i love how she wears them with her sneakers

Happy is a Swifty - Imagine

Oh my godddddd, thank you @kazosa​ for requesting this imagine, it was so funny to write lmao. I can just imagine this happening hahah.


The sound of a door opening followed by stomping footsteps made Chucky turn his head to see who’d just walked in. He saw the tall, muscly bald man, who’s name was Happy, walking towards him with an annoyed expression on his face. He was a pretty scary guy.
“Hey Happy!” Chucky said with a friendly grin hoping his joy would magically make Happy, well, more happy. “You want a beer? I just put em in the fridge.”
The bald man shook his head, his eyes narrowed and glaring at Chucky. “No.” He said in low raspy a voice that scared the smaller man. “I’m goin’ in the back. Do NOT disturb me.” He warned, pointing his finger at Chucky who nodded and gulped in fear.
Happy made his way out of the bar area and down the corridors that lead to the bedrooms. He chose the one right at the end of the hallway and disappeared inside.
When entering the room, his angry facial expression faded and was replaced with a small smile. He was happy to be alone after a busy day at work. And he knew just the thing that would help him relax.
Happy walked over to the set of drawers beside the bed and put his phone on top of it. He went onto the YouTube app and put on some music ready to let loose.
The sound of You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift played out of the speakers on his iPhone and he chuckled. Happy was a HUGE Swifty! But only in secret.. No one could know about his secret or he’d have to kill them.. Like a lot.
There was something about Taylor Swift that Happy had a soft spot for, whether it was how hot he found her or her ‘angelic’ voice. He just loved her.
“She wears high heels, i wear sneakers!” Happy sang along to the song, swaying his body to the beat. “She’s cheer captain and i’m on the bleachers! Dreamin’ bout the day..”
Happy began to dance around the room, waving his arms in the air and wiggling his bum as he sang the lyrics. He was having the time of his life. Little did he know that his alone time with Taylor was about to be interrupted.

Jax, Chibs and Juice had just entered the Clubhouse and were about to order a drink from Chucky when they realised Happy was nowhere to be seen.
“Hey, Chucky boy, where’s Hap?” The Scotsman asked, looking at the man who pointed down the hallway. “What’s he doin’?”
Chucky shrugged. “Don’t know, he didn’t tell me. But he doesn’t wanna be disturbed.”
Jax let out a chuckle. “Probably jackin’ off. He looked quite tense today.” The blond male said making his friends laugh. “Don’t know about yous, but I know havin’ a wank helps me relieve some stress…”
Juice nodded. “Same here, brother.” He opened his mouth to speak again when he heard a faint voice coming from the hallway. “Hey Chucky? Is someone in there with him?”
Chucky shook his head. “No, he came in on his own..”
“Can you hear that?” Juice said making the guys look at him with confusion. “Listen.. I can hear someone talkin’?”
The four of them fell silent as they listened out for whatever Juice heard. Jax was about to say he couldn’t hear anything when the sound of Happy’s voice filled his ears.
“Should we check it out?” Chibs asked, intrigued by who Happy was talking to. The guys shrugged. “C'mon.. Let’s go see what he’s up to.”
Juice, Chibs and Jax walked down the hallway, Happy’s voice getting louder the closer they got to the room. They each exchanged a look when hearing music coming from the room Happy was in.
“What is that?” Jax asked, his brows knitted together as he pressed his ear against the wooden door. “I’m gonna take a look..” He muttered, grabbing hold of the door knob and slowly opening the door.
They had no idea what they thought they were going to find. But Happy dancing and singing to Taylor Swift was definitely not it.
Happy didn’t hear the door open so he was carrying on enjoying himself as he bounced around with his back facing his friends who were all gobsmacked. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.
“Oh my..” Chibs whispered as his eyes watched Happy dance. No one had ever seen Happy dance before.. And they wished they wouldn’t ever again. Who could call that dancing?
Jax covered his mouth with his hand, trying his hardest not to laugh. What had they just witnessed?!
While Chibs and Jax stayed quiet, Juice let out a booming laugh, making Happy quickly stop and look over his shoulder to his friends. As soon as Juice began to laugh, Jax and Chibs joined in and pretty much they all had tears in their eyes from laughing so much.
Happy’s eyes widened and his face turned a dark shade of pink. Shit. He’d be caught. They all stared at each other unsure of what to say or do.
“You, uh, havin’ fun there brother?” Jax spoke with a chuckle. “Didn’t know you were a Taylor Swift fan.”
Happy’s face hardened and his signature angry expression came back as he stomped over to the men, pointing his finger at them. “You tell anyone about this and i’ll cut off your dicks and sew them onto your forehead so you look like some fucked up unicorns. Alright?!”


Who’s That Vans Girl?: Ashley Costello

We discovered Ashley Costello through Instagram, where her photos always showed off her killer style and the beauty of the New Jersey coast, where she lives, surfs and paints boards in a shed in the woods. We caught up with Ashley to talk about surfing when it’s cold as heck (she doesn’t do it), rescue animals, and her enduring love for the Sk8-Hi.

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Flare 7

This part has been the focus of some negotiation. It has been suggested by amatterofcomplication that it is insufficiently steamy, while my position is that it is, for me, pretty darn steamy. Nevertheless, I’ve assured her that there will be later occasions for additional steam, possibly literal steam, so perhaps judgment should be reserved. ANYWAY, the point right now is that, for me, this is pretty darn steamy, so I am a little flustered, so:  masterpost, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6.

Flare 7

There was no time, in the end, for anyone to go home to change clothes, so everyone who was at the fire is wearing the best they could cobble together from the clothes they keep at 13. Liam and Steve both look like they just stepped out of a Polo ad, because apparently they both have taken up yachting after work. Amanda, of course, looks like a fashion model in the kind of dress that Myka can barely imagine exists in the world.

“I bought it three weeks ago and never managed to get it home,” Amanda said. “How pathetic is that?” She would like to be wearing Manolo Blahniks with it, but instead ballet flats are the best she could do.

“Better for dancing,” Myka told her.

“You’re even more set than I am, then,” Amanda had said on the way over. Because Myka is wearing the darker of the two pairs of jeans she had, plus a boring blue button down, and that’s bad enough, but also, she is mortified to even think about, on her feet are the green Converse low-tops she threw on to drive to the firehouse early this morning. When Amanda saw Myka putting them on in the locker room, she guffawed and said, “Let that be a lesson to you, lieutenant, that you really need to be prepared for a more… diverse set of circumstances.”

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anonymous asked:

I love your domestic billdip! And your writing in general, it's wonderful. :) But that got me wondering, if bill and dipper are husbands doesn't that mean they would have gotten married? If so what would their wedding have been like? If they had one of course.

Do you know how popular this little au thing is becoming? I’ve made a tag for it. A /tag/. Billdip husband au, for those who want to look up the other two stories on my blog. Also…

Toby is a little bit important for the apparent au that is taking place.

Happily Ever After? It’s Only Just Starting…


“If I have to see one more wedding magazine that Mabel ‘subtly’ snuck into my things I think I’m gonna scream.” Bill Cipher, his human form now looking of that a man in his mid-twenties, watched Dipper in amusement. The man was near twenty-four and had just graduated from college with his degree in Paranormal studies, which Bill had been surprised to find that yes, colleges offered studies on that. “Bill, I’m serious, I just- Do you know how many magazines she’s left around?”

“Pine Tree I can’t even give you a number,” Bill snorted, reclining back on the other’s bed as he watched him pace the attic floor. He should probably be sympathetic but this was just too amusing. Picking up one of said magazines he started flipping through, snickering at all the marriages he read about that would just never last. “Why don’t you just tell her you don’t see yourself marrying and be done with it?” Hearing a heavy silence he blinked, looking up to see Dipper was blushing and resolutely avoiding his gaze.

“Yeah. Yeah- I- I should tell her that, huh? Yeah, I mean, that’d be best. Just put this whole troublesome mess behind us, something that’s not even worth our time, I mean, it’d be ridiculous! We so aren’t the marrying type, I mean, could you imagine our wedding? Of which would never exist. Ever. It’d probably even have terrible music because me and Mabel couldn’t decide on a band and you just 'I don’t care what you do just please don’t let it be that electronic screeching noise that makes me want to kill all of humanity’ and then just to piss you off I actually do put the song in there and-”

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