i love how sakura looks


Did I save these gifs or did these gifs save me?

I’m sorry no I’m not but bro

can we just take the time to acknowledge Sasuke’s face when Nardo gets hurt!?



In a surprising plot twist Syaoran has located Kingdom Hearts. 

It was in a library all along. 


Okay. Many of us wrote about new Naruto episode (484), and did really great job! But I’m want add one little thing.

At first, lets look at Hinata and notice her look type. She has a round, wide face, not narrow chin. Outer corners of her eyes are pretty lowered.

But now she is magically changed into absolutely different person. And guess like who she looks like now? 

Right, she looks more like Sasuke. Her eyes are narrow, skin is paler, hair is darker, and her face is thin and long. Even their facial expression are looks similar now….

What is it? I know, puberty changes a lot in people, but it can’t change your eye form and face shape. 

Why??? Like its not enough for them to steal a moments, colors and techniques from NaruSasu to NaruHina sake, they also want to steal Sasuke`s look for Hinata to make her more opposite of Naruto (and opposites, as you know, complement each other.) 

What is next, Hinata will awake her sharingan? Ugh.


let the flames of your passion grow.


the last weeks have been really bad for my mental health so i haven’t drawn much…  but i’ve started reading tsubasa again and i’m having the time of my life, thanks clamp…

i was trying to learn how to draw the Family so i did a few sketches and here we are :^)

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can i get some flustered sasori seeing sakura-chan in a cute outfit.. maybe deidara too? thank you ^^ love your blog soooo much!!!!!!!!!

going on their first ‘official’ date after school and Deidara’s the third wheel because they’re both awkward as hell. and sakura definitely didn’t make ino help her pick out an outfit no way

thanks so much anon!! you’re so nice! c:


So the Heaven’s Feel manga finally adapted this scene, which, contrary to what some may think, was actually in the VN! However the VN was still trying to preserve the plot twist of Sakura being involved with magical affairs, so the identity of who zouken was speaking to was obscured at first. I really like how the manga has completely given up on trying to preserve that twist (bc really fate zero and the 10+ years since the original VN have pretty much given it away to all but the newest of viewers) and are giving us tons of sakura’s point of view in place of that.

I really love how the manga has given zouken this new look, its fantastic. Look at this huge wet mass of disgusting worm flesh! It’s disgusting, its horrifying, it provokes an instinctual reaction of KILL IT WITH FIRE. It really emphasizes zouken’s inhumanity. At one point Kotomine compares him to a vampire, and in this form you can really see that, especially how in the darkness he’s a huge dark mass looming over whoever he’s speaking to, with only his glowing eyes visible in the dark. You really get the sense of this being a monster out of a horror film.

Whats great about this gross look is that it not only ups zouken’s villain presence quite a bit imo, but it really shows us what kind of hell Sakura has been enduring the last 11 years, living under the control of this creature. Her abuser is literally a monster! Which makes the courage she shows disobeying him all the more impressive. She knows better then anyone what kind of punishment she’d get for defying him, but she does it anyway, even as she trembles and clutches her shaking hands. Sakura is so strong you guys.

if ufotable doesn’t use this look for zouken in the movies, or at least for this scene, im gonna be disappointed tbh.


“No matter how much magic you have, hearts are hard to predict”

Another epic episode...

At the very start of the episode, we see Husbando and Waifu, and Obito.

And SasuSaku talking :3


And i love how Obito remembered Rin when he looked at Sakura <3

They resemble Sasuke and Sakura somehow…

And they come back to Naruto and Kakashi.

Unfortunately, we lost Obito in this episode.. :(

Rin comes to him, and he gets stabbed..

We will always love you, Obito <3