i love how supporting of alex she is

I really want to see Lena interacting with people other than Kara. Like her geeking out about science and technology with Winn, talking about her last photoshoot with James, playing pool with Alex and Maggie.

I wanna hear her talk about her sexuality and mentioning something about how “it was another reason for my mother not to love me” and Maggie just gives her a knowingly look and a soft dimpled smile.

Also Maggie apologizing for arresting her and Lena being like “don’t worry, you were just doing your job”.

And J'onn inviting her to the DEO to help them improve tech stuff because they trust Lena Luthor and believe she is not like her family.

I really wanna see Lena Luthor having friends and feeling loved and supported.

Summary: Actress, [Y/N] [Y/L/N], and Harry Styles meet for the first time at the Oscars. The interviewer and cameras catch the undeniable spark.

~ Requests are OPEN ~

“Have You Met [Y/N]?”

It’s the night of the Oscars. Actors and actresses fill the red carpet, pausing for pictures and stopping by for interviews.

Harry Styles, amongst others, is one of the most anticipated guests of the night. His spectacular performance for his role as “Alex” in his first solo film, “Dunkirk”, earned him a nomination for “best actor in a supporting role.” The film itself is nominated for several categories.

“How are you feeling tonight, Harry?” an interviewer from E!News, Zuri Hall, asks.

“Great,” he responds, rubbing his hands together and bringing it to his lips. “’m very happy to be here.”

“You look dashing!” she exclaims.

“Thank you,” he responds, smiling politely.

“I love the suit. Who’s it by?” Zuri asks, eyeing his all black ensemble with a hint of glimmer.

“Alessandro Michele— Gucci,” he answers.

The interviewer smiles in admiration of the handsome gentleman standing before her in his designer suit. “You have had quite the year,” she tells him, “or couple of years, I should say. Your album topped the charts and now Dunkirk.”

Harry chuckles humbly, refusing to admit his continuous rise to success. He simply says, “It’s always an honor to work alongside such talented individuals and to be entrusted with such a responsibility— every day has been a good one. I can’t thank ev’ryone enough.”

“What will you do if you win ‘actor in a supporting role’?” she asks.

Harry thinks for a short moment. “I think might cry,” he says jokingly, earning a laugh from the interviewer. “It would be quite the honor,” he goes on to say.

“Have you gotten a chance to catch up with anyone here yet?”

“Umm,” Harry hums, fingers slightly pinching his lips and his eyes roam around, “No, I haven’t run into anyone yet. I think they’re busy.”

The interviewers giggles and nods her head in agreement. Her eyes quickly scan the area and lands on [Y/N] walking by in a beautiful gown. [Y/N] is a young A-List actress nominated for her leading role in a romantic film. “[Y/N]!” she calls out as [Y/N] passes by her and Harry. [Y/N] catches sight of Zuri who gestures her over. [Y/N] lifts the bottom of her gown and walks carefully up the stairs. “I’m so sorry! I feel like I’m interrupting!” [Y/N] laughs and she’s greeted with a hug from Zuri.

“Hello,” [Y/N] says to Harry, extending her hand, “Pleasure to meet finally meet you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine,” he grins, exposing his deep dimples and smile lines. He takes [Y/N]’s hand and leans in to press his cheek against hers.

“Have you two not met before?” the interview asks in astonishment.

“No, we haven’t formally met,” Harry chuckles.

Zuri gasps. “Well I’ll be darned! [Y/N], Harry. Harry, [Y/N],” she introduces them, motioning from one to the other. “Harry hasn’t come across any of his co-stars yet,” Zuri tells [Y/N], “I thought he could use a friend.”

[Y/N] laughs, “Lucky me, I’m a fan.” She turns to Harry and says, “Congratulations on your nomination. ‘Dunkirk’ was a great film.”

“[Y/N] is nominated for “actress in a leading role’,” Zuri says to the camera.

“Thank you very much,” Harry bows his head, “Congratulations to you, too. You look beau’iful, by the way.” Harry smiles, looking adoringly at [Y/N]. 

“Yes! Give us a twirl!” Zuri says excitedly. Harry holds [Y/N]’s hand over her head as she twirls her grown for the camera.

A giggle comes out of [Y/N] as she smiles at the ground, feeling her cheeks heat up. “Thank you,” she says to Harry, “And what about you? You look very handsome, if I may say so myself. Doesn’t he?”

“Oh, stop,” Harry laughs.

Zuri notices [Y/N] and Harry both smiling, looking fondly at one another. “Alright, I won’t hold the two of you up any longer,” she says. “You’ve got a busy night. Thank you so much for stopping by, Harry and [Y/N]. Good luck to both of you tonight.”

[Y/N] and Harry thank Zuri. The camera focuses on [Y/N] and Harry as they make their way off the platform. Zuri watches as Harry helps [Y/N] down the steps. “Here, let me help you,” Harry says. He holds out his hand for her to take as her other hand lifts the front of her gown off the floor.

“Did you come here with anyone tonight?” Zuri overhears Harry ask once off the platform. The camera remains on the two, capturing the candid moment. [Y/N] grins and shakes her head no. “I did not,” she tells him, “I’m a solo flight, tonight. How about you?”

“No, just me,” he answers. “You look beau’iful.”

[Y/N] giggles bashfully and fiddles with her dress, “You said that already.”

Harry buries his face in his hands as he feels his face flush red. “I’m sorry,” he chuckles, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t apologize,” [Y/N] tells him, removing his hands from his face. “I love your music; I’ve got tickets to your show next month.”

Harry gasps, “No way! Where? Come back stage…” The two walk away from the camera’s view with Harry’s hand placed on [Y/N]’s back, leading her.

The camera refocuses on Zuri. “Did anyone else catch that?” she chortles at the camera, “Well, if that ever happens, you saw it here first, on E!News. I’m Zuri Hall, from E!News and your celebrity matchmaker.”

“The After Party!”

anonymous asked:

If you're in the mood to write some smut, I would love to read some dirty talking at a place where dirty talk shouldn't be happening and one gets very flustered and has to go "deal with this" and the other secretly follows them and walks in on them getting themself off and joins in yes please 😈

Maggie’s signed all the paperwork with Pam and she’s been given separate tours from Winn, Vasquez, J’onn, and, of course, from Alex.

She has, now, pretty much free reign to stroll through the DEO as she pleases.

Her own retinal scan and everything.

Usually, she uses it for Space Dad Approved Reasons.

Reasons like bursting in to help the DEO plan a defense against Cadmus, against Daxamites, against the U.S. military.

Reasons like bringing his Earth Daughter lunch because she knows Kara’s busy at CatCo and Alex will forget to eat otherwise.

Reasons like picking up Alex after a sixteen hour shift when she would otherwise forget that it’s well-past time to stop working and go home.

But sometimes?

Sometimes, Maggie uses her all-access pass to the DEO for reasons that make J’onn desperately wish his Earth daughters didn’t think so damn loudly.

Because Maggie steals behind Alex is Alex’s lab, and slips her hands around Alex’s hips.

“Mmmm, you look so damn fuckable like this, Danvers.”

Alex squeaks and jumps, her face immediately reddening, and Maggie studies her face carefully.

“That okay, Alex?”

Alex’s eyes shift around the lab, and her heady grin grows with each passing second of silence, of Maggie’s breath on her neck.

“Yeah,” she whispers, and feels more than sees Maggie grin.

“So what are you working on?” Maggie asks at a typical –  a socially acceptable, no-I’m-most-certainly-not-talking-my-girlfriend-nearly-to-orgasm – volume and tone as another couple of agents walk into the lab and nod at Agent Danvers and her girlfriend.

Alex gulps and tries not to splutter through her explanation.

Maggie mmhmms in all the right places, and nods at all the right times, but the words that slip past her lips next have nothing to do with the molecular structure of Daxamite DNA.

“I wanna go home and grab your glasses and eat you out right here. While you’re wearing nothing but those glasses.”

Alex rapidly transforms her gasp into a cough, her moan into a clearing of her throat.

“Okay?” Maggie confirms, and Alex’s eyes flutter closed over her microscope, and she doesn’t move her body – though god, how she wants to – and she nods.

Maggie leans up on her tip toes and whispers, soft, hot, and low, right into Alex’s ear.

“Are you getting wet for me, Agent Danvers?” 

Alex nods, again almost imperceptibly, and she bites her lip as she changes slides.

“Good. Because I want to slip inside you and stretch you out until you can’t do anything but scream my name.”

Alex bites down on her lip harder to prevent the scream that she needs to let out right. The fuck. Now.

“I’m going to uh… check the progress of those latest blood samples. The ones we need for the… the study,” she announces in a most-certainly-not-thinking-about-my-girlfriend-fucking-me-right-now voice.

She adds, lower, to Maggie, “I have to go deal with this. You… you just… I…” She splutters and she blushes and she stares at Maggie’s lips and she forces her eyes away because she needs to deal with this. Now.

Maggie grins, and Maggie follows.

She loses track of her girlfriend for a moment, as she turns down another long DEO corridor, but she finds her in the first supply closet she finds, head tilted back, eyes fluttered closed, one hand bracing her body against a table, the other in her unzipped black pants.

Maggie’s name is on her parted, panting lips, and it’s one of the hottest, most beautiful things Maggie’s ever seen.

“Alex?” she asks, and her voice is softer, sweeter, than it had been a few minutes ago.

Alex’s eyes snap open and her body freezes before it relaxes – before she relaxes.

“Lock the door,” she rasps, and Maggie obeys, suddenly shy, suddenly wide-eyed. Suddenly in awe of the power of this woman; the raw desire this perfect, gorgeous woman has for… her.

Alex slips her hand out of her pants and steps toward the door; toward her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend who was just deriving a great deal of pleasure from teasing her, from driving her absolutely out of her mind. In her own lab.

And Alex Danvers? Is nothing if not competitive.

And she decides two can play at that game.

Maggie’s back is against the door and Alex’s chest is flush against hers before Maggie can react.

“Color?” Alex husks, pupils dilating dangerously, lovingly, needily, her hands loose – ready to either release or hold harder – on Maggie’s wrists, pinned above her head.

Maggie’s eyes drift up to where Alex has her hands pushed down, and she barely stifles a moan. “Green, Alex,” she whispers, and Alex’s hands tighten, and she brings her lips down to meet Maggie’s – hard and fierce and knowing exactly, exactly, exactly, what she wants.

Maggie grinds her hips forward as they kiss, as Alex keeps her hands immobile above her head. Desperate for pressure from Alex’s thigh, desperate to touch her, desperate, desperate, desperate.

But Alex chuckles into their kiss and she pulls her lower body away from Maggie’s. Her whine almost makes Alex relent – almost – but instead, she bends to nip at Maggie’s neck, to flit her tongue across Maggie’s earlobe, whispering huskily into her ear.

“You were having such a good time teasing me, Sawyer. You shouldn’t deal out what you can’t take, hmmm?”

“Alex,” Maggie whispers, helpless, writhing, desperate for Alex’s pressure between her legs, desperate for… for Alex.

She glances up at Maggie’s wrists, and asks again.

“All good?”

Maggie nods, biting her lip.

“Please, Al,” she begs, and Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Thought you wanted to fuck me in the DEO,” she rasps, and Maggie gasps raggedly as she gets her girlfriend’s meaning.

“Please, Agent Danvers,” she whispers. 

“Please what, Maggie?”

“Please let me touch you,” Maggie whines, and Alex drags her eyes up and down Maggie’s body and smirks as she presses a quick kiss to Maggie’s forehead.

“Is that all you want?” she demands, and Maggie shakes her head. “So tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Alex waits. Maggie gulps. “I want you to fuck me, Agent Danvers.”

Alex grins and groans and takes one of her hands off of Maggie’s wrists, traipsing down her arms, her face, her throat, her chest, her torso, to the buckle of her belt. 

She sets her focus on that damn buckle, and the look of concentration, of raw desire, of pure focus and dedication, lights a very different kind of fire in Maggie’s core than the one already burning.

Before Alex can react, Maggie flips her so it’s Alex with her back against the door, Alex with her hands pinned above her head, Alex panting and whining and writhing for Maggie to press her body closer.

“That okay, Alex?” Maggie asks gently, and Alex nods once, twice, three times, over and over and over, because god, yes, it was alright. More than alright. 


“I’m pretty sure you came in here to um… deal with certain things, Agent Danvers,” Maggie tells her casually, her voice low, her voice dripping, her voice raw.

“I did, yeah,” Alex rasps, her voice gravel, her voice needy, her voice absolutely wrecked.

“And what were those things?”



Alex whines and writhes against the wall. “You fucking me.”

“Is that all?” Maggie’s eyes rake down Alex’s body as her hands hold Alex’s wrists steady.

“You going down on me.”

Maggie’s eyes roll to the back of her head for a moment, and she almost gives up the game then and there. But she started this, and dammit, she sees things through.

“Oh yeah?”

Alex nods and Alex squeaks, and it’s one of the most perfect sounds Maggie’s ever heard.

“And how were you going to deal with all that, Agent Danvers?”

Alex writhes and bites her lip and blushes, hard.

“You good, Ally?” Maggie asks, her voice softer, gentler, lighter, as she kisses Alex’s nose.

Alex smiles and nods.

“Please don’t stop.”

Maggie kisses her lips, gently at first, more needy as Alex parts her lips for her tongue eagerly.

“So? I asked you a question. You wanna be a good girl and answer for me?”

“I was… I was gonna touch myself.”

Maggie barely swallows a moan.

“Would you… would you want me to do that for you?”

Alex almost screams. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, please. Detective Sawyer. Please.”

“Please what?”

Alex whines in frustration, in excitement, in love.

“Please touch me, Mags. Please.”

“Anything for you, Alex.”

And when she takes one hand off of Alex’s wrists to slip under Alex’s pants, under Alex’s underwear, she moans at how soaked Alex is for her. She shifts so her thigh supports her hand between Alex’s legs, and she pauses, eyes locked on Alex’s face.

“Please,” Alex confirms, and Maggie slips inside her. Alex screams, and Maggie kisses her, one hand holding her hands above her head and the other hand fucking her, swallowing Alex’s screams with her own tongue.

And when Alex cums all over Maggie’s fingers, all over her palm, it’s with Maggie’s name on her lips and Maggie’s breath in her mouth.

“That… that was…” Alex pants as she comes down from her high, as Maggie slips out of her and holds braces her wet hand against the door, leaning into Alex, holding her, stroking her cheek, her hair, with her clean hand.

Their foreheads touch, and they breathe.

Just breathe.

“Yeah. Yeah, it was.”

A quick rap at the door makes them both jump, makes them both adjust their clothes and their hair, makes Maggie casually hold one hand behind her back as Alex tugs the door open.

Vasquez is standing at attention, a shit-eating grin on her face, even as she refuses to quite meet either of their eyes.

“Ma’ams. Director Henshaw requests that if you must – and I quote – ‘behave like hormonal human teenagers at the workplace’, that you at least choose a room that has psychic dampeners so he doesn’t have to – and I quote again – ‘regret everything about his telepathic heritage.’ Ma’ams.”

Vasquez pivots and walks quickly away before she can snort with laughter at just how red badass Agent Alex Danvers’s face can get.

And all for the love of a girl.


🌈 Happy Pride! 🌈

I’m Alex! I’m bigender (male/ female), biromantic, and demisexual/ bisexual. I use he/ him or she/ her pronouns depending on the day, but they/ them is okay if I’m not around. I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve come since I first started exploring my identity, and I’m grateful every day for all the support and love I’ve been given. 💖

honestly like there had to be a better way to write that dialogue tho… it makes it sound like maggie is saying her love for alex is the same as kara’s and it just isn’t? it’s a different kind of love and you can’t really go and compare them to the point of claiming they are equal just like that. alex was kara’s only friend for years and she is her family. kara lost her entire planet and alex helped her make sense of her new one. yes, maggie and alex are in love and maggie doesn’t have the support of her family. i get that alex means a lot to her… but you still can’t compare it the way that dialogue did. plus, they have known each other for a few months. so yes, it’s still different and maggie should have explained how she loved her in a different way, not said she has as much to lose. that’s kinda…yikes

Ok so I’ve watched the sneak peek like 1000 times but I noticed how Alex kept touching Maggie, like rubbing her back and how she held her shoulder briefly when Maggie said “you’re right Alex does deserve the best” and then again when Jeremiah says “she’s family” Alex holds her shoulder with both hands as if to reassure her because last week Maggie told her what happened with her parents. And I just think it’s beautiful, it’s so simple yet it has so much meaning. It’s intimate on another level that I don’t really think we’ve seen before. I just love how Alex was there for Maggie the whole time during the introduction even though it was basically her coming out to her dad, how the small touches where her way of letting Maggie know that she cares and is there that she is not alone but also I feel as if Alex also was holding onto Maggie for support as a sense of comfort.

Yes or No? Part 2 (Montgomery de la Cruz, 13 Reasons)

~it’s finally here! I like how it turned out. Please tell me what you think and as always, request! Love you all, thanks for the support~

First day back and you hadn’t even made it through the day, what a trooper you were. You’d managed to contain yourself enough to call your mom and ask her if you could spend the night at Jessica’s. She couldn’t contain her excitement, that you were finally going out and being a person again with someone other than Monty. Little did she know, everything was worse.

Jessica had ditched the rest of the day to be with you at her house. She’d even ditched her plans with Justin that night. But she said if he even so much as went to the same get together as Montgomery, she’d cut his balls off. You could tell she was trying not to have “I told you so” talk. She’d been one of the most vocal when it came to being anti- your relationship with Montgomery, in the beginning especially. She listed all of her cheer friends he’d hooked up with and never texted back. She’d mentioned on many occasions what a flirt he was. She’d even said that his anger problems should have been enough to keep you from dating the jock. But it only took mere weeks for you to be head over heels for the hothead. And no one could deny how happy he seemed to make you. Just like no one could deny that you brought out the good in him.

It was midnight. Jess was still up with Sheri. You were passed out on Sheri’s lap. They’d pretty much watched you cry yourself to sleep. Two girls that you probably wouldn’t have been all that close with had it not been for your relationship with Monty. You’d been acquaintances at best. They were apart of Jeff’s ‘friend group’, sure. But you two lead your lives separate enough to where you didn’t necessarily know all of the same people.

You’d wanted to invite Hannah, hell, you’d even wanted to see Skye when she texted you, reaching out. Jesus, shit got around fast. Then again, a lot of people had witnessed it for themselves. On that very public stage that was the main hallway. Bottom line was though, neither Jessica nor Sherri seemed to want Hannah there. Maybe that was what made Hannah think everyone hated her. You couldn’t blame her for that.

Out of no where, you were startled awake by Jessica raising her voice and her bedroom light being switched on.

“I swear to God I’ll get my dad. Get out of my house! All of you. Go on!” You opened your eyes slightly. You had a feeling you knew what was going on, but you didn’t want to believe it was happening.

“God damn it Jess. There’s no need for that. I heard him out. You guys should.” Justin whisper-yelled.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and see Justin pleading with his girlfriend, while Monty stood behind him, his jaw clenched.

“Why the hell are you two breaking and entering?! And Jessica said you’re not even supposed to be with Montgomery.” Sheri whispered.

“There’s five of them!” Jessica pointed out her bedroom window. Standing on the roof right outside were Marcus, Zach, and Alex.

“Leave!” Sheri said, her tone normal, but not level the same time.

“No.” All five of them said at the same time, causing a booming echo.

“Leave before you wake up my brothers.” Jessica said firmly. She glanced towards the wall that she shared with one of her brothers, as his bedroom was next to hers.

“I’m not leaving before I talk to you.” Montgomery was being serious, no doubt. His eyes were full of pain and they were red. You couldn’t decide if he’d gotten high with the boys or if he’d actually been crying. But either way, you wanted nothing other than to deny him his wish.

“This is Jessica’s house. She doesn’t want you here. And neither do I.” You said sharply. You didn’t look straight at him, because you didn’t want him to see how many tears were already slipping down your cheeks. So you buried your head in Sheri’s lap again. She ran her hands up and down your back, trying to help level your breathing.

“I’ll throw you over my shoulder and drag you out of this damn house myself, Y/N.” Montgomery walked forward. Jessica pushed him back.

“No you fucking won’t.” You snapped, still not looking up at him.

“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna stop me? Twig one and twig two? I don’t think so.” Monty knelt down so he was face to face with you, since you still hadn’t moved from Sheri’s lap.

“I would say Jeff would kick your ass, but we all know why that’s not gonna work out, now don’t we?” There was a tension filled silence. Sheri wouldn’t let go of your hand as your breaths grew more and more uneven again.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Monty finally mumbled. Yeah, you did know. And maybe it was selfish, but you said it so he’d hurt even more than he already was.

“I guess. But I still want you to leave.” You got up and stood next to Jessica, who had just finished fending off Justin’s who was trying to get back on her good side by embracing her.

“Look me in my eyes and say that.” Montgomery said. His tone was firm, like he knew you weren’t going to be able to do what he said. He was right. So you stayed silent.

“See, I know that after everything we’ve been through, you don’t wanna just throw me away like that. Let’s go.” He stood behind you. Everything he’d ever done for you crossed your mind in that moment. The times that you were sick and he’d fall asleep on the couch after picking up your prescription for you. The countless times he asked your mom if she needed any help with dinner, or if your dad and Jeff needed help with any labor work outside. 'If they’re happy with me, then they’ll continue to let me make you happy, Y/N.’ he’d said once. You’d told the girls about it, they found it unbelievable that Montgomery De la Cruz had said that to a girl.

You turned around slowly, looking up at him. You nodded, and he took your hand, heading for the bedroom door.

“I swear to God if you hurt her anymore than you already have I’ll do what Jeff would have done if he were here.” Jessica’s words truly came out in a growl.

“Davis, you’ve always hated us together. I get it, maybe I don’t deserve her. Hell, I know I don’t. But I’ve never hurt her before this. I didn’t mean to hurt her now. So don’t talk about things when you don’t know shit. As I recall, you haven’t really stopped by too much in the past few weeks, have you Jessica?” You had told Jessica not to stop by. You’d been a mess and you were really only comfortable with Monty seeing you in your state. She’d broken the rule a few times but not that many.

“Fuck you Monty. She told me not to.” Jessica moved as though she was going to hit Monty, but Justin stopped her.

“Well let me tell you something about Y/N, alright? It’s all in her eyes. She can say one thing and mean another and I can tell you what the fuck she’s actually thinking just by her eyes. That’s why she won’t look at me and say it. Because she knows she wants to hear me out.” Montgomery’s statement got no response from anyone else in the room. And with that, he took your hand again and lead you out of the bedroom door. No one stopped him. No one could find it in them to stop him.

You were silent. Still angry and upset, you didn’t know what you could say even if you wanted to speak.

“I love you.” He said once you were both seated in his jeep that was parked out front. You laughed a little.

“Do you, though?” She asked him. He threw his keys down on his dash in frustration.

“That’s a bullshit question, and you know it.” He grumbled, still staring at you, practically begging for eye contact.

“I love you too.” You mumbled back to him, staring at your hands that sat in your lap.

“I didn’t say it the way you think I did.” He said, now getting straight to the point. You couldn’t take it anymore, you turned and stared at him.

“What other ways can that be meant?” You scoffed. For the first time that night, the two of you made true eye contact.

“The boys asked why coach was going so easy on me missing practice and games. I said that he knew I was taking care of you. They asked if you were doing better. I said not really.” He said, still looking at you. He went to grab your hand, but you swatted his away. Apart of you wanted to grab his hand. Skin to skin contact with him was one of the only things that made you feel good automatically. It hadn’t gone away, you had to admit, even after what he said.

“And you responded with yeah, she’s sad so she’s eating a bunch of shit and gaining a ton of weight and if it continues she’s gonna have a problem.” You still stared at him.

“You don’t believe that.” He stated. You rolled your eyes.

“So now you know me better than I do?” He shook his head, laughing a little.

“Maybe. You know deep down I would never say that about you. I love you whether you’re two hundred pounds or one twenty, I don’t give a fuck. I just- I’ve seen the way you grab at your stomach while you look in the mirror. It’s an unhealthy dislike towards yourself, baby.” You winced at him calling you what he’d called you for the year you two had been dating. You couldn’t find it in you to tell him to stop though.

“I’ve gained fifteen pounds over the course of three weeks, that isn’t normal.” You squeaked out, tears flowing down your face now. You flinched as his arm hook around your waist, attempting to move you onto his lap. You eventually gave in begrudgingly.

“Love me, God damn it.” He whispered into your hair. You gave in a bit more, wrapping your arms around him as you continued to cry.

“You knew I didn’t say anything bad.” He kissed your temple as his fingers traced shapes on your shoulder blade.

“Maybe. It’s just-” he didn’t let you finish.

“It’s just that you wanted another excuse to be this sad still.” Your breath hitched. Fuck, he was right.

“It’s not normal to still feel this bad.” Your voice was hollow.

“Well, no matter how abnormal you are, I fucking love you. I changed a lot so I could at least try to be deserving of you, did you know that? I even watch my language around your parents.” You chuckled a little.

“Mom still complains about it.” You looked up at him.

“To my face.” You saw him smirk a little bit. You sighed deeply.

“I don’t care if you’re this sad for five more years. I will be here for you until you can little by little move on.” He moved your chin with his hand so you had to look at him.

“I’ll say it again, I fucking love you. I want to marry you. I want you to have my babies. And I want us to tell all kinds of stories about Jeff to our kids. Because he would have been the best damn uncle out there, yeah?” You nodded before burying your head in his chest, letting out a heart wrenching sob.

“We’ll get through this, alright? And if it takes you gaining extra weight or you watching the same movies over and over to get through it, then that’s how it’s gonna be, alright baby? Do you get it?” You nodded again, wrapping your arms around his neck, his arms settled at your waist as he rested his head in your neck. In a few minutes he’d give you back your 'ring on a string’. Although this time he didn’t want it on a chain. He wanted everyone to know that you and him were in it for the long haul, no matter how shocked they’d be.

I just love you that much // Alex Ernst Smut

Pairing: Alex Ernst x Reader

Requested: yes “ Hello! Could you do an Alex Ernst imagine? Where the reader is really famous and Alex and her are dating. The reader is doing a show at the Staples center and Alex and the entire squad go watch because they love seeing her perform and all the girls are like talking about how good the reader is doing and stuff like that! Also could you add some major Alex fluff??💗 “ -unknown

Plot: You’re a famous singer, you’re dating Alex. You have everything you’ve ever wanted in you life. As you’re about to go and do your show in Staples center something happens …

Warning: swearing, fluff, kissing, sexy talk etc.

Word count: 1 918 (shorter than I expected)

Age: +15

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I do not own that picture! Also I just made up those song lyrics so there’s that.. :D xx

Sometimes I think, why me? What did I do to deserve this? All my success, all my friends, my family, my fans and of course me loving boyfriend. He’s really and angel. He’s always so supportive, protective, loving, sweet, sexy and so much more. I really love him.

We’ve been together for a year now and it has been nothing, but amazing. We met, when Liza started dating and my music career basically exploded. I’ve been friends with Liza since like we were maybe 10 or so. I moved here, to LA and I had no friends, but her so she introduced me to her friends and that’s how I met Alex.

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Man I would fucking LOVE to get a scene where Kara finds out why exactly Maggie doesn't like V-Day. Because I know for a fact that if Kara knew, she would have been so supportive and so comforting and would have /helped/ Maggie deal with her trauma and would not have said what she said. (Also I feel like the writers just started a whole new show with different characters but the same names and faces after 2x09.)

She tells her that she should think about Alex.

She tells her that she needs to remember how much Alex cares for her, how much Alex deserves what she never had.

And she’s not wrong: Alex does deserve beautiful things.

But so does Maggie: so does Maggie, and Kara doesn’t understand – not at first – because Kara is projecting, and Kara is pained.

But she is also, still, Kara.

So she sees the pain flashing behind Maggie’s eyes, and she sees the fear laying in wait there.

She knows that kind of pain, that kind of fear.

Well, not exactly.

But it looks awfully similar to the ghosts in her eyes that stared back at her in the mirror when she first got to earth – when she’d lost everything – and after the Black Mercy, when she’d been forced to lose everything again; and after Astra; and after, just, god, everything.

Kara knows ghosts, and Kara squints at Maggie, because there’s something more than irritation at corporate holidays haunting her eyes.

“Maggie, what is it?” she asks, when she’s about to leave, when she’s about to fly away on her own to deal with the crisis she’s not ready to let anyone help her with yet. She asks, because it looks an awful lot like Maggie is having a crisis she doesn’t want anyone to help her with, too. And she looks like she probably does it a lot.

Something Kara is deeply familiar with.

Maggie doesn’t answer for a moment. She seems startled by the question, startled by the idea that someone would notice, that someone would care to ask.

“Nothing, Kara, it – like I said, I just wanted to apologize, that’s all.”

Kara squints at her and takes a long, deep breath. Maggie looks away first, and that’s how Kara knows for certain that she’s right; that something is very, very wrong.

“Maggie, Alex didn’t tell me what happened, but I… do you want to tell me what happened? Maybe I can help.”

Maggie stares for an incredulous moment, and she pffts – she must be getting it from Alex, Kara thinks vaguely – and she crosses her arms over her chest.

“It’s nothing, it’s whatever, Kara, just – just let Alex know I’m looking for her, will you please?”

She starts to walk away, and Kara stills her with a gentle but firm hand hovering just over her elbow, not quite touching her, because Maggie is tense and Maggie is scared and Maggie might not want unexpected touch right now.

“Maggie, my planet died. My people. I know something about that look on your face. That… losing everything face. What happened?”

Her voice is soft and her voice is low, and Maggie’s heart threatens to burst because she’s always wondered what it’s like to have a sister who loves her like this.

“I lied to your sister.”

Kara bristles and Maggie shakes her head and chuckles, just a bit.

“No need to break out the heat vision, Little Danvers, not like that. I… I told her my parents were cool about me coming out.”

She swallows and glances at Kara’s ocean eyes and forces herself to continue, forces herself to talk to Alex’s kid sister, because Alex’s kid sister isn’t exactly a kid, and she looks like she needs to focus on something other than her own worries right now, anyway.

“They weren’t. Okay with it. I was outed. I was fourteen. My dad kicked me out. My aunt took me in. It was… it was Valentine’s Day, when it happened. Why it happened.”

“Oh, Maggie,” Kara whispers, and her hands hover out to her sides, and Maggie nods almost imperceptibly, and Kara brings them gently to touch Maggie’s arms.

“And Alex didn’t know, and she tried to do a Valentine’s thing for you, and it sparked…”

“Memories, right.”

Kara’s eyes are swimming with tears now, but Maggie can’t see because Maggie is looking anywhere but at Kara.

“Maggie, it’s not Alex’s fault, I… I encouraged her, I asked her what you like, and I told her to make a custom-made Maggie Sawyer Valentine’s Day, so that maybe you could like it again, but Maggie, I didn’t know, I… I didn’t really hear you, Alex didn’t really hear you, and I… I am so sorry…”

It’s that acknowledgment, that insight, that makes Maggie force her eyes up to Kara’s again.

“I freaked out, Little Danvers. What if she’s angry, what if she doesn’t want me anymore, what if… what if I’m too… messed up for her?”

To Maggie surprise, Kara smiles softly, and she runs a gentle finger through Maggie’s long hair.

“Maggie, my sister… my sister is wild about you. My sister has never… I don’t think she’s ever really been in love, Maggie, but with you, I… Maggie, she doesn’t care so much about you because of who she thinks you are. She’s not dating only part of you. She’s dating all of you. She wants to be dating all of you, she wants to know all of you. I know we don’t know each other that well yet, but I know Alex, better than anyone, and Alex lo… Alex really cares about you, Maggie. Deeply. She’s not going to run because you have ghosts in your past. So does she. Maybe your ghosts can comfort each other, you know?”

Maggie is swallowing the painful lump in her throat and she’s forcing tears back into her eyes and she’s tilting her head and clenching her jaw and breathing slow, slow, slow.

“You’re amazing, Kara.”

“So are you, Maggie.”

“I… I want to do something for Alex. I… she deserves… hell, we both deserve… the things we never got. I… I have an idea, but… do you think you could get J’onn and James and Winn to help me?”

Kara’s all smiles, now, and Maggie can’t help but smile, too, because damn, the Danvers sisters have the most infectious joy.

“What do you need them to do?”

“Well, for starters, I’m gonna need Winn to whip up a dress…”


My Top 10 Women of the DCTVU!

Sara Lance - I love her, she tough and clever and resourceful, she’s human and flawed but strong. She doesn’t follow conventions and breaks molds. She is kick ass and beautiful and a great leader. I love her.

Alex Danvers - storng and confident but also fragile and sensitive. She’s an amazing person loyal and protective, can kick ass, is ver caring and supportive but also human and relatable. She’s beautiful inside and out.

Lena Luthor - oh boy is she beautiful, she another strong confident but flawed and insecure beauty. She’s tough and resourceful with grace and dignity and super smart. Oh please let he not be a bad guy my heart wont take it!

Cat Grant - the amazing rock of season 1 she was the moral compus and so much more than meets the eye. She was supergirls greatest supporter and she has a lot of strength and dignity. She cares and puts up walls but inside she is a kind person and a strong woman.

Kara Danvers - how can you not like Supergirl, its not just that she heroic and kind and fights for what right but its that she cares. She’s loyal to her friends and very protective but also sensitive and has inner strengh. Shes adorale and def someone I’d be friends with.

Nyssa al Ghul - stronge and beautful, a little out of touch with everyday human interaction and that makes her adorable. She loves full heartedle and can kick ass. She loyal and strong and a good leader.

Roulette - Oh she is evil, total bad guy but damn sexy! She’s calculating and manipulative but has such an air of confidence and cunning. She drips with sensuallity and is a little scary.

Gypsy - may have only been in one ep but was enough to enamour me to her. She’s another kick ass women with a sharp sense of humour and a soft spot for Cisco.

Thea Queen -  has been through a lot and has grown as a character to someone I really enjoy watching. She’s strong and flawed but speaks her mind and is clever. She’s loya to her family and can kick ass.

Iris West - she is just such a nice person she’s loyal and caring and loving. I love her ralationships with her family and that she is supportive and intelligent. She’d make a great friend how would look out for you.

It’s pretty easy to see my type is a women that would kick my ass (and thats even with me having a black belt in taskwondo), I love strong powerful women who break molds but still have depth and insecurity and love in them. Also as someone who is mixed race asian I love seeing diverse beautiful ethnic women in strong roles.

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I am loving all of your fix-it fics you are amazing!!! Could you do one where Alex runs after Maggie when she tries to leave after talking about how her parents found out she was gay and then brings her back in the apartment and comforts her on the couch? I totally get if you are too busy you do so many amazing and supportive things for this fandom

Her voice cracks and Alex knows why she’s running.

“I gotta go, just…” she interrupts herself, and she leaves, and Alex knows why.

Because she’s about to cry. Because she’s about to cry, and she can’t cry, because if she cries now, she’ll never stop. If she cries now, it won’t be whatever. It’ll be something that can still shred her to the core.

But she doesn’t close the door behind her. She lets it linger open, and that’s how Alex knows something else: that Maggie needs to run, because Maggie is about to cry.

But Maggie left the door open, and Maggie is nothing if not deliberate: Maggie left the door open for Alex.

And so she goes, she goes, silk robe and slip be damned, she goes because Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, she was fourteen and she wanted better for Alex and she was fourteen and she deserved a full, happy life and she was fourteen and Alex would be damned if she didn’t give it to her.

“Maggie, stop,” she calls, padding out into the hall in her bare feet, but Maggie isn’t waiting by the elevator. The door to the stairwell is still heaving closed, but  the elevator button is lit up: Maggie must have pressed it, pressed it, determined it wasn’t coming fast enough, that her own feet were better, more reliable.

Perhaps the only reliable thing.

But Alex needs to prove that’s not true.

And sure enough, Alex finds her on the stairwell, finds her wracking with silent sobs as she practically flies down the stairs, and Alex tries again.

“Maggie, please.”

Maggie stops immediately, but she doesn’t turn around. Alex gulps, and she’s surprised; surprised it was that easy to get her to stop.

“You’re barefoot, Danvers, you shouldn’t be on the staircase. It’s cold and anyway, you could get hurt.”

Alex walks down to her anyway.

“I don’t care about… Maggie, I… I’m sorry.”

Maggie turns suddenly, and her face is streaked with tears and mascara and old scars.

“I don’t need your pity, Danvers.”

Alex blinks and stiffens and Maggie immediately retracts. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, I – “

“No. No, you’re right. You don’t need pity. You need something better. You need to be heard. And I want to hear you, Maggie, I want… I want to… I’m not going to abandon you like that, Maggie, I’m not going to betray you like that. I… I do like you, too.”

Maggie smiles softly and wipes at her eyes at Alex’s self-deprecation, and Alex tentatively reaches up to wipe her tears instead.

Maggie stiffens for a tense moment, but she forces herself to look up into Alex’s eyes and relents. Alex wipes her tears attentively, carefully, diligently. Lovingly.

“I know I can’t make it better, Maggie, but I want to… I want to be able to be here for you. And I am so, so sorry that I didn’t listen better, I… I’m gonna get better at that, I promise.”

Maggie nods slowly, and she takes a deep, deep, long sigh.

“You’re gonna catch a cold, Danvers,” she rasps after a long moment, and Alex shrugs.

“You’re worth it. Hell, Maggie, you’re worth the Bravakian flu.”

A small smile tugs at Maggie’s lips, now. “Or the black lung?” she asks, and Alex returns it.

“You are worth everything, Maggie. Everything. Come back inside? If you want?”

“Alex, I – “

But her phone chirps, and they both grimace, because they know that sound.

Alex helps Maggie finish wiping her tears, finish composing her face so it doesn’t look like she’s been crying.

“Duty calls,” Maggie says bravely, and Alex nods.

“I’ll see you later?” Alex asks in a small voice, and Maggie nods.

Alex kisses her hand and turns sadly to head back upstairs.


She spins back so eagerly she almost overbalances, and Maggie reaches up with steady hands to catch her.

“You look beautiful.”

Alex flushes and sighs silently. “So do you, Maggie. So do you.”

Nevertheless ...

Hello everyone. I’m sure you all learnt about Floriana/Maggie/Sanvers situation for season 3. I’ll write about it later. Right now, let’s focus on the final episode of the season.

222 was good, but to me, it didn’t have the level of a season finale or “Better Angels”.


Kara: “I Supergirl”. Kara didn’t get her happy love ending in this episode, but she had so much more. She’s the strongest and when she’s fragile, Alex, Cat or Lena are there to fix her and remind her, how proud they are about her. 

It’s always hard to see Kara sad, to see tears in her eyes, but Kara made a choice, a hero choice. National City is her city, and she’ll do everything she can to protect it.

Melissa was amazing in this episode.

Alex: “Oh my god Kara”. Like in 221, Alex showed that she can be in charge of the DEO and here for Kara and Maggie. 

Being a boss and being soft, Alex Danvers rules both.

Maggie: “I know the Danvers girls you don’t break easy”. We didn’t see her a lot, maybe 30 scs… She was not even introduce to Clark… 

Anyway, Maggie Sawyer knows the Danvers Sisters, she loves Alex Danvers and she’s here for her, no matter what.

James: 10 scs of James maybe, not even a line. The good thing of those 10 scs: He’s Cat Grant’s bodyguard.

Winn: “You probably don’t remember me”. Winn is really in love with Superman, isn’t he? That was a funny little moment. I loved his team with Lena, it reminded me 208, it was great.

Jonn: Back to the action, finally! I’m so happy he had his cute love ending with Megan, Jonn deserves it.

Clark: The fight with Supergirl was intense. But seriously, as much as I love the character of Clark Kent and that Tyler is doing great, I didn’t get the point of his return. It was a waste. To tell Kara she’s the strongest, Kara doesn’t need Clark for that. She has Alex, James, Cat, Jonn, Winn, Lena… 

“You don’t have to try to make me feel better”, Clark, honey, don’t try, it’s not the time. Say “hi” to Lois for us.

PrinceMon: Again, useless, he didn’t even believe in Kara… Funny fact, after he left on the pod, the next scene’s showing everyone at the DEO celebrating. 

Mon-El, please, during your holidays in The Phantom Zone, take the time to think. By the way, if you come back, Lena Luthor is waiting for you, to talk about Kara.

Rhea: I really loved Rhea. I’m kind of sad that she died… in a dust way.

Lillian: “I taught you to be a scientist to question everything”. She still there and this is good. She once again tried to fool Lena, but she forgot how much Lena cares about Supergirl. 

Lillian wants to be a better mother, sounds interesting.

The President: OKAY… Where the fuck was she ?? Seriously ??

Jeremiah: “The truth is still out there” …

Megan: “Wake up”. I was so happy to see her. Megan is a braveheart and a hero. The show needs her.

Lena: In one season, Lena Luthor is the woman who saved Alex, Supergirl, MonEl, The Aliens from a virus and The Earth from Daxamites … Tell me, when will someone tell her thank you, will hug her, will kiss her ? It is about freaking time.

Anyway, I loved how she protected Supergirl and Kara. Loved her team with Winn.

Cat Grant: “Where the hell is my latte?”. Even if we saw her less than in 221, Cat Grant was the best part of the episode, it’s so good to see her at CatCo again. Cat really brings a huge strength to Supergirl.

Whatever it is a comedy or an emotional scene, Calista is fabulous.

Karamel: Kara said “I love you”, and said that Mon-El made her happy … I think, I missed several episodes, or I didn’t watch the same season…. 

Anyway, I have to say that the goodbye scene was really well played by Melissa and Chris.

Supercorp: “I just gave Supergirl the remote”. Lena and Kara, well more Supergirl in this episode, need each other and I love them.

Sanvers: “Marry me”. One Sanvers scene, and what a scene. First, I was like Maggie “Excuse me”, and then I smiled. Because it is Sanvers and because since 2x03, Sanvers is Life and Love.

But, to me, for a moment like this, they deserved better. The scene fit to Alex’s character, but it also felt rush. Not the proposal, the scene. Of course, I would have loved to see more of them as a couple, because it feels like we didn’t see a lot of their relationship.

But, during this episode, when it felt like the end of time, when you realized that tomorrow you could lose everything and the moment you finally say “I love you” could be too late, Sanvers felt like a peaceful home. A home where everything is possible, everything is real, everything is worth the fight. 

The way Maggie hold Alex, telling her that Kara will be ok, represents that peaceful feeling, that safe place. Alex and Maggie are happy, I am happy.

The Danvers Sisters: “I got you, I’m here”. Words that remind me the pilot. Alex will always be there for Kara.

One of my favorite scene of the episode is the Danvers Sisters moment on the DEO balcony. Alex chose to talk about that painful moment that changed her life. A moment where Kara was proud of her. Now, it’s Alex who says that she’s proud of her little sister even in the pain. 

“Never Let Her Go”. One of the most important line. I take a moment to talk about Kara and how supportive she’s been with Alex since the beginning of season 2. Kara was there when Alex came out, she listened to her, she stood by her during all season. “What about Maggie?”, “I’ll go get the alien, you get the girl”“I need you to be with your girlfriend”, giving advices for Valentine until “Never Let Her Go”. 

That last line of course, remind us what Kara asked to Alex in the Better Angels episode: to find love, to be happy. Today, Alex Danvers found love, is happy and Kara is there and she protects, even in her own pain, the happiness of her sister.

The Danvers Sisters are beautiful.

SuperCat: “Thank you”. The Kara/Cat moment at the end, was my favorite. I loved that the episode kind of end on this moment. 

Kara and Cat need each other, and Cat is the only one that can fix Kara by giving her the right words at the right moment. Cat Grant’s speech is again iconic, but the “Go get them Supergirl” line is legend. 

We knew that Cat knows but having her saying it, is so powerful. Besides it shows how much Cat respects Kara. She’s not disappointed or mad that Kara doesn’t tell her. She understands that Kara wants to be Kara with her, at CatCo. 

Cat has such an admiration for Kara and she’ll always stand up for her. she truly believes in her. 

Kara and Cat are important and their relationship brings the show to another level.

Oh and I almost forgot: Somebody said Reign?

Chyler is so important to this fandom and the lgbtq+ community I honestly don’t know what we did to deserve such a good role model. She constantly responds to people on twitter and tells them how proud she is of them when they tell her their coming out stories, she expresses how much she cares for the sanvers storyline and how much justice she wants to do for it in interviews, she has previously talked about how she’s faced some personal problems with portraying a lesbian on supergirl but still continues to express how much she loves playing Alex and how proud she is to be involved in this show etc. She’s so loving and supportive and she continues to blow me away with the things she does for us and the things she says to us. Whether flo and chy win tonight or not, I’m so glad to have a role model like herself playing one of the best lesbian characters I’ve seen on tv thus far.

okay listen. everyday, trying-to-fit-in kara kills me. the glasses, the flats, the argyle sweaters, it kills me. she is the embodiment of “too pure, too good” and it is really too much for me to handle. it’s all to try and blend in and seem insignificant, but guess what?? kara could be wearing camouflage and she would still stand out bc who smiles that much? whose eyes light up like that when they see potstickers for christ’s sake?? kara is so observant that she probably knows the birthdays of all the employees in the office at catco and gets them a card or a donut or something, and she notices because she cares so much about everyone. like she wants to make sure no one feels left out or forgotten and loves to make people feel special. she tries so hard to blend in but she’s too kind, too thoughtful, too bright to ever be anything but remarkable. and that has nothing to do with supergirl, that’s just kara being kara.

Look at this, look how Maggie can keep still Alex, before she goes off and punch Mon El in the face
Look how in only one second we can see all the power that this couple could have…
The last scene of them is perfect and heartbreaking, but this second here, shows all the support that they have for each other…

“nb!alex at pride or maybe the gang at pride and alex being nervous and everyone being super supportive” from @agent–danvers​ and “Love, love, love NB Alex and would love them going to their first pride since coming out and having the super supportive Superfam with them <3 <3″ from @supertworld​ and @hazingblur@therentalspace@haughtshotnerd@bamboo72498​ who all asked for nb!Alex at Pride

“Did you pack your sports bra, babe?” Maggie is calling from the living room, sifting through the drawstring backpack she and Alex are bringing to the festival.

Alex’s tightest sports bra comes flying out of the bathroom at Maggie’s face. She catches it with a chuckle.

“Nice, Danvers. Real nice.”

“How do I look?” Alex steps out of the bathroom with a tight voice.

Maggie turns, and her breath abandons her.

“You’re breathtaking,” she tells them, because it’s quite literally true.

Alex blushes and glances down at their body. 

A simple black tank top, pretty flat over their binder. Blue board shorts. Converse. All their ear piercings filled with sparkly studs. Golden glitter dabbed like stars all over the sky of their arms, their face. Rainbow sunglasses courtesy of Maggie’s swag bag from her last Pride resting on top of their head.

Nerves dancing across their face.

“Yeah?” they ask, and Maggie forces herself to breathe.

“Yeah,” she assures Alex, stepping forward to take both of their hands into hers, to press her lips against each of their knuckles in turn. “You look perfect, Alex Danvers. You always look perfect.”

“Do I look like… do I look like I’ll fit in?”

Maggie smiles and tilts her head as she looks up at Alex. “You look extremely gay, if that’s what you’re worried about,” she invites, and Alex chuckles with another blush, but shakes their head and sighs and leans on the edge of the couch.

“No, I mean… yeah, that’s what I mean, but like… I’d been thinking about wearing a halter top. Instead of my binder and um… and guyish clothes. That’s what I was planning to wear, with these really short shorts you haven’t seen yet, but I think you’ll really like…” 

Maggie licks her lips and rakes her eyes up and down Alex’s body, but says nothing.

“But then I woke up this morning, and I didn’t… I wasn’t feeling…”

“You were feeling this kind of outfit instead.”

Alex nods like they’ve done something wrong, and Maggie shakes her head and kisses their glittery forehead. She comes away with gold specks on her lips, and they both smile.

“Alex, you’re right. That outfit sounds amazing. It sounds hot. But this outfit is also amazing. This outfit is also hot. They’d have to both be amazing, and they’d have to both be hot. Because you, Al, are amazing, and you are so. Damn. Hot.”

Maggie pulls back and drags her eyes up and down Alex’s body again, and Alex squirms and pffts and reddens and swoons.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” they offer slyly, and Maggie licks her lips.

“That so, Danvers?” Maggie flirts, and Alex bites their own lip as they lean in for a kiss.

Maggie’s lips part and her tongue flits across Alex’s, and they both sigh into each other as they melt into each other, starting with lips, continuing with hands, roaming hands, eager hands, needy gasps and desperate whines as their kisses deepen, as they begin to calculate just how much time they have before –

“Happy Pri – again? Seriously? Alex, you’ve already scarred me for life – “

“I’m sorry, Little Danvers, but look at them. Look how how your sib is! I couldn’t help myself,” Maggie tosses her hands back in mock surrender as she turns in Alex’s arms to face the door, to face Kara and Winn and James and J’onn, Alex shaking with shy laughter behind her.

“The lady has a point, Kara; Alex, you look bangin,” Winn compliments, and Maggie does her best to look grave.

“What did you just say to my partner, Schott?” she teases, and Winn stammers before Maggie winks – just because it’s Pride, only on Pride – and he laughs while he hugs her, and she laughs with him.

And Alex, god, does Alex laugh into their sister’s arms.

“You do look quite handsome, Al,” J’onn murmurs to them, James nodding sincerely next to him.

Alex fights not to cry and fails, and laughs when Kara cautions that their tears might be made of glitter.

She has a point: because their tears certainly are made of hope, of love.

Of family.

Can we talk about the juxtaposition between Maggie and Monhell as love interests? The thing that stood out to me most this episode was when Alex said she needed to do this alone, Maggie respected it without question. She supported Alex to go rogue and never infringed on her agency with her help. When Kara said the same thing against Myx, mon had a melt down over her ability to sort out the situation herself and never supported her abilities. He took away her agency and pointed out her lack of judgment.

I don’t know if it’s intentional but every episode shows how considerate and supportive Maggie and Alex are compared to the Dysfunctional cluster fuck of Kara and Monhellno.