i love how she plays with his hands idk

Something quite amazing I witnessed today

*2 men kissing on a park bench*

“Urgh that is so wrong” one man points face full of disgust as he holds a little girl no more than six’s hand.

“But doesn’t that mean they love each other?” The little girl asked her father.

“No honey you don’t understand”

“I think I do, two people kiss like that when they’re in love right?”

“Right…” He said about to go on, but before he could he was stopped.

“So, how can that be wrong?” She smiled.

The man literally froze then told his daughter to go play on the swings.

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(For how would a writer describe you) She is soft and light. I look over and see her playing with a kitten. I laugh when the cat snags his claws on her pale pink hoodie. She runs her hands through her short hair and laughs back, oozing sunshine.

For I am always with a kitten.

My hoodie is grey and I have long hair, but other than that, it’s pretty accurate! I always laugh at unfortunate scenarios, like a kitten scratching my jacket! Do I ooze sunshine? Idk, maybe.

Love it!! <3 <3 <3

You know what’s actually so nice and cool and doesn’t get talked about enough:

Killian Jones is disabled - the guy only has one hand. But, instead of it being a disadvantage, he uses it as a HUGE advantage. It’s his trademark, his signature, an integral part of him - and a lot of people fear what it represents. He’s never been looked down on, he’s never been pitied, no one has ever looked at him and said, maybe you should stay back… You know… Cause of the hand.

And how great that the woman he loves, Emma Swan, finds so much comfort in that hook. That when she was weak and tired in Camelot, she held onto it for dear life. That when Hades was torturing him, the villain used it as a way to play mind games with Emma, knowing how much it meant to her. That it pictures from 4x12, Emma is holding onto the hook just like she would hold onto his hand. Emma doesn’t see it as a shortcoming, she sees it as an extension of Killian, and loves it like she loves him.

I guess I just love how much of a non-factor the hook is. People don’t give it any extra attention (except when Killian uses it to hurt others) and don’t treat him differently because he’s extra special.

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How do you feel about deputy Parrish and Lydia?

I mean I mentioned before that id be totally here for it if it happened but honestly I can’t really see it ??? If that makes sense. I’d be really interested in how the chemistry between them would develop though and if Jeff Davis did a good job with it I think it could be a totally kick ass ship
I could imagine it being one of those where they obviously have feelings for each other but no one has put a label on it

  • Like imagine Parrish being protective over Lydia and scaring those boys who treat her like she’s just a trophy to be won or as if she was just a piece of meat 
  • Or someone breaking into the Martin house and Parrish would be on guard for a while and Lydia would just invite him in and make him watch the notebook because she was “scared”
  • Or Lydia and Parrish spending a lot of time together trying to solve a case and it gets to the point where they end up just hanging out, eating take out even when everything’s fine because they like having the other by their side 
  • Or the pack had gotten themselves into some serious trouble and papa stilinski is panicking and tells Parrish “it’s the guys” before rushing out, Parrish joining him. The whole ride his knee is bouncing up and down and his hands are sweaty. Papa stilinski tries to comfort him even though he’s worried himself by saying  “They’ll be alright okay. She’ll be alright” Because he knows by the way they’re always eating lunch together, by the way Parrish is always concerned whenever he sees Scott walk into the station looking for help, by the way Lydia relaxed near him even the most stressful situations, the way they seem to be eachother’s anchors. …………………………………………………………………………………When they finally find them it’s in the middle of the woods and it’s gotten dark out. They both rush out of the car in a super human speed running towards the pack. Scott is reassuring Papa Stilinski that his wound will heal and stiles is alright while Parrish is looking around in all directions like a mad man trying to find Lydia. And then he sees her coming up a small hill trying to carry Malia who seems injured and Papa Stilinski quickly rushes over and takes Malia from her arms carrying her to the car. Parrish rushes over as well looking all over Lydia’s arm and legs trying to determine if that’s her blood or not “I’m fine” she reassures him, her hand reaching up playing with his hair looking into his eyes and that’s when he realizes how close they are and how in love he is with Lydia Martin and he just whispers “fuck it” and pulls her in closer crashing their lips together

And wow I swear I didn’t mean to make it that long I just got so carried away with things ask Liv (femaleglader)
Idk I hope I answered your question