his coloring page before his son jumps up, running to your side to whisper in your ear. You nod your head, smiling widely as you look at what he drew. “Beautiful, baby.”

“I want to see!” Ashton whines.

“Hold on, daddy!” Your son groans before whispering in your ear again.

“Mhm, it’s okay, baby. You can show him.”

He quickly moves to Ashton’s side before being pulled onto his lap.

“Are you ready, daddy?” He asks.

“Yes! Stop teasing me you two!” He complains, shooting you a quick glare as you snicker at his whining.

“Look!” He hands him the drawing, the two of you watching Ashton expectantly as his eyebrows furrow in confusion before a wide grin forms on his lips.

“A-are you pregnant?” He asks, his eyes widening.

You nod your head. “I am.” You beam. “I wanted Asher to help me tell you, because he was with me at the doctor.”

“I can’t believe we’re having a baby!” He exclaims, hugging Asher tightly before kissing his head, he leans towards you kissing you quickly.

“Eww! Don’t kiss mommy!” Asher whines.

“She’s my wife, of course I want to kiss her.” Ashton chuckles as his son wrinkles his nose in disgust.

“She’s carrying my baby sibling! You have to be careful with her!” He orders, standing up from Ashton’s lap to stand in front of you protectively, crossing his arms across his chest as he narrows his eyes at his father.

“Asher, baby, it’s okay. Daddy can kiss mommy while she’s pregnant.” You explain, gently patting his shoulder.

He looks between you and Ashton before bringing two fingers to his eyes and then pointing them at Ashton to show he has his eye on him before he runs out of the living room. Ashton and you look at each other, chuckling at your son’s behavior.

“He sure is protective of his mommy.” Ashton mumbles, pulling you onto his lap.

“Hmm, I wonder where he learned that from.” You tease.

Ashton rolls his eyes. “We both just love you a lot.”

“Hopefully we have a little girl and then you two will have someone else to protect. I can’t handle a third bodyguard.” You giggle.

Ashton smiles, pressing his forehead against yours. “We’re having a baby.”

“We’re having a baby.” You smile, biting your lip.

Michael Clifford

You lead Michael to your family room where some of your family members are gathered.

“Hey everyone, this is my boyfriend, Michael.” You smile; Michael waves and smiles politely as your family members introduce themselves.

“The grown ups were just going to go into the kitchen, but your mom wanted me to tell you that you and Michael are free to spend time with the little ones if you want. I know how much you miss seeing them.” Your aunt explains, hugging you quickly before scurrying into the kitchen with the other adults.

“Y/N!” Your three year old cousin shouts as she toddles over to you.

“Grace!” You exclaim, picking her up as she wraps her small arms around you tightly.

“Hi Grace.” Michael, smiles.

She clings tighter to you, burying her face in your neck.

“It’s okay, Grace. He’s not mean, don’t let the leather jacket and big boots fool you. He’s a big softie.” You whisper, gently pulling her from your neck, so she can look at him, she looks back and forth between the two of you before smiling wide at him and extending her arms for him to hold her.

“She likes me!” He whispers excitedly.

“Y/N will you and Michael color with me, please?” She asks, her brown eyes widening as she pushes her bottom lip out.

“Of course we will!”

“Yay!” She cheers, wiggling free from his grip as she grabs her coloring books, handing each of you one. “I want to sit by both of you!”

Michael and you chuckle, sitting near her as she hands you each a few crayons. The three of you color in silence when suddenly Grace squeals excitedly.

“Look! I drew Michael!” She cheers, handing him the drawing.

“It’s beautiful, Grace!” He praises, ruffling her hair as he smiles at the exaggerated drawing of himself.

She waves her little hand to you, gesturing for you to lean down to her height.

“I like him, Y/N.” She whispers in a not so quiet voice; Michael smiles widely at her confession.

“I like him too.” You grin, meeting his gaze.

Calum Hood

You’re sitting quietly on yours and Calum’s shared bed as you hum to yourself, coloring a page from a Winnie The Pooh coloring book. Your ears perk up as you hear the front door open and close, Calum’s thumping feet coming closer and closer to the room. You smile at him as he enters the room, a frown on his lips, throwing his body dramatically on the bed.

“What’s wrong, baby?” You ask quietly, running your fingers across his cheek soothingly.

“Rough day.” He mumbles into his pillow.

“I’m sorry, love. Want to color with me?”

He turns his head, looking at you as a small smile graces his lips.

“I love you.”

You giggle softly at his sudden change in attitude.

“What’d I do?”

“Nothing, you’re just you. I have a bad day, and you immediately ask if I want to color with you, and I just love that about you.”

You blush slightly, grabbing a few colored pencils for him and handing him one of your The Lion King coloring books.

“Well, it always calms me down after a bad day.” You shrug, bumping your knee against his as the two of you begin to color.

“Calum! You can’t color Nala green!” You scold, a laugh escaping your lips.

“It’s called using your imagination, Y/N!” Calum defends, mimicking Spongebob.

“You’re such a child.” You tease.

“Says the girl who was coloring in the first place.” He mumbles.

You narrow your eyes at him, giggling when he mimics your pouty face.

“If you keep making adorable faces I’m going to have to kiss you, Y/N. It’s the girlfriend/boyfriend code.”

“It’s in the girlfriend/boyfriend code? Really?” You smirk. “Fine, I’m just going to continue coloring Pooh Bear then.” You turn your attention back to your page, but you can feel Calum’s eyes watching your every move.

“Color your page, Cal.”

“No, I want to kiss you.”

You shrug, continuing to focus on your coloring page before Calum grabs you by your hips, pulling you onto his lap.

“Calum!” You groan.

“I just want to cuddle and kiss my wonderful girlfriend after a rough day, is that too much to ask?”

You adjust yourself so you’re facing him, wrapping your arms around his neck as a smile forms on your lips. You lean forward, resting your forehead against his, your lips ghosting over his. “Kiss me.” You whisper.

Calum wastes no time, quickly pressing his plump lips against yours, grabbing the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him, your coloring books long forgotten.