i love how much they care about their runners

Blade Runner 2049

I just watched Blade Runner 2049.

I liked it almost more than the original. which I also loved.

I seem to be in the minority with my opinion… of our group who went to watch it together and of whom some have seen the original ages ago and liked it, or didn’t remember that much anymore except that it was a cult classic of its time, or some never seen it at all, the only people who liked it were me and mr chemistry. who had some minor issues but still liked it overall. I had some minor issues too, but still overall it was awesome and I didn’t mind the minor problems over the rest. don’t know what the critics say about the new one. and I don’t really care. I loved it. it is visually absolutely stunning. I also loved how they achieved a mix of this old-school retro tech look but modernised it so that it didn’t look like the eighties but still also somehow did, but still futuristic and realistic according to today’s standards. the storytelling was good and continued the original really well imho. the music is awesome. so yeah. I like it. very much so.

and I want Luv’s hairdo. and her clothes too. ;)

Gunshot & Spear. (Minho x Reader)

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Actually sure! Can you write a imagine (based off the TMR movie) where you’re really good friends with Minho, and after you escape the Maze your boyfriend Gally shoots Chuck, so then Minho throws the spear at him, and your extremely torn between being mad at Minho or thinking that Gally deserves it, so in the scorch Minho does everything he can to make it up to you 

For: @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure

I stood with the group Thomas lead out of the Maze and became so distracted and entranced by the tunnel light of the exit. It was like a portal to Heaven. I was glad that Thomas became so fearless to get us out of here, it showed how much he cared. 

By then we should get out of here and go home and see our families- if we still had one. I was so into the blare of the light that I was startled when a familiar face appear behind us, his entire face was filled with sweat and tears. And he looked…stung.

His face wasn’t shining with happiness when he saw us. Gally. “No,” he said.

As soon as Gally lifted the gun in his hands and pointed it at Thomas, that was when I knew the boyfriend I once had was completely out of his mind. There was no point of knocking some sense into him, because he got stung and WICKED was controlling his influence.

I pressed my face against Teresa’s shoulder as she tried to comfort me from the horror. As best friends, Minho was next to me and we held hands for a long time before I spoke again. “Is this really happening?”

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You Make Me Smile

*Requested: Gally imagine based on the song “Smile” by Sixx AM. lyrics here: http://youtu.be/bdBcmLwiTmo *

Gally woke up first, the two of you nestled in his big hammock. You had talked and cuddled the whole night with some kissing, of course, you couldn’t lie. He observed your face, taking in the way the morning light fell across your face, the way you slept so peacefully and beautifully in the hammock, his warmth keeping you comfortable. He kissed your cheek gently, over and over, moving from your cheek to your ear, then behind your ear and down to your neck. You smiled as his kisses woke you up.

“You’re not at all what I thought you would be.” you said in a sleepy voice and he chuckled and you felt the vibrations in your body.

“What do you mean?” your boyfriend whispered gently and you smiled.

“They all said you were mean.” you said and he wrapped an arm around you tightly.

“That’s because I don’t smile around them.” he said and you wished there was a way to get him even closer than he already was.

“You’re not a bad person.” you said and he kissed you again.

“It’s just that you came into the Glade and I don’t know, it’s like I missed you before I even knew you. You make me smile so much more than before.” you blushed as he quietly said these things into your ear.

“Why did you choose me?” he asked and you stopped smiling for a second.

“What do you mean?” you asked and he kissed your cheek yet again.

“Why did such a wonderful angel like you decide to like a devil like me?” he asked and you turned around and kissed him hard. You wanted him to know that he wasn’t a bad person and you weren’t a good person and it wasn’t all black and white and maybe you two were the grey.

“Because I don’t care about good and bad and right and wrong, I care about how I feel about you in the morning. Mornings like this one, where you wake up before me and kiss me to wake me up and it’s the best thing in the world. I feel like I’ve been looking for this, for YOU, my whole life.” you said and kissed him, your lips moving slowly and gently.

“I love you. So much. You’re the reason I’m here.” he said and you smiled.

“You’re the reason I smile too, you know.” you said and kissed his cheek for a change.

Minho: I’m Not Used To It

Sorry I am not active these days, there is a lot of stress. I have started and almost finished this imagine a long long time ago, so i decided to end it and share it with you. 

You looked up at him through your eyelashes. He was currently eating his food uncomfortably, averting his eyes from you. You gritted your teeth. What in the world could he possibly be mad at you for?
You had come up from the box 2 months ago, and were already close with the Keeper of the runners. He was one of the firsst people you spoke to when coming out of the box.
Now, you stared at the boy in front of you. It wasn’t often that he was quiet at dinner, but when he was, he was pissed.
When trying to grab his cup and not look at you, he accidentaly spilled the water, ruining both his and your food.
“Shuck!” You yelped, as you tried to save as much as you could of your food. You were a runner as well, and you were damn hungry when you came back.
All your attempts were in vain, your food was ruined, acquiring a mushy goey soup like appearance. “Dammit,” you muttered, your stomache growling. You were damn hungry, and you had been looking forward to dinner for a while, even if Frypan’s cooking wasn’t award winning.
Minho didn’t say anything yet, he just stared in shock, looking at your quick angry moves.
It was one of the days in which you felt the world caving in. It was as if the walls were suffocating you. You had a constant feeling of someone frowning upon you, always upset with your behaviour. Always mad at you. Although the rest of the Gladers did prove that they cared about you, you felt unwanted.
“Look, I dont know what the shuck is your problem with me these days. What made you suddenly hate me?”
Your breathig was irregular, as angrily glared in his direction, staring at the raven hair, as he avoided looking at you.
It was as if you were the plague.
“Look, I dont know…”
You looked at him as though he had grown another head. You heart sunk, maybe he just didnt want to hang out with you anymore. Even if he was there for you since the beginning. Even if he had seen you at your shukiest times yet. It hurt you.
Tears brimmed your eyes, and you started to gather your food on your tray, picking it up and turning towards the Kitchen.
“Hey! Wait up shuckface!”
You were walking quickly, not wanting anything to do with him at the moment.
“Leave me alone” you grumpled, quickening your pace.
A hand grabbed your arm, twisting you around to face a broad chest, not letting you get out of its tight grip.
“I didnt mean it like that.” His voice was of an eeire calm, you could almost feel him grind his teeth as his grip on you slightly tightened, bring a small pain in your arm.
“Well I did shuckface.” You hissed, this time looking him in the eyes.
Your eyes were dark.
There was anger, confusion, fear and a deep sense of repulsion, amost hatred emanating from them. They were glossed over, filled to the brim with tears, that you were refusing to pour. Your lips were parted, taking in deep breaths as your hands were in shaking fists, ready to lash out. You looked terrifying.
You were beautiful.
Different chills ran down Minhos back. However, an unpleasant feeling grew in his stomache. His face turned into a frown. He truly was the cause of that?
Had he made you hate him so much. He couldn’t let that happen. He would never be able to let himself do such thing to you. The small sniffle you let out as you struggled to wrench your arm out of his grasp made his heart shatter.
It was his last piece of control
“I love you.”
You whipped around, ready to smack him. Your heart was beating at the speed of a race horse. How could that ever be true. Why would he ever ignore you.
And why did you care so much?
“I dont like this. I dont like being in love. I can’t focus on anything, especially when you are around. I tripped. I shucking tripped and stumbled in the Maze because I was thinking about you. I’m the keeper of the Runners for a reason, and that is not because I run around in a frilly skirt and skip like a sissy. I kept my head on my shoulders. I cant do it anymore. I tried to keep away from, tried to control it.”
His voice now was raising to an angry boom.
“I don’t want anything here! ANYTHING! Do you understand? I just want out. But now, with you, I want you in my arms. I want you to be mine. To be happy. To be safe. That matters more. I… I’m not used to that.”
His voice ended in a murmur, a whisper flying in the wind.
He was back at looking away from you now, as he slwoly started retreating.
“I’m not used to it either.”

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Courtney's source thinks Danica was lined up for trios. Probably for Maks as they were switch up partners. She's often in the audience so that makes sense. It would have been cool to see her back.

Okay so I LOVE Danica. Probs more than most. But that would have been super awkward so much so that I’m not sure I buy it. Here are mostly champions for everyone else and also a runner up but Maks please have a 6th (or whatever she was) place finisher?? Yikes. Not a knock on Danica, more like is that how little they care about/how hard it is to find a good match for Maks? Again, just comparing to everyone they got for the other pairs.

Just Like Christmas – A Be My Princess Fanfic Featuring Prince Glenn (and Alan)

Written for grayace from her Secret Santa (me!)

Rated G (Because we don’t want to corrupt little Alan!)

Merry Christmas!!

The castle of Oriens was a beehive of activity on Christmas Eve morning, with servants rushing to and from the roaring kitchen and the nippy courtyard, hot chocolate and cookies in tow. It was an annual Royal Casiraghi tradition to treat the citizens to a winter festival, where they had a chance to enjoy some sweet treats, tour the festively decorated gardens, skate on an improvised ice rink and listen to live music amongst other holiday activities. Your excitement for the party, and the dreamy prince you would be attending it with, had been brewing for weeks; but to your chagrin, Glenn broke the news to you the night before that he could no longer accompany you.  His father, the King, had come down with the flu, leaving Glenn to preside over the festivities.

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Ok guys here is the story of my weight loss journey! My starting weight was at 194. I got to my lowest of 117. I am now at around 140ish. I stop weighing myself. NOTE it is important to love your body at every stage of weight loss!!! Self love is everything. Focus I getting healthy and fit not just being skinny. If you think that by getting to your ultimate goal weight everything will be perfect it won’t. If you don’t love yourself before or during you won’t love yourself after. Being healthy means having a healthy mindset as well not just being physically fit. You don’t see it in these pictures but when I was at my lowest I was not at my healthiest. I developed I believe an ED. I had fear foods, I would get anxiety about food I had no idea the calorie count on, I would avoid hanging out with people for fear of them wanting to go an eat. I also had my hair falling out, my skin was dry, and I was always so cold. I felt weak all the time but I still pushed myself to workout over and hour a day without a having rest days. I also didn’t have a period; it just stopped. Now I have gained some weight back but I have also gained my life back. I am actually living and not worrying about how much I weigh. I still workout but I do it because I enjoy and I make sure to fuel my body. I love my body more than I did when I was at my lowest. I am happy and I have so much confidence! So focus on being healthy and happy rather than being skinny. Your body is wonderful take care of it! 

I love how this season you really can see Stiles and his Dad’s relationship and how much they care about each other

20 reasons why i love calum

in honor of calum’s 20th birthday here is 20 reasons why i love him even though the list is endless

  1. he is the most talented bass player in the whole world that is not my opinion that is a fact
  2. also an amazing song writer
  3. he makes me happy when absolutely nothing else can
  4. he has a laugh that sounds like angels
  5. he’s so funny i love when he tells jokes
  6. during my concert he said we were great singers…people that lie to preserve your feelings are people to keep around for a long time
  7. he loves his family
  8. he appreciates the fans.  even though its clear it gets hard for him sometimes, he still makes it a point to show us he cares
  9. like that time he said he loves us WHOLE HEARTEADLY AH
  10. he literally made a playlist just for us called To You, From Me HE IS SO LOVELY
  11. his voice is so pretty and unique i want him to sing me to sleep
  12. i love calum because he loves michael
  13. he’s like the coolest person ever if i were to ever hang around him i think my cool factor would raise by like 10 million points
  15. he put “just a hug would be nice” on his runner how could you not love him
  16. his solo in daylight
  17. he makes me forget about all my troubles
  18. his smile HAVE YOU SEEN IT
  19. he likes dogs

When Thomas first gets to the glade he sees Alby and assumed that he is around the age of 17, he then sees Newt and believes him to be a year, maybe two younger than Alby which would make him 16 or 15. Now when you remember that people like Alby, Newt, and Minho had been there for two years you realize that Newt was only 13 or 14 when he got thrown into the Glade. He must have been utterly and completely terrified. Not to mention he was one of the first people to get there so not only was he taken from his former life and erased of his memories, he was thrown into another and forced to grow up and help take care of the others and turn the Glade into what it is now. Imagine how you would feel getting taken from your family, having your memories wiped and then being tossed into the middle of a giant maze, you wouldn’t like it much. Newt was a young boy taken away from everything he ever knew and loved to act as a pawn for WICKED’s stupid trials. Realizing all of this you begin to realize how vulnerable and scared he was which makes it easier to see why he would have wanted to die, he didn’t ask for any of that klunk to happen to him but it still did. His new life was horrible and he was so scared of the place he was tossed into, and when you see the way he acts now, as a true leader and an amazing friend, you can appreciate how brave and strong he is. This is why I love Newt so much, because he had gone through so much but in the end he cares about his friends over himself.

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So did we end up trending today? I didn't see it in the Worldwide Trends, but I don't understand how that's possible. We sent about 16,890 tweets - we've trended with much less in the past. I just want the writers / network to know how much we care about this pairing :(

Don’t stress over trends, Anon.  Trends (from my perspective) serve several different functions. 

First, they’re a fun way for the fandom to get together and show support for something and have fun as a whole “team.” 

Second, the goal of a trend (again, from my perspective) is, yes, about reaching out to the show runners to say, Hey, we enjoy this! Or Hey, we’re excited about this/celebrating this! but it’s also about exposure.  How many times have you seen something trending on Twitter, gotten curious and clicked it to see what is it?  That is what Twitter trends help do: spread awareness to people who have no clue what Arrow is.  You want to spread awareness, brand recognition, and (ideally) get them to tune into CW that night to check out Arrow and Oliver & Felicity and maybe… just maybe… come back next week, and the week after that, and maybe become a regular viewer who joins in to tweet about the show or tells their friends and family and gets them to watch it too.  That to me is the real power of trends.

Third, some trends, like last week’s and the trio power block we did a few weeks back, serve two functions at the same time.  This is where it gets tricky.  Function A is the same as the 2 points above.  Function B, however, is about adding show chatter that count toward the Nielsen twitter ratings.

If I may for a moment veer into an example:

This is the Twitter rating for Broken Arrow

This is the Twitter rating for The Fallen (Olicity knocking boots in Nanda Parbat)

This is the Twitter rating for the next week: Al Sah-Him

This is the Twitter rating for This Is My Sword

This is the Twitter rating for My Name Is Oliver Queen

Guess which weeks reflect when Olicity fans moved their trends into a time period when that trend chatter (aided by the inclusion of show hashtags) counted toward Arrow’s Nielsen Twitter ratings because the on-screen content gave Oliver & Felicity fans (in previews or promos) something to be excited about?  Get it?

Now, Anon, you said:

I don’t understand how that’s possible. We sent about 16,890 tweets - we’ve trended with much less in the past. 

Yes, we have, but there have been times we haven’t, too.  Also - and I stress this a lot – it’s not the number of tweets.  It’s the number of people participating.  Clearly with 16K tweets sent that day, we had a lot of people participating.  We also had a *ton* of stuff going on around the world and in the news.  Sometimes, Anon, we just suffer from bad timing (somebody dies, a huge movie trailer is released, war breaks out, an earthquake hits, something is going on in sports, Harriet Tubman is announced as the new face on the $20, etc).  It’s a wide, wide, wide world out there and there are only TEN slots on that Twitter Trending box.  Ten.

So if, say, a couple hundred or even thousands of Olicity fans get online to trend Destination Olicity they are competing against all of that.  Millions and millions of people all talking about *other things*. 

Also, you have to take into account where people live who are participating. Is the “popularity” of the topic widespread enough to trigger a trending alert from Twitter?   Is the velocity of the conversation increasing quickly enough (compared to the baseline of conversation on an average day) enough trigger a trend alert from Twitter?  It’s all a complicated algorithim of stuff that has to align in the perfect storm to trend.  Sometimes the storm is with us, sometimes it isn’t.

I saw someone say once: The Trends list captures the hottest emerging topics, not just what’s most popular.

Now the super important part of what you said:

I just want the writers / network to know how much we care about this pairing.

Never, never ever, ever, ever think that a trend is your feedback.  It is not.  Yes, it’s a fun way to show support. Yes, it’s absolutely doing something constructive and useful and (see all the points above), and you bet the show runners and network LOVE when we trend for them & succeed (again, see all the reasons above), but it is not feedback.

If you want to make sure showrunners & the network know what you like?  Talk about the stuff you like and ignore everything else.  When the show is giving you the content you want, respond & let them know.  When they’re not, reach out and ask, “Hey, where is XYZ?  I like that.  I’d be excited about watching that.  I miss it.”

+ Respond to Official Show tweets, Facebook posts, instagram stuff, and tumblr posts.  Quick comments.  A quick like/thumbs up/fav/retweet takes mere seconds.

+ Leave comments on mainstream media articles for the things you like. I mean mainstream stuff (TV Guide, TV Line, E!, ET, THR, EW, etc) and forget all these small websites & blogs that don’t mean anything.  Focus on the big media outlets that your “average viewer” would frequent & read.  Mr. Paul’s Goldish’s Dog Blog? Not so much. 

+ Tweet during the show and use the hashtag (#Arrow #Olicity)

+ See opportunity to reply to them in *everything* they send out to social media from promos to article links to pictures, etc., and then take that opportunity to comment back to them: Yes! I like this!  Yes, I want more of this!  Yes, this gets me excited about watching.

+ Don’t wait for them to come to you… go to them.  It’s okay to reach out and talk to them about things you like, about what you’re excited about and – most importantly, especially right now – about what you want to see for the characters you love.  Be creative. A song comes on the radio that reminds you of Oliver and Felicty?  Use that an excuse to tweet them and say hey, funny thing reminded me of Olicity today…. 

I am in no way saying trends aren’t important and that people shouldn’t participate in them (heck, I run them every week, clearly I see a function for them and I’d love for more and more people to join us each week) but I think it’s just as important to recognize a trend’s function (and fun!) vs. ensuring you don’t rely on a Twitter Algorithm that may or may not swing in your favor that one day to be the sum and total of the feedback you give to the network and show executives.

There are 6 other days in the week and another 23 hours in the day we trend.  That time is just as important as one trending hour.  Make the most of it.