i love how niall screams for harry

alright let’s talk about Niall ‘i love showing love’ horan and how he is a very [harry styles voice] generous person

now there are mutiple instances where niall does things and you’re like ??? 

like he didn’t have to kiss these wonderful men?? but he did?? anyway?? cause like he has so much love to give?? and he’s about to show it??

and then how can we forget his infamous birthday party #tb to 2014 in vegas

like why so close niall?? so up close nialL??? i’M SCREAMING LOOK AT HIS MOUTH NEXT TO BEN’S. i digress i digress. 

and then there is the infamous kisses lets start out with #ned

Like ok?? thought y’all hated each other but guess not cause who can hate niall fucking horan?? like look at this??

and of course he’s always affectionate with his band mates




but like we all know niall is super private about his #personal relationships. never letting anyone know who he is dating. always tryna be subtle.

SUBTLE. okay neil you’re totally subtle.

don’t think i don’t see you heart eyeing harry

like ok? what was that hip thing? like did we ask? like why are you smiling like that? you tryna hide something but ??

like this ain’t your bedroom kid why you pushing his jacket to the sides?? like okay?/

ok now you think he’s funny. he ain’t even THAT funny but you look like yo herad the best joke of the century???

oh and you wish i could unsee this now don’t ya

but alas here we are totally ‘clueless’ as to who niall horan is ACTUALLY dating because ya know he’s all personal doesn’t like people knowing who he likes and that’s why doesn’t kiss them in public but…..


happy birthday to the Irish one.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have put together some gifs.

A little Irish potato. His heritage is so strong and he loves it. 

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Niall knows how luscious Harry’s hair is. He is fulfilling every fangirl’s dream rn.

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my favorite Niall is rock n roll Niall. Just watch his face while he plays. His entire body screams HOT.

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An accurate representation of sunshine.

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Nouis is severely underrated. Side note: hIS ARMS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME.

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Sharp-dressed Niall should be a regular occurrence.

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Fetus Niall.

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Why am I crying

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Can I photoshop my face into this?

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Thank you Liam

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“Oh my god” and clutching his lil chest I neED TO SEE THIS EVERYDAY

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Can you hear my scream?!

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Rocker Niall is my favorite Niall

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The reason why I still exist

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Fetus Niall + Shirtless Niall = my dead body

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How riveting.

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For real, i sing his solo before I go to bed so I feel loved. “Little Things” keeps me alive

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Is this like a routine-ritual he does? If so, can I be apart of it?

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He’s trying so hard i’M LAUGHING

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I cried when I saw this

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He needs to be stopped.

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I need to stop.

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No I don’t.

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Let us end on a good note.

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Oh god.

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I love this zobohobo person frantically yelling about how THERES NOTHING WRONG WTH RELEASING SINGLES WITHOUT AN ALBUM when the quote in question quite literally said nothing derogatory or wrong or insulting at all about the fact that Louis and Niall did that... it just said that they did it lmao? Lord.

i knowhdhzheuz i am still laughing?? frantically out here screaming into the void abt imagined slights against louis and niall and also…. singles? i’m imagining like if someone reported that harry went out to dinner and just got an entree unlike his bandmates louis and niall who got apps first and this person yelling like THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING AN APPETIZER FIRST?? THEY ARE AN IMPORTANT PART OF GOING OUT 2 DINNER GOD THIS IS WHY I HATE Y'ALL



“It’s in your eyes” he screamed “ it’s anger and sadness and its all hidden! It’s hidden from your parents, from your friends, from everyone! ” he stayed quite for a minute and let out a sigh “ from me. You’re in pain and you didn’t even come to me. How am I suppose to feel? How am I suppose to help, if I don’t know?”

#14 BLURBS - It’s Out (Harry Styles)

“Are you sure?” He asked. “How can this be possible!” He screamed. He had been on the mobile for the last fifty minutes, shouting at his manager. He swore for one last time and cut the call. “I don’t know how you’re smiling!” He looked at me. 

“Let it go,” I smiled. 

“I can’t let it go! This was private! Now, it’s all over the media!” He shouted and then, pulled his hair. Yes, it was all over the media. His account had been hacked into and some pictures were leaked. Pictures of Harry and I, no nudes or anything but, just of us together, selfies, taken by a few friends, him holding me and one of him kissing me. This was a big thing. None of our pictures were out yet. Apart from his friends and family, I was a secret, his secret. Well, no more…

“I didn’t want it to come out like this!” He sighed into my neck, “I wanted to introduce you formally, not have someone leak our pictures!” 

“It’s okay. It’s out, it’s out. Now, all you’ve to do is accept me,” I smirked. 

“I will kill you!” He bit my shoulder. 

“So much love!” I laughed, 

“I really didn’t want it to happen like this…” He said, cuddling into my body. 

“You should be glad there are no nudes!” I laughed, “That would be bad!” 

“I would have killed the hacker! I will still kill the hacker!” 

“Calm down…it’s okay,” I kissed his forehead. 

“You know what,” He said pulling his phone out, “Smile!” He took out the front camera and took a picture, kissing my jaw. Instantly posting it on Instagram, he captioned it,  ‘it’s out, it’s out’.


I miss the concerts. 

I miss the anticipation of waiting for them to come on stage. 

I miss 70,000+ girls/boys dancing to the macarena. 

I miss seeing annoyed parents being dragged by their 5 year old daughter. 

I miss waiting in the line for the over priced merchandise. 

I miss being surrounded by people who loved these boys as much as I do. 

I miss when the lights turned off everyone screamed. 

I miss the lights flickering to the beat of the music. 

I miss the sound of the music live, with their raw voices. 

I miss Liam trying on costumes fans threw up on stage. 

I miss Louis starting fights with the boys and the fans.

I miss Harry falling over nothing but air. 

I miss Niall trying to put on an accent that represented the place. 

I miss Zayn presence, how he could make the audience awe with his voice. 

I miss the twitter questions. 

I miss the crazy posters. 

I miss the meet ups between the fans. 

I miss singing so loud you didn’t care on what any thought. 

I miss feeling like I was the only one there. 

I miss the lines for the transport home, or trying to find a parking spot. 

I miss the concerts. 

I miss watching the concerts in 10 second snap chats. 

I miss the constant presence of the boys. 

I miss seeing the boys live. 

I miss the feeling of when you got home and you were nothing but happy. 

I miss the feeling of home. 


You’re at a One Direction show, watching your boyfriend, Liam, play. There are so many girls around screaming his name and you can’t believe how unbelievably proud of him you are. You smile at him, shake your head, and mouth the words, “I love you,” to him. He grins at you and mouths it back in front of everyone.

You had given Harry the most memorable time of his life yesterday night, what with the both of you tangled up in the sheets with a thin layer of sweat coating your bodies after hours of your festivities. 

Of course, it was clear that Harry was still thinking about the events, considering ever chance he had, he would kind of space out with a dopey smile on his face before singing his lines in a song. Better Than Words was the perfect song of expressing exactly how you made him feel.

“Best I ever had, hips don’t lie, you make me wanna,” Niall sang, the crowd screaming as Niall did his famous ‘slide-my-hand-down-to-my-crotch’ move. 

Harry had managed to sneak his way over to your side of the stage, mouthing the words and imitating Niall’s move (in a much more inappropriate way), all while keeping intense eye contact with you. 

“What’s gotten into Harry?” Lou asked, nudging your sides.

“Just.. loving life, I guess.” You replied, Harry winking at you for the millionth time that night. 

“Mhm.. and does this ‘loving life’ thing have anything to do sex?” She asked bluntly, bursting into a fit of giggles as she watched your cheeks warm up. 


gif isn’t mine!

these imagines are getting shittier and shittier everyday  

Louis Tomlinson Smut

I love you. I hate you. I miss you. I never want to see you ever again. Please don’t leave. I don’t care. I need you. Fuck you. I want you. Stay out of my life. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…

That’s how most of my arguments go with Louis. Odds are we’re fighting over something stupid. We scream and yell and say things we know we don’t mean. But at the end of the day, we realize that we still love each other. We make up in the best ways possible. We end up arguing every other night or so, though. Unfortunately, this was one of those nights.

I jump out of the car and slam the door shut much harder than required. Louis takes his time getting out of the driver’s seat, obviously not in the mood for my attitude, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m so freaking mad at him, and he knows it. I trot up the walkway to the front door and fumble through my purse looking for my keys. Louis stands directly behind me, sighing like he could care less about me and my anger for him right now.

When I don’t find my keys, I turn to him and put my hand out flat in front of him. “Keys.”

He digs in his front pocket and drops them in my palm. I turn back around and stick one of the keys into the lock. I don’t know if it’s the right one or not. They all look the same to me in my fury. I turn the doorknob, but it doesn’t budge. Wrong key. I try another. That one is wrong, too. I groan to myself as I try the next one.

“Do you need any help?” Louis asks me stepping to my side. I glare at him and purse my lips.

“I’ve got it,” I say spitefully. He throws his hands up and takes a pace back. Thankfully the next key I try is the right one. I push the door open and head straight for the staircase, leaving the keys in the door. I hear Louis jimmy the key out of the lock and close the door back.

“Y/N,” he calls out to me. I ignore him as I climb the stairs as fast as I can, my heels clanking loudly along the way. He follows me up, calling my name brasher than the last time. I completely zone him out as I reach the second story. I rush down the hall to our room and slam it shut before he can get in. Louis twists the doorknob and pushes it open before I can lock it, though.

He frowns at me, evidentially realizing what I was trying to do. I return the look and go to sit down on the edge of our bed. “What the fuck is your problem?” he yells towards me.

“Why don’t you go back out and ask all of those sluts you flirted with at dinner what the fuck my problem is,” I grumble. I pull my heels off of my feet and throw them across the room as if they were nothing but a piece of worthless trash. His face molds into total confusion.

“I didn’t flirt with anyone!” he declares as he tosses his hands up.

“Oh, don’t pretend that you didn’t, Louis! Isaw you with my own eyes!” I retort standing up on my now bare feet.

 “Who? Name some,” he tells me, his face getting red with irritation. I stomp out of the room past him, and I hear his feet following right behind me to the staircase.

“How about the waitress at dinner? Or the fans outside? What about the girl who asked for your autograph, huh?” I say walking back down the steps of the flight of stairs.

“That wasn’t flirting! That was just being nice!” Louis says. I know that Louis is very attractive, and that I have to share him with the whole world and all of his fans. Jealousy isn’t supposed to be an option for me, but he flirts with other girls right in my face. I don’t even think he realizes it, either. It’s like a habit of his. And if he doesn’t kick this habit, this engagement ring on my finger is going to go straight up his ass.

Louis purposed to me about a year ago. It was the most romantic thing I have ever experienced. He did it during one of his band’s, One Direction, concerts. He had them bring me on stage after performing one of their songs, and he got down on one knee in front of Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, everyone. Jesus, was I an emotional wreck when it happened. It was the most quixotic act of love anyone had ever done for me, and to know that Louis planned it all just made it a trillion times better. Of course, I said yes. Any girl in their right mind would.

The entire world was filled with mixed feeling for the two of us. Some people were happy for Louis and I, wishing us the best of luck for the life ahead. Others completely disagreed with Lou’s decision to get married to me. Especially his fan base. Most of them were distraught with the fact that Louis wanted me to be his wife. We ignore it all though, because I love Louis, and Louis loves me. And any fan of his that doesn’t want him to be happy with me isn’t a real fan.

We’ve certainly been together long enough to be married. We initially planned the wedding two months after the engagement. But, of course, Louis’s career called for otherwise. Tours, the recording of new songs, and much more have kept us from planning our wedding. Being in the number one boy band on the planet doesn’t give him much of a break. I don’t complain, though. I’m willing to wait forever for the day when I get to say ‘I do’ to Louis. But this year of our relationship has been the rockiest ever.

I’ve been having trust issues, and he’s let his fame get to his head. And it’s hard to hold on to what we have when there are beautiful girls flaunting their shit all in his face. I know I shouldn’t be so envious, but anyone would be scared by the thought of the person you love the most leaving you for someone so gorgeous that they make you look like crap.

Sometimes I can’t wait to be married and become Mrs. Tomlinson. Other times I just want to give up on Louis and me and call it quits, because it would just be so much easier than fighting. And sometimes I have absolutely no idea what we’re doing.

“You don’t think I saw the way you were looking at that waitress? You’re a dumbass if you thought you were gonna tap that,” I say stepping down the last step of the staircase. I make my way into the kitchen.

“What the hell are you talking about? I looked at her! That’s all! And since when is it a crime to talk to a fan?” Louis asks loudly. I groan noisily for him to hear. I go into one of the cabinets and take out a tall drinking glass. I set it down on the marble island in the middle of the kitchen. I didn’t answer him because I was sick of explaining things to him. He likes to make me seem crazy when I’m not. I know what I saw, and I know what I heard. And what he did tonight was not just innocent looking and talking.

I rummage through Louis’s wine cabinet until I pull out a bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafleur. I return to my glass, yank the cork out of the bottle, and pour the wine all the way up to the rim of the glass. I pick the glass up and tilt it back to my mouth, taking a large sip of it. “You can’t drink that much. You’re going to get drunk, love,” Louis says coming closer to me.

I scoff at the way he calls me love, as if he truly cares about me. “Maybe I want to be drunk,” I jeer at him. I take a huge gulp of the wine. It tastes sweet along the lining of my throat as I swallow it all. I place the side of the glass to my temple and rest my free hand against the island, closing my eyes. “Tonight was supposed to be special. We never get to have time to ourselves anymore, and when we finally get some, you manage to fuck it up.”

“I didn’t fuck anything up. That was all you,” Louis murmurs under his breath. My eyes open a bit to squint at him.

“What did you just say to me?” I ask him.

“It’s not me fucking things up. It’s you and your little delusions that fuck things up. You think I’m flirting with other women when I’m not. You’re paranoid in the head,” he says loud enough for me to hear him.

“You know what? Fuck you, Louis! You’re always making me seem out of it when I’m not! You’re so damn manipulative! And if you don’t stop, you’re going to find yourself alone! Oh, but you wouldn’t mind that, would you? ‘Cause you’ve got yourself a barn full of bitches that can replace me, don’t you?” I scream.

“That’s the problem! I can’t stop doing something if I’m not doing anything! Yet I’m still in trouble, and for what? For absolutely nothing! Do you listen to all of those little voices in your head? ‘Cause I think that you do! And even if you did leave, where are you going to go? I’m all you’ve got out here,” Louis screams back.

“God, what did I ever see in you?” I ask myself taking another sip of my wine.

“Maybe it was my money,” he says. I narrow my eyes and shut my jaw tight as my grip around my glass tightens.

“You know that is not why I’m with you,” I say, holding back my urge to cry.

“Then why are you still here?” he asks.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I love you!” I holler.

“Do you? ‘Cause I can’t tell,” he says. I moan out of aggravation. I go to drink more of my wine, but Louis snatches the drink out of my hand. “Stop,” he growls sternly.

“I’ll stop when you stop acting like a fucking pimp,” I say stealing the glass back. Some of the wine splashes out onto the tiled floor between us. It trickles onto my ankles and feet, but right now I’m too upset to care.

“Oh my God, you’re too fucking stupid to realize that I’m not acting like a pimp! We’ve been together all this time, and you still don’t trust me! I love you enough to make you my wife, but you can’t stop being jealous, can you? Louis says to me.

“Oh, so now I’m stupid? Louis, when are you going to take responsibility for your actions?” I hold my left hand up, showing him the engagement ring. “Does this ring mean nothing to you? I am your fiancée! We’re getting married, damnit!” I shout.

“Are we? Because right now I’m not sure if I want to,” Louis says. I widen my eyes in surprise.

“What are you saying?” I ask him.

“How can we get married if you don’t trust me?”

I set my wine down on the island. “Are you saying you don’t want to marry me?” Lou looks at me, his face blank and untelling. I try so hard not to cry, but a small tear slips out of my left eye. My facial expression stays firm as I stare down at the floor, noticing how the spilled wine has flowed through the grooves in between the tiles. Then I hear Louis speak, trying to take it all back.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I—“

“Don’t! Just don’t, Louis! You said it, so you must have meant it!” I screech looking back up at him. Tears cover both sides of my face now. They come out hot and rushed, like water escaping through a crack in a dam. His face appears apologetic and regretful. I peer back down at my finger holding the engagement ring on it. “We don’t have to get married. I don’t have to be your fiancée,” I slowly slip the ring off of my finger, “and we don’t have to be together.”

I throw the ring onto the floor. Louis seems shocked and appalled by the sound of it hitting the floor and skidding to a stop in front of his feet. I glare into his stunned, cobalt eyes before storming out of the room. My bare feet hit the cold, hard surface underneath them as they take me back up the stairs. Louis follows me, calling my name repeatedly. I walk back into our room, rushing into the closet. I reach onto the top shelf and pull down a suitcase, taking it back into the room and setting it on top of the bed.

Louis stood by the bed as I unzipped the suitcase and opened it. I hurry back into the closet and yank some of my clothes off of their hangers before going back into the room and throwing them into the suitcase. “What’re you doing?” Louis asks me.

“I’m leaving, Louis! I can’t do this anymore!” I bellow. The stream of tears was steadily rolling out of my eyes. I return to the closet, jerking more clothes down.

“Where are you going to go?” he asks me.

“Don’t know. Niall has a spare room at his place, right? Maybe he’ll let me crash there until I can find myself a new place. Or maybe Harry. I’m sure he won’t mind,” I say a bit quieter, mostly because I’m not sure about anything I’m saying. I carry my clothes into the room to see Louis blocking my way to my bag. “Move.”

“No. I’m not letting you leave to go stay with Niall or Harry or anyone,” Louis says.

“Fine. I’ll go to one of my friend’s place. Or I’ll stay in a hotel. You can’t stop me either way.” I travel onto the other side of the bed to get to the suitcase, but Louis takes ahold of my wrist. He tugs me back toward him causing me to drop all of my clothes. “Get off of me!” I cry. I try to get out of his hold, but Louis is stronger than me.

“Listen to me! Just listen!” he hollers at me. He takes my other wrist and starts shaking me until I give up. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean anything I said! It’s just…I love you so much, but you drive me insane with your jealousy and thoughts that I’m going to leave you!” His grip loosens a bit. “You are the only woman I ever look at! You are the only woman I ever dream of! You’re the only woman for me! Do you think I pay those other girls any attention? At the end of the day, I’m always right here by your side. You just don’t seem to see that I’d never leave you. I don’t want you to leave me. Please don’t leave.”

Every time I threaten to leave Louis, he gives me this heart wrenching speech about how much he loves me and how sorry he is and how he never ever wants to lose me. And I end up falling for it every single time. But tonight, I’m not going to let myself fall victim to his sympathy stunt.

“No. I’m not staying. We can’t keep doing this over and over again,” I say.

“Please, Y/N. I cannot live without you,” he says. He lets my wrists go and allows his hands to cup my face. He begins pecking me on my lips lightly.

“Louis. Stop,” I say in between kisses.

“Never,” he says before kissing me again. He places his hands of my hips and starts backing me up. I keep telling him to stop, but with each time I ask, I just receive another smooch. My back finally hits a wall as Louis starts to whisper ‘I love you’ in between kisses. “I love you.” Kiss. “I love you.” Kiss. “I love you.” Kiss. “I love you…”

He moves his lips down to my neck. He holds me to the wall, making me motionless. “Stop, Lou. We can’t do this. Please,” I beg, trying to sound like I don’t love the way he’s sucking on my neck. He doesn’t listen to me. Louis sucks on my skin even harder, leaving marks for sure. I try so hard to keep my composure. “Stop…stop…Louis…ah, Louis…oh, God…”

I put my hand on the back of his neck, wanting him to suck more. Louis comes back up to my lips, kissing me with nothing but hunger. I kiss him with the same feelings in mind. Louis’s hands glide down my hips and to the end of my skinny, black dress. He pulls it up over my hips, exposing my panties. Louis hooks two of his finger on the inside of them, pulls back, and lets it go, letting the elastic strap waist band slap against my skin. He loves that sound. It gets him hot, and it does the same to me.

He reaches his other hand behind my back and pulls the zipper to my dress down leisurely. I take the straps of my dress and pull them off of my shoulders, letting it fall flaccidly to the floor around my ankles. Once I kick it to the side, Louis forcefully slams be back into the wall and ambushes me with kisses all over my skin. I pull Louis’s shirt over his head and throw it to the floor. Louis takes his right hand and places it inside of my panties.

His fingers start playing with my clit roughly, causing me to moan his name loudly. I begin getting aroused as my moans fill the room. I run my hands over Lou’s bare skin which is forever marked in ink. With his left hand, he pulls my right leg around his waist. By this time, I’m soaking wet, and I know that there is no going back now.

I begin grinding on his fingers, making his fingers rub into my clit even harder. Louis quiets my noisome moans by kissing me on the mouth. He slips his tongue into my mouth, our tongues intertwining with each other. It just makes me want Louis even more. God, how I want to feel every inch of him fill me up this very second…

Louis takes his hand out of my panties and wraps it under left thigh. I feel that they’re wet as he picks me up, my legs wrapping around my torso. He carries me to the bed, stepping on the clothes I had dropped earlier. He throws me onto the bed and shoves the suitcase over the edge causing the rest of the clothes to scatter everywhere. I scoot myself further up onto the bed and spread my legs open. Louis glowers at me seductively as he unbuckles his belt. He looks at me like I am the sexiest person on earth, and he can’t wait to get in between my legs.

I can see the hunger lurking in his eyes for me, and that turns me on even more. Louis unbuttons his pants and pulls then down his legs, showing me his plaid boxers. I slip my panties off of my legs and throw them at Louis. They hit him in the face, and he catches them with his hand. He looks into my eyes and smirks as he tosses them to the side. I reach behind my back and unhook my bra. I pull it off of my body and drop it over the side of the bed, making myself completely uncovered. I lean back onto my elbows as Louis stealthily crawls in between my legs. He puts his hands on the inside of my thighs and pushes them open even wider. He looks down at my bare body and tentatively licks his lips. Louis makes eye contact with me, and I think, Shit, this is going to be amazing.


Louis’s lips gently touch my clit, warm and moist. He vibrates his lips against it, causing me to lean all the way back, my head dangling over the edge of the bed. Louis knows that whenever he does that, it drives me crazy. His tongue slips out of his mouth and roams around my clit making me moan insanely and clasp the sheets of the bed tightly in my fists. My clit throbs as I yearn for him even more.

With both of his thumbs, he pulls the entrance of my pussy open and lets his tongue trespass inside. My body goes haywire. It takes every muscle in my body to keep myself from arching my back upward. My left hand tangles in Lou’s brown hair as I squeeze my eyes shut. With my other hand, I play with my breasts, grasping them and twirling the nipples in between my fingers. I keep calling his name as his tongue rub up and down my starving walls, bringing me internal pleasure. “Louis…oh, Louis…fuck,” I say as I gasp for air.

My calves scrub back and forth on the skin of his sides. I push my hand on the back of his neck, causing his tongue to go deeper inside of me. He makes noises as he eats me inside out, and I feel myself inching closer and closer to my point. “Oh, God, Louis…Oh my God…Louis,” I groan. Louis just files his tongue against my spongy walls even harder, not giving me any break. Soon, I fell over my peak. A loud scream followed by a sigh escapes my lungs. Louis licks up all of my excitement, making sure to get every last drop.

I caress his hair in between my fingers, breathing hard. He rubs my thighs and pushes himself up, glaring at me as he smiles. He stands on his knees in between my legs as I prop myself back up onto my elbows. I see Louis’s huge erection trying to bust its way out of his boxers. I always loved the way Lou’s dick crooked to the side whenever it was hard. I bite my bottom lip and sit all the way up. I pull his boxers down, and he takes them all the way off. His dick flings up and hits him in the stomach in the process of it all. Just the sight of it makes me want to suck it. Louis never has to ask me to suck his dick. He knows that I’m more than willing to shove his cock down my throat any day of the week. He knows that I love to do it, and he knows more than anyone that I know how to do it very well.

I take Louis’s dick in my hand, stroking it up and down its shaft. Louis grunts to himself as I gently kiss the tip of it, getting the pre-cum on my lips. I begin dragging my tongue on every part of Lou’s rod that I can get to. I touch myself all around my wet pussy as I slowly push the tip into my mouth. I moan, making it sound like I love it, which I do. I fill my mouth with saliva, making his dick completely submerged. I push the rest of his dick down my throat, almost chocking on his largeness. I keep it down there for a few moments before pulling it back out.

I slid my hand on his length, moaning to myself. I find the spot Louis loves for me to suck on in between his shaft and the head. I move my mouth to that spot and start sucking on it roughly. Louis tilted his head back and groaned to himself aloud. “Awe, shit,” he moaned.

Louis brings his head back up and looks down at me working. He puts his hand on the back of my head, wanting me to put his dick back into my mouth. I obliged by slithering his rod into my mouth and pushing it to the side with my tongue. Louis’s hand pushes on the back of my head, causing his dick to go straight down my throat. He pulls it out about halfway, then shoves back down. Louis practically began fucking my throat, thrusting in and out of my mouth. I take a hold of Louis’s hips just to keep myself upright. As he grunts, I gag on his cock. He then holds my head down on his dick, it utterly filling my throat.

It gets to the point where my eyes were watering. Then he lets my head go. I take his dick out of my throat, but I let it linger in my mouth as I suck it. My throat is sore as hell, but I don’t mind. My hand moves up and down his shaft along with my mouth, giving him a proper blowjob. “Agh, Y/N,” Louis grunts.

I take Lou’s globes in my other hand, circling them around. That’s what makes him call my name even more deafening. I love it when he screams  out my name. It gives me a boost, like steroids rushing inside of my veins. He takes a fistful of my hair, and I instantly know what that means. Louis’s close. I keep bobbing my head on his know, not slowing down. If anything, I speed up. Then I feel him cum  into my mouth as he screams a slur of words thunderously. He pulls himself out of my mouth and peers down at me, grabbing me by my chin and forcing me to look him in his piercing blue eyes.

I swallow his cum since I know he gets a sexual kick out of it. It traveled down my throat, warm and sticky. Louis leans over and kisses me on my lips, rubbing my back with his hands. His hands run down my back and to my ass, squeezing both sides. I take Louis by surprise as I push him vehemently onto his back. Louis stares at me as if he were dazed, but them he narrows his eyes at me as he takes his dick in his hand, holding it up. I seductively crawl up to Louis, staring him straight in the eyes.

I sit myself on top of him and lean forward enough so that Louis could slip his dick into my cunt.  My breasts smash against Lou’s chest, and in one swift motion he pushes his dick inside of me, causing me to gasp. I lean my head onto his shoulder as I lower myself down on his cock. Louis places his hands on my hips as I steadily begin riding him. My body curves all around his dick which was beginning to get hard again. I push myself up and down on Louis, pleasing him and myself.

I begin to say his name out loud as I try to go faster. Louis grips my hips tightly, pushing my body down and pulling it back up off of him and so on. I grind on him hard and fast, taking out all of my anger for him earlier that night. I bounce up and down on his dick, trying to get him even deeper inside of me. My breasts jump in the process. I can hear our skin slapping together, becoming one over and over again. Louis’s dick moving around my tight walls feels spectacular and phenomenal. Our moans escape in complete unison. Our words come out slurred and incomprehensible, but what we did understand was it was all feeling so amazing, and we never wanted to stop.

Louis flips us in bed, making him the dominant one. He tilts down onto my body and thrusts deeply into me. He begins sucking on my collar bones, leaving evidence that Louis Tomlinson was there. Louis finally starts hitting my sweet spot, and I just cannot control myself. I start screaming my head off, hollering his name, using profanity. I sink my nails into the sink in his biceps, leaving trails of red lines. Sweat cascades off of Louis’s messy hair and onto my own sweaty body. He pants and grunts as my name rolls off of his tongue like it’s the only thing he knows.

He sits up straight and places my leg over one of his shoulders, making my walls tighter around his dick.  I hold my breasts together while he fucks me harder. My screams begin to sound more like unhuman-like noises. Louis puts his hand on the out part of my thigh that was propped over his shoulder. He keeps hitting my spot as hard as he could. He knows it all too well.

I scream until I just can’t scream anymore. I keep running out of air to breathe as I feel myself growing closer to my climax. I reach one of my hands down to my clit, rubbing it fast to speed up the climax process. Louis makes a few most hasty thrusts, and I was done for. I made it to my milestone. My heart feels like it was literally beating out of my chest. Louis keeps going strong. My eyes are about to roll to back of my head as his moans and groans become shriller. I know he’s close.

“Fuck!” he yells up to the ceiling, his voice reaching to the heavens and beyond. I feel his cum immediately fill the inside of me. He makes a few more shoddy thrusts before pulling out. Louis prods my pussy a few times before deciding to collapse on the bed beside me. We lay side by side catching our breath as I pull the covers over us. I think about what I just did, and I hated myself for letting Louis fool me again into having sex with him. But I had to admit that I was satisfied. Louis successfully fucked my brains out.

We lay there silently staring at the ceiling. Louis turns his body towards me, his fingers beginning to touch my shoulder. “That was absolutely amazing,” he sighs.

“Mhm,” I mumble, feeling upset with myself.

“Y/N,” Louis says.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Are you still going to leave me?” he queries. I sigh and think about the question. I debate what I’m going to say, and then I say what I always say when he asks me that question.

“No,” I answer.

“Are you still mad at me?”

“No.” I was never mad after sex. Louis knows that.

“Do you still love me?”

“Of course I do, Louis. I always have,” I say.

“Then why do you constantly push me away?” he asks me.

“I don’t know…sometimes I’m scared that you’re going to leave me for someone so much more beautiful than me. I’m worried that you’ll forget me and everything we have.”

Louis looks at me as if I weren’t even human. “Y/N, love, I’m never going to leave you because you are the most beautiful girl in the world to me. Everything we have is so special. Why would I throw that all away?” Louis tells me. I feel so stupid and insecure. All Louis’s ever done was try to love me, and all I ever do is try to see his faults. “Hold on for a second,” Lou says.

He gets up out of the bed and pulls his boxers on. Louis walks out of the room and down the hall until I couldn’t see him anymore. I sit up in bed, pulling the cover over my chest. Tired, I yawn and rub my hand over my face. I wonder what Louis could be doing as I wait for him. A few seconds later, Louis comes walking back into the room. He gets back into bed with a joyful little smile plastered on his face. “I’d like for you to be my fiancée again, if you don’t mind.”

I smile at him as he holds out my engagement ring to me. “Yes, of course, Lou,” I say. I put my left hand out and Louis slips the ring back onto my ring finger, its rightful home. I look at the ring, vast and great on my finger. Louis leans in and kisses me gingerly. I kiss him back and set my hand on the side of his face. The moment is enormously perfect.

Too bad it’s going to happen all over again next week. Oh, well. At least I’ll have the sex to look forward to.


i also saw two lil girls with ‘Liam Louis Niall Harry Zayn’ shirts in town after I booked my trip to Vienna and I smiled at them and said “nice shirt” and the poor angels thought I was making fun of them so I told them I just got my train ticket to Vienna to see the boys and they totally freaked out and started talking to me about how much they love them and that they never met an older “directioner” and god they were so cute and then their friend showed up too and they said “look!!! this woman is a directioner!!!” and i screamed on the inside because they were 14 and i am fucking 21 but it was really adorable and they said they would’ve guessed i like niall the most too so :-) they were so excited it was so cute 

I Love You

It was the same thing over and over again.  The fights, the screaming, the throwing, the crying, making up only to be at each others throats the next day.  You didn’t know how much more you could take.

Niall was in the same boat.  Every night he would try to drink the pain away.  Escaping to another world away from everything.  No matter how hard he tried reality always hit him hard.  He would stumble in every night with bloodied knuckles from fights at the club, the smell of alcohol on his breath, crazed look in his eyes.


You woke up to glass being broken downstairs.  Panicked, you quietly shuffle downstairs to find your boyfriend grumbling at the broken glass. He looked up at you coming down the stairs.  As you walked past him to clean up the mess, he grabbed your wrist, pushing you against the wall so he could kiss you hungrily.

You resisted and he noticed.  His left hand pinned your wrists above your head as his right one trailed down to your bum, squeezing it.  You gasped and he took the opportunity to force his tongue in your mouth.  You kicked your feet into his stomach, knocking him onto the glass coffee table.

“What the fuck?!” he shouted angrily.

You glared at him.  “You don’t get to come in hear drunk, cause a mess, and the expect me to give you what you want!” you shouted.  By that time, Niall had gotten up and was now standing in front of you.

“JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP Y/N!” he screamed in your face.

“NO, I WON’T!  YOU CAME IN HERE A MESS SO DON’T GET MAD AT ME!” you yelled back all while walking to get the dustpan and broom.  Niall followed close behind.,

“You think I want to be like this?!  A drunk who tries to escape and can’t because his bloody sorry excuse for a girlfriend keeps popping up out of nowhere?!  You can’t get mad at me because it’s all your fault, Y/N!!!”

You stopped all of your movements.  Something inside you just snapped.  You couldn’t do it anymore.  It was time.  Slowly, you turned to look at him for a really long time before speaking.  “You know what?  You are absolutely right, Niall.  Maybe I should make it up to you.”

He looked at you strangely for a while.  “Yeah you should.”

“Go wait in the living room,” you told him.  He did as was told and you went upstairs.  Once in your bedroom, you started to pack.  You couldn’t  take everything so you only packed necessities.  Once you were done you walked downstairs with everything.  Niall turned around and immediately stood up.

“Where are you going?”, he asked.

“You said it’s all my fault your like this.  So I’m leaving. Cutting the cancer out of your life.  It’s been real but I’m done,” you said looking him straight in the eye.  His face fell at that.  You walked past him to the door and he followed like a lost puppy.

“Wait baby we can work this out we always do-”

“Only to fall back again right after.  Can’t you see, Niall?  How damaged we are?  I think we need to be done.  Before we both become so damaged we can’t fix ourselves,” you said barely above a whisper.  He looked at you with sad, tear stained eyes.

“But….” he tried feebly.  You set your bag down and walked over to him.  You looked up at him, he looked down at you and you saw the flashbacks.  Every memory all leading to the very first kiss.  You stood on your toes and pressed your lips to him gently.  He kissed back and in that one kiss you felt the love, the passion, the anger, and the hurt.  You pulled away and walked back to the door.

“I love you, Y/N,“ he whispered.

“I love you, Niall,” you whispered before walking out and closing the door.

This was my very first imagine to write so I’m sorry if it sucks.  Feel free to share opinions. ~Jo