i love how she tries to save herself

After reading a crap ton of supercorp fanfics, I’ve decided to come up with a top 10 list of my all time favorites.

The stories that are completed says total chapters and the ones that are in progress say current chapters. 

If you want to know why each one is my favorite, you can shoot me a message and I’ll answer. 

I hope you read some of these if you haven’t already. All of these authors are brilliant writers and deserve the signal boost. 

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Moon of Fire Part x (Sastiel Sequel)

I can’t believe we are now this far into the story, thank you for much for sticking around! 10/15 to go! Don’t forget I’m running a Sastiel competition with amazing prizes. All you have to do is make an edit/fanart based on my Sastiel fic to be in the draw to win!

If you haven’t read A Court of Fire and Dreams:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Moon of Fire:
Part i, Part ii, Part iii, Part iv, Part v, Part vi, Part vii, Part viii, Part ix

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An insuperable abyss and Croix’s inner conflict

While episodes 19/20 showed how Akko and Diana grew closer, episode 21 hinted further at the great schism in the past between Chariot and Croix.

There are definitely parallells between Akko/Diana and Chariot/Croix. Like the vastly different personalities with one being more emotionally driven (Akko/Chariot) and one being more rational and restrained (Croix/Diana), even though the differences between Chariot and Croix seem to be less extreme than those of Akko and Diana.

Let’s just say that the parallells are not exactly ‘hidden’

However, a key difference in the parallells between Akko/Diana and Chariot/Croix is that their circumstances were different.

In the present, Diana never had a chance to claim the Shiny Rod, if she would have wanted to. First of all, she only learned of its purpose after it had been reclaimed again by Akko. Second, since Shiny Chariot had gone missing, it was presumed she was still holding onto it. So Diana never had any reason to desire it. When she learned of its importance and that it would be the key to fulfil her mother’s dream, she had already accepted Akko as its rightful owner.

Akko and Diana slowly got closer to each other at the same time as Akko was unlocking the words.

In Chariot and Croix’s time, the Shiny Rod had presumably not been seen for over more than a millenia. Chariot and Croix already had knowledge of the Grand Triskelion and already had grown close before the Shiny Rod was entrusted to Chariot. They both went and pledged before the Nine Olde Witches, to see if either of them could be entrusted with the Shiny Rod, with both thinking they had a fair chance.

However, both were shocked when Chariot was chosen over Croix. Both probably expected it to be Croix who would be more likely to be chosen (at least Croix did). Croix was the more prodigous witch of the two, and clearly meant for greatness.

The thing is, Croix was never meant to be wielder of Claiomh Solais, the Shiny Rod.

Because there is one major aspect that sets Croix apart from Akko, Chariot and Diana:

Her dream is highly selfish.

Becoming the world’s greatest witch isn’t a bad aspiration in itself, but Croix didn’t want to become that by her own merits. She actively desired the Shiny Rod and the Grand Triskelion to make her the world’s greatest witch.

Of course, there may be more to her dream. Maybe she felt that she had to become the world’s greatest witch to fulfil another dream?

Regardless, in front of the Nine Olde Witches, it is decided that she should not be entrusted with the Shiny Rod. She isn’t even allowed to touch it!

*MC Hammer playing in the distance*

Lotte will clearly be the one to unlock the Grand Triskelion

This is strange, because it is not like only the one chosen by the rod can hold it. It is specifically Croix that can not touch it at all, from what we’ve seen. Even in the present day it seems like she still can’t hold it, such as when she refrains from touching it when Akko hands it over to her for analyzing.

The reason for this ties into my speculation of the Shiny Rod’s purpose:

To speculate, the Shiny Rod was probably designed to be hard to wield by traditionally taught witches. Only witches like Akko or Chariot, with strong emotional drives and pure intentions, would be able then to unlock the Grand Triskelion again. This way, the Grand Triskelion would only be unsealed by someone who genuinely cares about magic, but also doesn’t gain anything directly by restoring the world to its former, more magical state. For someone who mostly uses magic from within themselves, filling the world again with magical energy doesn’t really affect them as it would for others.

So it is seemingly not just hard for someone like Croix to use it, it is outright impossible for someone with the wrong disposition to even hold it.

Croix is the very kind of witch that the Grand Triskelion is supposed to be protected from. Because what could happen if she were to use the world reconstruction magic with her ambition to become the greatest witch? Taking her dream to its extreme, what if she became the only witch?

If she constructed the world so that she took all magic for herself and only she could control it, then she truly would become the world’s greatest witch. She has all magic in the world under her control, there is not even any competetion.

Of course, that might not be how Croix would have wanted it, but the temptation would still be there. The Nine Olde Witches didn’t want to risk that from ever happening.

She is literally ‘green eyed’. The ‘monster’ part is hopefully wrong though.

The fact that both Croix and Chariot went to pledge had some disastrous after-effects. The most important factor was that they both thought the choice could have gone either way.

After the pledge, a ‘crack’ appeared between them. In Chariot, a seed of doubt was planted. While in Croix, a seed of jealousy had started to grow.

When Akko was unlocking the Words, Diana wasn’t really actively helping Akko until they activated the fifth Word.

However, Croix was presumably helping Chariot during most of her Quest. She most likely was around when Chariot unlocked the first Word, she saw Chariot after she unlocked the third Word, she and Chariot presumably unlocked the fifth Word together and she definitely was the one that had to save Chariot from the pollen of Wagandea, leading to the sixth Word.

Akko had a far wider range of people that had a part in her quest. For Chariot, it seems it was just the two of them, her and Croix.

Croix’s constant presence affected them both negatively however. There were most likely times were Croix had to save Chariot after putting herself in danger (other than the time at Wagandea) or when Croix figured out a Word more quickly than Chariot. All at same time as Chariot was slowly struggling to unlock one Word after another.

This slowly lead Chariot to think “It should have been her while Croix thought “It should have been me”. Since Croix would have had an easier time unlocking the Words, right?

She was wrong, but she couldn’t help to feel this way

This made the crack between them slowly expand as time progressed. They were still close as ever, but underlying tension was accumulating underneath them.

However, eventually this tension reached a breaking point, leading to their great schism. This breaking point is most likely related to Chariot’s failure to unlock the seventh and final Word.

I think the reason Chariot failed to unlock the final Word is directly tied to her self-doubt. A part of her thought that she didn’t deserve to unseal the Grand Triskelion, so that made it so she couldn’t unlock the last Word.

I think at this point Croix’s built up jealousy turned into pure frustration. With Chariot failing, now neither of them would be able to unseal the Grand Triskelion!

Croix turned against Chariot at the point where she needed her support the most. What started out as a small crack had turned into an insuperable abyss.

How close they were…

… and how far apart they got

There is one very important point I have to make though. While it may seem above like Croix is an unloving and uncaring person, that is not the case. Croix really wanted Chariot to succeed and genuinely believed that Chariot would unlock the Grand Triskelion. She was more than willing to sacrifice herself to save Chariot at Wagandea, despite the risk to never be able to fulfil her own dream. Even today, she still thinks that Chariot’s dream was important. Croix is a selfless person but with a selfish dream.

Her own selfish dream is in a constant conflict with, dare I say it, the love that Croix and Chariot share(d). This is what leads to her contradictory actions. She can never truly settle on either, no matter how much she tries herself. She may think she knows what she truly wants, but in fact, she has no damn idea.

I only hope that Chariot, with the help from Akko, can bridge over that insuperable abyss at last, and stop Croix from falling into her own black hole of a misaimed dream.

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Gil and Ray as Tsurugi's little brothers in the Age AU?

….. oh my god.

That is kinda cute, tbh. But I don’t know about this. About making characters who don’t really have any kind of relation be related in this au. 030 It would mostly be the “writing” aspect for me. I wouldn’t know how to write such a relationship between the 3. But awww young Gil and Ray~ I kinda love it~❤ I had to doodle it.

But I was also originally gonna make Gil and Ray about Wrath’s age in this au. (I just haven’t had a good idea on how to properly include them in a comic, I have too many ideas for comics anyway. Please save me TvT) I feel like if Gil and Ray were older instead of children something like this would happen if young Tsurugi tried being friends with Okami(Wrath):

Hahahahaha watch out buddy she also has SEVEN brothers. But she can take care of herself. HA. 

But yeah I like the concept either way. Someone help me write this au, lol

pain is the price you pay

ficlet inspired by the 4x22 sneak peek. only the first couple of lines reference it so i wouldn’t consider it spoilery but avoid as you wish.

It feels like a perverse mirror of a conversation long ago, in the lab, after they’d vanquished the universe’s distance between them only to find a seemingly insurmountable expanse of unspoken sadness and misplaced anger and confusion and need remained, when Fitz had asked, tremblingly, whether she loved Will, moments before their first kiss.

“Do you want to kill her?” she repeats, knowing her monotone betrays more than it hides.

He’s not looking at her, still – his hands are on his hips and he’s sucked his lower lip in like he’s mulling a problem through and he’s still not looking at her, but at the floor. The eyes are windows, and he doesn’t want her looking in.

“I don’t know,” he admits at last, and clarifies bitterly, “Not that anyone should trust my judgment, but I’m of two minds about it, quite literally.”

He glances at her, clearly to catch her reaction, but her smile only seems to throw him off. “That’s good, Fitz,” she assures him, denying the tears that want to fill her eyes. “A lesser man wouldn’t even question it—”

“So which one is the lesser man?” he cuts her off. “Which version of me is worse?”

The one that doesn’t love me, she thinks, hating herself for it. “Do you remember how I wanted to kill Ward? How I tried? How I would have done it if not for Bakshi? How I killed Bakshi?”

“Yeah. As I recall, you did that for me. Apparently I bring out the best in people.”

He sits heavily on the edge of the desk, back to her, but she will not be deterred. Not after… everything.

“I didn’t do it for you,” she refutes fiercely, leaving the tablet behind – saving the world can wait; she needs to save her world – and circling the desk to face him, crowding his space a bit so he’ll have to disturb her if he wants to get away. “I did it for myself, because Ward nearly took you away from me and he tried to kill us both and it was a rage I’ve never otherwise known. And you didn’t judge me for that.”

“It’s different,” he mutters.

“I wish you would let me in, Fitz,” she whispers, reaching out to touch his arms where they’re crossed over his chest. He lets them fall to his sides and her hand drops away.

“I can’t do that, Jemma, you know that.” He avoids saying her name now, too, as if he doesn’t feel he has a right to it, and hearing his accent curl around it nearly paralyzes her with longing. “It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Not fair? Not fair?” She’s getting too worked up now, and she knows she’s being selfish even as she tries to help him but he’s letting the bloody cosmos win again. “You decided to give me the last breath of oxygen and gave yourself over to certain death without letting me choose. You took care of me even when I’d broken your heart – You insisted upon rescuing a man who’d been integral to the breaking of your heart even when I protested that it was tearing us apart. Not fair? That’s not fair. But when you love someone, you accept the pain. You share it. I want it to be as much my burden as yours, Fitz, because I love you and I thought—”

She hesitates. Even with him, this is an honesty she fears. But if she expects him to stop hiding behind self-loathing and doubt and half-truths, she needs to do the same.

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Sarah Lynn *spoilers*

The thing that gets me about Sarah Lynn is that she really seems like she’s trying to help. She is always there for Bojack and granted it is in no way healthy but she does what she can. In her drug addled mind she still remembered her AA meeting and brought bojack along. She gave him advice to apologize and make amends with others, and she went along to support him through all of it. The thing is all of that is amazing, those were things the sober people around bojack should have been doing. Yet the only person who was more worried about bojack as a person, who truly wanted to turn him around because they were worried was someone who was in the same boat. Someone who was just as fucked up, a woman who couldn’t save herself. When Bojack went to his Ana’s house she gave him a speech that basically was “you can’t save some people, they’ll drag you down with them.” But I don’t think Sarah Lynn could turn away from him, because she knows how that feels, because she wanted to be saved too, because despite everything she still hoped for bojack and herself. I think when Bojack said he loves Sarah and that she understands him, he was seeing the real Sarah, because even while she was drowning she tried to save bojack. Even when he was wrong, even when he did things she didn’t approve of, even though he was one of the people to drive her over the edge, she wanted to save him. Ultimately that’s what killed her, Bojack was self destructing and she tried to save him. She never got her chance to change her life, she never had a say, and despite being upset, despite everything she couldn’t watch someone else go through that and idk that really fucked me up.

CLF: Tendrement, Pasionement (C)

A/N: I am hungry. Don’t know how good this is. 

A/N: As I said, some of the dates and circumstances are slightly changed, but I tried never to deviate too far. 

Warnings: Swearing, angst, characters fight with each other, shooting, um… I said I was hungry, can’t think straight, dammit… this is just all around depressing.

Word Count: 2912


SONG TRACKS: Captain America Theme & Stay–Rihanna

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Why I hate Orihime Inoue.

She’s utterly useless for starters. Her powers have only ever saved one person in the start of the series and that was Tatsuki the one time she actually managed to toughen up and kill a hollow. Her shields are jokingly small and much too easy to break whenever a new enemy comes, examples being Yammy and Ulquiorra, they both broke it instantly after getting over the initial surprise of it being there. As for her healing, really what’s so great?

She can heal cuts and wounds? So can the whole fourth Division as well as anyone else who has been trained in medical Kido, Isshin and Urahara are two good examples.

She can restore lost limbs? So can Kurotsichi, even if his way is much more crude, he can still do so.

She can reject death? No, she actually can’t. If she could there would have been no character death in the series and she would have been able to heal Ichigo on the roof of Las Noches, but she didn’t because she couldn’t. It was Zangetsu that saved him there, not Inoue. The only people who actually believe Aizen’s line about her powers encroaching on Gods territory are the ones delusional enough to think she was a good character, like seriously, wake up already. Aizen only said that to play head games with everyone! He has always been a manipulative bastard, what’s so hard to get this time?!

As for her personality? She never grew into anything other than the girl that had a crush on Ichigo, and by the end of the series she was reduced to nothing more then fan service for all the fat chest lovers out there. She portrays a very obsessive woman on the verge of being a stalker, and somehow it isn’t considered creepy or invasive but intended to be ‘cute’. If the roles were reversed and it was a male acting like she did then everyone would be up in arms about the creepy stalker however just because the character is good looking and has a large chest it is okay? Great role model for all the woman reading Kubo, if you want your crush to like you, just show his some cleavage and stalk him!

She doesn’t deserve Ichigo, she never truly loved him, the only things she actually knows about him were learnt from someone else – mostly Tatsuki and you guessed it, Rukia – she never made an attempt to know the guy she supposedly loved by actually asking him, she went behind his back and invaded his privacy.

The thing I hate most about her is the fact that she could never accept Ichigo as what he is, part hollow, she never could. Even at the end of the series during the Yhwach fight when Ichigo used his new hollowfication she froze in fear again, Ichigo had to assure her that he was still him just for her to calm down, he shouldn’t have to do that.

The only other person who showed real fear at Ichigo’s hollow side was Ishida during the fight on Las Noches, and do you know how he responded? By saying “Stop Kurosaki, you’ve done enough Kurosaki, if you go any further than this then you won’t be you anymore,” he didn’t say “stop hollow” or “stop you monster” he said “stop Kurosaki” he knew that no matter how terrifying he looked on the outside that it was still Ichigo and he just needed someone to help bring him back to the light. Inoue could never look past his appearance, her love for him was superficial, she loved him as a night in shining armour, nothing else.

Another thing, she always had to be saved, and every time she was she would always say “I’m going to improve so that I won’t be a burden on anyone anymore.” yet where was this improvement? No matter how many times her precious Kurosaki-kun had to come save her she never once improved herself, Only one time she actually tried and it was a half ass effort at best which resulted in her being taken to Hueco Mundo and guess what? Needing to be saved again!

And can we talk about that for a moment? What an absolute pile of scum she is, the only reason she went to Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra was not to ‘try and protect’ her friends, no, it was nothing glamorous like that, the only she went to Hueco Mundo was because she wanted to see if Ichigo would come and save her like he did Rukia. Instead of telling them about Ulquiorra’s conversation with her, instead of believing in her friends, her comrades, trusting in them to win, she ran off to Hueco Mundo making them chase her into enemy fucking territory because she is an immature and selfish bitch who was jealous of Rukia.

Inoue is a horrible person and Kubo should be ashamed for not only creating scum like her but for pairing her with someone as incredible as Ichigo.

I decided to rewatch “To the Last Man”, and you know what?

Best decision I made today.

Jack and Ianto are perfect. I could go on and on forever about their kiss. I could go on and on forever about their dialogue there. I could go on and on forever about how this is probably the moment that solidified their love for each other  — the fact that it was reciprocated and real

The team is great working together. They do it for the whole episode. There’s no second-guessing, or double-crossing, or petty arguments. Just a whole lot of teamwork and cooperation and trust. 

Owen, especially. The way he interacts with Tosh and tries to look out for her all throughout the episode.

And Tosh herself! Lovely, sweet, kind, brave, amazing Tosh… She saved the world. Well, she helped Tommy save the world, but whatever. I’m always so impressed by her in this episode  — and I love that we get to see so much of here here — and, yeah, I really love her, but it’s always a joy to see her her (and really sad, too).

And finally, Tommy Brockless. He’s sweet and brave and he saved the world. He has a sad ending. And… a bit of a sad beginning. Well. I love that he only had one episode, but he’s so alive. Those characters — the ones that only get one episode to be developed and live in — when they’re done well — I feel like I know him. He’s so real. He’s great :D

Yeah… good episode. One of my favorites.

And did you know that it’s listed on Amazon as “Last Man Standing”?

ultrasanaposts  asked:

Sakura Haruno

I hate sakura (it’s mainly because of her stans then her) she had potential but eh

The ultimate downfall of sakura character is SASUKE!!!!

Sakura in the beginning they try to show how she was bully and all that bull of a sob story but then ino stands up to her bullies saves her and they become friends

Then sakura ENDS the friendship over a guy!! and I get it ino should’ve never lied about liking sasuke however she wasn’t the one to declare there friendship over all for a boy that was sakura (and don’t come in this post talking about no she just didn’t want to be in ino shadow anymore or she just wanted to be better then ino no) she’s a bad friend to me

During the naruto manga/anime sakura was bratty and mean especially to naruto

She would try to get sasuke attention but he would push her away call her annoying tell her to go train or something or tell her to leave him alone he didn’t like her she’d annoyed him and he was to busy worrying about his revenge

During the chunin exams however I’m not gonna lie I was impressed with the fight against ino and sakura! Sakura was holding her own however ino should’ve won because I believed ino had sakura

ino cutting her hair was such an intelligent move that even her “genius” teammate shikamaru didn’t understand he thought she was going crazy

she used her hair as a distraction and got into sakura mind and the only reason sakura got free was her “will” or “inner sakura” like that’s some bullshit to me

during the chunin exams sakura was not strong!! So even if she had this “will” I believe it wouldn’t be strong enough to break free from the mental hold ino had on her

After that we get to the end of naruto and see sasuke leaving the village and sakura is there to stop him she even asks him to take her with him like she doesn’t even think twice about leaving her family and her friends for a guy who never once even called her a friend that’s not love that’s infatuation… so then he knocks her out and leave

Then shippuden sakura comes rolling around and I get very impressed by her especially in the gaara retrieval arc when she’s with sasori grandma to defeat him and taking out the poison in kakazu I was really impressed unfortunately that’s where she really stop impressing me

We don’t get to see much of sakura whopping ass or saving lives after that we get to see her bitch and moan when sasuke is around like EVERY TIME sasuke is around she is reduce to this crying mess and I hate her because she doesn’t even really care for sasuke

She ONLY cares about how she feels she never thinks about sasuke! she never asks herself why he’s doing what he’s doing she never even asks him what really happened to his clan she only projects how much she loves him and tries to manipulate him with her emotions

she’s emotionally abusing him in some ways!!!!

And the thing is he’s so disrespectful to her and she keeps going back for more like there’s a point in the manga/anime when he says she has no reason to love him and he doesn’t love her

so I don’t why she never got it through her giant forehead he doesn’t care about her!!!!!

He tries to kill her he tells her get lost he tells her he doesn’t love her and people still call there relationship goals

Also I have a question if sakura was a man wouldn’t this be harassment????

Now let’s jump to the war arc sakura gets all these power ups and she’s saving lives helping out and Shizune comments on how sakura surpassed lady tsunade which I don’t think she did she couldn’t even stand two seconds with madara and tsunade held up pretty well against him

And then sasuke rolls around and she’s back to her bullshit!! while she’s in a WAR ZONE she’s wondering if sasuke is even thinking about her like wtf? And he even disrespects her even more like I think in one part she asked him to tell her what’s going on with the others and he’s like what can you do nothing? So shut up

and he tells kakashi he’s being annoying just like sakura I was like girl come on you want a man that’s just so disrespectful to you it’s like she like the abuse from him

And Sakura now in boruto is a damn mess if your truly a sakura fan you wouldn’t want her with sasuke Fr you would see that sasuke brings out the worst in her

in boruto you can’t even say sasuke name without her getting depressed she smashes her house she lies to her daughter she put her picture on top of Karin’s all because she doesn’t feel secure in her relationship and I don’t blame her the man she’s “married” to leaves her to raise “there” child alone so he can go off and hang out with team taka and the girl he took a picture with!!!!

HEAD CANON(this is what I believe idk if it’s 100% true): Also I saw a panel in gaiden I think where ino went to go say hi to sasuke and sarada stops her and sasuke and ino are confused and sakura laughs nervously it makes it seem like sakura is badmouthing ino to sarada and isn’t ino sakura’s friend? Like what did she tell sarada to make her think she needs to protect her father from her? Sakura is a HORRIBLE friend

And now sakura just looks so sad and miserable I think the only reason she’s still waking around is her daughter

And then the end of Gaiden we come to find out the only reason sasuke is with sakura is because of sarada I just don’t know why kishimoto would write gaiden like that there already together he might as well make them happy but idk what’s going through that man’s mind

I just don’t like sakura maybe if sasuke was out the picture I would like her but idk kishimoto can’t write PERIOD so I doubt it

So to recap why I don’t like sakura:

- she had potential to be a good character but we don’t see her grow really

- sasuke brings out the worst in her

- and she was a shitty friend to ino

Thanks for the ask 💋
You are truly amazing

“Hi, can you do an archie x reader please. My name is Reece, i am 5'4, African american and have medium length brown hair with the tips dyed auburn. Can the plot be along where Cheryl tries to kill herself but instead of archie saving her, the reader does and this makes archie realize how much she does for everyone and then later confesses his love. Thanks” - Anon

Warnings- mentions of suicide. And spoilers

Word count-1329

I didn’t know if you wanted to use your name in the imagine, so I’ve decided to still use your name. Thanks for the request.

You were running to Sweetwater Lake , trying to find Cheryl before she does something she will regret. It was in the middle of winter everywhere was covered in snow, all forms of liquid was now turned to ice. You’re breath was visible.

She’s not here.” Archie said, panting due to the cold weather tightening the chest of everyone. You were in a thin jumper, and tight jeans, the only plus side in what you were wearing was the big boots.

Wait there she is” Betty said panic engulfed her words, she clutched onto Jugheads arm.

You all started shouting, trying to get Cheryls attention, it killed you to see this, she was trying to break the ice, but you were all aware that if you were to all run onto the ice in the same place everyone would go under.

You quite liked Cheryl, which was an unpopular opinion,  but you saw the psychological torture that not only did her parents put on her, but the fact she’s lost her twin brother. People started to look at her differently, she was no longer a Blossom twin, she was now the sister of the murdered Blossom twin. And this loss was created by her own father, who now refused to live up to the consequences and killed himself, but this cowardly act provided no closure and that is what most likely caused her to do this. However she was a nice girl once you were able to break through her barriers.

Cheryl!” She slowly turned around

“Cheryl, don’t do this, we can help you all of us can. We’re all here for you please just slowly come away from the hole and come to the shore.” She smiled at you, her face clearly showing that she isn’t coping. Just as you thought she would start to move forward, she went under.


You took off running, your brown and auburn hair flowing behind you, you simply ignore the calls behind you.

Reece! What are you doing?”

Once you found the hold you couldn’t see her, you dropped to your knees desperately moving the snow trying to get a clear view. The others were fast approaching.

“Move the snow, try to see her under the ice! Go on do it!” You yelled over your shoulder.

You caught glimpse of her red hair, and that’s when the adrenaline kicked into high gear.

“She’s here!” They all stopped and crowded around you.

That’s when you started to punch the ice, after the first couple of punches, blood started to appear on the ice. Your face grimaced in pain, but you had to carry one. You kept punching, eventually using both hands at once to get the desired pressure and force. Everyone couldn’t believe what you were doing. Cries of worry were heard.

Help!” Betty yelled trying desperately to get someone to come over,

Reece oh my god.”

“Come on” You said through gritted teeth, knowing that any second it will break.

Once it broke you hands went immediately into the below freezing water, your hands initially burned due to the temperature difference, but soon enough the water numbed the pain that engulfed your body. You grabbed onto Cheryls arm, struggling slightly to pull her out, Archie knelt down and helped you to pull her out, you placed her body on the snow covered lake. Checking for her breathing, once you couldn’t find it, that’s when you started compressions, trying so hard to allow her to cling on to that one bit of life. What felt like eternity, she finally coughed up water, you turned her on her side to prevent her from choking. Archie picked her up all of you moving as fast as possible to be away from this lake that has claimed to many lives this year.

It was important that you and Cheryl got warm otherwise your body might go into shock. You were soaking from having Cheryl being pulled out into your chest.

You all had gone back to Veronica’s, explaining that her Mom wouldn’t mind you guys being there especially under the circumstances. Cheryl had woken up and hasn’t uttered any words she just gave you a small nod and a sympathetic smile, you smiled back understanding what she meant.

You got up to go to the bathroom, Veronica explained to you that there was a first aid kit under the sink. You were pretty sure that you had broken some bones in your hand, but that could wait instead you were just wanted to get all this blood off and be able to see the real damage.

You walked inside just gently pushing the door ajar. You crouched down, opening the cabinets until you found it. You pushed up the sleeves of the long sleve that Veronica lent you. You opened the bottle of disinfectant, pouring some onto a cotton wool pad. Hissing at the sudden pain and sting that it gave you, when you were going to do it again, you heard a faint knock on the door.

Yeah? You can come in”

“Hey Reece.”

You smiled, “Hi Archie.”

Here let me do that,” he said moving closer to you taking the cotton pad out of you hand , you muttered a thanks before letting him continue in what he was about to say.

What you did back there, was incredible.”

“It’s just what anyone would do no big deal.” You said shaking your head slightly, trying to dismiss this new found status that has been made of you.

But they wouldn’t though Reece, you ran ahead straight away, that shows who you are,” he took a pause from dabbing at your skin and looked at you in the eyes, “you are an incredible person Reece, seriously. You are constantly helping others not caring if you get hurt in the process, evidently” you chuckled at this remark, it was just the way that you had been brought up, nothing serious about it.

”And that is one of the many reasons why I love you Reece,” again he took a pause and slowly looked up at you, your eyes are widened looking directly in his.

What?” You asked still unsure if that was really happening or if it was a delayed shock.

“I’m serious Reece and I guess it took me today to see you save someone else’s life, even though you messed up your own hand in the process, shows that you are willing to do anything and I love that about you, I love the way that I’m about a foot taller than you, I love the fact that you are proud of your heritage, i love that fact that when you’re confused you rub your hands over your eyes. I jst love you and I understand if you don’t feel the same way, like i would totally understand.”

His eyes never left yours, you didn’t know how to respond, no one has ever told you anything like this before. The tension in the air was thick. You always had a thing for Archie but never acted on it, only suppressed it. But this was a new thing.

“Archie, that was incredibly sweet..”

“But you don’t like me, that’s fine Reece”He interjected

You didn’t let me finish, no one has ever told me anything like that before, no one. And if I were to stand here and say to you that I’ve never thought of the idea of being with you, then I would be lying.”

You smiled at him , his grip on your hand tightened, smiling and laughing slightly under his breath.

You both looked at each other and slowly you both closed the gap, the kiss was slow and loving.

When you pulled apart you smiled looking down, bushing at this moment,

“Now let’s finish sorting your hand out, it looks pretty damaged.” He said chuckling at the state you got you hand into. He gently lifted it up and kissed it softly.

So there you have it, sorry that it wasn’t the best. And thank you once again for sending a request in! Remember they’re open so don’t be afraid to send them. Thank you!

Loving him was red

Title: Loving him was red.
Author: Naty.
Rating: PG-13.
Fandom: Young Justice.
Category: DC Marriage Week: proposal.Fix-it. Spitfire. 
Genre: Angst. Romance.
Words: 1971.
Summary: Artemis has a good, logical plan to get over the events of Endgame. Except life doesn’t always work out the way you expect.

Read it on AO3. Don’t forget to kudo/bookmark/comment if you feel like it! :)

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Back To The Future ; Barry Allen // Part 2


Originally posted by kucistov

(y/h/c) is your hair color

and this entire thing might not even make any sense probably because i really suck at writing and i dont know much about the body system haha pls dont hate me thx

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Sweet dreams

Title: Sweet dreams

Request:  Ooooo I see request are open so I would like a really fluffy and detailly smut demon!deanxreader something along the lines of her being shy and insecure about herself and he love that and tries to show her how great and beautiful she is both out in the world and in the bedroom thanks xoxo -jewels

Pairing: demon!Dean x Reader

Word count: 1434

Warnings: smut, duh. i can’t say much because then i’ll spoil but please don’t read if you’re sensitive to death and that sort of thing.

A/N: We’re back! Hope this satisfies you, anon. 

leave feedback, here. 

It was awful. Seeing Dean die was agonizing. You were so close to saving him. Maybe if you and Sam had gotten there in time, maybe Dean wouldn’t have become a demon. Maybe he’d still be plain old pretty green eyed Dean.

Weeks had passed and both you and Sam had been trying to turn him back, but Dean didn’t want that. Of course he didn’t. He was stronger, faster, and careless. He didn’t want to be human again, because in his words, humans are weak.

“I think I’ve got a case.” You mumbled shyly, interrupting the two men in the kitchen who were seconds ago, fighting. 

Despite Dean being a demon. He stuck around. Helping you and Sam on cases and you were oblivious to the fact that he stayed because of you. Sam knew, and he wasn’t happy about that, not even a little.

“Great. I need to get out of here.” Dean beamed as he watched you intently. “Whatcha got, sugar?” 

You took a deep breath when you felt Dean’s hand on your waist, pulling you to him. Your nerves started to kick in as you held the newspaper tighter to your chest and Dean smirked at the action.

You shook a little as you looked at the newspaper, trying to find the news that looked a little odd to you. Once you found it, you turned the pages in your hands so that they were now facing Dean, who was still holding your waist tightly in his grip. 

Dean smirked as he eyed the pages. “Arizona, blah blah blah, two bodies found, blah blah blah, missing hearts.” Dean read out loud. “Werewolf.” He stated. 

You nodded as you got him to let go of you. Then, you turned to Sam. “If we leave now, maybe we can make it by sun down.” You said, hopeful. 

Sam sighed. “There’s already another hunter on it.” 

“Oh,” Your whole demeanor faltered. “Alright. We don’t have any other hunts then?” You asked. 

Sam shook his head. “I’ve got to meet up with Cas in a few.” 

“What for?” Dean asked. 

“Stuff.” Sam responded without looking at him. 

The younger Winchester gave you a hug and kissed your forehead before heading for his coat. Then, he walked out the door. Leaving you and Dean, alone.

“Since we got this whole place to ourselves, I think we should take advantage of it, shall we?” He asked, a smirk on his lips.

You blushed. You felt your neck and cheeks get hot, and Dean found that beautiful. He didn’t know why, but he was feeling something. Something demons shouldn’t feel. He had the urge to kill twenty-four seven but yet he cared for you, and that wasn’t normal in his nature.

You turned on your heal. Heading for the garage. Dean made you nervous and to be completely honest, he scared you a little. He was flirty all the damn time and you’re a shy, insecure and anxious mess when he is.

You grabbed a few tools before heading towards the impala that was in the bunkers garage. You had a few minutes in peace as you worked in silence, concentrating on what you were doing before Dean decided to sneak up behind you, causing you to drop your wrench.

“Oh my God.” You said quickly as you held your hand to your chest, breathing heavily.

Dean pushed his lower body against your back, pressing you against the impala’s hood. A shaky breath left your mouth as your anxiety started to kick in.

“Nope, just me.” Dean said, his breath fanning the back of your neck.

You shuddered. Dean smirked against your skin before leaving a small kiss where your neck met your shoulder. You moaned slightly causing him to tighten his grip on your hips.

“I want you, Y/N. Let me have you.” He said almost in a whisper. 

You nodded unconsciously as he kept nipping at your neck. He turned you around so you were now facing him before reconnecting his lips to your neck. His hands slowly lifted your shirt just above your bellybutton before he started caressing your hips with his fingers.

Small moans kept leaving your mouth as he left wet kisses along your jawline and collarbones. He groaned a few times as he rubbed himself on your leg, the pleasure increasing as he went.

And before you knew it, Dean had you in the impala’s back seat in just your underwear. He kissed, sucked and caressed you. You felt yourself soaking wet and you were almost sure Dean felt you were too.

He trailed soft kissed from your neck, to between your breast and your stomach until he made it to your center. He kissed you there, with your panties still in the way and you moaned, grabbing his hair. “Dean..” You whispered.

“I know.” He responded softly. 

When he was about to remove your panties. Reality washed over you. You remembered all your insecurities, how afraid Dean made you, the fact that he was a demon, yet here you were, letting him take you. With a small whimper, you sat up right, your back hitting Baby’s door. 

Dean looked at you questionably, before his face softened. You groaned, letting your face fall into your hands, a soft sigh coming from you.

“Y/N?” Dean asked.

“God, I’m so sorry. I’m so stupid.” You said.

“You’re not.” Dean sat up right, resting his back on the seat. 

You sighed again.

“It’s alright, Y/N.” 

“No, it’s not.” You raised your head, your eyes meeting his. “It’s not alright. You’re a demon, Dean.” 

“So?” Dean asked, a little offended. 

“I’m just..” You groaned. “I’m not good enough. I’m weak, and I’m not even attractive.”

Dean furrowed his eyebrows. “Stop.” 

“It’s true. You wouldn’t have even looked at me or have flirted with me before you were a demon. You’re doing all of this just so you can take me to bed and brag about how you had little shy and insecure Y/N between your sheets.” 

“I never said that.” 

“You don’t have too!” You raised your voice.

Dean sighed. “I’m doing this because I have the balls now that I didn’t have when I was human, Y/N. I have the balls to actually act on what I feel.”

You shook your head, not wanting to believe him.

He came closer to you before he started pulling your panties down, and surprisingly, you let him. He trailed kisses down your leg as he pulled them down. Once they were out of the way, he pulled you onto his lap, kissing your lips.

“You’re amazing.” He whispered as he gave a small kiss to your collarbone. “You’re so fucking cute when you blush.” As the words left his mouth, you blushed, causing him to laugh slightly. “You actually made a demon feel something other than hatred and lust, and if you ask me, that’s fucking outstanding.” 

You rested your forehead on his shoulder as his words washed over you. You felt happy for the first time since he became what he is now and it felt great.

“Y/N, please, let me have you.” And you nodded.

He pushed himself into you and he began to thrust his hips. He went slow as you accustomed to his size. You moved your hips in circles as your rode him, making him moan.

Whispers, moans, groans and skin hitting skin was soon being heard from the impala. Your nails scratched his back as the pleasure increased. Dean bit your shoulder and tighten his grip on your waist as he began speeding up the pase. 

“Beautiful.” Dean murmured against your lips and you beamed with happiness. 

“Please, Dean.” Your hips began to meet his as you felt yourself almost reach your peak. 

Your head fell back as Dean gripped your ass making you move in sync. He whispered profanities as his green eyes turned pitch black, a surprised gasp came from you. Yet you didn’t stop. You were so close.

Another thrust and you felt yourself cumming on him. He groaned as he watched you ride your orgasm out, and soon, you felt him release inside of you. His black eyes watched you intensely and you felt yourself shudder.

They were no longer warm and soft. They were intense and filled with malice. This was the new Dean. He was no longer the sweet, sarcastic hunter you knew. He was a demon, he was cold hearted and you failed to recognize that before it was too late.

He smirked wickedly, his black eyes shinning. “Sweet dreams, Y/N.” 

He grabbed your chin before twisting it, breaking your neck. In an instant, your eyes were lifeless and your body fell against his and all he did was sit there, smirking to himself.

anonymous asked:

Why do you like Lydia?


  1. She has some of the best character development I have ever seen. All of these different characters brought out this incredible person in her, but this person– who we couldn’t see in the beginning– has been inside of Lydia all along. She has been all of this… just, throughout her life. There is so much to her. 
  2. She has an IQ higher than 170 and she doesn’t apologize for that anymore. It’s badass as fuck. 
  3. Not only is Lydia smart, she uses those smarts to be what she wants to be and do what she wants to do. At the beginning of the series, she had built herself up into this creation that she wanted to be. She had the power to do what she thought would make her happy, even if it meant playing a part. I think that’s fascinating. 
  4. She’s stylish af. Like, not only is she extremely intelligent and socially conscious, she’s also hella good at girly stuff. I think that’s fascinating because usually characters aren’t allowed to be so many different archetypes all at once. But Lydia? She’s everything
  5. Also she’s hella sexually confident but never apologizes for it, or for enjoying sex. Lydia’s relationship with sex is actually one of the most fascinating things about her, because she’s able to part it from emotions so easily.  
  6. I love how unapologetically sassy she is. 
  7. SHE HAS WITHSTOOD SO MUCH TRAUMA AND SHE IS STILL SO STRONG. Lydia has been through more than anybody else on the show except maybe Scott, and nobody acknowledges her trauma or allows her to feel it. 
  8. She has like zero patience and I kinda love it. Because same. 
  9. Going off of patience, the sass? She is the sass queen. It’s incredible.
  10. This girl who was originally superficial af 
  11. She has such a distinct voice. I love it. 
  12. Even when she’s been torn down, she’s still very confident and very herself. 
  13. She’s the loneliest character on the show, and in that, she’s very relatable. 
  14. The banshee powers throw off Lydia’s whole life and she never complains once. She finds out about these powers and instead of hiding or resisting, she teams up with Scott and tries to figure out how to SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES. 
  15. Comes out with kILLER LINES such as “I survived. I don’t need to hide that” after she gets strangled and almost died. Would season one Lydia do that? NO. But that’s because time and circumstance allowed herself to grow and Lydia allowed herself to accept that. 
  16. Lydia has mad intimacy issues which makes me love her so much more. She’s so afraid of really being in love, so she hides behind sex and flirting. IT’S OKAY BB. SOMEONE WILL LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. I KNOW I DO. 
  17. All of the suffering, pain, anguish, etc? It just made her kind. At this point in the series, Lydia is one of the kindest characters. She frequently checks on people and makes sure they’re okay. She cries when her powers aren’t good enough to help or save people. 
  18. ALSO when the pack comes to get Lydia in eichen, she tries to stop them multiple times. She would rather die in Eichen than have the pack die because they were trying to save her. This is comparable to when the nogitsune kidnapped her in s3 and she didn’t want them to come find them. (you guys Lydia cares so much I’m getting emotional.) 
  19. Lydia is allowed to be scared so often, which I think is awesome. There’s this one scene where Scott’s like “are you okay?” and Allison’s like “I’m fine” because she’s #stronggirl and Lydia’s like “WELL I’M NOT” and I’m like “you know what? same.” 
  20. Her hair is awesome
i can’t help but love you (even though i try not to)

summary:  Marinette doesn’t know how she starts hooking up with Chat Noir.

this is a birthday present to the light of my life, @manichinodoesntcare

there is a lot more angst than intended and also they are a little older in this because i don’t believe in 13/14 year olds making out hardcore

ao3 or ffnet 

Marinette doesn’t know how she starts hooking up with Chat Noir.

It’s somewhere in between his saving her life from the Gamer and the late night talks on her balcony. Nevertheless, they become makeout buddies. And that’s it, she tries to convince herself. But somewhere in there she recognizes real feelings she has for him, and that terrifies her. She knows her racing pulse doesn’t mean nothing, the feeling of Chat’s mouth moving gently against hers like liquid magic (it’s kind of what she’s always imagined Adrien’s lips feeling like, tasting like). His lips were always both soft and rough and when he kissed her slow and languid and mellow, the fire that burned through her was anything but tender.

But she told herself she wouldn’t let her feelings get the best of her. And they haven’t, even if she does sometimes crave his kisses in the middle of the day or daydreams about holding his hand in public and hugging him whenever she wants without it seeming weird. She’s fine.

Which is why she’s surprised to feel jealous when he says he’s going on a date that night.  

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I can’t (Isaac/Heartbroken Part 2)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character(s): Allison x Isaac x Reader

WordCount: 1230

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: none really

Summary: This is Part 2 of Heartbroken.

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4

I wake up at 11 am. It’s a Saturday so I don’t have to go to school which is probably a good thing considering what happened the day before. I take a long shower and remove all of the MakeUp that’s still on my face. I try my hardest to forget everything that happened, but everytime I close my eyes I see Isaac’s face. It is horrible. Well… not his face, but you get my point.

After putting on fresh clothes and doing my MakeUp I go downstairs to find lunch already finished on the kitchen table. My mom sits there with the newspaper in her hands, reading it. I approach her while mumbling a sleepy ‘Good Morning’. She looks up to look at me and sends me a small smile. “Good morning, honey. Your dad had to work today. I waited for you so we can have lunch together.” She pauses for a second to put down the newspaper and sighs before continuing. “And to talk about what happened yesterday.” I knew this was coming.

I sit down opposite her. “You know you can tell me everything.” She says with a comforting smile while placing a plate full of food in front of me. “OK, so…”

I told her the whole story. From skipping school to finding Isaac and Allison to coming home soaked from the rain. Every little detail. My mum was so understanding and comforting. I really needed this. She said she was sorry for me and sad that Isaac did this to me. She liked him but she never thought he was capable of doing such a thing. Neither did I.

After I finish lunch I go upstairs to my room and check my phone. 1 Message. From Scott. I sigh. Maybe Isaac really didn’t care after all.

Scott 13:24 –Pack Meeting at Derek’s at 3pm. Hope you’re coming…. I can understand if you don’t want to be there…. :)”

Great. So Scott knows already? I wonder how many people already know this. I should probably go there. Sitting at home, alone with my thoughts won’t help.

Now, a few hours later, I am standing in front of Derek’s apartment and I’m about to knock, when the door suddenly swings open, revealing a smirking Peter. He stands right in front of me while looking me up and down. I get a little confused and cough nervously.

“Is everything alright?” I ask him. He looks me in the face again, still with a smirk on his own. “Of course, love. Everything’s fine. Come in.” He takes a step aside to let me in, but I still have to squeeze myself through. What was wrong with him today? Yeah you’re right. It’s Peter.

As I enter the room all eyes are on me. The first person I see is, of course, Isaac with Allison close next to him. She moves a little away from him as she sees me but quickly looks to the ground. Oh God I hate this already. She is… well was my best friend. Or is she still?

“Alright! Shall we start?” Scott breaks the awkward silence and mine and Isaac’s eye contact, for what I’m really glad.

For the whole time I’ve been here, all I’ve been doing was sit in a corner and listen closely. Or maybe I’ve been staring at Isaac this whole time. Who knows?

My phone rings so I decide to leave the apartment to pick it up. As I take one step out, a strong hand grabs my arm. I scream and quickly turn around to see who it is. “Jeez, Isaac. You scared me.” I say annoyed. “I’m really sorry Y/N.” “It’s fine.” “No that’s not what I meant. I’m sorry for… the thing with Allison. It was a huge mistake and I…”

“Did it feel like a mistake?” I interrupt him and probably took him by surprise as well because he took a little too long to respond.

“It… yes?” he answers me but it sounds more like a question. I roll my eyes at him, slowly getting annoyed at his behaviour.

“Listen Isaac. You really don’t have to lie to me. But why did you have to cheat on me? Couldn’t you just have broken up with me. It would have been a lot easier, less painful and even less embarrassing. Did you see how everyone looked at me in there.” I can feel the tears building up in my eyes but I fight them. “I can totally understand if you’ve fallen in love with her. I mean who wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous, funny, smart and she can protect herself. She’s strong, she is everything, I am not.” He tries to interrupt me, but I just keep talking. “I just hoped that maybe… just maybe I would be enough for someone this time, but I guess I was wrong.”

By now the tears are already streaming down my face. Isaac looks at me with so much guilt in his eyes. As he wraps his arms around me, I almost forget how much pain he caused me. I feel save in his arms, even now. But I can’t give in now. I try to struggle out of his grip but he is to strong and to be honest, I liked this. And I also liked this Isaac. The sweet and caring one. The one I fell in love with and am still in love. The only thing that changed? He decided not to love me anymore. And it hurt. It hurt so damn much.

“I am so sorry that you think like that, but everything you just said is so far from the truth. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on. You are one of the kindest, if not the kindest person I have ever met. And I’m such an idiot for making you, the girl I love, the most amazing girl, doubt herself so much that she thinks she is not worth being loved. But that is not true. You are worth so much more. And I know I messed up and that you deserve someone much better than me.” He pauses to let me go of the hug. His warm fingers wipe away my tears as he looks me deep into my eyes. “But I still want to ask, if maybe you could give me one last chance? I love you, Y/N. So much. I don’t want to end it like this.”

At first I don’t know what to say. Do I want to forgive him? Yes, so badly. Can I actually do that? After he cheated on me, hurt me? Can I still trust him? What if he does it again?

“You had your last chance when you took Allison to your room, saw the picture of me and you on your bedside table but still decided to do the wrong thing…. I’m sorry Isaac, but I can’t do that, even if I want to forget all of this, I couldn’t.” I tell him truthfully. I turn around and start walking off. But before actually leaving I turn around one last time.

“Isaac.” He looks up hopefully. And I could swear I saw tears in his eyes. “Thank you.” With those last words I finally turn around and start walking home, leaving a sad and disappointed Isaac behind.

So this is Part 2 of Heartbroken. Hope you liked it. I’m planning on doing more Parts to this one. Let me know if you want more. xx

  • Emma to Killian: -Saves his life over and over
  • -Shares her past
  • -Risks her life for him
  • -Supports him, even when everyone else doesn't
  • -Kisses
  • -Hugs
  • -Flirts
  • -Undresses him with her eyes
  • -Says "i love you"
  • -Admits her mistakes
  • -Asks him out
  • -Tells him how important he is to her
  • -Defends him to her family
  • Regina to Emma: -Tries to end her life over and over
  • -Destroys her future
  • -Thinks of herself as the victim
  • -Insults and degrades her
  • -Threatens
  • -Harms
  • -Tries to kill her whole family
  • -Brainwashes her son
  • -Kills a man she loved
  • -Admits how much she hates her
Congrats Naruto and NS Fandom, For Paying Attention

You know what? and I’m not saying this as a biased NS shipper, I’m saying this as a Naruto fan. I’m proud of not only the NS fandom, but some of the Naruto fandom as a whole for reacting so negatively to this ending…and it’s because it shows that some of you were actually paying attention to the manga, unlike 2 big biased fandoms out there that are always trying to slander the other fandom for their bullshit, obviously-an-asspull-for-more-money, pairings :)

Choji and Karui? Come on now…when has these two ever even communicated in the manga?

Sai and Inos child is actually supposed to look that bad?? Do you guys not see Sai and Ino? Why would Ino even allowher child to look that bad.

Temari looks 40 :(

What will Sakura tell her daughter,…that..btw..looks like Karin, about how she and Sasuke met and fell in love?

Oh! when we met he called me annoying and ignored me for like a year. I knew he was the one when he was trying to kill me all those times..and your father has such a way of words, making me feel so useless and worthless…but then..that’s how I knew he loved me" -_- you frigging kidding me?

pause..Sakura became a superb medical ninja and great shinobi…only to be a house wife to the guy that didn’t even love her this entire manga? What type of OOC shit..

Salad Uchiha? really? wtf?

And what will Naruto tell his kids?

It all started when your mother tried to save me and nearly got herself killed..she even confessed to me but..I totally ignored that and was still completely in love with Sakura-chan, who I’d been in love with for practically all my life and reminds me of my mom, oh and she even supported my dreams too! I really loved that girl.. until I realized she for some reason kept loving Sasuke..so…I settled for your mother instead…don’t tell your mother that last part ok??“ Bravo -_-

And what kind of a name is Boruto?? tf?

What a great ending kishimoto that shows what a great writer you are literally great *slow awkward applause*.