i love how much room for ambiguity this leaves

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I'm starting to think that they made it look like it was Sakakura→Munakata→←Yukizome, but plot twist, it has always been Sakakura→Yukizome→←Munakata...Or maybe he just likes them both a lot (not romantically) but still, it's Munakata x Yukizome + Sakakura (i kinda felt like this since that ot3 flashback). Anyway, there is no room for him ^^ But I think there is a reason why we see a lot of Yukizome/Munakata & Yukizome/Sakakura sweet interactions, and not so much Munakata/Sakakura interactions...

Sakakura’s Feelings

I like the way it’s presented because, to me, it’s kept ambiguous. You can’t deny that he loves either of them. You can make pretty compelling cases for either/or. Or put them into an OT3.  

It’s indisputable that Sakakura loves both of them, but it’s never directly stated how. He has a strong attachment to both of them.

That one shot of him watching Yukizome leave, as well as their strong friendship, can definitely imply one thing–but at the same time his interactions with Munakata in Mirai-hen can also imply one thing.

For one, he has a specific reaction to Munakata saying “if I were the attacker, I’d kill me first.” Surprise–possibly fear.

At any case, he wants to protect him. He has a really strong attachment to him.

   Not to mention, he was 100% willing to stop chasing after Naegi (someone that, in Killer Killer, he canonically admits he hates) just to help Munakata fight Tengan.

When Munakata tells him “no, I’m fine,” Sakakura hesitates. More urgency and fear, but in the end he listens to him.

Then there’s the overly excited way Sakakura says “leave it to me” to Munakata in the flashback. 

And then, of course, this. Yukizome thinking Sakakura is gay purely because of how much and how highly he talks about Munakata.

But who’s to say Sakakura is just straight or just gay? Bisexuality is a thing, too.

At any rate, his “there’s no room for me” line doesn’t actually have to imply anything romantic. Sakakura can just feel like an ‘outsider looking in’ at this point.

I’m sure we all know the feeling:

the realization that someone you care so much about will never see you the way that you see them–or they have a much stronger relationship with someone else in your friend group.

It doesn’t have to be romantic, just “hey… notice me, too! Why can’t you notice me, too?”

In conclusion, #MakeRoomForSakakura