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Prompt: “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.”

[26] Spoiled rotten. [MATURE.] 

He doesn’t have time for it.

To entertain that look for hers. He’s drowned in stress and deadlines from his head down to his feet.

“No, no.” He stops her before she can fully walk over to him from the doorway. “Go away.”

“M’bored!” She whines from the door of his office where music demos spill out from.

“How’s that my problem?” He grins.

“Should be your problem.” She mutters. She wouldn’t have come in here if she wasn’t as bored as she says she is. She was good for most of the day, about leaving him alone to do his work. She knows he’s working through a dead line. So she read a book, watched a film, went out for a bit but she’s exhausted all of her options now. She wants him, his company and all that. “My boy’s finally home and he’s locked himself away in here.”

“Let me just finish this up and then—”

“What are these for?” She asks glancing at all the buttons. There are so many buttons in here.

“Don’t press any.” He answers the thought he knows she has. She’s always got to fiddle with something. He spoke too late, she’s already pressed one. “Told you not to.” He groans. “A menace.” He glares turning his chair away from her and back to his work.

Knowing so she leans into him, skimming her hands over his tense back. She watches his body react to her, tense then settle as she trails her hands over his shoulders.

He groans at her actions but doesn’t attempt to shake her off. She smiles against his skin, leaving kisses at the back of his neck. He’s still not shaking her off when she’s managed to sneak her hand under his shirt, letting her hand roam his broad back. She’s missed kissing him all over.

He turns to her slightly as she runs her hands over his tense shoulders, distracted momentarily.

“No, don’t start.” He warns.

“What m’I starting.” She grins.

“You know what.”

“What?” She nuzzles herself into his neck still. “Tell me.” She smiles against his warm skin.

“You’ve got that look in your eyes.” He smirks looking back down at the screen.

“What look?”

“The one only I know about.”

She smiles to herself as she reaches her hand down to his jean zipper. He watches reluctantly as she grazes her hand over the rough material.

“Not now love.” He looks back up to the screen. “I’ve got too much to get through.”

“Five minutes?” She smiles.

“Much too long.”

“Three then? Can do a lot with three—”

“Not three either.”

She’s frustrated now, antsy too as she pulls her hand back. She sighs walking around him to stand in front of him, in front of his computer screen and he groans. “What part of m’busy don’t you understand!” He whines.

“All of it.” She admits.  

“I can see that.”

“Isn’t good to be stressed.” She smiles tracing his jawline down to his neck.

“Don’t.” He smirks looking from the corner of his eye. “Sit.”

She grins widely sinking down on his lap.

“Not what I meant.” He rolls his eyes trying to see past her at the screen. There’s another chair across from him, that’s where he meant.

“Told me to sit.” She wraps her arms around his neck. “Was obeying you.”

“You’re distracting me.”

“Is it working?”

“Go.” He whines. “M’gonna get scolded if I don’t finish this.”

“No you won’t.” She sighs. He can’t be scolded at because he’s the head of this entire operation. “Just say you had to tend to—”

“My girlfriend who can’t stop grabbing at my cock.”

“Could say that.” She shrugs.

“Well you can’t have it.” He replies still looking at the screen.

“Mean.” She pouts nuzzling herself into his neck. “It’s mine.” She whispers.  

“Only because m’stressed for time.” He mutters.

She does get it. He’s got plenty of things to listen to, approve and send in. His phone is always vibrating on the desk with calls and pings with incoming messages and emails. But just because she understands it doesn’t mean she’s not needy between her legs and needy for him to touch her.

She looks up at him from the place she’s nuzzled into at her neck, “Please Daddy.” She says with that look of hers, innocent and begging but only one is true.

She knows she’s managed to catch his attention now when he presses his lips together tightly, inhales loudly and his hand tightens around the mouse from his now rendered useless computer.

She glides her thumb across his bottom lip as he continues to focus on anything but what she’s doing. Then she’s kissing him softly at the side of his mouth, down to her jawline where she can reach from her place at his neck. She moves her lips over his jawline down to his neck, knowing that gets to him. There’s plenty that gets to him about her.

“Need my cock Daddy.” She laces her hand through his. “M’practically soaking through my shorts. Can have a feel if you don’t believe me.”

She shifts her hips to unbutton her jean shorts before bringing his hand to the line of her panties and he doesn’t stop her. She shifts her hips slightly to bring his fingers up against her, “See?” She whispers. “Wouldn’t want you to miss out—”

“You’re actually evil.” He glares.

But he can’t hide from her, not well anyway. She’s sat on top of him, with his fingers at her folds and she’s nearly about to start rocking against them. His cock is getting harder and angrier underneath his tight jeans. He can practically feel it pulsing, leaking under her.

“Mind if I just rub myself on you then,” she asks into his neck. “Since you’re so busy?” She asks fully pleased with herself.

“Could just make myself come.” She sighs adjusting her hips. “Gonna make me come on your jeans instead of on your cock? Are you Daddy?” She gasps slightly when the rough material of his jeans rub back against her clit. “Can’t imagine,” she inhales sharply. “That’d be what you want.” She throws her head back when he lifts his leg up further to rub against her snugly.

“You’re misbehaving.”    

“M’not,” she exhales softly. “A bit entitled maybe. Maybe a tad spoiled as well.” She smiles as her eyes flutter shut.

“Spoiled rotten.”

“Your fault.” She gasps sharply when he does it again. “You’re always taking really good care of me.”

She’s whimpering now, needy for it and needy for something more. Her fists at his shirt tighten every time she glides over, back and forth across his thigh. “M’usually being good.”

“Bullshit.” He manages through his teeth and she grins against his shoulder.

She’s getting him angry now.

“Some inspiration will do you good.” She suggests. “Could write a song about what we’re about to do.”

“M’gonna write a whole fucking song about how sweet and tight your cunt is but just how fuckin pesky you are too.” He gets up with her in his arms, angry, bothered and now incredibly distracted.

He gives in just like she knew he would at some point. Almost immediately she’s on the floor with him rushing to hover over her. He’s already breathing heavily as he pulls her shorts down her legs and throws them far with impatience.

“Should have remembered I don’t like being ignored.” She smirks.

“A spoiled little—” Harry’s phone rings in the distance but it’s long forgotten as she unbuttons his jeans in a haste. He curses under his breath as she pulls his briefs down, his cock hard, springing up from the confines of his jeans.

“At least someones happy about me being a distraction,” she smirks as he pulls her underwear down her legs and she kicks them off. Just the sight of him, big and thick makes her stomach tighten.

She reaches for his cock, wraps her hand around it in attempt to line him up with her. He wraps his big hand around her wrist before she can only to pin it above her head.

“Tell Daddy what you want—”

“No, no teasing.” She shakes her head before he holds her jaw still in one hand.

“You don’t like it being done to you do you?” He tightens his hold as her legs squirm trying to pull him to her. “S’a shame because you’re gonna get it now love.”’ Her eyes go wide when she feels the head of him nudging at her clit. “Should know by now that m’fair, can’t go around teasing people and expecting nothing to catch up with you.”

She looks down to where he’s teasing her and she whines loudly. “Please.”

“Use your words. You were so chatty love, just minutes ago.”

She’s just panting now. Her chest rising and falling as he leaves kisses across it, sucks hard at the taut skin before biting down. She whimpers impatiently as he cups one of her breasts whilst wrapping his mouth around the other. She’s kicking her legs from the oversensitivity at her clit and the way his teeth are grazing her nipple.


He’s ruthless with it, how he glides himself over her wet slit. Teases her at her entrance before going back to her clit, prodding against it.

He notices her nearly shaking but he isn’t easing up. She’s got to learn, she’s much too spoiled. She isn’t used to being told no, she always manages to get her way. Nearly.

Harry is enjoying this, fully satisfied at the loss of power she isn’t used to. He’s hovering over her, her glassy eyes latched onto his smug ones. He thumbs over her wet lips slowly, the ones she’s been biting as he tortures her slowly.

“Mhm? Nothing?” He questions her rhetorically.

She’s just begging with her eyes now. Her blown out and glassy eyes. Her cheeks are already pink, her lips red and her hair is already tangled from his harsh grip.

“Back there you were all, Daddy this and Daddy that.”

She’s pulsing between her legs and the insides of her thighs are much too sticky. She’s whimpering for it now, for his cock as he grinds himself against her torturously back and forth.

“Daddy please.” She gulps. “Fuck me.”

“What’s that?” He smirks, holding her jaw tightly. “Speak up Princess.”

“Fuck me!” She nearly cries. “M’not kidding, won’t blow you for a whole week—”

She gasps sharply, nearly coughs over it as he drives into her. She cries out loudly before letting out a lusty moan. The one he thinks about when he’s away and results to pulling his hand over himself just replaying it over and over again. Her had tilts back, her neck strained as he drives into her roughly. He’s cursing harshly into her neck, forgetting his previous character.  

“S’this what you wanted?” He whispers bitterly. “What you were begging for?”  

She lets out soft whines and whimpers as she holds tightly to him.

“Can’t hear you love,” he wraps her leg around him, so he can get deeper. She cries out and her nails sink into the skin of his back harder. “Use your words.”

“Yes! Was—what—I—I wanted.” She moans wrapping herself tighter around him, needy for more. He notices how desperate she is for it, he knows she’ll come soon like this. “Don’t stop!—Keep fucking me—please!” This is what she wants, the easy way out, her way. But he’s not nearly done.

He cups her jaw, holds onto her tightly as he drives into her a few more times. His thrusts into her are rough ones. The tension and stress leaving him and he’s not surprised that she was right. She’s always right. And God she feels good, she always feels so fucking good.

He feels her squeezing him, enough to make him see white, enough to give into her. He’s got to stop, this would be much to easy on her.

Her eyes flutter open and widen as she lets out an involuntarily whine, she’s empty. She can barely lift her head off the floor to look down at where they had been connected. She was so full a second ago, so close to the brink and—

“Hands and knees.” He lifts himself off of her. “C’mon love, get to it. Haven’t got all day.”

“What!” She gasps. “I was—was—”

“Were you gonna come love?” He smirks. “Is that it? Were you close?”

She’s glaring at him with fluttering and disbelieving eyes. “You fucking—”

Easy there love,” he glares back pressing his thumb at her lips. “Wouldn’t want you to say anything you’d regret, you’re in enough trouble I’d say. Yeah?”

She reluctantly turns over to her stomach, lifting herself up onto her hands and knees like he asked. She’s still breathing deeply at her unfulfilled finish, she’s hot and she can feel herself dripping down her inner thighs as she holds herself up on her shaky hands and knees.

She’s not used to this, not getting what she wants. Her head hangs forward as she attempts catching her breath, her hair messily covering her face.

“Have to teach you how to be good don’t I?” He glides his fingers back and forth across her wet folds as she shudders. She whimpers pathetically when he cups her sex, lingers the pads of his fingers at her clit.

“You’re dripping for it love,” he whispers against the back of her neck as he hovers over her. Shivers run up her spine as her head bucks back towards him. “Look at that.” He brings his fingers to her, showing her. His fingers wet and glistening with it.

He’s back at teasing her, his fingers circling her clit, rubbing rough circles that make her knees wobble. His fingers tease her wet slit, nearly slide in only to have them stay at her entrance, teasing her achingly. He isn’t playing fair and he knows that, loves it too.

“Please.” Her voice cracks, barely a whisper gets out.  

“What are you begging for Princess?”

“Anything!” She whimpers. “Just do something.” She pushes back against him, needy for his hands on her.

She shudders as he smoothes his hand over the swell of her bum. “Need all the attention don’t you Princess?”


“Ask properly.”

“Please spank me.”


“Please spank me Daddy.” She whines impatiently.

The sound of his hand colliding with her skin resonates off the walls. The sting from his palm settling her and maddening her, making her moan in relief. The sound of it conditioned to make her drip.

She’s trying her best to keep herself upright as he gives her the second. He’s tugged her hair tightly, wrapped it around his fist as she jolts forward with a cry. The force of the blow arching her back beautifully and they both know she’s getting stickier between her thighs.

After the third he’s using his big hands to massage the blossoming pink skin. The cold silver of his rings are cold against her heated skin, she shudders when they glide back over her skin, she’s so sensitive to them. Obsessed with the ache they cause, the marks they leave and the sharp sting that melts into tingles.

“More.” She barely lets out. “Please, more.”

He goes for it, three more in a row, closer together in time. Her moans grow louder, and he  watches her skin go from pink to red. He’s at it harder, making the marks redder, knowing she loves to look at them in the mirror before she gets dressed for the day or undressed and before she bathes.

He kisses up her back until he reaches the nape of her neck, “The marks should stay for a while, till I get back in a week.”

She nods hastily, she likes having things that remind her of him, makes it easier to hold out for him. She’s breathing loudly as he guides her hips back to him.

“Right Princess, you’re gonna be good? Good for me?”

She nods lethargically, out of it but needy between her thighs.

“Words love, need your words.”

“Yes.” She whispers.

“Yes what!”

“M’gonna be good for you Daddy.” She looks back at him desperately.

“Take all of me in yeah? Always do that nicely.” He bites down on the warm skin of her neck. She nods hastily and he pushes into her swiftly. Her mouth opens in a silent moan when he fills her.

He’s quick to begin his rough thrusts at that spot inside of her. And she’s moaning loudly in relief along with his throaty curses. He’s deep and big and stretching her just how she wanted, “So good—fuck you’re big.

He’s leaving marks on her hips from where he’s steading her. So he can can fuck into her deeper. She’s doing so good and he tells her so. “Wish you could see what m’seeing Princess.” He groans as he continues driving into her wet folds.

“Taking me in so nicely into that sweet little cunt of yours.” He whispers to her. “You feel it don’t you, feel me deep inside of you, must be since you’re taking every inch into it.”

She whines loudly, pushing back on him, needy for every bit of him. She’s getting him nice and wet, covering him with her wetness that’s been pooling for much too long. He watches them, watches him pull back slick from her before driving hard back into her.

She’s so good he remembers in detail, exactly how she feels, how warm and soft she is.

He’ll never get used to how good she feels. It’s like the first time each time.

“God I love you—really fuckin in love with you.” He hovers over her, tangling a fist into her hair again to make her look to him. He kisses her cheek softy as he thrusts into her again and again.

She whimpers against his lips every time he meets the spongey spot inside of her, his groans pull their lips apart as well. “Stretching so well love, wrapping around me like my cock was made for you.”

She’s certain it was.

“We fit so nicely don’t we Princess?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“M’filling you up huh love?”

She nods barely, out of breath to answer but she she swears he’s reached her stomach. She’s taking all of him, just like she always manages. He’s in her so deep that every thrust of his brings her ass back to his lower stomach.

She turns her head, to look back at him taking her.

“Tell Daddy what you want Princess.”

“Don’t stop—just fuck me. Keep fucking me please.”

She hardly finishes her sentence before he’s taking her hips roughly, bending her further and pounding into her.

She can’t stop crying out, chanting his name and begs for him to keep going. She’s whimpering loudly, letting out cracked exhales as he hits deeper, harder.

When his hand collides with the already red skin of her bum she yelps. She’s taking all of him, the sensation of having him this deep mixes with the sting and throb of her spanked bum and she’s getting dizzy.

He does it again before driving into her hard and he gets that sound out of her again. He couldn’t explain it if he tried it’s just the filthiest moaned cry that keeps him up at night when he isn’t with her to make her do it.

She pushes back against him, needy for it all. She’s so full of him, stretching around him so nicely but she keeps pushing back onto him for more. He reaches around her for her clit, rubbing rough fast paced circles against her.

“Full.” She whimpers. She feels so full. She knows this feeling, the buildup of it, like a balloon filling up with air. She used to be wary about this feeling, tell him to stop because she knew she was about to make a mess onto whatever surface had been chosen. She’s close now, about to make a mess too and he’s craving it.

He knows she’s there, at that place. Full and ready to spill onto him. When he plants one foot of his on the floor so he can take her deeper, change the angle a bit she nearly screams and those blown out eyes of hers water slightly.

“You love this huh love,” he asks rhetorically over a whimpered cry of hers. “Getting fucked this hard till you can’t speak.”

She answers him with a choked out cry. She’s close, so close and she’s begging him to let her this time. The obscenities leaving his lips make her stomach tighten.

“Princess has got a sweet and tight little cunt doesn’t she?”

“M’- M’gonna—”

“Not yet Princess.”


“Belongs to me doesn’t it,” he groans loudly as she pulses around him. “I’ve got the best one don’t I, best one belongs to me.”

He’s relentless with her, so she’s just spilling out, ‘Yours, yours, yours’ desperately over and over again. She can’t think of anything else to say or that she’ll be able to manage.

He goes mad, can’t stop fucking her, the sounds she lets out spurring him on. The sounds of the fucking, her ass hitting his lower stomach, the sounds of her wet sex driving him into a craze.

She’s so wet, they can hear it, can hear her wet skin take him in, can hear him fucking her hard like she needed.

He pulls her hair, her neck stretching back as he bends her body further, shifting the angle he’s pushing into her.

“Fuck!—Yes, Harry.“ She gasps.

She cries out when he stops, only realizing what she had done when he stills inside of her.

“What was that Princess?” He growls.


“Don’t go silent on me now Princess.”

“Daddy.” She corrects herself hurriedly.

“There it is.” He groans in response, before driving back into her roughly.

He’s just as close as she is, feels like he’s just about ready to explode, his body tightening, his muscles roping in, working into overdrive.

“Fuck!—Come Daddy please! I need you to—come inside me.”

“Look at me love, look at me.” He whispers harshly. Her eyes are barely open and she can’t comply to anything at this point. He does it for her then, taking her jaw turning it towards him as she looks back at him. “There, wanna see you come.” He’s holding her in place to make sure she keeps her eyes on him. And she’s looking at him desperately, with watery eyes. “Come for me Princess, go on.”

He’s done for once he feels her come around him, squeezing him so tightly he’s seeing things hazily. He’s fucking her past her orgasm, with whatever strength he finds. Her release coating him as he drives into her with sloppy rapid thrusts. She’s properly crying out now, her body flooded with overstimulated nerves as she tilts her head back, wobbly at the knees.

He’s got his hands on her hips, holding tightly to them as he nears his finish. He knows how sensitive she is, she’s squeezing him so tightly he can barely get into her. ‘Christ—tight! Bloody—Fuck!—’ He moans loudly. It’s both her tightening around him and that desperate look in her eyes as she’s looking at him, that unravels him. He’s cursing loudly, holding tightly to her hips as he comes undone. He’s spilling into her hot and heavily, she whimpers and whines when she feels him shudder inside of her, coating her walls.

He pulls out of her slowly, wet and sensitive, cursing at the feeling of losing her. He groans deep in his throat as he watches him ooze out of her, leak wouldn’t even do this justice more like watching him pour out of her.

She needs to lay down, he does so carefully, makes her lay on her back as he pushes the hair from her face.

“Good?” He asks rhetorically over his heavy pants. She nods barely with whatever energy she has left. “Not bored anymore?” He bites down on the skin of her shoulder. She shakes her head before he leaves a kiss at her forehead.  

“A lot—you came really hard, can feel it still.” She mumbles.

“Christ you did too,” he pushes his hair off his face. “Felt you soak me.”  

“Is that me or you then?” She smiles sleepily feeling it run down her legs.

“If I give it a good look m’gonna get hard again.” He groans turning to her. “M’already in enough trouble.” He laughs tiredly. But he’s not complaining about this distraction, not one bit. They can wait.

“Say you had to rescue a cat from a tree.” She offers. “You were being chivalrous so they can fuck off.” She mutters and he laughs loudly pulling her to him.

“M’never gonna be able to get any work done in here, ever. You’ve ruined the space.” He says.

“Is it because there’s come on the floor now?”

“That too.” He chuckles.

“I love your cock.” She sighs, a wide grin spread onto her face. “A lot.” He hums against her, smiling against her warm skin. “M’a lucky girl, get it all to myself.”

“Haven’t said anything about the who attached to it.”

“Yeah, he’s alright.” She shrugs. “Bearable.”

“Oh, that’s good then? Bearable is always good.” He buries his head into her chest to bit down on her collarbone. She squeals loudly as he sucks harshly on the bitten skin.

“He’s my favorite,” she wraps her arms around his neck bringing herself closer to him. “But it’s better he doesn’t know, gets a bit cocky that one.”

“I love you too.” He grins.

“A bit awkward love, who said I was talking ‘bout—”

“Shut up.”  He bites down on the soft skin of her breast

“God you’ve ruined me,” she pushes her now tangled hair out of her face. “Nothing’s ever gonna be as good as that or all the other times.”

“Are you planning on—”

“No, plan on fucking you for the rest of my life.” She says and he hums contently. “Can’t go back to a life of mediocre sex where m’nearly dangling off the bed dressed like a Mary Poppins explaining what the clit looks like.”

“S’oddly specific.” He looks up at her.

She laughs loudly as he kisses her, she attempts to kiss him back while laughing still. “It was Halloween, three years ago.”

“Glad you’re mine then. No dangling Marry Poppins, none of that.” He says and they both erupt in laughter again.

“Can we go out tonight? Check a few things off my list?” She runs her fingers through his hair, setting aside some messy strands.

She makes a list of places and things she wants to do with him whilst he’s gone. It’s her way of creating something to look forward to when he’s gone for so long. When she’s got lots to wait for and it makes the waiting easier. And she likes sharing things with him, doing new things with him they both can remember and keep when they aren’t together. She likes having memories that are just for them.

So he doesn’t mind at all when she drags him to a cooking class, or to a nursery to get plants they can plant in their back garden (she sends him pictures of their growing plants whilst he’s away), or that one ice cream place with extremely odd flavors.

“Yes,” he kisses the tip of her nose. “Let me just finish this and m’all yours.”

She nods as he gets himself off of her, the idea of working is a lot less appealing now he must admit. She’s still panting slightly on the floor as he walks back to his desk.

“You pressed record.” He groans pulling his jeans back up.

“Should use that for something then.” She grins getting up to look for her clothes. “Would you look at that? You didn’t even have to slave over or write something new to send out. Your welcome.” She grins walking out of the room with her clothes in hand.

“Love for Christ’s sake the gardeners are outside! Put your clothes on!” Harry regrets buying a house with her with so many windows now. She likes big windows. So he got her big windows.

“Make me.” She calls back from the hallway she’s already walked down. “It’s my home and I’ll walk around naked in it if I fancy.”

“No you won’t!” He laughs exasperatedly. Not when the windows are open and when there’s people outside.

“M’not about to slip my shorts back on when I’ve got your come running down my legs still.” She rolls her eyes. “Come clean me up, we could use a bath. I got you sticky too.”

She’s really getting to him today. Sending him into a craze and he doesn’t know how to explain this to the people waiting to hear from him about the things he had to do today. He most certainly is not going to get anymore work done today or meet any of his deadlines.

He gets up from his desk abruptly, “a menace.” He groans as he hears her running the bath. “A fuckin menace.” But he’s nearly running down the hallway to their bedroom at the end of the hallway.

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Hi! Could you please do a scenario/headcannons for the rfa + saeran meeting mcs older sister and she's interested in them. Like she tries flirting blatantly with them while mc is there and mc thinks they're gonna leave her for her sister because she's slimmer, prettier, popular and pretty much every boys dream girls via looks so she's really insecure. My sister constantly puts herself as the superior sibling and whenever I show interest in someone she makes it her mission to have them. Thank you

MC’s sister about to catch these hands lmao


  • Saeyoung instantly knows what’s going on and constantly tries to make eye contact with MC help him 
  • “MC, your sister knows we’re dating, right?”
  • Whenever MC’s sister tries engaging him in conversation, he just takes out his phone to make it look like he’s busy
  • He’s cringing internally at how hard MC’s sister is trying
  • “Wow! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE your SIBLING”
  • Probably throws some intense shade 


  • At first, Yoosung thought MC’s sister was just being REALLY nice and friendly
  • Boi when he realized it, he internally screamed and wanted to run out of the room
  • Holds MC’s hand aggressively 
  • Refuses to make eye contact with MC’s sister
  • “I’m part of this group called Men of MONOGAMY.”
  • Doesn’t want to come off as rude since he really wants MC’s family to like him but he has his limits
  • After MC’s sister leaves, Yoosung rushes to MC and assures them that he loves and treasures their relationship.


  • He has a lot of experience with lovestruck fans so MC’s sister wasn’t any different
  • When he’s sure MC’s sister is looking, Zen shows hella affection to MC and because he usually does that anyway
  • “You’re very handsome in your musicals but you’re even better looking in person!”
  • “Tell me something I don’t know” (shut tf doowwwnn)
  • Zen’s not afraid to be direct with MC’s sister and probably tells her to chill tf out because he only has eyes for MC
  • He sees MC looking upset and makes sure to call them all the cute pet names under the sun


  • Tries to pretend she doesn’t know what’s going on and dodges all the attempts
  • Her go to topic is Zen’s musicals
  • Looks at MC from time to time to make sure they’re doing okay
  • Queen of topic avoidance! 
  • “Jaehee, MC can learn a thing or two from you about hard work.”
  • “I believe MC is perfect just the way they are and you should keep your opinions to yourself.” savage af
  • Though Jaehee isn’t confrontational by any means, if MC’s sister says anything out of line, Jaehee’s going to say something about it
  • Makes sure to tell MC how much she loves them and appreciates their friendship


  • Jumin is having none of this nonsense ESPECIALLY from MC’s sister
  • Isn’t afraid to be openly rude and ignores all of their sister’s advances
  • The only two women in his life: MC and Elizabeth Third
  • “If you’re going to continue to act like this, you can leave.”
  • Hit em with the stone cold killa Mr.Han!
  • Doesn’t even let MC’s sister touch Elizabeth and says “her fur is too white to be tainted” BURN
  • Probably doesn’t take out the BEST wine (he saves that for MC)
  • If things get too out of hand, he’ll ask for his bodyguards to escort her out.


  • Doesn’t even notice, he’s not interested enough in MC’s sister to actively care about whatever she’s saying
  • He just wants to leave the room tbh he’s just there to silently support MC
  • MC’s sister tries to touch him and he makes sure she KNOWS he doesn’t want to be touched
  • Quietly glares
  • “You’re so mysterious!”
  • “I’m not mysterious, I just don’t like you.”
  • Needs a few hours to decompress after all that annoyance and becomes kinda needy for MC’s affection (but he doesn’t admit it)

thistle--witch  asked:

How do pugsley and Lydia get along? Are Wednesday and beetlejuice buds? (I love thos so much btw!)

As an artist, Lydia appreciates Pugsly’s collection of tortures devices. And it sets them up for a pretty nice friendship. Pugsly also likes anyone who makes it on his sisters good side. Which is a very select few.

And Beej has a general distaste for anyone who isnt Lydia. And an even bigger distaste for anyone who tries to “take his place” as her bestfriend. So he’s not her biggest fan. Wednesday just finds him irritating at best, but shes mostly indifferent.

anonymous asked:

If Taiyang and Weiss were to meet, how do you think Weiss would react to seeing a father who is so loving and caring to his daughters?

Probably some confusion and discomfort at first - because why is he being so nice to me?

Then some jealousy and frustration - because why did Ruby and Yang get to grow up with this and I didn’t?

Then some guilt for her jealousy - because Ruby and Yang deserve to be loved

Then some serious attachment - because Tai taught her how to properly scramble and egg and even though she doesn’t really like it, he was patient with her and told her how good she was at cracking the eggs perfectly and it made her feel good

Then nothing but love - because Tai considers her like a daughter to him, and she regularly sends him updates on what they’re doing in Haven and is always getting on Yang and Ruby to call home because “he would probably like to hear from you!” 


In first movie, Lucy needed Natsu’s love and care. She wanted him to comfort herself and she finded peace in his arms.

Now, look at the second pic from second movie. Look at Natsu’s face. Can you see love? Can you see how peaceful he is?? You can see his calm expression which expresses his happiness of cared and comforted by lucy, right?

Okay. Look at the both Natsu and Lucy’s expressions from pic 1 and 2.

They look worried and thinking. They are worrying and thinking about each others silently.

Dont know about you but for me, friends.

For me, this is true love.

anonymous asked:

My prediction: they get papped coming back, there's an article about how he found out he's not the dad two weeks ago and this vacation was to make him forget and she's been so supportive. A week later we get the music video and some "leaked" vacation pics. A week or two after that they break up again saying he's not in the place for a relationship.

I loved. Let’s do it (if it turns out like this you can come back to take your prize)

Welcome to Week TWO of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List!!! Another week of beautiful writing once again… you guys seriously brought it this week! I love to see more of you tagging me in your stuff! I also added some of the other things I’ve seen on my dash as well again… Please PLEASE keep tagging me! And if you aren’t tagging me, please start to do so!! Sometimes it’s hard for me to go out and find fics so if I get tagged, bam! it’s right there in my notifications. I really love to read all of your wonderful writing and I would hate to miss it!

So without further ado…. Read, enjoy, and leave these authors feedback!!! xx

Almost Gone by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
OKAY CLIFFHANGER!! Does he wake up? Does she get to tell him how she feels? Does he feel the same way?? No way you can leave it like that… Your writing is beautiful as always, my dear. I loved the fairy-tale within the story and how you connected it back to the reader. I hope our poor Spencer wakes up… (if you write a part 2 to this, please don’t break my heart…)

One Night Later by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
*squeals excitedly* I LOVED THIS! I’ve always wanted to see Spencer as a dad… no, I need to see Spencer as a dad. “…you were always it for me” UGH I love this line. So simple yet so romantic that it gives me chills. This is always such a great trope that I could never get tired of reading. I’m so happy that I found your blog! You are a great writer :)

The Constant by @spencerreidsmiles (Spencer Reid x Reader)
First of all, I just want to say that I love your writing style… all of the detail you use is so awesome. This was so cute! I like how you left it open for us to imagine what would happen next… Once again, I feel like you always capture our favorite doctor’s awkward, quirky character so well. You continue to grow with each and every story you write and I am living in it!!! Seeing a notification that you tagged me in something makes me so so happy. 

Passive-Agressive Partnership (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) by @dontshootmespence (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Have I ever told you how much I hate admire you? You pump out quality stories like it’s no one’s business… You are my idol, lol. Anyway, this series is phenomenal! I’m loving this dynamic you have going on between the reader and Spencer. The reader seems very Temperance Brennan-y and I’m a huge fan of that. Finally, a woman that can keep up with Spencer! Can’t wait to read more. :)

The Perfect Family (1, 2) by @axstheticminds (Spencer Reid x Reader)
I’m totally blown away by this so far like I’m already obsessed with this series. I honestly can’t stop thinking about this lol. I’ve read a lot of fanfiction (and I mean a lot) and I’ve never seen this scenario done with Spencer before. You’re a rockstar. I am not so patiently waiting to see more of this! (Pretty please? I’ll bribe you…)

Coffee and You by @brywrites (Spencer Reid x Reader)
This was amazing, Bry. There’s this post I’ve read somewhere that states something along the lines of: “We all have that one writer where they could write a McNugget AU and we’d still read it.” You are that writer to me. Everything in this flows so beautifully and honestly, I have a hard time putting it into words how much I love this story and all of your stories. I always get so excited when I see a story of yours on my timeline!

Softly (1, 2) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Personally, I hated this story. And I hate you. Why would you do this to poor Urnayme? After all she’s been through? I only put this story on here so I could tell everyone how much I hated it. (But seriously, this is one of the most unique Spencer stories I’ve ever read. You’re an asshole amazing writer) It’s not like I needed my heart anyway…

The Best Kind of Punishment by @zugzwangxo (Luke Alvez x Reader)
*briskly fans self* I didn’t know how much I needed this until I read this masterpiece… WOWZA Lee!! If all y’all need some Luke Alvez in your life, I recommend you read this. Thank you for writing this. There’s not enough Luke Alvez fics out there… Could I please get some more Luke Alvez fics from you? You write him so well… Please? I’m open to dishing out bribes now…

Are You Still Awake? by @original-criminal-fanfics (Spencer Reid x Reader)
Oh you know how much I love fluff… My guilty pleasure! Not only did I enjoy this so much because of your wonderful writing, but because this is similar to how my boyfriend and I started dating… We started out as best friends as well, which is why I especially love to read fics including best friends turned more. Your writing makes me so happy, Jasey!!! Never stop xx

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Why does someone who simply wanted to do her job over a man a bad thing? Isn't that what people have been asking for in movie relationships? And I mean, even though she loved her job so much she still helped him in the end so I don't get all the hate for Tina. #MoreLove4Tina


I know what you mean - if she just followed after Newt like a guppy they’d complain that she’s “boring” or “a weak female character” like make your mind up.

Tina, I feel, has some of the best subtle development in FBAWTFT and I can’t wait to see how she continues to develop in the future movies!

Originally posted by hardyness

Let it all out now

Inspired by this post by @thank-your-lucky-stars.

„Hello, love,” Chas said as she entered the back room and found Robert where she usually did these past few days: At the table in front of his laptop. “How are you?”

“Fine,” Robert answered, like always. Aaron had been gone for a week now. No, not a week, 6 days, 5 long nights without him. Robert had spent every waking hour working on his appeal, calling the barrister, other solicitors and researching what he could. Chas doubted he had stopped to take a breath.

“I… erm, have something for you,” she said and dropped the disc in her hand next to his laptop.

“What is it?” he asked, barely looking up.

“Videos,” she said, still hesitant. “From your wedding.”

Continue reading on AO3 here

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That moment when chatting theory...

….and you realize that AIDA has in essence Tahiti’d everyone.  Gave them new memories.  Made them forget the pain.

#Its all Connected

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

“ “brains never delete files, they just lose connections. But there’s always a backup. Just a matter a digging and finding them” ” 

The memories will be there!  I bet they just know on some level something isn’t right.  We saw Coulson start to remember with Tahiti so I believe the team will as well….if not the Memory Machine could be in the mix too.  This not only brings back Tahiti but Fitz’s healing from Season 2 as well.

  • Fangirl moment, we could get Fitz having flashes of Jemma.  Or if she is with him in some capacity knowing things about her he ‘shouldn’t’ like how she takes her tea.    He doesn’t ask how she likes it he just does it.  Come on…mama wants a true love’s kiss to wake him up!

Reasons why people need to give Mon El a break:

- He is from another planet, stuck on Earth with no one from home to understand the way he is feeling 

- He essentially has no support system other than Kara 

- Everything he thought he knew is probably wrong, such as how Kryptonians were supposed to be horrible people

- He almost died by an attack on aliens

- In the Thanksgiving episode (I think), Mon El asks how mating works on Earth and then asks if Kara has chosen her mate after being told people pick their own mate. Then, that Mxy- whatever showed up claiming to love Kara and she says she’s gonna marry him- IMAGINE HOW CONFUSED AND UPSET MON EL WAS AFTER THAT 

I get that he is a flawed character. But that is okay!!! Most characters do have flaws just like people!!! It’s okay to want Kara to end up with a different person, but maybe just cut him a little bit of a break???

Black Sails Episode 5; The Moment Silver Realizes Madi Done Drunk The Flint Koolaid

And It is killing him softy as fuck! Omg my bae is unraveling over his queen and it’s breaking my soul and yet I love it.

“Flint’ s War.”

It’s like even though Silver is still committed to the cause there’s this other side of his brain fully waking up to the knowledge that they are all fucked. It’s becoming entirely to unnatainable and yet as Billy said, they keep following Flint down this rabbit hole but the wrench in this is Silver watching from the outside as Madi plunges.

I love how Silver perks up every time he sees Madi. There’s this yearning in his expression that somehow everything is ok when she is there. It’s very clear she is precious to him though we’ve heard it already. It’s clear she is THE most important person to him.

While both Billy and Flint are friends to Silver and vice versa Silver has always been a pawn to be used. They’ve both been propping him up just to be in control which shows in some ways a lack of faith in BOTH sides that Silver can ACTUALLY lead.

Which is why it is so poignant that Madi is the only one who thinks that he doesn’t need anyone to be a King. Also imo why he really will step up knowing she’s hurt or in danger the next few episodes. I think BOTH don’t understand how much they need that tether to each other. Silver is going to go into some Woodes Rodgers territory on that island giving no fucks about no one.

This review is all over the place but I think so much stuff happened with Silver this episode. What’s noteworthy is that Silver DOES know that Billy is right. He does hear exactly what Billy was saying and alarm bells were going off. I mean even when it came to choosing he thought foremost of his choice effected Madi, her mother, and her people.

As Billy said, it was Flint’ s deal with the Maroon people not his OR Silver’s and Silver is still following Flint of whom now Mask is tied because of the fate of her people.

Can we talk about this “what is enough?” theme? When Silver asked Madi that I immediately thought of his canon backstory and my eyes welled because there is this underlying insecurity regarding love and even friendship. That now finally he has found both that he could be abandoned in both.

To him Madi is enough. Madi loves John so much. We watched her grief at losing him, her earth shattering moment when finding out he was alive. Silver never saw that so its relevant for him to ask as we don’t know if they’ve exchanged ILYs yet. They fell in love in the middle of a war. But Madi is bound to her cause which is to free her people. Though her mother obviously got it right like Ruth said and I think like any perskn she has to go through some thangs to learn that for herself which is when she will be able to give Silver the answer.

Which means Maroon camp shit…😣😣😣

Anywho, I bout cried again when he kissed her forehead and leaned against it. We know he made his decision after being slapped ( literally! Hands is my OG. Those slaps had me dying. If you ever wanna see what a tough love parenting moment looks like in this time period). He knew he was going to have to make a plan that entrusted Madi wit Flint. Kofi would only hand the cache to Madi or Silver so Madi would have to go to the exchange while he took care of Billy.

He was scared and torn but he put his trust ( Madi, his one precious thing) in Flint’ s hands as he asked him to do. That’s pretty much what this episode was about. And so he had to have her close. He couldn’t even tell her his worry. LA did a great job portraying his vulnerability.

I appreciate Madi so much. She is being logical to the best of her ability in an impossible situation. She is doing her best to fix what Billy broke but she is flailing. She’s put trust in Flint in part because of Silver and in part because Flint working that magic with The Koolaid. She’s much like Silver, a good, strong rational person trying to do what’s best for the people they care about. Which stands to reason if he turned Silver’s hate to loyalty then Madi didn’t stand a chance.

Flint also wants Nassau. Silver could give no fucks especially when The Spanish roll in. ( knew this shit was happening). Flint s probably going to run back ready to fight now because you know that my red psycho can’t resist a bloodlust challenge and with Billy gone Silver officially rules the army.


I mean…yeah that’s going to be it. The camels back has been breaking but a M.I.A. Madi and a true to form Flint is going to push my baby over the edge.

And finally Jesus Madi, I know the Maroon issues may feel like only yours but somebody ( Kofi, I’m side-eyeing you. You know you report wifeys drama) should have told him about Julius matching on Nassau. I think she knew Billy would have to pay the price but my naive wise Queen did you think.that would be enough?

Silver couldn’t kill him. I like this. What changes this?!

I have so many more thoughts. I am up for discussions.

I Know

I can’t post on FFN today, but here’s a tiny thing set minutes before the battle of Endor. I don’t know how much I like this, but let’s assume that Han hasn’t said ‘I love you’ yet.

Leia pulled the camouflage poncho on over her head and strapped on her utility belt. 

“Ready?” Han asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Leia, before we go out there, there’s something I want you to know,” he said, gently bringing her to face him. “I…” He paused, searching for the confidence to say the words. She put a hand to his cheek and turned his head in her direction

“It’s okay, Han. I know,” she whispered.

“Do you?” 

“Yes. I love you, too.” He so desperately wanted her to hear those words from his lips, but in the meantime, the fact that she knew was enough. She pulled his head down to hers and met his lips in a tender kiss before taking his hand and leading him into battle.

doginshoe  asked:

Name and a ship thing? Dunno if you still doing it but Zarah and Nalu :p

z: zodiac

Natsu didn’t like how often Lucy underestimated her own abilities. He knew she felt pressured by the expectations of being in a guild like Fairy Tail, and he didn’t know how to remind her that her magic was blinding

She brought the light down from the stars and decimated her foes. She was fierce and her spirits loved her, and to him, her zodiac power was the most radiant thing he had ever seen. 

a: azure

Natsu, for good reason, was really not a water person. Lucy liked to tease him for it, just a little. Sometimes he acted like a cat, avoiding the water as much as possible. 

Yet he was also fascinated with it, staring out at the sea whenever they passed it on missions. Lucy admired the way the azure waves reflected in his dark eyes, brightening up what she didn’t think could get any brighter. 

r: rays

Lucy’s hair was like rays of sunlight. 

Natsu woke up groggily, and thought he might have died in his sleep. Lucy was an angel, with her sunlight hair framing her beautiful, serene smile while her chest rose and fell rhythmically. The sunlight streaming in from the window casted a halo around her, and Natsu was blinded by his incredulity. 

She was beautiful

a: astral

Lucy explained to Natsu that the stars, while celestial bodies and personified in her spirits, were also technically giant balls of fire. He had lit up as bright as any starry sky at that, absolutely entranced. 

It was something about his excitement, the way he made everything interesting. She could see stars flashing in his eyes, shining along his bright hair, their light practically touching his fingertips. She could get lost in his everything

h: hope

If you asked any member of Fairy Tail what Natsu and Lucy were, what they really were, they’d smile a knowing smile and simply reply hope

Lucy had always been hoping for things to get better. For her life to change, for her world to be absolutely thrown off its feet, in order to find an adventure of a lifetime. Meeting Natsu only fueled the hope. 

Lucy was his star and keystone, his hope for the future and motivation for the present. She had gone through the challenges with him, standing by his side and shining like the star she was. 

For Fairy Tail, the two of them were persistence. They would never give up, never stop fighting, never stop dreaming, believing, hoping. They were the light and guidance for paving the paths they wanted, ready to take on anything the world threw at them. Together, they were unstoppable. 

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” -Maya Angelou 

Send me your name and a ship!

anonymous asked:

Hey! First of all: i LOVE your blog. You're such a talented writer! I love all the thing you write! Thanks for all! :)) If it's not a big problem, i would like to ask if you could write a scene about the firs kiss with the masked man? Pretty please! :D Thanks, and have a magical day! <3

A/N: Hello dear anon!! I hope you like it :D

Her feelings for him were still so new. She was still trying to understand what she felt for him, but the kiss they were sharing simply made everything so clear, yet so confusing.

His rough but soft lips were in Guardienne´s, making her feel butterflies in her stomach, but…

How did Guardienne fall in love with a person that not even his face has she ever seen? 
Aside of his name- which she didn´t even know if it was real- Guardienne knew nothing else about him.

Guardienne could simply open her eyes and find out how he really looked like but she was to afraid that if she did, he would disappear and never come back. That was to scary.

“Guardienne…” He called her with his rusky voice, jut to kiss her again and embrace her with his body, making her feel safe in his arms.

She would trust him, just like every single other time.

Seventeen Reaction (Your little sister has a crush on him she’s 5)

S.coups:He finds cute how your little sister has a crush on him everytime your little sister see’s him she wants him to hold her.He asked your little sister if she wants down and she said no. “Aww okay I’ll keep holding you”

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Vernon:He loved coming over to the house to spend time with you and your little sister having her crush on him she would run and hug him.He would play with your sister and have fun. “She is so cute I will continue to play”

Originally posted by sneezes

Wonwoo:He would come over like Vernon and visit you and your little sister he knew she liked him and he found it adorable.It got late and he knew he had to leave but your little sister hugged his leg and wouldn’t let go. “Y/n I guess I will stay the night for your sister”

Originally posted by hoshinoyas

Mingyu:You both would stay at the house when he had free time to visit your little sister liked him.She had you help her make heart cookies that say Mingyu and she would give it to him. “So cute”

Originally posted by seokmin---s

Hoshi:Those tow would hang out all the time you would watch tv she liked him and you wouldn’t be mad you found it cute.You walked in to see those two cooking.Him wearing his apron and her wearing her apron. “Okay now princess stir it”

Originally posted by woozibye

Jun:She loved Jun she loved how you dated him that meant she could see him when you got to.He would be napping at your house your little sister would cuddle beside him and sleep.He woke up to see her. “She’s so cute”

Originally posted by myungeuna

The8:She had her crush on him and she would always love to see him and that meant you would spend time with him sort of.Her favorite part is watching him dance.She also liked when he would tell her cute things. “I love you” It made her little heart flutter.

Originally posted by wonyeols

Dino:She liked him for sure but she understands and would let you hang out with him but sometimes she liked to play with Dino.She sometimes would wanna learn Aegyo from him. “Then be this cute”

Originally posted by theresakk1889

Woozi:You might be dating him but she likes him her most favorite part is his hair when he changes colors. “Noona he looks like a pink plush”

Originally posted by seungheol

Jeonghan:Hair she could play with it and she could touch it but spending tim eis what she loved about it.She would ask if he would take her to the Kakao friend store and he would. “Yay more time with Jeonghan” “So cute”

Originally posted by visual-17

Joshua:He would treat her well he thought it was adorable how she has a crush on him.He would take her out places even for ice cream. “You got ice cream on your face here is a napkin”

Originally posted by hanwooz

Seungkwan:He would be cooking with your mom and your little sister would be right there hugging his leg as every move he made.He smiled and cooked the food he then finished. “Come on princess let’s go wash your hands before eating”

Originally posted by doskyeom

Dk:Your sister is full of energy and Dk is the same so they get along well she has her little crush on Dk and you found it cute.You left your sister at SM why you went to get some food.You came back to see them playing all the boys were there she was riding Dk. “Go we need to hurry Dk deer”

Originally posted by necktaetae


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So I'm thinking that Jason was their parents favorite and that's why Cheryl is so bitchy. And Jason stood up for her.

Yeah the reason why Cheryl was so close to him wasn’t because she was in love with him (like a lot of people think) but because he was the only source giving her love, I think her parents didn’t give her enough love and that is what made Cheryl mean. And the more people that are going to care for Cheryl the nicer she will get. How could she be nice to people when she is not used to having nice and supportive people in her life.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind writing a consensual jealous 1P Canada and a fem S.O. please?

How did she dare look at that man with such look?! He was the only one for her. Everything about her belonged to him. The sooner she realised that. The better. He thrusted himself deep inside of her, making her moan out in pure pleasure.

“Aaaah~! I love youuuuu~!”

She was just like a whore for him. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He loved seeing her so in need of him, and when he hit that right spot, making her squeal in that way that he loved. Oh that just made him crazy.

He eventually came inside of her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.

“I quess now you won’t look at other men again, Huh?”

She chuckled and nodded, snuggling into him.

“Anything for you~”

One Week Baby Outfit Challenge

Do you also love everything your little one is wearing? Are there stories behind the outfits of your child? Do you get excited about dressing your babe in a specific outfit on a day where you might meet people who will appreciate just how adorable he or she looks? Would you love to share just about every look of your tiny little munchkin but often feel that there are only few people who care? Especially since your little one probably couldn’t care less about just how much care you put into dressing him or her? Would you like to see how other moms/mums dress their babes?

Come join me and share your baby’s special outfits for one week! In which ever way you fancy…I, for one, will not include my little munchkin’s face but you may choose to do so. I’m so excited to see your little one’s wardrobes!!! And maybe even the stories behind those outfits? ;-)

Feel free to invite other mums to join in anytime :)

@coepi @parentinginplaid @waitingformyonesosmall @waitingondecemberrainbows @waitingforourlittleone @waitingonemma @ourlittle-kiwi @ourbeebaby @aladylostinlove @adventures-w-babyluca @theappleofmyunsureeye @mjax1 @expectingbabyhaigh @decembermummy-tobe @noniem @tinytwins @canada-2-england @canarydown @mylovelyolivia