i love how opposite they are ;u;

How Libra Sees the other Signs
  • Aries - Complete opposite, hot af plz fuck me hard on the dinner table
  • Taurus - Pretty creative, likes to chill
  • Gemini - Fun af, my bby
  • Cancer - Can we not
  • Leo - Hell yeah bff
  • Virgo - Very critical and cynical, loosen the fuck up
  • Libra - i love you beautiful stranger
  • Scorpio - interesting and creative convos about life but clingy af
  • Sagittarius - the fuckING PARTY BUDDY
  • Capricorn - too pessimistic
  • Aquarius - fucking bae
  • Pisces - u a little pixie but fuck listen to me
BTS Reaction | When you’re cold around strangers but excited with friends

hey kt!! can u a bts reaction to their crush being smart and a lil distant and cold around strangers but when they see her with her best friends, she’s goofy and playful?

yasss boo here ya go~ probs not as good as Admin Hedgehog’s buuuut I like it so~ XD -KT

Namjoonand Yoongi: Would be intrigued. Like, you’re completely opposite and he loves it yet is also confused? bUT THIS IS A TURN ON LIKE YAS

J-hope, Jimin and Taehyung: The Sunshine Line would be so confused like, you’re so different?!?! ARE YOU THE SAME PERSON WAIT WHAT HOL’ UP U’VE CONFUZZLED ME MY MALE BRAIN CANT KEEP UP W A I T—-

Jin: Would be so hesitant to approach you and confess when the time is right like what if you shoot him down?! WHAT IF U DO IT SO MERCILESSLY OH FLUFF. But then he remembers how chill you are around your friends and suddenly he’s just like tIME TO BE BEST FRIENDS

Jungkook: Would probs laugh like “that’s my (future) girl” and would relate so much like sTRANGERS ARE SCARY YO BUT AROUND FRIENDS? PFFT.

the reason i’m so incredibly fired up right now is that i see young queer people here doubting, i see them hurting. 

i am someone who isn’t the definition of “young” on this website. i’m almost 20 - not old at all, i know, but i see 14 year olds on here and i know just how very young i was back then.

and when i think of myself at that age i remember how i was just discovering my identity and i was just getting into sherlock, and the latter may have saved me in hindsight, because i wouldn’t be the proud, self-loving person i am now if it wasn’t for this fandom. 

because while i was going through all that, here were people who believed that this show was gonna lead up to something incredible, for people like me.

and now i see people just as young as i was back then, except they’re going through the opposite, they doubt and expect hurt. 

L G B T  Y O U T H   D E S E R V E  B E T T E R.

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R. - still trying to wrap it around my head how you can leave without even letting me know or saying goodbye. Fuck u for making me over think everything I said that last night, fuck u for leading me on knowing you were going to leave. thanks for reading my simple one word message and never answering it but you're trying to spread kindness and love online when you're the complete opposite..


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FAME: i'm curious. Do u think the haters in here realise they are contributing to ur popularity with evey single comment they make because the more they put you down the more loyal your supporters become and the more people you attract to your online and live performance. They think they are undermining you but it's the exact opposite. Bonus to you DR. We love ya!!!

That video that vegan gains did about me, almost 450k views!!

I had this surge of book sales for literally 3 months after that. People who wanted weight loss saw how flexible my diet advice was and how rigid Vegan Gains is but how much leaner in the face I am compared to him and I guess something just clicked for those people who could spot the sprite induced spite Richard was spewing haha.

Haters make you famous man. If only people really understood that.

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hello!!💟im sorry to be always flooding your inbox😥😥i just HOPE U KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE U AND ALL THE WORK U DO FOR US!!!!!!!! i always worry that u r stressing urself out by making us all these amazing texts that u work so hard on and THEN being so kind and generous 24/7!!! 😭we dont deserve u ily pls take good care of urself💟

omg…………..the opposite is true❗️❗️i don’t deserve u n ur love ! but i will try to take care of myself for u if u take care of yourself for me ❤️❤️☺️ love uuuuu

Different (Jisoo/Joshua)

type: fluff kind of?
pairing: you x joshua? kind of?
synopsis: pretty much complete opposites attracting and falling in love with each other
words: 1278
a/n: idk how you wanted this to be written, so I turned it into a scenario kind of ?? IDK WHAT I DID WITH THIS BUT I HOPE U LIKE IT :((((


If he had to describe your physical appearance in one word, it would be… Different; well, different to what he’d ever seen before. Growing up in a community where being neat and tidy was something highly encouraged, he had never quite come across a person like you. You stood out from the crowd, from you’re fluorescent coloured hair, to your badass leather knee high boots. Even from where he was standing on the stage, he could see you clearly, and the moment his eyes settles on your multi coloured ones, he was transfixed, completely intrigued. The men and women in the crowd seemed to back away, as if anyone that gave you the wrong look was going to get a massive ass whooping. Even so, Hong Jisoo somehow felt drawn to you, even from the metres of space between you two, he felt something - he didn’t know what - but he felt something. Perhaps it was the fact that you seemed like you came from a whole other world, perhaps it was the fact that it was the first time he’d seen someone like you, or perhaps it was the troubled look in your eyes, despite the happy smirk you had on your lips. There was something mysterious, strange… Different about you, and oh how Jisoo itched to figure you out. Even if he was there on that stage to please a crowd of over 1,000 people, his irises stayed planted on your little bob of fluorescent coloured hair as you jumped with the other bodies of people, your piercings glinting in the lights.

If he had to describe your personality in one word, it would be…. Bold; it was as if you weren’t scared of anything, you weren’t afraid of the consequences of your actions, just as long as you were happy, nothing else mattered, and at first, that characteristic scared Jisoo. Scratch that, you scared him in general. Simply the fact that you were so confident with yourself and was willing to do anything that you wanted, frightened him. Hence his nervous approach when the opportunity to meet you arrived. A word to describe his first interaction with you would be… Awkward, very very awkward. He consisted of cut off words, stuttered sentences and sweaty palms, how was he to approach someone like you? What if he said the wrong thing? What if you bet him to a pulp just because he said something you didn’t like? The thought itself was almost enough to put Jisoo off from trying to pry into your life and figure you out, but when he looked into your eyes again, the same troubled look appeared in them, fuelling the fire in him once more. Despite your rebellious front, your swearing (and you swore a lot) and cold personality, Jisoo felt as if there was more to you. That there was more behind the dark makeup, the troublesome smirk, the crazy actions. There was more to you, and he was going to figure it out.

If he had to describe how the times spent with you went in one word, it would be… Interesting; things were never simply normal whenever he was with you. It was spontaneous, crazy and filled with things he would never have dreamed of doing with any of his other friends. He was a witness to you drawing on the walls with graffiti, getting too drunk in bars and getting into fights with other people; a helper with cleaning up the mess you had created, a person who talked you out of causing trouble, a friend. The more time he spent with you, the more you let him in, the more you told him all the secrets locked inside your high security heart. The more time he spent with you, the more he understood why you were the person you were, the more he understood why you had created this personality for yourself, the more he understood that you were simply lost; lost in what to believe in and what not to. Lost with finding a God to follow, lost with finding your true identity and who you were and lost in the past, completely and utterly lost in the scars from the past. You were lost, and Jisoo was willing to play the role as the map to help you find your way.

If he had to describe you as a whole in one word, it would be…. Captivating; all of a sudden he saw you from a different point of view. You weren’t just some puzzle he wanted to solve for the happiness of solving it, you weren’t just some mission he needed to complete, you weren’t just some person he was trying to figure out… No, you were more than that now. All of a sudden, the way you did things so differently from what he’d seen before didn’t just make him want to figure you out more, it made his heart beat a little faster, his smile grow bigger, his face to redden more. All of a sudden, he looked at you not because he wanted to analyse your actions, but because he simply wanted to look. All of a sudden, even through the times you called him a babo, he felt a rush of happiness, simply from the fact that you acknowledged him. Even the smallest of things you did, made him look your way, made him utterly captivated; and when you’re not with him he catches himself wondering how you were feeling, what you were doing, who you were with…. And if you were thinking about him as much as he was thinking about you. He found himself thinking about you so much that he often crashed into people and objects in his path and ignored the members’ calls for him. At this point, he had no idea why he was feeling this way, especially for someone who was the complete opposite of him. But as the days, weeks and months came by, that feeling only got stronger and stronger, clearer and clearer.

If there was one word to describe the feeling that grew by the end, it would be… Love; he never fully understood what that word meant, until he felt it with you. Love, wasn’t about finding someone that was the perfect match to you, it wasn’t about finding someone that had the exact same interest as you, it wasn’t about any of that. No, love, was all about finding someone that made you happy, despite who they were. It was about helping each other with your imperfections and troubles. It was about accepting each others’ differences and loving each other for who you are. That was exactly how he felt towards you, you made him happy, you were willing to help him as much as he helped you and you accepted him for who he was.

Hong Jisoo had finally come to the conclusion as to what was troubling you, you needed love. You needed someone to make you feel wanted, to get you through all the troubles in life, you needed love. Jisoo was willing to give you all the love in the world. Even now, months after he asked you out, you often asked him why he loved someone like you, and he always replies with the same thing.

“You aren’t the prettiest, you aren’t the ugliest, you aren’t the best, you aren’t the worst, you aren’t the nicest, you aren’t the meanest, you’re something completely different, you are you; and the you you are now, is the you I fell in love with all those months ago, and the you I’ll love forever more.”

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Yohamaru Dabs?

they sure do

-drift compatibility: they’re a pair of opposites on how they do things and tend to think and if they ever really get each other it’ll take some time, but i feel like those are the parts of each other they’d be intrigued by too so that might help. still not /that/ drift compatible, they’re more the types to bounce off each other

-affection levels: rise slowly, maru is good with subtlety and ten times more likely to be verbally affectionate than physically, but in the beginning yoshiko can’t even compliment maru’s clothes without her voice getting soft and even later she hardly gets physical when they’re not alone

-banter quality: these kids are both little smartasses really, maru’s style is bluntness and yoshiko has sarcasm and they can bring it out in each other but as far as i see they dont do it very often. moderate-high

-spice potential: Noodles. right now they’re noodles who blush easy but when they get older i can see maru being a tease and as usual yosh would Try to be smooth which probably isnt happening (she’s still very sweet tho she doesnt know that it’s her sweet side that makes maru’s heart go aflutter)

Something I like about Keith and Lance’s relationship (romantic or not) and just about their characters in general is how opposite they are? Like obviously they’re rivals and are written as such, plus they’re literally red vs. blue, but more specifically (also bear with me I’m not the best at putting these types of headcanons in words):

Lance is the type of character who after initially meeting him you think you’ve seen all of him. He’s cocky and flirty and he seems like he always 100% puts it all out on the table, don’t-like-it-too-bad kinda deal. But what I really like about Lance and why he’s the most relatable character for me is that he’s more multifaceted than that and the more you get to know him you realize how much you actually don’t know him. It’s confirmed he has a big family which is where I’m sure his little façade comes from, but I also think his family is the reason he has a sweet and understanding and caring side.

Then on the other hand you have Keith, the token “Mr. Brooding and Mysterious” of the group. Meeting him is more daunting because you don’t know what you’ll get out of him. After all, he is the rebel who got booted from the garrison and has a reputation. However, what I think is interesting about Keith, for lack of a better term, is that it’s Not That Deep. I do think there are some shadier bits in his past (he IS an orphan…we’ve all seen disney movies enough to know that’s like, the saddest backstory), BUT I also think he’s just an introverted chaotic good who is doing his best to do what’s right. He’s a simple guy, really.

So basically, you think what you see is what you get with Lance and meanwhile Keith is a mystery to be solved when actually it’s more the opposite? At least that’s how I see it. And I think that’s just another piece to their chemistry together, like they complement each other so well. I really can’t wait to rewatch voltron and pick apart everyone’s characterization some more, cause boy do I love my space gays.


i love doing panel redraws and i love dave how could u make me choose a favourite

how cancer sees the signs
  • aries: you need to chill and spread the love, bud
  • taurus: thank u for understanding me
  • gemini: do you care about aNYTHING??
  • cancer: YOOOO HOME FRY
  • leo: i am but a small walnut pls protect me
  • virgo: ur cute. i must annoy the hell outta u tho lol
  • libra: all you gotta do is talk to me
  • scorpio: my one true ho
  • sagittarius: noOOOoo [insert dangerous act] is a BAD idea
  • capricorn: you know what they say... opposites attract ;)
  • aquarius: yikes!!11! i don't get you
  • pisces: hUG ME

tfa au where poe, finn & rey have a sense8 kind of connection thing going on

ED and Taylors friendship is a friendship that means so much to me because like it's just so representative of how opposite genders can still be best friends and like , I'm always getting ppl saying "omg r u guys a thing now" and stuff to my guy friends and I and I'm just like no... and I love that taylor and Ed can be the ppl to prove that u can be best friends without dating.

anyways,,, i love u guys. sometimes the hate gets to be too much but i know it’s the vocal minority, and i get a lot of love from all of u daily and i just want u to know how much i appreciate it. i know all of u think i love drama bc of how much drama there is on my blog but it’s quite the opposite, i really hate discourse. it gives me a lot of anxiety and it often sends me to a dark place. but i engage in it because A) i’m sick of oppressors coming into my inbox and invading the safe space that is my blog, and B) discussions like the ones that take place on my blog (calling out systematic homophobia, racism, etc) are important to have. i’m not sayin this to sound like a self-righteous ego-stroking asshole, i just think it’s my duty as someone with a large following to listen to the people affected by what’s been happening in the media, and bring these issues to light.

a lot of times the discussions take a wrong turn and can get overwhelmingly angry or hateful, a lot of it coming from my end. i need to take a step back from that. i have a lot of anger issues stemming from my mental illness. that isn’t an excuse, more of an explanation. i’ve been spinning out of control ever since lexa died, especially in my rage towards my biggest oppressor: straight people. i think i’ve been too hateful to a few specific people hijacking my posts and making it about themselves. though it was wrong of them to do that, i shouldn’t have responded with anger and hate. that isn’t the message i want to send… it just gets exhausting sometimes having to break out the kindergarten analogies for people who just refuse to empathize with us. but anger/hate is addictive and not healthy at all and that isn’t the message i want to send. I apologize.

I am going to do a better job at ignoring the hate and focusing on the positives. I know a lot of you want me to do that. It gets exhausting following a blog that drags you down emotionally day after day, and I am sorry, and thank you for sticking with me. I don’t want to be this hateful person anymore, but at the same time, I will not stand for intolerance on my blog. I am really going to try to find a good middle ground of not being a pushover but also not being a bulldozer. I know there are always going to be ignorant hetero opinions and sometimes I just need to ignore them. I have a hard time doing that but I will try my best.




I just really love it because it’s usually the exact opposite in fiction, with women acting deeply scandalized and like they’ve never heard to sex before because of course delicate women never think about such things and “oh u horrible horny men”

BUT NOPE here it’s the BOYS who are like “SHAME ON U” and full of delicate sensibilities and the one girl is like “dudes it’s not a big deal" 

I just love Yona so much what a treasure she is.