i love how supporting of alex she is

I really want to see Lena interacting with people other than Kara. Like her geeking out about science and technology with Winn, talking about her last photoshoot with James, playing pool with Alex and Maggie.

I wanna hear her talk about her sexuality and mentioning something about how “it was another reason for my mother not to love me” and Maggie just gives her a knowingly look and a soft dimpled smile.

Also Maggie apologizing for arresting her and Lena being like “don’t worry, you were just doing your job”.

And J'onn inviting her to the DEO to help them improve tech stuff because they trust Lena Luthor and believe she is not like her family.

I really wanna see Lena Luthor having friends and feeling loved and supported.

Ok so I’ve watched the sneak peek like 1000 times but I noticed how Alex kept touching Maggie, like rubbing her back and how she held her shoulder briefly when Maggie said “you’re right Alex does deserve the best” and then again when Jeremiah says “she’s family” Alex holds her shoulder with both hands as if to reassure her because last week Maggie told her what happened with her parents. And I just think it’s beautiful, it’s so simple yet it has so much meaning. It’s intimate on another level that I don’t really think we’ve seen before. I just love how Alex was there for Maggie the whole time during the introduction even though it was basically her coming out to her dad, how the small touches where her way of letting Maggie know that she cares and is there that she is not alone but also I feel as if Alex also was holding onto Maggie for support as a sense of comfort.

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Man I would fucking LOVE to get a scene where Kara finds out why exactly Maggie doesn't like V-Day. Because I know for a fact that if Kara knew, she would have been so supportive and so comforting and would have /helped/ Maggie deal with her trauma and would not have said what she said. (Also I feel like the writers just started a whole new show with different characters but the same names and faces after 2x09.)

She tells her that she should think about Alex.

She tells her that she needs to remember how much Alex cares for her, how much Alex deserves what she never had.

And she’s not wrong: Alex does deserve beautiful things.

But so does Maggie: so does Maggie, and Kara doesn’t understand – not at first – because Kara is projecting, and Kara is pained.

But she is also, still, Kara.

So she sees the pain flashing behind Maggie’s eyes, and she sees the fear laying in wait there.

She knows that kind of pain, that kind of fear.

Well, not exactly.

But it looks awfully similar to the ghosts in her eyes that stared back at her in the mirror when she first got to earth – when she’d lost everything – and after the Black Mercy, when she’d been forced to lose everything again; and after Astra; and after, just, god, everything.

Kara knows ghosts, and Kara squints at Maggie, because there’s something more than irritation at corporate holidays haunting her eyes.

“Maggie, what is it?” she asks, when she’s about to leave, when she’s about to fly away on her own to deal with the crisis she’s not ready to let anyone help her with yet. She asks, because it looks an awful lot like Maggie is having a crisis she doesn’t want anyone to help her with, too. And she looks like she probably does it a lot.

Something Kara is deeply familiar with.

Maggie doesn’t answer for a moment. She seems startled by the question, startled by the idea that someone would notice, that someone would care to ask.

“Nothing, Kara, it – like I said, I just wanted to apologize, that’s all.”

Kara squints at her and takes a long, deep breath. Maggie looks away first, and that’s how Kara knows for certain that she’s right; that something is very, very wrong.

“Maggie, Alex didn’t tell me what happened, but I… do you want to tell me what happened? Maybe I can help.”

Maggie stares for an incredulous moment, and she pffts – she must be getting it from Alex, Kara thinks vaguely – and she crosses her arms over her chest.

“It’s nothing, it’s whatever, Kara, just – just let Alex know I’m looking for her, will you please?”

She starts to walk away, and Kara stills her with a gentle but firm hand hovering just over her elbow, not quite touching her, because Maggie is tense and Maggie is scared and Maggie might not want unexpected touch right now.

“Maggie, my planet died. My people. I know something about that look on your face. That… losing everything face. What happened?”

Her voice is soft and her voice is low, and Maggie’s heart threatens to burst because she’s always wondered what it’s like to have a sister who loves her like this.

“I lied to your sister.”

Kara bristles and Maggie shakes her head and chuckles, just a bit.

“No need to break out the heat vision, Little Danvers, not like that. I… I told her my parents were cool about me coming out.”

She swallows and glances at Kara’s ocean eyes and forces herself to continue, forces herself to talk to Alex’s kid sister, because Alex’s kid sister isn’t exactly a kid, and she looks like she needs to focus on something other than her own worries right now, anyway.

“They weren’t. Okay with it. I was outed. I was fourteen. My dad kicked me out. My aunt took me in. It was… it was Valentine’s Day, when it happened. Why it happened.”

“Oh, Maggie,” Kara whispers, and her hands hover out to her sides, and Maggie nods almost imperceptibly, and Kara brings them gently to touch Maggie’s arms.

“And Alex didn’t know, and she tried to do a Valentine’s thing for you, and it sparked…”

“Memories, right.”

Kara’s eyes are swimming with tears now, but Maggie can’t see because Maggie is looking anywhere but at Kara.

“Maggie, it’s not Alex’s fault, I… I encouraged her, I asked her what you like, and I told her to make a custom-made Maggie Sawyer Valentine’s Day, so that maybe you could like it again, but Maggie, I didn’t know, I… I didn’t really hear you, Alex didn’t really hear you, and I… I am so sorry…”

It’s that acknowledgment, that insight, that makes Maggie force her eyes up to Kara’s again.

“I freaked out, Little Danvers. What if she’s angry, what if she doesn’t want me anymore, what if… what if I’m too… messed up for her?”

To Maggie surprise, Kara smiles softly, and she runs a gentle finger through Maggie’s long hair.

“Maggie, my sister… my sister is wild about you. My sister has never… I don’t think she’s ever really been in love, Maggie, but with you, I… Maggie, she doesn’t care so much about you because of who she thinks you are. She’s not dating only part of you. She’s dating all of you. She wants to be dating all of you, she wants to know all of you. I know we don’t know each other that well yet, but I know Alex, better than anyone, and Alex lo… Alex really cares about you, Maggie. Deeply. She’s not going to run because you have ghosts in your past. So does she. Maybe your ghosts can comfort each other, you know?”

Maggie is swallowing the painful lump in her throat and she’s forcing tears back into her eyes and she’s tilting her head and clenching her jaw and breathing slow, slow, slow.

“You’re amazing, Kara.”

“So are you, Maggie.”

“I… I want to do something for Alex. I… she deserves… hell, we both deserve… the things we never got. I… I have an idea, but… do you think you could get J’onn and James and Winn to help me?”

Kara’s all smiles, now, and Maggie can’t help but smile, too, because damn, the Danvers sisters have the most infectious joy.

“What do you need them to do?”

“Well, for starters, I’m gonna need Winn to whip up a dress…”


My Top 10 Women of the DCTVU!

Sara Lance - I love her, she tough and clever and resourceful, she’s human and flawed but strong. She doesn’t follow conventions and breaks molds. She is kick ass and beautiful and a great leader. I love her.

Alex Danvers - storng and confident but also fragile and sensitive. She’s an amazing person loyal and protective, can kick ass, is ver caring and supportive but also human and relatable. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Lena Luthor - oh boy is she beautiful, she another strong confident but flawed and insecure beauty. She’s tough and resourceful with grace and dignity and super smart. Oh please let he not be a bad guy my heart wont take it!

Cat Grant - the amazing rock of season 1 she was the moral compus and so much more than meets the eye. She was supergirls greatest supporter and she has a lot of strength and dignity. She cares and puts up walls but inside she is a kind person and a strong woman.

Kara Danvers - how can you not like Supergirl, its not just that she heroic and kind and fights for what right but its that she cares. She’s loyal to her friends and very protective but also sensitive and has inner strengh. Shes adorale and def someone I’d be friends with.

Nyssa al Ghul - stronge and beautful, a little out of touch with everyday human interaction and that makes her adorable. She loves full heartedle and can kick ass. She loyal and strong and a good leader.

Roulette - Oh she is evil, total bad guy but damn sexy! She’s calculating and manipulative but has such an air of confidence and cunning. She drips with sensuallity and is a little scary.

Gypsy - may have only been in one ep but was enough to enamour me to her. She’s another kick ass women with a sharp sense of humour and a soft spot for Cisco.

Thea Queen -  has been through a lot and has grown as a character to someone I really enjoy watching. She’s strong and flawed but speaks her mind and is clever. She’s loya to her family and can kick ass.

Iris West - she is just such a nice person she’s loyal and caring and loving. I love her ralationships with her family and that she is supportive and intelligent. She’d make a great friend how would look out for you.

It’s pretty easy to see my type is a women that would kick my ass (and thats even with me having a black belt in taskwondo), I love strong powerful women who break molds but still have depth and insecurity and love in them. Also as someone who is mixed race asian I love seeing diverse beautiful ethnic women in strong roles.

Chyler is so important to this fandom and the lgbtq+ community I honestly don’t know what we did to deserve such a good role model. She constantly responds to people on twitter and tells them how proud she is of them when they tell her their coming out stories, she expresses how much she cares for the sanvers storyline and how much justice she wants to do for it in interviews, she has previously talked about how she’s faced some personal problems with portraying a lesbian on supergirl but still continues to express how much she loves playing Alex and how proud she is to be involved in this show etc. She’s so loving and supportive and she continues to blow me away with the things she does for us and the things she says to us. Whether flo and chy win tonight or not, I’m so glad to have a role model like herself playing one of the best lesbian characters I’ve seen on tv thus far.

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I am loving all of your fix-it fics you are amazing!!! Could you do one where Alex runs after Maggie when she tries to leave after talking about how her parents found out she was gay and then brings her back in the apartment and comforts her on the couch? I totally get if you are too busy you do so many amazing and supportive things for this fandom

Her voice cracks and Alex knows why she’s running.

“I gotta go, just…” she interrupts herself, and she leaves, and Alex knows why.

Because she’s about to cry. Because she’s about to cry, and she can’t cry, because if she cries now, she’ll never stop. If she cries now, it won’t be whatever. It’ll be something that can still shred her to the core.

But she doesn’t close the door behind her. She lets it linger open, and that’s how Alex knows something else: that Maggie needs to run, because Maggie is about to cry.

But Maggie left the door open, and Maggie is nothing if not deliberate: Maggie left the door open for Alex.

And so she goes, she goes, silk robe and slip be damned, she goes because Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, she was fourteen and she wanted better for Alex and she was fourteen and she deserved a full, happy life and she was fourteen and Alex would be damned if she didn’t give it to her.

“Maggie, stop,” she calls, padding out into the hall in her bare feet, but Maggie isn’t waiting by the elevator. The door to the stairwell is still heaving closed, but  the elevator button is lit up: Maggie must have pressed it, pressed it, determined it wasn’t coming fast enough, that her own feet were better, more reliable.

Perhaps the only reliable thing.

But Alex needs to prove that’s not true.

And sure enough, Alex finds her on the stairwell, finds her wracking with silent sobs as she practically flies down the stairs, and Alex tries again.

“Maggie, please.”

Maggie stops immediately, but she doesn’t turn around. Alex gulps, and she’s surprised; surprised it was that easy to get her to stop.

“You’re barefoot, Danvers, you shouldn’t be on the staircase. It’s cold and anyway, you could get hurt.”

Alex walks down to her anyway.

“I don’t care about… Maggie, I… I’m sorry.”

Maggie turns suddenly, and her face is streaked with tears and mascara and old scars.

“I don’t need your pity, Danvers.”

Alex blinks and stiffens and Maggie immediately retracts. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, I – “

“No. No, you’re right. You don’t need pity. You need something better. You need to be heard. And I want to hear you, Maggie, I want… I want to… I’m not going to abandon you like that, Maggie, I’m not going to betray you like that. I… I do like you, too.”

Maggie smiles softly and wipes at her eyes at Alex’s self-deprecation, and Alex tentatively reaches up to wipe her tears instead.

Maggie stiffens for a tense moment, but she forces herself to look up into Alex’s eyes and relents. Alex wipes her tears attentively, carefully, diligently. Lovingly.

“I know I can’t make it better, Maggie, but I want to… I want to be able to be here for you. And I am so, so sorry that I didn’t listen better, I… I’m gonna get better at that, I promise.”

Maggie nods slowly, and she takes a deep, deep, long sigh.

“You’re gonna catch a cold, Danvers,” she rasps after a long moment, and Alex shrugs.

“You’re worth it. Hell, Maggie, you’re worth the Bravakian flu.”

A small smile tugs at Maggie’s lips, now. “Or the black lung?” she asks, and Alex returns it.

“You are worth everything, Maggie. Everything. Come back inside? If you want?”

“Alex, I – “

But her phone chirps, and they both grimace, because they know that sound.

Alex helps Maggie finish wiping her tears, finish composing her face so it doesn’t look like she’s been crying.

“Duty calls,” Maggie says bravely, and Alex nods.

“I’ll see you later?” Alex asks in a small voice, and Maggie nods.

Alex kisses her hand and turns sadly to head back upstairs.


She spins back so eagerly she almost overbalances, and Maggie reaches up with steady hands to catch her.

“You look beautiful.”

Alex flushes and sighs silently. “So do you, Maggie. So do you.”

Look at this, look how Maggie can keep still Alex, before she goes off and punch Mon El in the face
Look how in only one second we can see all the power that this couple could have…
The last scene of them is perfect and heartbreaking, but this second here, shows all the support that they have for each other…

Can we talk about the juxtaposition between Maggie and Monhell as love interests? The thing that stood out to me most this episode was when Alex said she needed to do this alone, Maggie respected it without question. She supported Alex to go rogue and never infringed on her agency with her help. When Kara said the same thing against Myx, mon had a melt down over her ability to sort out the situation herself and never supported her abilities. He took away her agency and pointed out her lack of judgment.

I don’t know if it’s intentional but every episode shows how considerate and supportive Maggie and Alex are compared to the Dysfunctional cluster fuck of Kara and Monhellno.

okay listen. everyday, trying-to-fit-in kara kills me. the glasses, the flats, the argyle sweaters, it kills me. she is the embodiment of “too pure, too good” and it is really too much for me to handle. it’s all to try and blend in and seem insignificant, but guess what?? kara could be wearing camouflage and she would still stand out bc who smiles that much? whose eyes light up like that when they see potstickers for christ’s sake?? kara is so observant that she probably knows the birthdays of all the employees in the office at catco and gets them a card or a donut or something, and she notices because she cares so much about everyone. like she wants to make sure no one feels left out or forgotten and loves to make people feel special. she tries so hard to blend in but she’s too kind, too thoughtful, too bright to ever be anything but remarkable. and that has nothing to do with supergirl, that’s just kara being kara.

Dating Supergirl would include?

She’s too precious for this world

Warning: none

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  • okay, first of all, she’s a lost puppy if you are not around
  • admiring you 24/7, even if you’re wearing a garbage bag, she would still find you irresistible
  • cuddles at any time, all the time
  • if you are busy she will drag you to the couch to cuddle, especially if you were working too much
  1. “babe I need to end those papers and-”
  2. “Nope, what you need is a cuddle session with me”
  • Alex  giving you “The Talk”
  1. “if you ever EVER hurt my sister, I will hunt you down,  believe me when I said, I know more then 10 ways to kill you by only using my pinky finger”
  2. but in the end, Alex loves how happy Kara is around you
  • Her mother adores you, especially when she notes how well you treat her and that you care for her
  • Kara is a very supportive girlfriend, she would be very proud of any job or goal that you have in your life
  • spoiling each other with food
  • “ I bought Chinese ”
  • “well, I bought Mexican…”
  • “… we can mix”
  • “… I love you Y/N”
  • sweet reassuring kisses when she have nightmares about Krypton
  • dates are hard when your girlfriend has to leave to save the world every 5 minutes, so you guys prefer to stay at home watching Netflix and eating takeouts
  • surprisingly a lot of hickeys and a lot of frustration because with her healing factor they disappear in seconds
  1. usually are easy to hide, but sometimes baby Kara gets a little clingy and the hickeys end up all over your body
  2. maggie make a remark once and kara was a stuttering mess, she almost faint
  • Sooo overprotective
  1. once you fell and hurt your ankle, she almost cry and call Alex to help her, Alex thought that someone had shot you or something, not that you fell
  2. “Kara *sigh* she’s fine ”
  4. “Kara ..baby.. I’m oke-Kara please don’t cry”
  • She’s can get jealous so easy
  1. “Maggie, stop looking at Y/N…”
  2. “Hun, I’m dating your sister …”
  • and basically so much fluff and love, Kara fell hard for you, and she is determined to show you this love every day 
#Sanvers and what it’s like to actually see you and your relationship represented, correctly, onscreen

This past Monday night was the first episode of Supergirl since their midseason finale back in November. I’ve only recently started watching the show, so the hiatus felt like this gift I’d been given to catch up on storylines, characters, and, to be totally honest, Alex/Maggie. I know, I know, there are already several articles written about the impact of her coming out / relationship this season, but I’d like to add another. After all, when representation this good comes around, you can’t take it for granted. Who knows when we’ll get something even remotely close to this again?

During this time without the show, I’ve learned a few things. The most obvious one is that I am such actual trash (lovable, gay trash, hopefully) when it comes to Alex and Maggie’s relationship, otherwise known as #Sanvers. I’ve rewatched every single scene they have together and any they have with other characters where they talk about each other. Everything about those moments is memorized, from the words they say down to their body language. I’m constantly checking the #Sanvers / #Alex Danvers #Maggie Sawyer #Supergirl (also #Supercorp – why isn’t that happening yet??) tags on Twitter and Tumblr for any spoilers / insights from fellow fans. There aren’t too many people in my life who I can talk to about this so excitedly with which is why when I found this devoted fanbase on these sites, talking, discussing, deconstructing what this fictional relationship meant, it felt more like finding a community. It was so inspiring reading @sapphicgeek’s tweets about her day at work talking / comforting the girl who came in looking for Supergirl comics. It was equally frustrating and refreshing reading about the story of @hajabeg on the flight where they encountered a hugely bigoted person and wonderfully supportive people all within a few hours. I loved that people made gif sets showcasing Maggie’s adorable dimples or the way she cocks her head to the side or the photos of Alex overlaid with text teasing how poorly she tries to hide her “gay” or the puppy-like way she holds the door open for Maggie in 2x09’s “Supergirl Lives”, ready to apologize to the girl she loves, I mean, likes. 

What I appreciated most, though, was reading how many lives this relationship, this show, and these characters have touched, which led me to think about how it had impacted my own. Here I was, with practically a quarter century’s worth of life experience under my belt, semi-obsessively watching and rewatching scenes from a show I hadn’t even seen all the episodes of yet (as a note of reference, this also happened several months ago when I found out about the pairing of Waverly / Nicole on Syfy’s Wynona Earp otherwise known as #WayHaught, last summer with SoSo / Poussey on Orange is the New Black, of course Lexa / Clarke on The 100, Elena on One Day at a Time, Carmen / Shane on The L Word, and Root / Shaw on Person of Interest). Why?

So much of my answer came from finally being at a place in my life where I felt happy with who I was. I finally “got me” as Alex said to Maggie in 2x08’s “Medusa”. My coming out process wasn’t of my own choosing, and it’s taken me a long time to feel proud of who I am. My parents found out that I had feelings for my now-girlfriend and confronted me about them on the phone while we were hundreds of miles apart. They were furious, but there was a reason I hadn’t told them yet. I wanted to do this on my terms, I wanted to figure out who I was, work through the other problems in my life, in hopes of not getting the reaction I ended up eliciting.

I mean, earlier that year was the first time I had even started seriously confronting the fact that I was attracted to and liked girls. There were so many signs, hundreds, thousands of them from my life growing up that became clearer but I wasn’t thinking of those yet. No, what pushed me towards this realization was my burgeoning friendship with this girl. There was always some curiosity about her on my part, something that drew me in, made me kind of afraid of her, in a way, before, but when we started talking, getting to know each other, building our relationship, that’s when everything started unraveling. I couldn’t stop myself, or the feelings, any longer, which meant I also couldn’t stop the dismantling of the dam that kept my problems stocked inside. 

So when I decided to fully recognize that I had feelings for this girl, I also had to confront a whole host of problems that included, but were not limited to, an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and years upon years of shame and guilt for not being who I thought I was supposed to be. For disappointing my parents, my family, my culture more than I already had. For being such a failure in every aspect of my life.

After that came a long summer, and subsequent semester, where I tried to find the pieces of who I was amongst the destruction of this person I tried to be for the last, almost twenty-two years. I shaved away a lot of who people thought I was, including me, in the hopes that who I’d be left with would be my true self. I thought it’d be easy to do this after being forcibly shoved out of the closet. I thought I’d feel this great weight lift off of my chest, but instead there was months of guilt and carnage to deal with. I struggled with a lot of internalized homophobia, prejudice, initially coming out as bisexual because I was afraid of what it meant to be a lesbian, of disappointing my parents further. When Alex told Maggie that she’d tried dating men in the past as she first comes out, in 2x05’s “Crossfire”, I felt her with every word she could and couldn’t bring herself to say. I’d dated a bunch, myself, but in every relationship, there was something missing. Something wasn’t there. Something had to be forced. The intimacy was never authentic, just like Alex, and I always felt some sort of emptiness from pushing down those feelings and thoughts and dreams I’d had.

Because of all this, I saw Alex’s story as something of my own. While we were in different stages of our lives, her character nearing her 30s, me just entering my 20s, we were both adults who were supposed to have at least figured things out a little bit. Friends of mine were engaged, some married, others pregnant. What was I doing? Where was I going? I felt as if my life was just beginning when I, almost a year later, was able to say aloud, with pride, that I was gay, a lesbian. Being in this relationship with my girlfriend, living out who I was, changed the clarity with which I saw the world.

To draw on another epic speech on television, Dr. Erica Hahn’s realization that she was gay after she slept with Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy for the first time rung in my head as well:

“When I was a kid, I would get these headaches, and I went to the doctor, and they said that I needed glasses. I get the glasses, and I put them on, and I’m in the car on the way home, and suddenly I yell. Because the big green blobs that I had been staring at my whole life, they weren’t big green blobs. They were leaves on trees. And I didn’t even know I was missing the leaves. I didn’t even know that leaves existed, and then…leaves! You, [Callie Torres] are glasses.”

Unlike on Grey’s, though, what Supergirl gets and showcases is the uncertainty of where you go from there. I wasn’t a teenager anymore. I was on my own, living in a new city, working a new job, surrounded by people who had their lives figured out years prior, and yet, I just felt like such a kid again, as did Alex. Everything was heightened, the world’s color seemed to glow. 

When Alex decided, at the suggestion of Maggie, that it was time to come out to Kara in 2x06’s “Changing”, I was touched by everything from the words semi-tumbling out of her mouth to the way her face expressed every emotion from “oh fuck, how do I do this?” to “fuck, is she disappointed in me?”. Watching her semi-panic in front of Kara, afraid that she’d lost the person she was closest to, afraid that she’d done something wrong by simply being her, it pulled on the strings in my heart. Listening as Kara comforts Alex, reiterating how while their situations are different, she understands and Alex does not have to go through this alone because she isn’t, it was something out of a dream I wished for everyone going through something like this. When I saw Alex tearfully explain why she likes Maggie, “I uh, I just like her so much you know she’s smart and she’s tough and she’s just… beautiful, she’s so beautiful”, it brought me to tears as well. How fucking crazy is this? The world is literally burning to pieces around me, but this, this show is creating something so vivid and real. They are creating so much more than art and entertainment, they are creating hope and inspiration and a new reality within this world of Supergirl.

Alex struggled afterwards, first dealing with a rejection after putting herself so far out there, then trying to explain her heartbreak to the person who crushed her, proceeding to rebuild that relationship, coming out to her mom, and then starting this beautiful romance with Maggie. And I watched each moment, so rarely explored, with baited breath. A relationship and dynamic that’s never told. Layers never seen. People talk about representation all the time now, but it could never be overstated just how important it is for people to see themselves in strong, empowered, independent women like them, finding love with each other so organically and honestly.

Maybe if I had seen a show like this years prior, things would have turned out differently, I’m not sure, but what I do know is that thanks to Alex and Maggie, thanks to the fantastic writers on Supergirl, there are millions of people watching a character finally come into her own. There are people seeing what love looks like outside of the boundaries and norms they’re used to seeing. There are people who look to this couple with hope that it means opening a door of new w|w relationships on television like this one. There are people, like me, who revel in the scenes on YouTube, because it reminds us of ourselves, and gives us hope that happiness so pure but so raw and flawed yet, somehow, perfectly imperfect, is out there. It gives us, or at least me, so much happiness to see myself on screen, to see my relationship explored without being over sexualized, without being stereotyped (or killed off).

As I continue to watch everything unfold, I will undoubtedly laugh, cry, and feel so deeply for a couple so closely intertwined with myself. And then I’ll get on Twitter / Tumblr / YouTube, and feel everything over and over again with everyone around the world as we rejoice in a show that finally gets us right.

Thank you. To the creators, writers, crew, actors, and everyone who works on Supergirl for this. For everything you’re doing with these characters. I can’t say that enough.

Winn, Get me a Wrench (ft. Sara Lance and Oliver Queen)

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Alex has always been a little on the side of reckless.

A little on the side of ruthless.

A little on the side of you-threaten-people-I-love-and-I’ll-enjoy-torturing-you.

But lately?

Since Cadmus, since Jeremiah, since Kara has almost died again, and again, and again?

Lately, “gone rogue” has been Alex’s middle name.

Lately, “you can catch me torturing people on my lunch break” has been her first name.

So when the bounty hunter goads them that humans don’t have what it takes – that they’re too weak-willed, too sensitive, too soft, too moral – to get the information they need from him, Alex demands a wrench.

And she doesn’t only mean it.

She wants it.

And J’onn steps in, not only because his way is less messy. But because his way will spare the shattered remains of his eldest earth daughter’s soul.

“So I heard about the wrench thing, babe,” Maggie tells her, because of course Kara called her, and of course they made a plan.

Because she’s been getting better in some ways: she’s been drinking less, laughing more. Sleeping more. Taking more time to herself. Learning to assert what she wants, what she needs.

But she still also needs, apparently, to beat the living shit out of people when she feels out of control. When she needs to protect the people she loves.

“Don’t get me wrong, babe, I love that about you. How fiercely protective you are of the people you love. I admire it. I admire you. But Danvers, have you considered – ”

“That I have anger issues? Yeah, your friend at the bar suggested it.”

A long silence. A kiss, because Maggie, too, isn’t here to judge. She’s here to help her heal.

“Have you considered he might be a little right?”

Alex pffts and Alex stands and paces and stares to Kara and J’onn for support, and they give it to her, but not the kind she wants.

She wants the kind that says Maggie’s wrong, that it’s leadership skills, that it’s part of being a good soldier.

Instead, they give her the support of, we understand, we love you anyway, we’re here for you.

So she concedes – she’s not quite sure if it’s J’onn’s concerned eyes or Kara’s pout or Maggie’s soft, reassuring kisses – to heading over to Earth 1 to grab a coffee with Oliver Queen and Sara Lance.

He’s stoic and she’s flirty, but she’s also serious, because there are storms just behind her impossibly blue eyes that Alex is surprised to realize that she’s seen in her own mirror.

“So Alex, your sister says you’re enjoying torturing people these days,” Oliver begins, and Sara groans.

“Way to kill all possibilities of small talk, Ollie. He does this. I’m sorry.”

Oliver shrugs and allows himself a small smile, and Alex can’t help but grin. “Well she didn’t travel to a different universe to chat about the weather.”

“No, apparently I came for an intergalactic intervention therapy session… thing.”

Sara sighs and nods across Jitters to the table where Kara and Maggie are sitting with their heads together, whispering about who knows what.

“They really care about you. To bring you all this way to talk to the most messed up people they could think of.”

“That’s not quite how Kara – ”

“No, of course not, Kara’s made of literally nothing but sunshine over all that grief she keeps so well hidden, but even if she had said it directly, she wouldn’t be wrong,” Oliver deadpans, and Alex furrows her brow.

“He’s always like this. Except when he’s all domesticated by Felicity. He makes souffles.”

“I tried to make Maggie tiramusu. It didn’t work.”

“The trick is in the ice – ”

“Oh god, they have something else to talk about other than torturing people. Can I go sit with Kara and your girlfriend?”


“Alex, it’s a rush, right? To control someone’s life like that, because you can’t control whose they take? The more of someone else’s blood is on your knuckles, the less blood your sister, your girlfriend, will shed? Right? But then it becomes a rush. An addiction. A thirst.”

Alex swallows and looks down into her coffee cup.

“We’re trained to not feel anything, but then we’re told that there’s a code,” Oliver says softly. “It can get confusing for your body to know which way is up.”

“And how much blood is too much.”

Alex blinks and grips at the table, because they understand, they understand, they understand.

“I just want to protect her. Both of them. J'onn. My friends.”

Oliver and Sara both nod, and Sara hesitates with her hand hovering above Alex’s until Alex nods, and their hands touch softly on the table.

“Our hands – his too – are lethal. Our hands were made to kill. But yours? I bet they’re so gentle when you touch her.”

She nods over at Maggie, and a soft smile grows on Alex’s lips. “You have to let her love you, Alex. Both of them. All of them. Getting lost in it is so easy, and it happens before you even can identify it. But you have to. That rage, that anger, that hate… you can’t take it out on yourself, not completely, because if you do, you won’t be able to protect them. But you’ve gotta get it out, and why not on a prisoner you need information from, right? But Alex, you… they love you. They love you, and you have to love you, or you’re not… You love them so hard you’ll torture and kill for them, Alex, but you’ll make yourself less human in the process. You’ll make yourself the thing you’re trying to protect them from.”

“The road back is the hardest one,” Oliver says softly, thinking about Felicity and Diggle and the League and falling off a mountain with a hole in his torso.

“Let them love you, Alex,” Sara almost whispers. “It’s not a cure. There isn’t one. And you’re going to have to keep fighting. Every day. But look at them. Look at the way they love you.”

Alex turns to see her girlfriend and her little sister both pretending not to watch the three of them, and she can’t help but smile.

“I used to believe the hero couldn’t have the girl, Alex. And I…” Oliver thinks of Felicity and he swallows and he moves on. “But that girl? Don’t let her go. Don’t let her go, Alex. She just traveled to a parallel universe to get you help. Let her love you. Alright?”

Alex watches as Maggie makes Kara’s face red with laughter, and she smiles faintly and squeezes Sara’s hand.

“Yeah. Yeah, I will.”

She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful (Zack Merrick) (All Time Low)

Based on the SWS lyric ‘she doesn’t know she’s beautiful cause no ones ever told her so’

Word Count: 709


I’d just finished rehearsals with the band for our upcoming tour when my phone vibrated on the table. Jack was the closest and picked it up before smirking and then tossed it at me.

“When are you going to man up and tell her you like her Zack.”

I had a missed call from y/n, one of my best friends who I’d loved since high school. The guys always mocked how close were during high school, and how much we acted like an old married couple. But I never had the courage to ask her out.

“She has a boyfriend and she’s happy guys.”

Jack and Rian rolled their eyes while Alex patted me on the back.

“Things have a way of working themselves out Zack.”

Just then my phone went off twice; y/n had sent me two messages.

Y/N: He cheated on me Zack…

Y/N: I can’t do this anymore. I love you and the guys…goodbye x

The last message shocked me, y/n had depression and suicidal thoughts in the past but had never acted on them. Yes she also cut but that was way back in her high school days.

“I need to get to y/n’s guys. I think she’s going to do something stupid.”

I showed the rest of the guys the messages and they agreed I should go alone because only I could talk her down from the edge. I promised to call them with updates as I grabbed my keys.

~Skip Car Ride~

I ran up to y/n’s door and let myself in with the spare key I had. I found her curled up in a ball on the sofa with her head between her knees shaking. My heart stopped when I saw a pill bottle, a bottle of vodka and a razor-blade on the coffee table, but as far as I could tell they hadn’t been used yet.

“He said I wasn’t thin enough, that the other girl was everything I’d never be Zack. I thought he loved me so I showed him my scars and he laughed at me, told me I was a worthless cutter.”

My blood boiled, how could he be so cruel. I sat down next to her and she turned before curling against me with her head in my lap. I ran my fingers through her hair to calm her down and started to hum her favourite Sleeping with Sirens song.

“She doesn’t know she’s beautiful cause no one’s ever told her so. And the demons that she hides are all she knows. And maybe she could fall in love with someone in her life she could trust.”

“Zack you’re one in a million. How come you’re the only guy in my life I can trust?”

y/n sat up and wiped her tear stained eyes which smudged her mascara and made her look like a raccoon. That lyric meant so much to me and my feelings for y/n.

“Because I know you better than you know yourself y/n. I know all your likes and dislikes. I’ll never lie to you or hurt you. That jerk didn’t deserve someone as beautiful as you.”

Something behind y/n’s eyes softened.

“Maybe she could fall in love with someone in her life she could trust. Will someone tell her she’s enough?”

Her voice cracked on the last part. Did she feel the same way as me? my question was answered when she crawled onto my lap and kissed me. I was taken by surprise to the point she mistook it for rejection and quickly pulled back before blushing.

“Shit Zack I’m sorry. I misread the signs. I’m all over the place tonight…”

I cut her off by capturing her lips once more and snaked my arms around her waist to support her. She kissed me back and I couldn’t ask for anymore. Alex had been right earlier. After a couple of minutes I pulled back and smiled at her.

“I’ve loved you since high school y/n. And you’ll always be enough for me. I love you y/n.”

“I love you to Zack.”

Those were the five words I’d waited years to hear from her. I was never letting her go and would show her everyday just how beautiful she really was.

Written On This Skin Part 11 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 10

Part 12


A/N This is probably the second to last part.. so enjoy!


“She’s okay,” The group lets out a collective sigh. The worry seeping out of all of them, that some didn’t even realize that they had.

“Can we go see her?” Michael asks, ready to jump around Luke to help someone who has gone through the same as him.

“I don’t know,” Luke breaths out. He is unsure about what to do next, he is unsure if he should be doing anything. He would never be enough for her, so why try? Luke will never be enough for the girl who is destined to share a bed with him. And he knew it. He knew it when she said she didn’t want to be famous. He knew it when she didn’t want to be his soulmate. He knew it when she was crying hysterically about wanting more for herself. Luke will never be enough.

As if sensing his friend’s sadness, Micheal wraps Luke into a hug, followed by the rest of the group. They look at Luke in worry, they know he’s been going through a lot with Y/N right now, but none of them had stopped to think about how that would really be effecting him.

Ashton pulls away first and begins to take charge. “Okay, Mikey and Emily, go down and make sure Y/N is okay. The rest of us will stay up here, with Luke, finish packing, and be down in a half hour with everything,” Ashton says. He sends Michael down with Emily to see if Y/N is okay, because he knows the two of them are probably he most nurturing, well Emily is. Michael just understands what she is going through.

Ashton leads Luke to his room, where Luke begins to grab his things and put it back in his suitcase. “What’s wrong Luke?” Ashton asks, and Luke slams his suitcase onto the bed, which only caused it to bounce a little.

“Nothing,” Luke grits out. Luke is not an angry person, so what’s left of the group flinches back a little.

“Can we have some space?” Ashton asks the rest of the group. Jackie and Alex nod and turn to leave, but Calum stays put. Alex looks over her shoulder and motions for Calum to follow, but with a shake of his head, Calum stays put. Ashton looks over his shoulder to see Calum and Calum just gives a small shrug.

“What’s got you upset, mate?” Ashton asks, accepting the fact that Calum is here to stay.

“I don’t think she wants me.”

“What do you mean she doesn’t want you? You’re her soulmate?” Ashton exclaims, and Calum gives a subtle nod.

“I mean, she wants to do something more with her life! Something I can’t give her! She says she doesn’t want to be famous!” Luke exclaims, violently throwing clothes into his suitcase.

“She can be something while being with you,” Ashton tries to reason.

“Look, I don’t think she knew it was me in the room when she said this, but she said, ‘Why do i have to be his soulmate?’ If that isn’t enough to say that she doesn’t want me, I don’t know what is.” Luke says, throwing his suitcase shut.

“Mate…” Ashton begins to say, but Luke’s choking sobs cut him off.

“I just want to be enough for someone,” Luke says, sitting down on the bed. Silent tears roll down his face, as the horrible thoughts flood into his brain. Luke bows his head, as he thinks of what could’ve been. If he just had a different soulmate. If only he had someone who would thing he’s enough. He’s nice. He’s been told all his life how handsome he is. He brings home enough money to support them. Why does she want to have more? What could she want that he can’t give her.

“Luke…” Ashton starts again, but he is out of words.

“Luke, its not that you aren’t enough,” Calum says, kneeling down next to Luke. “There are just some things that you can’t give people. From what I hear from Alex, Y/N is not someone to sit back and relax. She is always doing something. It’s not that you are not enough, it’s that she wants something more outside of Love.” Luke nods numbly along to what Calum says. “She needs you, just as much as you want her. You can’t give up on these kinds of things,” Luke throws himself off the bed and onto Calum, wrapping him into a hug. “Let’s all finish packing and go down, yeah?” Calum asks after a few moments. Luke peels himself off of Calum and turns to finish packing.

When the whole group is ready, they proceed to the bus.

When Luke is outside the bus, a few steps away from the door, he feels something heavy jump onto him. He stumbles back a few steps, and drops both suitcases in an effort to catch the girl.

“I’m so sorry,” His soulmate whispers in his ear.

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I have to say, even though I don't really "ship" couples, it's cute to see Perrie and Alex so happy and openly supportive of each other. I'm just happy for her. And she is funny in those basketball clips.

I agree anon, it is so lovely to see how much they clearly support one another and root each other on in their biggest movements (BRITS, yesterdays games). She’s such a lil dweeb that I love xx :)

i’ve come across several posts discussing the lack of maggie sawyer appreciation, so this is a call out post for things i fucking love about our tiny detective.

-the fact that upon meeting the incredibly intimidating agent danvers she simply looked up into her face and gave her a shit eating grin.

-how adorable and also hot she looks when she wears that windbreaker jacket. -the head tilt, my dudes. just. it’s too much.

-how she’s just the best listener. that soft, understanding gaze she dons when she’s listening to alex.

-how tough she is?? she never shows any kind of fear when she’s on the job. she runs headfirst into the face of danger because she’s so so brave and wants to protect.

-the only time she does show fear is when alex tells her about her feelings and she’s scared of losing her friend.

-i love how much she cares about alex despite only having known her for a short time, because it shows how deeply she feels for people, and that if you make it past her defenses then she’ll be your biggest supporter.

-her sense of humor. she sees a lot of shit but keeps her wit and optimism and her verbal sparring w/ alex keeps me alive.

-the way you can see her biceps under that fucking long sleeved shirt when she comes to l-corp…like damn girl you ripped af.

-the dimples. i am powerless against them.

-how she hasn’t really opened up about her past yet, which imo is probably because her story has been centered around her role in alex accepting who she is, and maggie has just been listening and being whatever alex needs.

-the fact that she gets jealous of supergirl/alex. but not in a shy way, but more like an, “omfg are you kidding me 🙄” kind of way.

-she’s so compassionate??? like how much she cares for the aliens and wants nothing more than for them to be safe and happy, because she understands them. she knows what it’s like to be ostracized and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

-how she’s kinda wild? i mean when she watches alex/supergirl kick some ass and she’s like wow you guys are fun, not even 5 minutes after being tied up by a psycho?? girl is a freak and i love it.

-and finally, how smol she is. i’m a sucker for height differences, and i love how tiny she is but her personality is huge.

long story short, these are just a few great things about maggie sawyer, and she deserves the whole world because she’s a hero too.

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Alex Maggie and Kara visit Eliza and Alex falls back into old habbits

Maggie knew.

She knew that Alex’s weight-of-the-world-responsibility-I-need-to-be-perfect-in-all-ways-at-all-times didn’t come from being Kara’s sister.

She knew that Alex’s weight-of-the-world-responsibility-I-need-to-be-perfect-in-all-ways-at-all-times came from being Eliza’s daughter.

And she was glad – truly – that Eliza had apparently taken Alex’s coming out better than Alex had at first.

But she also knew – and she wasn’t sure if Alex realized explicitly, so she said nothing, because it was something for Alex to work out on her own, and Maggie would be there to support her and love her unconditionally when she did – that Eliza was the reason it took Alex so long to realize she’s gay. Well, Eliza and the violence of heteronormativity. But Eliza. Because Eliza is what that perfection speech was all about.

And it made Maggie furious.

But she said nothing, and Eliza was Alex’s mom, after all, and she of all people knew how complicated parents are, how strange and counterintuitive and unhealthy love from a parent can be, so she was flattered and honored and more than a little nervous when Alex invited her to come out to Midvale with her and Kara for the long weekend.

She packed only her nicest flannels, her sharpest jeans, her most dapper jacket, her hottest boots, because the habit of being as herself, as gay, as humanly possible around women’s parents ran strong in her.

Alex shook harder the closer they got to Midvale. She rambled more and then lapsed into longer silences. Maggie glanced at Kara, who grimaced in solidarity, who grimaced in anticipation, who grimaced because Kara knew, too.

“It’ll be fine, right?” Alex suddenly squeaks out of nowhere. “Right, it’ll be fine, last time I saw her she said I was exceptional, right, I mean, you don’t call someone you’re disappointed in exceptional, right? And Kara, you haven’t really gotten hurt lately – I mean, you went to Earth 2 and that slave trading hell hole all by yourself, she’s bound to hate me for that – ”

“Alex,” Kara soothes, reaching up into the front seat, grateful that Maggie’s driving. “Alex, Eliza loves you. She doesn’t know how to communicate that well all the time – ”

“Or at all, most of the time – ”

“Okay, right. But she loves you, Alex. And you know what, if she doesn’t love you right, Maggie and I are here, okay? We love you. Unconditionally. Okay? It’s gonna be okay.”

Alex grimaced a smile and Alex nodded and Alex squeezed Kara’s hand and Alex held her breath, because they were pulling into Eliza’s driveway.

They got a couple of hours in without an incident, largely because Kara changed the subject when Eliza asked about where Alex was when she went to Earth 2; largely because Maggie let Alex squeeze her hand as hard as she damn well pleased whenever Eliza turned to ask Alex a question; largely because Maggie put a steady hand on Alex’s knee, gave her a significant glance, to tell her that she didn’t mind that Eliza was interrogating her on her education, on her history with the science division, on her motivation to become a police officer, to work with aliens.

They got a couple of hours in without an incident, but after Eliza asked what seemed to be the problem with locating Cadmus’s new stronghold and finding Jeremiah, Alex excused herself to go to the bathroom. Maggie didn’t want to make it seem like they had a codependent relationship and Kara didn’t want to make it seem like Alex couldn’t go pee on her own when she was around Eliza, so neither of them accompanied her.

But there was bourbon on her breath when she came back; there was bourbon on her breath and fire in her eyes and a slight wobble to her step, because she must have had way more than one shot, way more than two, way more than three, in the space of the five minutes she’d been out of the room.

Maggie and Kara exchange a worried glance, because they’d taken all the alcohol out of both of their homes, out of Alex’s, but Alex grew up in this home and Alex knew where Eliza kept the best liquor.

Kara excused herself to get water for everyone – but really, for Alex – and Eliza narrowed her eyes as she watched Alex collapse on the couch next to Maggie, tossing her arms around her and her legs onto her lap.

“Maggie loves me, Mom,” she said from her spot nuzzled into Maggie’s neck. “Isn’t that wild? A woman who loves me for exactly who I am? Funny thing is, growing up, after Dad, you know, I didn’t think that was possible. For someone – someone who wasn’t Kara, isn’t that ironic, that Kara’s the reason you put all that pressure on me and yet Kara’s the only one who really loved me – someone to love me. Like, unconditionally love me.”

“Ally, baby, do you wanna show me the beach, take a nice walk?”

“No, Detective Sawyer, I think my daughter’s too out of sorts at the moment to be strolling about.”

“What’samatter, Mom, don’t want the neighbors to know you raised a daughter whose body can’t break alcohol down before it goes to her head?”

“Al, honey – ”

“What brought this on, Alexandra?” Eliza wanted to know, and Alex glared as Kara stepped back into the room with a tray of full water glasses, eyes wide and eyes nervous.

“Do you have to ask about Dad like that?”

Eliza scoffed. “Alexandra, I have the right to ask after the welfare of my husband – ”

“No, no, I mean, like that. You have to make it into an accusation, don’t you, like it’s my fault that we can’t find him, like it’s my fault he’s still suffering. Just like everything’s my fault, just like – ”

“Alex – ”

“No, Kara, I love you, but god, Kara, sometimes you don’t get to play mediator! Sometimes you don’t get to be in the middle! Sometimes you have to pick a side!”

“My daughter, the soldier. Who would have thought?”

“Eliza, she’s upset, she’s – ”

“No, Kara, Alex is right. She usually is, isn’t she? You can choose your sister’s side, dear, I won’t hold it against you. After all, I’m only your adoptive mother. But Alex is your sister, through and through.” She stares through tears at Alex, and is silent for a long moment before she says, “At least I gave you one good thing in your life, Alexandra. By taking in Kara, I gave you your sister. At least I can you that one good thing.”

Alex withered immediately and Alex tried to stand as Eliza did, but she stumbled into Maggie’s arms instead.

“No, Mom, I didn’t – I didn’t mean you never – Mom. Mom!”

But the door to Eliza’s room had snapped shut, and Kara was setting down the tray of glasses and rushing to helping Maggie set Alex back down on the couch, rushing to help Maggie hold her shaking, sobbing, torn mess of a big sister.

“I did it again, I did it again, I could have just let it go, I could have just ignored it, why didn’t I ignore it?” Alex gasped, and Kara cooed wordlessly into her ear and kissed her forehead.

“Because you have to stand up for yourself at some point, Alex. And, okay, you know, you and your mom don’t have the most complimentary communication styles. But she needs to know what’s acceptable and what’s not. I would have been upset if she implied that about me too, babe. I was upset that she implied that about you. Because it is not your fault you haven’t found your dad yet. You’re allowed to stand up for yourself, Al. You’re allowed. You’re allowed, babygirl.”

She tugged her into her chest because Alex was sobbing harder, then, and Alex was reaching for Maggie with one hand and Kara with the other, and she was shaking and she was gasping for breath and she would have been inconsolable, but she was in the arms of the two women who loved her more than anything else in the world, so she calmed eventually, eventually, eventually.

None of the three girls noticed that Eliza had slipped back into the room until she was squatting in front of them, a glass of the water Kara had brought in her hand.

“When you were a little girl, Alex, you would always want water when you were upset about something.”

“Not just bringing it to me because I’m a drunken mess on your couch?” Alex grunted as Kara took the glass and brought it to Alex’s begrudging lips.

“I’m bringing it to you because you are my daughter, Alexandra. And I don’t have superhearing, sure, but I heard enough of what Maggie told you, and I… she’s right, Alex. I don’t always know how to talk to you. I don’t always know how to love you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t. You are my world, Alex Danvers. My entire world.”

Kara gulped and Maggie held in a skeptical sigh. Alex leaned further into Maggie for support, for warmth, for a love that she knew for a fact was unconditional, was active, was healthy, was home.

“Then treat me like it,” Alex said simply, and her words were strong, but her voice was small.

Eliza bit down tears and nodded and reached a trembling hand up to touch her daughter’s face.

“I’m going to try harder, Alex. Because when you rescue your father, I want him to see that we’re stronger together. Yes?”

Alex squeezed Maggie’s hand and melted at Kara’s sad smile and nodded down at her mother, hope crawling its way back into her heart.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.”

Sometimes It Just Happens

Set directly after the last scene in Alex’s apartment 2X6. Kara plays wingman and finds herself a girlfriend in the process.

@kevlarknight94 requested some Sanvers and this is what happened

My first attempt at Supergirl, so let me know what you think!

She held Alex until the tears finally stopped coming.

Her shirt was soaked, and Alex’s face was red and splotchy, but she had stopped crying, and her breathing was even enough that Kara no longer had to worry about how much oxygen she was getting. She placed a kiss to Alex’s forehead and pulled away, wincing as she heard Alex’s joints pop and crack. She glanced at the clock. She had barged into Alex’s apartment over two hours ago, no wonder her stomach felt like it was eating itself.

“How do you feel?” It was a stupid question, but she had to ask. Had to know that she was helping somehow. She wasn’t used to the role of comforter, that was usually Alex’s job. She had every intention of helping Alex through this, even if she wasn’t exactly sure how.


Kara nodded and Alex’s smile was sad.

“Like shit.” Alex swiped a hand under her nose. “But it feels good to cry it out.”

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