i love how spy came out badass

I forgot to mention when Spy first came out how freaking AMAZING this movie is. I was a little worried in the first part of the movie because heavier people tend to be the target of the jokes in comedies like this– but it turns out fantastic! Melissa McCarthy’s character turns out to be very competent and badass. The humor comes more from things that could happen accidentally to anyone (and they do happen to everyone in this movie).

Like, this movie is a genuine badass action movie. With humor! And I love everything about Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham’s relationship. 

What’s important about this movie: multiple female characters with different personalities and complicated relationships! HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HER BFF IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY DUDE. SHE HAS A BEAUTIFUL FRENEMY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LADY VILLAIN. ASDFGHJKL I cannot recommend this movie enough.

Warning!!! About half an hour in there’s a big vomiting scene. There’s a dude that gets stabbed and falls off a building– close your eyes once he falls off and keep them shut for a minute until the gross noises dissipate.