i love how still this woman stood. what an inspiring piece of art

Hamilton Star: Michelle Obama Gave Me ‘the Best Compliment I Have Ever Received’ (Time):

[…] I had anticipated that the First Lady might come, one day, when we made it to Broadway, but downtown—at the Public Theater? It wasn’t until after the show ended that they said, “Michelle Obama’s here!” At the time I shared a dressing room with Jasmine Cephas Jones and Reneé Elise Goldsberry, my Schuyler sisters. We hurriedly got out of costume to say hello. Giddy with excitement, we made our way to the greenroom. There she stood. So poised and beautiful. She said hello to each and every one of us. I will never forget what Mrs. Obama said, “This is the best piece of art that I’ve ever seen.” I was floored. She has seen so much art in her life. Coming from her, our First Lady, the modern-day Schuyler sister incarnate, and one of the most inspirational women of our time, it was the best compliment I have ever received.

Hamilton is, of course, closely tied to the Obamas because Lin first performed the opening number at a White House poetry jam. I didn’t know anything about Eliza when I first got the call about Hamilton. Tommy Kail, the director, asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. I knew what he was talking about because I’d seen the video of Lin performing it at the White House for Barack and Michelle Obama. I specifically remember a friend showing me that YouTube clip while I was a student in drama school. Cut to five or six years later when Tommy calls me and asks me to be a part of a December reading of Act II of what was then called “Hamilton Mixtape.” I did what most people do when they don’t know something, I googled Eliza. I saw that she was his wife but there wasn’t a lot more. I just chalked it up to me being a lazy researcher. I thought, Okay. I’ll do digging later. I’ll go and see what this project is and enjoy the experience. Hearing the music for the first time was incredible. It had such an instant cool factor. But it wasn’t until I got into the room with Lin, Alex, and Tommy (I would end up working with Andy a few months later) that I truly discovered what the “Hamilton Mixtape” really was. I thought: These artists and creators that I’m working with … this story … is going to change the world. And I get to be in this room. And it changed me, too. I just didn’t know it yet.

In December of 2013, the end of the play still hadn’t been written. It actually wasn’t until that workshop in January, a day before our presentation, that Lin gave me the last song. In the moment at the end of Hamilton when Eliza steps out and you see her, most people tell me they are so taken aback. “Oh my gosh! She’s the one who is telling us this story, like we’re learning this story because of her.” That was the way that I felt getting that last song. A moment of: Really? And you want me to finish the play? I mean I’d love to but …

Lin went on to explain that in the song you look and see everything that she did after Hamilton died. I was just as surprised and awestruck by the beauty of this woman’s legacy that not many people know about, and how beautiful this moment was that we’re giving her, a voice and a place in history for the first time. It’s huge.


When Eliza says, “I took myself out of the narrative,” in reference to guarding her privacy after Hamilton’s cheating is revealed, her situation feels stunningly contemporary. It took me a while to understand this particular moment in Eliza’s journey. In discovering how to play Eliza, I first asked myself, “What is the difference between the common woman then and the common woman now?” But that proved to be less useful. I was only separating myself from Eliza. So I started to ask the question, “What do all women, past and present have in common?” The answer: survival. Women have struggled a great deal, yes. But it has been their ability to overcome, the way women have chosen to deal with their struggles. Not only survive, but flourish through their achievements. The struggle is real, the struggle has always been real and will continue to be real. It’s just a matter of how you choose to find your way through whatever challenges you face. Eliza is empowered by taking herself out of the narrative. I think that’s why forgiveness is such a huge part of the play.

People seem confused when Eliza forgives Hamilton. I suppose it is because we have more options now. It’s easy to opt to avoid someone, avoid forgiveness, avoid conflict, or avoid complicated feelings, love and disgust, that coexist. But ultimately it doesn’t matter how many options we have; it is a miracle that we choose to survive.


In his last letter to Eliza, Hamilton calls her “the best of wives and the best of women.” If I’m trying to get into Hamilton’s brain, he was saying “best of wives” like “best of who you are to me” and “best of women,” meaning who you are to the world. The letter used to be in the show. I used to read it. I still remember every line:

This letter, my very dear Eliza, will not be delivered to you, unless I shall first have terminated my earthly career to begin, as I humbly hope from redeeming grace and divine mercy, a happy immortality.

If it had been possible for me to have avoided the interview, my love for you and my precious children would have been alone a decisive motive. But it was not possible, without sacrifices which would have rendered me unworthy of your esteem. I need not tell you of the pangs I feel, from the idea of quitting you and exposing you to the anguish which I know you would feel. Nor could I dwell on the topic lest it should unman me.

The consolations of Religion, my beloved, can alone support you and these you have a right to enjoy. Fly to the bosom of your God and be comforted. With my last idea I shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world.

Adieu best of wives and best of Women. Embrace all my darling Children for me.

Ever yours

I used to read it, and I don’t anymore. I think we cut it out for time’s sake, but the idea of the letter still lives. It’s chilling. It gives me chills.

I’m a total believer in the universe and the over soul. Somehow the energy that our Founding Mothers put into our history has lasted and has traversed centuries and found its way to me. Eventually, it will leave me and find its way to somebody else. It does feel like ages have passed by the end of the three-hour play so I definitely use that. Because Hamilton has had such a universal voice, it’s brought some of the most amazing women into my life. Women who are politicians, who are actors, who are writers, who are my family members that I respect so much, strangers—mothers and daughters who have lost their loved ones, all of these women, choosing to survive. And to be able to share it with them in this way, I feel like it’s paying homage to them, it’s paying homage to Eliza, and to all the other versions of Eliza that have existed throughout history and will exist for ages to come.

From “The Best Wives and Best of Women” by Phillipa Soo as published in The Meaning of Michelle edited by Veronica Chambers. 

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The Gillian Experience: Fans at Streetcar

So many fans were lucky enough to see Gillian perform as Blanche DuBois in Streetcar last summer, watching her perform her heart out on stage night after night. What struck me the most, however, was the fan experience– how Gillian impacts her fans through her performance, and her interactions with them. 

Whether you wrote about it, painted it, made it, or created it, Streetcar took over Tumblr, and below is a little sampling of just how much the play, her performance and her interactions changed the lives of so many. 

Note: This is by no means a full telling of every Streetcar write-up or art piece. I apologize if yours was left out – I can promise you that it was not intentional. 

Fan Art by: @mulderswaterbed

“I wish there were a way for Gillian to understand that she has given rise to so many wonderful friendships. Because of her, I have met and become friends with some incredibly strong, smart and witty women from all over the world , that I would never have met otherwise. It was so lovely to see all of them again and incredible to experience the play with them.” Source: @gladlybeyondanyxperience

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Common Ground

Hiya! Your stories are amazing you’re an incredible writer.   I was just wondering if you could write a story about Lynn Gunn that’s smutty where the other person is famous, but total opposite to Lynn so she’s a pop singer.   I don’t know if that’s lame or not was just an idea! Thank You.

I got into this one so it’s a bit longer than usual, hope that’s alright! This was real good to write so I hope you like it, anon. And thanks again for your v kind words. 

Hit me up with any requests & I’ll see what I can do, friends. 

“You’re pairing me with a rock band?” You asked incredulously. You didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but you were kind of freaking out. There was no way your music would translate to that kind of crowd, and you didn’t know if your ego could take the inevitable rejection.
“They’re not a rock band per say. They’re a blend of dark electronic pop, with a few heavier rock elements. The singer is LGBT just like you and the whole band have a really receptive following. I think it could be a great move.” You tried to believe your managers words, he’d never been wrong before. But he’d also never suggested something so risky.
“You think just because we’re both gay that this is worthwhile?” You bit, feeling slightly offended.
“Not at all. You know more than anyone that I don’t believe any of that stuff matters, it’s always been about the music. But if you can appear as a united front, imagine all of the LGBT+ audience members you can reach. There’s no shame in playing to your strengths, and one of yours is that you’re a strong icon for young lesbian women. It’s a fact. And so is Lyndsey, from PVRIS. And think of all the people you could reach on a tour like this, people that you’d otherwise never get the chance to perform to.” You nodded, knowing you’d feel like a dick if you refused at this point. You did want to inspire people and you definitely weren’t ashamed to be out in the music industry. You wanted to help people, and most of all you wanted to create art. And it seemed like this band and Lyndsey had the same vision.

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We'll Show Them: Chapter Six- Luci

a/n: I’ve finally come home so I can write much faster now, so here’s chapter six! Big thanks to grandma for the beta-ing, and all the other Brits of course.

summary: Shea takes Sasha on her mystery date the day before her public meeting, which leads to confessions, even more emotions, and a problematic photographer.

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The Future of Us

A Joshaya fanfic

Written by: @hoffkk

Written for: Joshaya Week (Day 2 - Josh finds out about Maya’s talents)

Summary:  Josh learns something new about Maya…and perhaps himself.


Josh was halfway through his first semester at NYU, and he was having the time of his life, meeting new people, trying new things, and just being a part of something new.  As fun as college life was, the work load sucked. It wasn’t particularly hard, he just had a lot of menial assignments that he had to do pretty much all the time.

It was a Wednesday evening around 7:00pm and Josh had just completed a couple of the aforementioned assignments when he decided he needed a pick me up.  There were a couple coffee joints nearby, but Josh decided to take the long walk to Topanga’s.  The walk would be a good refresher, and it would be nice to see his family.  In fact, maybe he would stop his brother’s place afterward.

Josh was contemplating the idea as he waited in line for his coffee.  Once he received his order, a large cappuccino, he headed toward the door. He was about to make his exit when a familiar mane of blonde hair caught his attention.

“Maya?”  He called out in question toward the blonde who sat in the corner booth, hunched over an array of papers.

“Huh?”  She said, snapping her head upward to locate the voice she knew all too well.  "Oh, hey, Josh.“

"Hey.”  Josh smiled.

“What are you doing here?”  She queried, knowing that there were coffee shops much closer to campus that he could go to.

“Need some coffee…and a change of scenery.”  He answered.

“Ah.”  She nodded, understanding the feeling.

“Where’s Riley?” He inquired, suddenly aware that his niece was nowhere to be found, which was weird because the two girls were pretty inseparable.

“She’s at the movies with Lucas.”  Maya replied. “So, I figured I would just hang out here for a bit.”

“Cool.”  Josh smiled then took a sip of his coffee.  "So, What exactly you working on there?“  He added with a nod of the head toward the table top, which was covered in different half-finished drawings.

"Just  a few sketches.”  Maya tried to act nonchalant about it.  "They’re rough…really rough.“  She explained as Josh stepped forward to get a closer look.

"No,”  He assured.  "They’re good…really good.“

Maya could feel her cheeks flush at his compliment, which only made her blush more.

"Thanks.” She smiled.

“Are they for school?”  Josh wondered aloud.

“More like for work.”  Maya responded, and when Josh gave her a confused look she went on.  "I’m too young for an actual job, but I wanted to make some extra cash, so Topanga offered to pay me for my artwork.  She wants to decorate the bakery with a few of my pieces.“

"Wow.”  Josh replied.  "That’s awesome.“

"I’ve only done one so far, the one on the wall beside the register.”  She clarified, gesturing to the picture on the wall.  It was of a family of four, two parents and two kids, a daughter and a son.  The resemblance was uncanny.  Josh could clearly see likeness of his brother’s family in each of the people in the drawing.  They were all smiling and having fun, playing a board game in the living room, the Family Game he presumed.

“That’s amazing, Maya.”  He told her once he managed to pull his eyes away from the piece of art he somehow missed before.  "It looks just like them.“

"That was the goal.”  Maya stated, tucking some hair behind her ear.  "I figured since the store is called Topanga’s, the first picture should be of Topanga…and her family.  Then, once Topanga saw it, she insisted the next one be of my mom and I, since we are a big part of the store and their lives…her words, not mine.“

"Well, she’s right.”  Josh affirmed, making Maya’s cheeks turn pinkish yet again.

After giving him a shy smile, she said, “I, um, I’d also like to do one of you.  I mean, you and your parents, and maybe one of your sister, Morgan, and your brother, Eric.  To me, you Matthews are what make this place and the people inside it feel so special, and I’d like to show the customers that through my artwork.  Do you think, they’d mind?  Your family, I mean?

Josh just stared at her a moment.  Maya was something else.  She was clearly very talented, and the way she was talking about his family was incredibly sweet.  He didn’t seem himself as special, but Maya…she definitely was.

"Josh?”  She questioned when he didn’t reply right away.

“Hmmm?  Oh, no, they wouldn’t mind at all.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they’d love it.”

“Cool.”  She said, her nervousness suddenly gone. “Now, I just need to find the right inspiration.”

“How about some live inspiration?”  He asked tentatively.

“What do you mean?”  She retorted with a quirked brow.

“I mean, I could be your model, and you could draw me.”  Josh offered.

“If I say yes, you’re not gonna rip of your shirt and make me draw your muscles, are you?” She queried only half-joking. Let’s be serious, if he did do that, she would be drawing him in a heartbeat with incredible detail.

Josh burst out laughing before responding, “Yeah…no.  I was thinking I could just sit here and smile.

"Okay then.” Maya smiled.  "Why, not?“

"Cool.” Josh smiled back, then slid into the booth so he was sitting across from her.

For the next twenty minutes Maya began working on a portrait of Josh, while they talked aimlessly about anything and everything.  The weird part was…that it wasn’t weird at all.  They were completely comfortable chatting and joking with each other like they were old friends…or a couple.

“Okay, I’m finished.”  Maya stated matter-of-factly, then turned her sketch book around so Josh could see.

“That looks great,” Josh complimented.  "though you could’ve made my hair look better.“  He added jokingly.

"Hey, I just draw what I see.” She teased back.

“Ouch.”  He feigned hurt, then proceeded to laugh.

“Seriously, though, that picture is pretty incredible, especially since it’s the first one you’ve ever drawn of me.  You’ve got some serious talent, Maya.”  Josh enthused, raking his eyes over the portrait once more, taking in every detail from the curve and structure of his jaw line to the gleam and smile of his eyes. He still couldn’t be she could draw like that; her work looked so professional.

“Uh, right. Thanks.” Maya stumbled through her thank you.  The truth was, this wasn’t the first time she had drawn him, or the second, or even the third.  Let’s just say she could give Riley’s “Bowl of Lucas”  a run for its money… and then some.  However, she wasn’t about to tell Josh that.

The two got to talking some more about school, friends, family, and a bunch of other stuff.  Josh found Maya very easy to talk to, the conversation just flowed so naturally between them.

“So, are you sure your family won’t mind me drawing them?” Maya asked once more, not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable with her portraits.

“I’m sure.  Trust me.”  Josh confirmed.

“I do.” Maya said with a sweet smile, and Josh smiled back.  They were getting lost in each other’s smiles was Maya decided to come back to reality.  "Um, do you think you could do me a favor?  For the portraits, I mean.“

"Of course,” Josh answered without missing a beat. “Name it.”

“Well, my drawings come out much better when I have a model to look at.”  Maya began.  "So, would you mind lending me some family photos to look off of for my portraits?“

"No problem. I’ll bring some by this weekend.” Josh promised

“Thanks.  I owe you one.”  Maya responded.

“Seeing you amazing work displayed in here will be thanks enough.”  Josh replied, placing his hand on top of Maya’s to show he meant it. The world deserved to see a talent like hers.  The touch sent a tingle up his arm and straight to his heart, catching him off guard. They way Maya stared back at him with stars in her eyes made him wonder if she felt it too.

“Well,”  He began to add, breaking contact to check his watch and collect himself.  He couldn’t believe it, but apparently he had spent a whole hour chatting with Maya. “I should probably get going. I didn’t realize how late is was getting.”

“Okay.  See you this weekend?  For the photos, I mean.”  Maya rushed to add, not wanting to seem too eager or anything.

“Definitely.” Josh answered, tossing her one of his million watt smiles, then stood and made his way to the door to make his exit, but not before tossing one last smile over his shoulder.

Maya just smiled and gave a small wave back.  Once he was out of sight, she put her nervous, excited energy to work and started sketching.  Her hand flew across the page of her sketch book a lightning speed, guided by pure passion.

After what felt like hours, Maya was finally done with her drawing and could finally look at it as a whole.  It was of a couple, a short, blonde woman and a tall, brunette man with a boyish grin. The wore wedding rings and played with a small child.  They were all having a picnic in the park.  Maya bit her lip then made one last addition to the woman’s stature, a small, protruding belly.

With a small smile, she signed her name in the bottom right corner and scrawled a title at the top:

“The Future of Us”

Piece for KHR Collab

I got @athanatosora and her lovely art for the KHR Collab Exchange.  I did the piece on her Vongola Dance Au Artwork.   


Most people didn’t understand how tough it was not to be able to dance.  Most people were lucky enough not to understand.  If they didn’t dance, their parents simply didn’t care.  It didn’t affect anyone.  Of course, Tsuna wasn’t most people.  Because most people didn’t have a father who ran the prestigious Vongola Dance Academy.

With people coming from all over the world to train at the renowned school, Tsuna cursed the fact that he had been born so clumsy.  Of course his parents promised they weren’t disappointed in him, and neither of them ever seemed disappointed, but Tsuna felt like they had to be at some point.  He probably would have been.

Iemitsu Sawada had once upon a time been a well-known Italian dancer, and once upon a time (in actuality, not even 20 years before) had met the beautiful dancer, Nana, well known for her performances of Chu No Mai.  The eighteen year old Japanese young woman had caught the then twenty-two year old dancer from Italy.  They feel in love got married quickly, made headlines together, were famous dancers and then, Nana got pregnant and decided to retire.

Iemtisu, not wanting to dance with anyone besides his cute wife, retired as well, deciding to work for Nono Vongola – the founder of the Dance Academy.  He was quickly put in charge of recruitment for the school, and thus started his travels.

Growing up, Tsuna used to think that maybe if he was able to dance, than his father would stay at home more.  If he was good enough, his father wouldn’t have to constantly search for more dancers for the school.  By the time he reached his teenage years, he realized that it wouldn’t have made a difference.

However, it didn’t change that he had always wished he had the ability to dance well-enough that he could actually fit in with his father’s ideals.  Not to say that he didn’t get along with them well-enough, in fact, he would often head over to the Academy, set up in the heart of Nanimori right after school.  It helped that he was close friends with two of the most aspiring dancers.

“Maa maa, Tsuna, I heard that your old man said that he was bringing in two more dancers today, do you know anything of this?”  Yamamoto Takeshi, a self-taught hip-hop dancer had actually been found by Iemitsu when he was going to the store with the then eleven year old Tsuna. Yamamoto had just been dancing to music with a group of friends.  Iemtisu had recognized the talent then and there.  The boy had been going to Vongola by the next week.

“You can’t ask him something like that.  There are rules against that.”  Gokudera Hayato, trained in jazz by the New Orleans born Shamal, and having been one of the few of the most promising upcoming dancers to actually have been trained from the beginning.  As such, he knew more about the “business” side of dancing than either of the others. “There’s privacy things involved, recruitment issues.  “Even if Tsuna did know, he couldn’t tell you.  Don’t listen to him, Tsuna.”

Tsuna grinned as Yamamoto tried to both explain what he had meant – he was just curious, didn’t want to get involved with the business side of it – and simultaneously explain it.  His two best friends were probably as different as their two dance styles. Hip-hop which was free and fun, all up to the personal expression of the dancer, like Yamamoto’s laid-back attitude, he got his inspiration from the music as it came.  Gokudera like the much more refined, stricter style of jazz.  

Coming up to the school, Tsuna stared at the Sasagawa siblings going into the building. Ryohei, older than him by two years old, had somehow managed to be convinced to give up boxing for the martial art style of dance, capoeira.  But it wasn’t Ryohei that was attracting Tsuna’s attention, it was the younger of the siblings.  The beautiful Kyoko Sasagawa was being trained in Chu No Mai, a moderate paced version of the Noh Mai; the story-telling type of dance that Tsuna’s own mother still performed sometimes at the cultural fests.  

“Why don’t you ever talk to her?”  Yamamoto asked as Tsuna immediately slowed his pace to avoid bumping into the siblings when they entered the building.

“Me? Talk to the school idol?  I don’t think so,” Tsuna laughed nervously. “Kyoko is the school idol, the most popular girl in school, a talented dancer.  What could we possibly have to talk about?”  

“She would be lucky to talk to you, Tsuna.”  Gokudera said in all earnestness.  Tsuna smiled weakly, one of his first friends often ignored many of Tsuna’s flaws – yes Tsuna might have been the first kid to go out of his way to make friends with the jazz dancer when he first showed up at Nanimori. Also, being the son of the man who had found the young boy and had recruited him to the prestigious school probably didn’t hurt anything.  

Tsuna’s breath of relief as he walked in the front door died a quick death as he took note of the tension that was right there in the front door.  A quick look to the front of the welcome area let everyone know the root of said tension.

A rather furious Hibari Kyoya was glaring rather angrily another teenage boy, who was smirking in return.  Iemitsu Sawada stood in between them, talking quietly to Hibari.  

“Aren’t those the Estraeno School’s dancers?”  Yamamoto asked as he pointed to the boy opposite Hibari and the girl next to him.

Gokudera and Tsuna were able to confirm that yes, yes those were the dancers from the Vongola’s biggest rival Academy on the “international scale” – the Italian founded Estraneo School of Dance.  Hibari’s angry expression suddenly understood – in the last competition, Hibari had lost (a very close second) to the other school’s tap dancer.  (It had only come to light later that the Vongola’s dancer had hurt his leg a few days previously and his performance became much more impressive).  

He had taken the loss quite personally and Tsuna was willing to bet that Hibari would never forget that fateful competition – and would willingly singly handedly destroy Estraneo School of Dance if given the chance.  The sheepish grin on Iemistu’s face let Tsuna knew that he had forgotten the personal vendetta Hibari had against the ballet duo’s previous school.

“Well, looks like things are going to get a whole lot more interesting around here.” Smooth accented Japanese came from right behind Tsuna and his two friends.  Tsuna felt himself going colder, having the premonition that Hibari’s issue was going to be the least of his worries.  

He turned to see his godfather, Renato Sinclair, another famed Italian dancer and his father’s best friend.

“Reborn?” The nickname attached to his godfather since Tsuna was a child tumbled from his lips accompanied by a shiver.  “What are you doing?”

“Nono convinced me to take a break from the dancing aspect of things, I’ll be a tutor for the Academy now.”

“That’s nice,” Tsuna commented weakly.  There was a sadistic gleam to his godfather’s eyes, one that Tsuna really, really didn’t like.  “I guess you’ll be busy then.

“Of course. But don’t worry, Iemtisu’s already talked to me about your ballroom tutoring.  Three times a week it was?”  

Tsuna wondered if it was too late to run…  probably.



Artistic liberties with backstories, nationalities and age

Also, only knowledge of all these dances comes through friends (except Ballroom, that’s what I did…)

I love this au honestly, I had so much fun with it!!!  Thank you!!!

you tarzan, me jane

art student clarke and not-so-security-guard bellamy au drabble inspired by this


in which clarke draws bellamy and he asks her for lunch

wc: 1509

read it on ao3

a/n: kalawxlf​ makes all my work exist. i kind of really like this one. it was easy to write. also, i don’t like when people tend to put bellamy as lower than clarke (even though on the ark they had a class difference) so have not-so-security-guard bellamy. also, i have never been to the MetMA so this was just some cursory research done on google.

“If you’re not interested in participating with the rest of the class, Ms Griffin, please take a seat somewhere and meet us back here in three hours.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to participate in the tour but she had wandered the halls and examined the paintings so many times she knew the museum like the back of her hand. It was where she first fell in love with art and where she decided she would become one of the greats and be featured on the same walls. Clarke travelled to New York annually just to visit the museum and its exhibits. In fact, she had been here two months ago for an Andy Warhol showcase.

When her professor said that they were going to the museum, she and her classmates had protested but he was adamant that they take a fully guided tour by one of his friends from college. Everyone else had resigned themselves to their fate but Clarke was persistent.

“Sir, wouldn’t it be better for me to go outside and do some of the work you assigned us? You did tell us to get inspired by the city.”

“Absolutely not. If we can’t locate you, we’re going to be behind on schedule and I will not have parents yelling at me for losing their daughter.”

Clarke rolled her eyes at his retreating back. He acted like she was still in high school. He was even a condescending sonofabitch in class but Modern Art 311 was a requirement if she wanted to graduate.  

With a sigh, she began to aimlessly roam the museum, her eyes just glossing over the paintings until her legs got tired. Locating a bench in the Monuments Men wing, she sat down and pulled out her sketchbook, balancing it on her lap as she dug for her pencils. Charcoal was her medium; her cheeks were constantly covered in black streaks and smudges.

She looked around the room for something to draw, something that she hadn’t drawn before. The artwork in the Monuments Men wing was legendary and she had no interest in defiling legends with amateur work. Her eyes landed on the security guard in the corner. He wasn’t too far away and he was standing right next to a painting. That was the perfect cover so he wouldn’t think she was a creep.

He was the perfect subject. His hair fell in curls into his eyes and no matter how many times his hand came up to brush them away, it always fell back the same way. The freckles that dusted his cheeks were endearing, lending a youthfulness to the harsh lines of his jaw and cheekbones. Not to mention, he was beautiful.

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At Every Corner

First Kiss ‘Verse: New York is a rabbit hole. Kurt is always falling down.

Based on this video. Tattoo guy is just too hot to ignore.

Ohio-born Kurt Hummel fell in love with theater and fashion at a young age. Not long after, he fell in love with New York City.

From far away he would dream of neon lights and towering buildings, a constant rush and opportunities at every corner. Opportunities leading to an audience clinging to his every word and even the tiniest of movements, or to an acceptance speech for his original designs. Opportunities to succeed on The Great White Way.

And long before he ever dared say it aloud, he dreamed of the opportunity to find another boy who liked boys as much as he liked boys.

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machawicket  asked:

SAVE ME FROM SNOWY DREAD olicity prompt: Oliver, Felicity, heat, sunshine, the scent of sunblock, bathing suits, smut. :) :) :)

Slowly, Oliver awoke from his nap to the sensation of his wife kissing along his spine.  

Although could he call it a nap when he had never even gotten out of bed this morning?  


He reached a hand back to touch Felicity, warning her that he was awake and about to roll over.  She swatted at his hand.  “No.  Stay like that.”  

Laughing quietly, Oliver turned his head to try and look at her over his shoulder.  “Felicity …”

“Did you know what I found out while you were being Sleeping Beauty?”  Her voice was soft and teasing—just like her mouth was as she kept kissing his back between every few words.

“Umm …?”

She giggled and this time, her kiss was more of an open-mouthed suck on his shoulder blade, which made him want to purr like a cat.  “It is twenty-eight degrees and snowing in Starling City.  Right now.”  

“Then I guess we made the right decision, having our honeymoon in Tahiti,” Oliver said.

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Glad It was You (Sjips Soulmate AU)

Rating: SFW, swearing

Pairings: Xephmadia, NanoCoffee, Sjips

Warnings: Swearing. (mostly around only two quotes) That’s basically it, not much else.

Words: 3,030

Orientation Headcanons: Xephos - straight, Lalna - bi, Sjin - pan, Nilesy - ace/aro

A/N: First Soulmate AU fic! Holy bums. (of course it’s gotta be Sjips guys, right? Huehuehue)

Another A/N: This is 10 pages long in Microsoft Word. What. That is the longest Sjips-based fic I’ve written yet, whew! *swipes brow* cool beans, cool beans.

Inspiration: This fic is based off of this post with Sjinsbutt’s tags and my own tags, and I was inspired by this lovely piece of art as well, I imagine a scene in this fic to look a lot like it :3

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