i love how the doctor is always at awe at humans

Harry-- First Photoshoot

I’ve got a lot of dad!Harry feels tonight (always) and seeing the Pink Floyd shirt in the magazine gave me the idea for this. Sorry if they editing is awful, I’m pretty tired but can’t sleep.

Harry has many passions in life and when those passions collide, it’s like an explosion of color and love and energy.  When Harry found out you were expecting your first child together, a little son, he had been over the moon.  He had sung to your belly every night, even long before the baby could hear, “The baby still knows how to feel loved, Y/N.”  It seemed like every two weeks he wanted to do a pregnancy photo shoot with you.  “We need to document this, love.  You’ll regret it if we don’t.  There is a human growing in your belly.”

Harry had been all about the magic of pregnancy and childbirth from the beginning.  He went to all of your doctor’s appointments, read all the books, and made sure he took an active role in making decisions about the little life the two of you had made together.  He told you his preferences, but conceded to the fact that you were the one who was pregnant.  He spoiled you constantly through your whole pregnancy– foot rubs, your favorite foods, anything you wanted or needed.  Throughout labor he had done everything you needed him to.  Harry wasn’t just an ornament in the room getting nauseous at the sights and smells of childbirth, he played an active role.  Rubbing your back, bringing you ice chips, making sure that no one disturbed you unless they had a stethoscope.

The real magic came when your child had been born.  Harry had cried, looking at the squalling baby they had put on your chest.  He had immediately stepped in on his combined role as father and husband.  The only living creature he loved as much as you was that baby, his son.  Diaper changes, baths, late night cuddles, waking up when you did while you were breastfeeding… he was there for all of it.

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