i love how the footballs are angry

A Steve/Bucky + BDSM Fic Rec

Do you have a weird fascination for Steve Rodgers covered in blood and bruises? Did that one highway fight scene in TWS turn you on a little too much? Do you find your mind wandering when you see Steve and Bucky throw punches at each other? Does the cliche-ness and predictability of 50 Shades put you to sleep? Well luckily for you, below the cut are a few of the best BDSM Steve/Bucky stories out there. Take a seat (or better yet, lie down), grab a snack, and strap in folks.

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mandamae84  asked:

Hi. I love the fics where Louis and Harry start out hating each other and have really hot hate sex but end up falling in love along the way. Do you have some recommendations? Thanks!

- You Drive Me Round The Bend In which Louis is a spoilt rich kid who’s always on the phone while he drives and Harry is a struggling musician making his way down the mountain. It’s just a matter of time before they crash and burn.(77k)

- Three French Hems : In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin. 19k 

- Reeling Through The Fall :They hate each other. Except for when they don’t.  40k.

- Up To No Good : Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.Sometimes Harry hates his life.   22k

- Search and Rescue Me : Louis never really paid attention to Harry until they get stuck in the locker room together. Larry High School AU (17k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird   : Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too. (134k)

- Learning to breathe : He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.  (110k) .

- Our blood is boiling : “I can’t believe you’re making me this angry when it’s almost midnight and I’m not even drunk. You know what? I could take you down right here, right now—”“You’re red.” Harry interrupts, his lips curving up into a smug grin. “Am I making you red?”Louis purses his lips and absentmindedly brings a hand up to feel his cheek. It’s definitely warm. God, how can he even come back from this? [Louis meets indie singer Harry Styles, otherwise known as the bane of his existence, at a pub.] (6.5k)

I know you say Larry fics. But well, I HAVE TO SAY IT: Hate to love fics are so good with Tomlinshaw. Go read this 2 :

- but it’s better if you do : Louis definitely does not care about Nick’s opinion of him. And Nick definitely is not obsessed with Louis.

- I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow : The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all. AKA THE BEST FIC EVER.

UPDATE (much more fics under the cut)(last update on April 4th 2017)

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And I’m in football heaven again.

I apologize.

(In my head these are the photos some magazine puts up with a headline: Love on the field. Can it last on opposing teams?, and Erik calls Charles enraged.

“How dare they!?”

“Mmm… I think you look very fetching and I look quite fierce myself.”

“That is not the point!”

“I do wonder though, how they found one of me looking that fresh. My hair even doesn’t look sweaty.”


“Oh, relax, Erik, you knew that this was going to happen. At least they chose decent pictures and you actually look like you’re angry at me. These are better than the ones where you ogle my ass.


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Hi! Do you think you can write a rucas one shot where Riley is upset about something and Lucas is there to comfort her? I just really love your rucas stories!

Here you go anon, and thank you so much!! I stuck to your prompt, but branched off a little bit with it, I hope you like it!

Pairing: Rucas

Title: Stay With Me

Summary: Lucas is receiving a special award for football at the end of the year banquet. Riley was supposed to be his date, but she is at home sick with the flu. Frustrated that she couldn’t be there for him, Riley is surprised when Lucas ends up being there for her instead.

Riley rolled onto her side, burying her head in the sea of ruffle-covered pillows propped up on her bed. She was feeling sorry for herself, she knew, but she didn’t care. She was so frustrated she could scream, if only she hadn’t lost her voice. And funny enough, that fact made her want to scream even more. 

“This is so unfair,” Riley croaked, barely able to get the words out before coughing up a storm.

“Is talking to yourself a symptom of the flu, or was that always a personality quirk that I just missed somehow?” Lucas appeared in the bay window, suit and tie wrinkling as he crawled through the opening to step into Riley’s room.

“What are you doing here?” Riley tried to sound surprised, maybe even a little annoyed, but she could barely get the words out, her throat hurt so much.

“I got your text. Saw how upset you were that you couldn’t come with me to the banquet,” Lucas explained, adjusting his suit as he stood up straight. “So there was absolutely nowhere else I would rather be right now,” Lucas made his way over to her bed and set on the edge of it, taking her hand in his.

“All I said was ‘bring me back a roll,’” Riley pointed out, adjusting her body so that she was looking up at him.

“I read between the lines,” Lucas smirked, and Riley rolled her eyes.

“Lucas, you’re award…” Riley began to say, but Lucas stopped her. 

“Will be waiting for me at school on Monday. It’s not as important to me as you are. Nothing is,” Lucas leaned forward to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. 

“But you worked so hard!” Riley wiggled out of her position to prop herself up on the pillows, and Lucas gently grabbed her arms to help her. “I’m going to kill Zay for giving me this flu. Tell him to take it back, I don’t want it!”

“Trust me, he’d rather be at home with the flu right now. That cheerleader he’s been crushing on, Julie?”

“She came to the banquet with someone else, didn’t she?” Riley scrunched up her nose, like she had smelled something foul and couldn’t stand it. 

“Oh yeah,” Lucas nodded solemnly, and Riley threw her arms in the air. 

“Ugh, that makes me so angry!” Riley was shaking, she was so upset. “The flu makes me angry, cheerleaders make me angry, scary Halloween costumes make me angry!”

“Riley, you’re a cheerleader,” Lucas pointed out cautiously, afraid to get on her bad side. 

“Okay, I make myself angry then!” Riley took a deep breath, but her throat started to tickle, and she felt a cough coming on. “I’m just so…”

“Angry?” Lucas finished for her. 

“Yes!” Suddenly, the oncoming cough caught in her throat, and the coughing fit began. Lucas lightly rubbed her back until she stopped, and Riley sat back on the pile of pillows, completely exhausted. 

“Okay, that’s enough ranting for one night. You need to get some rest,” Lucas helped Riley settle back onto the bed, until she was in the position she had been in when he arrived at the bay window. 


Lucas crouched down beside her bed, so that they were now face to face. 

“Yeah, Riley?”

“I can’t believe you missed your banquet for me,” Riley’s voice was barely audible, but Lucas could understand her. 

“Like I said, there was no choice to be made. You’ll always be the most important thing in my life. You’ll always be my first choice,” Lucas stroked Riley’s cheek and she closed her eyes. 

“Can you stay with me until I fall asleep?” Her voice was just a whisper now, quiet and raspy. 

“Of course,” Lucas smiled, and pulled the chair from the corner of the room next to her bed. 

“Thank you,” her eyelids were slowly closing, and Lucas smiled at how peaceful she finally looked. Her anger was subsiding, and she was finally starting to look like the Riley Matthews he loved. 


As Riley drifted off the sleep, Lucas held her hand, not once thinking about the football banquet, but instead thinking about how beautiful she looked, even when she was sick and angry.  

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how is bradley james problematic? the world needs to know. pls make a list. I love lists. (is it the milk?)

yes, you guessed correctly:

  1. he loves milk
  2. he gets angry/offended when you call football ‘soccer’
  3. he cares about spiders
  4. 9 times out of 10 he pulls funny faces when pics are taken w/friends
  5. he makes merlin references to kill us
  6. he occasionally likes/retweets merlin references on twitter to kill us further
  7. he can’t take a compliment
  8. his favorite member of 1d is steve
  9. he’s a ‘closet’ buffy fanboy
  10. he can draw

need i go on

herhookedhero  asked:

I had too much fun reading the AU prompts for your "Promptstravaganza". But I went with the simple one for Captain Swan: Letter found in an old notebook. As much as I love smut, I'm not seeing how that can happen, but hey if you can: GO FOR IT! haha.

Oh my gosh, I had half of this written and then it got DELETED. UGH. Okay, well, this is an AU, there’s no smut, but it’s kinda sad so maybe bring tissues.

Cleaning helps get her mind off of it.

She’s spent two days hardly moving or eating. She just lay huddled on the couch, alternating between a fitful sleep or just staring at their wedding photo hanging on the wall across the room. It wouldn’t be so bad if she’d somehow managed to stop crying, but luck is not on her side.

So on day three, after forcing down a sandwich that tasted like sawdust and went down like a brick, Emma drags several Hefty bags and some cleaning supplies up to the attic.

This is such a bad idea.

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Dating Calum would include

Dating Calum would include

• watching him write songs
• “Calum we can’t just take the puppy”
•"but its giving me the eyes!“
• being naked
• "calum why are you wearing my pants”
• “ I honestly thought they were mine, dammit.”
• telling the boys to complement calum on his bass skills so he’ll shut up about it
• singing into brooms while blasting the 1975
• late night sex in random places
• pouting when you deny him cuddles
• face squishing
• randomly being dominant
• “I love it when you take control”
• play fights
• random conversations at 4 am
• “are you too tiered to give me a blow job..”
• hearing him complain about how mikey doesn’t appreciate their friendship enough
• calling him by his last name
• “give me back my fucking towel Hood!”
• “but your butt is cute”
• hand holding in public
•"leave the dog alone Calum"
• movie marathons
• late night ice cream runs
• serenading you over the phone when you can’t sleep and he’s not there
• amazing bass solos
• “I’m gonna write a song about you”
• “my girls ass is not an appropriate title, Calum”
• him trying to teach you how to cook
• “could you get out of the kitchen dammit”
• getting angry because he won’t leave the kitchen
• giving up and letting him cook
• fights over little things that don’t last long
• cutting your finger on his jawline
• poking his cheeks
• “I’m better at football than you”
• “you suck at goalie”
• him telling you to make him a sandwich
• “what did you just say to me”
• “I said I love you”
• him making you a sandwich
• “STOP WEARING MY PANTS, you stretch them out”
• “those ones are actually mine y/n”


I’m usually just an observer in fandoms, I like and reblog, I’ll send someone a message if I think I can help, I hardly ever make posts of my own. But I feel like I have to now because the hate I’ve seen in these past few days is ridiculous. I might ramble a bit because I have trouble putting my thoughts in order at the moment…

I’m 32 years old, I’m a woman, I’m a teacher and if I had to stick a label on myself I’d say I am bi- or pansexual. I’ve been extremely lucky with the environment in which I grew up. I have 4 amazing parents who never asked their children about their sexualities. They never assumed anything. When they were talking about us falling in love they would never assume that me and my sisters would fall in love with boys or that my brother would fall in love with a girl. They would always say they’d hope we would find someone, boy or girl, that would make us happy. As a result I’ve never felt the need to sit my parents down and come out, I’ve always known they’re alright with who I am. I’m well aware that I’m extremely privileged and I’m not writing this to flaunt or to shove my luck in anyone’s face. I just want to make clear that I have always had a safe space where I felt accepted and didn’t have to hide my sexuality. I wish everyone could grow up like I did when it comes to this. 

Sadly not everyone can, I’ve read many stories these past few days of people who have had to hide their sexuality out of fear for the reactions of others. And then I read comments about RD, hateful, terrible, nasty comments. And I get so angry, how dare people talk with so much hate about an initiative that tries to provide LGBTQ+ people with safe spaces in the fandom? Whether it is online, at a concert or at a bloody football match. People don’t recognise their own privilege, it’s easy to stand at the sidelines and say Louis’ football match wasn’t the time or place for rainbows when you’re not the one who has to hide part of who you are, when you’re not the one who feels you’ll get judged over who you happen to fall in love with. Wanting a place to be safe from the judgement of others doesn’t depend on a time or place. It’s a constant need. And RD is trying to give that space to the people who need it. Is trying to show people that they are accepted in this fandom. How can  anyone in their right mind hate on something like that?

I’ve never consciously worn any rainbow attire, I do my bit by educating my pupils about the harmful language that gets used in secondary schools and how their words affect others, but tomorrow I’m going to get some rainbow pins and stickers and put them on my bags, clothes and car. Just because I can. And if I piss of some idiot who thinks rainbows have a time and/or place that’s a real nice bonus. 

I just want to say that it breaks my heart seeing how Louis is considered by the general public, how his image is treated, how stupid and bad they are making it look as “a father”. I am sorry he has been portraited this way even before this baby was officially born, when he was stating he’d have no responsibilities for the break and just drive around and play football like he didn’t care, I am sorry for all the pictures and this ridiculous situation he is involved because someone doesn’t know when to stop hurting a young guy for a crime he didn’t commit. I was in Manchester, I was in London, I was in Sheffield, I know how bright and beautiful and calm and loving Louis Tomlinson is when he’s acting natural, when he’s far from this crap, when he’s to deal with a child. I SAW HIM. With my eyes. I am so fucking angry on his behalf for all this, for the firsts they are publicly taking away from him, for the damage they are causing him, for the pain or the idea that he must be punished exclusively for how he is and for how he is not. I wish I could do something to help, I wish, as a fan, I could shield him from all this even if he wouldn’t need it. I hope he is always distantiating himself from this thing in a way that let him breathe for more than a hour and understand that this is not him, I hope he always has people that love him right by his side, ready to tell him how much he is worth it, how good he is, how loved he is. I hope he knows all this already, that this isn’t his life, that we KNOW this isn’t, that this has nothing to do with him, that he’s not his father, he’s not stupid nor bad nor /wrong/. I hope he remembers every day, and especially when crap like this happens, that there is a part of us fans that is rooting for him, always has and always will, there is a part of us fans that KNOW and pray every day he gets the world he deserves. If this world decided that people like Louis Tomlinson must suffer like this, then everything fucking sucks and there’s no hope for anybody else.

I’ve been at the Newark airport for the past five hours. I still feel the crying hangover from last night. I don’t feel like looking through anything that will remind me of what happened, but I do it anyway. I go on Tumblr and Twitter. I go into a sports bar to eat food and happen to see highlights of last night’s game.

I end up sitting next to a Chilean fan. I find myself congratulating her. But then she told me that Argentina had no heart, no will, nothing and were too cocky and that’s why they lost. I felt sick. I left as fast as I could.

I don’t know if I can accurately out what I feel down properly. But I want to try. Writing things out (or typing in this case) has always been a way to heal or to at least attempt at consoling myself or just something to block the pain or sadness or whatever I could be feeling.

I’ve encountered so many people in my personal life that don’t understand football. It’s not a popular in the United States. It’s a game for sissies and divers. How can a game not have high scoring points? How can there be draws? How can this or how can that?

I’ve had people tell me that I was wrong for rooting for Argentina. I never lived there. I didn’t have Argentine blood. I was only there for Messi. I was only there because the players are hot. I am only jumping on a bandwagon. And so on.

Why does it matter they would say. It’s just a sport. It’s just a game. There will be other games. Don’t cry. Don’t yell. Don’t whine. It’s just a game. Just a sport.

“You’ve never been to Argentina, Alexa. What’s the point of rooting for them? I cannot believe you aren’t supporting the country you were born and raised in.”

It goes on and on.

I have tried to explain. But it never works. Not with them.

I never knew about football and what it meant. I’m still a newbie in a sense. I started watching during the last World Cup. I admit I rooted for the USA and for teams that I thought had hot guys because that’s what got me interested for a bit.

But then I watched an Argentina game. I saw a man named Mascherano. Okay, instantly attracted. Found Messi. Same thing felt.

Then something changed. I actually payed attention to all the players. Not just the two. Of course the two became my heroes in a sense.

Something clicked. Football wasn’t real until I found the Argentina NT.

I fell in love. I followed them through the last group games to the knockout rounds to the final.

I was so excited. I wanted to learn so much about the sport, about this team. I didn’t want to be called a fair weather fan or a bandwagon rider. I wanted to confidently say that this is my team for a reason.

I tested the water. I thought maybe I’ll support Bayern or Arsenal or someone as my club. But then I thought about the two players I loved most in the Argentina team. I thought about those in that team. Where were they? Could I keep an eye on them?

So I found where each and everyone played. I found them. But what club would I go to? Again, I resorted the two players that caught my eye through their passion, their play, their looks, their everything: Masche and Messi.

I followed them to Barcelona. I fell in love with a club. I fell in love with those two even more. I found another part of football that I adored.

Then the Copa came. Another hope in me that the team that led me to all that I loved about this sport, this game, this religion would find success… But nothing.

So I decided to learn more. I read up as much as I could. I sent love and well wishes to them all. I made sure they were doing as well as they could in whatever league they were in.

Then something happened. An argument spread out after a match. It was the World Club Cup. I made a mistake. I said things about things I didn’t understand. I got my ass handed to me.

So I did what I knew was the only thing to do. I didn’t want to argue. I was wrong.

And you know what? I met some of the most amazing people. They talked to me. They helped me understand the workings and the beauty of South American (Argentina premier league) football.

I fell in love with River Plate. Still falling. Everything is new and I am still learning. I’m looking at these amazing players that Argentina produced here at River and my heart screams in joy.

And you know what? That made me appreciate football even more. I realized I couldn’t personally be stuck watching one way of football.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that each time I find a new league or a new competition or meeting wonderful people I find myself returning to the Argentina NT. I go back to where it all started.

Sometimes, in the quiet moments, in moments like this sometimes, I feel like a fraud though. I feel like I’m not Argentinean or I haven’t been a fan of football long enough to feel this way. I have made too many mistakes and got too many things wrong about football and what-not to feel the way I do.

All I know is that - is that - hey, I love this team. I love these players. I love the people that I have met because of them. It all ends up going back to them.

FC Barcelona
River Plate
Club World Cup
Copa Del Rey
It all comes back to Argentina.

I cannot begin to know or understand or imagine the pain the players are going through, and what the Argentines are going through. I’ll never begin to know or understand or imagine the pain those who have loved and support Argentina longer than me are going through.

All I know is that I mean it when I say that Argentina is my national team. I mean it when I say that I stand by this team, these players… I mean when I say that I love them. I mean it when I say that seeing the looks on their faces last night broke me.

I still cry about it. I still feel pain. I can’t believe this is real. I don’t know how to react. What is the proper reaction? Do I be angry? Do I give up? Do I ignore this? Or do I just cry?

I guess I’m just writing this for me. I guess I’m being ridiculous. I guess I don’t know. I’m just writing what I can. These thoughts are scrambled in my brain.

I just want to give them my thanks. I don’t know if they’ll ever know how much they mean to me. I know they’ll never know that they made me fall in love with football. They’ll never know how much I love them.

I just want to thank those who have been patient with me. Who’ve helped me learn more about football. Who’ve helped me learn more about the national team of my heart. I hope I’ve been respectful. I hope I have learned.

I can’t really get the looks on the players faces out my head. I can’t erase the memory of seeing Leo cry so much. I can’t get the pain of each and everyone of their faces out of my head.

It’s the day after and I still feel pain. I still want to cry.

I’m just one person. I’m not Argentinean. I can’t speak for those who are. But I can say from a new fan, from a far off admirer that I respect you and care about you and I…

I don’t know what the point of this post is. I guess the only thing I can say is football can beautiful but it also can be so cruel.

I just wanted to write these jumbled thoughts down. I guess this is my way of trying make sense out of things.


Mahal kita, Argentina. Iniisip kita. Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.