i love how much he loves yoga!!

"Oh your father is so cool!"

Teddy, James, Albus, and Lily hearing this over time and just thinking of their father at home cause:

-Harry once tried to convince them that if he grew a beard he would be more modern (which resulted in his normal stubble but with god awful hair patches)

-Harry had a worn out shirt he would wear all the time and whenever it got into the wash he would do laundry, chore chart be damned

-Harry getting them the merchandise with his face and trying to convince them that he is ALWAYS WATCHING

-Harry trying to set up a date with Ginny but forgetting to call a babysitter so he brings the kids with them (and date night at a fancy restaurant turns into date night at the park with over-fried food and lots of mud in the house)

-Harry trying to convince his kids to make a secret hand shake with them

-Harry and Uncle Ron falling asleep in the living room 5 minutes into the television program

-Harry bringing up he died a few times when they complain about chores.

“When I was your age a murderer had escaped from Azkaban and trying to finish me off cause I did Voldemort in.”

“Arn’t I named after that murderer?”

-Harry wearing Ginny’s Quiditch shirt (despite it being to small)

“I love the support dear, I do, but can you not stretch my shirt?”

“…it won’t come off.”

-Harry trying to do yoga

-Harry coming down every morning with a big grin on his face because he loves his kids so much and would obnoxious kiss them all on the cheeks

-Harry making faces in the mirror as he brushes his teeth (convincing the closest child it’s more effective)

(Celebrating when Albus starts doing it with him)

-Harry once showed Lily how to shave by shaving his own leg and walking around with one leg shaved despite complaints by older children and wife.

“If dying has taught me anything it’s to be yourself.”

“Oh my god Dad just stop wearing shorts.”

-Harry using him ‘dying’ as a reason to do anything really

Feel free to add more, but I’m 10000% convinced that Harry Potter is not the cool dad

44. Big Butt.

Summary{Requested} - You have a butt.

Characters - Scott, Stiles, Theo, Liam,x reader

Warning - Sexual humor & sexualish

Scott: Scott definitley loves the fact that you have a fat ass. His hands would often be on it twenty four seven due to how much he really did love it. “Babe, I gotta go I had plans to go to the gum with Lydia.” You frown, knowing he was going to be sad that you were only there for what was an hour. You were now dressed in a loose tank-top, with black yogas. Scott stood up examining your outfit as soon as he saw your ass in them he was quick to shake his head. “You better march up stairs and change.” He hated how much attention you would get from it also.

Stiles: Stiles would often make jokes about it, but he loved it, he loved how it was all his also. “Hey big booty judy.” He smirks making you groan, “I swear you call me that one more time It’s not going to be your booty.” A frown filled Stiles features his hand coming down to give your butt a tight squeeze, “Noooo.” He wined, but quickly kisses yours lips. “You couldn’t take it away even if you tried.”

Theo: “Keep staring at her, and I’ll rip your throat out.” Theo threatens the underclassmen making you mentally face palm yourself. Theo loved your bigger assets, but hated the unwanted attention you would receive. “Theo you’re being a nut.” You mumble, “I’m being protective of what’s mine.” He scowls, making your roll your eyes. “You don’t be rolling your eyes later when I’m spanking you red.” Heat was soon to fill your cheeks.

Liam: Not only were you the most gorgeous girl in Beacon Hills High School, you also had the biggest ass as well, and Liam hated when guys and sometimes girls would stare at your ass. Liam’s hand came down to rest on your ass giving it a tiny slap, making your roll your eyes as he stared down the boys that stared at you, but the sight of your angry boyfriend soon stopped them. “This is mine.” He mumbles, pressing a soft kiss against your lips.

Request are open!


Everyday my son asks me how my day was. It’s such a nice gesture, evidence of true love and concern. I love so much that he does that, I just really wish I had a better answer. I need to learn how to put a positive spin on my work life. I don’t hate what I do, I just work with crazy power hungry narcissistic bitches. My goal is to come up with a better answer each day.

I don’t want to grocery shop on the weekend, it’s robbing me of leisure time. I want to do some fun in the sun summer stuff damn it!

I am still doing kundalini yoga every day- yeah for me!

Five episodes into OITNB and I am loving this season! I love seeing the actors grow more and more with their characters.

So much, people are fake, they front, they lie to the world. It’s so nice when you can make a connection with someone that’s real, true, honest. No lies, you are who you are, guts and all.

I remember one time...

I was cramping SO BAD, I mean in tears.
So my bf at the time came in the room & was like “get up, put some shoes on, we’re going for a walk & don’t tell me no”

So I got up. We walked - we talked - this “cure the cramps walk” turned into something so romantic. & before I knew it the cramps were gone. From then on out every time SHE came he’s ready for the walks & yoga, & don’t forget the care package☺️

How sweet right?! I know!!! 😍😍 made me fall even more in love with him.

Just to find out the whole second year of our relationship he was cheating smh.

Still to this day I never can grasp why he showed me so much love even in the smallest ways like a Cure the Cramps Walk & was HARD BODY cheating. It’s sucks dudes always wonder why sweet girls be so cold hearted & talk rough. Here’s an example.

Yeah time heals all wounds but still.

On a scale of one to Adele, my breakup with Kendra is a solid 25. These past few days have been rough – like, downing-an-entire-jar-of-Nutella-while-binge-watching-Jane-the-Virgin rough. How much do I have to eat until the pain goes away? I thought I had finally found “the one,” but how on Earths could I possibly compete with a reincarnated love that transcends time? 

I decided to take a mental health day from S.T.A.R. Labs to wallow, but that’s not to say I wasn’t productive. I baked (and promptly ate) an entire batch of Abuela Ramon’s killer Everything-But-the-Kitchen-Sink cookies, wrote a love ballad for Kendra on my Vortex AX Synth Keytar, cyber-stalked Carter – aka Hawkman – to make sure he checked out (he’s never even had a parking ticket!), and rolled out the trusty yoga mat for some much-needed zen. I tried not to think about Kendra, but that was next to impossible. I mean, have you seen her? It’ll take loads of time and one of those flashy memory-wipers from Men in Black to get her out of my head. 

Barry came by after work to check up on me. Let me tell you, a grown man in Star Wars jammies crying his eyes out to Whitney Houston doesn’t make a pretty picture, but to Barry’s credit, he didn’t flinch. He even brought reinforcements: he sped off to Coast City for a stack of his favorite pizza (pepperoni, black olives, and jalapenos) and he brought along a bottle of Joe’s homemade whiskey – which, I learned after the fact, is 140 proof and should not be guzzled like orange soda. Had I been of rational mind, I would’ve asked Barry to hide my phone. The whiskey had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and imbued me with the confidence to call Kendra, leave a message declaring my undying love for her, and play her my Keytar ballad. Even The Flash wasn’t fast enough to stop me, but Barry did, at least, knock the phone out of my hand right before I broke into the rap. His look of horror brought me stone cold sober and those fuzzy feelings were replaced with sheer terror – Frak! What had I done? 

I ran to my computer and pulled all the stops on my hacking skillz (which was incredibly challenging as I was, at this point, seeing triple). I located Kendra’s phone signal via GPS (she’d left town with Carter and was out near St. Roch) and Barry sped off to retrieve her phone, erase the incriminating voicemail, and return the device safely to her pocket before she even knew what had happened. Crisis averted. We celebrated with a few more rounds of whiskey before I curled up in the fetal position on the sofa and drifted off to sleep, during which I had the sweetest dream of Kendra flying her way back into my life. 

Oh, well. They say it’s better to have loved and lost to an Egyptian hawk-god than to never have loved at all, right?

Take Me Home Tonight

Characters: Teen!Dean X Teen!Reader

Word Count: 4931

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Smut, some plot, some swearing, oral, M/F, some ooey gooey fluff in there 

A/N: Sequel to this

“Alright, you youngins,” Your dad poked his head into the family room. “Time to say good night.”

“Dad-” You began to protest before he silenced you with a look.

“No protests, Y/N,” Dad smiled at you. “It’s already way later than I wanted to let this hooligan stay in my house.”

“And I appreciate that, sir,” Dean nodded.

“I’ve obsessed over his car and he stills calls me sir. This one’s a keeper,” Your dad’s eyes held a glint of mirth. “But hurry up, so your mother and I can go to bed.”

“You know how cranky I get when I’m tired!” Your mom added from the next room.

“Yeah, yeah…” You muttered as you reached for the remote and flicked the TV off. “See, we’re exiting.”

“I’ll walk with you,” Your dad offered.

“You really don’t need to,” You protested. “I don’t want to trouble you. Go to bed, really.”

“I’ll be watching the clock to make sure you get back in,” Your dad nodded slowly while eying you both suspiciously. You put on your best angelic face as he walked back up the stairs along with your mom.

“Geez, your dad is like a bloodhound sometimes,” Dean grinned as he turned to face you. You pulled his head down so you could press a soft kiss to his lips. Dean’s lips were always so soft without any work on his part, and you were almost jealous. Almost, because you still get to enjoy them.

“Tis the life we lead as teenagers,” You shrugged as you threaded your hand through his. Together, you stepped out into the warm evening air. As you walked towards his car, your cheeks began to heat up at the thought of your time spent in there. Your mind flooded with memories of heat, passion, sensations, all in the back of that damn car. But the feeling of Dean’s hand in yours tugged you back to the current moment.

“You’ve made it through dinner at my house,” You grinned. “You’re a survivor, my friend.”

“I am pretty talented that way, I guess,” He smiled down at you as he spun you around. Your back was pressed against the car and you were pushed against it by his body. Dean was just staring down at you while his eyes just sparkled with some emotion you couldn’t identify.

“Talented might be a bit of a stretch,” You shrugged.

“You wound me, woman,” Dean chuckled as he leaned down to kiss you again.

“Good thing I’m kissing it to make it better.”

“You hurt me and heal me all at the same time.”

“I’m the real talented one here.”

“So much skill in such a small frame,” He teased. “Compact.”

“Hey! I am not that small!”

“Compared to me, you bet your pretty ass you are.”

“Aww, you think my ass is pretty?” You fluttered your eyelashes at him. “Why thank you.”

“You know, I’m supposed to be leaving and you decide now is the time to start batting your eyelashes at me? Are you tryin’ to kill me or somethin’?”

“I like making life difficult for you.”

“It’s just mean to leave me like this. Let’s just go for a drive, get some ice cream. Please?” His puppy dog eyes pleaded with you. “Just a little more time?”

“My dad is counting the seconds until I’m back inside. You know I can’t,” You replied sadly as your fingers played with the edges of his leather jacket. “I want to but-”

“Leave it to me, Y/N,” Dean grinned as he pulled away from you.

“What does that mean?” You asked with a smile.

“It’s a surprise.”


“Just sit tight and don’t go to sleep, okay?”

“Okay, but-”

“Just trust me, Y/N,” Dean laughed as he pecked your lips again. “But believe me, it’ll be worth it.”

“I hate you, you know?” You attempted to scowl, but failed miserably.

“Nope, you love me,” He smirked as he jumped into the driver’s seat. “And what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to stay up and be in my room, but Dean-?”

“See ya later!” Dean called to you as he revved the engine and zoomed off down your street. Your heart was nearly pounding out of your chest as you ran back into your house. You closed the front door loudly to tell your dad that you had gotten inside safely. The springs on your parents’ bed upstairs squeaked to signal your dad going to bed. You tiptoed towards the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea, trying to calm your nerves. The timer ticked down slower than it has ever before. Your toes wouldn’t stop tapping while the mug spun around inside the microwave. Nervous energy pinged around in your body as the tea bag steeped within the your cup. Everything had you so on edge, but time kept moving along at a snail’s pace. Finally, you walked slowly up to your bedroom, hoping that somehow, time would speed up as you moved.

It predictably did not work. Eventually, you just pulled out your laptop and began to scroll through the Netflix options, just for something to do. You picked the first random show that looked interesting and settled in to watch. The show wasn’t bad, some medical drama or whatever, but you weren’t exactly in the mood to pay attention. Your phone stayed right beside you, in case Dean was going to call you to say, “Just kidding!” or something like that. Or maybe to tell you to go somewhere, to go to sleep, anything like that. You were unsure, but you sure were going to think about it. The minutes passed by torturously as your impatience built. You were about to say, “Fuck it” and go to sleep when your phone began to buzz on your thigh.

“Dean?” You whispered as you struggled to pause your show.

“Yup. Now open your bedroom window, the one over the garage.”

“I already do not like the sound of this.”

“Oh c’mon, Y/N. Have a little faith,” He teased quietly. “For me?”

“Stupid idiot boyfriend,” You muttered as you crawled over to the large window in your room. “Needing me to open the window that always gets stuck and is obnoxious and-”

“I get it, you’re peeved right now,” Dean laughed. You could practically see his stupid adorable smile in your mind. “But it’ll be worth it, trust me.”

“Are you going to crawl in my window?” You asked, your voice going up in pitch. “Because my dad has ears like a bat and he’ll hear us.”

“I swear, baby girl, I will not crawl in your window,” Dean promised as you heard a few little noises through the phone.

“Then what’s the plan here?” You demanded. “Because as of right now, I don’t know how I feel about this window being open and-”

“Surprise,” Dean whispered as his head popped in front of the window.

“Jesus Christ!” You exclaimed, clutching a hand to your chest. That came out a lot louder than you intended. Immediately, both of you froze in place, trying to see if your dad would check in on you. After a few tense moments of silence, you both let out a deep sigh of relief. “See, this is why you let me in on your little plans.”

“That would ruin my plan to see that panicked look on your face,” Dean teased. “And you know how much  I love that look on you.”

“Asshole,” You stuck your tongue out at him.

“You love it…” He sing-songed at you. “Now, will you please come on?”

“Wait, I’m leaving the house?!”

“Yes! I promised I wouldn’t climb in your window, and I can’t exactly do what I have in mind through the window-”

“You coulda warned me…”

“Once again, no adorable look of panic.”

“Why am I dating you?” You asked yourself aloud as you grabbed your flip-flops from the floor of your room. After a moment of rummaging through your drawers, you pulled on a pair of yoga pants and a blue t-shirt before carefully climbing out the window.

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” Dean smiled as he leaned in for a kiss. You rolled your eyes, but acquiesced, pressing a short kiss to his lips.

“Well, now we’re out on my roof,” You remarked. “What now?”

“Patience, my young padawan.”

“Who died and made you Yoda?”

“Well, to be fair, Yoda did-”

“Too soon!” You gasped, pressing a hand to your chest.

“It’s been long enough, Y/N,” He laughed. “Now, let’s get you off of this roof.”

“Oh no, you asshole, I am not climbing off my own roof,” You hissed. “It’s not happenin-Oh my god! What did you just do!?”

“I think I just jumped off your roof,” Dean smirked as he stared up at you. “Now c’mon. Jump.”

“I don’t like this, Dean Winchester!”

“Trust me!”

“Not with my life!”

“Y/N. Trust me.”

“Dean, I am not going to be a story on the news about the girl who died trying to sneak out with her boyfriend to do who knows what at who knows when and-”

“Y/N,” Dean repeated, his eyes staring into yours. “Trust me.”

“But what if I fall?” I asked anxiously.

“You won’t. I’ll catch you,” He shrugged. “I’ll always catch you.”

“That almost sounded sweet.”

“Don’t get used to it. Now trust me and jump!” With one last nervous peek over the side, you sat on the edge of the roof and slid off. It took every fiber of your being to not shriek bloody murder, but you did it. What’s more, Dean did as he promised and you were soon cradled in his arms.

“See?” He grinned. “I told you I could do it.”

“I hate you,” You laughed, just happy to be alive. “Now where are we going?”

“Well,” Dean explained as he began to stroll down your driveway. “This weekend, Dad went out on a hunting trip and took Sammy with him. Or maybe it was fishing, I don’t really remember. Either way, the apartment is empty and we’re going to go hang out there.”

“Is this the bed sex you promised me?” You gasped excitedly.

“Only if you’re lucky, sweetheart.”


“Wow, this is where the famous Dean Winchester lives, huh?” You asked as he pulled into the parking lot of a seedy apartment complex.

“Kinda takes the mystique out of it, don’t ya think?” Dean laughed, but you could practically feel the anxiety rolling underneath his skin. Or maybe it was shame. You couldn’t always tell with Dean, but you knew something was up. You reached across the middle of the car to squeeze his shoulder in what you hoped was a reassuring manner.

“Nah. You still have some cool points,” You reminded him. “I mean, you slept with me, and that’s worth like twelve cool points.”

“I’ll try to remember that,” He finally cracked a genuine smile as he hopped out of the car. “After you, Y/N.”

“Thank you, good sir,” You nodded towards him as you walked towards the building. After walking up four flights and down two sketchy hallways, you finally arrived at apartment 4J.

“It’s not much, but hey, it’s home for now,” Dean shrugged while unlocking the door. The entire building was dead silent as you stepped into the main room of his home. The sofa had sheets and a blanket strewn over it, like someone had just slept there. There were no knick-knacks or personal items or anything to show that someone knew really lived here. The kitchen area had a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee maker, and that was it. Plastic plates, cans, and bottles littered the countertop along with empty takeout containers. The entire thing felt very spartan, like a warrior’s home, except no part of it was neat. The kitchen table was covered in a thin layer of powder, and salt was sprinkled all over the carpet. This apartment was cold, both in atmosphere and in temperature. It didn’t match anything that you knew to be true about Dean, and it made you uncomfortable.

“Who sleeps on the couch?” You asked, struggling to find something to say.

“Me, mostly. Dad’s out a lot and this isn’t the best neighborhood. Can never be too careful, you know? For Sammy.”

“Constant vigilance,” You echoed the words of one brave Order member. “I get it.”

“Want something to eat?”

“No, I’m okay,” You murmured. In spite of how simplistic the place was, it was fascinating to you. Home is where the heart is, and you wondered how Dean’s heart fit into this whole mess.

“So… yeah,” Dean added awkwardly from somewhere behind you. Finally, you shook off the trance this room seemed to put on you and turned back to Dean. He was standing sheepishly in front of the couch, hands in his pockets, looking more nervous than you’d ever seen him. “This is the pad.”

“It’s nice,” You smiled, trying to get him to be less uncomfortable with having you here.

“It’s not. Yours is nicer.”

“It’s different,” You shrugged as you stepped towards him. “Not better or worse. Different.”

“We barely had enough working outlets for the coffee maker and the fridge and the microwave. Not that great.”

“It’s fine.”


“Dean,” You stared up at him. “Shut up.”

“Yes ma’am,” He murmured before finally closing the gap between the two of you. Dean’s fingers threaded through your hair as he gently pressed his lips against yours. You smiled to yourself as you enjoyed the simple press of his lips against yours. They were warm and pillowy soft, like no one you had ever kissed before. Your eyes drifted shut as the feeling of care washed over you like a wave. Standing in the middle of the room and kissing Dean felt miraculous, even though you could never put it into words.

But patience was never your strong suit, and you wanted more. You slid your hands around his waist and slid your fingers into his belt loops. With a tug, you tried to steer him forward to the couch. But Dean wasn’t having any of it as his left hand encircled your waist and pulled you closer. You mentally rolled your eyes as his tongue swiped over your lips. You parted your lips and let his tongue into your mouth. You tasted coffee, a hint of chocolate, and something underneath that was undeniably pure Dean. Teasing your tongue around his, you smiled at the warm flavor. Dean tilted his head to the side and deepened the kiss once more, teeth touching against yours.You groaned as Dean began to trace circles into your hip.

“Dean…” You whined as you pulled back. Your mouths were millimeters apart, breath mingling. “Please… Couch?”

“Oh no way in hell,” Dean chided. “We’re doin’ this on a bed, sweetheart.”

“Right, bed,” You murmured, already distracted by him. At his urging, you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist. His hands cupped your ass as he began to walk towards the bedroom.  With your new vantage point, you pressed kisses along his neck. Locking onto his pulse point, you sucked a dark mark into his skin. Although you would never admit it to Dean, you liked leaving little marks on him. It told every person who tried to hit on him that there was someone who claimed him. It told people that he was taken. It was a new discovery, but you knew now that you had a possessive streak a mile wide.  Pulling back, you saw a red oval appearing and felt a rush of pleasure that traveled from head to toe. Tightening your grip, your clothed crotch dragged over his. Both of you groaned as you repeated the motion.

“Y/N, please just… hold off on that for a little while,” Dean huffed as he nudged the door open with his hip. “I’m trying to walk here.”

“But Dean,” You grinded down on him while nibbling his earlobe. “I’m trying to have some fun here.”

“Don’t make me drop you,” He threatened.

“Try me,” You teased as you ran your tongue along his jaw. With a smirk, Dean gripped your thighs and pulled you off of him. You squealed as he threw you backwards. Although you landed on the mattress behind you, you scowled at him. “Ass.”

“You asked me to try you,” Dean shrugged as he tugged his shirt off and climbed up onto the mattress. You were lying back on the bed, legs spread-eagled with an amused expression.

“Oh, you’re expecting me to sex you up after you so lovingly handled me?” You raised one eyebrow.

“I was just taking your challenge,” He smiled as he crawled up to you. You rolled your eyes, but had had trouble controlling your smile. Dean knew it too, as he came to a stop in front of you. He knelt between your legs and placed his hands on the outside of your knees. Tossing your hair out of your face, you looked up at him with a devious smile.

“I still think you should apologize.”

“Apologize? I don’t think I have anything to apologize for,” Dean grinned as he began to rub his thumb over your knee. The touch may have been innocent, but it sent pulses of heat straight to your groin.

“I think you do,” You shrugged, but you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped.

“This time,” Dean laughed. “You should be the one to shut up.”

“Shut up,” You sat up and grabbed the neck of his t-shirt to tug him close to you. Your mouths met once more in a heated kiss. Your tongues tangled, practically in mid-air as he moved in sync with you. His teeth gnashed against yours before he pushed you back down onto the mattress.

“Seriously?” You gasped.

“I wanna try something I haven’t done much before,” Dean murmured as he hovered over you. “Trust me?”

“Of course,” You replied without missing a beat.

“Tell me if you want me to stop, okay?” He kissed right beneath your ear. “I won’t be mad.”

“I know,” You breathed as Dean’s tongue traced along your jaw.

“Y/N,” Dean peppered kisses along your collarbone. “I’m serious.”

“I want you to try this,” You insisted as you quickly tugged your shirt and bra off. “If you don’t want to-”

“Trust me,” Dean grinned as he took in the sight of you, shirtless in front of him. “I want to.”

“Look at us,” You giggled. “Already topping the last time. I got my bra off.”

“Movin’ right along here,” He chuckled as his kisses began to linger more and move downwards. Dean’s soft lips pressed into the delicate skin of your breasts as he moved towards your nipple. His mouth closed around the soft point, enclosing it in warm heat. You sighed aloud and ran your fingers through his short blonde hair. His tongue traced  gently around the bud before lightly sucking on it. He finally scraped his teeth against your skin before continuing his trek down your body. All the while, you were gasping and panting at each new sensation from Dean. The heat in your center was building quickly as he worked his magic.

But only once his teeth latched onto the waist of your panties did you understand his goal. Immediately, a wave of nerves crashed over you. You trusted Dean- maybe even loved him- but this? Somewhere deep inside you, you felt deeply insecure. What if this was too much? Most teenage boys you knew of didn’t do this voluntarily. And the view from there is not your most flattering angle. Immediately, your heart began to hammer in your chest and your hands instinctively gripped the blankets beneath you.

“Y/N?” Dean’s voice broke through your haze of thoughts. “You okay?”

“Totally,” Your voice cracked.

“Hey, hey,” He immediately pulled himself up to look you in the eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” You forced a smile and gave him a quick kiss. “I swear.”

“You’re an awful liar.”

“I am not!” You protested.

“I can tell that something’s wrong,” He threaded his fingers through yours. “And you didn’t tell me to stop.”

“I know-”

“No, Y/N,” Dean looked you straight in the eye. “I’m not sure you really know. Y/N, you’re really important to me. And that’s why I wanna make you happy and feel amazing in the best way I know. Well, kind of know. But if this doesn’t make you feel awesome, then that’s okay too! We can watch a movie or just sleep, I don’t care. I just wanna be around you in a way that makes you happy. Making you happy makes me happy.”

“Dean, I just…” You felt choked up as you looked up at him. Even hovering shirtless above his near naked girlfriend, Dean was focused on your face. On your feelings. A different kind of wave flooded through your body, one that just made you want to hold him. “I am happy.”

“Are you?” His eyes searched yours.

“Yes, Dean,” You nodded. “I am. And if you wanna try… that, then please. Try that.”

“Okay,” He pressed a kiss into your forehead. You pulled his face to yours to warmly kiss him once more. Dean made his way down your body once more, moving slowly while carefully gauging your reaction. His teeth gripped the lacy waist of your panties and pulled once more. You shuddered and gripped the sheets, but this time, it was in a good way. His touch made goosebumps erupt all over your skin as he discarded your underwear.

Dean’s hands gripped your knees and pulled them up and over his shoulders. His hands ended up cupping your ass as he pressed a kiss onto the inside of your thigh. Dean created a trail from your upper inner thigh past your groin and up to your hip. His path completely avoided your dripping core, and it made you squirm with need. His tongue traced circles along your hipbone before heading back for your slit. Anticipation twisted in your stomach as he moved closer and closer to where your body wanted him.

His fingers delicately parted your folds right before his mouth made contact. You let out a deep groan the moment his tongue entered your heat. The feeling was warm, weat, and intoxicating. Immediately, you just wanted more and more of this addictive sensation. Unconsciously, you knitted your fingers through his hair just to have something to hold on to. You felt his grin before he set to work. His tongue began to gently stroke you from hole to clit and back again. It was lazy at first, as though he just wanted to explore. Each swipe just made you want to shove his face further onto you. Then, he lingered. His tongue remained on your clit and pressed, just for a moment. Before you could truly enjoy the feeling, it was gone. Next, he dipped into your hole. Just barely and only for a moment, but you wanted him back there.

Slowly, but surely, Dean began to speed up. Your need built steadily as he built the pressure and the anticipation. Your stomach curled into knots as you arched your back, attempting to grind yourself onto his face. But his grip on your knees and ass held you in place, making any attempts at squirming or thrusting mostly useless. Instead, you began a litany of curses and pleading, begging him to go faster. “Please, please, Dean,” You groaned. “Fuck, that feels so… uh!” Without response, Dean did speed up. On one final pass, his tongue circled your entrance before delving into you. With a yell, your entire body tightened and you went over the edge. Pulses of warmth and pleasure jolted through your body. Dean relaxed his hold on your thighs and allowed you to ride his face through your orgasm.

Finally, your body stilled as the final aftershocks flowed through your body. Dean finally crawled out from under your legs and sat up. His face was lit up with the biggest shit-eating grin you had ever seen from him. And you couldn’t help but blush and giggle when you saw how wet his chin was. “Good?” Dean asked, his eyes sparkling.

“I cannot put into words how amazing you are,” You replied honestly.

“I think you can try,” He teased as he laid down next to you. You rolled your eyes as you snuggled up into his side.

“You’re obnoxious,” You stuck your tongue out at him. “Did you know that?”

“Shockingly, Princess,” Dean shrugged as he slid his arm around you. “I did know that. It’s part of my authentic charm.”

“Charm, my ass,” You snorted.

“Hey, be nice to me!” He protested. You two lapsed into comfortable silence as your mind began to whirl. Before you allowed yourself to think too much, you rolled over and straddled his waist. He smiled up at you as his hands came to rest on your still-bare hips. “Well hey there, sugar.”

“Hi,” You grinned.

“You have something to share?”

“Maybe,” You leaned down and pressed your lips to his. “Hey, Dean?”

“Hey, Y/N?”

“I really like you,” You murmured in between kisses.

“I like you too,” Dean replied, his smile near splitting his face.

“Like I really,” Kiss, “Really,” Kiss, “Like you.”

“Feeling’s mutual,” He laughed as your hands skimmed down his sides. You dragged down his zipper before letting your hand stroke over his bulge. You reached into his pocket, allowing your hand to drift dangerously close to his cock before returning to your original goal. You pulled the foil packet out before wiggling down his pants. You got his jeans off before tossing them over the foot of the bed, with his boxers following closely behind. You ripped the condom wrapper open before carefully rolling it over his shaft. Dean watched you, never taking his eyes off of you or letting the joy fall off of his face. Your stomach fluttered with butterflies as you positioned yourself over his dick.

“Ready?” You asked him as you placed your hands on his shoulders.

“Y/N, I’ve been ready all night,” Dean laughed as his fingers traced spirals into your hipbones.

“Good,” You smiled as you slid yourself down. Both you and Dean groaned once he was fully seated inside of you. You were still slick and stretched from your earlier climax, so you quickly began to set your own pace. Being in control and being able to just watch Dean’s face had you close to the edge again. Dean looked blissed out as you lifted your hips and thrust back down. The fire in your stomach continued to grow, even as you lazily rocked on top of him. You leaned down and kissed him again, your tongue twisting with his. Sex, this time, was different than the first few times in the car. It was lazy and slow and warm and loving, as opposed to hurried and passionate. You just wanted to stay connected with him like this for forever. But Dean’s fingers began to play with your clit and all bets were off. You both groaned aloud when you began to increase the pace. You slammed your hips down faster as gasps and moans came from both of you. You couldn’t stay perched on top of him anymore as you leaned down. You laid on top of him and peppered kisses all along his jaw. He began to murmur loving words into your ear, almost too quiet to be heard. Finally, you moved your hips just right and Dean shuddered beneath you. His hands gripped your hips as he came deep inside you. His pulsing and groaning finally pushed you over the edge of climax. Your inner muscles clamped down on him as you spasmed. Your second orgasm of the night ripped through you as you held onto him.

You collapsed bonelessly on top of him once your climax settled. He was equally supple beneath you as you both tried to catch your breath. After a minute of recovery, you looked up at Dean only to see him looking down at you. Without meaning to, you couldn’t help but laugh. Once one little giggle escaped, you broke down into a fit of mirth. Dean chuckled before joining you in belly-aching laughter. You finally got control of yourself, and had to wipe the tears out of your eyes.

“It’s not exactly flattering when the girl you just had sex with starts laughing the minute it’s over,” Dean chided you, but his eyes were still sparkling.

“Well,” You struggled to find an explanation. “I got nothing.”

“I guess I fucked you speechless,” Dean grinned smugly. “Can’t say I’m surprised.”

“Yeah, ‘cause you did all the work there,” You rolled your eyes.

“Shut up and c’mere,” Dean poked you in the sides. You groaned and whined, but eventually you slid off of him. Before you could bemoan the loss of warmth, Dean had gotten rid of the condom and tugged you back to him. He spooned you gently while his arms locked you into his chest. Sleep tugged at your eyes as you snuggled into him.

“Y’know, Dean?” You mumbled. “I think I more than really really like you.”

“You think so?” He murmured into your hair.

“I think I might love you,” You whispered before you fell into a deep sated sleep.  

anonymous asked:

Can you do a one shot where robin is asked why he loves Regina and he makes a list like the fact that she wears socks to sleep, but one always falls off?

“Okay,” he began with a heavy sigh that spoke of his nerves, “I promised myself and my wife,” he looked down to a beaming Regina before chuckling “God, I love saying that,” which earned a hearty chorus of laughter from their guests as he used his free hand to take a hold of hers and laced their fingers, “that I wouldn’t make this too long and I’m going to stick to that but first I want to share a little something with all of you,” he looked to Regina and smiled down at her, biting his lip as he confessed “including you, my love.”

She cocked her head in gentle question, that beautiful smile never falling from her lips – he was quite sure nothing could dampen their spirits this evening – as his grin widened and he began.

“Not too long ago, on a quiet evening, I was sought out by a young man looking to protect the woman he loved most” he cut off, looking down the head table to where Emma sat, her golden curls flowing free about the champagne hued chiffon of her bridesmaid dress, “or, at least, one of them” she smiled at him gratefully and lifted a hand to rest upon Henry’s shoulder as Regina’s thumb rubbed over his fingers in thanks. “He took me aside and instead of asking or, as I had been expecting, threatening me not to hurt his mother lest he kill me with his own bare hands,” another round of laughter as Regina glanced back to her boy with that special smile only they shared, “Henry asked me why it was that I loved his mother,” when she turned back, he amended “why it is that I love his mother.”

He looked to the faces of those they loved most; his men, the Charmings, the women of Regina’s past who’d only ever wanted this moment for her – he was quite sure Maleficent had conveniently angled Lily in front of her enough to hide her tears – and found his nerves began to dissipate.

“It took me a moment – not to find a reason, you understand,” he looked back down to his beautiful bride, big brown eyes tear filled and sparkling as she smiled up at him, “but because the answer is so vast, so very endless” he unlaced their fingers to cup her soft cheek with his palm, “that I fear I still would’ve had Henry sat on that darkened porch even now listing the reasons.”

Regina lifted her hand to curl lean fingers around his wrist as she swallowed thickly.

“I didn’t give Henry much more than the reasoning of how could I not love his mother but tonight, I thought, why not try to list at least a few.”

He turned in place, bending enough to take the piece of paper from his boy’s hands when Roland took his cue and stepped up, taking a moment to press a kiss to Regina’s cheek – the room aw’d – before he took his seat again and all attention fell upon Robin once more. The most important being Regina’s.

“You’ve had me enthralled from the very first moment that we met and I don’t think I’ve ever truly told you why.” He took her hand again and began, “I love your temper and that fire that rages within you, never truly diminished and always alight. I love the fierceness with which you protect those that you love; myself, my son and my daughter – our son and our daughter – included. I love the melodies you hum – from this world and from our own – when you’re in the shower or washing the dishes or rocking our girl to sleep. I love those little strands of hair that never stay where you want them to and give me any excuse to touch you. I love the way you kiss, your beautiful lips and the words that fall from them. I love your mind in all of its vast and endless glory. I love that you don’t need me but that you choose to have me anyway. I love how much a small compliment can pull from you, how it always surprises you and has those cheeks flaming pink just as they are now” he laughed with Regina and the rest of the room, revelling in her reaction before he continued, “I love when you come home from doing the wondrous things that you do, wearing the wondrous things that you do” he pauses and chuckles at his men’s hollering and allows Regina to let her head drop shyly to their joined hands before continuing, “and you disappear upstairs before reappearing a few moments later wearing the most simplest of clothes, padding about the house in your yoga pants and thick socks with your hair pulled back and face free of make-up in search of the children because you’ve missed them. I love how much you love them and how much you love me.”

“I love finding you asleep on the couch after I’ve put said children to sleep because,” he turned to glance at the crowd once more, “despite how great and powerful my wife is,” he turned back to her, “she’s human too.” Her smile softened. “I love that you wear socks to bed and no matter how high they’re pulled over your ankle or how still you are in my arms all night,” he shook his head, “one always manages to fall off and find its way up the bed and onto my head.” Her shoulders shook with her chuckle, “and I love that I get to see all of these wonderful things and more every day for the rest of my life.”

“You, Regina Mills-Locksley, are my world, my life, my love and my soul mate and I ask all of you,” he turned to look at the now standing crowd and raised his champagne flute up, “to raise a glass to my wife.”

“To Regina.”

knbaes-n-bakas  asked:

Hello! I really love your writing, especially your fluffs! May I request Murasakibae + Kagami + Aomine taking yoga lessons with their s/o (because them yoga pants unf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Thank you so much! I really enjoy your writing too. (I sometimes stalk your page because I love your scenarios.) I can totally do that! Imagining how the boys would act in yoga class is pretty funny.

Murasakibara Atsushi: He would immediately refuse when you brought up the idea of taking a yoga class together. It took you awhile, but he finally agreed, only with the promise of taking him shopping for snacks afterwards. The morning you arrived at the class, Murasakibara was nonstop groaning about how annoyingly early the two of you had to be there. Once he had his fill of whining, he finally quieted down. He didn’t bother with half of the stretches, and the ones he did were the easiest positions. Sometime during the middle of class, Murasakibara pulled out a bag of chips (who knows where he pulled them out from) and began munching loudly, earning stares from the rest of the people who were trying to enjoy a relaxing morning. In the end, you and Murasakibara left class early to keep from any more embarrassment. It seemed he did feel bad about it, though, because he shared more of his sweets with you than usual.

Kagami Taiga: He couldn’t refuse you, even though he knew he would be extremely uncomfortable in a yoga class. Though he agreed without complaint. When the two of you arrived to the class, Kagami was visibly tense as he desperately kept his eyes glued on you, not allowing them to wander for even a second for fear of giving you the wrong idea. When the stretching began, Kagami realized it was much more difficult than he had originally expected. He would let out small grunts during particularly difficult positions and would topple over during any that involved some sort of balancing. Even though yoga was meant to relax the body, Kagami only seemed even more rigid when the class ended. His muscles were incredibly sore the next day, resulting in him not leaving the bed and reluctantly asking if you could knead his aching muscles (which wasn’t so bad, considering you were allowed the opportunity to see his toned back).

Aomine Daiki: He was put off by the idea, and did complain about it quite a bit, but didn’t refuse the offer. He knew you’d get your way so he didn’t bother objecting. During the actual class, you couldn’t help but notice Aomine glancing around at the tightly-clothed bodies around him with a small smirk on his face. It was only when you caught him that he stopped with a chuckle. His annoying smirk was wiped off his face when class actually began, and he realized how difficult some of the positions were (basketball didn’t quite increase his flexibility or balance, unfortunately). It was during one stretch called the down dog that he finally regained his mischievous smile. Turning his face towards you, he winked. “I like you in that position, babe.” To your embarrassment, he wasn’t the best at whispering, resulting in multiple giggles and disgusted looks from the other participants.

Gym session (Harry Styles) (requested) (smut)

I let out a breath of satisfaction as I trotted my way down the set of stairs in the gym. My feeling of bliss continued, as I noticed Harry was still working out downstairs. “Hi” I lowly let out as I approached him, trying to keep my feelings at bay as I took in the sight of his muscles flexing and the small droplets of sweat trickling down his toned upper body.

Harry let out a grunt as he finished the last set of reps, releasing the handles as he came to stand in front of me. “Good workout?” he panted, flashing a smirk once he noticed my current state of awe. “Mhm” I absentmindedly let out, shamelessly eyeing my sweaty boyfriend from head to toe.

“Oh, I see someone´s in a mood” he teased, coming to wrap an arm around me, intending to lead me towards the changing rooms. “Can you blame me though?” I retorted, quickening my pace, making Harry´s arm fall from my shoulder and slap against his stomach. “Hey, where´s the fire?” he questioned playfully, cocking an eyebrow as he followed me, stopping abruptly once we reached the locker rooms. “Well, I just so happened to get a little excited back there, so can we please go home quickly?” I breathed out. Harry simply smirked at me, giving my gym pant covered butt a small tap before letting out a “see you here in 5″ and entering the men´s changing room.

I practically pounced on Harry the second that we were home behind a closed door. I tangled my fingers in his hair before smashing our lips together, letting out a breath of relief against his lips as he placed a strong hand on my hip. “No showers first?” Harry questioned, slightly breathless. I furiously shook my head, causing him to chuckle before wrapping his warm lips around mine again.

I saw no reason in walking all the way to the bedroom, so I simply pulled out a yoga mat from beside the couch, pushing Harry down on it as I straddled him. I started rocking my hips against his slightly, whilst we continued kissing, the tingling feeling between my legs increasing rapidly. I pulled away to start peppering kisses down Harry´s neck and collar bones, and back up to the spot below his ear, causing him to let out a small whimper.

I felt his soft hands run up my back, before hooking under the elastic of my sports bra, pulling it over my head. Harry left a string of kisses down my entire chest, leaving me panting as he finally attached his lips around my already erect nipple, sucking gently. “Aah I need you” I moaned, gripping onto his hair. Harry instantly took action, holding onto my hips as he gracefully flipped us over.

He let one his hands roam down my body, me struggling to remain focused on the kiss, as he inched his hand under my leggings. I pulled away to let out a shaky breath, as Harry started teasingly circling my clit over my panties. “Quit teasing, Harry” I panted, throwing my head back as he slipped his hands under the fabric. “Good things come to those who wait Y/N” Harry playfully murmured, sucking on a sweet spot on my neck.

After what felt like days, he finally detached himself from me to remove me of my pants. I tried my hardest to keep my trembling legs somewhat still, as Harry slipped my thong down my legs, without breaking eye contact. I whimpered shakily as he lent down and wrapped his lips around my clit, my leg twitching as he started stroking it with his tongue. 

“Easy baby, we want this to last don´t we?” he murmured, soothingly stroking his hand up and down my leg. He then licked a stripe up my entire heat, spreading my wetness before returning to his sucking actions. I reached down to grab his hand, something I always do when the pleasure is on the verge of being too overwhelming for my sensitive body. Harry squeezed it whilst holding down my hips with his other, keeping me from moving, knowing I could handle absorbing it all. 

I panted as my stomach started clenching wildly, a result of Harry stilling his movements to harshly such on my bundle of nerves. “I´m gonna come” I stated, releasing Harry´s hand, only to tangle it in his hair. My eyes screwed shut as my toes curled, the burning feeling of pleasure spreading throughout my whole body.

“I love you” I panted once I started slightly calming down, looking at Harry in amazement as he sat up next to me. “I love you too” he chuckled, before placing a hand on my cheek and leaning in for another kiss. “Feel like you can go again or do you wanna take a break?” he sweetly asked, toying with a strand of my hair. “I can definitely go again” I stated in one breath, wanting nothing more than to feel Harry inside of me, his warm body pressed against mine. 

He shot me a smirk, before lining himself up at my entrance, and pushing in. I let out a long moan, the slight pain of his shaft stretching my tight walls making the pleasure even stronger. “Good?” Harry questioned as he started rolling his hips at a steady pace. “Fuck, yes” I let out, gripping onto his bicep as he picked up the pace. 

It didn´t take many minutes, before both of us started feeling the familiar feeling of immense pleasure building in the pits of our stomachs. “I´m close” I panted out as I purposefully clenched my stomach, hungrily chasing my high. “Aah, me too” Harry groaned, his eyes fluttering shut as he buried his face in my neck, pressing a couple of kisses to the sensitive skin.

I arched my back as I felt the knot in my stomach growing even more intense, causing another strangled moan. “I´m gonna come” I managed to pant out, pressing closer to Harry as my orgasm hit me; my walls clenching and stomach heaving as his name fell from my lips. I felt him breathe heavily against my neck, small grunts and moans slipping past his lips as he spilled his load into me.

Harry pulled out softly, before rolling over and pulling me against him. “That was amazing” he let out, pressing a warm kiss to my hairline. “You´re probably quite tired of hearing this, but I love you so much” I breathed, looking up at Harry who was gazing down at me with a glowing smile. “You know I´ll never get tired, I love you more though” he retorted, squeezing me against him. “You don´t” I smirked, shushing him with a peck to stop him from arguing. “How about we take a little shower now?” Harry suggested after another few moments of just kissing and giggling. “Good idea” I replied, kissing him once more before reluctantly detaching myself from the yoga mat, not planning on wiping my current ear to ear smile, for the rest of the day.

niklitera  asked:

gimme mullette sin, i need sinner headcanons in my life

sorry for the late reply! ;_;

OKAy so I’m in love with these nerds

  • So mullete is like really domestic and shit like they do the dishes together, have date night once a week, and they go to bed at 10 together each night.
  • that’s in the public eye atleast
  • they are super fucking kinky
  • Laf has designer toys that has his name engraved on them. Herc has rope, blind folds, cuffs, and other restraints in a case under his side of the bed.
  • WOw Laf wears a butt plug on date night and Herc tells them they have to wear it all night so they can get ready for him. wooowww
  • Laf loves pastel and bright colored toys, restraints, and lingerie
  • speaking of lingerie
  • Laf wears panties and I will fight everyone on that
  • okay but i love imagining Herc and Laf going lingerie shopping. So they be looking at stuff but they would fade apart, meeting up later, and Laf would turn around to show Herc one purple lacy corset Herc loves purple on them and they’ll see some store clerk hanging off Hercs arm and Laf’s like NO, “Who’s the special lady?” and Laf comes out of nowhere like “Thats me!” and fucking drags Herc away into the changing room. They give the lingerie they picked out a test run :))) im a sinner
  • Laf notices that Herc gets turned on when they speak French, so one night while they are making out laugh pulls away and says “Je veux que tu baises en ce moment” and Herc has no idea what they said but damn it was hot, so he just picks Laf up and carries them to bed.
  • OR 
  • OR Laf will repeat “baiser ta fillette” and Herc has no idea what it means so he tries to type it up on google tanslate like i did shhh but he doesn’t know how to spell so he calls Alex and is like “Laf keeps on saying stuff in french when we have sex, can you tell me what it means?” because honestly if it’s something bad like Laf is in pain or not enjoying it he would like to know. Alex agrees and Herc repeats it as well as he can and Alex starts choking. Herc freaks out because, oh shit it’s something bad he hates me, and Alex is laughing so hard. After a good 3 minutes Alex finally explains what it means and Herc just about dies. Laf comes home and is super domestic, “Hey how was your day, mon amour?” “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to be called little girl?” and just freezes. Herc goes on to explain how he’s totally okay with it, and after ranting on and on about Laf being comfortable he cautiously says “because I love me fillete” and Laf is on Herc before he can finish that sentence.
  • Herc loves Laf’s ass. He loves slapping it, kissing it, giving them rim jobs, he could go all night. They’ll be walking in public and  Herc will just squeeze Laf’s ass causing them to yelp (much to Herc’s amusement). When Herc pisses Laf off, they’ll wear these semi-see-through yogas and bend down in front of him or do yoga, and they won’t Herc touch them all day. Herc just has a boner all day but he knows the wait will be worth it because cmon Laf can’t stay mad for at him for more than an hour.

wwooooowwwwie Emma, okay chill. again sorry for the late reply! Love ya! (and sorry if the french is bad, google translate yall)

& Then Came Fireworks

Pairing: Steve Rogers & Reader

Warnings: Star-Spangled-Super-Solider-Smut

A/N: This was suppose to be up on July 4th, but oh well. This is my celebration of the Fourth of July as well as Steve Rogers and his birthday. 


Pressing her lips in a thin line, Y/N just sighed as she poured the boiling water from her kettle into the mug on the counter. Grabbing the mug she carried it to the table as she sat down. She tapped her nails against the wood of the table and just sighed. It had been quite a rough day. She had been having a lot of those lately, and it didn’t seem to be getting any better. Although some of her life was starting to spiral into shit, she knew she had some great parts too. She was able to afford an apartment in New York, which wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. She had a great job, friends and someone that she was in love with. She had someone to build a life with, and she adored him. She loved him for the life they were creating together. It wasn’t an easy life for either of them, and she knew and understood that. Of course she understood his hesitance on being with someone else. It wasn’t too hard for her to understand. She just listened to him, and she knew what pain he had experienced before in the past. She loved him for his pain and suffering. She loved him for opening up to her. She loved him for loving her.

While she loved him for being who he was, it was also why she was sitting alone in her dark apartment. It was the Fourth of July and the two of them had made plans to celebrate it. She had wanted to spend it with him, because she knew how special the day was to him. They had the plans to spend it together when he got the call that he was needed for some last minute mission. She understood. She had to understand. There was no way you could ever date Captain America and not understand how he had to sometimes rush off to save the world. He was the hero. He would never stop being the hero. She knew that to her core and it was something about him she loved. It was who he was. He had to save the day and she loved him for wanting to be that man. He was a good man. She knew that. She’d take a million nights sitting alone, simply because of the man he was. The only good news was that it was supposed to be a quick mission. He was due back soon and she couldn’t wait. They already missed most of the day and the fireworks, but there was a few hours left that she could get to spend with him. She sipped her tea as she saw her tabby cat sitting in the window and she grinned. Snickers was a mean old cat that she had for years. He hated most people and almost everything. Part of her expected him to hate Steve, but the two of them had bonded and became close friends. She knew Snickers was also waiting for him to return home.

It was still strange to think of her apartment as Steve’s home. She had tried for months prior to convince him to move in with her. He had often joked about it, but declined. It was after a difficult mission that he finally agreed. She still had the scar from when the lab was attached and she got hurt. She hated the ugly scar on her leg from the damage, but she knew she was lucky to be alive. It was because of Steve, Tony and Bruce that the attack wasn’t much worse than it could have been. Shortly after, Steve finally agreed to move in. It had only been a few months, but they were months that she wouldn’t trade for anything.

She heard the door unlock and a grin played on her face as she turned to see him standing in the doorway. She left her spot at the table as she ran towards the door and jumped in his arms. She heard his shield hit the ground as he caught her in his arms and held her against his body for a moment. She brought her hands to his face as she saw a thin cut along his cheek. Later she would inspect him for more damage. He would assure her a hundred times that he was fine, but it was something she had to see for herself. Steve would be bleeding and with broken bones and still try to convince her that he was fine. She wasn’t at peace until she had a chance to see it for herself. He would often grumble about it, but he never fought her on it.

“You are a sight for sore eyes.” He spoke using just one hand to hold onto her as he pushed her hair out of her face. She just shook her head at him as she brought her mouth to his. He groaned and eagerly returned her kiss as his hand over to the back of her head and his long fingers were digging into her hair. She felt him start moving and she knew where he was taking her. She grinned into the kiss as she heard him reach for the door handle to their bedroom.

“You missed our day,” she spoke as the kiss broke. She looked down into his eyes before running her fingers through his light hair. “We can have our lunch tomorrow though. We missed the fireworks though.” She said and he just grinned as he tugged her shirt off and tossing it to the side.

“Better yet, let’s make our own fireworks.” He spoke in a low voice that caused chills to run up her spine. She just shut her eyes and slowly nodded her head in agreement. God, she could never get enough of that man. He eased her to the ground and she grinned as she pushed him backwards and onto the bed. He laughed as she climbed on him, straddling him.

“That sounds good to me, Captain.” She spoke as she pressed her lips against his neck. She grinned at the low groan that left him. It didn’t take her long to realize that the fastest way to turn him on was with her mouth against his neck. She loved to tease him with it too. She would place soft kisses against his neck until he couldn’t take it anymore and he took control.

“Y/N.” he said in a low voice as her lips moved along his neck. She heard a growl escape him as she bit down gently, careful not to leave a mark on his skin. She lifted his shirt off and tossed it on the floor as she ran her hands over his wonderfully toned abs. After a few more minutes of her kissing his neck, she knew his patience was wearing thin. She squeaked as she felt him grab her hips with his hands and flip them so she was pinned under him.

“You want to tease?” he asked looking down at her with wild eyes that caused her to melt. “I have no problems teasing you.” He said and she just whimpered as his hands caressed her bare breasts. Her eyes flew shut as he pinched her nipple.

“Fuck,” she spoke and he chuckled at her outburst.

“I bet this will feel even better,” he spoke as he replaced his fingers with his mouth. She just arched her back as his prediction was right. Steve had his sensitive spot on his neck, but nothing got her riled up faster than him teasing and tasting her skin. He knew that. He knew how to play her like a fiddle and leave her an aching mess for him. She felt his hands slide down her body and stop at the top of her yoga pants. “Have I told you lately how much I love these pants” he asked and she just laughed lightly at the words.

“I don’t think you have.” She said and her voice shocked her. It was higher than usual, by a pitch at least.

“I do love them. They make your ass look so good.” He spoke as he pulled them down and past her thigh. He grabbed her leg and raised it slightly to run his fingers over the scar that formed there. He pressed his mouth against her skin before kissing up her leg and letting it fall back to the bed as his focus became placed on her inner thighs. She let out a soft breath as his mouth started to kiss the soft skin. She moaned out as the light stubble on his chin caressed her skin, causing her eyes to shut and for her to grab the sheets in her hands for support.

“Steve,” she said in a breath as his fingers started to fidget with the fabric of her underwear. She opened her eyes to see him looking down at her with a grin playing on his face. This was the man that she loved. This was the man that she got to herself. The world got some part of him and she could share that with them. He needed that as much as they needed their hero. This man though was saved for her. They didn’t see this side of him and she was so relieved by that. She got the real Steven Grant Rogers.

“Beg me for it.” He said in a husky voice and she just gulped at his words. She felt his fingers tease her through the fabric as he pulled them down and off of her. “Beg me.” He repeated and this time in a harsher tone. She just whimpered at his words as she closed her eyes again.

“Please Steve. Please.” She whispered out and he just reached forward to brush her hair out of her face.

“I think you can do better than that.” He ordered.

“Please fuck me, Captain.” She said and was rewarded with his mouth pressed against hers as his fingers found their way to her center, causing her hips to buck against his hand. She cried into the kiss as his fingers slipped inside of her with ease. With a perfect knowledge of her body, it didn’t take him long to have her coming undone and unraveled with his touch. Her nails ran down his back and he hissed out at the contact, but he didn’t let it stop him.

“You close?” He asked and she just moaned out her response. She heard him chuckling as he curled his fingers, causing her to cry out as her orgasm washed over her. She raised her hips and rocked out against her hand as she cried out and grabbed the sheets to hang on as it all washed over her. He just kept moving his fingers, letting her ride it out against his hand. “That is so sexy.” He spoke and she just grinned at him as she opened her eyes to see him sticking his fingers in his mouth. “You taste so good, Y/N.” he spoke and she just sat up some to unbuckle his pants, causing him to laugh. “Eager, are we?”

“Don’t mock me.” She spoke as she finally got the button and pulled them open before tugging them down off of his hips. “If you know what is good for you, Steve Rogers, you will take them off now.” She said and he just shook his head before standing up and removing them and tossing them on the floor with the rest of their clothes. “The boxers too, Captain.” She spoke and he just gave her a grin.

“Yes Ma’am.” He spoke, causing her to laugh as he removed the final article of clothing before tossing it aside. She grabbed his arm before pulling him down on the bed. She just grinned as she straddled him again before leaning down to press more kisses against his neck. “What are you doing?” he asked before groaning.

“I’m going to ride you.” She spoke before grabbing him and stroking him a few times in her hands. She grinned at the noises he made as his eyes closed. She kept pumping him for a moment before raising her hips to align him and pushing down, causing her to moan out as he entered her.  

“You feel so good.” He hissed as his hands grabbed her hips. She whimpered as he bucked his hips forward, causing her to bite her lip. He grinned before flipping them so he was on top again. “I like the idea of you riding me, but I plan on fucking you.” He spoke before gently biting down on her shoulder. She couldn’t complain as he started thrusting, causing a slur of swearwords to leave her mouth. She heard a small chuckle from him, but she couldn’t even begin to care.

“Oh Fuck.” She spoke as he hooked her leg over his arm and raising it slightly, allowing him to hit her at a different angle. She moaned as just a few strokes at the new angle was causing her head to spin. She felt on fire and everything was overheating. She was winding more and more and more with each stroke.

“Come for me.” He growled at her and she cried out as his hand found her clit and started to rub slow circles against her. She inhaled a sharp breath as it all added up and became too much.

“Steve!” she screamed as her second orgasm washed over her, causing her to thrust up and rock her hips against him. She heard a sharp groan from him as his thrusts became more powerful and she knew he was just about there too. He groaned as he dropped his head to the crook of her neck as he moaned out as his orgasm washed over him and he spilled himself inside of her.

“That is the best way to celebrate today.” He spoke as he rolled off of her and lying beside her.  She started to laugh as she rolled to her side before pushing light hair off of his forehead.

“Mmmm.” She said before leaning forward to place a light kiss to his lips. “You are right, we created our own fireworks.” He just grinned at her words. “Happy Birthday, Steve.” She said as she placed her head against his chest. She heard him breathe for a moment before he stroked his hair.

“You are the best gift I could ever ask for, Y/N.” he spoke. She just smiled to herself, because she too felt the same way. Steve Rogers had changed her life.  

Baby Series #14 You're insecure

A/N: You’re insecure of your after-baby body

Baby Series can be found here.


You tucked a blanket around Amelia’s little body and smiled at her in the pram. You stood up and saw Liam watching from the doorway. “Just going for a walk Li,” you said, before he could ask you. Liam frowned, knowing by your quiet voice and how you were dressed, that you weren’t going for a walk. “What’s going on baby?” he asked softly. You shook your head as tears filled your eyes. You tried to walk past him to get your jacket, but he put his hands on your waist, stopping you. “Hey hey sweetheart,” he whispered, noticing your glossy eyes, “what’s wrong? and don’t say nothing, I can tell something is on your mind.” You sniffed and put your hands on his chest, knowing you had to tell him. “I’m going for a run ok. I thought I would take Amelia with me,” you explained quietly, “I need to lose this weigh Li. I’m still fat, I need to.” It broke Liam’s heart to see yourself like that. He quickly pulled you to his chest and wrapped his arms around you as you cried. “You’re not fat; you never were baby. You have our little miracle two months ago,” he whispered and kissed your head. You nodded and lifted your head up. “I think you are more beautiful now,” he continued, making you smile a little. “How about I come with you?” he whispered and gently wiped your cheeks, catching your tears. “No running, just a nice walk through Hyde park,” he kissed your forehead, “the three of us as a family." 


"I love mum’s cooking, especially her pasta. Do you want some?” Louis asked. “No thank you Lou, I ate before I put Noah down for his nap,” you replied softly and took a sip of your drink. Although the smell was making your mouth water, you shook her head. Louis lowered his fork and looked at you. “Boo, are you sure? Mum made it for you, she knows it’s your favourite,” he said, smiling fading when you didn’t look at him, “what did you eat before?” You could feel the tears building in your eyes and as you went to answer him, your stomach growled. You rested you elbows on the table and cried into your hands. “I did eat Lou, I promise. But not a lot,” you whispered. Louis moved his chair closer to you and wrapped his arm about your shoulders. “Hey hey, no tears, it’s ok,” he whispered, rubbing your back. “I don’t like my body, I want to look how I did before Noah,” you mumbled, removing your hands and leaning against him. Louis froze; he never thought you would feel like this after having your little boy. “Love,” he said softly and pulled away, “you had a baby; our little Tommo. When I look at you; I just don’t see my beautiful wife, I see the amazing woman who gave me a son.” You smiled and wiped your eyes with your fingers. “Thanks Lou,” you sniffed. He kissed your cheek and pushed his plate towards you. “You eat this, I’ll get myself another plate,” he chuckled, making you smile. 


You quickly slid off your old favourite dress and angrily put on one of Niall’s shirts. You knew you had gained weigh during your pregnancy, but you wished you were back to the size you were before. Tears filled your eyes as you felt insecure about your body. Niall walked past the bedroom and froze when he saw you. “Princess?” he asked, stepping into the room. He saw you looking at the dress and he put the pieces together; having seen this when you were pregnant. “You had twins; two little Horan’s; who are perfectly healthy and happy.” Anger filled you and your bottom lip trembled, “so I’m twice as fat, cause I had two babies,” you snapped and sat down on the bed. Before Niall could think of something to say to you, he was sitting beside you, his arms around your body, holding you close. You cried onto his shirt, as he kissed your head a few times. Once you calmed down, you pulled away from him. “I’m sorry Ni, I didn’t mean to snap at you,” you sniffed, “it’s just frustrating.” Niall nodded. “I didn’t like that dress anyway Princess,” he smiled and took your smaller hand in his. You smiled weakly and looked up to meet his eyes; they looked as sad as you felt. “I know it’s hard, but believe me when I say, I love you Y/N and nothing will change that,” he whispered and kissed your cheek, “now come on, I think the little ones are awake and want to see their beautiful mummy.”


“What are you doing Haz?” you panicked, quickly wrapping a towel around your body. Harry walked into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around you, kissing your shoulder. “I wanted to join you baby,” he whispered, making you freeze. “Not today Haz,” you mumbled and looked away from him. A frown appeared on your face as you saw yourself in the mirror. “I have to get dressed,” you said quietly and pushed past Harry, walking into the bedroom. Harry sighed, for the past few days you were distant and always walked away from him when he tried to cuddle with you. He followed you and saw you standing in the wardrobe, starring at your clothes. “How about the white knitted sweater? You love wearing that when we have lazy days at home,” he said. You nodded and reached forward to pick it up. He stepped up to you and took it from your hands. “Look at me sweetheart,” he said, voice pleading. You slowly looked up and met his green eyes. “I think you are more beautiful today than the day I meet you,” he kissed your cheek, “I’m sorry I haven’t told you lately how much I love you,” he kissed your nose, “you are the most amazing, gorgeous girl in the world,” he pressed a soft kiss to your lips, “and I will tell you everyday.” You melted at his words and wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you Haz, thank you,” you smiled, feeling better about yourself.


Zayn walked into the living room and stopped when he saw you bending over. You stood up and stretched over your right side, changing yoga positions. “Babygirl?” he asked, making you quickly spin around. He stood beside the couch, with a faint smirk on his lips. You blushed and looked away from his eyes. “What are you doing? I thought you were going to take a nap while Kaiden was sleeping?” he asked, eyes traveling over your body. “I was but decided to do some yoga instead,” you replied sadly. Zayn walked towards you, but you took a step backwards. Hurt flashed in his eyes. “What’s really going on? You were telling me this morning that you were tired, and now you’re doing yoga?” he asked softly. Tears filled your eyes and you blinked them away. You pulled down the loose shirt you were wearing and looked up. “I just want to be beautiful, for you,” you whispered, “like how I used to be.” The tears you tried so hard to stop, starting to fall down your cheeks. Zayn rushed to your side and put his hands on your hips. “Don’t you ever say that,” he whispered, making you look him in the eye, “I love you; every part of you.” You blushed and gave him a small smile. “I know you don’t like your body, but we have little boy upstairs who loves you more than anything. I can’t thank you enough for that,” he kissed you softly, “and not that I’m complaining, I love you in these pants,” he chuckled.

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“Happy Valentines Day, Kitten.”

A/N: You better fucking like this because it took me all fucking night to write this. My fucking back hurts! It got fucking deleted so I had to write it all over again and it better not be for nothing. Besides that, I love you guys.


Content: Mature, Sexual Content, Explicit Language

Requested: No

Words: I don’t know….

Note: Happy MotherFuckin’ Valentines Day!!!


I was woken up by a wet kiss from the love of my life, Justin Bieber.

“Do you know what day it is?” Justin asked me with a big ass smile.

I closed my eyes and stretched my arms as if it were a response.”Valentines Day.”

“Yeah, so get up!” He yelled in excitement. He got up from his laying position on the bed, and started jumping up and down.”Come on Y/N! Get! Up!” Justin yelled, still jumping.

“I don’t want to get up. Why don’t we just stay in bed and cuddle?” I replied, turning over trying to  ignore him. Of coarse that didn’t work. He stopped jumping, got off the bed and walked over to my side.

“I’m giving you one last chance, get the hell u. It’s Valentines Day.” Justin looked dead at me, in the face.

“No I’m good, fam. Just let me be.” I replied closing my eyes to drift back into my smooth slumber. A couple seconds later I felt hands wrap around my waist, and I was thrown over Justin’s shoulder. I saw us Justin walk down the stairs, me over his shoulder.

“Put me down, Justin!” I yelled in his ear. I was instantly put back down, I regained my balance. I looked around the room in awe.

“Justin! Oh my gosh! This is beautiful!” I said running up to one of thousands of vases of roses in the kitchen.

“Ay. It was no problem. Anything for you, Kitten.” Justin replied. I instantly blush at the pet name. “Hey! But that’s not all!” Justin yelled, running to my yoga studio. I was confused.I followed him and as soon as he opened the door, my jaw dropped to the floor. Millions of bags covered the floor. Gucci, Hollister, Louboutin, Jared, Yeezy, Nike, just any brand, or anything you could think of, was in that room.

“Oh my Jesus, Justin! Why did you get so much?!” I yelled running into the yoga studio.

“I don’t know. I got a lot because I want to show you how much I love you, but even this can’t explain how much more I love you.” Justin said, hands i his pockets, looking at me with those damn puppy eyes. Why the eyes!?!?!

“Awe, Justin. You don’t have to buy me things to tell me how much you love me. Just ‘I love you.’ will do.” I replied giving him a wet kiss, and a big hug.

“Well, I want to.” Justin said, blushing.

“Well, okay. I’m not gonna stop you.” I said with my hands above my head, backing up into the yoga room. Justin chuckled at my sassy attitude.

“Hey want to head to lunch?” Justin asked me, with a smile. “Part one of our. You’re gonna have so much fun today kitten.”


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Destiel in The Purge 9.13 + Dean's Bisexuality

Ok, so this is a closer look at some of the things I mentioned about this episode when I talked about the four episodes between hiatuses, because there were some parts that are far better illustrated with images than just with words. So here goes.

I’m gonna start with the good old Lisa reference, since a few people (including me at first if I’m being perfectly honest) were freaking the fuck out - and not in a good way. I talked about it a wee bit before, but if we go back a bit in the episode we’ll see Dean talking to Mol, and the bit where Dean goes all soppy faced when she says that Wayne called her his Princess Jasmine:

No matter what way you look at it, that is the face of a man who is definitely all for the idea of love. He’s dead romantic at heart, is Dean, and I think his moves away from giving half a toss about what Daddy might have thought of him (as we saw in First Born) are starting to become more obvious. This isn’t just macho man, kill and drink and fuck Dean Winchester anymore. This is a man who is starting to consciously recognise that he has feelings that aren’t just about the role he had to fulfil. He’s still those things, but he’s incorporating this new stuff in as well. We’ve seen it time and time again this season - he wants love. He wants someone who will be there, someone to have gooey stuff like Mol & Wayne had. He might not verbalise it, but his actions in this case are most definitely louder than words. When it becomes clear that this is making Mol sad rather than happy his face falls & he does his little sideways look to Sam, but he really did get the warm fuzzies from hearing the story.

Which brings us to the Lisa reference. You’d think that someone who wants so much to have someone would perk up at the mention of someone that he had that with, but look at his reaction:

That is not the look of someone who is recalling a happy memory, or who is suddenly thinking that hey, maybe that could be what he’s looking for after all. He’s confused, like he’s wondering why Sam brought that up at all. That’s a look I make all the freaking time around certain people, and it’s always when I’m thinking “I have no idea what you are on about or why you told me that, but whatever dude.” And then he’s straight into the conversation about tofu pancakes. He’s not thrown into thought at all by the statement, which you’d think he would be if the intention was to bring back Lisa. That’s not to say that it isn’t an idea the writers have had, but I just don’t think that’s what this line was intended as. I really do think it was just a throwaway line to explain why Sam would perhaps be able to teach yoga, and since they’d already used that with Dean they just thought they’d chuck it in there.

I’ve already mentioned how there are (to me at least) obvious references back to the angel spell with Love = the ability to fly (as referenced by Aladdin & the song Up Where We Belong), and why I think this is a pretty strong hint to Cas & his love for Dean (because who else could he possibly love), so I won’t go into it too much here, but suffice to say I do think that this aspect of Cas’s time as human is going to come into the return of the angels to heaven in a big way.

This episode was also rife with references to Dean’s bisexuality. There was the return of the good old mistaken for gay trope, only this time it is directed at Dean solely, rather than the two of them together.

It might mean nothing, but it was interesting nonetheless that this particular barb was not based on their interaction together as such, but rather Dean’s behaviour. And more interesting is Dean’s almost total lack of reaction. Could be that he’s used to it by now, or it could be that some part of him is actually starting to accept who he is. Who knows, but it’s something that has been played on a lot the last season & a half, and I don’t think that’s any sort of accident.

There are a couple of references to his bisexuality as well - the most obvious being the pudding, of course.

Yeah man, best of both worlds. Salty and sweet.

Both of those statements can refer to bisexuality - best of both worlds being the most common of course, liking both men and women, and salty is a term often used for your real manly man (sailors in particular), whereas sweet is a term used to describe females more often. Then there’s the double meaning of the Aladdin song, A Whole New World. Of course, the song itself wasn’t mentioned, but the whole movie is basically just an extrapolation of that song. Princess Jasmine has one type that she is even allowed to go for, and Aladdin sure as hell isn’t it. Only, he’s the one she falls for. And that one line:

When did you last let your heart decide?

When was the last time Dean did what was best for him, let his heart decide? He is so focussed on his role of being Sam’s protector that I don’t think he even knows what he wants anymore. It’s bad for Sam, and it’s bad for Dean. But he doesn’t know any better, so he will never be able to get on that carpet with Aladdin Cas until he’s able to let go, to let his heart, rather than his duty decide. None of this means that he doesn’t love Sam - on the contrary, it is this love for Sam that leaves him unable to let go of his duty, that duty that was drilled into him from the time he was four years old. He’s had 30 years of it, it is going to take more than a few words from Sam to be able to get over that.

Earlier on, when they were talking to Mol (so much seems to be in that short conversation!), Dean also brings up the different types she seems to go for - the super thin husband versus the not so thin lover. He seems very interested in the reasons that would make someone go another person who is the opposite of their apparent type. Something to think about, at least.

I also found the conversation about the roofies very telling. Not as an indicator of Dean’s sexuality as such, but it seems like a nod to the way things were when they were younger. I think that was a real fear that Dean had, whether borne of personal experience or just observation. Either way, this is something that Dean seems to have had reason to think about. He spins it as being worried about his kidneys, but by far and away the most common fear in regards to roofies is sexual assault, and that is something that is generally perpetrated by men. Sorta makes you think that hanging out in seedy bars having other men buy him drinks was something that Dean did a lot (for whatever reason), and he learned to be extra vigilant. It’s the sort of thing that makes me feel quite awful for him, so I’m gonna stop it there.

There’s a bunch of other references as well, but I just thought I’d mention the more obvious ones (since I’m also pretty tired).

So, again, we have another episode that not only has no direct interaction between the two, not only no Cas physically present, but an episode where Cas is not mentioned at all that is full of little hints to love, angels, going against type, liking different things no matter what other preconceived notions others may have, and massive amounts of subtext in regards to Dean’s sexuality. And I haven’t even gone particularly in depth.

It’s all pretty interesting right now.