i love how peter counts in the second one

Flames (Peter Parker x Female Reader)

Request: Hey honey! How are you? Can I have an imagine that you are the youngest avenger and in love with your friend peter parker? when he figures it out he distants himself cuz he likes liz. but with new scholarship program jean (your bff) and pietro (your ex) comes to the tower and something blossoms again between pietro and you so Peter becomes jealous and finally realizes his feelings? I would really like to read that so pls?? <3 Love you!

Word Count: 1,796

A/N: decided to try out Peter’s POV for this one and honestly I kinda loved it ngl. Hope you enjoy!! -Claire xx

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“Oh, god, Y/N, how many times can I embarrass myself in front of her?” I run a frustrated hand through my hair.

Y/N sighed, rolling her eyes. “Calm down, Peter. You knocked over a book.”
“I knocked over her book!”

“And then you picked it up, like a gentleman, and said sorry-”

“I stuttered, like an idiot, for fifteen minutes.”
“It was thirty seconds. I was there.”

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“If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared it’ll cause problems. You say it, you say it loud.” Part Two

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Written by Christina and Danielle 

Category: Angsty with a bit fluff

Word Count: 2160

A/N: Y’all are cray cray. You wanted a part two to “If You Love Someone, You Tell Them.” Here it is! Danielle and I both worked on it, so hopefully this satisfies your desires for a second part. Also, thank you for 100 followers!!! We love you all! :) 

Part One is here 

After a couple hours of studying, you realized that you and Peter had gradually moved closer to each other and were now sitting right next to each other. Now that you two finished studying, you were aware of how close you were to Peter. You are the first to break the awkward silence, “So….”

“So…” Peter says back to you. You rack up the courage to look at him and notice something is different.

“You put on your glasses,” you say more as a statement rather than a question. Peter rarely wore his glasses anymore. When he did wear them, it was when he was focused on schoolwork.

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