i love how none of you are white

me: i lov obi wan kanoob haha :)

some guy: Ha ha! Right you are, my lady. Wow. A female with knowledge of cinema’s finest accomplishment? Be still my heart! Typically, I’m not so forward, but you have piqued my curiosity. A girl that likes Star Wars? A rare breed indeed! I love a smart girl over women who talk about make up, haha. Mayhaps we could continue this conversation over drinks? As a Redditor - and a gilded one at that - I wouldst make the evening magical and wonderful. I am not like the other men of this sick world. If you were dating me, I’d be the one making the sandwiches :) haha :). I am real, my gorgeous, intelligent, scientific poppet. A real man who respects women, unlike the others. It’s one of the many things that make me different, my sweet, electronic flower. Did I tell you I held a door open for a woman once? I know. And more of that to come, I assure you. Imagine. You. Me. A little jazz club in the city… none of that Lil’ Wayne/Taylor Swift crap the sheeple like to listen to. Real music. Music fit for a lady of discriminating taste. And, speaking of discrimination, during the meal I can expound at length about the crime rates among African Americans vis a vis normal people. I am not racist. I am white, so how can I be racist? I know a lot of statistics, my dearest, beautiful, white, female orchid. What say you, my lovely, succulent peach? Will you do me the honor of being my date for the eve? Merely, tell me the time and place and my mom and I will pick you up.

Future Kids- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so this is kinda short but cute and fluffy. Andre needs children. Stat. Ok so I got not much else! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Anon Request: would you mind eventually doing one where you like help babysit a friends kids with andre b and you both love seeing each other playing with kids so then you have “the talk” when you get home of having kids, how many, names, what theyll look like, idk something like that? thanks for writing for all of us! and thanks for writing so many with andre! :)


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“I never meant to hurt you...”

Back at it again with the prompts

  1. I will stay right here until forever, if that’s what it takes, begging for your forgiveness
  2. it was like everything was in slow-motion, and I could do nothing but watch the betrayal wash across your face
  3. I couldn’t fall into sleep last night, images of you pressed onto the inside of my eyelids
  4. these years apart I have never felt as if I were truly living
  5. I didn’t understand you as well as I thought I did
  6. my mother always said that I was the bull in a china shop, unknowing of how delicate something could be
  7. I was trying to forget you, but it never works
  8. I love you, yet hate you at the same time, for ever believing that you could trust me
  9. it had been loud, hot, the air seemed to be vibrating. I didn’t think of the consequences
  10. I will leave a gift for you to wake up to every day until you realise how much I love you
  11. you can’t believe how many times I have replayed that moment again and again, imagining all the things I could have done differently to change the end result
  12. I have a million excuses ready to fall from my tounge but none of them are worthy of you
  13. I’m sorry that this is the way my brain has been taught to react to the things I love
  14. I didn’t think you loved me back
  15. at the time it felt like I had no other choice, but I still should never have done that to you
  16. I feel guilty for hurting this much when I know how uncomparable it is to your agony
  17. every breath I take feels as if it’s full of shattered glass, staring at your body lying engulfed in white, so small, so pale
  18. it was meant to be nothing more than a harmless joke
  19. I should have listened to you
  20. there’s a reason why I’ve always been afraid of how easily my body slips into a fight
  21. You say that it’s fine, but it’s not
  22. I will give you one flower for every single tear that  you shed
  23. I feel like it should be raining, or some dramtic shit like that. Yet the sun continues to shine brightly, out of spite. It reminds me of you
  24. please wake up
  25. I lost myself in the heat of the moment, I lost you
  26. you have every right to leave me right here, all I want you to know is that I never stopped loving you
  27. my life is yours
No. . . - Yugyeom (Part 2)

Party’s over.


I clear the last dishes in the kitchen and switch the light off. The instant I do so, I feel myself be pushed up against one of the cabinets. I hold my breath, afraid of an intruder.

“Quiet. Follow me.”

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Some prompts I made up for amazing writers to use:

“Would you bleed for me?” She sauntered over to him on her hands and knees, resting herself in between his legs with her head tilted upwards, “Lick it off my lips like you needed me?”
“Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
“I’m a Christian, yet my mind is telling me to force you on your knees.”
“I’m sorry, She’s just a little…tied up.”
“Smite me, King.”
“Mind over matter.”
“You’re a child and I resent your very existence.. but I love you all the same.”
“Water the plants so they won’t ever die; because that’s the only love still alive.”
“Playing with fire will get you burned, but maybe I like the burning sensation?”
“You don’t know me but I’m your neighbor.”
“Smoking is bad, but so are you.”
“Baby, names aren’t important right now.”
“Did you just raise the stakes? Fuck. Nothing turns me on more than the thought of losing everything.”
“Tequila and Vegas aren’t a good mix.”
“How’d you get stuck in my window?”
“Not a minx but a cougar.”
“Where’s your dignity and respect?”
“If you want me. You’re gonna have to earn me.”
“You put God first, but I put myself first.”
“Stop! You snore like a grizzly bear with asthma, hibernating.”
“You made me hate my own reflection.”
“Cheesy pickup lines will get you nowhere.”
“Are you- Why? You’re ass naked in my kitchen holding a spatula?”
“I can give you a ride, but it won’t be in a car.”
“40s the new 20.”
“Heartfelt apologies that mean shit.”
“You can only say sorry for so long before it becomes the same damn song.”
“I wanna scream ‘I love you’ from the top of my lungs but I’m afraid someone else will hear me.”
“Yell it from the rooftop down!”
“I told myself I won’t miss you, but I was only fooling myself.”
“Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.”
“You reap what you sow.”
“Not even the tenth layer of hell can rectify the shit you’ve done.”
“Mistakes are made once or twice, not every day.”
“I seen you spike my drink so I switched your glass with mine. Karma, bitch.”
“When the water runs dry, who’s gonna wet those lips?”
“You chipped my tooth and I gave you a black eye. Is this love at first sight?”
“My reflexes re bad, I’m sorry!”
“You can tell me to leave, but I’m stubborn as hell, so I’m not going anywhere.”
“Sex cannot fix the broken-hearted or the damned.”
“Two-faced? Have you taken a look into the mirror lately?”
“You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing.”
“Scream in my face. Drag me by my hair. Degrade me to filth. I love it!”
“You can’t run from your troubles, but I know you’re gonna be the little bitch and try.”
“I’m so angry at you and myself, And I locked my keys inside my car.”
“I’m not a fish! You can’t just reel me in.”
“Cats have nine lives, supposedly. Fuck with me and you’ll have none!”
“You pushed me off a six foot ladder and nearly ended my career, sweetheart. I can’t wait to watch you suffer.”
“Sex is your remedy, not mine.”
“I know you heard about the blood knife; my daddy’s perfect virgin and my mothers wife.”
“Goodnight, Sweet Prince.”
“Barbie had Ken, but I have you.”
“Go home, You’re drunk and you smell like sex.”
“I’m bleeding from an unknown source and I asked for chocolate but you gave me white chocolate.”
“Teach me how to stop loving you like you did me.”
“Are my letters going through?”
“It’s late at night and you’re on my laptop, what the hell are you doing?”
“You spend more money than a Kardashian.”
“Size doesn’t matter, but I’m angry at you so now it does.”
“Did you just vomit on my limited edition Jay’s?”
“Some float and some drown.”
“I see you outside my house but I’m skyping you. What the hell is going on?”
“A little birdie told me a secret about you. Wanna hear?”
“You called me a weak link so I broke your gaming system . Who’s the weakest link now?”
“Your gambling put us in debt! Either get help or I’m leaving and never coming back.”
“Home? This isn’t a home!”
“Searching for something that I can’t reach.”
“I don’t like em’ innocent.”
“You were the puppeteer but the tables have turned.”
“Packing up your things made everything so much more real.”
“If I asked you to leave, would you?”
“I love it when you treat me like the filthy whore I am.”
“You’re lying and I know you’re lying, because your eyes deceive you.”
“You fucked up and this time you can’t right your wrong.”
“Don’t blink. Don’t smile. Don’t move a muscle. You’re my doll.”
“You say I’m too young, but know you more than anyone, including your own damn self!”
“Reject me. I need to feel some pain.”
“Loving you is suicide, but maybe that’s how I want to die.”
“For a split second I thought you were going to kiss me, but you simply threatened me.”
“I’ll never end up like him, behind my back I already am.”
“Line em’ up and I’ll knock em’ all down.”
“Money is the root of all evil, but I’m staring into the eyes of satan himself.”
She was sweet until she slipped herself into high heels. Now she’s the devil in heels.“
"Go big or go home. And by the looks of it, I think you should go home.”
“I woke up to pebbles being thrown at my window.”
“Hit me like a man and love me like a woman.”
“My blood runs cold when you step into the room.”
“How drunk was I and why is your face tattooed on my ass cheek?”
“You hid my body but your conscious weighs down on you.”
“I wish you would’ve stabbed me in the heart, because my back is sore from all the knives.”
“Make me!”
“I’m gonna say what sober couldn’t say!”
“I usually have no regrets, but I think you’re my first one.”

Credit is appreciated but not mandatory.

Tired of y'all

I hate when black woman specifically shit on interracial couples like that effects your day to day life. I’ve seen the most ignorant shit on here, some black men and woman saying how we shouldn’t date outside our race and a whole bunch of fucking shit that doesn’t make sense, and then when a white person or a POC calls bullshit, because it IS bullshit y'all think your making a point by insulting someone’s looks You want a black man? Good for you that’s none of my business, do you see how I minded my business? Maybe you should do the same. Stop shitting on people especially other black woman who date outside there race, and stop shitting on mixed people for dating outside there race, it makes you look extremely bitter.

Same goes for the men, especially when y'all be dating outside your race too and then shit on a black woman who does it.

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Erica, how do you feel about Rick? That is, as a person.

Rick….Rick, Rick, Rick.

Well, first of all, I love him, just like the rest of you. He’s a fantastic, complex character. He’s incredibly flawed, though. Rick is a fucking asshole. He’s a grumpy, mean, nihilistic old man, and he uses people for his own gain, there’s no doubt about that. But…he’s also completely full of shit. His many walls are nothing more than a defense mechanism to protect himself from his own feelings. In his eyes, emotion is a weakness; it’s impractical, and has no place in science. Emotion, particularly love, clouds judgment, and if you love nothing, then you lose nothing. 

For instance, in 2x03, we see how much he despises the word “human.” It’s mentioned twice, by both Jerry and Rick. Rick would like to think of himself as something separate. But by the episode’s closing, it’s clear that at the end of the day, no matter how much he tries to fight it, no matter how much it disgusts him, he’s nothing more than a human himself. Rick loves. He loves romantically, and he loves his family. And he hates himself for it. It’s fascinating and pitiful and powerful all at once.  

He’s a great character because you can be mad at him, you can acknowledge how messed up he is, and still for some reason want him to win. And I think that’s because, as a person, he’s not black or white, but grey, just like the rest of us. We’re all both good and bad, light and dark, and none of us want to be given up on, no matter how shitty we feel about ourselves. 

I think we’ve only just begun peeling back the many, many layers that make up Rick Sanchez. I’m excited to see where else we go with his character. And I think you guys are going to truly love season 3.

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RULES: Answer the questions then tag 20 (ish) people you’d like to get to know better! 

Name: Tara (that’s pronounced how it’s written, like, the Irish way, so not ‘terra’)

Nickname: I actually have none

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 5′5

Orientation: bisexual/no preference

Ethnicity: very mixed but mostly south asian and white

Favourite fruit: oh fuck i love fruit, but pomegranates and pinapples have always been favourites of mine

Favourite season: late spring/early summer

Favourite book: the hobbit obvs, but other than that idk i haven’t read a book that’s not tolkien or for school in like, a year.

Favourite flower: honeysuckle i guess? i’ve always loved that stuff. also nasturtiums <3

Favourite scent: lavender and also wood fires

Favourite animal: otters tbh

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? tea but recently i’ve been needing coffee to stay alive even though the taste makes me want to die

Average hours of sleep: 7 i think

Cats or dogs? I love both but cats if i had to choose.

Favourite fictional character: Elrond hahaha

Dream trip: i’ve been to like 3 places in the world so the list of place i want to go is pretty extensive, but i’d love to go to south korea

When was your blog created? november 25th, 2016

Number of followers: 286 (i might actually do something when i get to 300)

What do you post about? mostly Elrondir tbh, but other lindir related things too

Do you get asks on a regular basis? surprisingly yes

Aesthetic: idk my personal blog is an ‘aesthetic’ blog but there’s no consistent theme

Favourite band/artist: Lydia, James Bay, sleeping at last, Paramore

Fictional characters I’d date: a lot but i’m going to limit this to a few: sirius black but also remus lupin, probably hermione granger too, we’d get on great; my modern version of Elrohir (and probably the canon version too idk he’s great), also Celebrian and some versions of Tauriel. i’m gonna stop there.

Hogwarts house: at age 11 i would have been sorted into slytherin so imma say slytherin

tagging: okay idk if i know 20 people but i’ll try @elrondxfimladris @bxstiion @lordofthegoldenflower @cuilpantielthesleepyscribe @fcrestmaiden @thelordofimladris @nightmcnsters @darlingofroses @erynlasgalenedhel @i-dream-of-oceans @thraaaaaaaanduuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiil @meludir @kosomot @riftseeker @rondo-tarmenel @ofgaladhon @ofcldcrdays @silver-vessel @goddefying @captainiissm @smaugiiisms

+ bonus tagging @agesofarda and @ofcldcrdays because I’m not sure if either of you do these things

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i love how you post more shit dogpiling on the @~ ace Tumblr person lol ~@ but none of the other asks about it. you're a typical white woman who only does discourse when you net positive social capital from it and act snotty when you start to feel wrong. ur dismissive of poc regularly until forced to back track. 3/10 like all white women, worth less than the paper ur printed on

i told you you are wrong and that i’m not posting any more bullshit ace discourse.

anyone else who wants to insist that lgbt people have systemic power and privilege over ace people will get the same reaction. Sorry if that upsets you, but maybe work on your priorities. I’m not here for you.

You Didn’t Know?

Original prompt from the ever lovely and radiant @deansbaby67supernatural:  Dating Bruce already and Tony sees it fit to set you up on a double date with him.

A/N: Okay, so here’s the long promised Bruce fic. I’m really sorry about how long it took me to get this done, I hope you like it. Also! This is only my second time writing Bruce, so I’m not sure how well I wrote him, but I hope I did him justice. ;u; This is definitely a super cute prompt, so thank you for sending it in!!

Pairing: BrucexReader

Word Count: 1882

Warnings: None!


“(Y/N)?” A quiet voice comes from behind. I slowly turn around, finding my lovely significant other standing there.

“Bruce!” I exclaim, quickly walking to him and kiss him on the cheek before pulling him into a hug. “I was just wondering where you were.”

“I just wanted to grab a couple things before our, uh, meeting tonight.” He says, bringing a small bouquet of white daisies out from behind his back.

“Oh, sweetheart, they’re lovely!” I take them from his hand before cupping his cheek and pecking him on the lips. “Thank you so muc-”

My words are cut off by both of our phones ringing. I pull my phone from my pocket to find Steve calling. I frown at the caller I.D., angry that Steve would have the nerve to disturb me on date night and my first night off in months. When I look up, Bruce is speaking to whoever called him, looking at me forlornly.

Tony. He mouths.

I nod and answer my own call.

“You’d better have a really good reason for calling me right now, Rogers.” I snap.

Believe me, (Y/N), I wouldn’t be calling if it weren’t extremely important.

“What happened?”

Barton’s been captured.

“Don’t you have Wanda and Nat there with you?”

I do, but they’re both kind of distraught… He trails off for a moment and I can hear him sigh heavily on his end.

“That makes sense…” I say quietly. “They are the two people closest to him, aside from his family.”

Like I said. I wouldn’t be calling if it weren’t important.

“Where do you want me to meet you?”

I got Stark to program the coordinates into the GPS of the quinjet. That’s waiting for you in the hangar right now.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Thank you, (Y/N).

“Don’t thank me, Steve. Just make sure this doesn’t happen on my night off next time.” I hang up and turn back to Bruce. “What’s the news from Tony?”

“Looks like we’ve got an important project with Helen Cho.” He says, removing his glasses and running a hand over his face. “What about you?”

“Clint’s been nabbed and Steve wants me to pack up and meet him, Nat and Wanda to help rescue him.”

“Looks like we’re going to have to reschedule then.” He sighs quietly.

“It sure does.” I look at the small bouquet clutched in my hand. “I’m really sorry. I know how long we’ve been planning this. I told Steve that I would be unavailable this evening, so I don’t know why he couldn’t have called Tony or Sam.”

“It’s okay.” He says, gently pulling me to his chest in a hug. “We can celebrate our anniversary later. It’s not like we have to celebrate on a specific day.”

“Yeah, but we wanted to and therefore should have been able to.” I pout. He just chuckles in response.

“You should probably go get changed and packed. I have to go meet Tony.”

“Alright.” I sigh, circling my arms around his neck. “Give us a kiss?”

“Ugh, you know my great aunt says that right?” He groans. “It’s really gross.”

“That’s why I do it.” I laugh. “But seriously. I’m not going to let go till you kiss me.”

“Well now, that doesn’t make me want to kiss you at all.” I raise my eyebrows at him, non verbally reminding him that we have places to be and people to save. He gives in and presses his soft, slightly chapped lips to mine.

“Mmm,” I hum quietly before pulling away and removing my arms from his neck. “I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

“I’ll miss you.” He says, the corner of his mouth lifting in a small smile. I smile sadly at him before slipping out of the room to get ready for the impromptu mission.

-Third Person-

As Tony made his way to the garage he passed (Y/N). She was carrying a rather large duffel bag, slung over her shoulder, dressed in her uniform, big combat boots and all. He stopped for a moment to watch her murder-walk her way to the hangar, thinking about a certain genius friend of his. The two of them would be perfect for each other, they just didn’t know it yet.

After (Y/N) had disappeared from sight Tony kept on his way to the garage. When he arrives he slides into the driver’s seat of the car. Bruce is already seated and going through some pertinent files on a tablet in his lap.

“Hey,” Tony says, effectively making the conversation awkward. “You like (Y/N), right?”

“Yeah,” Bruce answers, looking up at Tony over the upper rim of his glasses. “Why?”

“Why don’t you two go on a double date with Pepper and I this weekend?” Tony suggests. “We could go to a real nice restaurant, good foods, friends. It’ll be a great time.”

“Okay…” Bruce says, turning his attention back to the tablet. “I’ll check with her and see if she’s free and wants to go.”

“Alright then.” Tony says, surprised by how willing his friend was to ask (Y/N) out. He shrugs it off and starts the car before heading off on their assignment.

-Readers POV-

“You’ve got a call ma’am.” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice floats through the cabin of the quinjet.

“Alright,” I turn slightly to push the button to answer the call. “Hello?”

Hey, (Y/N). An all too familiar, quiet voice says.

“Bruce, hey,” I smile. “What’s up?”

So Tony just invited us out to dinner with him and Pepper this weekend.


Yeah, it was kind of weird though.

“How so?

Do you think it could be possible that he doesn’t know that we’re together?

“I thought the whole team knew.” I try to think of how everyone figured out about our relationship. Most of the team had said that it was fairly obvious that we were dating, but now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t remember talking to Tony about my relationship with Bruce. “Do you really think the rest of the team just didn’t tell him though? Gossip moves through the tower like a swarm of locusts.”

That is true. He probably knows.

“Yeah, he probably does.” I laugh lightly.

So do you want to go? He asks.

“Sure, why not.” I answer. “It would give us the chance to celebrate properly.”

Then I’ll let him know. I can hear the slight smile in his voice.

“Okay, good luck with that.”

Trust me, this is the highlight of my day. Call me when you’re on your way back, okay?

“Of course I will.” I say. “I love you.”

I love you too.

-Three days later-

“Do you think this is too casual?” I ask, stepping out of the bathroom, putting in my second earing.

“Spin for me?” Bruce answers with his own question. I roll my eyes, smile and oblige, doing a quick 360, the skirt of my dress billowing out slightly. When I come back to face him he’s just grinning at me.

“What?” I inquire.

“Nothing, you just look beautiful.” He answers, rising from his seat on my bed.

“Aww, thanks, babe.” I coo, poking him gently in the stomach a few times, squinting at him lovingly.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, just let me grab my jacket and purse and then we can skedaddle.” I quickly scoop up my things and hold out my hand for Bruce. He takes my hand in his, lacing our fingers together, and leads me from the room to the garage.

We meet Pepper and Tony by the car we’re taking. I have no clue what it is, but it looks fast and expensive. We quickly greet each other with hugs and kisses on the cheek before sliding into our respective seats. The restaurant is downtown, but we manage to get there relatively quickly despite the traffic.

Once we’re inside the restaurant, we’re seated surprisingly quickly and almost immediately asked what we want to drink. Pepper and Tony order wine and scotch of some sort, vintages and years that I could never ever hope to keep straight or understand. After writing down their requests, the waiter turns to Bruce and I.

“And what can I get for you two?” He asks, a surprising amount of cheer in his voice.

“Oh, uh, just water for me, thanks.” I answer.

“Same for me.” Bruce nods politely.

The waiter smiles widely at us before hurrying away to get us our drinks.

“So, how did your mission go?” Tony asks.

“It was fairly simple.” I shrug. “Clint pulled some stupid stunt. He wasn’t thinking and he got nabbed by a number of Hydra thugs and we had to go in and get him out. Wanda and Nat were a little worked up for some weird reason, so Steve called me in to get Clint out. There was a very small amount of soldiers in the compound where he was being held and we took them out pretty quickly and found Clint easily. What was strange was the weapons we found and the sheer number of them.”

“Oh?” Pepper sounds intrigued. “What kinds of weapons?”

“Mostly guns and things like that. There was a surprising amount of Chitauri scepters and blasters.” I rest my chin in my hand and lean my elbow on the table. “It’s really disconcerting to see that sort of stuff because we thought we had managed to gather up and contain every possible piece of the weaponry after the New York incident.”

“You’re sure it was Chitauri?” Tony asks.

“Definitely,” I answer. “I checked the components on the flight back.”

“You brought all the weapons back with you?” Bruce inquires.

“Yup, they’re waiting for you in the lab.” I say, looking up at him, not bothering to sit up or remove my chin from my hand.

“You,” He says, leaning down to kiss me on the forehead. “Are the best.”

“Wow.” Tony says.

“What?” Bruce and I ask at the same time.

“You guys are just really comfortable with each other.”

“Why wouldn’t we be?” I inquire.

“Well it’s your first date, so I just assumed that you would be a little shy or something.” Pepper snorts in amusement next to him. “What?”

“Tony, we’re together.” Bruce says.


“Yeah,” I add. “For a little over a year now.”

“Are you serious?”

“You seriously didn’t know?” I ask.

“Of course I didn’t.” He answers defensively. “You think I would be reacting like this if i knew?”

“The rest of the team knows, I just assumed you did too.”

“What is this world coming to?” He whines. “The gossip in my own tower, skipping right over me.”

“You’ll get over it.” Pepper says sarcastically, patting him softly on the shoulder.

“Did you know about this?” He asks her.

“Well, yeah. It’s obvious that they’re together.”

“How obvious could it be if I didn’t pick up on it?”

“She was one of the first people to figure it out, actually.” I muse, absentmindedly pointing at Pepper.

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Don’t worry, Tony.” I say, chuckling lightly. “You’ll be the first to know if anything happens next time.”

“I should hope so.”


Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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In From the Rain

Imagine running a small bakery in a town Thorin and his company pass through on their journey and catching Dwalin’s eye when you serve them their favourite sweets.
(I can’t find the link for this prompt)

Rain fell heavy as rocks against the candled glass of the bakery windows, though you could not see it for the black curtains pulled closed within. You had shut them early that night. Not many frequented the small café run by the only dwarf in town and in this weather, you could not even expect the few that dared step through those doors.

You had not sold much that day which was why you only baked in small batches. You made more money when you went door-to-door at the week’s end or when you hauled your wares to the market. There you could hire one born of man to act as vendor and your sales more than doubled. Though you were forced to hide behind the stall, listening as your business was done for you.

Thunder boomed outside and lightning flashed outside the curtains, for an instant paling the black fabric. You could hear rain collecting in the eaves and the sound of heavy footfalls splashing through the puddles outside. Likely the tavern next door was swarming with customers. Even during a storm, such places rarely slowed down. In fact, they were more likely to garner more business as the local drunks waited out the storm with a pint of ale and travelers sought a cheap room for the night.

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Spirit name/nickname: Eri

Contact: @dad–dragon

Adoption fee?: None

How confident are you this spirit is who they say they are?: 100%, I was there when she hatched

Spirit description: Eri is a small young dragon, about the size of a kitten currently, she will grow to be about the size of a cocker spaniel. She has white leathery skin that has something of an opalescent quality to it that reflects rainbows when it catches the light. She is quite beautiful and she knows it, and may tend to be quite vain at times. She would love to find a home with someone interested in learning beauty magic and glamours, so she can learn along with her companion.

She is very catlike in both her build and personality. Despite her young age, she is very refined and regal. She’s not much of one for cuddling or physical affection, though once she forms a strong bond with someone she isn’t terribly opposed to it. 

As far as offerings go, she would like white candles or stones, jewelry, or anything beautiful of elegant. She also says you can dedicate your morning ritual to her, and she will happily lend you her energy to include beauty spells and glamours in it.

Companion requirements: Because she is very young, she is not an ideal first companion. She is however willing to be a companion to someone without a ton of experience, as long as they are willing to commit to learning along with her.

Other notes?: A picture of her may be found here

EDIT: Eri has been adopted!

There’s something

I wanna see a TV show about autistic peoples. Not one where a little kid is diagnosed and his family is doing everything so he’ll go to school and have friend and a normal life and everyone’s happy when he “overcomes his autism” in any way. Not a TV show with a geeky stereotype whom we’re supposed to laugh at and not with.

I wanna a TV show about that women who’s living on her own, and working in a science field, who’s smart and discrete, and seems a bit quirky but that’s all, and she can’t be autistic because “she’s a girl, you know?”. So no one, even her, thought that she might be autistic.  I want her to pass nearly perfectly, but she’s unhappy and lonely and most things don’t make sense. She feels like an alien in disguise. She’s lost.

And then something happens.

Maybe someone introduce her to that quirky guy, cause “he’s soooo like you, you’ll totally get along”. Maybe they do, and maybe not. But she starts to search for others people like them. And she finds it

Or maybe she she meets that girl in the library and fells head over heels in love with her, and because she just don’t know what else to do, she befriends her first. And maybe they end up together, or maybe she’s not interested, but our hero get to met other peoples like her. Other autistic peoples.

Maybe it isn’t about love. Maybe one night she goes to a bar, or to see a movie, and she meets those peoples, and for once they get along. And that was an autism support group, and she decide that maybe, she could come to help ?

Maybe it’s work. Maybe she has to work on that project, and it  involves an autistic community. She gets to know some of them, and become involved.

Maybe it’s pure kindness. That lost little kids that runs to her in the street, because she feels normal for him and so he turns to her. And she learns that he’s autistic, and so his most of his family.

Maybe it’s weird. That guy who spontaneously talks to her, strangely, because he missed that social rule, or he’s just drunk and not giving a fuck (how is that incredible? It actually happened, you know =) )  “you’re autistic, of course you are, come on i could spot you at fifty meters.”

Maybe it’s really incredible. Simple luck or impossibility. Maybe she went to that political, or gardening reunion, but she comes the wrong  day or in the wrong room, and then steps on that autistic community’s reunion. And she stays.

I want her to grow, I want her to change. I want her to find a community, a place to herself. I want her to rediscover her own quirks, how to stim, to be autistic. I want her to find friends, or some kind of big, weird family. I want her to find a place where she’ll learn to be confident in herself and the others. I want her to be more and more visibly autistic, tu worry and then accept it. I don’t want her to “overcome her autism”, I want her to be herself. I want her to be les NT-passing and more happy. Just not lost anymore.

I want an Autistic TV show with diversity. With black and asian and lots of different ethnicity. And I want it to feel normal, not “we must have that percentage of pocs, that of woman” and such.

I want queer autistic. Straight autistics. Gay and lesbian autistics, and anything else you could think of. I want asexual and hyper-sexual autistics. I want trans and nonbinary autistics. I want that TV show to shows everything that exist, because somewhere, someone will relate to that, and say “look, they’re like me. They do exist.”

I want other disabled autistics. I want to see autistics with SPD, ADHD, Tourette any mental illness or learning disability or neurological weirdness you can think of.  I also want physically disabled people. That young girl who’ll never leave her wheelchair, and that boy who use one even thought he sometimes can walk, and when once he has the spoons to runs no one judge and everyone smiles because “seriously, he looks so surprised”. I want deaf  and HoE autistics that speak, and others that only sign.

I want that show to have enough autistic persons, so that none of them is a stereotype. I want that white, 8 years old little boy who’s autistic and loves trains. I want him, and I also wants his three autistic sisters. His older sister who’s also fond of trains, and taught him everything about it. The second one who’s fond of dragons, cause “they breath fire !!! how cool is it that they BREATH FIRE !”.The little one whose special interest is fashion or  make-up because it’s not less valid. A dysexecutive funny mother that drags everyone outside because “it’s snowing! yepeee”. And a father that supposed to be NT , “come on you need scarfs and gloves, it’s SNOWING OUTSIDE ! “ but with his family how can he be? I’d like him to be like “yes, we have a swing in our living-room, why not ?”

I want that discreet, perfectly normal looking girl that came one day because “you’ve rainbows on your emblems, I like rainbows”. And she stayed. She just draws rainbows anytime she can, and rarely speaks to anyone, and when asked, she always says that she’s not here for autism, she’s here for the rainbows. And they keep her, cause that’s her place and she’s an important part of the community. She’s an habit.

I want that nonverbal one who never stop communicating, who’s  noisy and lively and always interacting with everyone, and thought he is nonverbal, you can’t seriously ever say that he is silent or absent.

I want that unorganized, totally not effective president that has been chosen because he can perfectly pass, be charming and convincing for a moment, and who can defend the association, but that couldn’t do paperwork to save his life.

I want that one that always repeats a question, to everyone, doing echolelia, and everyone tries to answers a last once each time. Those who have an answer and some who don’t. Because it’s normal here. It’s an habit.

I want a perfect geek, who spend most of his hours on the internet because it’s an easier form of communication for him. Who’s fan of starwars, read tons of manga and animes and always cosplay the same person because he identify with him. That knows entire scripts of sci-fi shows and uses it in everyday conversations. He’s the one who created the association’s website, with a high encrypting level and advanced animations (a huge part of them spinning in some way or another. And a lot of rainbows too, cause the girl up there asked him and he just couldn’t say no)

I want different kinds of stimming. I want to see rocking and humming and chewing. I want to see that one who uses lines from songs to speak, and others from books or TV shows and movies (I even want one that sometimes quotes this TV show, because it would be funny, in a “I already heard that, no ?” way ).

I want to see empathy,as a whole. That grown-up man who breaks in tears when someone else cries. That other one who’s always too cheerful and helpful because he really want everyone to be happy but he desperately cant’t tell if they are. That teenager who wonders if others really are humans, if they do have feelings or if they’re just faking it for social purposes.

I also want diversity in opinions. I want to see special episodes about important issues.

I want something about person first or disability first language. I want autistic peoples to disagree, because in real life we do.
I want something about medical or social construction of disability. I want people whose autism is a burden, making their life a hell. I want peoples supporting autism pride, who believe autism is a gift, or a difference that just has to be accepted. I want every opinions between. I also want peoples who don’t have one, cause they exists.
I want an episode about activism and self-advocacy. I want optimists who want to change and reform everything, and cynics who think we can’t. I want those trying with small steps. I want people advocating for themselves, on things that directly touch them, and other trying to speak for the whole community. Peoples who want to teach the whole world and others who just dream to set it of fire.
I want to see acceptance and the lack of. To hear about ABA, compliance therapy, male brain or frigo mother (I’m french) theories, about special regims. About ASAN and Autism Speak. To listen stories of those who where rejected for coming out as autistic, but also of those for who it wasn’t an issue. Those who didn’t because they were scared, because it was too dangerous, awkward or just not necessary. 

I don’t want to see a TV show about autism, how it’s viewed and how it impacts NT’s lives. I want a TV show about autistc peoples, about our lives, our opinions and growths.
I wanna see a TV show about autistic peoples.

eee-in  asked:

shut the fuck up. no. stop. stop trying to make non trans characters into trans ones. it literally makes 0 difference. being trans isn't interesting

Oh… Oh jeez, dude, you are late to the party. I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t done that is AGES. But I can see this means a lot to you, so you know who is just OBVIOUSLY trans?

She-Hulk’s whole schtick is a transformation narrative brought about by the miracles of science (specifically, changing her blood chemistry). She changes from a self-loathing, meek person who wants to please others because she doesn’t feel much self-worth, to a strong, vivacious, and happy woman. Unlike the He-Hulk’s “woe is me” narrative, Jennifer’s transformation is a blessing  (especially once she learns to control the mood swings that come early in the transition) that makes her happier even if it doesn’t solve all her problems, and at times even causes new ones. Later on in the series she even rejects her old life entirely and loses the ability to transform back into her meek form, in much the same way most trans people eventually reach a point in transition when they can’t look back. Later narratives examined how She-Hulk herself has problems finding work while her hated old identity is still considered very hireable, and eventually She-Hulk is forced to run her own business on a shoestring budget and depends heavily on specialty work from friends. If those aren’t metaphors for a post-transition working life, I don’t know what is.

But I’m not saying She-Hulk is a metaphorical trans woman. I’m saying Shulkie is a literal trans woman. If you go back to her earliest issues (and I have), Jennifer Walters is weedy and tomboyish with sharp features. She and her father love each other very much, but have a strained relationship because of how “everything changed” after her mother died. Jen has very few friends, and none who seem to have known her longer than a few years—it was hard to get permission to transition back in 1980 unless you cut out your old life and hid most of your past. She-Hulk’s go-to color for her costumes is purple, the queer-coded color; more significantly, across her many (many) costume changes, she always comes back to purple with a white accent, and what is purple if not pink and blue? Now, I’m not saying She-Hulk literally wears a trans pride flag, but…

The only thing more nerve-wrecking than your first date ever...

…is you daughter’s first date ever.

Or in which Kurt helps Tracy get ready and Blaine sulks.

“This is so exciting!”

“No, it’s not.”

“Don’t listen to your father, he’s being Mr. Sour Pants.”

“You should be, too!”

“Oh, hush!” Kurt scolds his husband while twisting his daughter’s curly hair into a perfect waterfall braid. “This is Tracy’s first date and you should be happy it’s with a gentleman like Christian.”

“How do you know he’s a gentleman? You’ve never met him,” Blaine says.

“Because our first born has very high standards,” Kurt states matter-of-factly. “That’s something you get from Mr. Sour Pants,” he stage-whispers to Tracy, who giggles.

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Living in Black & White: Part 3

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Story Summary: You’ve been blind since birth, but you have other ways of seeing. What happens when you end up living with the Avengers and develop a soft spot for a certain ex-assassin? 

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: None, I think. A little fluff.. self pity, guilt. Maybe a swear word or two?

A/N: I am so thrilled with how much you guys are loving this story, really. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback ❤️

He made his way to your bed, and you could see that his aura had gotten darker. He must’ve been sulking, dwelling on his past as the Winter Soldier. You felt the mattress on your bed sink in as you saw his aura sit down on your bed. “You said.. I need to let go of my past.. how do you know that I’m still holding onto it?” He asked softly, and you let out a small sigh, resting your chin on the top of your knees. “I can see it surrounding you, Bucky. The guilt, the regret. It’s always around you, effecting your emotions and behavior. You have to learn to forgive yourself, if you ever want to be free from those feelings.” You told him, trying to keep your voice light and kind. You wanted so much to soothe him, to make him feel better, but you knew you couldn’t get emotionally involved with him. You couldn’t get emotionally involved with anyone, really. It wouldn’t work out in the end.

“You said.. you saw a light in me.. I don’t know if I believe that.” He said, and you could see his aura begin to darken again. “Bucky.. you’ve gotta stop being so hard on yourself. You are a good person, you’re just blinded by what Hydra made you do. You are brave, and passionate, and you’re even kind, when you want to be. Just embrace all of the qualities about you that make you a good person. Try to stop focusing on only the bad.” You tried encouraging him, but he huffed in response. “You don’t know what I’ve done. What I’m capable of.” He growled, and you sat up, resting on your knees now. “Let me see, then.” You whispered, reaching your hand out towards his face. “You don’t want to do that.” He told you softly, but you continued reaching out, until your palm came in contact with his cheek. “Yes I do.” You breathed, feeling his stubble prick the skin on your hand. You let your eyes flutter shut, visions of violence flooding your mind.

You saw through his eyes, the Winter Soldier. Each kill, each violent end. He felt nothing for these people. He was merely a weapon. An empty, lifeless vessel. There were so many deaths that he was responsible for. So many lives lost.

But then the memories changed, to those of Steve. They had grown up together, Bucky loved Steve so much that it made your heart swell in your chest. He’d protected him for so long, and Steve was home for him. You longed for that feeling, to no longer feel homesick for a place you’ve never been. You began to see visions of Bucky with a beautiful redhead, tangled in his bedsheets, and you pulled your hand away, a light blush making its way onto your cheeks.

His hand caught yours before it could go too far, holding it loosely. “Did you see?” He whispered, and you nodded slowly, “I saw… that you, James Barnes are so full of love, if only you’d be willing and open to seeing it. You’ve got so much to give.” You heard his breathing become ragged, and his aura began to glow with a white light again, and you could feel energy surging through his skin where his hand connected with yours. “You think.. I can be better?” He breathed, and you nodded again, squeezing his hand in reassurance. “I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, Bucky.” You told him, and his aura flashed brightly again. “Thank you..” he whispered, and you could tell that he meant it with every fiber of his being. “You don’t need to thank me, Bucky. All of this was already inside of you. You just needed a little push to find it, is all.” You replied, and you heard him let out a small chuckle. “You’re quite magical, you know.” He said softly, and you shrugged, “I got it from my mom.” You told him, which led to a confused silence in the room. “What do you mean by that?” He asked, and you let out a small sigh. “Maybe I’ll tell you one day, Bucky, but not today.”

Bucky left you shortly after that, and you were finally able to fall into a light sleep, visions of Bucky’s past playing in your head on repeat like a horror film. The only break you got from the never ending horrors that played in your mind was when images of Bucky, in a 1940s sergeants uniform showed up out of nowhere. He was looking in a mirror, adjusting his cap and tie, and he looked absolutely stunning. His bright blue eyes were absolutely breathtaking, and he had a jawline to die for. You couldn’t get over how good he looked with a clean shaven face, and suddenly, you felt yourself being shaken back into reality.

“Y/N, wake up. Please.” You could hear Wanda’s voice before you fully came to, and you felt her hand on my shoulder. “What’s wrong?” You asked her, picking up on the tension in the room. “We’ve just gotten word that Hydra knows that Bucky is here. They’re going to come for him, we need you to–” You interrupted her by sitting up quickly, pushing yourself out of the bed. “Where is he? I need to see him, otherwise it won’t work.” You told her urgently, and she took your hand, guiding you out of your room.

You entered a new room, one you were unfamiliar with, and you saw Bucky’s aura sitting beside Steve’s, both of their auras were darker than ever. “Bucky?” You breathed, reaching out to touch him. His hand found yours gently, pulling you towards him. “I need to–” You started, but he interrupted you. “I know, just do it, please. We’re running out of time.” He said hurridly, and you nodded, your hands finding his face tenderly. You pushed his hair behind his ears before you bent down, pressing your lips lightly to his forehead, preparing yourself mentally for the scene that was going to appear before your eyes. Bucky’s future.

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❥ how long have you had acnl?

Like..June 2016 I think.

❥ how many towns do you have?

only 1 ;u; idk what to do with it though.

❥ mayor name(s)

currently its Mollie but I was thinking about resetting and either having a new mayor or making miss Lillian mayor again but idk

❥ town name(s)

gonna keep it a secret until I know what I’m doing ahaha

❥ dream address(es)

nooOO none yet

❥ favorite villager

umum I say poncho but I’m not sure. I really love Ruby?

❥ favorite non-villager character

BREWSTERRRRR (not gonna lie i kind of ship him and celeste)

❥ favorite flowers

I like white carnations!

❥ favorite time of day

SUPER early mornings where everything is relaxing. Sadly, theres not villagers out and about but

❥ native fruit

apples, currently!

❥ how would you describe your mayor’s style?

florals! Lillian is a florist after all!

❥ how would you describe your town style?

brand new

❥ are there any items you’re looking for?

not sure ahaha

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Girls I Want to See in YA PART 2

Girls I Want to See in YA part 1

  • Girls with personality!!!!!!!! Who have voice and are like actual human beings
  • NOT Mary Sues (this goes for all of the gender spectrum)
  • Girls who are socially awkward and it isn’t played off as cute. Girls who seriously struggle with fitting in and being sociable (none of this counts though if you have some really confident guy who realistically would never talk to this girl come in and totally fall for her THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS GUYS DON’T FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU BY WATCHING YOU SIT IN A CORNER AND PRETEND YOU AREN’T TERRIFIED OF SOCIAL INTERACTION)
  • Girls who love girls. I want to see so much girl love!!! Girls supporting girls!!! White girls supporting WoC!! Able-bodied girls supporting girls with disabilities!!! And vice versa!! Girl love everywheree!!!!!!!
  • I said this last time but: Pretty girls who know they’re pretty. Girls who don’t put themselves down. 
  • Devious girls. Wicked girls. Cunning, conniving, brilliant girls.
  • Girls who are monsters. Interpret that however you like.
  • Girls who cry every night and show up to school all smiles and confidence.
  • Girls who are real people!!! Actual human beings! With honest problems and complexity and gray morality who have no idea what they’re doing but other times they know exactly what they’re doing!

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1. How long have you had ACNL?: i was literally able to get it march 27th this year (thank god)

2. How many towns do you have?: just this one!

3. Mayor name(s): nat (how original)

4. Town name(s): pinwheel but idk if i shud change it

5. Dream address(es): none yet

6. Favorite villager: i dont have them yet but i love genji, kiki, and bunnie

7. Favorite non-villager character: i dont rly know? but from what ive seen leif is really cute and chill

8. Favorite flowers: white lillies

9. Favorite time of day: not sure!

10. Native fruit: pears (but do i want apples? im probably gonna hack lbr)

11. How would you describe your mayor’s style?: i like relaxed stuff so probably that tbh

12. How would you describe your home style?: my house barely has anything lol i guess it can be lived-in

13. How would you describe your town style?: again barely anything here, not sure which direction i wanna go in but i do love forest towns ive seen

14. Are there any items you are currently looking for?: nope

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