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Being in a relationship with George Weasley in the fall...
  • Sharing a cup of frozen butterbeer and some pumpkin juice together 
  • Going to Hagrid’s and picking out a pumpkin to carve together
  • You guys would probably argue slightly over what to carve because George wants to make a funny pumpkin but you want a scary one
  • “Love, what’s the fun in making a scary pumpkin? Everyone is going to carve a typical scary face so let’s make a funny one that like throwing up pumpkin guts!”
    “The whole point of Halloween is the scares. Besides George, your brother already made one like that and his is better than any pumpkin you could make.”
    “Ouch, not gonna lie my pride is a little wounded.”
  • Baking pumpkin seeds
  • Spending the night around the fire with Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Lee, Katie, Finnegan, Fred and Angelina
  • Going around in a circle telling scary stories (that of which make Ron cower in fear)
  • Sitting in George’s lap and sharing a blanket
  • George laughing every time you get scared which results in you ignoring him for the rest of the night
  • “Oh c’mon, babe. You’ve gotta admit it was pretty funny! You should’ve seen how high you jumped!”
  • You get him back by hiding under his bed and grabbing his foot right before he gets into bed.
  • “Holy shit Y/n- what the bloody hell are you doing? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”
    “Oh c’mon, babe. You’ve gotta admit it was pretty funny! You should’ve seen how high you jumped! Sound familiar?”
  • To which he would apologize and buy you some chocolates to make up for it
  • Molly knitting you matching autumn sweaters 
  • Fred constantly reminding George of how ‘whipped’ he is
  • Going to every one of George’s Quidditch matches and cheering him on no matter how freezing the night games get
  • “Wow George, you’re almost as good as Fred!”
  • Sneaking into the kitchen and stealing candy which you share together in your dorm
  • “Sweetheart look it’s you, a Smartie!”
    “Oh that’s adorable. Look George it’s you, a Dum-Dum.”
    “I hate you.”
  • Warm kisses to help with the coldness of the season
  • Holding hands while taking strolls together around the castle grounds
  • Acting like children and making piles of leafs only to jump into them together and start over
  • Coming up with cheesy Halloween jokes
  • “What do ghosts eat for supper?… Spooketi!”
  • And
    “What is the most important subject a witch learns in school?”
    “Well I’d have to say my most important subject would be Potions or Defense-”
    “What? I don’t even take spelling. I already know how to spell words why would I need a class-”
    “No, love. It was joke- just nevermind.”
  • Cuddling together in his dorm room under a mountain high stack of blankets
  • Just being an extra super cute, adorable, cozy couple together in fall

because i love fall soooo much !!

- Daizy xx

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I honestly think you're a blessing for hp fandom. Why? Because I've read so many people telling how they fell in love with Ginny or hinny way more than with the books and movies. And honestly I'm one of them too. I have grown to love Ginny and Harry through your canons. And don't let me get started with your art because that's some magic! It's so smooth and relaxing and appealing and.. perfect! Hope you have a excellent day/night!♡

Thank you so much!! <3

HP Femslash 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Luna Lovegood x Ginny Weasley  (Photos not mine)  

For Emily. I’ve realized the reason I love Linny aesthetics is because they’re exactly how I picture our life. Happy Birthday, moon of my life.

Aftermath * George Weasley Request

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Request: “I would like to request an image where George fall in love with a muggle girl and he has just told her about magic and wants her to meet his family. I want this to be after the war and for Fred to be alive. Thank you!”


Warnings: 0


George’s POV

“Oh c’mon, you’ll love my family!”

“It’s not that George. What if they don’t like me since…”


“Since I’m not a wizard.”

“They don’t care about that.”

“But I barely know anything about magic.”

“I just told you everything you have to know! Now please come meet my family. I promise they won’t bite.”

“I’ll sleep on it.”

“Please! I mean why wouldn’t they adore you like I do. Please!”

“What if they hate my accent?”

“They will love that American accent of yours. I promise.”

“… Fine! I’ll meet your family!”

“Yay! I swear they will love you!”  I said with joy. God I can’t wait for Y/N to meet my family.

*Next day*

“Y/N wake up. It’s time to meet the family!” I said covering Y/N with kisses.

“5 more minutes Georgie.”

“With that 5 minutes you could be getting dressed or eating.”

“Fine I’m up.” Y/N said while removing the covers from her face.


Ugh I have nothing to wear! I wish I went shopping yesterday. I guess I’ll just wear black pants, nice shirt and a cardigan along with my black wedges. Luckily this is my ‘to go outfit’.

“Ready darling?” George asked me as I came down the stairs.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“They aren’t scary you know. They love guests. Even more since your my girlfriend.”

“It’s not that George. It’s the fact that you guys almost lost Fred in the war and they are basically adding someone to the family not long after the war ended.”

“I promise that this will lighten up the mood. Besides I can’t stop talking about you! It’s time that see the person I’m truly in love with.

“You’re in love with me? Oh I would’ve never guessed.” I said sarcastically.

“I really do love you.”

“I love you too now let’s go before I change my mind!”

On the way to George’s parents house I kept on thinking that maybe George was just giving me false hopes. I don’t want to set a bad impression on myself. Oh I’m so fucking nervous and scared and I feel like I’m gonna throw up.

“Almost there.” George said while holding onto my hand.

“Just breath darling. I love you and they are gonna love you.”

“Is this the house?” I asked.

“Mhm yeah, it is.”

“It’s… big. More people to impress.”

“You’ll see. C’mon, let’s go.”

We got out of the flying car and reached the front door. George ran the doorbell and automatically someone answered.

“Hey look who we have here, it’s George… with a fine looking lady friend. Fred Weasley, the hottest twin in the house, pleasure to meet you.”

“Hands off bell end. This Y/N, my girlfriend.” George said to Fred.

“Hello Y/N. Please come inside and meet everyone else.” Fred said to me.

“Wow, it’s so cozy in here.” I said while looking around.

“Y/N I didn’t know you were American.” Fred said with big eyes.

“Didn’t George tell you?”

“Maybe, the more I think about it does sound familiar. Anyways it’s nice to meet you Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you too Fred.” I said while shaking his hand.

“Fred, where’s everyone else?” George asked Fred.

“Getting ready of course. This is a family gathering you know? You, me, Ron, Hermonie, Harry, Ginny and now the lovely Y/N.”

“I guess we were a bit early then.” I said.

“Not at all! Better early than late.” I heard a voice coming down the stairs say. I turned to look and it was Molly Weasley.

“Now George, who is this beautiful lady standing right in front of me.”

“Oh Mrs. Weasley I’m Y/N Y/L/N. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” I said to Mrs. Weasley.

“What a lovely name you have my darling! Please call me Molly.”

“Thank you… Molly.”

“Y/N what a beautiful accent you have. I must say I don’t meet a lot of Americans but when I do, it’s a great pleasure.

“Uh hi mum!” George said.

“Oh hello Georgie. Now Y/N tell me all about yourself. I don’t bite haha.” Molly said while pulling me to the dinner table.

*After dinner*

George’s POV

“I’m so happy that mum, dad, Fred, Ron, Ginny, Hermonie and Harry both love Y/N. The whole night they were asking Y/N about the US and how we met.

I knew she had nothing to worry about. 

“Oh please stay the night! It’s dark out and you can leave in the morning. Please stay! My offer.” Mum said to Y/N.

“Yeah please stay! I still wanna know more about American boys!” Ginny and Hermonie yelled out.

“George? Wanna stay?” Y/N asked me.

“It’s up to you.” I said with a big grin.

“Um, sure why not.” Y/N said.

“Oh I’m so glad! You can share a room with the rest of the girls!”

“Fred, George can I talk to you for a moment.”

We went walked to a random room in the house. I hope they like Y/N.

“George, we absolutely adore Y/N!” Mum said to me.

“She’s a lovely girl George. Don’t lose her!” Dad said to me.

“Now Fred, when will you get a girl like that?!” Mum and dad both said which caused us to laugh.

“His time will come… maybe.” I added.

*Before bed*

“How was the chat?” Y/N asked me.

“It was amazing. They told me how I shouldn’t lose you and how much they adore you! I told you shouldn’t be worried.”

“I know and you’re usually right. I love your family so much they are so welcoming and funny. It kinda reminds me of my home.”

“I love you Y/N Y/L/N. Thanks for coming.”

“I love you too George Weasley and thanks for inviting me.”

“WE LOVE YOU MORE Y/N!” Everyone yelled back. So happy this happened.

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What is your opinion on Ginny Weasley?

i dont think there’s any words capable of expressing how much i love ginny weasley but here is a sample of some of my tags on ginny posts: 

i would go on but there are 41 pages of me just rambling about ginny ok i think u get the idea

okay i was rereading the half blood prince yesterday and marveling at how much of a dork harry is like literally all he thinks about is ginny he’s jealous of ginny’s boyfriend he imagines him and her making out in an abandoned corridor he imagines her crying over his injured body he literally spends an entire page going back and forth between “she’s ron’s little sister” and “who the fuck cares she’s amazing” what a fucking dork in love

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Hi there! I wanted to let you know that I’m a HUGE fan of your stories (I LOVED Imperio!). I love that you had Byclair and Dustax in the story (I’m trash for those pairings), and I was wondering if you would maybe consider writing a story about the ST kids meeting the HP gang in the Imperio! Verse. I think it would be so cool, seeing Max being like an older sis to Ginny, and El and Harry bonding over their unwanted reps, and Dustin being worshipped by the twins. Love your writing again 😊

Thank you so much ❤️ I’m glad you liked my story. It would be really interesting to see how they’d interact so I’ll definitely consider writing maybe a little follow up or make a post about it thank you for the idea xx

185. Molly Weasley once told Ginny and Hermione that she made a love potion. What she didn't tell them was that boy was in fact Gilderoy Lockhart. The love potion in question was called Puck's Fancy and it would make the drinker fall asleep and when he or she woke up they would fall in love with the first person they saw. Unfortunately after giving Lockhart the potion the first thing he was when he awoke was his own reflection, causing him to fall irreversibly in love with himself.

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  • Hermione Granger: Tell me, exactly, how long it is that you've been attending Hogwarts?
  • Ginny Weasley: Two years, seven months, three days and, I suppose, what... two hours?
  • Hermione Granger: And how long have you been in love with Harry Potter?
  • Ginny Weasley: Ahm, two years, seven months, three days and, I suppose, an hour and thirty minutes.
  • Hermione Granger: I thought as much.
  • Ginny Weasley: Do you think everybody knows?
  • Hermione Granger: Yes.
  • Ginny Weasley: Do you think Harry knows?
  • Hermione Granger: Yes.
  • Ginny Weasley: Oh, that is... that is bad news.


Hogwarts Library; Quidditch through the ages, Fantastic Beasts & Where to find them, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

I just ended up writing down how I got into Harry Potter.

Alright. I should probably let you know that I have YET to read the Harry Potter books. It sucks to be me, I know. I suck. But anyway! For a Drarry fan, I wouldn’t consider myself a HP fan since I’m so stupid to not read the books. 

But I did plan on reading it the summer…until I found out that they discontinued Philosopher Stone, Chamber of Secrets and maybe Prisoner of Azkaban of HP’s First Adult Edition. And do you know how sexy they look? I fell in love and been heart-broken. SO–I went on and ordered the hardcover second adult edition. It’s been almost three months since I ordered and I’m going insane. You have no idea how much I need to read it. I mean, I had to learn most of my HP facts from all the Drarry fanfictions I’ve read. I know I bought the HP DVD set, but I’m not risking to rage quit just to see Harry and Ginny all cozy and in love. NO. My love sticks to Drarry.

How I got into Drarry.

Do you want to know how I got into Drarry? Well let me tell you because it escalated far too quickly. So I ran out of fanfictions to read of my previous fandom and I had nothing else to do. That hour, my mom turned on the TV and HP was playing. The scene was of the last movie in the Room of Requirements and the fire thingy (I still got alot to learn. Don’t judge!). That moment when Harry saved Draco in ROR, I just stood up, clapped once and made a bee line to the computer to read Drarry fanfics. Yeah. Just like that. It was amazing.

I actually remember my first Drarry fanfiction. Must Love Quidditch. It took me maybe another couple of fanfics to find out what Quidditch really was. I know I’m stupid. Just be proud that I’m getting into the fandom. If I remember correctly, I barely knew the characters as well. Pansy’s portrayed as a good character in there–which I didn’t know who the hell she was then…especially Scorpius. My God. My reaction to Scorpius. I DID NOT KNOW DRACO HAD A SON. EXCUSE ME FOR NOT BEING KNOWLEDGABLE (sp?). It was pretty weird. Overall, after my reading my second fic, Chains of Earth, HP has changed my life.

i think one of my v favorite things abt the harry potter series is how, as i’ve grown, my views of certain characters have totally changed, but that doesn’t at all detract from how much i love the books themselves. if anything, it adds to the experiences because now i can see that yeah, dumbledore is kind of a manipulative asshole, not this perfect hero figure i saw as a child. and snape is a mega creep, not a romantic like i thought when i first read deathly hallows. i sympathize more with harry and i definitely love ginny more. i don’t know if jkr meant for them to be like that, but the hp series is definitely one that like, grows with me–even though it hasn’t changed, i have. 

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Do you remember how when Malfoy said that Ginny was Harry's girlfriend, Harry didn't react at all but 2 years later he went around telling everyone how Hermione wasn't his girlfriend and he didn't want to be under the mistletoe with Luna? This fandom makes up elaborate theories on how Neville's mother was sending secret messages via gum wrappers but they think this ship wasn't developed well enough??? How could anyone be more obvious? I feel sorry for Jo, she thought her fandom had common sense.

Ahh wow you’re so right though anon this fandom is incredible (btw I’m loving these anons sending me thoughts on H/G don’t stop never give up). I think something interesting about the early books is although the HP fandom considers Ginny an annoying fangirl and in some weird cases almost a stalker, Harry so obviously doesn’t?? Ginny doesn’t make him annoyed or I guess uncomfortable the way someone like Colin Creevy does (I love Colin so much, but he’s definitely more of a fanboy than Ginny was). I live 4 early Harry/Ginny because Harry is so kind and sweet towards Ginny and I love it

Sometimes I feel like the Harry Potter fandom only acknowledges parts of the canon that it wants to. Like the other day I saw a really great post about like what people remember about James Potter vs what they conveniently forget to suit their own needs, and I think it’s the same with Ginny and Harry/Ginny. It’s amazing so amazing.